Saturday, 17 November 2018

Ask & Embla

The First Man is named 'Ask' and the First Woman is named 'Embla'; these are said to be trees which is rather a hard concept for most people to understand, not making sense to the intellect. They are usually seen as the Ash and the Elm, respectively, although 'Embla' also suggests 'fire' (embers). But, for now, let us see these as being two trees, and connect them to the End-Times when 'New Life' is hidden in the bole of the World Tree - Yggdrasil. 

It is the Triple Godhead - Woden, Will & Weoh - who form Man out of the already-present living organic matter here symbolised by the two trees. Here we should emphasise that Man is not 'mankind' as we know it today, proven by this Aryan Myth, since there are other races which are not made from the same material. This is made clear in the lore of the Judaeo-Christian Bible where 'man' (small 'm') is created from the clay of the ground which is inert matter. Clay is the soil beneath our feet, but the tree is rooted in the ground, and yet reaches high into the heavens - especially the Ash-Tree. Woden is the Ecstatic Energy, Will is the Will, and Weoh is Holiness. 

Here the important point is that 'man' (lower species) is made up of the inert matter of the Earth, but 'Man' (The High Race) is made from the living, organic matter which is rooted in the Earth, but which is also able to grow upwards towards the heavens - towards the Home of the Gods. This High Race partakes of the past and the future, of the Earth and the Divine, of OS ('God') and AESC ('The Ancestors'). The Man-Rune or 'Rune of Man' is the Rune of our Folk and not of the whole of 'mankind' - it is the Rune of the Thinking Man - Creative Man. The 'High Race' is both the Serpent and the Eagle - the Serpent and the Winged Coiled Serpent.

Likening 'Man' to the trees also suggests mortality, since the trees are not immortal, having a span of life which ends in decay and death. This 'Man' is thus Aryan Man (Race of Hope) and not the 'Shining Ones' or 'Elves' who are immortal, and who were the original Spiritual Race on Earth but who now dwell in the Land of Immortals, outside the material world in another world, a world removed after the Great Catastrophe. In a sense these are the Asmegir (Asa-Powers) who dwell in Odainsacre. They are the 'Coming Race'. 

In regard to 'Embla' and the idea of 'embers' this is merely an idea and has no real basis in Norse Mythology which does not explain the word. However, trees die off and return to the Earth, but wood is also the main fuel used for 'Fire', hence there may be a link here, albeit a very subtle one. If so this is the Feminine Fire and may also be linked to the Elmes-Fire which became Christianised into 'St. Elmo's Fire', this personage being a blacksmith I believe. The smith is the 'Wielder of Fire' and the 'Tamer of Fire', the creative-spirit whose energy is Fire. 

In the Ar-Kan Runes we use the Os-Rune as the 'Rune of Woden' and the AEsc-Rune as the 'Ancestral Rune', linking the latter with the Ash-Tree and with 'Ash' - the 'First Man'. 'Ask' is the Divine Ancestor of the Aryan Race. But, we have no rune for 'Elm' as far as we know. There are certain 'Tree-Runes' within the Ar-Kan Runes -

Ken/Kan - Pine

Feoh - Fir (?)

Thorn - Hawthorn/Blackthorn

Eoh - Yew

Beorc - Birch

Ac - Oak

AEsc - Ash

These are the most obvious but there may be more hidden away within the rune-names or rune-meanings. (Feoh as 'Fir' is merely speculation). The Cweorth-Rune may also be 'Apple' since the Celtic Ogham has 'Quert' meaning 'apple'. This fits with the idea of the 'Way of the Gods' and with 'Immortality' and the 'Tree of Life'. 

This is a very short post but one which is needed to help explain the symbolism of Ask and Embla. When we recognise that 'Ask Yggdrasil' - the World Tree - is at one level the 'White Tree' and represents the White Race then this makes it even more likely that what I have said here is right. 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Sacred Blood Struggle

"For the blood of the Numenoreans became much mingled with that of other men, and their power and wisdom was diminished and their life-span was shortened." 

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien

When we talk of 'Sacred Blood' it has to be understood that we refer to the ancient past in terms of a High Race whose 'power and wisdom was diminished and their life-span was shortened' because their Sacred Blood 'became much mingled with that of other men'. In Tolkien's works this is the Race of Numenor whose line continued into the Kings of Gondor. When Gondor became ruled by a 'steward' the line continued through Aragorn who was of the Dunedain of the North who dwindled even more and became 'Rangers' wandering secretly in the Wild. This is how we find Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings. 

I have used this theme through Tolkien's works because this is the easiest way to understand it. It must be realised that we are here talking of a 'Ruling Elite' who possess that Sacred Blood, and not a people as such, for this is how history shows this to be. It is always a ruling elite of the Earls (Aristocracy) and the Kon (Sacral King) which has the 'Blue Blood' or 'Sacred Blood'. This is how we should view the term Aryan, as the 'Twice-Born', the Initiates, and not as a people as a whole. 

In Tolkien's works it was not just the Kings of Gondor who were descended from the Numenoreans, for it was also the Rohirrim or Eorlingas who claimed the same descent. These people, of course, are the Warrior-Elite of the English Folk as is clear in their names and place-names. They were a separate branch of the same tree. We have also the symbol of the White Tree which dies as this High Race dies - it is renewed only though being seeded anew. 

There is also a kinship by blood with the Elven Race, since we find this in the Heirs of Isildore who claim kinship by blood with Elrond and the House of Elrond. The Elves were a Divine Race who preceded men on this Earth. We can assume they were a Spiritual Race, an Immortal Race who were not physical in form. They are often referred to as the Shining Ones and the name 'elf' stems from an Indo-European Root meaning 'white' which suggests 'brilliant' or 'shining'. 

Once again, using the works of Tolkien, we must understand that the High Race of Numenor fell not only through mixing with 'other men', i.e. with lower species of men, but also through many of their people being misguided by the Dark Lord, named Sauron in his works. Sauron the Deceiver is the force that misguides men, turning them against their Gods, and this we can see has happened in the history of our people. Tolkien's works are meant to be an English Mythology and thus they reflect the historical events of the physical world. We have a section of men who are deceived but also a loyal and honourable section who are not deceived and who honour their Gods and their Ancestors. This is also true of today's world. 

Just as Sauron cannot act in this world except through a powerful ruler or rulers, the Dark Forces cannot act except through the rulers of today's world. And it is these evil rulers who brought ruin to Numenor and through them Illuvater destroyed the lands and the people thereon, at the same time taking Valinor and Eressea 'into the realm of hidden things'. This is an important point since it shows that certain lands, Valinor being the Elven Realm, were removed from the physical world into another dimension of being. Although this cannot be proven, it is a fact that when certain civilisations reach a state of degeneracy they are destroyed, and the historical accounts that have come down to us show that they (like Pompeii) were destroyed by floods. This is also the case with Numenor which was destroyed by floods with all its riches and splendour - everything came to nought because they took the path of darkness and betrayed their Gods and their Ancestors. But above all - they betrayed their Sacred Blood. 

Tolkien sets these catastrophes in the 'regions of the western world' and refers to this land as 'Atalante' or 'Avallone' which suggests that he is here referring to At-al-land in the North Sea, which is indeed in North-West Europe. But Tolkien suggests that these lost lands still exist, though cannot be seen by mortal man, or at least to the mass of people. It was only certain people that could find their way to these lost lands -

'Yet once they were, and therefore they still are, in true being and in the whole shape of the world as at first it was devised.'

