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Age of Heroes

For many years I have pursued the idea of the Coming Man - Wid-Ar the Avenger, HelgiH or The Hooded Man. This has become the object of my life's work and something deep and powerful has driven me on throughout this time - some Inner Force that I cannot explain. With the knowledge that there will arise a new Folk-Leader and Folk-Fuhrer sometime soon I would like to emphasise that we should not sit back and wait for this to happen, for it will only happen if we will it to happen and make it happen. But I would also like to go into another side of this, and that is that it is not only a single individual Divine Hero who will appear as a Folk-Leader, but more and more heroes of our Folk, willing to fight and to die for this great cause - the Sacred Blood Struggle. 

All around us we can see the destruction of our world, the destruction of the 'West'. Remember the great speech given by Aragorn before the Gates of Mordor, when he mentioned that this was not the end of the West? Well, it was not, because this happened at the end of the Third Age, and we today are at the end of the Fourth Age, when it clearly is the end of the West. This is the end of what we call 'Western Civilisation' and such an ending will come through disorder and chaos - the world will be plunged into the Primordial Chaos. Lord of the Rings was archetypal myth, that which is timeless and played out in the past-present-future, and not just at one point of time. The world is today being plunged into anarchy.

This state of affairs should not matter to those who have already prepared their minds for what has come about; anarchy and chaos should be welcomed since this is not in itself an end, but is a particular phase in this archetypal myth. Only through a state of anarchy and chaos can arise The Man To Come. Only through a state of anarchy and chaos can arise the Age of Heroes. This civilisation must fall! A state of barbarism will arise as it does so, and we must become barbarians again in the image of Conan the Barbarian. What is happening is a 'trial by fire' and this will sort the 'wheat from the chaff'. 

We can understand the unfolding events of Europe through a look at a Celtic source related to a figure called Mabon. Mabon is a servant of Sovereign, the Goddess of the Land. He is the 'Long-Awaited One' and the Divine Child of the Dawn'. His mother is Modron who enables his birth into physical form through lying with a mortal man - he is thus a Divine Hero. He appears at a time of crisis, and his role is to bring order out of chaos, to bring truth and justice once more to a dying world. All of the forces of the Old Order are arrayed against him, because they know that their time is up. The title 'Mabon' means 'Son' and his archetype is the Archetype of Ingwe. 

Just as all the forces of the Old Order are arrayed against Mabon, so they are against us today. We accept this, indeed we welcome this because it makes us see the need to stand firm against overwhelming odds. It means that only the strong and brave will come through these trials - the Survival of the Fittest. The enemies of Mabon always try to imprison or sacrifice him because he is incorruptible, pure and bears the truth within him; yet he cannot be overcome unless he gives himself into the hands of his enemies. Mabon is our own Ingwe, but more, for he represents the Divine Hero in all his manifestations, the Heroes of our Folk who arise today to continue the Great Struggle. 

The Lord of the Rings came at the turn of the new millennium as a herald of what was coming; we can see in this the recurring of the archetypal myth of the Final Battle. Indeed, in the Orcs we see the Forces of Chaos, in fact we can see elements of this in the Red Mob that is today employed against anyone who opposes the Old Order. There are not only Orcs but also races of men, what we today refer to as the White Traitors who have betrayed their Folk, their Gods and their own Ancestors. The hatred of the Orcs is reflected in the hatred of the Red Mob - a seething hatred against anyone who is decent and right. The hatred of the underdog and the low-life. A seething hatred against anything that is noble and truthful - and anything that is White

This is a war between the Forces of Globalism and the Forces of Nationalism; only a new form of Tribalism leading to new Folk-Nations will counter the Global Forces that are on the brink of achieving their aim of creating a World Government and World State. This is perhaps the best way to view things, since it is simplistic and draws the lines between the two opposing forces today. Many of the 'Left-Wing Anarchists' are supposed to be against 'Globalism' but in reality they oppose 'Global Capitalism' but support 'Global Socialism' or 'Global Communism' which is the 'left-arm' of the New World Order. In reality they actually support globalism through their support of one of its arms. This also applies to Global Capitalists who 'oppose' Global Socialism, for they too support one arm of Globalism. 

