Saturday, 27 February 2016

English Resistance

The World Tree - Yggdrasil - is shaken, battered and beaten, and faces total destruction during the Dark Age or Warg Age. At one level Yggdrasil is the White Tree of legend, and as such we can see that it represents the White Race, which today is being shaken, battered and beaten, threatened with its final destruction within decades. This is no accident, indeed it is a careful plan being executed by the Dark Forces that seek to destroy the White Race so that it can rule over a rootless, race-less mass of slaves. Make no mistake about it - this is genocide on a vast scale. It is White Genocide!

Anyone who recognises this and stands against such evil is seen to be a 'racist' by those who deem themselves to be 'anti-racist' (Anti-Racism is Anti-White). We are 'racist' because we recognise the threat to our Folk and are the ones who will stand up against this tyranny - and against the evil regime behind it. Yet we know that within the trunk of Yggdrasil are Lif and Lifthrasir - New Life, the seeds of the rebirth of our Folk. We know that there will be a rebirth of our Folk and that justice will be done. 

We are threatened not only with the destruction of our culture and identity through mass immigration - mass invasion would be a better term - but also by the 'integration' of alien blood which will eventually destroy our gene-pool. The other threat to our survival is through violence which has been deliberately stirred against us. Coloured people have been conditioned to literally hate white people; they are conditioned to believe that we have exploited them, destroyed their culture, taken their lands and tried to destroy them. These lies have been put about by the very people responsible for doing these things - our people were mere tools in the game. No one hears about  'White Slavery' where over one million Europeans were taken slaves by Muslim Traders. No one seems to consider that whilst there was resistance against Black Slavery there were untold thousands of white women and children enslaved in the Satanic Mills of Northern England, working in horrendous conditions for long hours. The words of the State Tool, William Wilberforce, were heard above the truth stated by William Cobbett.

This vicious hate has been and will be turned against us as another arm of the destruction of our Folk. Add to this the threat of Militant Islam, brought here once more through a deliberate plan, and we have a future that is, to say the least, perilous. I have said, time and time again, that we are not against any other race, and that we believe that all races have a right to their own destiny, but when it comes to it we have to be practical and accept that we as a race are threatened with extinction, and we have to oppose anyone (including those of our own race) that attempts to carry out this deliberate White Genocide. We have to recognise that there is a hatred against white people and we have to be prepared to fight back against those who promote this race-hate towards us - the British State will not do so since it recognises racial hatred only in whites.

When a figure like John Cleese says (on YouTube) "London is no longer an English city...that's how they got the Olympics, they said 'we are the most cosmopolitan city on earth'...But it doesn't feel English...What's going on." it shows how people are beginning to awaken to the threat posed by mass invasions of outlanders who are taking over our cities. But we need to be aware of not only the threat to take over our cities but to the hidden hand that lies behind all of this. It does not matter how many shops and stores are taken up, the power still lies with the Global Bankers who hold the purse strings and who can pull the rug out at any time. It is the money-lenders that control the purse-strings and thus rule the nations of the world. And it is the concept of Marxist Communism and Left-Wing Anarchism that guides the 'Rent-a-Mob' used to crush all opposition. 'Cultural Marxism' has taken hold of the education of our children and the youth, but somewhere deep within there still has to be that spirit of revolt - somewhere. 

Religion bridges the divide between 'left' and 'right' which is a deliberate political divide. We need an English Religion that will unite the English against a common enemy, that will secure the existence of the English Folk as part of a revived Europe of the Free Nations - a European Imperium. But this English Religion must form part of a new Aryan Religion that will bring together the Elect of the Race that will at a future time recreate the Aryan Race. The Aryan Race does not exist today but it did exist in the past, and it is a blueprint for the New Race of the Future. The Aryan Race is the Race of Hope - not only for our people but for all peoples of this dying world. This world needs a new Elite Spiritual Leadership if mankind is to survive and to move into the Aquarian Age.

So how can we stand against such overwhelming odds? To confront such a mighty force one cannot stand face to face, the only answer is guerilla warfare. With a religion the same tactics will today serve to take us into this turbulent future, since history proves the fanaticism of religious intolerance, which will surely one day be directed against our Folkish Religion. This is why the WF-R works through the WF-C which is a decentralised movement which has no form of official leadership, working through localised groups (Hearths or Kindreds) which are led by a Hearth Warder/Kindred Warder - local leaders. Each group has its leader/leaders but we have no centralised structure under any form of leadership. The Folk-Warder is the 'guardian', the 'protector of the religion' and the 'watchman', all definitions of the term 'warder'. 

