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Blood & Soil

The European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the World Wildlife Trust - I could go on and on with the numerous 'world' organisations that form the basis of 'globalism'. The fundamental problem with globalism is that it puts a wedge between Man and Nature. At first this may not be obvious, but those who promote globalism have no identity, but more, they have no link to the soil and to the earth. The folk-nation is rooted in the concept of Blood and Soil, of the mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. The people behind globalism have no ties of nation, and thus no ties to the land occupied by a nation. 

There is a hidden global elite who wish to break down all boundaries, all nations, all states, and recreate the world as a 'World State' which, rather obvious from what is happening today, will be a World State ruled by tyranny and violent oppression of all freedom. In order to do this, to create a slave-state, all barriers of boundaries, race and gender have to be broken down, cast aside, in favour of a race-less, root-less mass of slaves, ruled over by an 'elite' who have no ties whatever with the land, no ties between Blood and Soil. 

Boundaries are the most natural thing on earth; every animal clearly marks its boundaries, its territory, which is then defended by every means possible. Only our people have forgotten this fundamental Law of Nature. The wolf urinates (like its ancestor, the dog) on various markers around its territory, to mark it so that outlanders do not encroach. That territory is somewhat sacred and must be defended by the group as a whole. This was true of mankind, and wars were fought over territory and the acquisition of territory for the expansion of a people. This is natural. Wars became unnatural with the creation of the three slave-religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, when religion took the key role in causing violence, oppression and wars. The ancient heathen religions were not the cause of wars since each group, tribe, clan, nation had its own particular version of the Ancient Tradition or Ur-Religion. There was no need for conflict since these tribal religions were never forced upon others, never 'preached' to others. Religion does not cause wars, it is the three slave-religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that have caused wars. 

The Edel-Rune is seen as the rune of 'Blood & Soil' and is the 'Gift of Ing' in the sense that it means 'inherited nature' (Blood) and 'ancestral property' (Land). The Ing-Rune is also the Rune of the Blood, that which is passed on as the Blood-Memory. The Germanic Ing-Rune is an 'enclosure' or piece of land, the 'Folkland'; This is indeed a 'gift' since it should be passed down from generation to generation in order to maintain some form of material possessions for the tribe. This is found in the Gifu-Rune which also makes up the Edel-Rune symbolism. The Edel-Rune clearly defines the link between the Blood of the Folk-Nation and the Soil of the Folk-Nation. 

This is why 'nationalism' can never be wrong, since each 'nation' must have a firm link between themselves and the land they occupy. Of course, over hundreds of years lands change hands, but it still remains a fact that each parcel of land is occupied by a tribe/nation, and that this grouping has a firm link between themselves (their blood) and the soil on which they live and work. This can never be true of the 'internationalist', that which became 'globalist' when the nation-state was deemed on the brink of destruction. 

We can define ourselves as 'European' since we are part of the 'European Race'; but here we start to become part of a much larger grouping, and it is when we move towards 'bigness' that things start to go wrong. Everything within our society today has got bigger and bigger, and in the process become a worse and worse nightmare. Yes, we are Europeans, and we have to work with other nations of Europe, peoples of Europe, but we still need to define ourselves as a 'nation' a small group within the larger group. That is why we define ourselves as being 'English', because that is the group within the whole, the nation within Europa, and Europa within the Race or Folk. 

We need some form of European Imperium but in the process the 'parts' of the whole cannot be dispensed with; the 'nations' and the 'tribes' must form a part of the whole. The evil of globalism should have awakened us to the fact that when things get bigger and bigger, more and more centralised, they get worse, and worse, and worse...A Europe of the Nations would seem to be the best form of counter to the global tyranny. Each part, the nation, the tribe, the folk-community, should be as self-reliant and self-sufficient as possible, but with the knowledge that a bigger, stronger, entity encompasses the parts of that entity. 