Nationalism, by definition, opposes any form of Globalism, and supports the idea of Free Nations rather than a One World Order, or indeed any form of centralised power in the hands of an alien force, an example being the European Union. It is a fact that these forces blunder aimlessly from error to error, causing chaos and disorder whenever they act; it is also a fact that whenever they cause such chaos and disorder they use it as yet another excuse to further their aim of more and more centralisation. Their aim from the very start was to create a European State in their hands; the policies of the European Union have created the 'refugee crisis' and their next move is to use this as an excuse to bring the European Nations further together in a European State. 

As Folkish Wodenists we support the idea of a Folk-Nation, even though at this time we see only the decay and death of the English Nation. As I have shown before this is merely a phase in the historical unfolding of an Archetypal Myth, and thus not an end in itself. Everything has to dissolve into the Primordial Chaos in order for a New Creation to take place. This is all part of the process outlined by Guido von List - Arising - Being - Passing Away to New Arising. This is the cyclic process that we see unfolding today. Put another way this is Birth-Life-Decay/Death- to Rebirth. This is the cyclic nature of the world as we see it. What must arise from the ashes of the fall of the Global World Order is a new form of tribalism and barbarianism, since whenever an empire collapses it breaks into the smallest parts - this happened with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This did not break up into the nations that made it up, but into the original smaller nations that existed prior to the creation of the 'false nations' with false borders enclosing different peoples. 

We have shown before the symbolism of the Swan-Ship or Sun-Ship that rides upon the Waters of Chaos, within which is either a Sunwheel or a 'Seed', representing a New Order of Creation (The Sun) or the 'Seeds of Rebirth and Recreation'. This represents the archetypal myth which is best known as 'Noah's Ark', where the 'seeds of rebirth' are represented by the animals that are gathered into the 'Ark'. The Waters of Chaos represent the dissolution of a world-age and a regression into the Primordial Chaos, out of which arises a New Order and a New Man - a New Creation. The times we live in today are thus a time of hope, since we know that we shall win through in the end, though today we face the fierce hate of a Dying Order and overwhelming odds. But, as I said, we cannot face this head-on, since only a fool would face an army of 88 against an army of 88,000. 

I have shown this Mayan Stela many,many times, but it is useful to show what I mean here. In this the Serpent-Ship sails upon the Waters of Chaos, but inside is the figure of the Aryan Thunder God (Thunor-Thor), wielding twin-hammers, which represent Mjollnir - the 'Crusher' or 'Grinder'. We need to understand that this name is not arbitrary, it has a clear meaning - it represents the 'grinding' in the 'mill', the destruction of everything which returns to the Primordial Chaos in order to be reformed into a New Creation. The Hammer of Thunor is the Hammer of Destruction, but it is also the Hammer of Creation and symbolises a New Creation. The symbol of the World Mill is another version of this same symbolic act. The 'grains' that are 'milled' are then made into a New Creation, just as bread is made from grains of wheat - a new product emerges from the destruction of the base-material. In the bottom of the boat is a White Stone, which is 'discovered' at the end of a world-age, and represents the New Creation. This is the 'stone' that symbolises the rebuilding of a New Order, and it is carried upon the Waters of Chaos. 

The Jaws of Fenris will swallow Woden as part of this archetypal myth; it is Wid-Ar who rips open the Wolf's Jaws, allowing the Spirit of Woden to escape, and thus be 'resurrected' as his son, Wid-Ar. This is extremely symbolic since it tells us that the 'old' must give way to the 'young' - the old wise wizard Woden has had his day, and he is 'resurrected' in the young Warrior-Hero, Wid-Ar. Like the Fenris Wolf the Forces of Chaos and Disorder are threatening to overwhelm Europe and the Western World. Wid-Ar represents a renewal - a New Creation and a New Man. This is the New Man of the Age of Heroes.

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