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Our struggle

Our Struggle

Woden's Folk has been in existence since April 23rd 1998, some 16 years now, and since then has grown to be respected as a force for the resurrection of the English Folk. There are those, even amongst the so-called 'right', who ridicule or write us off, mainly due to our stance on mysticism, magic, and ancient folk-lore and legend. But there are those who can read between the lines, and who can understand that today we need more than political or social change - we need a new and virile religious movement that will unite our Folk and bridge the divide between the so-called 'left and right'. 

We can certainly view the problems that we face as being due to 'economic forces', which on the face of it seem to make sense; but there is an underlying force that is not itself based upon economics or politics, but is a dark and sinister force that wishes to create a New World Order through a sinister cabal that works in secret and behind the scenes, passing its knowledge from generation to generation through an elected body of people chosen to carry on this task. This is where an understanding of our mythology comes into force, for without a true understanding of the role of the Joten and of Loki the Joten then only the veneer of 'economic forces' can be understood. 

Loki is the 'Enemy Within' whose work is to disrupt and to destroy the work of the Gods - the Forces of Order. As I have shown before the title 'Trickster' stems from a root meaning 'to lie' or 'to cheat' and thus Loki is a liar and 'trickster' who tricks people into thinking what he does is right. The place of Loki is to be bound and restrained which is the natural thing to do with such a force; when bound he cannot do harm, when 'emancipated' his role comes into full force. This is the secret we find in our Aryan Mythology and in particular Norse Mythology which is the latest we have to study. 

Loki is not Lucifer, despite the similarity between the names, for Lucifer is the 'Light-Bearer' from the Latin Lux meaning 'light'. This is the Morning Star - Venus - star of the Waene (Vanir). Loki is only protected for the sole reason that at some time he became the blood-brother of Woden, and like Golem in the Lord of the Rings who is with Frodo and Sam (Shire-Folk) until the end, Loki is with the Gods until the final times when he becomes totally evil and is responsible for the death of Balder. Maybe, like Golem, he has a role to play in his own downfall and the downfall of the Dark Lord himself! 

It is Loki that cuts off the hair of Sif, the wife of Thunor. Here we can see an Eternal Truth embedded in our own mythology, for Sif is the Corn-Goddess, and the cutting off of her Golden Hair is the cutting off the the original corn, which has been (like the myth) replaced by artificial corn which has nowhere near the goodness of the original Ur-Corn. Loki is responsible for the kidnapping of Idunn and her Apples of Regeneration by the Joten, and then  the war between the Elven Kins. He seems also to have been involved in some way in the war of the Gods. We have covered this before so there is no need to go further into this aspect.

The role of the Joten is to undermine everything that the gods create, overthrowing the Divine Order of the Gods. The role of Loki is that of the Enemy Within, thus being akin perhaps to the 'White Traitors' (and their guides) that abound in our midst, and who undertake the role of aiding and abetting the Great Enemy and the Dark Forces. These are certainly the Forces of Chaos which oppose the Divine Forces of Order. Yes, we know that the gods are often married or kin to the 'Giants' and there has to be a reason for this. There may be 'Dark Joten' and 'Light Joten' (as in the Elves) or maybe a difference between the Thurs and Joten (the latter, as suggested by Steed in one of our magazines, may be the Eoten or 'Eaters of the Dead Souls' whose role is to 'eat' the souls of the dead and thus return them to the Primal Chaos or the 'All'). 

We can see this struggle as that between Order and Chaos, between Light and Darkness, between Wisdom and Ignorance, between Freedom and Slavery, but it is more than that. It is a struggle between the forces that seek to aid the upward evolution of Man towards the God-Man, and the forces that seek to halt this process, devour the 'souls' of Man, and return these to the Primal Soup or to the 'All'. This is a struggle between the Gods and the Joten, with Man aiding one side or the other, our work being to aid the Gods, and the 'White Traitors' who aid the Joten. 

What is essential, and what has been self-evident since the middle of the Twentieth Century, is that these Dark Forces (The Joten) must have the light shone upon them so that their sinister aims and purpose comes into the light of day. The only way that the Joten are held in check is to shine the light upon them, for only under the light of day will they be turned into stone, i.e. they cannot function in their aims. Within Beowulf we find the secret that will also aid in our struggle, and that is the secret of the sword named Hunlafing Hildleoman which is the Sword of Cheru which has been wielded throughout the ages against the Forces of the Joten. This is the sword wielded by Hengest, AEtla the Hun and by Herman the Cheruscan. It is the Sword of Light that is plunged into the Jaws of Ancient Darkness.

