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The Hooded Man Prophecy

'In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Trees, to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!'

      The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993 (South Saxon Mark).

Woden's Folk is invariably criticised and attacked by those whose aim is to discredit anyone who opposes the Global Order. These attacks are always aimed at certain key points, the aim being to ridicule and thus discredit our work and thus allow the Global Order to succeed in its own aims. One of the main targets has been The Hooded Man Prophecy since this is an easy one to get at since it has no 'historical' authenticity - so we are led to believe. So I am (once again) going to put things straight and inform the more enlightened of the real meaning of this prophecy.

Firstly, yes this does come from the TV series Robin of Sherwood and was no doubt made up for the series. But that does not invalidate this as a prophecy, but we can only recognise it as such through the knowledge of what its hidden meaning is. The altered prophecy that was given to me in a dream is just that - an altered form of the original Robin of Sherwood prophecy. It is in the altered form that we need to be interested in and which gives the key to it being a valid prophecy for the new world age.

The one interesting thing that can be seen from all of the criticisms made is that they never even mention the content of the prophecy, merely making the criticism about it being from the TV series. Yet, it is precisely this - the content - that validates this prophecy as being important to our era. Since it is clear that none of the people who make criticism even bother with the content we can be assured that their criticism stems from their intention of smearing Woden's Folk rather than producing any valid argument against us.

The trigger for this post was a new criticism aimed at this prophecy on a forum called ecouldron (was just cauldron). This is a forum for 'pagans' I would think, and the poster did so asking about the validity of the prophecy in order to 'expose' WF as a 'racist organisation'. Little more need be said then since this was yet another 'smear-campaign' against WF; the replies were the usual agreement and the prophecy was 'written off' once more. As mentioned above, not one single reply to the post mentioned the content of the prophecy, merely writing it off because it came from the TV series. To be fair to them I would doubt that these people could understand the content and what is being said anyway, so maybe this is why they never go into the actual prophecy itself.

To understand The Hooded Man Prophecy it is necessary to understand the cyclic nature of time, and that at certain periods of time a god-force or avatar appears upon Earth in order to change the order of things. This is usually (in so many different traditions called The Beginning and the End or The First and the Last which simply refers to what I will call the Divine Twins, one who appears at the end of a world-age (to close the cycle) and the other who appears at the start of a new world-age (to open the next cycle). This is shown in various different traditions such as that of the 10 incarnations of Vishnu (Hinduism), the incarnation of Sheaf as the Divine Ancestor of the English, the incarnation of Rig-Hama in order to revive the ancient Caste System, and the incarnation of Helgi Hundingsbane at the start of the Age of Iron (Warg-Age). This also applies to the White Krist who is actually said to be The First and the Last, The Beginning and the End, and whose prophecies fit that of The Hooded Man in our own era.

In August 1999 and the solar eclipse we find the 'conception' of the new world age - the Age of Ing - and with it the return of the god-force that the Woden Folk-Religion knows as Wid-Ar the Avenger. This is the one we call 'He Who Returns' - age after age - in order to change the order of things. This is the most important god-force of our era, and he is the incarnation of Woden as the 'Son' - Wid-Ar. This god is the Woodland Warrior which links him directly to The Hooded Man who is the 'Son' of Herne the Hunter (i.e. Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter-God).

In order to understand that The Hooded Man Prophecy is valid you need to understand the above ideas clearly, because without a knowledge of what an avatar is this will never be understood. Only through recognising that a god can actually incarnate in the flesh will we be able to understand what I am trying to say - figures such as Alexandra the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler  can only be understood for what they were through a knowledge of the meaning of an avatar. This force can be creative or it can be destructive but it is there to herald a change in the order of things, a change that requires brute force in the Warg Age or Age of Iron, since this is an era of force and fire.

The Hooded Man Prophecy, in its altered form, has 58 words, and the main altered section has 58 letters, which tells us that the Number 58 is important. Indeed, using English Gematria (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc.) the name R-O-B-I-N adds to 58! This tells us that some form of Higher Intelligence transmitted this through the dream, using a method that proves the validity of the altered version for the new world-age. The prophecy revolves around The Hooded Man bearing within himself the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness (in balance). If we study the name 'Robin Hood' we can find the real meaning of this phrase -

Robin = Robert = 'Roth-Beorht' = 'Fame-Bright' (Light)
Hood = Darkness (a 'kenning')

Within the name 'Robin Hood' there is the hidden meaning of 'Light and Darkness' which thus aids in the understanding of this prophecy and its validity for the English Folk in our era. Alternatively, the phrase Robin 'i the Hood is used, which would mean Light i' the Darkness - i.e. the Forces of Light acting within the Age of Darkness (Warg-Age). These powers - Light & Darkness - are also (in the TV series) seen to be held within the blade of the sword Albion - this being and old name for England. Again, we can see that this refers to the English Destiny. This is - I may add - one of the Seven Swords forged by Wayland the Smith - an English God.

