Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Warrior of Woden

'Truthfully, in this age those with intellect have no courage and those with a modicum of physical courage have no intellect. If things are to alter during the next fifty years then we must embrace Byron's ideal: the Cultured Thug.'

Jonathon Bowden.

I met Jonathon Bowden on numerous occasions at New Right meetings in London and have a great respect for him and his wise words. Unfortunately he died in March 2012 but his words ring true today as they did when he wrote them. In this case he was right in what he said, for today we have either 'intellectuals' or 'fighters' but in order to achieve anything we need a fusion of the two concepts. I outlined this in the Summer Finding edition of the Sword of Wayland (2015) -

'The Warrior of Woden must cultivate a high intellect, intuitive sense, and the courage and strength of a fighter. He must be a worker-warrior-priest all in one, combining the Divine Order of the Gods into a New Man. He will become the Mystic-Warrior, the Spiritual Warrior, as the Resurrection of the Hero to take his place in the Age of Heroes. This is the Wera - the Solar-Warrior. His life will be an archetypal myth, for he has been resurrected to take part once more in the Eternal Struggle against the Forces of Darkness. He is the Einheriar come back to fight at the Ragnarok and join with the Gods and Ancestors in the Final Conflict on Middle-Earth.'

Today we need to cultivate a brand new attitude amongst ourselves, and more importantly, a brand new self-discipline. The age of mere 'street-fighters' has gone! We need the 'Cultured Thug' who does not need to be fueled by alcohol (*), but who has a disciplined attitude to fighting against all odds; this means creating the Warrior of Woden who is self-disciplined, trained in self-defence and the Combat Arts, and also trained in the Esoteric Warriors Arts, able to keep the Calm Centre and act intuitively at all times. This has always been the aim of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag and during 2016 this will become even more important. 

(*) There is a time for alcohol and our Ancestors drank mead and ale with each other in the Mead-Halls, but we need to consider that when building a Security Force we need to recruit and train a disciplined, trained and ordered force which can counter the anarchistic, drug-infested, alcohol-infused 'Rent-a-Mob' that has always been used against those who oppose the Old Order. When we carefully study these types it is the mass that is used against the few which is a blatant act of cowardice on their part, but the only way these people can counter the Eternal Truth. Our Folk-Moots are different, a place to socialise and enjoy our own company in a world opposed to our ideals, but we still need to consider this in view of security.

The 'soldier' has a career and is paid to fight, whereas the 'warrior' fights for an ideal and an ideology. Not all 'soldiers' are 'warriors' and not all 'warriors' are soldiers'. The 'soldier' can be a 'warrior' but this is not always so, since the soldier does as he is ordered, and sometimes fights against his ideals (sometimes due to his loyalty to his nation). War today means that more and more people are on the 'front-line' which has become a reality starting with World War II when civilians were subject to bombing, and today with the 'War of Terror'. We have many soldiers and ex-soldiers amongst our ranks but they are first and foremost warriors since they uphold our Noble Cause. We respect their courage and their warrior-hood because we see them as 'warriors' who fight for our ideals. These people are trained to fight and this is something that we need within a Folkish Movement, and many of them are also trained in Survival and the Martial Arts. 

My father, my mother, my grandfather and great-grandfather and as far back as I can trace my ancestors served in the British Army in the Boer War, World War I and World War II. Due to his capture after fighting for the 'Desert Rats' my father suffered in an Italian Prisoner of War Camp and never encouraged me to go into the British Army (*). Some were forced to, some volunteered to do so and although we hear of how our soldiers 'fought against fascism' this is a downright lie, since most were either conscripted or volunteered to fight for their country (which they thought was what they were doing). Very few ever thought they were 'fighting against fascism' (except the White Traitors and the Enemy Within) as the lefties would have people believe. They were fighting for their country - or so they thought. The lies of the lefties will come to roost! (The Wild Huntsman rode on both sides as is clear when we remember that Edric the Wild was seen here in England prior to World War II - thus swelling the ranks of the Einheriar. The Fuhrer was the Incarnation of the Hunter-God.) 

(*) Significantly, he told me he was treated much better by the Germans who we are made to believe were the 'evil' ones of World War II. He also told me about how the Germans 'paid' (with extra supplies) the British POW's to work (thus not breaking International Laws) on railways bombed by allied air strikes, railways that supplied these POW Camps. Someone wanted to make things worse than they were! 

The Warrior of Woden is a new concept, a new ideal of the New Age, of the Age of Ingwe. This is the aim of our Folkish Movement into the future. This has been taken up by forward-thinking movements and is a sign of the resurrection of the Noble Aryan Ideals that will come into fruition in the New Age. What is needed is the self-discipline of the soldier fused with the idealism of the Holy Warrior. What we do not need today is the drunken brawler of the past that only added fuel to the smears aimed at any movement that opposed the New World Order. This was epitomised by the EDL at one time, but has been the bane of many other nationalist organisations. Leave this to the anarchists of the Left whose only aim is to break down any authority and destroy everything in their path. Only an organised and disciplined movement will be able to counter and overcome this type of opposition. 

Many of the older people who have been in this struggle for many years may have been part of this, and I myself am no exception, but we need to put this behind us and give a new impetus to the youth who are the future, and whose ways must be different from the past. We need a New Noble Man - the Warrior of Woden - who combines intellect & intuition as well as courage & physical strength. This is the 'Cultured Thug' of Byron which Jonothan Bowden so rightly sought to revive - The New Barbarian.

In Memory of my late Mother.

Lo, there do I see my Father,

Lo, there do I see my Mother,

Lo, there do I see my Sisters and my Brothers,

Lo, there do I see the Line of my People back to the beginning,

Lo, they do call to me,

They bid me take my place in the Halls of Valhalla,

Where the brave may live forever!



We struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter not only for those who have gone but for those who bear our genes, and for those who are to come in the future. This is an Eternal Struggle and we shall never give in. No Surrender to the Forces of Darkness and Evil! Light will triumph! For the Man-to-Come.

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