Thursday, 13 September 2018

Europe for the Europeans

There is yet some sanity in this insane and dying world. The Dalai Lama has stated at a conference in Malmo, Sweden -

"Europe belongs to Europeans."

The Dalai Lama is one of the highest Spiritual Leaders in this world, far removed from the Judaeo-Christian 'archbishops', 'bishops' and the rest of the so-called 'spiritual leaders' of this country. He stated that there is a responsibility to help 'refugees' (some of whom are certainly not so) but that they should eventually go back to their native countries to rebuild them. He made similar comments concerning refugees in Germany in 2016 where he said -

"Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country."

and that -

"Germany is Germany".

This was related by the Daily Mail Online on September 12th 2018, and is a flash of light in an ocean of darkness and insanity. 

Dalai Lama & Don Miguel Serrano

As a High Spiritual Leader the Dalai Lama is in a far better position to know what is right and what is wrong than the gross materialists who lead Europe and the world today. He sees the Spiritual Truth which is beyond and above the physical world but forms the basis of the workings of truth in this world. He is an exile from his own lands, occupied by the Chinese, but no doubt wishes to return and to aid his own people some day. 

Buddhism, on the surface, is a purely pacifistic spiritual discipline, but there are hints of a far deeper side to it. It is quite well known that there were many ancient books hidden in the monasteries of Tibet, hence why so many Western Occultists went there, and why the Germans made so many expeditions to this land and in fact came back with hundreds of works whose teachings were incorporated into their own Weltanshauung. 

The Dalai Lama teaches the first seven initiations of the Kalachakra Tantra, meaning 'Wheel of Time' or 'Wheel of Destruction'. I am not conversant with these teachings but it has been said that this sees Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the opponents of Buddhism. There are also veiled teachings about those undertaking the Kalachakra Tantra being reborn as Shambhala Warriors, Shambhala being seen by some occultists as the ancient home of the Aryan Race, although there were said to be two places of such name, one physical and one a spiritual realm. 

There does seem to be an underlying 'force' moving hidden below the surface of world events that is today manifesting as a counter-movement to the Global Dark Empire. In simple terms there are five distinct 'arms' to this global 'Dark Empire' - 

  • Capitalism
  • Communism-Global Marxism
  • Judaism-Zionism
  • Christianity
  • Islam

This is an oversimplification but it will suffice to show that this is a world 'conspiracy' through both politics and religion to take control of the world, to destroy all nations and borders, and thus all peoples of the world. We could mention Masonry too which forms a large part of this, and also the various secret societies working within the System to control the masses. 

We oppose Capitalism because it is based upon materialistic economic consumerism, and the workings of this system are based upon usury, the loaning of money with interest, i.e. making money out of money rather than the earning of wealth through hard work. 

We are opposed to Marxist Socialism/Communism because it is the 'Revolt of the Slaves' and serves the purpose of destroying the Germanic Aristocracy of the European Nations and little else. It places the lowest in the highest positions which is a reversal of the Natural Order. 

We oppose Judaism-Zionism, Christianity and Islam because they are all religions that 'convert' through violence, terrorism, and murder (this can be clearly seen in the Judaic Old Testament, from the history of Christianity, and is clear from modern Islamic teachings) and are alien religions to the peoples of Europe. Zionism is a more materialistic form of Judaism which teaches world domination as much as Christianity did, and Islam does today. 'World Domination' means a World Government, and from the teachings of these religions, and from the past record of Capitalism and Communism these are certainly not going to rule as benevolent leaders or be there to serve the will of the peoples of our Nations.

Buddhism followed on from the ancient Heathen Religion of Tibet - Bon - whose prime symbol was the Fylfot-Swastika, as shown here having been incorporated into the later Buddhism. Bon was a 'Warrior Religion' for the 'Warrior-Race' of the Tibetans, since they were once a more warlike people. The Kalachakra Tantra forms part of the Vajrayana part of Buddhism, the term vajra meanings 'thunderbolt' or 'lightning-bolt'. 

The above is the vajra which is used in Tibet, but there is another form which makes it clearer what this symbol really is -

This form is clearly a double-ended 'trident' and is the 'Trident of Shiva', a symbol also shown in the hands of Odin in an old image by Snorri Sturlason. This indeed is the 'Thunderbolt' or the 'Lightning-Bolt' and is a very ancient symbol. 

As the highest Spiritual Leader of a spiritual discipline that goes way back into the mists of time (Buddhism followed from Bon) the Dalai Lama sees the world in a far different way from the materialism of the West. He is thus in a far better position to see what is right and good for a people, and what is wrong and bad (destructive), and he is not afraid to speak his mind on the subject. He has not been corrupted by the Judaeo-Christianity that Europe has endured for over a thousand years. 

Friday, 7 September 2018

The Will to Win

When we consider the myriad groups and organisations that oppose us and seek to stop our advance, plus the inert masses who are led like sheep and who will, at the will of their masters, ridicule and attack us for being 'different' and for not wishing to be part of what we see as a corrupt and degenerate society, we are very small indeed. We seem to face overwhelming odds, and yet our forefathers welcomed such odds as a challenge, whereas some today move from group to group, organisation to organisation, because they see no success or victory, even though logic tells us that at this stage this will not happen overnight. 

This does not only apply to the individual who is a 'member' of a group or active within a group, for I have known at least one individual who ran a group, disbanded it, and then formed another which was also later disbanded, and the process went on...and on...and on...He is quite well known and I will not name him, but he turned against his beliefs and his oaths to aid the Dark Forces that stand against us. He runs an organisation that now seeks to help us 'sinners' to see the light and change - why would we wish to change into someone like he has become? Why would we want to betray our own Folk? 

With the overwhelming odds stacked against us we can understand that sometimes one can get disheartened, but even those who do usually push themselves past this stage and get on with the struggle in hand. This we call - Strength of Will. Will is one of the figures in the Triple God-Head, Woden, Will, Weoh, and he gives us the power to overcome all odds. The mark of a good leader is to be able to go on and overcome when things are going wrong; it is quite easy to lead a group when everything is running smoothly and the group is growing, but when things start to decline a bit (which they always do) this is the time when a true leader or organiser shows his worth. 

This is my point here, there will always be times when things start to slow down, even go backwards a little, and at these times it needs will-power and total commitment to get over such times. To give up is to waste all of the years one put into this so this is not an option - or should not be. There is a point which I would like to make here, and I hope that everyone reading this will take heed of what I say.

We can see the attacks upon us by the liars of the press and the media. We can see the endless laws being brought in to try to stop us, to try to outlaw what we are doing. We can see the endless propaganda spewed out in the press and media, designed to turn the masses against us. Anyone who opposes the Global Dark Empire is attacked vehemently, is vilified, slandered and when these fail they resort to physical attacks. This is what ANTIFA is all about, it is there to physically attack anyone who protests on the streets against the multi-racial Dark Empire. ANTIFA protects the state! It protects the multi-racial hell we all have to suffer today. Supposedly against the Global Bankers there is no doubt that through subtle channels the Global Bankers fund them and they are organised by those with an agenda set by this Global Hidden Elite. 

What we rarely consider is that, given this onslaught upon us and our ideology and ideals, they must be worried about what we do and also worried about the rise of the Light Forces even at this stage. They would not be pushing so hard to crush us if they thought we were ineffective and small. Here I am not talking about the WF-R but about the struggle as a whole, the worldwide struggle for the freedom of the Germanic Folk. This includes every tentacle of this struggle working at a political, religious and cultural level. 

Here in England they staved off a growing revolt recently, a time when the English people were driven to the limits through the loss of freedom and free speech. The Old Order avoided further problems for themselves, and things have quietened down - or shifted to Germany and Sweden. With their control over the anti-Muslim 'Far-Right' where they can organise through the football fans, they have far less to contend with for now - until these people begin to awaken to what they are doing and move into movements and organisations that will create change for the good. Lessons need to be learned for the future, but that is not our concern being a religious group. A Folkish Religion would not have these problems since it would bridge the 'Left-Right' divide and it would reject all forms of the Slave-Religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There would be no 'religious arguments' about this. As Wotan's Krieger mentioned, the knowledge that Ingui and Krist are one and the same (archetype) should also bring intelligent Christians over to what we are doing. 