In The Hooded Man Prophecy quoted above the changes are underlined, and to get the required 58 Words the word 'with' has been added, and the phrase 'The Powers of Light and Darkness shall be strong within him' have been changed to 'The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him'. Why on earth would anyone dream of a prophecy that has been changed deliberately in order to validate that it is a prophecy that has a meaning for our era? Indeed, such was the power of this prophecy that it was repeated twice in the dream in order that I should remember it as it should be. Not only that but the symbols of the Sword and the Crossbow were emphasised. In the symbol of the Crossbow it would be natural to think of William Tell, whose name stems from 'tol' which means 'fool' or 'simpleton' and refers to the Divine Fool. Indeed, in the TV series we find Robin Hood equated with The Fool of the tarot.

The Hooded Man is the same archetype as Parsifal of the Gral-Mythos who is the 'Pure Fool', he is also Hamlet who acts 'The Fool' and Kau Khusrau in Persian Mythology, as well as various other facets of the same archetype who is The Divine Fool. After the incarnation of The Fool at the end of a world-age (to close the cycle at the 'Yuletide') in the spring comes the Resurrection of The Fool (to open the new cycle and bring into being a 'New Order'). This is why The Fool of the tarot is numbered '0' because it comes at the beginning and the end and is thus not part of the time-cycle as such - it comes at the 'liminal' period of dissolution-to-recreation. (Some of those who criticise WF are actually of the Wiccan type who use the Tarot Cards, so you would think they would know what The Fool actually refers to.) In its most destructive sense it is The Joker (whose wanton destruction ends the cycle) and in its re-creative sense it is The Divine Fool who - like Parsifal - destroys the power of Klingsor (the money-power and the media) and the illusion that his Dark Magic has created. The name 'Parsifal' actually means 'Pure Fool'.

The Robin of Sherwood series may have been non-fiction but in a sense this was a kind of 'trigger' for the heralding of the coming Avatar whose appearance will be made here in England. There is no doubt that the writer and the director and everyone else concerned did not do this consciously, but if we do believe in what Carl Jung called synchronicity and which Friedrich Nietzsche called meaningful coincidence then at an unconscious level this arose at this particular time and place in order to herald the coming of a Folk-Hero to the English Folk. This is why the prophecy is timeless since it recurs in different cycles - it stands in eternity rather than in time. Such a prophecy appears at a certain time of the cycle form out of the Eternal - manifesting itself in order to create change.

The Robin of Sherwood series was if anything full of distortions with the usual 'Celtic' bias, with Herne the Hunter being seen as 'Celtic' when indeed his name is English. 'Herne' is a Germanic word meaning 'Horn', for he is 'The Horned One' who is Woden, as can be seen from various figures from Scandinavia, England and Germany. The Fenris Wolf is said to be one of the 'Wolves of Odin' when in fact it was the 'Brood of Loki'. It is quite possible that the figure of Herne was taken from 'The Horned God' of Wicca, and since Wicca is not the 'Old Religion' at all, but a modern concoction made up of different cultures, and with no 'ancient' links at all, then this typifies the approach made by those whose main aim is 'disinformation' whether deliberate or unconsciously. Even more strange that some form of truth should arise from these distortions, and that this would be used to further the struggle of the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos.

The last point that I would like to make is that it would seem obvious to many people that the driving-force behind the idea of global control has always been the three religions that stem from the Middle-East - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam are merely later offshoots of Judaism, and today we find Zionism as the main force behind the creation of a New World Order. When we are told that The Hooded Man will appear in the 'Days of the Lion' we would think of King Richard I ('Lion-Heart') who was said to be the king at the time of Robin Hood, but equally (in our era) this could be the 'Lion of Judah' (Zionism) or Osama bin Laden ('Lion') who (we are told) is responsible for the rise in Islamic Militancy. Here we have proof that prophecy is timeless and recurs again and again throughout the Cycles of Time - manifesting from Eternity into Time in order to create change.

Prophecy is what stands Woden's Folk apart from the other forms of Odinism and Wodenism, and is also the basis of the revival of Wotanism in the USA. This is what places Woden's Folk firmly in the Age of Ing which being a new world-age needs a new archetype, in this case that of Wid-Ar the Avenger ('The guilty shall tremble!'). The revival of the Woden Folk-Religion was expressly to prepare the way for The Hooded Man, creating a new form of the Ur-Religion of the Germanic Folk in order to fulfil the English Destiny. This refers to the Resurrection of The Fool as the archetype for this particular period of the Cycle of the Ages.

This is also why Woden's Folk is a religious movement and not an 'organisation' because it is our aim to gather the Elect of Woden together through those who hear the Call of the Blood. It is the Elect of Woden who will forge the new Germanic Folk-Religion that will prepare the way for The Hooded Man. Not only is WF a religious order but more importantly a warrior order since we are waging a Holy War against the Dark Joten (Forces of Darkness and Chaos). The warrior fights for ideas, ideology and ideals, for a New Order that will be imposed by the AEsir-Gods. We await the Coming of The Hooded Man to the forest............

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