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The Divine Fool


The Herne Giant

I call this the 'Herne Giant' rather than the 'Cerne Abbas Giant' because the term 'Herne' is one used by the English, and appears in various other areas of England - Windsor and Kent for example. The two 'nipples' are offset, just like the top two stars of Orion the Hunter; thus Herne the Hunter is an appropriate form. The Three Stars of the Belt of Orion were called the 'Phallus of Osiris' by the Egyptians, so the 'phallus' on the Giant represents the Three Stars of Orion. This was called 'Frigg's Distaff' by the Germanic Folk. The legend of Orion the Hunter is very much like that of Robin Hood, even down to the 'blindness' that comes to him before his death. The only recorded name, ignored by scholars and academics alike, is that of the god known to the Saxons as Heil. Where this is considered it is usually deemed to be the Greek Helios, though why this should be so no-one knows. 

It is quite possible that 'The Fool' of the Tarot represents Orion the Hunter, with the Dog-Star (Dog) at his heels. In the Robin of Sherwood series Robin Hood (The Hooded Man) is connected to 'The Fool', and in much of my writings I have shown this to be correct. The name 'Orion' seems to be a corruption of Ur-Aion or the 'Primal Aion', which would no doubt take us back to the Golden Age. In Egypt Orion was associated with Osiris

The Eight-Pointed Star in 'The Star' card of the Tarot may well symbolise Sirius or Venus, either of which can, at certain times, symbolise the 'Morning Star' or 'Evening Star', hence why the Egyptian Goddess Isis represented both Venus and Sirius. If the woman in the card is indeed Sirius, then she is the 'Water-Pourer' connected to the Age of Aquarius. Sirius is indeed 'The Water-Pourer' since she appears at the time of the inundation of the waters of the Nile each year, after the hot, dry 'Dog-Days' of the Summer. 

Osiris is slain by his brother, Set, and it is Isis who regains the dismembered pieces of his body, magically sets them together, and then is impregnated by the 'risen' Osiris, giving birth to a son, Horus. This, of course, is the 'Myth of Hamlet', and the only thing missing is that Hamlet is 'The Fool' who acts as a simpleton in order that his uncle does not discover his aim of revenging his father by slaying the uncle. The dead king becomes Osiris, and he is reborn into his son who is thus Horus. Each Egyptian King thus became the Horus-King and enacted this ancient myth in order that the Divine Order should be upheld. The 'Womb of Isis' from which Horus emerges is the Dog-Star, Sirius. 

The Long Man of Wilmington is the 'April Fool' and the Summer-God related to Cygnus the Swan, as opposed to the Winter-God related to Orion the Hunter. Both have the same shape. The club depicted on the Herne Giant is a very old symbol of a very old god. 

There is one major point that seems to link Venus and Sirius, and that concerns the Waene-Gods and in particular Freya and Ingui-Frey who are brother and sister. This brother-sister/husband-wife pairing was also known to the Egyptians, where Isis-Sothis (Sirius) is the wife of Osiris, but she is also the sister of Osiris. It should be remembered that the terms 'Isis' and 'Osiris' are not actually Egyptian, but are Greek versions of these names.

Osiris - AS-AR or US-AR - Throne-Eye Hieroglyph

Isis - AS or AST - Throne/Half-circle Hieroglyph.

Sirius (Isis) - Pillar-Triangle/Five-Pointed Star/Half-circle Hieroglyph.

There are thus links to the AEsir-Gods (AS-AR and AS/AST) as we can see here, and the term AS-AR may well be linked to AS and the Black Sun (AR). There are a great many links between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumer-Akkad-Babylon. As the many statues of the kings and pharaohs shows these had clear European features, no matter how many attempts there have been to twist this truth. 

The name 'Isis' may stem from the IE Root *ausus- from which we get 'East', 'Easter', 'Eastra', and 'Ostara' etc. There may well be some link between the area of the cosmos in which Orion-Sirius lies and our own solar-system. This is something that needs study, and would prove of interest to us in our work I am sure. 