Again, if the Old Order did not see our struggle as being at all effective, and saw us merely as small, insignificant groups and individuals then they would not have to take up most of their time and energy in slagging us down, in attacking us, in taking YouTube videos down, in shutting down websites and blogs, and in using such vile groups as Anti-farce  to physically assault those who take to the streets to protest. They have to recognise some form of strength and power, some form of movement that can achieve victory in the end, otherwise we would not have to face such odds. Why waste all that time and all that energy unless they recognised a threat to their Dark Empire?

Everyone should take heart in this knowledge, since every little bit we do to create another crack in their structure brings us further to the final collapse of this Global Empire. This brings me to the most important point, and that is that we are a religion, and that as such this is the area that we have to work in and is the means by which we can do our part in the glorious struggle for Germanic Freedom.

How does religion help, one may say? How does holding Folk-Moots, doing Wodenic Rituals, chanting and drumming and performing special rites that inspire us to further heights? We know that what we do is designed to awaken the Gods, the Ancestors and the Folk-Soul of the Germanic Folk. Or at least everyone taking part should know this. But outsiders may perhaps see this as being, at the least, a waste of time, at the most ridiculous. Is it? Then why has ritual been performed since the beginning of mankind? Originally, the rites were performed in order to uphold the Cosmic Order, to ensure that a balance and harmony was kept with the Cosmos. Today there is no balance and order, and our rites are designed to awaken dormant forces that will aid in the struggle on Midgard, the struggle against the Joten - the Dark Joten. 

Anyone who has studied occultism will be aware that throughout the ages certain Dark Magicians have worked to open 'portals' through which the Dark Forces (Dark Beings) can move through into our world (dimension). This was how Atlantis fell, we are told, because Dark Magicians opened these 'portals' allowing Dark Energies to enter and these became the downfall of the Atlanteans. As with today, there were the White Magicians and others who were fully aware of this and opposed it with all their will and might; the Dark Magicians brought about their own downfall due to their tampering with vast and mighty powers that were (are still) destructive and will destroy everything in their way. 

Just as there are 'portals' through which these forces can enter (the 'conspiracy theory' about CERN is based on such an idea and is believed by some) there are also 'portals' through which the Light Forces (Gods and Elves) can enter our world. I have mentioned before how the 'Nordic Aliens' could represent the Light Forces since they behave as if they were aiding mankind's evolutionary drive upwards towards the Gods, whilst the 'Grey Aliens' - by definition - are dull, standardised, 'grey' (neither black nor white), 'multi-racial' in a sense, and would represent the Dark Forces that control us today. Thus the UFOs move from one realm into another, crossing through these 'portals', but they can be Light Forces or Dark Forces, battling against each other as we here battle against the Dark Forces. 

The gods did not abandon us - we abandoned the gods. Carl Jung said that this was like a riverbed that had dried up, and all that was needed was to open a channel that would again flood these riverbeds and they would become active again. The way to do this is through our Rites and Rituals. You can see here that these are not done for no reason, they are done to awaken the Gods, awaken the Ancestors and to awaken the Soul of the Folk. This is our role, and the most important role, within this great struggle. It is important because no physical revolution or revolt can take place without preparation through a Spiritual Revolution which has to be done through a new Folk-Religion. 

Such a new Folk-Religion must be such that it is a product of the world-age this is coming into being; just as previous world-ages have been ruled over by a certain archetype so must the world-age we are entering be ruled by the forces that are dominant in that era. The Age of Taurus was ruled by Bull-Cults, that of Aries by Ram-Cults, and that of Pisces by Fish-Cults, and the sign of Aquarius is that of the 'Water-Bearer' who pours the waters upon the Earth. In a sense this is an era of dissolution, when everything is dissolved into the Primal Chaos which has always been symbolised by the 'Waters of Chaos'. 

I would like to explain the concept of the Dark Night of the Soul which each and every one of us will most likely go through. This is a time when one becomes 'down' and everything stops, there seems to be no inspiration any  more, and it becomes harder and harder to carry doing the things that we have done, and must do. I have been through this more than once, the last time being a time when I really could do almost nothing, no ideas cam through and no inspiration urged me on to carry on. I think we should expect this, and accept this for what it is, because it is a transformation from within. It is a kind of 'nigredo', a darkness within which envelops and overwhelms. 

Those few who are one hundred per cent dedicated and work consistently for the Gods, the Ancestors and the Folk have at some stage to get to a point where the whole thing seems to collapse on them. This is not surprising when we put nearly all of our time into the struggle, and even when we have families often the family activities are built around our work in this struggle - at least I know mine was. Then comes the Dark Night of the Soul which is a challenge, it has been set for us to overcome. This is not easy, and only through the full strength of Will can this be overcome, can we overcome this darkness and overpowering force that works against us. But it has to be done in order that we become stronger - 

'That which does not kill us makes us stronger' (Nietzsche). 

We are not so fortunate as our heathen ancestors of ancient times whose lives were far different than ours today. No doubt a lot harder, but a lot more fulfilling and closer to Nature. We can see in the Symble, the feasting, drinking, boasting and toasting, how these ancient peoples enjoyed their lives and on all occasions worked through a wholeness where religion, magic, politics and culture etc. were all part of that wholeness - not separated as today. They mixed their religion with their social lives, feasting and drinking was all part of this wholeness. This was not done as today to get drunk and act silly, but to enjoy life to the full and at the same time still dedicate themselves to their Gods, Ancestors and their Tribe.

We can see this in The Vikings series where the contrast between the meek, mild and boring Christians seem devoid of any real love for life and adventure, whilst the Heathen Vikings thirst for adventure, battle-joy, feasting, drinking but at the same time the serious nature of religion was always there. As was the thirst for knowledge, something that Christianity did not want us to have; they destroyed the ancient knowledge in order to control the past -

'Who controls the past controls the present

Who controls the present controls the past.'

Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell.

We have to all be strong enough to carry on when things go wrong, when we feel that nothing is going right. This is the time when we need the Will-to-Win because it is the time to overcome, to strive to carry on against all odds. Not everyone will be able to do so because they have not that Will-to-Win and give up at the slightest sign of problems. We should all cultivate that Will-to-Win which gives us the power to carry on against all odds. We may not look as if we are winning, but we must be doing something right since every bit of energy that the Old Order has is used against us to halt our advance and Final Victory.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The Rise of the Light

The term Three Cauldrons is used for the three energy-centres or power-centres of the body, corresponding to the lower (abdomen), centre (heart) and higher (head). 

Lower - Bodn (Earth)

Centre - Son (Blood)

Higher - Odroerir (Mind's Eye)

The problem with equating these with the Norse 'kettles' lies in the fact that we think of a 'kettle' for brewing tea. The word 'kettle' stems from an Old Norse word for 'cauldron' which makes things much clearer. Thus - the Three Cauldrons.

We need to look at the functions of these three centres at a physical and mental level -

Head - seat of logic, planning, order, organising. (We say 'think things through' etc.)

Heart - seat of emotion, passion, compassion, love. (We say 'follow your heart' etc.)

Lower - seat of instinct, intuition, action. (We say we have a 'gut instinct' or 'he has guts' etc.)

We can see here how important all three of these centres are, and that being able to use all three would create a far better individual, more able to take up the struggle that we seek to undertake. It has often been said that the Europeans think too much with their head and not enough with their heart which may be true but in reality the ultimate aim must be to think with all three centres together. 

The aim of the exercises of the Three Cauldrons (ALU-ULA) is the 'Circulation of the Light', whereby the Vril Energy (Ki/Chi) is guided by the mind through these three energy-centres. This circulation requires that the energy follows the mind through the three centres - going upwards and downwards (ULA-ALU). This, of course, not only requires meditating on this light but also visualisation of this light moving between the centres. The true aim of this is to create the Immortal Spirit-Body ('Astral Body' or 'Body of Light'). 

ULA - The upward movement through UR-LAGU-ANSUZ is the purifying of the body's subtle energies so that when the 'Mind's Eye' is reached it will receive 'The Light' (energy and knowledge) which allows the mind to 'communicate' with the Gods and Spirits, and also gives the 'Language of the Birds' since it allows communication with Nature and the Cosmos. 

ALU - The downward movement through ANSUZ-LAGU-UR is the movement of the spiritual energy downwards into the lower levels which thus spiritualises these lower levels. 

