Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Social Breakdown

For decades we have been encouraging our people to prepare themselves for a social breakdown or other natural disaster. Most will shrug this off but the situation in France today (and spreading to other Nations) shows how near that this social breakdown is to becoming a reality. I have said so many times how things work at a very deep level and it is thus hard to understand what is happening sometimes.

The situation in France is so very different than we have seen before because the French people, mainly white working class and middle-class from rural areas, have suddenly awoken to what is really going on. But this is not all, because the Common People of France have been united with the 'Far Left' and the 'Far Right' against the established parties and politicians of all sides - the Liberal Establishment! The people have come to realise that all of their political parties are controlled by the 'Zionist Bankers', and that this also hold true of the mass-media and mass-press who they see as the liars and cheats that they have always been. 

The brutality of the police helped to stir the violence, although this was not the case with all of them because many have supported the protesters. But there is also great fear amongst the inner-city police because they are coming to realise that it is they who are protecting a rotten and corrupt state. France totters on the brink of revolution - again.

We here in England have exactly the same problems in which the indigenous Anglo-Saxon People have become second-class citizens in their own land. Everything is being hived off to the Global Corporations, run by these 'Zionist Bankers', from which they rake in billions of pounds from the Common Folk. When it gets to the stage when the majority are knee deep in debt, or living in poverty, then, and only then, will the people wake to what is happening here, as the French are doing. The problems are also occurring in Germany; France and Germany are the hub of the EU. 

We can see here in England how the growing unrest has been manipulated by the very same 'Zionist Bankers' to avoid the rising of a true English Movement, as opposed to the 'stop-valves' set up to keep people away from the 'Far Right'. We too must now break free of this 'divide and conquer' mentality which is using this 'Left-Right' conflict, and we can do so through having our own Folkish Religion that will unite us as one in opposition to this materialistic consumer society. Our role is to spread this religion amongst our Folk, others have different roles in this struggle and we support them in their efforts to break the chains of slavery to the Bankers and the Global World Order. 

Now is the time to renew our efforts, to stockpile food and other essentials, and to prepare for a time where here in England we shall need to survive against great odds. When this system falls - it will fall completely and there will be nothing. It is noticeable that fuel prices are going down here which is perhaps something seasonal but the hypes on this were absolutely ridiculous, and only because of the lack of backbone of the majority of people here has there been no revolt against this. Here we should consider how far these prices have actually rise, around 30p per litre over the last year. Now 30p does not sound much, but when we consider this in view of the pre-EU era things come into perspective. Before we entered the EU (Common Market) we used gallons and a few pence price-rise would not go unnoticed then. Today we use litres and there a are five litres to the gallon, so a 3p rise on a litre of petrol is in reality a 15p rise per gallon! This is just one example of how the Global Corporations have become greedier and greedier and are screwing the people for everything they can get. This is why globalism is becoming so hated across the Nations. 

Here in England, as I reported in a previous post, there was (and is) anger turned against politicians, press, media and the police who uphold this corrupt state system. For now this anger has been deflected and the real evil behind all of this is still not recognised; the wrath of the English is being channeled and manipulated, the masses being led by the 'Pied Piper' to their doom. Those who are leading the protests and indeed leading the people to their own ruin. But there will be an English Awakening but first it must be a Spiritual Awakening so that we are not just left with a situation in which anarchy and chaos reign supreme through an outburst of destructive nihilism with nothing at the end of it. The French Revolution overthrew the Royal Line but it merely pushed aside one set of rulers in order to create a new order of the Third Estate which brought into play the dominance of the Middle Class Merchants and the Bankers. When the Old Order falls we need a New Order based upon spiritual values, not a change in management that will bring only superficial change. 

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