The Silmarillion.

It is suggested that these realms exist as they were at AR the beginning, at the mythical time known as 'The First Time'. In Tolkien's works it is also made clear that the 'world was made round' and that 'all roads are now bent' which suggests that the idea of a 'Flat Earth' refers not to the physical world as we know it, but to a higher dimension of being - which is what seems to have been known to the ancients. The idea of 'flatness' appears to be linked to that of layers of being, set one above the other. These worlds are also the realms of the Immortals, where physical death is not known. 

'Therefore the loremasters of Men said that a Straight Road must still be, for those that are permitted to find it. And they taught that, while the new world fell away, the old road and the path of the memory of the West still went on, as it were a mighty bridge invisible...'

The Silmarillion.

This road, it is said, went to Tol Eressea ('The Lonely Isle') and perhaps beyond to Valinor, the Dwelling of the Gods. Even if the land of Numenor had sunk beneath the waves, it was still possible, for the very few, to look upon the White Mountain which was (and is) the Sacred Centre of these lands. With the downfall of Numenor came the withering of the White Tree, a concept we find in Lord of the Rings. 

It is clearly stated that the aim of Sauron, the Dark Lord, was to destroy forever the High Race of Numenor, for when he saw that Ar-Pharazon, the King of Numenor, had set sail with a fleet of ships to assail the Gods themselves, he 'laughed at his own thought, thinking what he would now do in the world, being rid of the Edain for ever...' The 'Edain' being the High Race of Numenor. In modern terms we can say that Sauron's plan was the genocide of the High Race of the North. 

The battle in which Elendil cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron took place at the end of the Second Age. The events of Lord of the Rings takes place at the end of the Third Age. We stand today at the end of the Fourth Age, the age to which Aragorn predicted would come the complete fall of men and their realm, and the total collapse of blood-kinship. This, he said in his speech before the Gates of Mordor, would not happen in his time. It has happened in our time, and this is where our great problem lies.

Everything to do with 'Pure Blood' is today ridiculed, and this is seen clearly in the 'Harry Potter' series which is aimed at plugging this firmly in the minds of our children. We can see from the 'Harry Potter' films how our mythology has been used in a most distorted form, these powers seemingly unable to create but only to use what is already there and distort it to their own image for their own ends. Even the names are somewhat sinister since the 'Dark Lord' is named Voldemort, which suggests 'vol' (spirit) 'de' (of) mort (death or the dead), aimed maybe at Woden as 'Lord of the Dead'. ('Vol' here suggests such words as 'volute' meaning 'spiral' and thus 'spirit'.) The 'Harry Potter' series is a typical 'multi-cultural' propaganda exercise designed to make this acceptable to the young mind, and that the bad guys are the 'Pure Bloods' whilst the 'Mud Bloods' are the good guys. 

The Merovingian Kings, I have shown elsewhere, seem to be the Wolsunga Royal Lines who were the direct descendants of Woden and who were claimed to be the Sorcerer Kings. Various magical objects have been found in the tombs of the Merovingian Kings, and their sacred emblem was the Tribal Spear - obviously the Spear of Woden since they were Wolsungas and thus the Divine Race of Woden. They were deemed to be a heerkonig and an ancient race of Divine Kings, and through the scheming of the Christian Church they were deposed and their line seemingly destroyed - seemingly, for like the old English Kings deposed by the Normans, their blood must have passed into the Common People where it still lies today - though dormant. 

Throughout modern history there has been an attempt to break down the ancient Germanic Kingship of Europe (and it was Germanic) through bloody revolutions, through diluting its blood, and also through creating 'Democracy' where this ancient kingship gave way to the 'Power of the People'. Since the 9/11 fall of the 'Twin Towers' we have moved firmly into the 'Age of the People' and the last part of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age - the final and worst era of the Cosmic Cycle. This is the final phase of the Fourth Age. 

In the Lord of the Rings (at least in the film) it is made clear that each 'age' lasts for 3,000 years, since Elrond states that he had lived 3,000 years after the end of the Second Age. Now this makes a cycle of 12,000 years, which takes us back to the time of Atlantis if we stick by the majority opinion on the date of this catastrophe. But, a Great Year Cycle is not 12,000 years but 24,000 years (or 26,000 years if we take the ideas on the Precession of the Equinoxes as being right). So 12,000 years is half a cycle and for the full Cosmic Cycle each 'age' would be 6,000 years. This would also take us back to the sinking of Atlantis which would be at the end of the Second Age - making some sense now. If we take 3,000 years as one 'age' we will only go back to 1,000 BCE for the end of the last 'Quarter Age' but using 6,000 years this makes 4,000 BCE which is (coincidentally) the dating of the 'beginning of the world' according to how the Judaeo-Christians saw it until Darwin's 'evolutionary' theory and modern scientific evidence replaced the idea. Since this is the 'Dark Quarter' which is when the movement of the ages sinks into its darkest period, then we have had 6,000 years ruled over (at some level) by the Dark Forces. The last 2,000 years have been the era in which these Dark Forces have come into their true dominance, and they are today seeking (as did Sauron) to completely destroy the last remnants of the High Race of the North - how else do we explain the way that it is the Europeans who are taking this onslaught upon their lands - and no-one else? 

Of course, after all these thousands of years, there is no 'Pure Race' since this would (under the circumstances) be impossible. No one in their right mind would claim this to be true. Nor is there an 'Aryan Race' since the name refers to the 'Twice-Born' who are (in Miguel Serrano's works) the Viras who are the 'Divine Warriors' or 'Divine Heroes' who struggle to regain that Pure Blood through not only their  Sacred Blood Struggle but also through finding the magical means to do so. The secret of these mysteries seems to be held in the idea of the 'Third Eye' which is in physical terms the atrophied Pineal Gland which, when awakened (opened), gives access to other worlds of being and thus to the Higher Truths. The 'Third Eye' appears to be like a crystal which is used to 'communicate' between the worlds, a receiver and transmitter (like the crystals used in the early radios) between Man and the Gods. 

The above shows the Wewelsburg Order Castle in its projected form as part of a huge 'Centre of the World' complex (this phrase should be remembered since it forms part of so many old occult legends about various Germanic Kings). It seems to represent the Spear (Spear of Woden) entering the Grail Cup, the male entering the female. In fact, Aleister Crowley maintained that Wagner's Opera - Parsifal - had its ritual climax created by the OTO (Order of Templars of the East). This was a magical 'Love Rite' in which the Spear entered the Grail, but we should see this not only in its physical sense but in a higher sense of being a Creative Force - a force of regeneration. (We cannot, of course, take everything Crowley said as being true, but it is highly likely that the idea of the Spear as male and Grail as female is not restricted to his ideas, and is a more ancient symbolism.) 

The point of the Spear just happens to be the North Tower of this complex, the area where lies the Hall of Valhalla and the Black Sun images on the floor. This complex is associated with Ancestral Worship and based (it seems) on King Arthur and his Twelve Knights. The hall seems to have been constructed with a view to sound being used, presumably for some form of rituals, and from the hints we have of the projected complex this had something to do with the opening of the Third Eye. 