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Frisians in Britain


Archaeologists have ascertained that the second phase of the building of Stonehenge was done by Frisian Tribes, something that has been quietly pushed aside by the Establishment. This is a very early stage, some 4,000 years ago, and to some extent it gives credence to some of the accounts of the Frisians in the Oera Linda Book. It would appear, at least to F.S. Scene (FSA Scotland) that our own English History may well be inaccurate, something we know of course. But his lecture on the 'Frisians' tells us far more about our past than the history that has come down to us from Bede, Gildas and Nennius - whom he uses for his ideas.

According to Bede in his Ecclesiastical History of the English (731 CE) the Angles, Saxons and Jutes arrived here in England in 449CE, the Jutes being under the twin chieftains Hengest and Horsa. This was written, as we can see, some 282 years after these events took place, and he seems to have got some information from Gildas who wrote some 150 years before this time. But Gildas mentions neither Hengest and Horsa nor Vortigern. In fact the year 449 seems to have been a mistake due to this being based upon the second visit of St. Germanicus in that year, whereas it is more likely that this was around the time of his first visit in 429CE. This does seem more feasible in view of the plaque in Mold, North Wales, that records a battle between the Picts and Saxons against the Britons in 440CE. There do seem hints that it was the Saxons, Picts and Scots who were allied against the Britons and that by the year 449CE the Britons were at least partly subdued. 

  • Nennius - In 428CE Guortigern began his reign, 4 years later (432CE) the Saxons came to Britain.
  • Another account gives Saxons coming to Britain in 392CE - the Welsh 'Red Book of Hergest'.
  • The earliest date in Nennius is 374CE when the Saxons are said to have been here. 
Nennius tells us that the Saxons under Hengest and Horsa settled in Kent, whilst the Saxons under Octa (Son of Hengest) and Ebissa (Nephew of Hengest) settled in Scotland. (I have mentioned the 'Sword of AEtla' passed on to Hengest, so the name 'Octa' is important since Octha was a son of Aetla the Hun). We have a clear account of how the Saxons laid waste to the Orkneys. 

Ammianus Marcellinius states that in 364CE the 'barbarian army' was made up of Saxons, Scots, Picts and Attacotti. Here is an interesting piece since the name 'Attacotti' (Atta-Cotti) may well refer to the Chatti or Catti ('Atta' is a Gothic term for 'father') who were also called 'Gutti', and would have been the Gutians or Goths. 

Nennius gives a Frisian genealogy for the Saxons, tracing back to Finn, Son of Folcwald, Son of Geta; 'Geta' would be the 'Cotti'/'Catti'/'Guti' and maybe the 'Geats' and 'Getae'. In Beowulf Hengest remains with Finn in Friesland, again this Frisian connection. In the Old English Traveller's Song we find 'Finn, Son of Folcwald' of Frisian Race. We do seem to have a connection here between Saxons, Frisians and Jutes, whom we know to be the Ingwaeones. 

Scene traces the Frisians to areas of Scotland, near to the Angles of Northumbria (which reached up into the Scottish Lowlands), and this includes Dumfries, the 'Dun of the Frisians' (the word Dum-fries is a later corruption). The Irish termed the Norse (Norwegian) Vikings 'Fingalls' (Fair Galls), and the Danish Vikings 'Dubhgalls' (Dark Galls), thus the term 'Gall' refers to a 'foreigner' (in the sense of 'invader', not of blood-kinship it would appear). The 'Comgalls' in Scotland were, according to Scene, the 'Com-galls' and were the Frisians who settled in the area. They occupied an area known as the 'Sea of Guidan' and the 'City of Guidi', names which, when rendered in the Saxon Tongue, would be 'Vidan' and in Gaelic 'Fidan'. Scene sees these as Vitta (Guidi) who was the Son of Vecta. Nennius confirms this through his spellings of Guitta, son of Guechta. In the Pictish Chronicle there is a Guidid Gadbreahach. The Cat Stane has this inscription - 'In hoc tumulo jacet Vetta filius Victi' which can be found in this area of Scotland. Galloway was named after these 'Galls'. There were two areas in this location - Caer Breatan (Dunbarton - Britons) and Caer Pheris (Dumfries - Dun of the Frisians). This confirms the Welsh 'Gogledd' and the 'Tribes of the North', since the Romans recorded that there were Angli, Frisians and Britons in this area of Scotland (what is now Scotland). 