One of the final phases in the total enslavement of the world is through the completion of what is known as the Electronic Fund Transfer System, which aims to do away with cash altogether. This is often linked to the idea of the 'Mark of the Beast', a micro-chip placed under the skin which can be used like a debit card, which involves everyone in the world having a number based upon the digits XXXXXX  XXXXXX  XXXXXX (i.e 666). This may well be so, but for now we need to consider the consequences of doing away with cash, these being that everyone will be placed firmly under the control of the Global Bankers, for their money will be tied up in the banks and controlled by the banks. 

Unfortunately, It seems that here in England we are to see the next 'experiment' of this process. through a sinister plan being 'marketed' by the usual scare-mongering tactic of avoiding an 'economic crisis'. It has been suggested that savers may have to pay to deposit their savings in a bank, rather than receiving interest. However, if this was to be put into place people would rather take their money out of the banks and keep them at home. Thus, thinking forwards (and thus exposing their sinister aims), the UK might have to abolish cash entirely 'in its own great technological leap forward'). This experimental stage has been suggested by one Andy Haldane, the Bank of England's chief economist, and is called by the title 'Bitcoin'.  There is no doubt that the 'economists' will take this plan hook, line and sinker, and the gullible masses with meekly accept yet another yoke of slavery. 

It is important to note how these plans are put into place, firstly by 'marketing' them to those in roles of importance in the 'economic sphere', then by putting them into place within a gullible 'public' who have not the intelligence to see what is going on. It is also important to note that these 'economic measures' are not put there merely for economic reasons, as proven by these plans, but for total power and total control over the world by a Secret Cabal hell bent on putting into place the plans first laid out in the Old Testament - where mankind is here to dominate the Earth and subdue it! 

If we were to avert these plans it would be necessary to get rid of the 'economists' and the 'Global Bankers' which would then avoid any 'economic crisis' (which they manipulate for their own ends). This does not seem likely at this time, so all that could be done is to create some form of Barter System between ourselves that will replace any form of money or credit-system they put into place - not an easy thing to do but some small groups already operate such a system so this is not impossible. This should now become part of our struggle. 

These plans show clearly how our enemies work, under cover of darkness; when brought into the light their plans fail. However, since they own and run governments, the banks, the press, the media, the Internet, the police, the justice system, the major religions, and all forms of services both national and local, bringing the plans into the light is far from easy. In this respect they use disinformation which has become big-business on the World Wide Web of Illusion. 

The fact that these latest plans are aimed at an experiment here in England, and the obvious occult tactics used in the 2012 Olympics and the 'Resurrection of Zion' here in England (through the use of the World Tree symbolism at the start and the Pheonix symbolism at the end) means that these islands have a significance that we cannot as yet be aware of, but which these people are aware of. In previous articles and on our websites we have shown how the Eternal Conflict against the Joten has gone on through the ages. This, for us, is the Eternal Struggle of the White Dragon (Gods) against the Red Dragon (Joten). It is the White Rose of Albion against the Red Rose of the Joten. 

The recognition of the inner meaning behind the economic and political problems we face means that we can elevate this struggle to a higher dimension that transcends the physical world. We are able to recognise the forces working behind the scenes in creating a 'New World Order'. We can try to shine the light on them so that they 'turn to stone'. Certainly, we could attract a far wider audience if we were to consider these problems as 'economical' or 'political' (and there is a role to play in this through political movements) but that is not the role of Woden's Folk, nor the Woden Folk-Community. Our role may not be so popular, nor even widely understood, but without it there can be no real understanding of what is really going on, nor can there be a viable spiritual opposition to their sinister plans. 

In order to understand the work of Woden's Folk it is necessary to understand the importance of Myth and of Archetypal Myth in particular. Myth can be seen behind what is normally thought of as 'history' and since the 'truth of history' in wars is always written by the victors, and carefully altered to suit their needs (the need to qualify the reasons for the war in the first place, making the victors the 'good guys'). In other words, the understanding of myth can be used to find the truth behind events, and the links between events in different eras of time. Myth can help us understand what is really going on in the world, and through understanding we are able to undertake this struggle in earnest.

