Thursday, 15 October 2015

Self Defence is no Offence!

'If people were always kind and obedient to those who are cruel and unjust, the wicked people would have it all their own way; they would never feel afraid, and so they would never alter, but would grow worse and worse. When we are struck at without reason, we should strike back very hard, I am sure we should - so hard as to teach the person who struck us never to do it again.'

'Jane Eyre' - Charlotte Bronte (1847).

England has become a very dangerous place over the last few decades, and this has not been aided by the mindless politicians who have allowed the influx of criminals and criminal gangs, either through not making checks or through deliberate policy. We are well aware that people held in fear are more easily controlled, so presumably the influx of criminals is seen to cause more fear. We see a deliberate policy over 'Islamic Extremism' and the 'War on Terror', the latter really being a 'War of Terror' since this introduces fear in the public, a fear which is capitalised upon by some political groups who, in the process, add fuel to the problem rather than getting to the root cause of the problem. 'Islamic Extremism' could never have become a problem in this country if the Muslims had not been allowed (and indeed encouraged) to come here in the first place. The leftist-liberal attitude of backing anything that is alien to us has been part of the problem, and the cowardice of the general public (the 'masses') been responsible for these traitors getting away with it. 

The first thing any repressive regime does is to outlaw the use of weapons, and we have already seen how this has been done over the last few decades. Firstly the 'Hungerford Massacre' ensured that semi-automatic rifles were banned, and the later 'Dunblane Massacre' ensured that hand-guns were banned. Thousands of responsible citizens who used these for recreational purposes were stopped form doing this. Yes, it could be argued that if such laws solved the problem of gun-crimes then they would be vindicated but, predictably gun-crime went up rather than down. This goes to show that when it comes to the use of guns the criminal element will always have them, illegal or not. It is also very strange that whenever the authorities put forward moves to ban guns some lunatic goes on a shooting rampage - coincidence? No doubt in the future these bans will be extended to other weapons. Any weapon is in fact neutral, the use of it being either for defence or use in offence - this is down to the one who uses it

When such forms of defence are denied to the people, the people have to rely upon the Police Force. This, of course, is hardly the best thing in a nation of soaring crime, since the police can never be on the spot every time there is a crime. But this has been made worse by the fact that it is very difficult to get the police to attend a crime, let alone do anything to stop it. The Daily Telegraph reported that a man went into a local police station to report what he thought would be a potential crime; he had seen a gang of suspicious youths who he thought were about to commit a crime. He was told at the desk that they could not do anything there, he would have to dial 999 and get through to a command centre some 30-odd miles away. Although rather shocked by this he did so, the police eventually got to the scene of what really was a crime, but were too late as it had been done and the criminals gone well before they arrived. 

Unfortunately, this is not a one-off as I can vouch for myself. A few years ago I travelled around Wiltshire visiting some of the ancient sites in this area; we went to Woden's Barrow ('Adam's Grave') where we had to park on a piece of waste-parking area, leaving the car there to walk up the hill to the barrow. Whilst we were up there, and did a bit of talismanic work that needed doing someone got into my car and stole my daughter's handbag, a mobile phone, and a small amount of cash. Admittedly, the passenger door had been left open due to the central locking not always working, but since the thieves smashed the lock on the glove compartment this was a lucky thing because they would no doubt have smashed the window to get in - which saved me some money. My daughter was upset so I gave her my phone to use and the money too, promising to get a new handbag (which was not a very cheap one). 

At first I took the view that the police would likely record the crime but do absolutely nothing about it, so I was not going to report it. When driving through Devises I saw a large Police Station and the thought occurred to me that if it was not reported (no doubt like many more) the crime figures would look lower, so I went into the Police Station. I reported the crime to the desk-attendant (you could actually walk into this one without intercom's etc., though this was a few years ago) who promptly stated to me that they 'did not actually deal with crime' - yes, that were his exact words. Rather astounded I asked what they did actually do, the reply being that this station (a large one I may add) dealt with 'police functions'. Of course! I should have known that, since 'police functions' are far more important than crime against the public! Silly me! I was then told to dial 101 (which you pay for, unlike 999); unlike the fellow who was rather more patient I told the desk attendant to 'stuff it' and walked out. I never did report the crime on principle that I do not see why we should pay when I was there on the spot to report a crime - 'police functions' or not. 