What we should not forget is the deliberate play-on-words used of the 'Holy Grail'; this is the French San Greal ('Holy Grail' and Sang Real ('Real or Regal Blood') since this creates a picture for us of the medieval attempt to use alchemy for the process of recreating the Sacred Blood within our Folk. The fact that the 'Holy Grail' is in truth the 'Holy Blood' means that it is quite possible that the aim of the rituals mentioned above were for the recreation of the 'Holy Blood' and thus the creation of the God-Man - the Immortal Man. This is not to say that a return to the original 'Golden Age' when man was like a child, a 'Child of the Gods', is the aim, but that man must strive to become the 'God-Man' who would be not 'childlike' but a grown 'adult' who would be fully conscious as a 'God'. It would seem that the Gods, who are not in the same sense 'fully conscious' since they each have their own set roles, may have deliberately 'mixed with the daughters of men' in order to be able to achieve the aim of becoming fully conscious (with the Absolute 'I' of Miguel Serrano) as the Man-God, thus achieving their true aim and destiny of the evolution of our Folk. 

This begs the question as to what relevance the 'Graal-Runes' are to all this, since they appear only in the rune-row either developed here in England or passed over from the Frisian Folk - or perhaps developed through the Frisians who were here in more ancient times, the builders of the last two phases of Stonehenge. We should also consider that the earliest links to the sacred objects ('Four Hallows' as we call these) of the Grail Mythos originated in Ireland linked to the Tuatha de Danaan. If I am right in linking the Goddess Dana/Danu with Idunn (which seems feasible) then the 'Golden Apples' are the 'Apples of Immortality' and the 'Apples of Regeneration' linked to Venus (Freya) through the pentagram being found in an apple cut in half. The Star of Venus (according to Miguel Serrano but also, it seems, known to the peoples of the ancient world) is an Eight-Pointed Star - Veneris. (If I am right the true and original symbol of Islam was not the Crescent (Moon) but the Eight-Pointed Star.)

Let us look at the 8-pointed star since there has to be some significance in this symbol. It is clearly made up of a + (Positive) symbol and an x ('to multiply' or 'to reproduce') symbol in a combination. Miguel Serrano (who is an Armanen Master) suggests that this is the Hagal-Rune (Rune of the Age of Pisces) with the Spear passing through it, creating an 8-pointed star from the 6-pointed star. This is thus the Symbol of the Age of Aquarius. CM-R in the USA, who supplies so much useful information, sent a piece linking the 8-pointed star to 'Jesus' (The Krist), and back to the Semitic god-name El (variations Al or Ilu - and thus ALU?) 

It is interesting to note that the Man-Rune or Mannaz-Rune embodies the Sacred Number 88, being made up of two Wyn-Rune, Wyn being the eighth rune of the Futhork. The Man-Rune is the 'Rune of Manu' and Ingwe (Krist) is the 'Son of Man'. The Man-Rune is the mystical link between Man and the Gods; it is the means of communication with the Gods. It is the Rune of Mannus, son of Tuisto ('Twin'), father of Ingfo, Istfo and Irmin. It is also interesting to note the links between the 'Octagon' and Octa who was the son of Hengest, and whose name seems to stem from a nephew of AEtla the Hun. 

In a previous post I mentioned how the ancient peoples of these islands seem to have linked Venus to rebirth, and in particular to the rebirth of the 'Warrior-Hero'; we could link this to Valhalla, but since the planet Venus is linked to Freya then Folkvang cannot be ruled out. However, we should also remember that Venus is not just a female star but a male-female star dedicated to Ingui-Freya, and so Ingui is also linked to Venus. I am going to suggest that since Sacral Kingship may well have been of the Waene-Cults then this type of 'rebirth' is also linked to the Waene-Cults. Ingwe/Ingui, we have seen many times, is of vital importance to the English Folk.

This runic formula comes from German Magicians and contains the Secret Cypher 88; it also suggests that the Germanic Ing-Rune (at the bottom) represents Venus (which I have suggested before). Two Wyn-Runes are here used to represent the Cypher 88 (Spirit 88) and the regenerator is the Ur-Glyphic Irminsul. The Peorth-Rune is the 'Birth-Rune' from which arises the 'Spirit 88') - HelgiH. The Germanic Ing-Rune is also the 'Womb of the Mother' which contains the 'Spirit of the Avatar'. The Peorth-Rune in this form also suggests the 'Swan-Ship' which sails upon the 'Waters of Chaos' (Waters of Dissolution) at the end of a Cosmic Cycle; in this 'Swan-Ship' ('Thule') is the 'Spirit 88' which is reborn or incarnated into the physical world - a god sent down to man. 

The Number 8 is the glyph of 'Infinity' (placed sideways) and is thus connected to the 'Otherworld' or the worlds outside our Time and Space - our finite world. The Number 888 appeared in the 2015 Black Sun Crop Circle -

We do not know what crop circles are man-made and even if this is man-made there is still one fundamental question we should ask - WHY? Why would anyone do this one, especially since the recognised 'croppies' don't seem the sort to be connected in any way to the symbolism, and why change the symbolism at all? The whole thing is now based upon the Sacred Numbers 8, 88 & 888. Nigel Pennick, in one of his books, mentions that in Greek Gematria 'Jesus Christ' numbers 888. 

The Edel-Rune - Rune of Blood & Soil - is a Double-Sig Rune - and interestingly the Number 8 is a Double-S. The Edel-Rune is also the Rune of At-al-land since it means 'Racial Land'. Since the esoteric meaning of the 'Sinking of At-al-land' means the sinking into the Blood Memory, then it is the Edel-Rune that has 'sunk' into the Blood-Memory. And it can be awoken once again by 'Thule Initiates'. ('Thule' because it was the Primal Thule that sank into the Blood-Memory.) 

It was the 'Black Sun' (Solar Eclipse) which 'brought back to life the King of the Angul (Ingwe)'. What is not shown here in the Daily Mail Clipping (August 11th 1999) is that the Sun & Moon are in Leo the Lion (The White Dragon) and Venus was also in the same sign. The Cross of Fro-Ing (+) is seen, as is the Sign of Ing (Germanic Ing-Rune). Just as in the most ancient lore the Earth is here placed at the centre of the zodiac, the twelve signs revolving around it. This is thus an astrological concept and not astronomical concept - hidden from view but since the zodiac here has been 'twisted' with Leo at the North, whoever drew this seems to have had some hidden knowledge. Uranus is also a late planet to be associated with Aquarius, Saturn was the earlier one, but here Uranus is in Aquarius. I have equated this symbolism with the Conception of the Age of Ing and with the Conception of the Last Avatar and not the 'birth' which comes later - when we do not know. Ur-An-Us is the 'Primal Master of the Solar-Fire' and the shift from Pisces (Age of Pisces) to Aquarius (Age of Aquarius) is clearly shown here where the X-Cross ends in the 'Four Beasts' - Lion (Leo), Man (Aquarius), Eagle (Scorpion) and Taurus (Bull). In the North the 'White Wyrm' replaces the Lion as the Solar-Symbol of the White Sun. 