Even in Ireland we find traces of the Frisians in the Fomorians since Fo-Mor means 'under the sea'. The areas 'under the sea' - the 'Netherlands' - was called Tirformor - 'Land under the Sea'. The Frisians seem to have had  connection to the Picts. One of the Fomorians, who came from Lochlannaibh (Northern Germany) was named Bhreas - 'The Frisian', and a fort called Tur Conaing tells us of the use of the North-West Germanic title of king - Cyning. 

Clearly, what we have been told of our 'history' is not as accurate as some would have us believe. We have already traced the English back to pre-Roman times, so we have already discovered these inaccuracies. Why do those who promote the English and Englisc Nationalism still stick to these out-dated ideas that Hengest and Horsa landed in 449CE and that was the start of English history in these islands - when the truth speaks a much different version of these events. Indeed, the history of the Germanic Folk in these islands is not restricted to England, but covers Scotland, Wales and Ireland too, and many of these tribes were kindred to the English Folk. This would certainly be a unifying factor in stopping the insane 'divide and conquer' tactics used to turn one nation against the other, or the 'Celtic Nations' against the English. These 'Celtic Nations' just do not exist, since much of their history is the same as ours - Germano-Celtic. Our stance on uniting the Germanic Folk of these islands is thus borne out by the history of these islands.

There is one more thing that I have mentioned in the past, a problem with the name the English gave to the 'Welsh' - Wealas. This name is the equivalent to the Gaelic 'Galls' and no doubt 'Gaels' and would mean a 'foreigner' in the sense of one who is invading another's territory, or who dwells in another's territory. Why on earth would the English use this title if they were themselves invading the territory of the Britons? The Welsh do not use such a title of the English - there is something radically wrong here, something historians have overlooked. Since the Irish used 'galls' or 'gails' for both 'fair' and 'darker' (haired) Vikings then this would not seem to refer to the shorter, darker Silures mentioned by Roman writers, a tribe in South Wales. At this point there seems no logical reason to use the term of the Britons. Maybe this will come to light at some time. 

The Alchemical Transformation


Nigredo (Black) - The 'Dark Night of the Soul' - a period of darkness, chaotic and disordered, a time when one goes 'inside oneself' due to the stress and strains of life. This could even be called a form of 'depression' in a sense, for it will be a time when the individual feels 'down' and has to cope with stress and trauma. But this must be recognised for what it really is - a stage in a long process. (Saturn)

Albedo (White) - This is the 'Resurrection of the Hero' who, after going through the Rubedo - trials and tribulations - is 'reborn' in a new form, a new man, is 'resurrected' from the state of 'death'. (Mercury - Woden)

Rubedo (Red) - This is the Immortalisation by Red Spiritual Matter (Igneous Fire) where the Hero regains his immortality becoming the Divine Hero or God-Man. A 'Mutation of the Blood' takes place through the 'Igneous vibration of the Sulphur ('Sun-Fire'), which transmutes the Lead of Saturn into the Gold (aurum potabilis). (Sulphur - Ingus)


6 - This is the 'downward-spiral' of involution as can be seen when drawing the shape which goes from the top to the bottom. This number appears over and over again in the world today, reflecting the downward-motion and involution of this world-era, and those behind this involutionary drive. 

9 - This is the Number of Transmutation, the 'upward-spiral' as can be seen by drawing the shape, which starts at the bottom, moving upwards in a spiral form. This is the Sacred Number of the Northern Folk and appears over and over again in our Folkish Mythology. 

This is why it is useful to use the Sacred Number 9 in meditation and in the use of gealdor. 