So, it seemed fairly clear that we cannot rely upon the Police Force to protect us any more, so we need to revise our outlook on life somewhat. There are three types of police today, the 'Community Police' which are paid less and thus save money, the 'Patrol Police' who are moving around on traffic duty and there to attend crime scenes (sometimes) and the 'para-military' armed police who are there mainly to protect the state - where these people attend crime against the public it seems more of a 'practice' than anything else. We also have a fully-trained riot police with new and highly technical equipment, some of which appeared in the 2011 riots in the cities of England. This seems to have been allowed to get out of hand in some areas, maybe as a means of practice - who knows? Whatever the case the funding seems to have been transferred to the section of the British Police that is there to protect the state, leaving the public defenceless.

Of course, certain sections of society seem to be exempt from all this, the one I can think of being the Jewish Community. In North London a special 'Jewish Police Force' was set up, complete with marked cars and specially trained 'police' to man them and to patrol certain areas with a high Jewish population. It is also correct to say that there has also been set up a 'Defence Organisation' which is deemed necessary to protect Jews from attacks by Muslims - this was financed out of public money, and endorsed by David Cameron himself (not surprisingly). There is no doubt that the Muslim Community also has its 'Defence Organisations' too. Now, I am not suggesting that there is anything at all wrong with these moves to protect the Jewish Community or the Muslim Community, what I would say though is that if the English Community tried to do likewise there would be an outrage by the press and the media and the well-known 'dawn-raids' on those who would dare to organise such a group, with the threat of imprisonment at the end of it all. 

This type of 'Jewish Police Force' or 'Shomrim' (meaning 'watcher') came to us from the USA, and other areas of Europe also have their own type of policing for the Jewish Community. They have no powers of arrest but can only detain, but the principle of a specific police force for a specific community has been laid down. It can only be seen as double-standards for certain communities to be allowed to have their own means of protecting their own people yet others would be denied this - especially since this land is England and the ancient home of the English. It is also to be pointed out that some accounts state that this force is funded out of public funds and trained by the police in the job. 

We are also faced with the fact that whenever a patriotic movement of any kind takes street-action or political action the 'rent-a-mob' comes into force. Now since some British Nationalist organisations moved away from street-action the 'rent-a-mob' declined somewhat. This changed when the English Defence League took to the streets, for then the 'rent-a-mob' began to grow again, and seems to have grown ever since. The EDL was a Zionist-controlled organisation (as they admitted) funded by Zionists from the USA, and this was used to create the conflict between Christians and Muslims in a new 'Crusade', which has now been taken up by the 'Britain First' organisation, which seeks to get rid of the image of the drunken brawlers of the EDL and becoming 'respectable'. Using the 'Social Media' such organisations can get out to hundreds of thousands of people, but we still find that only a couple of hundred or so turn out to their marches. I do not like to criticise others, especially since many of those involved are sound 'patriots' and do really care for their land, but this has all been done before in politics, and the only result of a 'crusade' against the Muslims would be a catastrophic conflict that has been deliberately manipulated. Islamic Militancy is a symptom and not the cause of the problem. There would be no problem if they had not been encouraged to come here in the first place, and they do not control the real powers that control the world at this time - the Global Bankers. If the problem of 'Islamic Militancy' were solved tomorrow the real problems we are faced with would still be there, and we would be no freer than we are today.

The argument is usually that this is a 'Christian Country', but this omits the fact that our people were forced by bribery, corruption and outright violence (such as torture and burning at the stake) into accepting an alien religion - both Islam and Christianity stem from Judaic roots! These people forget that the Christians used such methods to 'convert' and that this was never our religion at all - Wodenism is the true religion of our Folk. 

