Friday, 15 June 2018


The ruling powers of the British State Corporation are today acting like the Communist States in imprisoning English People without fair trial and sending them to prison in the same way that dissidents were sent to the Gulags - and this is a 'Conservative' government. This tyrannous regime has no regard for the people of this country, and has set out to destroy our culture, our tradition and our Nation, just as the Judaeo-Christian religion corrupted and distorted the Soul of our Folk. 

There is a growing backlash against the suppression of free speech here in England; there is anger, great anger, for the first time in many years - anger aimed at this corrupt and rotten state! The Saxon Begins To Hate! Whether we agree or do not agree with the views of others they have a right to express them, a right to free speech, a right to air their views. 'Democracy' has shown its true colours! This 'Democratic System' is a sham, a lie, a falsehood forced upon the gullible masses. 

The present situation is being manipulated by the Dark Forces that have control over this land, there is no doubt about this. The situation here is England is being used as part of their Global Agenda. This we have to make clear. This backlash may be guided by the Hidden Hand of these Dark Forces, but this would not be the first time that such movements have been bankrolled towards their own purpose - and the 'monster' they create has turned upon them instead! Unconscious forces are today working, forces that will become uncontrollable. Not until the Wild Hunt rides will the English Folk awaken! We have stated this over and over again. 

The Spirit of Wotan moves westwards to the Islands of the Mighty!

Wod! Wod! Wod! Wild Woden!

"That was an unchancy sight, for they saw a Black Rider upon a Black Horse bearing a Flaming Firebrand travelling in a Circle of Fire. She hurled the firebrand southwards towards Britain, and where it landed beyond the mountains a great blaze was kindled."

'The Coming of the King' - Nikolai Tolstoy.

'Wide-stretched is our warp which foretells the slaughter, a cloud stretching from sea to sky, a rain oif blood splattering down the woof. The greay Web of the Warriors is borne aloft on the spear-points, web which we, Woden's Women, work with red weft. It is a web warped with the guts of men, weighted with human heads; bloodstained spears are the shafts, cold iron are the stays, sharp arrows the shuttles! With swords we weave the victory-web: swords shall sing, shields ring, the axe-blade kiss heads through helms!

Wind, my sisters, wind away! Wind web of spears where banners are streaming, where warriors bear boar-standards to battle! Woven into our web is the wyrd of summer warfare; and it is we, Woden's Waelcyrge, who shear the threads of each hero's wyrd.....'

'The Coming of the King' - Nikolai Tolstoy.

'The wizards of the Scride-Finnas have made blot and foretold victory, and Woden himself is riding on the wings of the storm to bring victory to the White Dragon and destruction upon the Red. An Axe-Age is coming, a bitter Wolf-Age is blowing upon the cold east wind.'

'There are signs in the heavens, omens in the entrails, that the Age of AEtla is to come again upon this falling world! The dread day of Muspilli approaches, when the Immortal Gods will wage deadly war against the Giant-Kin, foes of humankind.'

'It was the Spear they followed, the Spear of Woden; the Spear which Weland welded, consuming a forest at its forging, draining a river at its tempering. He who wields it bears a name which is raging fury, intoxication of wine, and battle and destruction!'

'The All-Father, host of the Hall of Happiness, had donned a different aspect. Now was he Fire-Eyed, the Evil-Doer, Blind, Double-Blind. Out of decay arises growth: from destruction, rebirth; from fire, fertilisation....The mask of rage lies behind upon the face of fear, and the face of fear grins angrily behind its Wolf-Mask.'

The Eternal War between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon is awakened in the Islands of the Mighty. Here in Albion - the White Island, the Island of the Elves, the struggle continues, a Holy War waged against the Servants of the Joten and the White Traitors who serve their cause. 

Hail Woden!

Hail the English Folk!

Hail the Awakening!

England A-Wake!

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