Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Destruction of Nature

The Destruction of our Sacred Woodlands in the name of 'Woodland Management'.

How lucky we are to have the Forestry Commission to 'maintain' and 'preserve' the woodlands of England. For those who do not know, it was this government organisation that has destroyed a good deal of the indigenous woodlands due to the planting of non-indigenous trees over the last 100 years. The above photo shows the tracks of one of their massive machines used for forestry 'clearance' - notice the small tree that has been ripped out by the roots and crushed underneath the tracks of the machine - wanton and total destruction!

We can see here the small trees that are literally ripped from the ground in this 'clearance' work, without any thought whatever for life and Nature. Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors revered the trees and indeed so close to the trees was ancient mankind that the Norse Mythology has the first man and woman forged from trees - i.e. the matter that makes up trees, and not to be taken literally.

The aim of this wanton destruction is to fell some of the conifers in this area and no doubt sell them so as to make profit for this area of the government. Now, there is no doubt that cash is needed to maintain such woodlands, in this type of system anyway, but this needless destruction can never be deemed necessary.

This corrupt and rotten society, based upon economic materialism, has no regard whatever for life and for our Mother Earth. The Forestry Commission is not the only culprit, for every piece of building work or road works undertaken here in England comes with the wanton destruction of our trees, and the wholesale destruction of wildlife habitats. As Folkish Heathens we must oppose this society and aid its fall into destruction and ruin, replacing it with a New Order based upon what is right and just - upon the Eternal Laws of Nature.

Woodland Lake in the South Saxon Mark

Wodenists say - 'Yes to Life!'




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