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The Black Sun Crop Circles

The above crop-formation was the first of two similar circles which have appeared in Wiltshire, Southwest England. As we can see there are twelve 'rays' which move towards the central wheel and which are all Sig-Runes shown the normal way round. The Sig-Runes differ from each other in that the inner part is not the same for each one. Seven of these sections appear to be the same (the long ones), three are smaller, and two are smaller still. This would seem to be a variation of the Black Sun.
The above appeared on August 8th 2015 at Ox Drove, Bowerchalke in Wiltshire, and is much nearer to the Black Sun of the Wewelsburg Order Castle. However, there are differences which must have an importance. Here I am going to try to analyse these symbols. For the purpose of doing so we shall see the inmost circle as the Inner Sun, with three rings through which the Sig-Runes radiate - the Inner Ring, Second Ring and Outer Ring.
The 8th August 2015 can be seen as the 8th of the 8th (88) to which we can add the sum of the digits in 2015 - 8; this gives us the Mystical Number 88 but also the Mystical Number 888. The number 888 in Greek Gematria seems to refer to 'The Krist'.
There are 12 Sig-Runes but in this case they are shown as the reverse of the rune, suggesting an inward movement of the 'rays', i.e. implosive. This is exactly as the first version seems to show.
However, only 4 of the Sig-Runes go past the Second Ring, reaching the Outer Ring (8 go only as far as the Second Ring). These connect to the 4 wider sections in which are 4 smaller circles (4 + 4 = 8).

Looking at the symbolism using enhanced concentration the 'legs' appear to move anti-clockwise (widdershins) and since the 12 Sig-Runes are made up of three counter-clockwise Swastikas this is the 'Swastika of the Return' (return to Thule-Hyperborea).
The Outer Ring is broken into 8 sections by the 'balls' and the extended runes; again we encounter the Mystical Number 8 - the Symbol of Infinity.
The 4 'balls' or 'circles' on the Second Ring make a square; but if the whole thing was twisted round this would be a Germanic Ing-Rune. But the 'balls', in the position they lay, seem to suggest that the whole inner area 'revolves' inside the Outer Ring. This is further emphasised by the extensions on the 4 Sig-Runes, which do not follow the rune-shape but seem to be 'offset' or to 'refract' within the Second and Outer Ring.
Whereas the Wewelsburg Black Sun suggests that it is static, this one suggests a widdershins movement towards the origins.
The Wewelsburg Black Sun was based upon the Mystical Number 12 which is linked to many things -
  • Each day has 24 hours, made up of two 12-hour parts.
  • There are 12 months in a year.
  • The 'Twelve Tribes'.
  • The 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • Robin Hood and his 12 Merry Men.

But this version at Ox Drove introduces the Mystical Number 8 (Infinity-Eternity, i.e. outside the Cycles of Time), the Mystical Number 88 (The Avatar), and the Mystical Number 888 (The White Krist). It also introduces the idea of movement in a widdershins direction, added to the movement towards the centre (implosion). It is interesting to note that Nigel Pennick shows that in Greek Gematria the name 'Jesus' adds to 888, and that Nike ('Victory') adds to 88!

Focussing and un-focussing the eyes allows the 'spaces' within the symbol to come into being, in the process producing what seems to be a Hidden Spiral, moving towards the central circle. Here we need to consider that the Mystical Number 12 is almost always seen within the Formula 12 + 1 as in King Arthur and his Twelve Knights of the Round Table, Robin Hood and his Twelve Merry Men, Jesus Christ and his Twelve Disciples etc. (*). We can see in the Black Sun Crop-Circle the idea of the central point (1) plus the Twelve 'Rays', and also perhaps the central point (1) and the Mystical Number 8 (8 + 1 = 9). Here the Mystical Number 9 opposes the Number 6 associated with the six-pointed Star of Zion, itself linked to Saturn (Satan) who is a transmutation of the ancient God of the Golden Age.
If the Inner Circle is the Black Sun (Central Sun) then this stands atop the Midnight Mountain (Sacred Mountain - Me-Ru); from this runs the Four Great Rivers (the extended Sig-Runes); around the outer edge is the Circular Ocean (which is why the rays 'refract'); the Outer Ring is the Circular White Mountain Range that encloses the whole.
Hidden within the 12 Sig-Runes, emanating from the Central Sun (Black Sun), is the Sign of the Holy Fehm (Vehm). This is the Secret Tribunal that judges, passes sentence, and carries out the sentence in accord with Sacred Laws (in accord with the 'God of the Hanged'). This is the Triple Swastika symbolising the Laws of the Three Norns - the Law of the Rita.
(This is the reverse of the symbolism on the Black Sun crop-circle)

Miguel Serrano sees the Black Sun as illuminating the Inner Earth, i.e. within a different dimension or world, ruled by other laws or no laws. Is this symbol a message from the Inner Earth? Indeed, is this a message telling us of the imminent appearance of the Last Avatar? It has to be significant that this symbol appeared here in England in the area of the West Saxons, indeed in the area where lies the ancient Capital of England - Winchester. What is also significant is that Miguel Serrano mentions a new rune, the Venuris Rune - which is an 8-pointed star symbolic of Venus. The emphasis upon the Mystical Number 8 in the crop-circle is thus linked to the new rune.