Going back to the rent-a-mob it is clear from past experience that whenever a march was attacked it was never the front of the march where the hardened 'street-fighters' were there to protect the leaders, always further back where there were less 'hardened' individuals, and often women and children in the 1970s to 1980s.  The effectiveness of attacking a march was made plain in the 1970s to 1980s when British Nationalist marches were attacked and the numbers of those attending fell by over half, and declined even more as the years passed.

All this may seem irrelevant to Folkish Wodenism since we do not engage in politics, nor do we engage in street-action or street-marches (though individuals are free to do so of course). But since this regime is becoming more and more repressive, and has already moved to crush certain sections of Englisc Nationalism, then in the future we could well expect to be the target of the 'mob'. Indeed, on a couple of occasions over the years we have experienced problems with the same type, one occasion being a violent attack upon some of our Activists (which was dealt with in the same way quite easily). We have also experienced people trying to take photos and no doubt passing them on to the varied groups that have been set up to 'expose' us. One post on blog went as far as to suggest that one of the sites we have used in the past be 'surrounded' so that we could not get to it. So much for us being 'intolerant'! Since we were merely performing religious rites, which we are allowed to do by law, then this is certainly a case of 'leftist intolerance' - indeed, it is these people who cannot tolerate anyone who does not share their warped ideas. 

I think these points I have made are enough to show that we need to educate and train ourselves in some form of self-defence. This we have already done within the Woden Folk-Religion, or at least many of us have taken up some form of Martial Arts or similar training. But this is not the time to be complacent about this, for we are far from being able to say we would be ready for anything. In this matter the Warrior Arts have been combined with Survival Training which makes for more of an outdoor approach rather than just the indoor one. 

Whenever the rulers of a nation become corrupt and no longer see themselves as being the representative of the people, more as despots, they take away the means to rebel - the outlawing of weapons. In such times the people have the resort to creating new forms of self-defence and the Combat Arts - using hand-to-hand combat either with or without weapons, these weapons being everyday things that have been adapted for self-defence. This was true of the Japanese Samurai when the Japanese State began to deteriorate and lost touch with its people - here the Ninja Warrior appeared, fighting in the darkness of night since it was against much greater odds. In such times 'sports clubs' and 'fitness clubs' spring up to cater for the needs of the oppressed people - not those of today which are very often encouraged by the state for our 'health' (as if they cared!) but are merely part of the big-business or 'health business' that makes money out of people. Such 'sports clubs' and 'fitness clubs' must be adapted to suit the needs of the advancement of the individual, both physically, mentally, and spiritually - which they are not (in the main) doing today. 

Now is the time for the reappearance of the Shadow-Warrior who works under cover of darkness and secrecy. This must be seen as a highly trained and intelligent individual who is also able to work with a group, as a team, and able to accept a leader who would organise and lead the group. The Shadow-Warrior would be dedicated to Woden as the Leader of the Mannerbund, the Cultic-Warrior Bund, since such a warrior would be dedicated to the Cult of Woden. This would be Jonathan Bowden's 'intellectual thug' (from Shelley) who would combine the fighter with the intellectual, and above this combine the fighter, the intellectual and the intuitive, for such a Cultic Warrior must create the situation where both sides of the brain are in balance - the 'balance of light and darkness' in the individual. This would entail a mixture of the Exoteric Warrior Arts and the Esoteric Warrior Arts

Now I am going to look at some forms of Martial Arts, most of which are today sporting activities, but some are training in self-defence and some outright Combat Arts. Please do not think that I am an expert on this subject, but I have trained for some years in Karate, Kobudo (weapons), Muai Thai Kick-Boxing and then Wing Chun. My point of view is put here mainly to look more carefully into how effective some of these are, and then how we can adapt parts of them for ourselves in order to create a really effective Self-Defence and Combat Arts (I use the term 'combat' to mean 'to fight' which is its real meaning, from the Old French batre - 'to fight'). 