With a centralised leadership this can be taken out, as has been seen in certain political organisations which grow too strong for the Old Order to allow to go on, and the leaders are rounded up and imprisoned under dubious 'charges'. This cannot happen with a 'leaderless' movement since it would take far too much time to round up the leaders of all small groups. The WF-R is secured of a future in this way. 

Linked to the idea of this 'leaderless resistance' (*) must be the formation of elite groups made up of young people who combine within themselves the thinker and the warrior. I think it is time that the Old Guard stepped aside - the time for ways of the past decades needs replacing by a virile Young Movement made up of strong Young Warriors. I am 'retired' (not from this work) and have seen decades of active work in this movement, and I see now that it is time that the ideas of the English Youth were listened to. For some time I have been thinking deeply on what has been done over the last four-five decades and I see a time for change. 

Some years ago I was visited by a member of the Anti-Terrorist Squad who questioned me about various things; after speaking for around an hour with this chap he said that at least we had an ideology, ethics and ideals as compared with the 'Left-Wing Anarchists' whose only aim is to smash up and destroy everything and everyone around them. Through drink and drugs this 'Rent-a-Mob' has been set against the 'Far Right' for decades now - even if they use different names at different times. But my experience over the years has shown that there are some within the 'Far Right' who are little better, and whose only reason for attending activities is to get drunk and thus causing violence that only furthers the twisted lies of the press and media who are looking for a chance to smear those in the struggle. 

At one time the attraction of 'football hooligans' and 'street-fighters' was essential in order to protect political marches, and to fight back against the Anarchist Left and the Communists. We have always had the 'street-fighters' and history is clear on this since the British Armed Forces of the past (such as in the time of Wellington) was made up of conscripted thugs that made up the core of the fighting-force. It is these 'thugs' that saved England in dire times, so we cannot bring such people down, but such a force needs a very good leadership above it, and it is this leadership that needs to be built today. Such an Elite Force needs to be built upon a firm weltanshauung, ideology and doctrine, all of which must form the spiritual basis of the force. Such an Elite Force must be built around the ancient Germanic Mannerbunde. This is more than an army of 'soldiers' for it is a Cultic Warrior Brotherhood made up of Spiritual Warriors. 

We have to stick by the idea of the Warrior-Thinker (the cultured thug of Byron, as promoted by Jonothan Bowden) who is part of a Warrior Elite, self-trained and self-educated into the struggle. In my own day the wild youthful tactics can be seen as being valid in one sense, but today the youth of this country are different, and to a great extent have lost their 'spirit of revolt' that we had in those times. Things have changed and thus tactics need to be changed. Older people are most often stuck in their own way, but we need to see that changes have been made and adapt our struggle accordingly. Rather than having a wild bunch of 'storm-troopers' that will one day need to be stopped from going too far and destroying everything, we need an Elite Force right here and now that will grow into the mighty force of the future. 

I am fully aware that whatever we do will be twisted by the press and media, both in the hands of the Enemy, but when it comes down to it the truth always comes out in the end, so we need to ensure that what we do is honest and truthful and that we act as we should so that the public see us in the right light. This means changing ourselves so that we can show an example to the younger ones. This means building an Elite Group whose individuals build up physical strength, stamina, speed, quick-thinking and self-confidence. Self-confidence means that people like this have an aura of strength and power that can be 'felt' by others, who shy away from attacking such people unconsciously. Bullies and thugs attack the vulnerable but are cowards and will not attack the strong. 

But it needs more that individual training, since a group needs to act as one when threatened, and no-one should hold back which allows an opposition to take up the attack. This is often seen in fights where the individuals steam in and then run out again, only to find the opposition attacking them. Once a group goes in it should finish off the job -

'Wing Chun Kung Fu is a very sophisticated weapon - nothing else. It is a science of combat, the intent of which is to the total incapacitation of an opponent. It is straight-forward and deadly....'

Wong Shun Leung (1935 - 1997).

