Monday, 16 October 2017

Amber Alert

'I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda, and bomb-making instructions, face the full face of the law.'

Amber Augusta Rudd.

The All-Seeing Eye of Sauron

I have re-written this post after due consideration of the above, whose bold underlining is my own to emphasise the nature of the statement by the present Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. I would like to analyse the statement which is very important in that it is yet another stage in the suppression of free speech here in England.

  • Notice that the 'far-right propaganda' is carefully placed between 'jihadi websites' and 'bomb-making instructions'; this is done to try to link the 'far-right' with Islamic Terrorism and 'bomb-making', even though most who would call themselves 'far-right' oppose both Islamic Terrorism and the use of terror through extreme violence. It should be noted that the violence on the streets by the 'far-right' is always caused by opposing Anarchists and Communists (Antifa) who are doing the work of the State in crushing opposition through their violent terror tactics - they are a terrorist organisation but nothing is being done about that!
  • In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four we find that in the urban areas there are bombs going off nearly every day, and we are told that it was thought to be the work of Ingsoc (English Socialism) which is the State Regime or 'Big Brother'. This was designed to create a reign of continuous terror in order to control the people. This leads us to question the origins of Islamic Terrorism, and whether this was originally an Islamic policy, or whether it was done deliberately to stir up this violence and terror in order to control the peoples of the world. 
  • Ms Rudd also proposes to look at the use of encrypting applied to emails and such things as WhatsApp which use end-to-end encrypting which cannot be pierced by the All-Seeing Eye of the State. Although, according to The Guardian, she seems to know absolutely nothing about encrypting, she is determined to make a new law to allow the System to spy into this private area of people's lives. 
  • These people will 'face the full face of the law'; but they do not, do they, for it has been estimated that there are some 300 potential Islamic Terrorists (*) in our land walking free without having been rounded up and thrown out of this country to make it a safer place to live. So who is this new law aimed at
The Heathen Folk-Community promotes the religion of Folkish Wodenism, and we do not indulge in politics of any kind nor street-action, although obviously individuals who support us may well do so - which is their right. But the problem lies in the term 'far-right propaganda' which is used in such a vague sense as to mean anything that it could mean to the oppressive regime that will use these powers. 'Far-right' is now used to mean anyone who opposes the multi-racial society; we oppose the multi-racial society on the grounds that it obviously does not work, it promotes tension and violence between communities, and it will eventually destroy all peoples of the Earth. This type of society only ever arises at the end of a civilisation, as it did with the Roman Empire which deteriorated from the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

In ancient Germania there were few laws, and those that were laid out were there to keep an ordered and harmonious tribal society. Laws were not laid out in the way we have today, which is Roman Law and Judaic Law, but were there to serve the interests of the Folk-Community, and not to destroy it as we find today. Corruption set in long ago, as seen in the Laws of Manu which from its first reading seemed far too intent on mundane and trivial matters to have been a Divine Law, though, of course, this was not the original but a later corruption made by the Brahmans. This happens, and when we see hundreds or thousands of laws enacted over and over again we can recognise these laws as being alien to our Folk-Soul.

I have been informed that the State Regime is now looking at bringing in another law (more?) to allow knives to be sold face-to-face only. This, of course, will create problems for the many outlets for bushcraft and survivalism who sell them online. Not only that, it may well cause some outlets to move abroad where they can sell them, and we shall lose them here in England. This would not matter to Amber Rudd and her cronies since they see self-reliance to be something we should not have - we have to be reliant upon the State. This is a great problem when the State is full of liars and cheats, and has little in the way of anything positive to offer its people. The State has proved totally ineffective in protecting its people from criminals. Another point in this is that I would suppose that kitchen knives and the like are used mainly by violent criminals, and most of the silly youth who carry knives would not go to the cost of buying expensive survival knives - which this is obviously aimed at. Like guns it will be the criminals that own the knives. (**)

This Conservative government has shifted to the 'left' and has been the tool used to crush all 'right-wing' ideas and ideology. Significantly, when banning the first 'right-wing' group here in England, the outright terror-group Antifa was left to carry on. This shows that the Anarchists and Communists of this group were brought together to protect the State Regime through street-violence against anyone who opposes the multi-racial society. They are also a 'stop-valve' used to cushion the effect of the Global Money-Lenders, the Banksters who operate like Goldman Sachs and their ilk, whose sole driving force is greed and power, but whose chief executive - Lloyd Blankfein - says he is 'doing the work of God' (***). 

This is no doubt just the start of more and more oppressive laws, and this new one carries up to 15 years imprisonment for just looking at a video or visiting a website deemed to contain 'right-wing propaganda'. Many of the 'right-wing propaganda' videos are being taken off YouTube by Google, who, with Facebook, have started the process of suppressing free speech online. (****)

(*) The number 300 has been banded around but may well be a drop-in-the-ocean compared with the true number.
(**) After the 'Dunblane Masscre' hands guns, used by thousands of honest citizens for sport, were banned. Gun crime over the next few decades soared, proving that gun-laws do not stop gun crime. Illegal guns are in the hands of the criminals. Again, these policies are deliberately designed to disarm the people and not the criminals who hold others in terror through being armed. 
(***) Since his 'God' is obviously concerned only with the material world, upholding the policy of greed and envy, and concerned only with the acquisition of more and more wealth, this 'God' is not the God of our people. This is why we promote a religion based upon the Germanic Gods of our Folk. 

(****) We warned many years ago that using the Internet alone would bring great problems because they would eventually 'pull the plug out'; this has today come true. The 'armchair activists' have now been effectively silenced, and should now consider that online propaganda is not enough, without physical action of some sorts. There was a place for this, but only when individuals and groups were doing something positive outside this sphere - a lesson to be learned. 

'Now Sauron's lust and pride increased, until he knew no bounds, and he determined to make himself master of all things in Middle-Earth.........He brooked no freedom nor any rivalry.......A mask he still could wear so that if he wished he might deceive the eyes of Men, seeming to them wise and fair. But he ruled rather by force and fear......'

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