Friday, 9 February 2018

The Aryan Spirit

Today there is no such thing as an 'Aryan Race'; this was a thing of the ancient past, a race of Higher Men, the Solar Race or Sonnenmensche. Rama was said to be of this ancient Solar Race, and the term Arya - meaning 'movement' - refers to the Sun, to Light, and to the Creative Spirit. What I have said does not mean that this 'Aryan Race' is dead and gone, on the contrary it means that it exists as a part of the Blood Memory, it exists within the DNA of our Folk, and one day it can be awakened and resurrected. 

There may be no 'Aryan Race' but there is still the Aryan Spirit; men and women who still possess the spiritual qualities of nobleness, of self-sacrifice, of honour, of loyalty, of duty and responsibility, of selflessness, of healthy ethical values, of a quest for knowledge, wisdom and understanding that they may aid their fellow kin. This Aryan Spirit is at total odds with the modern world with its emphasis upon the weak and sickly, upon the degenerate and the ugly, upon the collective rather than the individual, upon the 'dumb-ass' rather than the genius. 

One of the earliest and widespread of the tribes of Germania were the Goths whom most people link to the Geats. The name 'Goth' links to our English word 'God' and to the German 'Gott' and thus the Goths were the 'Men of God', the god-like Race of Man if you like. One of the by-names of Woden is 'Gaut' which is another variant of 'Goth'. The Aryan Buddha was named 'Gaut-hama' and he was of the 'Sakya Tribe', known as 'Sakyamuni' - 'Sage of the Sakyas'. The Lombardic name for Woden is 'Godan' or 'Guodan', again linked to the idea of a 'god'. 

Historical Christianity promoted the idea of a 'heaven' that was 'above', something that had to be gained through faith in 'Jesus'. The teachings of their 'Christ' do not fit well with this later idea, for he teaches that the 'Kingdom of Heaven is within'. This idea is pure heathen - 'God-in-the-Blood'. This fits with the Eddas where the first Man and Woman are endowed with litr goda - 'Light of the Gods'. This is the 'Divine Spark', the 'God Within' or the 'Kingdom of Heaven' which can be found within and not without as was taught by the Church. 

The Old Testament seems to be a very mixed bag of historical events and personages that has been taken up by one particular set of people and distorted for their own ends. Within these books we find accounts of beings who shine like the Sun, tall, fair beings with a 'shining countenance'. These accounts are obviously not about the ordinary man we know of today, they are about some form of superhuman race, some form of higher race of beings that does not exist today and has left no trace for us apart from the myths and legends surrounding such a race of Shining Ones. 

We find this superhuman race once again in the White Gods of Central and South America, where they appear after a flood to help the races of man upon the Earth recover, and also in order to warn of future such disasters and to hide the Ancient Wisdom in different areas of the world, to be guarded by the inhabitants of those areas of the world. In all cases it seems clear that the peoples of these areas today have no idea as to what this Ancient Wisdom really is, just as seems clear in most cultures where the secrets are hidden but which can be found, but most are still not understood. 

That Aryan Spirit is still here, hidden nonetheless in the DNA-Code of certain people, people who have retained in some part the ancient Blood-Memory. The physical race does not exist today, except in race cases, and even then physical appearance does not necessarily match with the 'spiritual race' within the individual. As Miguel Serrano never tired of pointing out, today's struggle is for Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race and not just Biological Blood and Biological Race. True it has to be said, in order to resurrect the Arya, the Aryan Race, a biological vessel will be needed to take the Spiritual Race, since the body must support the Higher Race. But today we do not have this, and as Nietzsche pointed out - we are the solitaries who will one day form a people, and from this people shall arise the 'Superman'. We are at a stage of this process which is fulfilled through the resurrection of the Solar Race. Some form of physical mutation would seem necessary for this to come about. 

Opposed to the Aryan Spirit is an Anti-Spirit which created the major religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This Anti-Spirit also created Liberalism, Marxist Socialism, Marxist Communism (and all forms of Global Socialism and Global Communism), Liberal Democracy, Humanitarianism, Anarchism. It created Capitalism and the greed for profit and gain; it created the Economic Consumer Society in which people become 'consumers' a 'commodity' in themselves; its technology chained the world to the 'World Wide Web' where it can control the minds of the masses. It promoted 'Equality' and the levelling down of people to the lowest; it promoted the 'Slave-Mentality' of the modern world; it produced the 'Ultimate Man' - the slave! The antithesis of the Noble Arya is the Ignoble Anti-Spirit. Whereas the Aryan Race was the 'Master Race' which ruled the world with its superior knowledge, wisdom and understanding, its Aryan Sciences, and its Aryan Weltanshauung, today the Anti-Spirit rules and even the survival of the Earth is threatened. 

All ancient myths and legends speak of this 'Higher Race', and all agree that at sometime in the very ancient past this noble race became corrupted by a Dark Power that distorted the leadership and distorted the higher purpose of this Solar Race. This goes way, way back into the distant past, but the time which this really comes into effect seems to centre around the time of the sinking of Atlantis. The key to this lies in the High Race mixing its Igneous Blood with lower races of man who dwelt upon the Earth. This seems to have caused the sinking of Hyperborea originally, and later the sinking of Atlantis when the shift from the Polar-Centre to the North-Western Centre occurred. 

The 'Noble Blood' remained and it seems to have been at its strongest within the Nordic Race or Germanic Race. This section seems to have been the nearest to the ancient Arya, though not in regard to a 'nation' but to the individuals left within certain 'nations'. Indeed, since we find in all ancient myths and legends the invading and conquering tribes of Aryan stock became the ruling elite over other peoples, so a 'nation' was never really made up of solely Arya, but the rulers were Arya. This shows clearly in the Divine Order given to us by Hama-Heimdall where the Arya consists of the Earls from which the Kon is elected, and these are the highest spiritually as well as physically. 

Over many thousands of years, and today with the onslaught upon 'race' and the consequences of 'diversity' this state no longer exists and we are left with the Mystery of the Blood. Here the secret lies in that the Light of the Gods still exists but it is hidden deep down in the Sacred Blood; today it has to be awakened within us - and that is the task of our times. The 'sinking of Thule' was not of the 'waters' but of the Blood!

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