The UR-Centre - this is the area below the navel and is the connection to the Earth/Midgard (Bodn - Boden); thus we symbolise this centre with a Black Bull connecting to Ur (Aurochs) and the Earth (Black). This area is connected with strength of will ('he has guts') which is the essence of the bull-symbolism (aurochs). This is a very important area to meditate upon and one that most of us should consider carefully. Too much emphasis today is put upon the intellect and rational thinking, pushing the emotions (heart) and the instincts (hara) aside in the process. All 'education' is geared to intellectual thinking, although the emotions are used to control the masses. 

The Lower Centre (Hara) is the 'Sea of Energy' and a simple exercise to 'energise' this centre is to stand in the runic-posture of the Eohls Rune ('Life-Rune') facing to the East (at dawn) and visualise the Golden Rays of the Sun entering the body through the outstretched hands, flowing through the arms, shoulders, and down into the Hara-Centre ('Calm Centre') where it becomes a 'Ball of Golden Light'). There are certain things to remember here -

  • The 'Golden Sun' is here symbolic, and in reality you need to recognise that what we are visualising is the 'Sun behind the Sun' or 'Spiritual Sun' which is the Ur-Source of Spiritual Energy.
  • The flow of this energy must follow the mind; in other words visualisation of this energy forces it to flow as the mind wills it to do. 
  • When this exercise is finished (if done rightly) you may find that you have an 'excess' which can be 'thrown off' by turning sun-wise a few times whilst shaking the hands, at the same time visualising the Light Energy being thrown out in all directions. It may also help to touch the bare earth below to 'earth' this energy. 

As an aside here, though perhaps not directly related to what is being said about the Three Cauldrons, the subject of 'Dark Matter' has been related to 'Astral Matter'. This is interesting in that 'Astral Matter' is seen as matter of a higher vibration, so is there any link here between 'Astral Matter' and the 'Astral Body'? This is a very hard question to answer since very little is known of 'Dark Matter'; but what we do know is that 'Dark Matter' must be a form of 'material substance' which is moulded by 'Dark Energy'. The link may be even subtler if energy and matter are one and the same as some scientists believe. 

Another question we may ask is whether 'Dark Energy' is linked to the concept of the 'Black Sun', and whether the 'Black Sun' is the 'Spiritual Sun' and the Ur-Source of Spiritual Energy. Some link the Black Sun with the Black Hole which is interesting in that the Black Hole seems to pull everything into it using a centripetal force, and then seems to become dormant; at some time it then starts to become 'live' again and emits an energy-force which is throw outwards. The sequence is rather simple in that a Black Hole is a collapsed star (death) which pulls matter into itself but which then emits energy and matter again (life), thus creating a life-death-life pattern. The Black Hole suggests an 'Implosive Science'. 

In occult circles the term 'Black Light' or 'Dark Light' has been coined which suggests a link to the Black Sun. We are, it seems, talking in terms of a Spiritual Sun in a different dimension or world - the 'Inner Earth' is seen thus and seen as a counterpart to our physical earth. 

I have mentioned this only because the idea of the 'Astral Body' is rather confusing to many. Miguel Serrano, an esoteric master, used the term 'Son of Man' for this 'Astral Body'. Modern researchers seem to see this as something that everyone has, but Serrano sees this as being one and the same as the physical body originally, but which has atrophied in the majority of humans, but which can be 'resurrected' through a process of rebuilding this, but this can only be done in the 'Vira' or 'Divine Hero. What seems to be the fundamental idea here is that it is through 'Light' that this is done - the term 'astral' meaning 'star' and being linked to 'light'. Thus also the term 'enlightenment' or 'illuminated' and the original 'Race of Light' or 'Shining Ones'.

We have here to consider terms such as 'The Illuminated Ones' or 'The Illuminati', who seem to be far from 'enlightened' in the true sense of the term. Julius Evola took the term 'Counter-Initiation' from Rene Guenon, and referred this to groups we today call 'The Illuminati'. We need to understand that light can 'illuminate' and bring knowledge, wisdom and understanding, but it can also 'blind' (create darkness) since a light-source, shining in the eyes, can 'blind' a person who then cannot see (even if this is temporary, though the Sun can cause permanent blindness). Thus, there are two distinct sides to light, the one that is positive, the other negative. The 'Illuminati' blinds people to the truth, and they have done so by stealing the Ancient Knowledge and twisting it so as to shine a light into people's eyes and blind them to the Truth. 

The concept of building or recreating the Astral Body is in effect done through the power of visualisation whence the Fiery-Energy is moved by the mind; the movement of this Fiery-Energy follows the movement of the mind. The Three Energy-Centres (or the Nine Chakras) are thus not physical in form but the subject of the visualisation. Through the power of the Will the Astral Energy is moved through these centres until reaching the Upper Energy Source (Odroerir) which produces the Amrita or Golden Nectar which floods the Astral Body and transmutes it, creating the 'Son of Man'. This is the key to the Three Cauldrons which are linked to the ALU-ULA Formula.

Ingui - The Sacral King (Part Two)

The earliest form of Shiva who, like Odin, seems to have been transformed into a more 'sedate' form in later times, is Rudra, whose name is linked to The Dagda of the Tuatha de Danaan through the title Ruadh Rofhessa ('Red of Perfect Knowledge'). Rudra can mean 'The Red One' and we are reminded of 'Rufus the Red' here too. In the English Nursery Rhyme of 'Cock Robin' every verse bar one concerns a bird, whilst the odd one out is a bull  - the very symbol of Rudra ('Red rag to a Bull'). Rudra in some versions rides a Boar. 

Shiva appears in seals of the Vedic period as seated in a lotus position (as the Gundestrup Cauldron) with great horns upon his head. We have seen how a Saxon Tribe in Dorset worshipped the 'Stag and the Snake' (symbols of this Horned God) and also the Saxon Irminsul. Some years ago Troy Southgate and I (and our families) did a hike along the North Downs Way in Kent, stopping for lunch at a place with three mounds topped by trees. The same night I had a vivid dream of these mounds (minus the trees0 one of which had an entrance with a Stag-Horned figure which was also symbolise by a Tiger. The dream told me this was Herne the Hunter (it was in fact near to 'Herne's Cave' on the North Downs Way which I did not know of until later). Somehow here I was given the symbolism of Herne as Rudra-Shiva one of whose symbols is the Tiger. 

The 'Wild Herdsman' is often portrayed as a great 'Black Man' which shows his 'dark side' or 'shadow-side' and there is a Grail Myth which seems to link this figure with the Long Man of Wilmington (we know his links to the Herne Giant) and thus to Waendal. The Dagda is obviously a variant of Woden as the god of magic and the dead. The name is probably merely 'dadda' (the 'g' being silent) which relates to the 'All-Father'. As the 'Don' ('The Don') his name is based upon the same letters (minus vowels) as (O) - D - (I) - N which are DN, which I have covered before in a post. The son of Don is Gwydion who is clearly Woden who has been taken up within the Welsh (Celtic) legends from a Germanic God, probably of the Belgae. Again, through the Dagda we have links between Germanic Lore and the Tuatha de Danaan 'from the North' who were great wizards and had great knowledge of Occult Lore and the Occult Arts. 

The figure of Merlin is also connected to the 'Lord of the Woods' and in some cases described as wearing a wolf-skin and bearing a club. This again is a dim remembrance of the god Woden in Celtic Lore. What we see here is the figure of the 'Wild Man of the Woods' (Wodewose) who escapes to the forests to become 'hermits' separated from the society they were in, just like the theme of the 'solitaries' of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. They are 'wargs' or 'wolf's heads' in a society that shuns them and to which they do not belong - as we are today in fact. 

Hamasson pointed out that the 'Dance of Shiva' would most likely take the form of a Fylfot-Swastika when revolved (*) and this is a Fire-Dance or 'Dance of Destruction' that is rarely equated with the figure of the Wild Huntsman (Woden) who destroys in order to recreate. 

I once saw a clip on YouTube showing the VW (Volkswagen) symbol on a hub-cap being revolved at a certain speed which created a Fylfot-Swastika. Taking this with a 'pinch of salt' I took no more notice until watching a documentary on the VW firm where the wheels of a VW were seen spinning, and actually did make a Curved Swastika. It is thus easy to see that Hamasson has a valid point here. 

