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One Land : One Blood! - Woden's Folk

'One Land - One Blood!'  What we most certainly do not have today is one land and one blood. What we do have is a sprawl of urban slums where crime, violence and degeneracy abound. Looking down upon this from their 'ivory towers' the pompous asses that have created this mess pat themselves upon the back with pride in their 'creation'. The only murmurs of disaffection come from the weak-kneed, yellow-livered creatures that feel pity for everything that is sick, weak, lowly and unable to rise above the ruins. All in all, a mess from the top to the bottom. 'Diversity' and the 'multi-cultural society' has triumphed! 'Equality' is the order of the day, so no-one needs to feel they should rise above the mess - all must be dragged down into the abyss. The land itself is raped and pillaged by the greed for profit and gain - the Cult of Gold. This sorry state of affairs is upheld by the 'opposition' - Anarchists and Communists - who serve the rotten state-system through their violent opposition to anyone that does not serve this society. 

This rotten and corrupt society has gone so far down the pan that there seems but one way to stop everything from being dragged down with it. That way is to break free from this society altogether - a gradual process, of course - and in the process to build an alternative. This has been done before. Yes, it has, in this country mainly by the 'left', in particular the Anarchists and Communists that uphold this society through their opposition to anything that would rise above it and create a real alternative

The problem lies in that such 'alternative communities' are not based upon any form of ideology or idealism; a real alternative must be based upon the will to recreate a stable, whole, ordered society upon the ruins of the 'Modern World'. To some extent an alternative society must break free of the rampant technology of today, especially the Internet; but there are areas such as solar-power, wind-power and water-power where modern technology can find a place. Why would you throw out the useful with the useless? Yes, there is a place for the Internet and that lies in getting out to others what can be done, and awakening the sleeping masses - where this is possible. But there is also a case for doing without this within a closed group working outside the system, even if this is on a part-time basis at the outset. 

The old worn-out empires fell because they were 'pushed'; it was the Northern Barbarians or Eastern Barbarians that swept down upon these empires and smashed to pieces what was left of them. The spoils of war and conquest were then taken and used to recreate something new and virile. Today the world is in chains and there are no barbarians left to smash it to pieces; in such times the barbarian must arise from within. The idea of a Folk-Community has been with us for some years, and today this is perhaps the most important concept open to us. But first we need to recreate the Barb-Aryan within ourselves; in the process there is a need to separate, to secede from this rotten and corrupt society, even if at first this is done as a 'part-time' venture - which can be achieved more easily as one. Remember the Nietzschean Philosophy -

  • First the 'solitary', the 'lone-wolf' must isolate himself from the masses, from the mob, even though this could not be wholly practical it can still be done at a certain level.
  • Then the 'solitaries', those who have 'chosen' to become so, come together as a 'people', as a 'chosen people'.
  • From this shall arise the Superman which is the 'meaning of the Earth', i.e. the Destiny of the Earth.

There is the blueprint for the creation of the Superman, the highest ideal; first we become 'solitaries', and then we come together (at times) to form a 'people' (Tribe of Woden). This is as far as we can see, since the Superman belongs to the future of Man. The aim of self-overcoming, which is in complete harmony with the Cosmos which itself is a 'sea of forces' or 'sea of energy' which is eternally self-overcoming, eternally striving to move higher and higher - towards the spiritual realms, is not an end in itself, but a means to bringing kindred spirits together as a new 'tribe'. The 'nation' may be lost to us now, but we are able to achieve the smaller victory of creating a new tribe, from which will follow a new tribalism as this spreads.

The Tribe of Woden - or Woden's Folk - will be based upon the concept - 'One Land - One Blood!'  though the land may be small and the kindred small it will form the basis of a New Order. Where we cannot possibly achieve victory against such odds, we most certainly can achieve a small victory; and this will form the basis of future victories. Trying to achieve the impossible only produces disappointment and then despair. Small victories will in time win the war.

The new logo of Woden's Folk is shown above; drawn by Scyld this is a masterpiece of symbolism, hidden and esoteric. The new role of WF will be embodied in this symbolism; it is the Will-to-Create 'Woden's Folk'; the Will-to-Create 'The Tribe of Woden' on the basis of 'One Land - One Blood!' Meditate upon the following points -

  • We have here the three main driving-forces - Land, Blood and Folk. 'One Land' - 'One Blood' - 'One Folk'. Woden's Folk or the Tribe of Woden.
  • The main area which is shown in white is the Sun; this is clear from the edges which form 'rays'. This is the Solar Path or the Path to the Solar Race - Sonnenmensche. The Sun is Light and Creation. 
  • This 'Sun' is inside split into Light and Darkness - the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness that creates a wholeness, a Haeldom. But it is the balance of opposites within the individual, the reintegration of the Shadow in Jungian terms. 
  • The Two Ravens are Woden's Ravens, Huginn (Thought) and Munin (Memory); these two are the keys to the gaining of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  • The central 'column' is the Spear of Woden (Gungnir) which is the 'Gift of Ing'. This is the Sacred Column, the Sacred Centre to which we have to reconnect, a reconnection to the Divine Powers. This is also the Tribal Spear, the symbol of the recreation of a tribal society within the ruins of the Old Order. The Tribal Spear will feature as a symbol of the will-to-create a new form of tribalism.
  • The darkness around the outside of the Solar-Symbol represents the chaos of the wilderness which stands outside the norms of society. We are 'Heathens' which means 'of the heath', i.e. 'of the wilderness'. The Solar Image is contained within a 'ring' which represents the liminal area of the 'boundary' - neither within nor without. 

The Barbarian must return to the wild; ease, comfort and the security of the herd have no part in a revived barbarianism. One cannot overcome oneself without a struggle against all odds. When the ruling powers oppress the people then the time of the Outlaw appears - the Wolf's Head. Just like the famous 'Robin Hood' those who remain true to the Spirit of Freedom must return to the wilds, must forsake comfort and ease and taking the easy way out for hard work, struggle and the creation of an alternative within a falling world around them. The AEtheling Youth must leave the comfort of his home and family to enter the wilderness; just as Leonidas did in 300 and Bjorn did in The Vikings. The young warrior leaves the life of comfort and ease in favour of a life in the harshness of the wilderness, pitting his wits against the ferocity of Nature, eventually having to struggle and overcome a 'beast' (the Demon-Wolf in the case of Leonidas and the Bear in the case of Bjorn). The Warrior-Hero has to overcome the 'beast within' as well as the 'beast without' - he must tame his roaring instincts and his desires in order to overcome himself, to jump across the abyss, to become a Higher Man. The AEthlinga becomes the King! 

Wolf's Heads - 'Wolves Amongst The Sheep'. Our war-cry - 'Rise and Rise Again - Until Lambs become Wolves!' 'Rise and Rise Again' - in other words, never give up, never give way, and even when we lose we jump up and have another go - the Will-to-Power. When we are beaten down, we get up again and have another go - that is the 'Law of the Strong'. The Blood of the Saxons - The Blood of the Vikings - flows within the Blood of the English. 

The strength of the Pack is the Wolf

The strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Now this motto of Woden's Folk really comes into play; the strength of our movement now lies in the ability of the individual (The Wolf) to put aside self-interest in order to aid the aims of the group (The Pack). Only through individual effort which is aimed at fulfilling the goals of the group will the creation of the Tribe of Woden come about. Everything that hinders the fulfilment of this destiny must be cast aside in favour of the Will-to-Create. The Will-to-Create - Woden's Folk! 

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