Thursday, 21 December 2017

"Brexit Under Threat"

"Brexit under threat" - this is the title of a pamphlet that came through my door this morning. Well, we know that the idea of us leaving the European State has not gone down well in some quarters, mainly the leftists who have gone raving mad since then. But the leftists are not the only ones who stand against our leaving this global enterprise. As Folkish Wodenists we concern ourselves with the religious struggle, but we stand firmly against any form of tyranny and loss of freedom of the English Folk, so we oppose the European State. And, like the Christian Church, we have a right to speak out against things we do not agree with, even if we ourselves do not get involved in them. 

It seems that our illustrious 'leader' (sic.) Theresa May has agreed to give £20 billion pounds to leave the EU. Well, governments do not have money, it is OUR money they are going to throw away here - nothing new! It would also appear that Labour Euro-MPs voted against the European Parliament moving the Brexit negotiations forward to the next stage - no surprise - but two Conservative MPs did the same. Both Labour and Conservative are asking for a 'transition period' which would mean unlimited immigration until 2021! This should not surprise us since most of the rabble in the British Parliament are nothing less than a bunch of traitors who, a few hundred years ago, would have ended with their scrawny necks stretched on a rope! 

The leaflet showed Nigel Farage and Ray Finch of UKIP and EFDD; now I am going to look at Nigel Farage and his role in this. Fair play, I have to admire Mr Farage for his standing up in the European Parliament and putting down many of the rabble there. But in a recent YouTube interview Mr Farage stated clearly that it was UKIP that was responsible for holding back the rise of the 'Far Right". We were not alone in warning that UKIP was a 'stop-valve' to draw people away from those who would truly have solved our problems here in England. And here we have Nigel Farage admitting, and boasting that UKIP was responsible for this, in reality stopping anything positive happening here in England.

UKIP had another role to play in the holding back of any real opposition to this tyrannous regime; UKIP managed to divert attention from the rise of English Nationalism by taking up a more 'English' stance, despite the title of their party. Many gullible patriots fell under the wing of UKIP thinking they would see an English Awakening - which never came because of the 'English' role of UKIP, and the in-fighting within Englisc Nationalism. 

Invariably, politicians seem to be driven more by ego than by true commitment and a love of their people. This, in my experience, goes across the board and applies to most politicians, no matter what hue. This is why we need a religious movement rather than a political movement; at this particular time anyway. In a religion the Gods are our driving-force and we are doing the Will of the Gods, so the ego need not kick in as it does in politics. We are doing the work of the Gods, guided by the Gods, and guided by the Ancestors. Only a new Religious Movement will create an English Awakening, and even if the mass of people do not listen, we will say it again and again until the penny drops!

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