Der Wild Jagde (German)

(Franz von Shuck - 1889)

The Wild Hunt (English)

(Franz von Shuck - 1899)

'Thereupon he became distorted. His hair stood on end so that it seemed as if each separate hair on his head had been hammered into it...he closed one eye so that it was no wider than the eye of a needle; he opened the other until it was as large as the mouth of a mead-goblet...The Champion's Light rose above his head.'

Here Cu Chulainn takes on the form of the Wild Hunter-God, the One-Eyed Wolf-God known as Woden. The nature of this 'Teuton Fury' is connected to Cu Chulainn through the Irish fearg which is a 'Wolfish Rage', the name fearg being the same as the Germanic wearg or warg meaning a 'Wolf of the Outside' i.e. an 'outlaw'. 'Culann' means 'hound' and he is the 'Hound of Ulster'. 

The 'Wounded King', as we have seen, is none other than Ingui who is wounded in the thigh, and whose wasting wound results in the Wasteland of Logres, where both Land and Folk are degenerating and dying - just as our Land and Folk are today. 

The figure of the Divine Twins holds a profound secret, for one of the twins is mortal, the other immortal. The 'Immortal Twin' is the hidden side of us, that which can be awakened and thus grant to us immortality. The mortal twin is our physical being, which we have to 'shed' in order to become immortal - and the symbol of the immortality is the Apple in Germanic Lore, granted by the Goddess Idunn. This immortal being is in fact a 'spark' of the original Divine Being which resides inside us, but which has to be awoken and brought back to 'life' in order to become 'as gods'. We have to eat of the Tree of Knowledge before we can eat of the Tree of Life and become 'as gods', and these have always been associated with the Apple Tree and thus to Idunn (in the Garden of Idunn). 

  • Parsifal's father marries a 'black-skinned Moor' - Nigredo.
  • He abandons her and marries Herzeloyde of the House of Anjou - Albedo. He is slain and thus Herzeloyde is the 'widow' and their son is Parsifal - 'Son of the Widow'. He slays a Red Knight and takes his armour and weapons to become that Red Knight - Rubedo.
Parsifal is the Warrior-Hero (The Wera) who has three swords -

  • With the first sword he slays the Red Knight.
  • He buries the first sword and takes the Sword of the Red Knight.
  • The third sword is the Memory of the Blood (Miming) which, on the second blow, is broken and repaired in the water of the Fountain 'Lac' flowing from beneath a Grey Rock. This is the 'Broken Sword' - NG. 
Agni (The Fire) is the son incarnate of Savitri (Heavenly Father) conceived and born by the Virgin Maia, who had as his earthly father the carpenter Twasti (Maker of the Swastika). In the Cave of the One of Both Sticks (Nyd-Rune) which has the name of 'The Mother', lives the Goddess Maia, the embodiment of Creative Powers who gives birth to the Son under the influence of Vayu (The Spirit) the breeze of the wind without which the Fire cannot be lit. The first spark that came from the Cave of the Sacrum of Maia, by the turning of the Fire-Wheel Pramantha represents the Birth of Agni. This spark is called 'The Child' or 'The Son'.

The Anointed One - Ingui-Krist - is the Divine Spark (Holy Spirit) created by the turning of the Fire-Wheel (Swastika), born in the Womb of the Virgin Mother (Maia) through the Friction-Fire of 'Two Sticks'. This is influenced by Vayu (Woden) who is the Spirit of the Wind without which the Holy Fire cannot be lit. The Warrior-Hero is born of the Waene, of the Morning Star, and is the 'Offspring of the Morning Star. He is Agni, he is Inga, he is the Divine Child and the Son of the Widow - The Hooded Man. Vayu - the 'Holy Spirit' - is Weoh (Ve) who is the 'Breeze of the Wind'. This is an aspect of Woden as the Triple-God knwn as Woden-Will-Weoh. Woden is the 'Fury', the Divine Intoxication, Will is 'The Will' and Weoh is the Divine, the Spirit. 

Contained in the word 'swastika' is a secret which connects to this theme -

Su - The Sun

As - this root carries the notion of holiness, of light and of divinity.

Asu - wind, connected to asu which is 'vital force' and 'power' 

This refers to Fire-by-Friction related to the Pramantha, itself related to the name Prometheus, the Greek God who stole the Fire of the Gods in order to give this to Mankind. We find vague hints that Sheaf-Ing was also connected to a 'Taper of Fire' which he brought to Mankind when he sailed to Scandi - the 'Shining Island'. Sheaf-Ing came from The Deep, i.e. he sailed across the Waters of Chaos at the end of a Cosmic Cycle when the worlds were dissolved back into the Primal Chaos. 

As I have shown before, Sheaf-Ing is connected to the Holy White Stone seen here in this Mayan Stela at the bottom of the 'Ark' or Dragon-Ship (note the serpents twined around the boat). This golden-red, bearded figure can be seen holding the 'Hammers of Thunor' and yet, these are each the 'Cross of Fro-Ing' or the 'Cross of Krist'. This shows the 'Saviour-God' who appears after the Great Flood and the destruction of the Old Order, steering the Waters of Chaos and Dissolution to bring a New Order and a New Race of Man - he is the Aryan Manu. In the 'Ark' is contained the 'Seed of New Life' at this Time of Dissolution, and written upon the Holy White Stone is the phrase Gift of Ing which is the Inga-Fire/Agni-Fire which is the Fire-Serpent which 'hides' within the Waters, dormant, atrophied, awaiting the time when it will be awoken by the Warrior-Hero - the Fire-Initiate. 

'The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior's last battle on earth.'

'A Separate Reality' - Carlos Casteneda

This is our 'Last Battle', it is the 'Last Stand of the Inglinga' when we face insurmountable odds in order to achieve the End-Sieg - the Final victory - when the Forces of Light defeat the Forces of Darkness and Matter. When we fall the world falls with us, and the old race of man falls, giving way to a new Race of Man - the Arya or Sun-Man, the God-Man foretold by the Prophets of Old. The 'Son of Man' is born with the death of the Father - the Father and the Son are one, Woden and Wid-Ar. 

If the 'Fisher-King' is Ingui, then we can see yet another parallel with the 'fishermen' associated with the Krist, and the symbol of the fish which was used of the Krist. Sceaf-Ing appears across the seas - the 'Fishes Bath'. We are actually told in the Old English Rune-Poem that Ing follows his 'waen' across the waves of the seas. 

The English Hero, Beowulf, has a name that can mean 'Barley-Wolf' or 'Bee-Wolf' (the Bear). He comes together with the figures of Sheaf (Corn) and Scyld (Shield) which all feature in the Legend of Sheaf. There seems direct links to East Anglia where we do indeed find an ancient ship-burial; the Wuffingas (Sons of the Wolf) are seen as the Wulfingas who occupied an area of south-west Sweden next to the Geats. The 'Barley-Wolf' is found in the famous folk-song John Barleycorn, a tale of death and rebirth. The 'Sons of the Wolf' refer more to Woden as the Wolf-God than to a Wolf Totem alone.

In the Myth of the War of the AEsir and the Waene we find the transition from a peaceful era - the 'Peace of Frodi' (Ingui) - to that of a warlike era ruled over by the Warrior-Gods of the AEsir under Woden. The Warrior-Gods had to take over from the peaceful Waene because of the change in circumstances, this was not a usurpation by the 'nasty Aryans' as some scholars infer, and which has become ingrained in our lore without foundation. As the Norse Myth tells us, the two sets of gods were fused into one and Ingui-Frey and Freya became part of the AEsir-Gods, thus changing their functions to suit the New Order. We can also find an interesting god named Kvasir, whose name relates to 'fermenting' and thus to the 'Mead of Inspiration' from which his Sacred Blood is made. He is slain and his blood is eventually put into the Three Cauldrons - Bodn-Son-Odroerir. Here we are back to the Sacred ALU Formula which is directly linked to the Sacred Blood of Kvasir. The Blood of Kvasir seals the union of the AEsir and the Waene - it becomes a symbol of the integration of the Warrior-Gods into the Elder Gods of the Waene. 