This really refers to 'The Initiation' but because of the way that we are being manipulated and controlled to some extent I have chosen to call this the 'Counter-Initiation' since it runs counter to what is being done to us. There are three distinct things that we need to do in order to counter what is going on today -

Awareness - It is necessary to be fully aware of the nature of what is being done to us, how these Dark Powers are manipulating and controlling the minds of the people, forcing us to do things that we see as being wholly unnecessary and indeed, in some cases, quite insane. We need to be aware that these are like the 'Mind Parasites' in the science-fiction work of Colin Wilson (*) who work not only outside the mind, but also inside the mind.

A Purpose - There is need for a purpose in our life, to have aims and goals, and the need to keep up this purpose is essential so as not to allow the Great Enemy to overcome us from within and without. People without a purpose lose the will-to-live and their lives become wholly negative and destructive, towards themselves and to others around them. Our purpose is to strive to overcome our human limitations, to strive to regain our Immortality. This Higher Purpose must drive us onwards and upwards and thus take us out of the lower drives and limitations - where the Dark Powers have control. 

A Belief System - Our Folkish Religion is our belief system, so this is something we all should have now. A belief that there is something 'higher' gives the impetus to strive 'upwards' towards the heavens, transforming ourselves from the Serpent to the Eagle. Whenever people come under duress during a catastrophic period they look towards something else - religion sometimes, but sometimes in a non-religious world to spiritualism. Where the problem lies is that when a 'void' is created those people behind the 'problem' often have the 'solution' ready and to hand. People are thus once again drawn into some form of false belief-system that takes them away from the 'Light' and 'Truth'. One of the chief abilities that these Dark Powers have is to unbalance the mind; this seems clear when we look at what is happening around us today. We need to be in control of our lives instead of being the victims of circumstances. These Dark Powers always seek to keep the mind stormy and turbulent, so stillness & the calm-centre is the means to counter this - meditation-visualisation. 

(*) 'The Mind Parasites' by Colin Wilson (1964). This is actually yet another author who seems to have 'foreknowledge' of what has been going on in the world, joining H.G. Wells, George Orwell, and Aldous Huxley who all wrote of a new society or 'New World Order' (Wells). Speaking of a means to counter the 'Mind Parasites' who sought to take control of the world, Wilson writes of the 'immediate formation of a Unified World Government, armed with full power for mobilising a World Defence Force'. In order to 'counter' a 'world threat' what is needed is a 'World Government' - sounds rather familiar. Of course, Colin Wilson studied Crowley and H.P Lovecraft in particular, and in this respect the book is based around the finding of an ancient city of the 'Great Old Ones'. Lovecraft warned of the return of the 'Great Old Ones', whilst Crowley's successor, Kenneth Grant, worked his occultism around invoking the 'Great Old Ones'. 

There is a Primeval Source of Energy, a 'Life-Force' or 'Life-Energy', and this we symbolise by the Black Sun. This is the 'Occulted Sun' at this time since its energy is there and yet it is unseen - 'occulted' or 'hidden'. The Dark Forces and the Servants of Darkness here in Midgard try to stop access to this Primeval Source by shutting us off from it. In order to find this source we cannot go 'without', but must move 'within'; as the Greeks said - Know Thyself. Without or within, this Eternal Struggle goes on at all levels of being. 

We can see this as the 'Enemy Without' but we also need to recognise the 'Enemy Within', and this is the role of the Trickster-God, Loki. He dwells always within the Folk, distorting them and leading them astray, away from the Light and Truth. But he also dwells within us all, and at an individual level we have to defeat his aims, to rise above his 'tricks' and 'manipulation'. At one level this force creates a world of illusion, as does Klingsor in the Graal Mythos; this we see today where nothing is real any more. This 'illusion' draws the individual away from the Quest, away from his purpose and his destiny, away into the world of senses and emotions, of sensual gratification and of constant change for the sake of change. The produce-and-consume society keeps people occupied in the ever-buying of new and novel technology. The Fenris Wolf (Rampant Technology) has devoured Woden (The Spirit of Man). The Wolf has devoured the Sun, shutting off the Light and Truth from Man. 

