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Religion in Today's World

It is certainly true that here in England the hold of Judaeo-Christianity has been lost to a great extent, and that the word 'religion' has lost its meaning to a great extent. One of the most banded about statements is 'religion causes wars', which when we consider this carefully is pure nonsense. Religion itself does not cause wars but religion has been used as an excuse to wage war. And here I am talking mainly about the 'mono-religions' - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I say 'mainly' because it is these religions that 'convert' who have waged wars for control over other peoples in order to 'convert' them to their religion. Heathenism never converts, and never did convert, and thus would never wage wars on others to force them into submission and subservience to their will, or the will of their 'God'. 

Throughout history rulers and priests have used organised religion to control peoples, and this would also have applied to paganism, and we seem to have proof of this in ancient times here in these islands. Germanic Heathenism was based upon the Tribal Ethos and we have ample proof that localised gods were worshipped in local areas, even though we also know that these gods merely had different names in different places but were the same archetypes. And we also know that the Romans never suppressed the religions of those they conquered, but incorporated the local gods and spirits into their own religion; only when the Romans adopted Judaeo-Christianity did they start to suppress and convert the Heathens. And the process, unfortunately, was taken up through the Germanic Folk and the 'Holy Roman Empire' which was used for this specific purpose. The first drive in this process was through Charlemagne and the Frankish Empire which merely took upon itself the role of Rome. 

Taking all this into account there is no valid reason to see religion in itself as being the problem. Many of our people promote our work as a 'Way of Life' and it certainly is that, but we are the Woden Folk-Religion and the term 'religion' is here used deliberately in its true form as 'to bind' - we have to bind our Folk together through a new Folkish Religion. Is it a waste of time using the term 'religion'? - No, of course it is not. In a sense it is backing down to the push to make religion something that should not exist, an 'Orwellian' drive to change the meaning  of  word completely, or to destroy that word altogether. And this is so strange since there has been a drive to ridicule and do away with 'religion' and yet with every ancient site discovered here in these islands (and elsewhere too) there comes the discovery of artefacts labelled as being 'religious', even though this cannot be true of everything found. So, we have a very 'religious' people in ancient times, a people who created an advanced civilisation unmatched today, and today we have a very 'irreligious' people who have created a hell-on-earth! Here in England we have a disunited people who have no aim, no drive, lack genius, and are locked into the material world with a disregard for any form of spirituality, and where spirituality is found it is usually in a very distorted form that suits the aim of our enemies. 

Nationalism, the nation-state, and national borders have today also become taboo; so would we really drop the term 'national' or 'nationalism'? No, of course we would not, since tribalism and nationalism are the only form of resistance to the Global Forces that today oppress us all. The next step after getting rid of the term 'national' would to be to get rid of the term 'tribal', and what would be left is 'global'. It has also been said that 'nationalism causes wars', and yet it seems plainly clear to both 'left' and 'right' that it is globalism that is behind the wars of the modern world, and has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. Nationalism has been used to ferment wars but it is not the root cause of war, just as religion is not the root cause of war, or for that matter oppression. 

Yet in reality it is not true to say that people here in England no longer deem a religion necessary; they have rejected the Judaeo-Christian Religion but other religions are still attracting people by the thousands - take Islam for instance which is not only spreading through the outlanders who have come here, but also amongst the indigenous people. This suggests that it is not the term 'religion' that is the problem, so why is it that Islam can convert by the thousands whilst Germanic Heathenism cannot? Our Germanic Heathenism was suppressed some 1000 to 1500 years ago, and almost lost to us, and is just today rising once more. We have to take into account that we are nearing the end of the Dark Age, the Kali Yuga or Warg Age, and the Forces of Darkness will be supreme at this time. However, the Forces of Light will also be rising again at this time, ready for a Final Conflict at the End-Time. However, if our own people were as fanatical about religion things would certainly be different. 

What is the secret of the rise of Islam - fanaticism! The belief that they are supreme over everything else, this is what drives the Islamic cause. This is what drove Judaism, and it also drove Christianity, the idea that each was supreme over everything else. And if you really look carefully this is the driving-force behind every form of nationalism that is growing and thriving, even in the face of so much violent opposition and suppression. Even supposedly materialistic movements are driven by a fanaticism akin to a religious fervour, and have their own 'martyrs' and 'saints', even though they may not call them that. What drove those ancient 'Giants' to build such lasting monuments which still stand today in honour of their greatness - a religious fanaticism. 