In fact this is the core of the matter, since what is needed is a disciplined force that is unruly only so far as going 'berserk' when necessary to defend ourselves, our moots, our activities and our Folk. Not a drunken mob, but a highly-disciplined force. The Jewish Community in various different places has its own disciplined defence groups (Jewish Police), and although these are (unlike ours will ever be) paid for by the state we have the right (and the duty) to protect our activities from the thugs that would seek to harm us or disrupt our work. Our work is totally legal and we have a legal right to hold our activities and to say what we have to say. When the British Law does not protect us - and it will not - then we have to take steps to protect ourselves. Because we are not attacked now does not mean that we should sit back and wait for it to happen.

Religion is the driving-force of the Jews, it is the driving-force of the Muslims, and it now needs to be the driving-force of our Folk if we are to see its survival on Earth. We see today here in England the revival of Christianity in the form of a 'Christian Crusade' against Militant Islam; there is a deliberate attempt to create another conflict between Christianity and Islam. The revival of Christianity, stemming (as does Islam) from Jewish roots, will not solve the problem at all, it is in fact part of the plan for the destruction of the White Race. It is these three Slave-Religions that have been the driving-force for the destruction of our Folk, so none of them will serve the aims of waging a Holy War against this destruction. We cannot oppose Islam without recognising the role of Christianity in undermining and weakening our Folk, and Zionism seeking world domination and the creation of a mass of race-less slaves. 

Some years ago the British State started to import cheap labour into our land on the pretext that these people were needed; yet unemployment was still rife within the English People but they were not given the jobs. Today it is China and India that are 'developing countries' and who produce the mass-produced products for the consumerist world, and yet no-one suggests that they need 'cheap labour' to do so. Then we have the latest 'refugees', fleeing (we are told) from war-torn areas - areas which have been deliberately attacked by the British-American Forces of the New World Order. But once again, it is only the white countries that these coloured people are coming to, not Asia, not Africa, not Saudi Arabia (who refused them) - it is the White Lands only. America is being flooded by coloured people from South America so they have the same growing problem. 

Yet anyone who speaks up against this is 'racist' - and in view of the true meaning of the term - fair enough! We work through a love of our own race, not the hatred of other races - not in any circumstances. Yes, a hatred of anyone within any race (including our own) who seeks our destruction, but that is not on a racial basis but an individual basis. It seems clear from some of the stuff on YouTube today that members of other races have now started to recognise the plight of the White Race, and are now standing up for our Folk. We must give thanks to these brave people and their courage in speaking out for us in these times. Indeed, rather than breeding race-hatred towards other races we would do well to give thanks to the individuals that have more courage than some of our own people. Let us save our hatred for those of all peoples who have a complicity in aiding the destruction of our Folk, and above all those who are guiding them through the Hidden Hand

Let us be clear on this - this is our land, our country, and we are fighting to take it back. We are not asking for it back, we will take it back. All animals will defend to the death their own territory, and had we still been Northern Heathens the defence of our lands would have come naturally to us. We are opposed to Zionism since it seeks to dominate the world and 'subdue it' (Genesis), but we are also opposed to Militant Islam that also seeks to dominate the world, and since some Muslims have openly said that this is 'their country' we oppose such a view since they had no hand in building this country, and have been here for decades - not thousands of years. Indeed, they were not asked to come here by the English People, they were forced upon us by the very people they are supposed to be fighting. England is named after the English - the 'Sons of Ing'. Because we oppose Zionism does not mean we support its enemies when they too seek our enslavement and destruction. We oppose all the forces that seek to take our freedom way, to take our land away from us, and to eventually destroy us. 

Judaeo-Christianity was designed to 'tame the blond beast', to soften up the people so that they had no will to resist what was coming. But there are Wolves Amongst The Sheep! This is where the archetype of The Hooded Man comes into importance, since this is the Archetypal English Hero who not only fights oppression, but also fights against the outlanders who have taken our land and freedom by force or by stealth. The parallels between our times and the times when the Normans came should not be overlooked; rather than the Normans being the problem they had the same problem as we do, for it was the money-lenders who financed William the Bastard, and as today it was the money-lenders who called the tune then. It was these people who bled the English dry in order to pay the interest on their loans. 

