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'Lord of the Rings'

Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all based upon the worship of Saturn, which is clear within Judaism and Islam but not so clear in Christianity. Both Judaism and Islam use the symbolism of the Black Cube of Saturn within their religion, and the Christian Cross is a cube opened out to form this unequal-armed cross. Since the fish was the earliest symbol of Christianity this suggests a distortion at a later time when the cross replaced the Fish of Pisces. 

The Roman Saturnalia is a time when all things are turned upside-down, ruled by the Lord of Misrule. It ran from December 17th to December 23rd and thus preceded the Yuletide period and the rebirth of the Sun. This day is the equivalent of the era that we live through today in terms of the cosmic cycles, and a short space of time in the whole cycle. 

That Christians would not accept the worship of Saturn is clear when we consider that their day of worship was the Sunday ('Day of the Sun') and not the Saturday, the latter being the Sabbath of Judaism. (*) This is also why we find the New Testament different than the Old Testament, though both are gross distortions of the true nature of religion. 

The Star of David

The so-called 'Star of David' represents the Black Cube of Saturn as can be seen from the above. The Black Cube represents matter and in certain representations of 'The Devil' of the Tarot Cards the figure sits upon a Black Cube. 

There is a problem here, since Saturn was, according to Roman Mythology, the God of the Golden Age. How can such a figure be the same as the figure of the 'Lord of Misrule'? The name 'Saturn' seems to be rooted in the same as 'Satya', the Hindu name for the Golden Age of Perfection, the Root *sat forming both names. The term refers to Being. Saturn is the Greek Kronos who is said to be the 'God of Time', and Kronos is said to be chained on an island, awaiting his time to awaken again. Originally, it would seem, Kronos was more like the Egyptian Osiris and a God of Grain. Things seem to have been somewhat mixed up here.

The planet Saturn has always been seen as a planet of doom, especially in astrology. In the Icelandic Rune Poem the Thurisaz Rune is equated with Saturn, this being the Rune of the Thurs or Joten. This is interesting in that many of the moons of Saturn are named after Norse Joten, this being unusual in that Greek and Roman names are usually used. 

The Christian Cross - Cube of Saturn

Planets are not inherently 'evil' in any way, and this applies as much to Saturn as to other planets. They are all part of the Natural Order. Miguel Serrano suggests that the planet Saturn has been 'enslaved' (chained?), awaiting to be freed again in order to rule the coming Golden Age. Maybe this has something to do with the Rings of Saturn which I believe are made of ice. Saturn is the 'Lord of the Rings'! If Saturn is the "Lord of the Rings' then the only way that this power can be ended is by Fire which is the means to destroy the rings - Surt's Fire! Is it a coincidence that one of the moons of Saturn is named after Surt? 

It would seem obvious that the term 'Satan' derives from 'Saturn'; this may also stem from the Egyptian Set-Anubis, but in any case Set or Seth, as well as the Greek Apophis, relate to the planet Saturn. It should be remembered that the Hyksos who invaded and ruled Egypt (or rather misruled Egypt) worshipped Apophis who was the anti-god of the Egyptians, the polar-opposite to their Goddess of Order and Justice, Maat. 

Saturn appears to have a hexagon at one pole and an 'eye' at the other pole; the hexagon is connected to the Number 6. As I have pointed out in the last Sword of Wayland magazine this also relates to the Hagal-Rune and to the 'Seed of Life'. It would seem that the Dark Powers are using the 'matrix', via the 'Seed of Life' to spread their growing darkness across the worlds. 

Miguel Serrano suggests that Saturn has been 'imprisoned' -

"SATURN: Also Kronos, Time, God of Time. He is an Aeon imprisoned by the Demiurge, condemned by the fact of being immortal, to eternally circle the Eternal Return."

The planet Saturn is here transformed into 'Satan' or 'Jehovah'; this is the problem with the god Loki, the only god chained to matter, and working through matter. Serrano suggests that Saturn is the 'Aryan Sandur or Sandar' who is 'Lord of the Ancestral Light at the Pole', which suggests, as others have done, that Saturn was once the Light of the North Pole. We are also told that Saturn was the 'God of Atlantis'. Saturn is also connected to Surt whose fire will regenerate the Nine Worlds. 

"The Aion-Sandur-Sandar, Kronos, Time, is only redeemed with the defeat of Jehovah-Shaddai, thus escaping from the Ring of Eternal Return."

