Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Dragon Stirs

The White Dragon is the uniting force for the awakening of the English Folk; it is the symbol of the coming English Revolution. There is anger here amongst the Saxon Nation, amongst the Engel-Kin, the anger of the Teuton Fury. Chesterton said the English would be the last to awaken and rise, but theirs would be with the greatest of wrath. A great error is being made and this is beginning to unleash the Fury of Woden. Woden is the God of the English and we are seeing his wrath beginning to awaken now here in England. The manipulation of this state of affairs can only go so far, and does not work at the deepest level of the Folk-Spirit - here it will awaken and show itself at the physical level. 

A symbol unites, this is the power of a symbol; in fact the word 'symbol' comes from the Greek 'synballo' which means 'to unite'. This ancient symbol - and it is ancient no matter what is said by those who hate everything that is decent and right - is awakening again here in the Islands of the West, the remnants of the once mighty Land of At-al-land. 

The White Dragon Flag is now flown all over England, I saw one at a Biker Rally in Hastings, East Sussex, flown by a Veteran Biker Group. It is now carried on the streets of England - our streets - and bit by bit this land will be taken back from the enemies of our Folk. Witness the White Dragon Flags and T-Shirts displayed on the street-marches of today, marches attended by the ordinary English Folk who are sick and fed up with the loss of their freedom of speech and the loss of their freedom to liberal-leftist ideas. It is the police, the leftist- anarchists and the communists (Antifa) that today protect the British State. All eyes are now turning against this corrupt and rotten state. A great mistake is being made because the one thing the Germanic Folk will not tolerate is their freedom being lost - and over the past decades this is what happened. 

The one thing that any movement must have in order to triumph over the Forces of Darkness and Chaos is a Spiritual Form. Any Spiritual Movement will triumph over a purely physical movement, so the need now is to awaken the Spirit of Woden to this great struggle. 

The ancient Greeks knew full well that any 'Democracy' would end in the Dictatorship of the People, since this is the only thing that the masses can do, enslave themselves because they have to have someone to rule them as a collective. The slow growth and infiltration of the Leftist Forces has resulted in the most evil regime that we have had here in England, even when the government in power (which makes no difference) is 'Conservative'. This regime, at every level of our lives, brooks no freedom nor rivalry, and suppresses any form of free speech. It allows the criminal to get off free, and imprisons those who stand up for right and decency. 'Democracy' is a sham! It is a lie, a falsehood used to corrupt and rule the inert masses.

The main attacks have been on the old aristocracy and the working class, both of which had very different views than the 'Lower Middle-Classes' based solely upon economic consumerism and what-you-have rather than what-you-are. These attacks have resulted in the 'Loony Left' gaining power over all areas of this society, through the pushing of a clear 'agenda' with a 'common purpose'. Now these people, many of whom pushed for 'revolution', are in full power, and the boot is on the other foot. It is thus clear that their tactics worked, and would work for those today who wish to create a change here in England. They now need to feel insecure and frightened of the future. This is the War of the White Dragon of the Gods and the Red Dragon of the Joten - the Eternal War played out in the Islands of the West. It is here where the awakening must occur, here in these ancient islands, once part of At-al-land, and once part of Hyperborea. 

"This land will fall by Fire and Sword" - so it is written in Wulf's Prophecy; the Fire of the White Dragon will consume the enemies of the Gods and Folk. When a snowball begins its descent of the slopes it becomes an avalanche! 

Helm of The Terrible One

The Helm of Dread

Lo, I hear the fighters coming
Over hill and dale and plain.
With battle cry of ages
In a Rebel world again.

Who'd forged their swords to plough-shares,
Shall sweat in bitter yokes.
The free-born race and fearless
Must deal out battle-strokes.

Might is Right - Ragnar Redbeard.

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