In an interesting little booklet by Varg Vikernes - Irminsul - he sees Freyr (Ingui) as the High God placed in the centre, the God of Balance who stands between Woden (Explosion-Centrifugal Force) and Thor (Implosion - Centripetal Force). This is the 'rhythm of the lungs of the universe' (the arms of the Irminsul). Here Varg gives a very profound secret away, since the Power of Thor is constant but the Power of Woden is like the Bkitzcrieg, it moves between an enormous force to almost nothing (stillness) and the back again to become enormous again. This is the key to the understanding of the Power of Woden, since he is the God of Fury and the Storm - but this  The Eye of Woden is the Eye in the Storm, the still centre of a mighty, enormous, devastating Force of Destruction and Creation. The Force of Ingui-Frey is stillness, for he is the Calm Centre at the heart of everything. 

Thus, according to this idea of Varg Vikernes there are three gods with three distinct roles -

Woden - Explosive Force (Expansion).

Thor - Implosive Force (Gravity).

Ingui-Frey - Harmonic State of Balance (Standstill).

The Irminsul Pillar lies in the middle of the twin forces and is thus symbolic of Ingui or perhaps Ir-Ing in this case. It is Ingui who sits in the High Seat, as he did when he longed for Gerda. Varg has a very interesting theory -

'With the Sixth Race, we thus seek to develop humanity and the technology that will ne advanced enough to transfer a human's experiences to the next life. We will live in a new body, but our consciousness will be the same. In other words, your ego will be identical; only the body is new. All knowledge, all experience and all sense will be the same. This is the immortality of the personal consciousness. The physical immortality will then be sought for.'

'Irminsul' - Varg Vikernes

The 'ego' that lives on from body to body is the Absolute 'I' spoken of by Miguel Serrano. The 'Sixth Race' is the Solar Race, the Arya with a highly developed intelligence and body. We can see the whole process clearly through the teachings of Miguel Serrano -

  • The Fire-Serpent moves upwards through the Seven Chakras, up to the Crown Centre.
  • At the Crown Centre the Sacred Marriage of HE/SHE takes place - the Union of Shakti and Shiva (Freya and Woden).
  • At this point the Sun-Initiate must try to 'Cross the Abyss' or 'Cross the Void', moving through the Eighth Chakra (The Black Sun - Sunya), where the loss of the 'I' (Ego) is a possibility that has to be avoided.
  • Through retaining the 'I' the Initiate passes through the Void, the Black Sun, crossing the Abyss onto the Green Ray.
  • At this point the Absolute 'I' is developed because the ego has not been fused back into the All, or the One. This is the stage mentioned by Varg when he speaks of retaining the ego from one lifetime to another. 

Parsifal and Gawain are the two most important warrior-heroes of the Graal Mythos, and both are connected with the concept of Love, but this is in the form of a Cosmic Love which I would see as an aspect of the God of Peace and Plenty - Ingui. Parsifal states - 'I belong to a Lineage of Love'. Serrano tells of the Amor which is the reversal of Roma, and which means 'Not Death' and is also 'Love' as the word tells us. In Wolfram's version of the Graal Mythos Parsifal is clearly stated to be of the Angevin Line, which (as I said) could be seen as Ang-Wine or 'Friends of Ingui'. There are three distinct phases -

Siegmund - Germany World War I

Sigurd-Siegfried ('Victory-Peace') - Germany World War II

Parsifal - The Third Phase and the Final Phase for it is Parsifal-Krist who brings the 'resurrection' and the regeneration and renewal of Nature and Man. In the process Amfortas - the Dying King - is healed, seemingly through the questions asked by Parsifal -

'Tell me, where is the Gral?'

'Dear Uncle, what is your illness?'

Amfortas is healed and retreats from the scene, most likely like the Elves and Frodo in the Lord of the Rings going away to the Land of the Immortals. The question of the 'illness' that Amfortas suffers is the 'Racial Sin' of the mixing of the High Race of the North (The Hyperboreans) with the lower races on the Earth, and thus losing their immortality. The 'Gral' is the vessel of the Holy Blood which has been spilled (Calc-Rune or Yr-Rune) through this error or 'Racial Sin'. This is the sin of the entire Family of the Gral going back to the very beginning. 

According to Aleister Crowley, Wagner's Parsifal had a section at the end influenced by the Order of Templars of the Orient (OTO) - this was the part where the Holy Lance (Spear of Woden = Phallus) is plunged into the Holy Graal (Womb of the Mother) which is a symbol of  fertility and virility returning to the Land and the Folk. The Hagal-Rune is the 'Total Man' according to Serrano, through the union of YR (Woman) and MAN (Man) - Death and New Life. We have seen in a previous post how the Hagal-Rune related to Krist, and since both Parsifal and Krist are the 'Son of the Widow' (and the 'Son of Man') they are one and the same - the Divine Fool. 

The Rune of The Hooded Man is the Edel-Rune (Odal-Rune) which contains the 'Balance of Light and Darkness' through the Double Sig-Runes facing each other, each one representing Ingui and Freya. When the 'Crown' is added (see Runebinder's Volkische-Runes blog) we get the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun'. 

This creates the Ing-Rune which is of the Warrior-Hero - the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun' or 'The Avenging Son' - Wid-Ar. This is the Resurrection of Ingui as foreseen with the Black Sun of August 11th 1999 when the 'King of Terror' (Black Sun - Solar Eclipse) brought back to life the 'King of the Angles' (Ingui) as told by the prophet Nostradamus. This event was perhaps one of the most important for us here in England and for the Inglingas wherever they dwell today. We are today in the Age of Ingui and we are seeing more and more signs that Ingui is being 'resurrected' and 'coming back to life' to guide and aid his Inglinga Folk in the struggle against the Dark Forces. 

Serrano sees us being in the 'Lead Age' because, no doubt, Lead is the heaviest and the grossest of metals, associated with the malevolent side of Saturn. But in the Royal Arts of Alchemy Lead is closest to Gold, and thus we can see that even within the Lead Age there is a hint of Gold, and the coming Golden Age. This is symbolic of the Sacred Blood, for even within the polluted, mixed blood of our age (Lead) the Blood of the Hyperborean remains, waiting for it to be transmuted into Gold. To do so we have to add Sulphur (Fire) to Saturn (Lead) - to 'add Fire and Divinity'. This is the Fire of the Divine Will whence the Blood is converted into the Fiery-Blood which is the essence of the Inga-Fire and Ingui.

We have seen how the Wound of Amfortas is made worse when Saturn is in a certain position, thus directly affected by Saturn. Thus Amfortas can be likened in some way to Saturn, who has to be transmuted into 'Gold' (The Sun). What is created in the process is the 'Son of Man' which is the Astral Body which exists only now in potential and thus has to be re-created. The process is thus -

  • The Dark Night of the Soul - Nigredo.
  • The 'Resurrection from this Death - Albedo.
  • Immortalisation by means of the Red Spiritual Matter (Fire) - Rubedo.

From the process is created -

  • The Absolute Man.
  • The Absolute Woman.
Both of these are androgyne for they are re-united in their separation - Kaivalya. The Third Mystery (Serrano) is the 'Mutation of the Blood' which occurs first in the Astral Body and which then achieves the regeneration of the blood of the physical body of the Vira (Wera) - the Hero-Man. This is done through an 'igneous vibration of Sulphur', able to transmute the Lead of Saturn into aurum potabile. This is the Initiation of Sangreal - the 'Blood of the Sacral King'. It seems that the 'Stone' is identified with Saturn and this contains the Elexir, the Gold. 

With the Resurrection of the Astral Body (the creation of the 'Son of Man' - Ingui-Krist) we are 'recreating our blood'. Only the Divine Heroes (Viras) had an Astral Body, and thus only these Divine Heroes can transmute into the God-Man. The 'Igneous Blood' ('Fiery Blood of Ingui') is the 'Blue Blood' which was the basis of the most Ancient Solar Race. Once the Astral Body is recreated and materialised the Vril or ER will regenerate the physical body which will change form, transforming into the 'Two Swords' - the physical and astral bodies. It is the realm of the Astral Body where the power of the Great Enemy is best destroyed. 

Ingui - The Sacral King (Part One)

The so-called 'Tripartite System' of the Aryans is made up of three distinct Castes, each one having a relationship with a part of the human body (and thus with the Cosmos). This is clear from the Aryan Myths and Aryan Legends and we can also add that each part of the system has a 'wound' of some kind which marks that particular Caste with an 'identity' -

Woden - Wounded in the eye which represents the head, the Priest-King Caste.

Tiw - Wounded in the hand which represents the arms, the Warrior-AEthlinga Caste. 