It is also a fact that Islam today recruits by the thousands, and here in this land they are doing so in our prisons, and those they convert are not all outlanders either. So, in reality, it is the Christian Religion that is losing ground, and not religion itself. This is also amply proven when we view the rise in the 'Old Religion' which is the vague term used for 'Wicca'; here again those people who have adopted this, and there are many more who take this path than those who take up Wotanism, Wodenism or Odinism obviously believe themselves to be 'religious' and part of a 'religion'. It thus seems the case that the term 'religion' does not really put people off, it puts off a certain section of our society that will very likely never accept anything except gross materialism and the physical world - and do we really want these people anyway? 

Looking at this from another direction, I firmly believe that Wotan's Krieger has a point when he compared Ingwe with Krist, and in the process held the belief that such a link could attract people who have been Christians, which are a section of society who are already religious anyway. Now, we certainly do not want the meek and weak, nor the soft-hearted who are attracted to Christianity, but when you look at some forms of this religion they still attract young folk, even when the old churches do not. Wodenism must attract those who are already spiritually aware because we are not a political movement; indeed, attracting politically-motivated people with a similar outlook has not done us any good in the past, since such people are rarely motivated to take our religion seriously enough to become fanatical about it. 

Looking at the movement called 'Wicca' or the 'Old Religion' it does seem to attract the more left-leaning people, and many of these use this as a means to promote their leftist ideals. Their view are 'mainstream' and thus acceptable, hence the fact they attract greater numbers than Northern Heathenism. It is also promoted as a 'Religion of Peace' in order to create more slaves for their greater cause - the Global Order. It has no ancient roots, and despite their claims has no links to some 'Witchcraft' that existed hundreds of years ago, some form of 'Old Religion' which in reality never existed as such. What was crushed by the Christian Church was the remnants of the ancient healers and wise men/women, and in the particular suppression and destruction of the womenfolk of Europe they made some progress in the eventual plan for the total destruction of the European Folk. 'Wicca' certainly did not arise from this, it merely created a hotch-potch 'religion' which served to replace the waning Established Church, thus ensuring that the people did not turn back to their true roots. This is also true of the promotion of Buddhism here, which again turned the people away from their own roots here in Europe. Of course, Buddhism is not today as it was in the time when the Aryan Buddha founded it. 

We call our religion by the name Woden Folk-Religion because it is a religion arising from our roots, a religion suited to our Folk. This was never intended to be a 'revival' of an ancient religion, except in as far as we have adopted the essence or the Ur-Religion (the most ancient Solar Religion of the Arya) and turned it into a new form suited to our times. In doing so we are the first to have build this new religion (which it is) on the basis of the creation of a New Aryan God-Form (a new Aryan Archetype) suited to the New Age, the Age of Ing. We were the first to recognise that this should rightly be called by the name 'Age of Ing', which was conceived on August 11th 1999 and is linked to the symbol of the Black Sun through the Solar Eclipse of that time. We were not the first to recognise that a new god-form was needed, since Aleister Crowley adopted the title of the 'Age of Horus' for the New Age, the Age of the Son, a concept suited to our work too. We have adopted the same type of idea that the age of the 'Hanged God' has given way to the 'Age of the Warrior-Hero'. And in this we see this 'Warrior-Hero' as Wid-Ar the Avenger (just as Horus the Avenger is the Egyptian equivalent. 

It should thus be clear that the Woden Folk-Religion is not a 'revival' at all, but the creation of a new Aryan Religion suited to the English Folk in their struggle at this time of the Cosmic Cycle. It has arisen out of the idea that -

  • The Last Avatar - HelgiH, Wid-Ar the Avenger, The Hooded Man - will arise here in England, will arise out of the English Folk in their darkest hour. 
  • In order that this can happen we need a new Folk-Religion that will bring an awakening within the English Folk and which will bind them together as a Folk-Nation once more, a vessel for the appearance of the Last Avatar.
  • Before this can happen certain prophecies are made that will announce the appearance of the Last Avatar, and Woden Initiates must arise from the English Folk to prepare the way for His coming. 
  • The Woden Folk-Religion must be promoted as a religion suited to the English Folk, and disseminated amongst the people of England. This has to be done through the Woden Folk-Community working at the exoteric level.
  • Every true religion has to have its Mystery Religion which works at the esoteric level and which keeps alive the Ancient Mysteries, and this has to be done now through Woden's Folk. This work, of course, is not spread amongst the people, but kept alive through a group of Woden Initiates who will pass this on to future generations. 