The 'Age of Dissolution' (aqua = water = Waters of Dissolution) is running parallel to the 'Age of Heroes' (Aqua-Aryan Age). The IE Root *ak-w-a gives us the word 'water' but it also gives us the OE ig/ieg/ey all meaning 'island'; the Germanic *ahwo- also comes from the same root. Basically, the term 'water' here suggests an 'island', something coming out of the waters. This suggests the Primal Mountain which arises from the Waters of Chaos. This is a very ancient concept. It also suggests to me the 'Rising of At-al-land' which will accompany the 'Rising of the God-Man'. Looking at the lost lands in the North Sea we may well be missing the whole point, and that is that the true Lost Land of At-al-land exists not in this physical world but in a parallel world or perhaps in the Inner Earth. 

The IE Root * ak-w-a also suggests a phonetic link to ekwo and thus to eohwaz/ehwaz which is the horse. The horse can be seen as the 'Steed of Woden (Ygg)' which is the means by which this god travels between the worlds (on Yggdrasil). Yggdrasil is the White Tree and this symbolism suggests that of the White Race; indeed, the 'Steed of Ygg' (Yggdrasil) is the White Race through which he works his will. But Yggdrasil is gnawed from below and above, battered by the forces around us, but even so New Life will emerge from its trunk after the Great Cataclysm which has to take place within the era of Ragnarok. And from Odainsacre will emerge the 'Coming Race', i.e. the Spiritual Race awaits its time to re-emerge after the Great Catastrophe.

Julius Evola's work was never centred around the biological blood but on a higher concept; however, he was before his time in this and biological blood was the necessary doctrine of this era. Today Miguel Serrano suggests that biological blood is secondary to spiritual blood, hence the emphasis upon 'Esoteric Hitlerism' which he pursued throughout his life - an emphasis upon the spiritual and esoteric rather than on a physical struggle alone. However, he was keen to point out that the physical struggle was necessary, and putting this in other words, there was no place for 'Knights of the Spiritual Sword' who shied away from the physical struggle because they are afraid to take this up. 

The secret lies within the blood and the DNA, both of which are mysteries held within the Ing-Rune - the Rune of Blood which is formed as a DNA Spiral. The Edel-Rune is that of 'Blood and Soil', creating a mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Land. In ancient times when the Aryan conquered new lands he took it by the sword and then worked it by the plough; the land was 'enlightened' by his presence as the 'Light-Born'. This is how the great civilisations of the past arose, because these were 'enlightened' civilisations, and not just in the usual mundane sense of the word. According to Mdm. Blavatsky the Aryan was the 'Race of Hope' and it seems that this is because these people arose after the catastrophes that sank At-al-land as a race embodying the new 'ego' or 'I' which was the vehicle through which the Absolute I could become a reality, making Man into the God-Man. 

Looking at the world around us, and the situation here in Europe, the only means that our enemies can halt the evolutionary process towards the Man-God is to completely destroy the White Race - an act of genocide of massive proportions. Two devastating world wars have depleted the youth of the Europeans, and the program of bringing masses of outlanders into Europe is not only destroying the European Gene Pool but is also the means by which control is held over the people through terror tactics - State Terror! The White Tree is being battered as never before! This is why we have to remain true to the Sacred Blood, true to our Gods and Ancestors, even though we face overwhelming odds, ridicule and downright hostility from not only The System but also the people around us. The Truth will prevail in the end!

Note: This blog-post does not really end here, I am going to look at the subject of 'The Sacred Blood Struggle' through the Ancient Runes, especially the runes containing the secret of the 'Gift of Ing', the 'Graal Runes' and the 'Four Hallows', runes contained only in the Ar-Kan Runes (stemming from the original English Rune-Row). 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Religion in Today's World

It is certainly true that here in England the hold of Judaeo-Christianity has been lost to a great extent, and that the word 'religion' has lost its meaning to a great extent. One of the most banded about statements is 'religion causes wars', which when we consider this carefully is pure nonsense. Religion itself does not cause wars but religion has been used as an excuse to wage war. And here I am talking mainly about the 'mono-religions' - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I say 'mainly' because it is these religions that 'convert' who have waged wars for control over other peoples in order to 'convert' them to their religion. Heathenism never converts, and never did convert, and thus would never wage wars on others to force them into submission and subservience to their will, or the will of their 'God'. 

Throughout history rulers and priests have used organised religion to control peoples, and this would also have applied to paganism, and we seem to have proof of this in ancient times here in these islands. Germanic Heathenism was based upon the Tribal Ethos and we have ample proof that localised gods were worshipped in local areas, even though we also know that these gods merely had different names in different places but were the same archetypes. And we also know that the Romans never suppressed the religions of those they conquered, but incorporated the local gods and spirits into their own religion; only when the Romans adopted Judaeo-Christianity did they start to suppress and convert the Heathens. And the process, unfortunately, was taken up through the Germanic Folk and the 'Holy Roman Empire' which was used for this specific purpose. The first drive in this process was through Charlemagne and the Frankish Empire which merely took upon itself the role of Rome. 

Taking all this into account there is no valid reason to see religion in itself as being the problem. Many of our people promote our work as a 'Way of Life' and it certainly is that, but we are the Woden Folk-Religion and the term 'religion' is here used deliberately in its true form as 'to bind' - we have to bind our Folk together through a new Folkish Religion. Is it a waste of time using the term 'religion'? - No, of course it is not. In a sense it is backing down to the push to make religion something that should not exist, an 'Orwellian' drive to change the meaning  of  word completely, or to destroy that word altogether. And this is so strange since there has been a drive to ridicule and do away with 'religion' and yet with every ancient site discovered here in these islands (and elsewhere too) there comes the discovery of artefacts labelled as being 'religious', even though this cannot be true of everything found. So, we have a very 'religious' people in ancient times, a people who created an advanced civilisation unmatched today, and today we have a very 'irreligious' people who have created a hell-on-earth! Here in England we have a disunited people who have no aim, no drive, lack genius, and are locked into the material world with a disregard for any form of spirituality, and where spirituality is found it is usually in a very distorted form that suits the aim of our enemies. 

Nationalism, the nation-state, and national borders have today also become taboo; so would we really drop the term 'national' or 'nationalism'? No, of course we would not, since tribalism and nationalism are the only form of resistance to the Global Forces that today oppress us all. The next step after getting rid of the term 'national' would to be to get rid of the term 'tribal', and what would be left is 'global'. It has also been said that 'nationalism causes wars', and yet it seems plainly clear to both 'left' and 'right' that it is globalism that is behind the wars of the modern world, and has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. Nationalism has been used to ferment wars but it is not the root cause of war, just as religion is not the root cause of war, or for that matter oppression. 

Yet in reality it is not true to say that people here in England no longer deem a religion necessary; they have rejected the Judaeo-Christian Religion but other religions are still attracting people by the thousands - take Islam for instance which is not only spreading through the outlanders who have come here, but also amongst the indigenous people. This suggests that it is not the term 'religion' that is the problem, so why is it that Islam can convert by the thousands whilst Germanic Heathenism cannot? Our Germanic Heathenism was suppressed some 1000 to 1500 years ago, and almost lost to us, and is just today rising once more. We have to take into account that we are nearing the end of the Dark Age, the Kali Yuga or Warg Age, and the Forces of Darkness will be supreme at this time. However, the Forces of Light will also be rising again at this time, ready for a Final Conflict at the End-Time. However, if our own people were as fanatical about religion things would certainly be different. 

