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Folkish Movement

I would like to make it quite clear why WF and the WF-R refer to ourselves as Folkish, since this term is not always understood. The reason we use this term for our movement is to differentiate ourselves from what is known as the 'universalists' who seem to think that anyone can take part in our religion, no matter from what background they come from. This we reject as being wrong in that a religion is organic and arises from the Folk-Soul of a particular people - in our case the Aryo-Germanic Folk. Since we adhere to this natural idea we would be open to the accusations of 'racism' thrown up against anyone who opposes the 'melting-pot' of the unnatural 'multi-racial society' or 'multi-cultural society' which, due to its being unnatural has to be forced upon us through alien laws and state-propaganda. To be Folkish does not infer 'race-hate', and this smear is only thrown about to put others off from listening to the truth. 

The term Folkish does not refer to 'folk music' or 'folklore' (although these are part of what is known as Folkish) but is linked to the Volkisch Movement that arose in Germany as a spiritual counter-movement to the industrial revolution and to the growing world of economic materialism. This Volkisch Movement advocated a back-to-the-land drive and a drive towards a far simpler and natural society in harmony with the natural order. From this arose the Wandervogel ('Wandering Birds') and the alternative living groups that abounded in the Germany of that time, as well as the growing militancy of the young men and women who saw light in the writings of Nietzsche and other philosophers. This was the manifestation of Wotan the Wanderer, and later these scattered groups forged together into the new militant movement that took power in Germany. This movement was also paralleled by an upsurge of knowledge of the Ancient Runes, promoted by Guido von List, Gorsleben, Peryt Shou, Kummer, Marby and various other individuals as well as various Occult Groups working on the runes and recovering their ancient knowledge. 

The Volkisch Movement, of course, was not restricted to Germany, but was a growing spiritual force throughout Europe, including here in England. In our magazines we have covered the Kibbo Kift which was one of the alternative-living groups that arose here, as well as the groups that sprang up around Rolf Gardiner and others who promoted the back-to-the-land here, and these included the famous D.H. Lawrence. Many of the individuals here in England were in touch with their German kinsmen who had the same ideals and weltanshauung.

The term Folkish Movement that we use should be seen as a continuation of this pan-European movement that promoted a back-to-the-land, natural living, and a warrior-culture based upon the most ancient Ur-Religion of our Folk. This is where the WF-R has firm roots since it is linked to a past which we see as the herald of a new and better future for everyone here in England. 

It must also be pointed out that the term Folkish refers to a 'folk', which is rather simplistic but again must be understood. The Folk is not 'The People' or 'The Masses', but is an organic unit made up of different castes, each one working in harmony with the whole, and the whole having a higher purpose for its existance. The Folk has a past-present-future time continuum and within it are the Ancestral Spirits. To be Folkish as a movement is thus to attempt to rebuild the English Folk-Community as a harmonious and natural wholeness once again. 

There is also another reason why we use the term, and that is because WF was never founded as another form of Odinism that exchanged Norse terms for the Gods and Heroes for Anglo-Saxon terms, which would seem a futile attempt to challenge what was already an established Heathen Movement here in England and in various other areas of Europe and the world. Woden's Folk was founded upon -

1. Prophecy, in particular The Hooded Man Prophecy since Wulf's Prophecy did not come to me until much later. The Hooded Man Prophecy does not serve my purpose alone, since it merely came through me in order to found the new Folk-Religion. This prophecy encompasses all that WF was founded for, but it is still far from understood except by the Inner Core of Woden's Folk. When this prophecy is meditated upon, together with the knowledge we know of the figure of 'Robin Hood', then we find a very ancient and truer aspect of Woden than the one usually adopted. It is this aspect of Woden that WF is based upon. This also contains the mystery of the Divine Twins which are important in view of the transition between world-ages. (*)

2. The idea of a new archetype or god-force suited to the needs and the destiny of the English Folk in the New Age - the Age of Ing. This is something that is unique to Woden's Folk, although there will come others who follow this up and expand it into a future movement that will achieve the English Awakening

3. Woden's Folk was the group responsible for the revival of Wodenism as a new Folkish Religion, and to ensure that its Folkish ideals, ideology and weltanshauung are not distorted by others who follow, WF emphasises its Folkish nature so as to avoid the distortions (that will surely come) through moving inwards as the Mystery Religion of Wodenism

4. Our movement recognises the eternal struggle between the Gods and the Joten, and we take up that struggle which we symbolise as the struggle between the White Dragon (Germania) and the Red Dragon (Joten). 

Basically, the Folkish Movement stands for the movement of the Spirit of Woden westwards into the Islands of the Mighty. Thus we continue the ideology, ideals and the weltanshauung of the Volkisch Movement of the Twentieth Century, continuing this into the Twenty-First Century, but in a different way in that ours is a religious movement firmly based upon the Ur-Religion of the Arya. 

Yes, we use the much misunderstood term, Arya, which not only refers to the Sun-Man but also is found to be rooted in Aryan Root *ar- which means 'to plough' and is thus suited to the back-to-the-land movement. 

(*) Prophecy is a very important part of any religion, and it is true to say that new religions are invariably founded by 'prophets' since they are usually individuals who act as a link between the Gods and Men. They are not founders of a new religion, but reformers of the Ur-Religion, and this applies just as much to the 'Monogod' religions since they were never created but merely distorted for the ends of the individuals who were acting on behalf of the Dark Forces that guided them. Woden's Folk is not the only group to base their work on prophecy, and here I can only mention the Odin Brotherhood whose work is based upon a prophecy too. 

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