There is also an interesting link between the Mystical Number 8 and the legends surrounding Frederick the Second and his Castel del Monte. This castle was built around two octagons (8-sided figure) within which are 8 trapezoid rooms (8-8-8). This was the Castle of the Master of the World - a significant title that should be meditated upon. At this castle the Emperor presided over a kind of 'Round Table' of heroic knights, including the Teutonic Knights and the Knights Templar, this becoming known as the 'Secret Pact'. The root oct is related to the idea of 'seeing'. (**)
We see here the 'map' of Hyperborea showing the Sacred Mountain at the centre and the Four Great Rivers running outwards into the Circular Ocean. The symbolism is hidden in this latest version of the Black Sun. Note also the four 'circles' which appear as a square in the four corners, just as the four circles of the crop-circle. The Black Sun symbolism in the crop-circle is thus the Black Sun that illuminates Hyperborea. The crop-circle is arranged as three concentric rings, does not this remind us of Plato's description of Atlantis? Is it not then true to say that Plato's description was as much symbolic as factual, and that this symbolism is of Eternal Atlantis or Eternal Hyperborea, and that this symbolism recurs over and over within the Eternal Return? This suggests the manifestation of Hyperborea and the Golden Age of Perfection.
The above is from an alchemical work called Splendor Solis and is called the 'Rising of the Black Sun'. We can see the symbolism clearly since in the foreground we see death in the form of a couple of dead trees, yet in the background there is life or New Life forming. The Black Sun is seen emerging from the Earth, giving off Golden Rays of Light (Golden Age). But what is most significant is that it seems in this work the Black Sun is not associated with the Nigredo (Black) of alchemy, but with the last stage, Rubedo (Red), which is the Red Vajra of Resurrection according to Miguel Serrano. We can thus see the Black Sun as not only the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and the 'Dissolution', but also a symbol of the 'Resurrection'.
This 'Jain Swastika' appeared here in England in 2016; note the four circles or 'dots' once again! There seems here to be a pattern in which the earlier circles were of many different cultures (but maybe the same roots?) and we are now seeing a subtle change where Indo-European Symbols are arising amidst the others. Also note the circle around this symbol. These messages appear all over the world, but are mainly centred here in England - this has to be significant. The main area is also around Wessex, the ancient heartland of the West Saxons whose banner was the Golden Dragon of Germania.
The appearance of these symbols prove beyond doubt that the Esoteric War is directed by the Hidden Masters from a parallel world - the Inner Earth. From this Inner Earth emanates the Will of the Masters (Gods) who direct and guide the Aryan Initiates on this Earth. As I have stated before, I have been a witness to a very similar type of occurrence to that of the formation of a crop-circle, when I witnessed a kind of 'vortex-wind' that flattened grass near to an old stone circle in Gwynedd, North Wales, not far from a larger stone circle called 'Druid's Circle'. The power behind this 'vortex-wind' seemed to be intelligent and I could 'feel' its presence as it happened.
What we have in this Black Sun crop-circle is a symbol of the most ancient Hyperborea, but also connected to the later At-al-land in the North-west. Indeed, it fits the description of Plato's Atlantis too, which may have been a description of At-al-land - the 'Atland' of the Oera Linda Book and of Spanuth. It is a symbol of resurrection and thus may be connected to the idea of the Rising of At-al-land, or even to the resurrection of the Avatar. The latter is actually hinted at through the numerical sequences centred around the Mystical Number 88 and the Mystical Number 888. Below is a Runic Talisman with the meaning of the Resurrection of the Spirit 88; it is perhaps now time to reveal its inner meaning -
  • At the bottom is a Germanic Ing-Rune within which are two Wyn-Runes placed back-to-back. Wyn is the 8th Rune and thus we have the Mystical Number 88.
  • The two Wyn-Runes each have three staves, these represent 'Spirit' and the 'Spiritual Realms'.
  • The central glyph is the Ur-glyphic Irminsul, which represents the Cosmic Axis/Sacred Centre; it is also symbolic of regeneration and 'resurrection'.
  • The top symbolism is that of a Peorth-Rune turned onto its back; this is the Sun-Ship or Swan-Ship that floats upon the Ocean of Chaos at the dissolution of the worlds. It is also perhaps the Wafeln of Miguel Serrano. (This is why such Aryan Heroes as Scef and Beowulf appear from over the 'seas'.) The rune is the 'Birth-Rune' being a Beorc-Rune opened up. It represents the Resurrection of the Avatar' or 'Resurrection of the Hero'.
  • Inside the Peorth-Rune are again two Wyn-Runes (88) but this time each one has four staves representing materialisation and manifestation into matter (4 = matter).
  • The whole thing represents the 'Resurrection of the Avatar'. 