What is the secret of the rise of Islam - fanaticism! The belief that they are supreme over everything else, this is what drives the Islamic cause. This is what drove Judaism, and it also drove Christianity, the idea that each was supreme over everything else. And if you really look carefully this is the driving-force behind every form of nationalism that is growing and thriving, even in the face of so much violent opposition and suppression. Even supposedly materialistic movements are driven by a fanaticism akin to a religious fervour, and have their own 'martyrs' and 'saints', even though they may not call them that. What drove those ancient 'Giants' to build such lasting monuments which still stand today in honour of their greatness - a religious fanaticism. 

It is also a fact that Islam today recruits by the thousands, and here in this land they are doing so in our prisons, and those they convert are not all outlanders either. So, in reality, it is the Christian Religion that is losing ground, and not religion itself. This is also amply proven when we view the rise in the 'Old Religion' which is the vague term used for 'Wicca'; here again those people who have adopted this, and there are many more who take this path than those who take up Wotanism, Wodenism or Odinism obviously believe themselves to be 'religious' and part of a 'religion'. It thus seems the case that the term 'religion' does not really put people off, it puts off a certain section of our society that will very likely never accept anything except gross materialism and the physical world - and do we really want these people anyway? 

Looking at this from another direction, I firmly believe that Wotan's Krieger has a point when he compared Ingwe with Krist, and in the process held the belief that such a link could attract people who have been Christians, which are a section of society who are already religious anyway. Now, we certainly do not want the meek and weak, nor the soft-hearted who are attracted to Christianity, but when you look at some forms of this religion they still attract young folk, even when the old churches do not. Wodenism must attract those who are already spiritually aware because we are not a political movement; indeed, attracting politically-motivated people with a similar outlook has not done us any good in the past, since such people are rarely motivated to take our religion seriously enough to become fanatical about it. 

Looking at the movement called 'Wicca' or the 'Old Religion' it does seem to attract the more left-leaning people, and many of these use this as a means to promote their leftist ideals. Their view are 'mainstream' and thus acceptable, hence the fact they attract greater numbers than Northern Heathenism. It is also promoted as a 'Religion of Peace' in order to create more slaves for their greater cause - the Global Order. It has no ancient roots, and despite their claims has no links to some 'Witchcraft' that existed hundreds of years ago, some form of 'Old Religion' which in reality never existed as such. What was crushed by the Christian Church was the remnants of the ancient healers and wise men/women, and in the particular suppression and destruction of the womenfolk of Europe they made some progress in the eventual plan for the total destruction of the European Folk. 'Wicca' certainly did not arise from this, it merely created a hotch-potch 'religion' which served to replace the waning Established Church, thus ensuring that the people did not turn back to their true roots. This is also true of the promotion of Buddhism here, which again turned the people away from their own roots here in Europe. Of course, Buddhism is not today as it was in the time when the Aryan Buddha founded it. 

We call our religion by the name Woden Folk-Religion because it is a religion arising from our roots, a religion suited to our Folk. This was never intended to be a 'revival' of an ancient religion, except in as far as we have adopted the essence or the Ur-Religion (the most ancient Solar Religion of the Arya) and turned it into a new form suited to our times. In doing so we are the first to have build this new religion (which it is) on the basis of the creation of a New Aryan God-Form (a new Aryan Archetype) suited to the New Age, the Age of Ing. We were the first to recognise that this should rightly be called by the name 'Age of Ing', which was conceived on August 11th 1999 and is linked to the symbol of the Black Sun through the Solar Eclipse of that time. We were not the first to recognise that a new god-form was needed, since Aleister Crowley adopted the title of the 'Age of Horus' for the New Age, the Age of the Son, a concept suited to our work too. We have adopted the same type of idea that the age of the 'Hanged God' has given way to the 'Age of the Warrior-Hero'. And in this we see this 'Warrior-Hero' as Wid-Ar the Avenger (just as Horus the Avenger is the Egyptian equivalent. 

It should thus be clear that the Woden Folk-Religion is not a 'revival' at all, but the creation of a new Aryan Religion suited to the English Folk in their struggle at this time of the Cosmic Cycle. It has arisen out of the idea that -

  • The Last Avatar - HelgiH, Wid-Ar the Avenger, The Hooded Man - will arise here in England, will arise out of the English Folk in their darkest hour. 
  • In order that this can happen we need a new Folk-Religion that will bring an awakening within the English Folk and which will bind them together as a Folk-Nation once more, a vessel for the appearance of the Last Avatar.
  • Before this can happen certain prophecies are made that will announce the appearance of the Last Avatar, and Woden Initiates must arise from the English Folk to prepare the way for His coming. 
  • The Woden Folk-Religion must be promoted as a religion suited to the English Folk, and disseminated amongst the people of England. This has to be done through the Woden Folk-Community working at the exoteric level.
  • Every true religion has to have its Mystery Religion which works at the esoteric level and which keeps alive the Ancient Mysteries, and this has to be done now through Woden's Folk. This work, of course, is not spread amongst the people, but kept alive through a group of Woden Initiates who will pass this on to future generations. 

We refer to our movement as Folkish Wodenism in order to steer clear of the 'Universalist' type of Northern Heathenism which fits itself nicely into the modern Globalist Society by rejecting the idea of Race-Consciousness and that our own Ur-Religion can only be suited to our own Folk, as the Ur-Religions of other peoples are suited to that people alone. Why would we want to take up the religion of the 'Native Americans', and if we did so it would only insult them as a people - which indeed it does seem to do when others have taken it up. But when we use the title 'Wodenism' it is because we see Woden as the one figure that seeks the wisdom and knowledge to evolve further, to strive for the immortality that is our birthright. To strive for what we have lost as remnants of the most ancient Solar Race which was the High Spiritual Race of the North. 

There is a majority of people in our society today who reject religion, and this is true of many of the young people today. Out of these, no doubt, many would ridicule religion, but even so that does not mean that we drop the use of the term altogether. The TV Series The Vikings must have attracted many people to the religion of the Vikings and the worship of Odin; it matters little whether such series are historically correct (if there is any such thing) but that the Vikings were portrayed as a warrior-folk led by Ragnar Lodbrok who was guided throughout his life by Odin. How many times during the series do we find the expression - 'The Gods'? Throughout the whole series these people are portrayed as honouring 'The Gods' and thus portrayed as a people of religion

Our religion is a way of life, it has to be lived and not just a 'Sunday' affair as with some of those who took up Christianity - going to church and then to the pub next door! But having said that every religion will have its active workers and its 'supporters', the former being those who take up the religion seriously and promote it fanatically (or should), the latter being its 'congregation' which support but do not take an active part in the way an active worker does. The latter will always be the majority. But for us, as Wodenic Activists, it has to be lived as a way of life, a life-long struggle against all odds because that is how it is today. 

Religion not only binds a people together, it binds us as individuals to our Gods, our Ancestors and to the Spirits of Nature. When you look around there are so many people who are rejecting the gross materialism of this society, even if it not totally but to some small extent. There are so many people who want to believe in something else apart from the acquisition of wealth and position, but who do not know where to look for some alternative. Here I have to give a warning because it has become clear over the last few years that there is a growing 'opposition' to the liars of the press and the media, and these people are finding an 'alternative' on the Internet, and in particular on YouTube. Studying this it has become clear that since the media is 'Left-Wing' in its essence and in its form in some cases then the 'alternative' has to be 'Right-Wing', and that seems how YouTube is promoting things - not too far to the Right but enough to draw people into the fold through giving an 'alternative' to the Left-Wing media and press. This seems proven in that the true nationalist videos are now banned altogether whilst the pseudo-'nationalist' stuff is heavily promoted. Again, we have the same Global Elite controlling both sides! 'Big-Brother' (in this case Google) controls the opposition! 

