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Albion - The Sword of Light and Darkness

'In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!' 

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993, Horam, East Sussex, England.

'A healthy mind in a healthy body' - this is one of the truest sayings, and one which is hated in this modern world of degenerates, of the meek and weak, of the sickly, of the decaying and dying species known as the 'Ultimate Man'. How many people today rejoice in their sickness, rejoice in being ill, having some form of illness or other? We cannot help being ill? Well, since our society is full of weakness and sickness then maybe, just maybe, this is due to the negative attitude prevalent in this rotten and falling world. Propping up the weak and sickly does not make them any better; it does make them more dependant. One should overcome weakness and sickness and not wallow in it. Talking to people who are constantly moaning about their health, or bragging about this or that illness that they have, or someone else has, has the effect of making one 'down'; it can have no other effect. Talk to someone who rejoices in life, not in sickness and death. 

A healthy, forceful spirit will be found in a healthy and forceful body. The aim is not only to create a haeldom within the Folk-Community but to create the haeldom within ourselves. Being negative only produces negativity in others around us. Positive thoughts and actions encourage positivity within others around us.

Thus, rather than going with the negative energies around those who wallow in their sickness and ill-health we should generate positive 'vibrations' and 'energy-waves' around us that would act as a protective barrier for us, and maybe even help others through sending out such energies. To be sure, not every Greek citizen looked as healthy and perfect as the statues of the gods carved in stone. But these statues were not sculpted to show how things were, but to show how things could be with the striving for perfection through self-overcoming. 

To the point! Self-overcoming and the increase of the Will-to-Power means recreating the 'whole' man; this means that a balance of opposites has to exist within the whole. Good and Evil - Light and Darkness - within the Sword of Albion there exists the 'balance of Light and Darkness' this forming the essence of The Hooded Man Prophecy. This is not just a prophecy, it is a complete teaching into Folkish Wodenism - it is the will to re-create The Hooded Man. 

The first thing we notice is that The Hooded Man must 'come to the forest'; he must do so because he is of the wild woodlands, of the wilderness of Nature, of the wild-wood. He returns to the home of the Barbarian; outside the realms of 'civilisation', outside the safe boundaries of the urban dwelling. He is the Wolf's Head, the 'outlaw', because his aim is survival and where survival is at stake man-made 'laws' have no place. He is outside the laws of the Old Order. Every law made today will be designed to halt the coming of The Hooded Man; his coming will bring to an end the Old Order. 

The guide to The Hooded Man will be Herne the Hunter, the One-Eyed Hunter-God we know as Woden. In this respect he is the Horned One ('Herne') who bears the Horns of Power - obvious by the symbolism of the Horns of the Stag. Herne the Hunter is his guide, and yet he is The Hooded Man, since Woden is 'The Hooded One'. The 'Son' here is indeed, the 'Father'. He does the 'Will of Woden' which works through him as his Will. Herne is a guide just as a god guides us, but it is down to our own strength and will that we overcome and struggle against all odds. 

Herne the Hunter is 'Lord of the Trees'; he is the 'Spirit of the Forest', the 'Spirit of the Woodland'. He is like Wid-Ar who is the Woodland God - the 'God of the Woodland', Wid-Ar the Mighty One. Herne is the 'Spirit of Nature', and The Hooded Man is the 'Spirit of Nature'. His power comes from the trees, from the wildness of the woodlands, the strength of the forests - that is our strength. Yet Herne the Hunter is not only the 'Lord of the Trees' for he is also the 'Lord of the Animals'. He is the 'Lord of the Wild'. He is Rudra-Shiva, he is Igg the Terrible, he is the 'Wild One'. Our power comes from the trees and animals, from the woodlands and forests of our land. The Hooded Man is arising in the Folk-Soul of the Saxon Nation.

Within The Hooded Man, as within the Sword of Albion, lie the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. Within him is the union of Apollo and Dionysus in terms of Nietzsche. We know that the balance of these opposites lies with one of our gods - Woden. Woden is a god of the wild, the storm, the fury, the divine madness (woda); he is also the god of calm, of meditation, of stillness, of poetry and prophecy. Here lies the will-to-create and the will-to-destroy - that which creates also destroys. This world is a web of forces, of creative-destructive forces; it is energy, fiery energy that creates, builds, sustains and then destroys itself. The Hooded Man is the Creator and Destroyer of worlds - 'the beginning and the end', 'the first and the last'. Strong are these powers within The Hooded Man.