The above shows the same type of Magical Talisman but is clearer to see and shows the Irminsul as it is usually drawn. This design was done by German Rune-Magicians some years ago and was passed to me through an Odinic Rune Magician in the South of England. Another Odinic Magician, based in the Scottish Highlands, was given a walking-staff carved with the design, from which the above came from. These two talismans are in fact carved into pieces of oak barrel from an ancient (heathen) festival held in the Scottish Highlands - the Burning of the Clavvie.
Another link to the coming Avatar is contained in yet another numerical sequence contained within the complex structure of the formation. There are 12 Sig-Runes, each made up of 3 sections (12 x 3 = 36); add this to the Number 8 and we get 44, half of 88. But 44 itself is a Mystical Number of Importance, since David Lane (Wodensson) mentions in his works that there are 44 letters in the first verse of the 'Bible' (Old Testament) and 44 letters in the last verse (New Testament), adding up to 88. 'Jesus Christ' (or rather the White Krist of Revelation is referred to as 'The First and the Last' and 'The Beginning and the End', as well as the 'offspring of the Morning Star (Venus - see the piece on Quetzalcoatl).
The Black Sun crop-circle seems to be so complex in its form and meaning that it hardly seems likely that it has been done by human hands; indeed, it seems to have kicked up such a stir that people were stopped from going onto the fields to see it at the time. It would also seem that when the crop-circle appeared a comment posted about a picture of the formation on Facebook asked for it to be removed and censored - so afraid are our enemies of what is coming! The area around Wiltshire has seen more crop-formations than anywhere else in the world, and it is also an area full of famous ancient sites -
  • Stonehenge,
  • Avebury Stone Circle,
  • Silbury Hill,
  • Uffington White Horse,
  • Wayland's Smithy,
  • Barbury Castle,
  • As well as numerous other ancient sites, too many to mention.
It would seem obvious that the area around Wiltshire was at one time one of the most sacred sites in these islands; we may conjecture that this applied way back at the time of At-al-land. Every one of these sites has English names even though every one has been associated with a 'Celtic' past. (Note: some of these are in Oxfordshire but this is due to a political border change and were originally in Wiltshire.)
Looking through some of the stuff written about this crop-circle I found one which mentioned Quetzalcoatl which was designed to brush off the 'Nazi' connection of the Black Sun. Unfortunately for the writer it did no such thing and emphasised further links to the Mystical Number 88, as well as bringing the planet Venus into the equation - Quetzalcoatl having links to Venus. In fact Quetzalcoatl was another of the archetypes based upon 'He Who Returns'! He was the Feathered Serpent and one of the White Gods of the Americas who was prophesied to return after he left. Indeed, the Spanish Cortes was taken to be the return of the 'White God'.
Another post on the subject investigated a link to 17th August which some see as a significant year; here I will show what this can mean to some -
  • August 17th was said by some sources to be linked to the appearance of Kalki Avatar.
  • August 17th was the date of the death of Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison. I have it on the authority of a late Odinist Magician here in England that he was told by two different sources from Germany that both had clear visions of the Wewelsburg Black Sun at the precise time of Hess's death!
Yet another post on a different site mentioned a dream of mountain within an ocean, topped by an eclipsed sun (Black Sun) and a 'lighthouse' that illuminated the scene. This dream is very significant in that it shows an archetypal picture of the Sacred Mountain (Midnight Mountain) topped by the Black Sun; the Sacred Mountain being within a mass of water. (I have to add that the site was not sympathetic towards National Socialism but was clearly open-minded on this subject.) The dream was in 2012! (In regard to this it would seem that the Sun actually moved into the 'Dark Rift' of the Milky Way around this time.)
Finally, on the same day, 15th August 2015 (888), there also appeared a 'dove' formation at a place called Hampton Lucy in Warwickshire. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasised since the name 'dove' stems from 'diver' (some still say 'dove' rather than 'dived') and has been an old symbol of the coming of an Avatar! This links directly to the 'Spirit 88' and the numerology of the formation.
To sum up, this formation of 8th of the 8th 2015 seems to 'update' the original symbol in the North Tower of the Wewelsburg Order Castle, and in doing so hint at the coming 'resurrection' of the Avatar (and Aryan Leader) who appears riding a White Horse and carrying a Flaming Sword (comet?). This is reinforced by the 'dove' found in another crop-formation on the same date. 2012 was an important date since this was based upon symbolism of the Black Sun when our Sun entered the 'Dark Rift' (womb?) of the Milky Way.
Miguel Serrano sees the Black Sun as an ancient Sun that illuminates the Inner Earth and may represent Baldaeg in the Underworld, the Ancient Aryan Sun-God slain by the wiles of Loki. The Hyperborean Blood is the Igneous Fire of the Black Sun that runs in the Blood of the Aryan Folk - Blavatsky's 'Race of Hope'. This is associated with the Sang Real ('Blood Royal') or San Greal ('Holy Grail'), since the Quest for the Holy Grail is a quest for the 'Blood Memory of the Black Sun'.
 (*) In the 12 + 1 idea this numerical value is returned to its original when we see that within the group is 'The Betrayer' - the 'Judas' who represents those who who receive the 'Thirty Pieces of Silver' for betraying their leader. In a sense this represents the White Traitors who betray their own kind, but it can also represent Loki the Joten who is the 'Enemy Within'.
(**) The post about the crop-circle mentioned earlier sees this as the Dark Eye of the Soul and when we consider the root of oct and thus eight the numbers used in the formation are certainly significant.
There is one last and indeed important point that I would like to share now with you. A recent comment on 'The Mysteries of Ingwe' provoked a short discussion between myself and the author in which it was hinted that the Black Sun could also represent the Great Void in the area of Bootes - the 'Ox-Driver'. On seeing this at the same time as researching this post I cannot but consider this idea as maybe having some importance, since the Black Sun crop-circle appeared at Ox Drove.
Just as I thought that I had finished this post I had a conversation with one of my sons and some more stuff came up. Just a thought here. The Black Sun crop-circle had appeared 3 years after the 2012 'Black Sun' and in seeing this as showing movement it occurred to me that the Black Hole (such as at the centre of the Milky Way) can be dormant for many years and also show signs of becoming active again, i.e. showing a movement of energy. Is this perhaps what we are seeing now? I have shown how Bootes is associated with Ingwe and with England, and this may suggest some form of energy-transfer at this time that will awaken the At-al-land Archetype and the Coming of The Hooded Man.
Going back to the comments made on this blog it has been suggested that Bootes is here the Edel-Rune (The Hooded Man). I can go with this since The Hooded Man is also Ingwe, or at least the archetype has the same essence. It is also associated with Woden (who, like Vishnu may be the basis of each different Avatar) since he is the Driver of the Waen (Big Dipper here). This is all in the North-West, the area of At-al-land.
"The next Buddha will come from the West and from the North and will be the Kalki Avatar of the Hindus, or Kundalini-Avatar who will wear on his finger the metal ring of Genghis Khan (***)...His coming will mark the return of the Golden Age, and will precede the advent of the Radiant Ones...It will be the end of the Kali-Yuga, the casting out of the Joten and the cacodaemons from the governmental centres of the Earth..."
Robert Charroux.
(***) The ring of Genghis Khan was said to have been a Swastika Ring.