It is also true that YouTube provides an 'alternative' on the more spiritual level, and in doing so very often lumps what is truthful into the stuff that is more suited to the 'controlled insanity' of this Orwellian Society. In doing so no-one really knows what is truth or lies, and what is useful becomes the butt of ridicule through association with some of the more insane ideas. My point here is that although these people crave for some kind of alternative at every level they are bombarded with distortion, lies and distractions. So, our work is to persuade them that the only way to live life is how their forebears lived it, that their identity, culture and tradition is of importance, and that they have roots in Germanic Heathenism. We have to provide them with an 'Alternative Religion'. 

The use of the term 'religion' is thus of vital importance because it keeps us clear of being lumped into the more insane areas of 'spiritualism' which is heavily promoted by the 'Alternative Media' (*).Most of this is not related in any way to religion at all but has been promoted as being 'spiritual' even where it clearly is not. It is a distorted form of what was once truth, and it serves to confuse the minds of the masses through a bombardment of different views and opinions. Man has always needed some form of religion and today even more so; we need religion in order to understand ourselves and our place in the Cosmos. And we need the Woden Folk-Religion  to stop the genocide of our Folk and to aid the upward evolution of our Folk which is all part of this struggle, for without struggle we would never evolve. 

(*) As a religion we are also protected by the laws of this land, despite these laws being aimed at our destruction. In the tribunal case of 'Holden vs The Post Office' Wodenism was officially recognised as a valid religion here in England. This is a very important thing to remember.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Nodens - Germanic God?

Noden's is said to be a Celtic God associated with Lydney in Gloucestershire and in Gaul, but I am going to follow another thread here started by Steve Pollington in his excellent book - The Elder Gods. Here Mr Pollington mentions a figure called Fornet whom he traces from an Old English work Bald's Leechbook where a plant called fornetes folm is mentioned. The name Fornete's Folm' may mean 'Fornet's Hand' which is the clue he takes up. He links this to Nuada of the Silver Hand (Irish) and to Lludd of the Silver Hand (Welsh) - to the Irish Nuada who lost a hand which was replaced by a 'Silver Hand' and to Lludd whose legend suggests the same. 

These are linked to Noden's whose name can be 'Nodens', 'Nudens' or 'Nodons' and who can be found at a place called Lydney in Gloucestershire, and to a place in Gaul (now in Germany). What we have to consider is that the tribes of Gaul were certainly not all Celtic since I have shown before how coins depicting Woden being swallowed by the Fenris Wolf can be found there. It is important to reject this idea that the Germanic Folk were 'late-comers' to these areas and supplanted the earlier 'indigenous' peoples. This is a distortion if not a downright lie!

Pollington links the name Fornet to the Norse Fornjotr who is the ancestor of a 'family of mythological beings' in the Orkneyingasaga, amongst whom is Hler  and AEgir. The name Njotr is one of the by-names of Odin. He then equates this to an OE cognate *neot (nor recorded) and the verb neotan meaning 'make use of', 'enjoy'. J.R.R. Tolkien suggests that the name Nodens is related to the Germanic Root *neut meaning 'acquire', 'have use of' which was earleir 'catch' or 'entrap (as in hunting). These all come from the Proto-Germanic *neute meaning 'to make use of', 'to enjoy' and *nauta meaning 'to benefit', 'to profit from', 'possession', 'livestock', 'cattle'. Nodens is linked to Mars in some of the Roman inscriptions from Lydney. He is also associated with the Roman God named Silvanus, a God of the Woods and of Hunting. 

So, we have here a 'Celtic' god with a Germanic name, a God of Hunting, and a God with One Hand, just like Tiw, associated with the war-god, Mars. We have a composite of Woden-Tiw here. We also have the Welsh God named Gwydion, obviously Woden, and his son Llew who hangs upon a tree, both aspects of Germanic Mythology. Then we have the Welsh Gwyn (Wyn), Son of Nudd - 'Gwyn - Son of the Mist', whose name may have once derived from the same Germanic Root *neut. Let us put this together now -

Nodens - Nuada - Nudd - Llew - Lludd - For-net - Njotr (Odin) - Njord (Father of Frey-Freya) - Nerthus (Tacitus).

There are associations with - dogs, the forests, hunting, water, healing, all of which are also associated with Woden, especially since the aspect of the One-Eyed Hunter-God bearing a Bow and Arrows is one that is specifically known to the English Tribes and almost lost in Norse Mythology (Arrow-Od seems an obvious remnant of this figure). This is made obvious in that the legendary Robin Hood is obviously based upon Woden. Can it really be a coincidence that the same legendary god-form was known here in England before the Romans came? 

There is yet another strange thing here, and that is we find the name Nudd linked to Gwyn, and Gwyn-Gwydion seem to have the same roots. Gwydion is the 'Son of Don' who is the Goddess Danu of the Tuatha de Danaan. There is a complex interconnection here, and it would appear that the roots lie in the ancient Legend of the Tribe of Dana or 'Tuatha de Danaan', which appears also here in England through the 'Dane Hills' in Leicestershire dedicated to Dana or 'Black Annis' as she became to the Christian distorters. What we seem to have here is a Germano-Celtic Legend of peoples that came to these islands in ancient times, people from the North and closely linked to the English, and also maybe speaking a tongue linked to West Germanic.

Wotan's Krieger has also made the link between Gwydion and the Belgae (a Germanic people) who occupied Southern England and the area just across the waters now known as 'Belgium' (named after them). The Belgae, it has also been suggested, could also have been linked to the ancient Fir Bolg of Irish Legend. Despite the obvious links between the nations of these islands, modern scholars still refuse to accept these and to split us into 'parts' rather than seeing the picture of the 'whole' (the role of the Joten, of course). 

There is one more link, and perhaps the most important one; AEngus is the son of The Dagda of the Tuatha de Danaan, so we find a clear link between these figures and to Ingwe - the Divine Ancestor of the English. We do have the name 'Dana' or 'Annis'/'Anna' found in Leicester, so we do know that there is an ancient memory of this goddess here in England. This is where the 'Dane Hills' comes from, and not from the Viking 'Danes'. 

In regard to the 'hand' which seems to be the key to all this, when Tiw lost his Right-Hand (Solar Symbol) he thus took the 'Left Hand Path' (as Woden), and this comes through to us in Irish-Welsh Mythology where his Left-Hand is the 'Silver Hand' used of Nuada-Nudd (Lunar Symbol). The name 'Nudd' becomes 'Lludd' in Welsh for some reason, but Nudd is found as the father of Gwyn/Wyn. There is some mix-up here, or letter-change from 'Nudd' to 'Lludd' which may hint that the original meanings were already lost. (The name 'Nudd' is pronounced 'Neath' as in the town in South Wales, a fact that seems to further underline the meaning related to the Proto-Germanic *neute.) 