Wayland - Wounded in the knees which represents the legs, the Craftsman-Artisan Caste.

If we study this we can also find the secret of what is known as the Crane Stance where the person stands on one leg, holds one arm behind the back and closes one eye. This stance holds within itself the whole of the human-earthly-cosmic make-up since it unifies all three Castes into the whole. We usually see the Third Caste as the 'Farmer-Provider' Caste, but this is really the Caste that is based upon virility and fertility - the role of Ingui-Frey. Thus, we have four distinct Castes, the latter being left out of the Crane Stance. I would suggest that Tiw/Tir and Thor/Tor may well have been once almost interchangeable or even stem from one figure who represented the Warrior-AEthinga. If we do not accept this then Thunor, one of the most important Gods, does not fit anywhere into this Caste System - which he should do, of course.

Thunor or Thor seems to have developed from the earlier Axe-God who the Frisians named Forseti, a name which may have been directly linked to 'Thor' in sound 'For' - 'Thor'. Wotan's Kreiger covered this on one of his blogs, so I need not develop this too far. Suffice it to say that Forseti was an ancient Law-Maker, God of the Axe (Justice) and God of Springs (The Source). He ruled over twelve Asegir (AEsir) and was associated with the sea, as Jorgen Spanuth suggests thus being the Greek Poseidon ('Spouse of Don' which is interesting since Don-Danu-Idunn are likely the same). 

Tiw is the 'God of Balance' whose symbol is the Tiw-Rune which shows the balance in having both arms. When he loses his 'right hand' his symbol becomes the Lagu-Rune which has lost this balance. This is perhaps clearer when we look at the Celtic equivalent Nuada or Nudd who also loses his right hand, but who has a silver hand to replace it - silver always represents a Lunar Symbol. Nuada is no longer a 'Solar-God' but now uses the more lunar and instinctive-intuitive side, hence why Woden 'replaces' him as the High God. (Lagu is the Rune of Sorcery and Magic at one level.)

Why has Ingui-Frey been left out of this system, since his name is associated with the 'groin' - the IE Root *ingwe means 'groin'? This is the region of fertility and also virility, both of which are extremely important to a people, and which, when this fails, makes for the destruction of that people. When this figure 'disappears' (as we shall see) the people no longer produce strong and healthy offspring, and that people (as history proves) is destroyed and disappears from history. Not only that, when this god-form 'disappears' the land becomes a Wasteland

Let us first look at the idea of 'The Wasteland' since in the Graal Mythos (which is the key to these ideas) this is called Logres, a name obviously linked to the Lagu-Rune. Logres is always taken to be England and today's events seem to verify this as being true - true of today's England anyway, as well as other European Nations. The land becomes a 'wasteland' due to the wounding of the Sacral King - the 'Fisher-King'. This, again, is the key to the Mysteries of Ingui, as I hope to show here. Ingui is linked in some strange way to the Lagu-Rune, a theme that I will take up here to prove my point. 

We should here once more take up the idea or 'seed' that Wotan's Krieger mentioned about Ingui and Krist, since this is of extreme importance to my arguments here. Krist is the 'Son of Man(nus)' which is clear in Germanic Lore, and he is also the Celtic Mabon whose name means the same 'son of', from which developed the Welsh 'mab' which then developed into 'ap'; it is also the Scottish-Irish 'mac' or 'mc'. Wherever the suffix -ing is used it refers to the 'offspring' or 'sons of' when referring to an Germanic Tribe. It would seem that in English the suffix -son was used like 'Mac', 'Mc' or 'ap' such as in 'Robertson' ('Son of Robert'), 'Richardson' ('Son of Richard') etc. Names such as 'Golding' may perhaps retain the suffix -ing. 

The key to this is that Mabon is 'kidnapped' and hidden away, and he has to be rescued in order that he takes up his true role as the 'Saviour'. Now, we do not seem to find this in the figure of Ingui, but I have shown before how Ingui is linked to Agni of the Vedas. In fact Agni seems to have been 'lost' (a variation of being kidnapped) -

'Agni is living in the subterranean waters...the blessed oblation bearer is asleep in the waters...' 

Here we have direct links between Agni and 'The Deep'; and Agni is Ingui and also linked to Hama-Heimdall (as I have shown before). Hama-Heimdall, interestingly, is Rig-Hama who brings the Caste-System down to mankind. In the system of Rig-Earl-Ceorl-Thrall we find a four-tier Caste System that fits with what I have said above. The key to this is the 'Quest' that is necessary to find the 'lost' Sacral King', a 'Quest' that we may now link to the 'Quest for the Holy Grail'. 

Let us first go on to the 'Quest for the Holy Grail' since this is where the key lies to what I am going to explore. There are two distinct meanings to the roots of the expression 'Holy Grail' which stems from the French 'Sangreal' -

San Greal - 'Holy Grail'

Sang Real - 'Holy Blood'

This is a clever play-on-words used by Sun-Initiates who hid these secrets in mediaeval times, but we should not overlook the much earlier roots of this, whose secrets lie in our own English Rune Row in the three Grail-Runes - Calc, Stan and Gar. The term 'Holy Blood' is represented by the Ing-Rune, since this is the Rune of the Blood, and also the Rune of the DNA Code (as the shape of the English version shows us). But... the Germanic Ing-Rune is shaped as the 'Diamond-Ing' which actually represents England - the 'Land of Ing' - which becomes 'The Wasteland'. 

I have a feeling that Ingui is the 'Fisher-King' who has a 'wasting-wound' in the thigh (symbolic of the 'groin') and thus is the cause of the loss of virility-fertility of the land, but also of the Folk. He is thus Amfortas who is wounded in the thigh and who has to be healed before the Land and Folk can become whole again, and to do this the 'knights' ('Ridder') must seek the Grail, and 'ask the question'. This is down to Parsifal (The Pure Fool and the 'Son of the Widow') and Gawain who both have a strong part in this quest. It is very important to note that the wound of Amfortas can only be healed through the quest being fulfilled by Parsifal (The Pure Fool) who is The Hooded Man. The 'wound' is aggravated when it comes under the Sign of Saturn! This is extremely important since Saturn here represents the 'Satanic-Force' which is the evil force that controls the planet today. It is this force which has caused 'The Wasteland' in the first place.

Before I go further it must now be underlined that the 'Holy Blood' and 'Ingui' are thus one and the same, and they are represented by the Ing-Rune which is the 'Rune of the Blood'. Hence the importance of the Gift of Ing which is a theme that recurs over and over again within Germanic Lore.

As I have said before, the 'Gift of Ing' occurs over and over again, in the Ing-Rune, the Edel-Rune and the Gar-Rune, all of which are linked together within these Mysteries of Ing. It also crops up in the Holy White Stone of Ing which can be found in the Sussex Church as Steyning ('Stone-Ing'). Here the 'Gift of Ing' can be seen as the Inga-Fire (Agni-Fire) which is proven by the runes - Gyfu ('gift') - Ken (Inga-Fire) - and Ing. The pattern of the Holy White Stone could be seen as a 'Man' and thus the 'Gift of Ing' (Holy Blood) can be found within the genetic make-up of Man (not the 'human race' or 'mankind' in general but the descendants of Ingui). There are distinct moves to destroy the 'Sons of Ingui' wherever they are around the world, and this can be no coincidence.

There are distinct parallels in various myths around the world with a divine figure who is 'wounded' or 'cut up' and who is associated with the totem of the Boar. We have Osiris (Egypt), Shiva (Aryan India), Pryderi (Welsh), Bran (*) (Welsh), Diarmund (Irish) and in 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' where we find that a youngest brother is slain by his elder brother who claims a boar. The body of the younger brother is buried but a shepherd comes across a bone from which he creates a pipe. On blowing the pipe he hears the words -

Ah friend, thou blowest upon my bone!
Long have I lain beside the water: 
My brother slew me for the boar,
And took for his wife the King's young daughter.

(*) Bran is the 'Bron' of the Grail Mythos who is the 'Fisher-King'. The 'Head of Bran' was supposed to be buried under the White Tower to guard Albion, and even today the Ravens of Woden (Huginn and Munin) are the two ravens who are present at the Tower of London. 

The Solar-Boar of Ingui

This is the Tale of Hamlet and thus the secret again lies in 'The Pure Fool' who is The Hooded Man. The 'Son of the Widow' is Horus or Hamlet, but it is also the Krist (who is known as the 'Son of the Widow' in masonic lore, which holds certain secrets though distorted by the 'Counter-Initiation'). Ingui, it really needs no saying, is connected to the Boar. 

