Sunday, 9 December 2018


In order to fully understand the work of Woden's Folk working at the Esoteric Level you need to view also the following blogs on Google Blogger -

  • Ar-Kan Rune-Lag - This deals with the Ar-Kan Runes and the Runic System used in Folkish Wodenism. 
  • Cultic-Warrior - This deals with our work at the Spiritual Centre of Woden's Folk - Woden's Wald - and with the Wolves of Woden which is a new specialised Folkish Wodenist Hearth promoting a new Aryan Barbarian Ethos
  • Woden Brotherhood - This blog deals with Esoteric Wodenism and the creation of a Woden Brotherhood through individual struggle and overcoming.
These three blogs work together as a whole in order to spread the Word of Woden at an esoteric level to our Folk worldwide, especially promoting an English Wodenism as we have always done. The most posts are put up on Inglinga but to get a better understanding all of these Wulfinga Blogs (and the links we shall put back soon) and the network we call the Wheel of Woden should be studied. Links to our other Folkish Blogs will appear on our Folkish Wodenism Blog which is our 'Online Newsletter' mainly aimed at the English Folk, but which gives an understanding of what we do and our work. 

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