We refer to our movement as Folkish Wodenism in order to steer clear of the 'Universalist' type of Northern Heathenism which fits itself nicely into the modern Globalist Society by rejecting the idea of Race-Consciousness and that our own Ur-Religion can only be suited to our own Folk, as the Ur-Religions of other peoples are suited to that people alone. Why would we want to take up the religion of the 'Native Americans', and if we did so it would only insult them as a people - which indeed it does seem to do when others have taken it up. But when we use the title 'Wodenism' it is because we see Woden as the one figure that seeks the wisdom and knowledge to evolve further, to strive for the immortality that is our birthright. To strive for what we have lost as remnants of the most ancient Solar Race which was the High Spiritual Race of the North. 

There is a majority of people in our society today who reject religion, and this is true of many of the young people today. Out of these, no doubt, many would ridicule religion, but even so that does not mean that we drop the use of the term altogether. The TV Series The Vikings must have attracted many people to the religion of the Vikings and the worship of Odin; it matters little whether such series are historically correct (if there is any such thing) but that the Vikings were portrayed as a warrior-folk led by Ragnar Lodbrok who was guided throughout his life by Odin. How many times during the series do we find the expression - 'The Gods'? Throughout the whole series these people are portrayed as honouring 'The Gods' and thus portrayed as a people of religion

Our religion is a way of life, it has to be lived and not just a 'Sunday' affair as with some of those who took up Christianity - going to church and then to the pub next door! But having said that every religion will have its active workers and its 'supporters', the former being those who take up the religion seriously and promote it fanatically (or should), the latter being its 'congregation' which support but do not take an active part in the way an active worker does. The latter will always be the majority. But for us, as Wodenic Activists, it has to be lived as a way of life, a life-long struggle against all odds because that is how it is today. 

Religion not only binds a people together, it binds us as individuals to our Gods, our Ancestors and to the Spirits of Nature. When you look around there are so many people who are rejecting the gross materialism of this society, even if it not totally but to some small extent. There are so many people who want to believe in something else apart from the acquisition of wealth and position, but who do not know where to look for some alternative. Here I have to give a warning because it has become clear over the last few years that there is a growing 'opposition' to the liars of the press and the media, and these people are finding an 'alternative' on the Internet, and in particular on YouTube. Studying this it has become clear that since the media is 'Left-Wing' in its essence and in its form in some cases then the 'alternative' has to be 'Right-Wing', and that seems how YouTube is promoting things - not too far to the Right but enough to draw people into the fold through giving an 'alternative' to the Left-Wing media and press. This seems proven in that the true nationalist videos are now banned altogether whilst the pseudo-'nationalist' stuff is heavily promoted. Again, we have the same Global Elite controlling both sides! 'Big-Brother' (in this case Google) controls the opposition! 

It is also true that YouTube provides an 'alternative' on the more spiritual level, and in doing so very often lumps what is truthful into the stuff that is more suited to the 'controlled insanity' of this Orwellian Society. In doing so no-one really knows what is truth or lies, and what is useful becomes the butt of ridicule through association with some of the more insane ideas. My point here is that although these people crave for some kind of alternative at every level they are bombarded with distortion, lies and distractions. So, our work is to persuade them that the only way to live life is how their forebears lived it, that their identity, culture and tradition is of importance, and that they have roots in Germanic Heathenism. We have to provide them with an 'Alternative Religion'. 

The use of the term 'religion' is thus of vital importance because it keeps us clear of being lumped into the more insane areas of 'spiritualism' which is heavily promoted by the 'Alternative Media' (*).Most of this is not related in any way to religion at all but has been promoted as being 'spiritual' even where it clearly is not. It is a distorted form of what was once truth, and it serves to confuse the minds of the masses through a bombardment of different views and opinions. Man has always needed some form of religion and today even more so; we need religion in order to understand ourselves and our place in the Cosmos. And we need the Woden Folk-Religion  to stop the genocide of our Folk and to aid the upward evolution of our Folk which is all part of this struggle, for without struggle we would never evolve. 

(*) As a religion we are also protected by the laws of this land, despite these laws being aimed at our destruction. In the tribunal case of 'Holden vs The Post Office' Wodenism was officially recognised as a valid religion here in England. This is a very important thing to remember.

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