The word folm is a 'poetic word' according to Mr Pollington derived from the PIE *plm from which we get the Latin palma giving us the word 'palm'. But there is good reason to believe that the name Fornet links to a One-Handed God like Tiw, Nuada or Nudd. It is interesting to note that the name would be rendered as 'For-Net' or 'For-Neut' with the prefix 'for' stemming from the IE Root *per which means 'forward', 'through' and other senses of 'early', 'first', chief', and 'in front of'. This appears to denote something that is ancient or indeed primal in form. 

The above also suggests that putting Njord into the sequence may well prove right since the name Njord and Nerthus (if connected as they seem) would be near to the original pronunciation of 'Nudd' and 'Nuada'. Njord is definitely connected to the sea, as is Nodens - we seem merely to have variations of the same god here. Somewhere the legends surrounding Nodens has been distorted somewhat, since the obvious connection is with Tiw, but again we have to consider that these ancient god-names were used in many different ways for different gods. If Tiw was not 'usurped' by Woden, then Tiw (God of Balance) became Woden having to use the 'Left-Hand Path' as suggested by the Tiw-Rune and its connection to the Lagu-Rune. 

This is a short post and one which needs far more study to work out where the truth lies. But it does once more suggest that Germanic Tribes akin to the English (i.e. Inglinga or 'Sons of Ing') were here before the Romans came. We do know that the Romans did not (like Judaeo-Christianity) suppress the worship of local gods but incorporated them into their own 'pantheon', and on many occasions gave clues to their nature through association with certain gods. 

Coin from Gaul showing Woden & Fenris Wolf

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Secret of Halloween

Halloween (31st October) is supposed to be a 'Celtic' festival but has an Old English name - it is a corruption of All Hallows Eve. This has become more popular over the past few years here in England, mainly because it has become yet another time of the year to sell to the consumer-masses. Nevertheless, it is an ancient festival and we are going to look into its roots - in  Germania.

There are certain articles associated with Halloween and these, when analysed, point to an ancient Ancestral Festival of the Dead Heroes. We shall look at these now -

  • The masks - these are a dim remembrance of the Cultic Masks used in Germanic Ritual by the ancient Mannerbunde or Cultic-Warrior Bands. Originally these would be of totem animals such as the Wolf, Bear and the Boar. 
  • The skeletal garb and the skeletal masks, which again were part of the war-band or Heri as told by Tacitus when he referred to a Germanic war-band known as the Harii who were dressed like skeletons and whose appearance was supposed to frighten their enemies. In reality their masks and war-paint would probably have signified that they were invoking their Ancestral Spirits into themselves
  • The weapons such as the Axe (Thunor-Forseti), the Trident (Woden) and the Sword (Tiw) which are still part of the regalia used by children for Halloween.
  • The Pumpkin, which is a rather more modern edition, but the symbolism is that of Light and Order - the role of the young AEthlingas. The hollowed out pumpkin may also be seen as a skull, with associations to the dead.
  • The Xtians have distorted this into a kind of 'devil worship' and the Trident helps this lie on somewhat, being the weapon of the 'Devil'. But the essence of an ancient Festival of the Dead remains hidden in the background. Woden (as the Horned One) was transformed into the 'Devil' and he is the Ancestral God. 
  • 'Trick or Treat' may not be a new thing imported from the USA because it could be a dim recollection of the Sacred Stealright where the youthful warriors were either given something for their role as protectors of the tribe or they would cause a nuisance of themselves in some way or another.
In Odinism, Wotanism and Wodenism we celebrate a festival called The Einheriar or in  WF we also call it the Ancestral Rite. This coincides with the 'Armistice Day' on November 11th, which is a modern corruption set on this day by the Dark Forces. Due to the calender changes by the Xtian Church 11 days , which suggests that this change made the festival of November 11th move 11 days back to October 31st. These are thus one and the same festival. 

We have also the date between these - November 5th - which is obviously some form of ancient Fire-Festival remembered and latched on to 'Guy Fawkes' at some time so as to keep it going. We have thus an 11-day festival with the dates 31st October, 5th November and 11th November as being the key points. 

We have the following ideas from this -

  • This is an Ancestral Rite based upon the Germanic concept of the Ahnenkult (Ancestral Cult) and the Totenkult (Death Cult). This is symbolised by the Deaths Head symbol or Skull & Crossbones. 
  • This is a Fire-Cult which held Fire-Rites remembered in the 'Guy Fawkes Night' festivals. 
  • The rites were held in the autumn period which was known as the Way of the Ancestors. This time of year was when the veil between the Nine Worlds grew thin and the Ancestral Spirits could one again join with the living. 
  • The regalia - masks, weapons, skeletal make-up etc. - were a dim remembrance of the Cultic Warrior Rites based around Ancestral Worship and the Rites of Woden (as the Ancestral God).

The Death's Head derives from the Skull & Crossbones which is clearly associated with the god Woden - the One-Eyed Hunter-God. We have here confirmation that the Ancestral Cults were part of the Woden-Cult

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Serpents of Wisdom

Following on from The Wisdom of The Serpent I am going to look at the legends about the Serpent-Folk that have come down to us from India, Egypt, Central and South America. There are certain similarities between these legends -

  • These are bearded, white 'gods' who came from outside the area.
  • These 'White Gods' were highly skilled in astronomy, astrology and the occult sciences.
  • They came to these areas after a catastrophic flood that sank their lands, and they came in peace, although some were welcomed in peace and others attacked. 
  • They built great structures in the area they came to and instructed the people in their sciences, possibly to ensure that they were kept into a future they saw as being catastrophic. These people, in the main, left after doing what they had to do.
  • They were 'creators' and 'civilisers' who came to help the people after this flood, or to pass their knowledge to them after their own lands were sank under the waves. 
Firstly, I am going to look at India, and to the Serpent-Folk mentioned in the last post on this blog. The island they occupied could be that of the Atala mentioned in certain texts, a name meaning 'White Island', but which could link to At-al-land, of course. These people were devoted to the serpent Narayana which can be broken into N-Arayana, the 'N' having been used in ancient times as the glyph of a Serpent. But there is another word used for 'serpent', stemming from the IE Root *ang(w)hi or *ng(w)hi both of which could be in some way linked to the name 'Ingui' or 'Ingwe'. I can see, at this time, little evidence to suggest a link between Ingui and the Serpent, though more study may well bring to light a link one day. 

I shall turn now to Egypt since this is an area thought to have been the home of a people who came from lands that were sunk in a great flood. Legends tell these people came from Atlantis; if we see this as At-al-land then they were the same as those who went to India from Atala. The important point to note about Egypt is that the first 'Gods' who lived in this area were known as the neturu or neters, a name meaning 'god' we are told, but also a name similar to the IE Root *ne-tr meaning 'snake'. Although I am 'imposing' an IE Root on an area not considered by scholars to be Indo-European, one look at the faces of the ancient pharaohs tells us this may be the right thing to do. Anyway, the IE Root *ne-tr may also give us our own word 'adder' since the original Old English spelling was naedr, and the 'n' was dropped. 

The Edfu Texts tell of the 'Seven Sages' (note the 'Seven Rishis' of India) who came from an island, the 'Homeland of the Primaeval Ones" where the divine inhabitants were drowned. Some went to Egypt as the 'Builder Gods' and there 'illuminated this land when they came forth unitedly'. 