This is all associated with a 'Ritual Death' based upon being strangled (or head cut off), pierced with a spear/slain by arrows, and drowned (and/or sometimes burned by fire). This type of 'Ritual Death' is associated with Ingeld (Scylding Saga) and Ingcel (Irish Saga). Since this takes place at the Winter Sunwend (Midwinter) the death of Robert Mathews may be linked to this Archetypal Myth, his burning within the hall taking place on December 8th which is in the Wolfmoon (December) close to Midwinter, and near 'Woden's Day' on December 6th each year (dedicated to 'St. Nicholas' who is Nicor/Nikuda, a title of Woden). (**)

(**) We should note that the same happens to the figure of Bran who is killed (wounded in the thigh) and then beheaded, but his hall is also destroyed by fire when Irish forces attack it. 

We have all the associations here with Ingui -

  • Wounded in the thigh (IE Root *ingwe means 'thigh'.
  • Fire Ingui is a Fire-God.

What we do not have is the beheading and the Severed Head being associated with Ingui, but we do have a legend (originating in Ireland as far as we can go as yet) of Cu Chullain (***) who becomes the 'Green Knight' (a Middle English tale) and who is beheaded in the 'Beheading Game' which seems to be associated with a figure very much like Bran - Mimir. Mimir is also connected to 'memory' and thus to 'Blood Memory' - and thus to Ingui. So we can find a distant link with Ingui, although this is not clear by any means. But Mimir is a very old figure and so important as to be the one who is the basis of the wisdom of Woden, and whose head Woden consults in order to become a 'seer'. There is also a parallel in the Norse Sagas in Hrolf Kraki in Saxo Grammaticus's Danish History; the name 'Kraki' is said to mean 'crow', which is the same a Bran which means 'raven' or 'crow'. These are connected with the Midwinter Festival and, since we have no trace of this festival in the Celtic world the roots seem to be more Germanic than Celtic. The Celts used Samhain (October 31st) for the same festival since this was the first day of their new year, which we can see this as originally a Midwinter Festival. 

(***) I have shown in an earlier post how Cu Chulainn is  one-eyed in some parts of the legend. 

There is also a tale of Macc Oc (or Mac Og) associated with New Grange in Leinster, Ireland. Mac Og 'usurps' the position of the 'Old King' through a conflict between him and Elcmar; in this conflict the foster-father of Mac Og loses an eye. The name 'Macc Og' or 'Mac Og' means 'Young Son' and this happened during a time of peace, a theme associated with Ingui-Frey and Frodi. Newgrange, as I have shown before is associated with Venus, and thus to the Waene-Gods which include Freyr. We should also note that Njord, father of Frey-Freya, is associated with the sea and thus with water. It is also important to note that in the Rites of Nerthus the Goddess (Freya-Nerthus) rides in a wagon and is associated with a sacred pool where those present are drowned after the rites. (There are certain hints that the island could have been Anglesey (Angle's Island) as I have mentioned before.)

There are certain common themes that we should note here concerning 'god-slayers' -

  • Beli ('Brightness') slays Bran.
  • Goronw Pebr ('The Fiery') slays Lleu.
  • Fergus Mac Roich is killed by the blind Lugaid ('Light').
  • Conaire Mor is slain by Ingcel, the one-eyed raider from the sea.
  • Baeldaeg (Fire-Day) is slain by the blind Hodr.
  • Surt (Fire-Giant) slays Ingui-Frey.

In Norse Mythology Odin is often referred to as being 'blind' or even 'double-blind' so these 'blind' figures may refer to being 'one-eyed' rather than totally blind. The underlying theme seems to be that a one-eyed figure slays the 'God of Light'. One other connection seems to be water and we can see here the link between these ideas an the Lagu-Rune. On the Gundestrup Cauldron we find the symbol of a figure being drowned in a vat, and a row of horsemen riding away, suggesting a ritual death-to-rebirth involved here. 

I am here going to relate an astounding 'synchronicity' which happened as I was thinking about this post yesterday. Hamasson sent me a link to a piece by Renegade Tribune about J.R.R Tolkien and his use of the name Rohan and Rohirrim in the Lord of the Rings. As this piece states, the Rohirrim were the Horse-Riders of Rohan, also called the Eorlingas (Earlingas) whom he based around the Anglo-Saxons. One of the very interesting comments was that he used the Anglo-Saxons as 'horse-riders' because he may have thought that the reason why they lost at the Battle of Hastings was due to their lack of cavalry, which was the superior power used by the Normans. Now, we do know that the Anglo-Saxons used horses much earlier since we find in one of the Sutton Hoo graves an aethlinga buried with his steed, and also we find mention in the Old English Rune-Poem of the bow being the weapon of the horsemen. Since there is obviously a connection between the Saka (Scythians) and the Sac-Sons (Saxons) this connection with the horse may go back into the far distant past. The use of the White Horse Banner by the Rohirrim and that it was the symbol used in Kent and parts of Germany where the Saxons dwelt is thus important to this argument. 

We have to consider something here because the Norman invasion, financed by the money-lenders of that time and backed by the Pope (Catholic Church) may have led to the English Aristocracy being usurped in favour of Norman and Breton overlords, but this obviously resulted in the English Royal Blood being retained within the Common Folk of England, thus perhaps saving it (partly) from the ravages of the Church and State at a later time. The article sees Tolkien's use of the Anglo-Saxons as horsemen as being a kind of 'resurrection' of the English at a later time. Indeed, this fits exactly with the Gundestrup Cauldron where the footman is being fed into the Vat of Water (****), out of which the horsemen are seen galloping away - 'resurrected'. Not only that but the figure of the Horned God (Woden - Herne the Hunter) presides over the ritual. The Gundestrup Cauldron has been seen as 'Celtic' but some scholars now see a Scythian link - a link to the Saca-Sons. The Gundestrup Cauldron also shows a Wolf beside a female figure (Nerthus); the 'vat' or the 'lake' is symbolic of the ancient Cauldron of Regeneration. 

(****) This 'Vat of Water' theme can also be found in the Ynglingatal where Fyolnir - Son of Ingui-frey - the King of Uppsala ('Upp' = upward [towards the Gods] and -sala = hall or originally as 'sael' being a Holy Temple of wood maybe) is drowned in a Vat of Mead - perhaps a far better end than being drowned in water, at least one would be 'merry' on the mead. 

One point on this 'drowning' is that it is quite possible that the 'vat' actually represents the earlier idea of the Sacral King being drowned in the Sacred Lake of the Goddess Nerthus (this legend was attributed to tribes of the Angles). 

One further point on the Lord of the Rings is that the Rohirrim are the heroes together with the King of Gondor (Aragorn) and the Shire-Folk who include Frodo (Frodi - Ingui). Also, not stated in the film, the Rohirrim are the descendants of the ancient Numenoreans as were the Dunedain from which Aragorn came. Aragorn is the son of Ara-Thorn of the Dunedain - the 'Men of the West'. These all came from Atalante (At-al-land) whence the Numenorians ruled as a High Race but fell from grace when some of their rulers embraced Dark Magic and the rule of Sauron and the Dark Forces. Aragorn, it must also be said, was Half-Elven, as was Gandalf the Wizard, and there are many cases of men being half-man and half-elven. Ingui is, it must be remembered, Lord of the Elves. 

We can see in the figure of 'The Son' as being 'asleep in the waters' as the Kundalini-Force which is dormant at the base of the spine. This is the Inga-Fire or Agni-Fire which has to be 'awakened' in order to rise upwards into the spiritual realms (Asgard). This then takes another turn when the Fire-Serpent moves downwards along the spine to spiritualise the Earth and Matter - the Spirit (Son) descending into Matter (Mater = The Mother Earth). Another 'synchronicity' was that yesterday I very kindly received an ALU Pendant from Steed who said he had also given Hamasson one in exchange for his gift of a Thunor's Hammer to his baby daughter Ingrid who was named at the last Folk-Moot we held in Nottinghamshire. The ALU-Formula is our own spiritual exercise designed around the Inga-Fire or 'Fire-Serpent'. The Ur-Centre is around the area where our 'ur-ine' is stored, and thus to 'water' in one sense - it seems to be an area of 'Fire-in-Water' when looked at this way. We shall consider this later (if I remember, age being a criteria here). 