  • Boxing - this is a typical English Martial Art and has been done since time immemorial, though today the use of boxing gloves for sporting purposes has taken over from the the original bare-knuckle fighting. This is a most useful art since it entails being knocked about and thus taking a beating - if the individual cannot take a knock the fight is lost from the start. It does have the disadvantage in that only the fists are used, whereas in other fighting arts the fists, open-hands, elbows, knees and feet are used, making for a far wider 'weaponry'. 
  • Kick-Boxing - This is boxing extended into using the elbows, knees and feet rather than just the clenched fists. In Muai Thai this also includes take-downs which are another thing not used in boxing, nor (I think) in certain forms of kick-boxing. Certainly this uses more 'weaponry' and may thus have an added advantage, especially at longer range fighting rather than close-up.
  • Karate - This can be either non-contact, semi-contact, or full contact, and the latter would be the only really useful one in self-defence and the fighting arts since the other two entail holding back - which itself can become a habit which is hard to get out of. Useful in training since no-one should be stupid enough to use full-contact all of the time and risk permanent injury whilst training, but some form of contact is needed, and special MMA gloves make this possible (in fact MMA gloves are far safer than the normal boxing gloves as they knock out quickly and do not need such repeated hits to the head). Karate, in all of its various forms, is tailored also to multiple attack, through the katas (forms), although to be effective this must be extended to actual practice against multiple attacks. It also has an added advantage since it is done through group-training and group-discipline, indeed, it is a highly disciplined art which makes for self-discipline and teamwork.
  • Kung Fu - This is the Chinese alternative to Karate and the same applies to this discipline, though it is usually more a 'flowing' art than the hard Japanese way of Karate (though there are 'soft' versions of Karate such as used in Okinawa). 
  • Tai-Kwon Do - Again, this is the Korean method akin to Kung Fu and Karate, but here (from my own experience of sparring people who have done this) I would comment that most of the work done is through kicking, and here especially high kicking to the head, which does not make for an effective attack. Tai-Kwon Do was created for use against horses, kicking people who were riding them, so is not actually designed for the use that we would need it. I have sparred with a number of people who have done this and close-up attacks render their defence useless. This, to an extent, also applies to all those sports that use high kicks, which were never part of the original Warrior Arts - may be useful to Hollywood for dramatic effect. 
  • MMA, 'Grapple and Strike', Ju Jitsu, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Judo etc. - A little knowledge of some of these may be useful when it comes to close-contact fighting, as many a fight can end on the floor. It would certainly be useful to have some knowledge of being able to get out of locks and avoid throws, and also how to fall correctly when taken down to the floor. For those who do not really go for floor-fighting there are ways to train against anyone trying to take you down to the floor in the first place. 
All of the above should be seen primarily as a sport today, since this is how clubs are designed. In the main they are designed for face-to-face, one-to-one, fighting which is no good against multiple attacks. It is also a fact that the typical 'street-fighter' and the more violent criminal element may today take up some form of martial arts, usually the full contact varieties. So we may not be faced with a mere 'street-fighter' (who are hardened to it anyway) but with a fully-trained 'street-fighter'. We shall now look at other forms of Martial Arts which are used for self-defence and the combat arts -