We hear the cry of the cuckoo in the spring; this bird does not make its nest, does not work and toil to create a home for its offspring. It is a kind of parasite that uses other bird's toil for its purpose. It is not alone in this world; those who have no link between a Folk and the Soil are inevitably parasites who live off the toil of others. Those without an identity cannot link with anything natural, cannot create that bond between the Blood and the Soil. The rat feeds off the waste products of man, it is a parasitical animal that lives in squalor and filth. Its name means 'to leave the falling house', because when it has done its dirty-work and destroyed its host, it moves on to another host! This is a secret of the Rad-Rune in its negative side. 

The root-sounds AD-ED-ID-OD-UD which form the basis of the Edel-Rune all mean 'noble'. The Greco-Roman term for our people is the 'gentile', a word rooted in *gen- which means 'clan' or 'tribe'. The 'gentile' is the one who belongs to a group, a clan, a tribe, a nation. This is the same as 'kin', and the secrets are held within the Ken-Rune. It should be noted that 'kin' (blood-ties), 'king' (of the kin) and 'kind (Nature) are all linked as one within the wholeness, all parts of the heildom. The 'Gentiles' are the 'Nations', the ones who form the mystical link between their Blood and the Soil they dwell on and work. The Folk-Nation sets us apart from the Globalists, and infers a people and a land, not just a people with no land and no ties. 

I have stated before that the 'Aryan Race' does not exist as such since the Arya is the 'twice-born', the 'initiate', those who have undergone the Sun-Initiation. This is certainly not true of most today; where the 'Aryan Race' existed it did so as a 'Master-Race', a ruling caste over others, a rule claimed by the right of conquest. Since we are all today, to some degree, in the throes of thraldom by the Global Elite, we can hardly claim to be 'supreme', nor can we claim the right to be called that which our ancestors were called. What we can claim is the right to become that which once we were again, to become the Sonnenmensch, to become the Divine Hero once more, to become the Arya in its true meaning.

The word 'Arya' stems from the Aryan Root * ar- which means 'movement', i.e. 'energy' and also 'the Sun'; it also means 'to plough' and links our Folk to the Soil which is worked. The backbone of the Germanic Folk was the yeoman-peasant caste. The name 'Aryan' means 'Sun-Generator', i.e. the people having the creative force of Light and Life. When the Arya conquered a new land they injected The Aryan Light into that land; the land itself was made holy, was made sacred. 

When people have no loyalty to a nation they have no loyalty to the land of that nation, and the land becomes a 'commodity' to be bought and sold for profit. The classic example is Mayer Amschel Rothschild who had no loyalty to any nation, nor to its lands, but sent his sons to different nations in order to exploit them, to cream the wealth from these nations, and in doing so to gain power over these nations, and thence to gain power worldwide. When there is no link between the Blood of a people and the Land on which it lives, the that land is ripe for becoming a mere tool for profit and gain, for greed. 

There may be a time when all hell lets loose and we are forced into moving away from our lands and creating a new nation from what is left of our Folk, but that time is not now. Narrow-minded nationalism, unfortunately the greater part of 'Englisc Nationalism', will only serve the interests of the Global Elite, since forcing nation against nation is all part of the plan. Nationalism has to be social, i.e. socialism in the true sense of the term, since the social needs of a people are paramount. 

I do not involve myself in politics, since I have seen so many years of futile attempts to create a political movement that would stand against the Global Powers and would regenerate the English Folk. I would like you to heed the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian dissident -

"You only have power over people so long as they don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything he's no longer in your power - he's free again."

The Global Elite created a financial crisis in Germany that should have been the key to a Communist Revolution, but proved otherwise in that it brought to power a movement that challenged the might of this Global Elite, and created a financial system (*) that robbed the Global Bankers of their profits. Recent debates by the people who today rule the roost show that they will not make the same mistake again - so we cannot expect the 'financial breakdown' foreseen by the 'conspiracy buffs'. For those who do not see this I quote from Solzhenitsyn again, and he knew because he suffered under the evil regime that took control of Russia -

"Communism was not created by the masses to overthrow the bankers, Communism was created by the bankers to overthrow and enslave the masses."