The Hooded Man is the 'Divine Fool' acting through his intuitive will; he is 'The Fool' of the Tarot, numbered 0 - the Void. He appears as a hooded figure, inside whose hood there is a total darkness, not 'blackness' but a Void! His eye appears from the Void; he can be an Agent of Chaos, laughing at the (s)laughter of battle, of the breaking down of structures, of 'law-tables', of that which is decaying, degenerate and dying. Ho! Ho! Ho! He laughs as he mounts Sleipnir and rushes through the Nine Worlds at a furious pace, leading the Wild Army of the Dead. That which is falling only needs a push!

'The guilty shall tremble!' Controlling powers need authority, they need to make laws to stop any form of opposition to their agenda. Anarchists do not want authority, and they do not want laws. Nihilism and anarchy are necessary in that they break the power of the authority that oppresses. Left-Wing Anarchy, however, in the form of such organisations as ANTIFA, are based upon the upholding of the 'multi-cultural society' and the 'sword-arm' of the agenda of the Global bankers - Marxist Socialism and Communism. ANTIFA opposes the forces that seek not to 'integrate', not to become a mongrel 'Race of Tan' and to lose their identity, to lose their only hope for the evolution of Man. Thus ANTIFA is alright so long as it is contained and takes this path, for it does not oppose the agenda of Global Capitalism, it protects by violent force that agenda. But it is controlled - and it is contained. Should these forces be transformed into a real opposition, through the creation of a new Barbarian and the creation of new Tribes of Barbarians separated out from this society, raw and surging with energy and power, like the Germanic Tribes that swept down upon Rome, this new 'Roman Empire' will fall just as surely as the Roman Empire fell before yesteryear's Barb-Aryans

There need be no barbarians from 'without' this time, since it is the world that is today enslaved, not just a part of the world; this time the barbarians will arise from within, separated out from the 'mob', from the 'herd', from the mass-consumers, raw and strong, healthy and virile, opposed to the weakness and sickness of this 'Modern World' - they will be the 'Men Above the Ruins' who 'Revolt Against the Modern World'. Each will be a form of The Hooded Man, each will hold within himself the 'Powers of Light and Darkness', each will wield the Sword of Victory holding within itself the 'balance of Light and Darkness'. And then, only then - 'The guilty shall tremble!'

There are 58 Words in this prophecy, and there are 58 Letters in 'The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are strong within him'. 58 is the number of ROBIN. 'Robin' comes from 'Robert', a word meaning Fame-Bright which is 'Light': as 'Robin Hood' this become 'Fame-Bright Hood' which is a way of saying 'Light-Darkness'. In the name 'Robin Hood' we have the archetype of the Folk-Hero that holds within him the Balance of Light and Darkness - the whole Man. In Jungian terms the 'whole man' who has re-integrated the Shadow side of his nature - the Dark Side. This is the bit that Judaeo-Christianity, Socialism, Liberalism and Humanitarianism cut out! In this prophecy lies the way back to right, the way back to wholeness and the recreation of the Whole Man. 

The Hooded Man Prophecy had need of reform; rather than a 'hope' for our Folk it had need to be reforged into something to be emulated, something to be strived for, something to struggle for, something that would become a self-overcoming, that which will inspire people into action. Inspired by the Prophet Nietzsche (Zarathustra), this prophecy will no longer be looked at as a 'hope' that is awaited for, but as a means to ensure the Final Victory of this epic struggle. Perhaps too long have people sat back in the 'hope' that a hero will arise to get them out of this mess - now it is down to the individual to become that hero, to make himself or herself into that Folk-Hero needed to awaken our Folk and to lead our Folk to victory. The Hooded Man is a complete teaching program for the 'Warrior-Thinker'; it is the Way of the Cultic-Warrior'.

Victory or Valhalla!

End-Note: Those who have not, as yet, learned 'The Hooded Man Prophecy' off by heart would now do well to do so; it needs to be memorised (with the heart) and to be meditated upon, thus allowing its wisdom and teaching to become part of you, to be integrated into your whole being. This has always been the basis of Folkish Wodenism but it has now become even more important as being an active work rather than a 'hope' that someone else will do things for us. The time for 'hope' has gone, now is the time for action. The prophecy was given on October 31st which is 'Halloween' the time of the Ancestors; it was inspired by the Ancestral God, Woden, and by the Spirits of our Ancestors who guard us and guide us - we are the Ancestors, Blood of their Blood, Spirit of their Spirit - and our DNA proves that. These Ancestors live on in us; the time has come to awaken them in our Blood-Memory and to get them into action again in our times. He who does not hear the Call of the Ancestors from the distant past, and does not hold out his hand to embrace them - is lost forever! We who have heard the 'Call of the Blood' must now hear the 'Call to Action'. 

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