1. After further thoughts on this the idea of the Black Sun starting to send out new waves of energy (from either the Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way, or the Great Void of Bootes, which would 'energise' the Black Sun at the centre of the Inner Earth) the thought of the Prophecy 88 came into my mind -

"When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is bathed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness."

88 words given to me on November 9th 2014. Here we have the energy of the Black Sun melting the 'Ice of the Darkest of Night', and thus awakening the 'Sleeping Goddess' (Idunn - here the Guardian Goddess of the English and of the Land of England).

2. In a previous post about the Hale-Bopp Comet and At-al-land I mentioned that the 33 runes which were passed to me from a fellow Folkish Wodenist may have been the Lost Runes of At-al-land. Looking back at this post in line with what I am saying here there may be something in this. Two Roman historians mention that the earliest shape of England was an 'elongated diamond', i.e. an Ing-Rune. There are no less than 11 of this type of Ing-Rune in this rune-row, and as I stated before the Edel-Rune (AEthel-Rune here) is a Diamond-Ing Rune with an arrow pointing downwards, thus suggesting the sinking of At-al-land. This 'arrow' also appears on 11 runes too. 11 is a multiple of 33 of course.

3. It should also be noted that the Atland or Oldand of the Oera Linda Book is the land occupied by the Frisians or 'Folk of Frya'. We would call these the 'Folk of Freya', but the name 'Frisian' could just as well be 'Folk of Frey', and thus the 'Folk of Ingwe'. The Frisians are close kin to the English, and the 33 runes are the Anglo-Frisian Rune-Row (which brings into doubt the 'running script' of the Oera Linda Book which itself appears to be based upon the Roman Alphabet).

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