I would put this rather differently -

"Communism was not created by the masses to overthrow the bankers, it was created by the bankers to overthrow the Germanic rulers of the masses, and thus to enslave the masses under the far more tyrannous rule of a Global Elite, thus paving the way for a World Government in the hands of the Forces of Darkness and Matter."

As seen in Greece, a financial crisis will allow a nationalist movement to gain enormous power in times when this is far more difficult. Offsetting this crisis by bailing out the nation, together with brutal force against this growing opposition, will slow the process down somewhat. Politics is not, at this time, enough to move the people against their oppressors. The key factor in the power of Zionism and of the growing power of Islamic Militancy is religion, the forces that bind, and the force that rises above petty politics, money, and the 'left-right' divide used to divide and conquer us. It is the lack of a unifying religion that holds back the struggle against these Dark Forces.

This struggle is not political, it is an Eternal Struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter, the forces that seek to halt the evolutionary drive of Man - Aryan Man. Against the Joten, the 'Eaters of the Souls', the forces that seek to drag everything back into the Primal Chaos. This is a War of the Gods and the Joten! A War of the Gods against the Demons, against the Monsters of Chaos, spawned by the 'Evil Brood' mentioned in The Hooded Man Prophecy. This war cannot be fought today on just a material level, it has to become a Spiritual War and a Spiritual Revolution. It is a war for Blood, and a war for Soil.

The Edel - 'inherited property'. According to Germanic custom, upheld by the Anglo-Saxons, the land was the property of the tribe, and pieces were given to members of the tribe under the sole condition they remained within the tribe and were worked for the benefit of the tribe - not sold off for profit obviously! The land was 'inherited' by being passed to the next generation, and so on. This, of course, was a stumbling-block to the complete control of our people, so ways were devised to change this. 

The mortgage - 'mort' means 'dead' and 'gage' means 'pledge, a 'dead pledge'. On breach of the conditions of a 'mortgage' it became a 'dead pledge' and was worthless. A breach of conditions meant that the mortgagee lost the home he lived in, which has happened to so many people causing such misery and homelessness. Even if the mortgage is fulfilled and the home becomes the full property of the person buying it, it is very unlikely to be passed to the next generation since having more than one child means that it has to be sold and split off rather than being passed to the eldest son, as was once the custom. Even if such a move was stated in a will, wills mean absolutely nothing and anyone can contest it, and in such cases no doubt be held right to have their share. 

Only the great houses of the old aristocracy were passed on, but this was stopped through the means of the 'Inheritance Tax' (**). This put a tax on properties above a certain level of worth, and thus meant that these too could not pass to the descendants of the owners. That great stalwart against 'tax avoidance' and the 'champion of the working-class', Tony Benn, real name Anthony Wedgeward-Benn, 2nd Viscount Stansgate (until he gave up the title to remain in the 'House of Commons' with the 'commoners'), seems to have used the same 'tax avoidance' (***) as he fought so strongly against so that his children did not have to pay so much from his five-million pounds worth of estates in West London (****). 

We can see from this how the idea of the Odal-Right which was the right to own property so long as it was done for the overall benefit of the tribe or nation, and that this was passed down for future members of the tribe, was relegated to the scrap-heap whilst the all-powerful state benefitted from the taxes raised, or the banks and money-lenders profited when the mortgage payments were not kept up. The 'recession' aided this process, and these were manipulated by the bankers. A double bonus is that the lost house can be sold again, making more profit from the whole affair. 

At one time 'Tony Benn' was the bogey-man, but the pendulum swings from left to right (and back again, and again, and again....) and with the death of 'Maggie Thatcher' she became the most 'hated' politician. 

