Monday, 11 January 2016

The Floods - A Different Look

This post was stirred from an article by Cliffe Dixon on the English Patriot site, an article about the recent flooding, especially the havoc wreaked in the North of England and Scottish Borders. The media (as usual) put this down to 'climate change' but he suggests a contributing factor that is very interesting. In this post I am not going to repeat all of what is said, for I wish rather to make comments upon the subject from another angle.

He suggests a contributing factor was a European Union directive - the European Water Framework Directive (EWF) - which became law in 2000. This seems to have put an almost complete halt to the dredging of our rivers, according to the article, that is. To paraphrase the article it states that for all recorded history it was well known that a watercourse needed to be big enough to take any water that flowed into it, otherwise it would overflow its banks, thus flooding local land and houses. City authorities, and before them local manors, villages and towns organised themselves so that their watercourses were cleaned, deepened and where necessary embankments put into place, the latter usually by mounding up from the dredging.

It would seem that the EU Law meant stopping dredging and embanking to allow rivers to 're-connect with their floodplains'. In other words allow the watercourses to flood land and houses - a move that only an idiot would take, but there seem to be plenty of these in Brussels! In order to ensure that this happens the obligation to dredge was shifted from the Environment Agency onto each individual landowner, but making sure that no funds were available for doing this. Also any sand and gravel that is removed was reclassified as 'hazardous waste' and could not be used to raise the banks, but had to be taken away for dumping. 

This situation is typical of the people who run the world today, an act of complete lunacy! The underlying cause is that the EU, as many other bodies, is run by the type of Liberal-Left Green whose aim is to create a completely fictional 'Socialist Paradise' in which everything is perfect. This mentality has permeated all walks of life, and their actions have completely the opposite effect - disorder and chaos. The same type of people have allowed millions of 'refugees' into Europe and created disorder and chaos, a rampant rise in crime, and untold problems in housing, health, and many other areas affected by this move - one of them being allowing terrorists into our midst! We already know what this is like here in England since we have had the problem for decades. 

The argument that rivers should run their own course without interference can in no way be said to be valid when land, homes animals and humans are at risk of the rising waters - so much for their 'animal welfare'. Yes, there have been grave errors in planning where houses have been built upon flood plains, but they are still doing so now, and merely because of an influx of new people into this country - which is their doing, not ours. This is also because planners have no where near the knowledge of the ancients who understood and worked with Nature

Another problem is that the same people who choose to think this way seem to think that our environment is 'natural' but this too is a falsehood since for thousands of years man has shaped the environment to his needs - so most of what we see as 'natural' is actually man-made. This also goes for watercourses which have been altered for thousands of years, so the idea that this should not be done because they need to run their 'natural' course is once again a falsehood. True, in ancient times man worked with Nature and shaped according to Natural Law, which is contrasted today where profit and a quick gain come before any thought of Nature. 

One of the problems for the EU 'Greens' seems to be that some rare crayfish or freshwater mussel may be washed away by fast-flowing waters. The introduction of US Crayfish into the River Kennet has almost wiped out the English version, but this does not seem to be a problem - i.e. the introduction of foreign species into a land, including (of course) species of man, which is a move proven to disrupt the eco-balance of Nature. Anyway, since when have any of these people been near a mollusc or invertebrate bar from the supermarket stuff they may eat! 

When we consider their actions, and prior to this the thoughts and ideas that must have come into their heads, they seem to pick up on some illogical idea and put it into force even though the consequences are catastrophic. Maybe this is not too hard to believe in view of the fact that this is exactly what the Communist Regimes have always done. Is it not true to say that Communism or International Socialism has always worked with ideas, and always looked to a utopia, and then put into practice these ideas resulting in the loss of untold millions of human lives and endless suffering wherever their ideas have taken hold? What the EU is doing is nothing less than putting into practice the utopian ideology of the Communists

We can see the type of people involved in the 'leftist' Greens (not all 'Greens' are on the left) when we see the leaders of the Green Party in Brighton on the forefront of the anarchic aims to stop the yearly 'March for England' (*) parade with the violence of the 'Rent-a-Mob'. Indeed, it is in the cities that the Green Party has its main hold, and Brighton is at the forefront - as well as at the forefront of degeneracy! Not so much of a great legacy to leave, is it. 

(*) The 'March for England' parade was a patriotic march that included women and children at the beginning, women and children that were subjected to the violence of the Rent-a-Mob when these people decided to 'Stop the March'. This was not a 'fascist' or 'neo-nazi' march but a march for the English people, but the reaction by the violent anarchists and communists must surely now have sunk into the heads of these 'patriots' - it does not matter who you are, if you support our own people you will be attacked! Again and again this is being driven into groups who wish to remain 'populist' and the message must surely sink in one day - you can only fight like with like! 

The answer to all of this is to return to a form of Tribal Consciousness within the Folk-Nation; local issues, such as rivers and other watercourses, should be tackled at a local level. Without some idiot classifying dredged waste as 'hazardous waste' (the only 'hazard' may be in the pollution in the mud and stones caused by their society) local groups could tackle these issues at source, knowing full well of the problems (being local and not over in Brussels) that would occur. This is just one subject but there are numerous subjects we could look at with the very same problem. 

We have a very good system of Shires which have been with us since the first English Folk settled here; these are local regions that should be allowed to work on their own initiative in regard to local issues. Breaking England into a smaller number of larger 'regions' will do nothing at all to solve this, especially when they are ruled from Brussels. The local Shires are the backbone of our Folk-Nation and the importance of recreating small regions again cannot be overestimated. These, of course, must be based upon natural boundaries and not politically-motivated boundaries changed over and over again to suit individual parties who do so to gain more 'votes'. 

Finally, this would also seem to be yet another example of the modern 'progressive society' which takes everything from the past, all of the accumulated knowledge of centuries or even thousands of year, throws it out of the window and goes on to come up with new 'ideas' that only a complete idiot would think up. Where these 'new ideas' do have some foundation they can be traced back into the past but have been 'reinvented' using some new-fangled modern term (usually some Greco-Latin term that no-one understands, which is why this is done) for them to make it look as if these people have come up with the ideas. 

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