  • Wing Chun - 'Wing Chun Kung Fu is a very sophisticated weapon - nothing else. It is a science of combat, the intent of which is the total incapacitation of an opponent. It is straight-forward, efficient and deadly. If you're looking to learn self-defence don't study Wing Chun. It would be better for you to master the art of invisibility.' Wong Shun Leung - 1935-1997). This is only true in theory since the moves are sometimes so dangerous as to have to be not actually used in reality. The mechanics of Wing Chun (though I have limited knowledge of this art) seem to be sound and effective, but in my own opinion the need for some form of contact-sport used together with this is essential, since some schools are devoid of contact in the main. The aim of the moves is certainly to incapacitate the opponent and could only be practised as far as not actually going the whole way, which once more means holding back, which can become a habit. This was developed as a true combat art and the mind-set would need to be geared to this rather than to it being a 'sport'. This would take many years to perfect, but some of the ideas are excellent and could be practised and perfected quite quickly. The 'forms' in this seem very easy to learn and are certainly not so long-winded as in Karate, but in reality they are far harder perhaps to get right since the mechanics are incorporated into them and have to be perfected in order to make them work properly. These combine most of the strikes and kicks and thus are very useful for training. In training in this the school I went to put this up as a self-defence and combat art and did not restrict it to one-to-one attacks, but to multiple attacks and attacks in various different situations, not just standing up. In my opinion this could by far be one of the most effective arts, but it would take years to master - the answer is perhaps to train in something simpler at the same time.
  • Krav Maga - This is the Israeli Martial Arts developed for the Israeli Army; I have had very limited experience of this but from what I have studied it seems to incorporate methods from various traditional martial arts, incorporating them into an effective and simple training programme. Since this seems to have been taken from various other traditions it is not really unique and its techniques are open to use by anyone who wishes to use them. This is in fact no different from the modern 'Free-Style' types of Martial Arts which incorporate different traditions under one banner. Something similar would be useful as an quick method of training.
  • Systema - This is a Russian Martial Art and seems to be one of the most effective around today. It does to an extent take some methods from Wing Chun since it uses a more relaxed type of attack, a more 'rounded' attack if you like. The advantage of Wing Chun and thus Systema must be that tense muscles make for slow movement, so relaxed muscles are swifter and more powerful (though any blow should be relaxed in theory, but in practice some of the more disciplined martial arts make this harder to achieve). Systema is a Combat Art - plain and simple - and it uses multiple attack and attacks in different positions and situations, and does seem to be one of the most effective self-defence and fighting art around today. 
  • Jeet Kune Do - This was developed by Bruce Lee as a self-defence and fighting art; he started in Wing Chun (for a short time) and went on to develop his own form, dropping out what he considered to be unnecessary, such as the 'forms'. In the short term this makes for an effective form of self-defence which can be learned quickly, but the use of 'forms' has always been essential for training, and in group-training this can be essential for a form of Cultic Brotherhood, since it would become a type of 'ritual'. This is clear from the ancient Warrior Dance which mimics the art of combat and was really used as a training program as well as a ritual dance. 
Of course, anyone who does any form of martial arts will see that one as the best, a quite natural feeling. Hence when people make criticism of another form they are doing so because they are defending their own style. It is not always sound to see one form as better than another because one person using that form beats another in a contest, since this is not a valid experiment in scientific terms. Whatever form of Martial Arts the individual takes up can be useful in self-defence, and if varied forms are studied over the years this makes for a varied style, the individual picking what he feels to be right for him, and which he feels is most effective. This is really the point - if it is effective use it, if it is not effective drop it

One of the things rarely taught in Martial Arts Schools is the ability to 'switch on', a phrase often used by our Garman, Raven. This is something that cannot be overlooked and must be the first thing taught to anyone who takes up any form of self-defence. To 'switch on' means simply to create within oneself a sense of Relaxed Awareness which means being like the cat which seems to be sleeping but is really awake enough to jump into immediate action. This is usually termed a 'cat-nap' since the cat seems to be asleep but is really 'switched on' to what is going on around it. This will not come naturally, since we have all been programmed to be 'asleep', especially seen in the young people who wander around with ear-plugs blasting out music all of the time, which goes for a good majority I am afraid. Such people would clearly not see any form of violent attack until it is too late, not only because they cannot hear, but also because they cannot be aware due to the total concentration on the music. 

Self-defence must be the last resort, so it is necessary for the individual to be able to 'switch on' and be able to adapt his circumstances to what is going on around him; he must do a number of things in order to ensure his survival -

  • Be aware of any person or persons who are following him, and have been doing so for a period of time.
  • Be aware of any person or persons (a gang) coming towards him and using an aggressive manner; even more so if a person or person crosses the street towards him deliberately.
  • Be aware of anyone coming up to him to ask something, this being a typical way to set up an individual for a mugging or attack. 
  • Be aware of the surrounding area so that an attack can be avoided or if this becomes impossible then to pick a place where an effective defence could be made against an attack or multiple attack. 
  • Be aware of the person who 'gets in your face' and shows aggression in a pub or other place, or the persons who seem to be acting aggressively and could turn on anyone at any time. 
  • Be aware of how to avoid an attack by moving away from a situation that could turn violent.
These are just a few examples of how an individual would need to cultivate in themselves the means to 'switch on' and be aware of everything that is around them and happening around them. I am going to give here an example, and it is much easier to do so after an event but it concerns the ability to make a note of one's surroundings and to pick the right place to make a defence against attack. 