According to 'Odinism and the Occult' (*****) the Global Elite rule through the Hegelian doctrine of -

thesis vs. anti-thesis = synthesis

which means that a conflict of opposites creates a synthesis of these opposites thus creating a 'third force'; the process is ongoing and repeated constantly, over and over again. In which case we should expect to find such a synthesis within the ranks of those who oppose English Nationalism, those who seek the destruction of our Nation (Blood) and Land (Soil). 

The concept of 'Blood and Soil' is thus linked to the Folk-Nation and to its living-space, the land which it needs to survive and to thrive. It cannot be removed from this link, and the Folk-Nations of Europe must be revived in some form or another - organically. They will rise from the ashes of the destruction of the European Union. We can see from the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe how new and smaller nations arose from its destruction (or integration into the new Socio-Capitalist System); these smaller nations arose from more ancient traditions, and not from the synthetic nations created under an 'empire'. The very same happened with the withdrawal of the Romans from Britain, and here again the tribal groupings emerged once more, both Germanic and Celtic. 

England is an island, separated by water from mainland Europe; as such we have developed rather differently than the other European Nations. We are not separate except in the sense of that little piece of water between us and the mainland. As part of At-al-land and Hyperborea we were once part of an even greater continent, stretching into the North Sea and around these islands. No doubt Iceland and Greenland were once part of Hyperborea. The concept of the Edel-Rune can be found within the title 'At-al-land' - 'Racial Homelands'. What we have lost, and more so than many other nations, is our identity, culture and tradition, all of which have been smothered under the 'Coca-Cola Culture' which resulted from the 'Brit-Am' alliance of 'Anglo-Saxon' peoples. The fact that the English have a Germanic identity, culture and tradition was ruthlessly suppressed by the Normans who needed to concoct a 'myth' that would justify their usurpation of the English Kingship. It is Germany and England that bear the full brunt of the onslaught against our Folk; Germany one can understand after World War II, but England, why are we being so ruthlessly suppressed with alien 'hate-laws' against us, by the most widespread surveillance tactics (CCTV etc.), and by the total suppression of free speech at all levels. All of the Nations of Europe are being flooded with outlanders, invaders of our lands; here in England we were subjected to this decades ago. Due to this England is a prime example of the unworkable 'multi-cultural society' which has merely created a 'hell-on-earth' and not the 'Socialist Paradise' promised by the utopians. But this is another story............

(*) 'The unforgivable sin of Hitler's Germany was to develop a new financial system by which the International Bankers were deprived of their profit'

Winston Churchill. 

The mention of 'Hitler's Germany' (quoting from Winston Churchill I may add) will no doubt create a furor (oops!) from those who are adept at the 'smear-tactics' of the Left. Of course, this will merely open those that do so to the accusation of being sympathetic to the 'International Bankers' and the vast profit they make which creates misery for millions and untold misery in wars and revolutions financed by such profits. 'Hitler's Germany' was not the last to make such a move, and not the last to be punished for such a 'sin'. 

(**) Inheritance Tax affects many more that the 'aristocracy' since there are areas of this country where prices are so high that they come under the band for this tax. Of course, we should not question as to why the state should grab a part of the wealth of an individual, wealth that may have been earned (in some cases), or property passed down through a family. This 'wealth', of course, would already have been subject to Income Tax which has to be paid on earnings. 

(***) 'Tax avoidance' - 'Wedgie' was strongly against this type of avoidance, and if he did so (reported by The Telegraph) this is typical of the hypocracy of our politicians, of left and right. I have to add that there is nothing illegal in doing so - merely unethical!

(****) Obviously, leaving a 5-million pound estate, our Mr Benn did not live on an East London council estate, once occupied by the English Working-Class. To be fair to Mr Benn some of the things he said did make sense, so we cannot criticise everything he said and did.

(*****) 'Odinism and the Occult' was an article first published in an early edition of the Sword of Wayland. It was published in a book form by the Odinic Rite at a later time. 

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