The neteru were nine in number, though the names of these gods can vary somewhat -










This was the 'First Era' which was followed by a 'Second Era' ruled by the Shemsu Hor or 'Followers of Horus'; these two were followed by a third era of the Dynastic Kings. Modern scholars completely ignore the first two eras since these times do not fit in with materialistic science, and go for the Dynastic Era as the only historical era

The Shemsu Hor were also known as the Akku, a name meaning 'Transfigured Beings', 'Shining Ones', or 'Astral Spirits'. E.A. Wallis Budge, in Hieroglyphic Dictionary gives the following for the meaning of Akku -

  • to be bright
  • to be excellent
  • to be wise
  • instructed
  • those who recite formula

The Age of the Gods ended with the rule of Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, and the reign of the 'Followers of Horus' ended with the human Pharaoh Menes, whom some connect to the Manu of India, and thus to Mannaz of Germania. At this point we need to stop and to consider the fact that the end of a reign of Divine Beings (Followers of Horus) brought about a Pharaoh named Menes. We may surmise that at this point there came about the 'Thinking Man', the man possessed of the human 'ego'. Just a thought. Anyway, the pharaohs had as their symbol the Solar Disc (of the Ancient Solar Race) and the Uraeus Serpent (of the Serpent-Folk). Interestingly, the species of cobra used as the Uraeus-Serpent is called Naja Haje - 'naje' is close to 'naga'. 

Moving to Central and South America we have certain figures clearly stated as being 'white', 'bearded' and coming in from another land -

Quetzalcoatl - Mexico
Viracocha - Andes
Cucumatz - Quiche Maya
Kukulkan - Chichen Itza
Votan - Maya

All of these figures have one thing in common, and that is their link to the 'Serpent' or 'Feathered Serpent'. The 'Feathered Serpent' is merely the Winged, Coiled Serpent which was also the symbol of Germania according to the Welsh Mabinogian. 

THis figure, holding 'Twin Serpents' in the pose of the Long Man of Wilmington is thought to be Viracocha. One of the interesting things about this particular figure is that these serpents have 'bird's heads', no doubt symbolic of the 'Feathered Serpent'. 

The figures of the 'Dancing Warriors' on the Sutton Hoo Mask also have 'horns' that seem not unlike serpents, and these also have bird's heads at the end. These are 'Solar Horns' but they also seem to be symbolic of the 'Feathered Serpent'. 

This breacteate found in Sweden has also a 'Dancing God' (Woden, as seen by the right eye being missing) with the same Solar-Horns and Lunar-Horns, and the bird's heads on the Solar-Horns. 

Strangely enough the Sutton Hoo Mask has the Serpent running over the crown of the head, meeting a winged Swan/Eagle/Dragon at the Third Eye. Here both the winged bird and the serpent end with bird's beaks. 

We can see that the Serpent or Feathered Serpent was in ancient times symbolic of the Sun and the Solar Force.  The bird's beaks are thus symbolic of the 'feathered' part of the 'Feathered Serpent'. In Egypt the vulture takes the place of the Eagle, Swan or Winged Coiled Serpent. Both the Uraeus Serpent and the Vulture are found on the headdress of the Pharaoh.

We have three areas - India, Egypt and Central-South America - where the Serpent-Folk appear to have migrated, and where they created advanced civilisations centred around the knowledge they had before a Great Flood destroyed their island homeland - At-al-land, we shall assume. 

Putting these ideas together, if it is correct to think that an ancient Solar-Race lived on a continent known as At-al-land, and that when this  sank (or parts of it sank) the people (or some of them) moved across the seas in 'Serpent Ships' ('Dragon-Ships') to the areas we have covered here, and also to other areas of the world which we have as yet not covered. Invariably, these ancient legends speak of an island in the North (North-West in the case of At-al-land). If this is right then these islands must have this Ancient Wisdom of the Serpent-Folk hidden within its lore - Germanic or Celtic. The stuff from Sutton Hoo and the Wulfinga Tribe seem to prove a continuation of this same symbolism, and the Long Man of Wilmington is part of this same continuum. (*)

The overall shape of the Uffington White Horse ('White Horse of the Wulfingas') is that of a stylised horse; the body of the 'horse' however, could also be seen as a Serpent, especially since we find 'Dragon Hill' just below the hill-figure. Here again we seem to find clues as to a lost Solar Knowledge based upon the Solar-Serpent. 

We need to consider the symbolism of the Serpent which, in some cases, sheds its skins to renew itself, and thus is symbolic of renewal, regeneration and hinting at immortality (in a kind of physical sense where the 'renewal' refers to a 'reincarnation' or 'resurrection' into a new physical form. It is not clear, however, whether this symbolism refers to the idea of a 'willed resurrection' as in the concept of Valhalla or the Boddhisattva, or the 'reincarnation' as the Way of the Ancestors. Since these peoples were the Shemsu Hor or the Shining Ones ('Elves') then we can assume the former to be right. 

The spinal column in the human body is the 'Serpent', shaped like an 'S' from the side as can be seen above, and shaped like an upturned spear looking straight at it. Thus the 'Path of the Serpent' upwards from the Base Centre ending at the Third Eye Centre. Since there are 33 vertebrae (including the sacrum and coccyx) then the 33-Runes actually form the Serpent. Moving from Gar at the base upwards to Feoh at the neck the 33-Runes form the Runic Serpent

There is a negative side to all this, one that has been advanced by David Icke with his 'Aryan Reptilians' where these advanced 'Light-Born Folk' are degraded into the 'Powers of Darkness' that rule over the world today. Others have jumped onto to this 'alternative history' bandwagon and followed on with these 'Aryan Reptilians' into new fields. Not recognising that there is an 'Initiation' and a 'Counter-Initiation', both of which are based upon Occult Knowledge which, of course, can be used for good or for evil. It is probable, though not certain, that much of the Ancient Hidden Knowledge was contained in Egypt where some of the secrets were taken by the Servants of Darkness. 

There is one last point to this and that is the idea that there have, through the ages, been Secret Societies or Secret Occult Societies that have kept hidden the Ancient Solar Wisdom for fear of it getting to the masses where it would either be ridiculed or distorted. This idea also features in the ideas of Guido von List and the Armanen Order, the Armanen being Occult Initiates who kept secret and alive the Ancient Mysteries in Germania. There may be some truth in this, and certainly this seems to hold true of the Counter-Initiation. However, it does not mean that such a 'hidden order' is necessary, nor such a continuum, since in our own times the Hidden Knowledge coming to light has not been passed down to us through some hidden order, but comes through to us from Higher Powers that work in a different world, just as we have the knowledge of the Great White Brotherhood and other ideas of Higher Beings guiding us. It could also be said that certain individuals - Initiates - are reborn to come together at certain times to take up once more the struggle, and in times of need will help the process of saving the Ancient Wisdom - as Manu saved the Vedas from the Great Flood. At such times it often means making the Ancient Wisdom more widely available in order to keep it, with the knowledge that the profane can only dismiss or ridicule it, and yet it will remain intact nonetheless.

(*) There seems to be some evidence to suggest that there was a continuum from the Iceni and other tribes of East Anglia and the Angles ruled by the Wuffingas. The Wolf-Totem belongs both to the Wuffingas and the Iceni Tribe if we consider some of the Iceni Coins.