Two youths were walking through an area in London and were chased by a gang of youths. They lived nearby this attack and both ran up a flight of stairs to get away and back to 'safety' in their own home. The gang followed them and attacked them in the passageway as they frantically knocked the door to get help; one of them was stabbed to death whilst doing so. 

As I said, it is easy to comment after such an event, but the point I make here is that self-training is necessary to avoid such an event happening. Had these youths been 'switched on' and had cultivated the ability to recognise their surroundings and what they should have done in order to be able to defend themselves against such an attack they could have seen a way out of this. There are certain things that stick out clearly -

  • The youths ran up a flight of stairs to get away, and then moved along a passageway to get to the flat; had they turned and confronted their attackers on the top of the stairs they would most likely have been far better off.
  • A flight of stairs takes the victims in a position above their attackers, who are restricted in numbers who can attack at the same time because the stairs would be narrower. Being above also gives an advantage to kick out even with a knife; just turning on the attackers in such a position could deter the attack for a split second, enough to take an offensive action anyway. 
  • If one of the attackers was stopped then it would be far more difficult for the others to get past and do anything effective. 
We could never say this would have completely avoided the fatal attack but at least a better chance would have been created for a defence against the attack. In reality this is a tactic of war, aptly attributed to the 300 Spartans and the Greeks who stood their ground against a massive Persian army. Using a small gap through which a large army could never go through en mass, they held their lines until they were betrayed and the Persians managed to get behind them. This stands true of the type of attack mentioned here, for one of the ways that an effective defence can be made is to pick the right spot where a multiple-attack is more difficult. This means self-training in being fully aware of one's surroundings, and it also means being able to put yourself in such a situation, even if only in practice, so that when it does happen the reaction comes naturally.

This is not the place to give full details of how this can be done, but suffice it to say that some form of concentration exercises should be developed for use in daily life. Perhaps noticing the colours of cars, or the makes of cars one sees when going around in the day. This can be extended to noticing cars that are following you for a long distance, or people following you for a long distance. It is also a good idea to notice what people look like, and what your surroundings look like - many or most of us may not do this often. What is needed is a state of 'relaxed awareness' in which the individual holds full concentration upon his surroundings and people around him. The typical 'memory-exercise' where you have a tray of certain objects in front of you which is then covered, and some time later you go back to noting what you have remembered on the tray can also be useful. Far too many people today avoid having to think at all!

Woden's Folk has always encouraged its active workers and its supporters to take up some form of martial arts coupling this with some form of survival training. This can help the individual gain self-confidence, self-reliance and self-awareness to some extent. It has always been our view that when you are in a position to lead or to guide that this should be done through leading by example. And this is exactly what we have done, lead by our own example. There are individuals within the old WF Activists who took this up in earnest, though this is not for everyone and cannot be expected of everyone - it was a start. We held certain Training Camps in the Midlands, West Country and in the South of England which combined Survival Training with the Warrior Arts, as well as Spiritual Training and Ritual work since our aim has always been to create a Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood. 

Looking back (which is easier to do than looking ahead) the idea of trying to impress the date of 2012 as a guide for us to be prepared, in view of the hype made of this in the media, press and World Wide Web of Illusion, it was perhaps an error that should have been avoided. When 2012 passed without appearing to have any significance (at one level, that is) many people must have seen it as a message that there was no real need for urgency or for further preparation. This appears to have some truth in that these type of activities were less well attended than they were some years ago. My message here is that this is a life-long struggle that we must undertake, and not a fleeting struggle that can be taken up seriously and then cooled off again. There is still a valid need to create a Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood (made up of the Shadow-Warrior) and this can only be done if we get people out to involve themselves in ACTIVE work.