This seems to be why the Armanen Runes stem from the hexagon-shape, which is the basis of the cube. The runes are one of the ways that Sandur-Saturn will be freed and redeemed. Surt wields the Flaming Sword at the End of Time, and this is connected to the Cweorth-Rune in its aspect of the Sweorth-Rune; an alternative name of this rune is Tris which is Sirt spelled backwards. This represents the Fire of Regeneration. 

The Fylfot-Swastika turns against the flow of Time, it turns widdershins against the flow of Time which moves towards decay and death. It turns against the Power of Saturn, the God of Time, and is thus the one symbol that the Saturnian Powers wish to suppress. 'Men Against Time' are the ones who wage this Holy War against the Saturnian Powers, the powers that have enslaved and corrupted the Ur-Power of the North. 

Kronos is said to be chained in a cave on an island, sleeping and dreaming until the time comes for him to be freed. We could equate this with Loki, chained in the Underworld, but Loki is the Great Deceiver and the Great Liar who, when breaking free, leads the Joten (Monsters of Chaos) against the Gods. Loki was not the 'God of Grain' and the nearest we have to the role of Osiris is that of Scef-Ing. There is much confusion here but the one thing that we have to consider is that our Folk are the last remnants of the once great and ancient Solar Race which became the Aryan Race. The Hindu Sun-God, Surya, had an alternative title of Arka which may mean Ar (The Sun) and Ka (Astral Form). These are the Sons of the Fire, and it is the awakening of the Serpent-Fire that will melt the Ice of Saturn's Rings and free the God of Cyclic Time. 

In regard to the role of Loki this seems to be fully recognised by the Dark Powers that rule over us today. They are not exactly shy about what they do, and the Black Cube can be found in so many modern 'logos' and throughout this society that it has to be no coincidence. In The Avengers (2012 significantly) we find Loki arriving upon the Earth on a Black Hexagon, the two-dimensional version of the Black Cube! We find Loki as a mischief-maker in Norse Mythology, and yet underlying his role within the myths his misdeeds cause conflict and untold problems for the gods. Finally he is caught and bound, and when he gets free (which he must) he leads the Joten and Monsters of Chaos against the Gods. The offspring of Loki, the Fenris Wolf, represents the rampant technology of this society, as well as the inert masses, both of which 'swallow' the god Woden who represents the Spirit of Man. 

European civilisation has been pushed back even further through the discovery of very ancient ruins at a place called Gobekli Tepe which is in Turkey. What we are not being told is that this was once part of Armenia (Ar-Men-ia) and was called by the more interesting name of Portasar ('Port-Asar'); the name links to the AEsir-Gods of the North. Armenia is the area where lies Mount Ararat (Ar-Ar-At) of biblical fame, the mountain connected to the great flood. 

In an Egyptian text we find reference to the Homeland of the Primaeval Ones also called the Island of the Ka ('Astral Body') which sank in the Great Flood. The Edfu Texts state that 'the Sound Eye fell...' which suggests that this was the time when the use of the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) became lost to mankind. This time is connected to the Legend of the Seven Sages which I have discussed in an earlier post. 

We can say that around 6,000 years ago the Dark Powers grew strong enough to begin their ascent to world power. It would seem that this period was around a quarter of a Great Year (24,000 - 26,000 years), and that the last 6,000 years were the 'Dark Age' broken into three world-ages each lasting 2000 years. This spanned the ages of Taurus-Aries-Pisces. The last 2000-year period began around 7 BCE with a planetary conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter in Pisces, heralding the 'Age of the Messiah' (Serpent). Saturn here was seen as the Planet of Israel and Jupiter the Planet of Kingship, hence the idea of the 'Age of the Messiah'. 

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is interesting in that Sauron is the 'Dark Lord' and 'Lord of the Rings', though there is another and older 'Dark Lord' in the figure of Melchor whose name may be similar in root to Moloch who seems to be a version of Jehovah-Yahweh, a form that, like the latter, demands child-sacrifices and blood-sacrifices in order to maintain his power. Moloch is seen as a bull-headed god associated with a fired oven. Interestingly, the Canaanite god called Baal has been associated with the Egyptian Set, and this too seems to be a bull-headed god. The association with the bull could be due to this being in the Age of Taurus, which would be the time of the first period of the 6,000-year section of the Cycle of the Ages or Great Year. 