The central Energy-Centre of the ALU Formula is Lagu which represents the Solar-Plexus/Heart Centre and the Sacred Blood, as well as the Blood-Memory. This is connected to 'The Wasteland' named as 'Logres' through the similarity between Lagu and Logres. In Wolfram von Eschenbach's version of the Grail Mythos the Broken Sword is reforged under the 'Grey Rock' in the Waters of Lac (Lagu-Rune); the area concerned is guarded by a 'Dragon' whose symbol is the Fylfot-Swastika. This German version is far more mystical and magical than most of the others, and von Eschenbach seems to have been an Initiate of a high degree. The Celtic versions of this have two swords, one being Excalibur which is taken from a Stone (based upon the Legend of Sigmund whose sword is taken from the Barnstock Oak) and the other being taken from a lake, given by the 'Lady of the Lake'. We can see in this that one sword (which was broken) was seen as two swords, the latter being reforged under a Grey Rock in a Lake. The 'Broken Sword' is the Broken S-Word ('Sun-Word') and is connected to the theme where the original letter ng (Ing) has been 'broken' into two letters - 'n' and 'g' ('Need' - 'Gift'). 

Here, again, I see that there is some kind of hidden working within these ideas, since Troy Southgate once posited that the Holy White Stone of Ing could contain not only the 'Gift of Ing' through the Gyfu-Ken-Ing runes, but the 'cross' (added) may have been a Nyd-Rune, and thus we also have the 'Need of Ing' (Wagner's Nothung) which is the Sword of Sigmund in the Ring Cycle. 

The three Grail Runes originate in the Four Hallows or the four objects of the Irish Tuatha de Danaan who, we are told in Irish Legend, came 'from the North' i.e. Northern Europe or Scandinavia as we know it - the 'Shining Land' ('Scandi' means 'shining', and was the island on which Sheaf landed to become the Sacral King of the Inglingas.) These objects are symbolised in the last four runes of the Old English Rune-Poem - Sword (Sweorth), Cauldron (Calc), Stone (Stan) and Spear (Gar). The connection that stands clear here is between the ancient Germanic Tribes (Tegeinlg and Gangani) who occupied the area of Leinster in Ireland. The 'feasting-halls' such as Emhain Macha and Dun Ailinne can be found in Leinster and connected to Ulster and the Ulster Cycle. There are names such as 'Dunn' which is found in Irish, Scottish and the name of an Anglo-Saxon monk from the Eighth Century (Anglo-Saxon Chronicles), seemingly a connection between these three areas (the Scots came from Ireland). 

The Ritual Death of the Sacral King (Ingui) shows King Frodi who rides on a 'wagon' (mentioned in the Old English Rune-Poem) which tours the land awaiting his rebirth. This archetypal myth seems to have been tagged onto the death of Rufus the Red who is slain by an arrow and whose body is taken around the land in a wagon, He may have been a Norman King but his legend may hide much deeper and ancient roots. 

Who killed Cock Robin?
I, said the sparrow,
With my bow and arrow, 
I killed Cock Robin.

This 'nursery rhyme' is an English Myth recalling the death of 'Cock Robin' who, like the 'Cock-Horse' of the tale of Banbury Cross, could be a play-on-words for 'coch' which is Welsh for 'red' - Rufus means 'red'. (*****) This is also connected to the hardy English bird, the Robin, whose 'red-breast' symbolises the 'blood-wound' of the Sacral King. Somehow, hidden within the death of a Norman King is the Legend of Robin Hood - The Hooded Man. He is the Sacral King who is slain by arrows and then driven around the land in a Wagon; the king slain with arrows is Baeldaeg, Herebald and King Edmund, the Last of the Wuffinga Kings. The 'wagon' is that of Ingui-Frey and the Goddess Freya (Nerthus) and the Ritual Slaying of the Sacral King is the core of the Waen-Cults. The planet of the Waene - Venus - is the Star of Resurrection.

(*****) The 'Rufus Stone' lies in the area of the New Forest and is where this 'Sacral King' is supposed to have been slain (by accident). The arrow that slew him deflected (the legend goes) from an Oak Tree nearby - the Oak being symbolic of the English Folk-Hero, Robin Hood. It should be noted here that in the Battle of Hastings the last English King, Harold, is slain by an arrow piercing his eye. I have noted a connection with the French through the Angevins, whose name could be rendered 'Ang-Wines' or 'Friends of Ing'.

Sacral Kingship appears to have the following features -

  • The king is of divine descent.
  • An element of the divine is believed to be vitally present in the king.
  • The king is believed to be the representative of the deity on earth (an avatar).
  • The king's 'luck' (Konigsheil) forms the basis of his power. His is a mana-like quality of 'luck' (known as heil) and he has supernatural powers.
  • The society ruled by the king is religious in form.
  • The king is married to a bride that represents the land (Sovereign) who personifies the well-being of the realm.
  • The slaying of the Sacral King is done to bring fertility to the land and the people. 
  • Often the Sacral King is the offspring of a God and 'Giant' and we do find many Gods as having Joten-Roots. 
  • The Sacral King was a Priest-King, a role later split into two distinct parts - King and Priest, but which were once one and the same.
  • He is subject to 'fate' and thus his death is not heroic but an accident or an act of treachery (as in the case of Baeldaeg), and sometimes rather comic in nature. Very often he has a geis that he must not break, but which he cannot avoid breaking due to the circumstances of the time. 

In a work by Walter Baetke based around 'Yngvi and the Ynglinga' which equates Ingui with Sacral Kingship he traces this back to the ancient Kings of Uppsala. Ingui is the Inguna-Freyr of the Lokasenna. Thus Ingui is directly seen as the Archetypal Sacral King.

The Sacral King seems to form the more recent German 'Fuhrer and the Folk' which sees the Germanic Leader (Fuhrer) (******) as the 'Soul of the Folk' or the Tulka as Miguel Serrano sees this concept. He does not merely represent the Folk - he is 'The Folk'. This can actually be seen in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings where Theoden King (said this way to mimic the Old English tongue) has a name related to theod meaning 'people' or 'folk'. Theoden King is the Sacral King who is the Folk; in the saga he does not want to go to the aid of Gondor, but he does so because - knowing it will be the death of him - he feels duty-bound to do so (a concept missing in modern society). 

(******) The term 'Fuhrer' suggests 'Fury' and a connection to Woden but I have shown that a connection between Woden and Ingui can be seen in the name 'Ygg' which is a by-name of Woden. 

It should be noted that the Wolsungas, and thus their offshoot, the Wulfingas, were associated with the Waene through the 'Apple of Frigga' which rejuvenated the Wolsunga Royal Line which was threatened. It is also clear that a connection between the Waene-Cult based around a husband-wife/brother-sister (Frey and Freya) can be found when a brother-sister relationship bears fruit in the continuation of the Wolsunga Line. 

The Quest for the Holy Grail seems to be a quest for the Mystery of Ingui, a quest to revive the most ancient Sacral Kingship once again. Sacral Kingship can be seen in a comic light but also in a very tragic light too, the Sacral King seems to be a fusion of 'God' and 'Giant' and thus is neither/both and is in reality a new being made from the fusion of opposites - an important point. We can see in the figure of Ingui-Freyr (whose symbol is the Solar Boar) the Sacral King who is wed to the land (Gerda - Sovereign). To find Gerda, Ingui-Frey sits in the High Seat of Woden, he takes the seat of the High God (becoming the High God). He gives up his sword and thus has to fight with a Stag's Horn (The Horned God Symbol) at Ragnarok where he falls to the Fires of Surt. 

We are going back to a time when the roles of Woden and Tiw were the same, that of a Priest-King. In some ways this is actually seen in the figure of Woden who is a Priest-Magician and a Leader-Fuhrer. Thus Woden seems to unite the two in what was once an original form or Ur-Form. In this we can begin to see the figures of Woden (Head-Leader) and Ingui (Groin-Fertility) as being linked together within the role of the Sacral King. The 'wound' linked to Ingui has to be healed (through the Grail Quest) before the Land and Folk can become whole (heil) once more. Now it should become clearer as to why our struggle is not only for our freedom from oppression, but also a struggle to regain the fertility of Folk and Land.