Folkish Wodenism is a Spiritual Movement for the resurrection of the English Folk and the Saxon Nation. It has to tackle this at a spiritual level as much on a physical level, for this struggle has to be done in different dimensions. If we study the means by which the Enemy enslaves the minds of our Folk this is down to the use of symbols which are used in a form of Black Magic that affects people's minds at a psychic level. All Global Companies uses 'agencies' who do the work of advertising and marketing, and this suggests that those who work within such agencies are well aware of the symbolism they use, and of the purpose that this symbolism is used for - unless we are to think that this is all done unconsciously, which seems rather unlikely. 

I am not suggesting that we read too much into every symbol as being 'occult symbolism', nor do I suggest that we dismiss some which may be down to coincidence or the work of unconscious forces. But when it comes to such symbolism as the 2012 Olympic Games, from the ZION logo to the Oak Tree Symbolism, to the Phoenix Symbolism, and the symbolism behind the London Bus which does appear very sinister, I feel that we should certainly see this as Occult Symbolism used to manipulate the minds of the masses. This is also true of the mass-hysteria created at the funerals of certain well-known figures, where the media was used to create a state of mass-hysteria on a grand scale. 

Symbolism works the other way too, which is why the importance of the struggle between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon cannot be underestimated. This also goes for the re-forging of the Broken Sword which is symbolic of the re-forging of the means to combat the Enemy in each era. This is why we use the title Sword of Wayland for our magazine and the Sword of Hengest for our Activist's Newsletter. Our use of symbolism is an integral part of the struggle. This also goes for the use of the Ancient Runes. 

The Black Sun is a symbol that unites us world-wide through a common symbolism and common aims. It is also symbolic of the Force of Implosion (the 'rays' are Sig-Runes in reverse, pulling inwards towards the Sacred Centre) and the return to the origins in order to resurrect the Golden Age. We often state that we are a Nature-Religion but this is in the sense of the knowledge that the Spiritual Forces have withdrawn from the Earth, hence the sense of decay and death all around us in Nature. We are a Nature-Religion only in the sense of the need for mankind to be once more in contact and harmony with these Spiritual Forces. And only in the sense that we recognise the Earth as a Spiritual Being which we should be in harmony with rather than seeking domination over. We are a Life-Centred and Life-Affirming religion as opposed to the man-centred religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all of which seek to dominate rather than harmonise with. 

Banners and flags are an important part of demonstrations, marches etc. but are also important symbolism used in our Wodenic Rituals. They are there to unite those present under a symbol, and to bring into the minds of others the use of symbolism. This is true in everything, as our enemies well know, for they too make full use of the symbolism  of flags and banners. Woden's Folk uses flags and banners for our rites, which creates a visual effect whose importance cannot be underestimated. This, of course, is done at a very small scale at this time, but the effect is much the same, though limited to small numbers of people. But the effect can be more widely distributed through YouTube and other outlets, though again, for us, this is very limited too. But we have never been after 'numbers' and this is something that needs to be taken into account - we need quality not quantity at this time. 

This struggle is an Eternal Struggle, and we have come together in our time to take it up once more, here at the End of Time. We have been here before, and we shall be here again. We have come together before, and come together again, in the role of the Divine Struggle against the Joten - the Forces of Chaos and Disorder. This is the secret of Valhalla where the Einheriar ('Single Combatants') train ready to be resurrected again to take up once more the struggle. The Greatest Men Work Alone is a phrase from Schiller's Wilhelm Tell ('William Tell') and fittingly this refers to the Einheriar or Lone-Wolves. Fittingly because William Tell is yet another version of The Hooded Man Archetype (even his name means 'fool' or 'simpleton'). 

It should not be missed that The Hooded Man Archetype has resurrected within Woden's Folk, and to be classed as The Fool should thus mean nothing to us, since we are acting out this Archetypal Myth. As I have said at the start of this post, there are many who dismiss us because of our work, yet it is plain to see that our work has been laid out for us as a Divine Mission, guided by the Ancient Ones. Not just Woden's Folk, of course, but all who have taken up this struggle for our Folk, but WF has a unique mission and that is to prepare the way for The Hooded Man - the incarnation of Wid-Ar the Avenger on Earth. 

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  1. A thought when reading those last two paragraphs... a fool is one who has been fooled. Shameful or not, we cannot deny that we have been fools. Therefore the archetypal 'fool' is surely no other than he who awakens (for to be labelled a 'fool' one has to have experienced some kind of awakening to the fact that he was fooled), and it seems to be ultimately a term of nobility/growth. It is also widely known that one of the European peoples' main flaws is naivety and in being too trusting. We as an entire people are the 'fool' because we know we were tricked, and we are learning to grow beyond foolishness.