In view of the modern form of society one of the grave problems we face is that of 'Social Media'; I am well aware that some organisations feel that because they can get their message out to tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, they see this as their 'progression' towards a mass-movement. When this compares with the active members who are now in the low hundreds their position does not seem quite so strong. We have seen this in the political sphere through both English Nationalism and British Nationalism. The supporters of any group will be the bulk of the organisation or movement, whilst the activists will be the minority - this stands true of any movement. But the role of getting support does not stop there because it must be geared to the recruitment of more and more activists who do the main work for the movement. 

Organisations that have no ideology, doctrine or ideals can never become true movements because they are usually based upon the negative 'anti-' concept which is merely used to create conflict and unrest amongst different groups. Communism had an ideology and indeed a religious kind of fervour of fanaticism, admittedly (it has to be said) based upon the concepts of greed and envy, the very same drives of the Capitalist System it purported to overthrow. Thus only a spiritual movement with its own weltanshauung, its own ideology and doctrine, and its own ideals was able to combat and nearly defeat the Communist System in Europe.

Woden's Folk could have used the 'Social Media' and perhaps gained far more support, though being a religious group this would be nowhere near that of a political or street-active group. But then we would have perhaps had thousands of 'supporters' willing to sit behind a computer all day and put the thumbs up to us, whereas our active work would hardly have increased enough to have taken our Movement much further. 'Social Media' is fine to get the word out, but without the means to get these people (who are in the main going to do nothing but make comment or give verbal support) active and working together towards a common aim then no further progress could ever be made. 

Our enemies do not rely solely upon 'Social Media', though of course they use it to their advantage. They have set up secret societies (like Common Purpose) which hold meetings, lectures, and education programs that recruit active workers for the purpose of pursuing their sinister aims. This type of active work gets people together, and we should make a firm note of this since without our people getting together there can be no forward progress towards our aims. I have seen in various groups how apathy sets in after a while, when people get 'bored' of doing the same old thing over and over again - people need constant change nowadays. 

There is still a vital need for Wodenic Activists to get out and educate, train and generally improve themselves in all fields of life. Humans are made up of a physical body, a mind (mental), and a spirit, and these are combined in a harmonic way (or should be), so we need to put these in a true harmony by working on them individually and going out of our way to improve ourselves in a holistic fashion. The Warrior Arts, Self-Defence and Survival Training are ideal pursuits for our Folk. 

I am well aware that many Wodenists are isolated and perhaps need to use Social Media to contact like-minded people, and I would never criticise these people since this is a quite natural thing to do. But this is entirely different than doing nothing except chatting on social media, which is the way of the masses - idle chat that achieves nothing (except that The System can monitor people's views to see for themselves when any form of opposition could arise). And here there is also the inclination to cause arguments, and even the deliberate 'provocateur'  using this outlet to create tension and friction. 

I have strayed a little from 'Self-Defence' but this has been necessary in order to emphasise some of the problems that we face, and that other groups, organisations, and movements face too. There seem to be no quick and easy answers to the problems we all face, but lessons can be learned from the past. Those of us who are older (like myself) have been in this for decades and can see where things have gone wrong in the past; but it is one thing to recognise what has gone wrong, and another to try to right this, especially in view of the limited resources we have at our disposal. But we have to try, and through WF I have tried to put together something different that would encourage others to follow suit. Indeed, it would be encouraging to see others create better organisations and to improve on these ideas. 

Being a religious organisation in a secular world makes it very difficult, and basing our entire work upon myth, legend and sometimes 'fantasy' makes it even more difficult for people to understand. But there is no other way forward, for the state-regime has had decades of experience in dealing with political and street-active organisations and only a new and virile religious movement can unite right and left above politics. There is a need for political, cultural and street-active organisations because this has to be a many-headed struggle against a hydra-headed monster. We need intellectuals and fighters, but the ultimate aim must be to create the 'Intellectual Warrior' who embraces both - indeed the Worker-Warrior-Priest would be the ultimate aim. 

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