One of the reasons why we moved away from being associated with narrow-minded 'nationalism' and 'civic nationalism' was because it was (and is) blind to what is going on over all of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This is not just an English problem, and unless we see it as a world-wide problem for all of our Folk we will never be able to understand the true nature of our peril. These people will never understand that this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the European Folk or White Race wherever they are. Indeed, many of these people are even afraid to use the term 'White Race' but this is what we are. The Black Race is not afraid to call itself thus - not afraid to use the term 'Black', so why should we not use the term which expresses the nature of our race? We should be proud to be White! To be English means that we recognise ourselves as the descendants of Ingwe - as do some of the other Germanic Nations. 

It needs to be emphasised that we have to replace Christianity with a Folkish Religion, since Christianity is one of the causes of our problems today. The driving-force of today comes from Zionist-Christian attitudes in both Britain and the USA, these two being the dominant imperialist forces. The 'British-Israelite' movement ensured that Christianity is dominated by Zionism here in England, and in the USA the influx of the Quakers/Calvinists ensured the dominance of Christian-Zionist influence there too. This is why these two nations are today dominant in the world, and (for now maybe) the 'world army' of the New World Order. (They are also the two main banking-centres of the world today.)The arising of two 'nationalist' organisations here in England, both dedicated to the revival of Christianity, suggests that this is another means to cement the alliance 'Brit-Am'; there are also movements in Europe that are soundly Christian and these too are no doubt going to be used to further the Christian-Islam conflict. Whilst there is a definite rise in nationalism all over Europe we need to recognise which ones are true to their roots and which ones are being created and manipulated by the forces that seek to destroy us.That is why it is essential that we have a Folkish Religion that will grow large enough for people to take notice and to break free of the Judaeo-Christian yoke once and for all. 

This is not the time to sit back and wait for something to happen, because if we do nothing will happen. We have to make it happen, and to do so we have to become fanatical about this, and above all we have to change ourselves in order to create a new and vital resistance to this oppressive regime and to the forces that seek our destruction as a people. What we can do as a religious movement is to create change in ourselves so that others will follow and will be attracted towards our Folk-Religion. And we need more and more people willing to get out and to do something positive towards our aims. 

We stand alone - every part of this rotten, corrupt, degenerate, vile society is against us, and the police and the law is today used to crush any opposition to this regime. Everything is in the hands of our enemy, every part of life has been corrupted beyond belief. And yet, out there are so many people who are seeing that there is something wrong, that this is not how things should be, and deep down this is not how they want things to be. It is to these people that we have to look, it is these people that we have to sent our message to, it is these people who will tomorrow make a snowball into an avalanche! 

We should not be dejected about these times, nor wallow in self-pity for the state of affairs; we should be proud to live in these dark times, at the end of the Dark Age, because we have been chosen to lead the Last Battle upon Middle-Earth at the coming of Ragnarok, when the Bifrost Bridge breaks and the Hordes of Darkness cross into the Land of the Gods. We are fighting for the Man to Come and this has to be the driving-force for our struggle and our work. This is a Holy War not only for the survival of our Folk but also for the creation of a new Race of Man - the Aryan Race. Only through struggle can evolution take place, and only through this struggle can the new Race of Man appear upon Earth.

(*) 'Leaderless Resistance' - this term is not strictly right in the sense that we need to convey what this structure really is, since each group will naturally have a 'leader'. This is now a well-known term so I have used it here, but it refers to no central leadership, although even that needs people to guide it on the right path - an Inner Order. The easiest way to destroy a movement is by infiltration and destruction from within, and this cannot be done unless there is a central leadership; this also applies to rounding up the leaders and putting them in prison for their 'crimes' (i.e. made-up 'crimes' which has to be done to make their moves look legal - which they are not, it is they who are the criminals). This structure is best suited for the use in such times as the use of guerilla warfare.

(**) There is a vast difference between violence that brings chaos and destruction and violence that is designed to bring order from that chaos. We cannot but fight violence with violence since a bully will never back off whilst the victim does not strike back. 


  1. regarding your comments on slavery- its always overlooked, but the very word slave comes from Slav - the white peoples of Eastern Europe. So many Slavs were taken by the Byzantium Empire that the word Slav became synonymous with slave.

  2. Wise words and a powerful message that needs to be heard throughout this land.