Friday, 13 November 2020

New Book Series & Magazine Relaunch.


My latest book is now available from BLACK FRONT PRESS and is Volume 1 of a three-volume set.

This is a work that puts together the posts on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag Blog and is thus an esoteric work. I do feel that it is vitally important to put such articles into print as soon as we can, since the 'Electronic System' is more than capable of taking down what they do not agree with and ensuring that it is lost to us. Paper copies are longer-lasting and we should not lose the ability to save what we can in books. 

The Sword of Wayland is published twice a year as a glossy-covered 20-page magazine that covers the esoteric and exoteric side of Folkish Wodenism. This is a magazine for the Woden Folk-Religion and is now available to anyone who supports our Folkish Movement. The paper edition is ONLY available in the UK I am afraid, due to postage costs etc. but we now have an ONLINE EDITION that will go out to our Folk-Comrades overseas. This will be sent out as a PDF Edition.

Sword of Wayland - UK.

You will receive a Midwinter Edition 2020 and a Midsummer Edition 2021, and the cost is £15.00 for the two issues to be paid by PayPal please. Make sure you give your name and mailing address please, as well as an email address.

Sword of Wayland - Overseas.

We can only do this through an ONLINE ISSUE which will cost £10.00 for the two issues. If you wish we can send you updates on important issues as well. Please give your name an an email address to send the PDF File to.

I have to apologise for not putting some comments up very quickly because the system changed a bit and I did not notice at first. If anyone wishes to discuss any subject with me they can email me at -

This is an email address used for contacts but please do not inundate us with too many questions because this takes up valuable time. But please feel free to make contact and we'll try to answer your questions if we can. We would also welcome feedback on the blogs. 

This is just a temporary update on things and I will take this down after a few weeks since it is not the sort of stuff to be needed long-term. Please note the details down and the Contact Email Address for future reference. Thank you for continued support from wherever you are, this is so much appreciated. These times are very hard and it is good to see more people standing up against this Global Tyranny

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