Although we find references to the conflict between Gods and Joten, and the final battle at Ragnarok, there is no reference to the true nature of this 'Dark Lord' and his servants, the evil nature of these forces that thrive on blood and conflict. We can surmise that the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings invaded these islands, and battled elsewhere, to counter the growing force of Judaeo-Christianity which was spreading into many areas of Europe. But there is no direct reference to the reason they had for such invasions. But elsewhere, in so many other Indo-European texts, we find clear references to the eternal battle between the Forces of Light and Order and the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. We can only guess that the Christian Church managed to distort Norse and Celtic Myth and take out the most important part of it; luckily this part is now being put back into our Aryan Myth. 

This is something that we need to heed, since so many times we see scholars of Norse Myth stating that there is no such thing as 'Good and Evil' within the myths, something that may be true in a certain sense (that everything has to come about in order that evolution take place), but not true in the sense that we need to recognise these forces in order to counter them. They are anti-life and seek to destroy our Folk, in the process taking the world down with our fall. Their role is through utangard - wild, anarchy, chaos - whilst ours is through innangard - order and light. 

The last part of this post starts to become more 'science-fiction', maybe something that would be relegated to the 'conspiracy theories' that abound today, many of which I am afraid to say are nothing more than disinformation, but nonetheless are there to divert from the truth that lies in those that have exposed the real conspiracy that is taking place worldwide. This concerns an article in The Express (March 2017) which featured a video taken of a Black Cube that appeared in the skies above El Paso, near to the famous White Sands, home to the most secret US military installations. This is not just another 'UFO' or 'Alien' story, for the eye-witness account tells us more than most will see.

The video shows a cloudy day in the skies above White Sands; the clouds in one spot appear to turn a jet-black, so black as to be described as a 'black hole type portal'. Through this 'portal' appears to come a Black Cube. Now, what this appears to be (if the video is not somehow faked) is a 'Black Cube' entering our dimension through a 'Black Hole Portal', a 'gateway' into our world. Why I have seen fit to use this piece is that it would seem to prove that we are today engaged in an 'Occult War' where certain Black Magicians are (once again) opening 'gateways' between our world and the World of Shadows, and that through these 'gateways' chaotic forces are entering our world. If we look at the methods used by such people as Aleister Crowley we can see that this is certainly magic and that these Black Magicians are today working in the same vein as those in the past. Since the Black Cube has appeared in so many major cities of the world the symbol has to be that of the powers that today rule the world - the Powers of Darkness & Chaos. 

That these Dark Magicians use the Kabalah is interesting to note, since this term can be rendered Kaaba-Allah; strange since Islam is supposed to be the polar-opposite to Judaism. Not so strange when we consider that Capitalism is itself not the polar-opposite to Communism but is the opposite side of the same coin. The 'Kaaba' is draped in black, making a Black Cube, around which (like the Rings of Saturn) circle the supporters of Islam.

El Paso, Texas - the Black Cube

(*) The Hidden Hand ensured that the Saturday was instilled as the day of the worship of the Lord of Misrule when they used it as the one day of the week when people celebrated by drinking and feasting - the Saturday Night. Even though Christians worshipped on the Sunday, the celebration of 'misrule' was still held the night before on Saturn's Day or Loki's Day. 

The Gift of Ingwe

The White Stone of Ing containing the secret of the 'Gift of Ing' - Fire! This is the Serpent-Fire or Kundalini which has been transformed by the Powers of Darkness, but which is a spiritual concept which is related to purity and the fires of regeneration. Though the Forces of Darkness and Chaos believe they have achieved total domination, the ancient prophecies foretold that the most ancient god - Ingwe - would be 'resurrected' through the Power of the Black Sun. The Dark Forces use the Black Cube which represents the three-dimensional world of matter. The White Stone of Ing represents the rise of the Forces of Light and Spirit. 

The White Dragon represents the resurrection of Germania, and runs counter to the Black Cube which is symbolic of the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This struggle is fought on many levels, but the one thing that stands out clearly is that the Servants of Darkness can only work on the material level, and only the Forces of Light and Order can use the Ancient Runes. 

The metal related to Saturn is lead and the lore of the alchemists tells us that the aim is to turn lead into gold. As Miguel Serrano stated, we live today in the 'Age of Lead', the most horrific and horrendous era in the cycle, the era ruled by the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This age is followed by the Age of Heroes, for only the most noble and courageous Aryan Heroes will be able to counter this darkness, and will transmute the Age of Lead into the Age of Gold. 

The Last Avatar - the White Rider

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