After doing some gardening work this morning, even though it was a mere three hours work, I felt tired, drained and thoroughly 'down'. I decided the rest for an hour or so, and came out of this feeling far worse. Deciding to finish the blog-post I had been doing I got on with it, and then turned to this one. During this time I lost all feeling of being tired, worn-out and 'down', no doubt because I have had to use full concentration on doing this post. The feelings I had were 'all in the mind' and really a 'state of mind' which can be overcome by doing something positive that takes the mind away from the mundane world and worldly problems. This, of course, is how these Dark Powers work (within us at this level), for they keep us locked into the material world with worldly problems of all kinds keeping us from doing anything higher

Time is also a 'state of mind'; when we are doing a job and it feels boring and tiresome the job seems to last forever. When we enjoy a job, and give full concentration to the work, time 'flies' by (as we say). This is because we give it full concentration. One-pointed concentration is the key, since the everyday world sees the human mind wandering from one thing to another, like the 'Hare' that flits in and out of the mind, a symbol used in occultism for this everyday state of mind. The 'Hare' has to be 'tamed'. 

'Ignorance is Strength' - the words of George Orwell in his Nineteen Eighty-Four; and this is the state that the Servants of Darkness try to keep people in. One of the means to do so is to overload the mind with so many different and opposite views - a trick used today throughout the press and media, and especially on YouTube now, where they know their opposition lies. We are bombarded with so many opposing and contradictory views, and so much 'information' (and 'disinformation') that many people shut off altogether and tend no longer to have any beliefs at all. 'Information Overload' I believe is the term now used for this, but it is happening and it is becoming part of everyday life. This makes the average person unable to think clearly and to become 'obsessed' to some level with so many negative happenings around them. This can, and does, lead to problems, and certainly does not help to 'lift' people's spirits, which should be the aim. We need to become detached when dealing with The System and its 'information'. 


The Nyd-Rune has many meanings, of which the one of interest here is 'obstructions'; this is a rune of change, forced changes through obstacles and obstructions in the Path of Life. It is also a Rune of Death, one of the prime meanings to this rune; it is the 'Nigredo' spoken of at the start of this post - the 'Dark Night of the Soul'. 

Woden hangs upon the World Tree, sacrificed Himself-to-Himself in a self-sacrifice which ends when he screams the Cry of Need (AEpandi Nam) and gathers up the Ancient Runes which he bequeaths to his Folk for their use against the Joten & Thurs Powers. The Nyd-Rune is the rune of obstacles and obstructions (necessity), but within itself it has the means to overcome these obstacles and obstructions. The answer to this mystery lies in the Cry of Need, for the term AEp-andi refers to the 'Lower-World', the World of the Waters' that lie below The Void - this is also the meaning of Nid where the Lower World is occupied by Nid-had and Nid-Hogg. The means to overcome these obstacles, these problems and catastrophes, is to go within, move the consciousness downwards, just as Woden did when he rediscovered the Ancient Runes - in the Well of Memory. 

As I said in the last post, Ingus (Agni) resides in the Higher Heaven, but he also resides in the Lower World, in the Apsu - the Waters - where he is the 'Fire-in-Water'. Here dwells the Messenger of Light and Truth, the 'messenger' who runs up and down the World Tree (Rata-tosk = Ingus = Hama) carrying messages between the Serpent (Base) and the Eagle (Head). Ingus is the link between the Lower World and the Higher Heavens (Realm of the Gods). (Ingus is also Rati who aids Woden in boring into Knit Mountain, so that Woden can shape-shift into a Serpent, leaving the mountain by shape-shifting into an Eagle. Agni has the same role in a similar Vedic Myth.) 

Nidhad imprisons Weland in the Lower World, binding him and cutting the sinews of his legs so that he cannot escape. In revenge Weland slays the two sons of Nidhad, replaces the Sword of Victory (stolen from him) with a fake, and makes a pair of wings so that he can escape and regain his freedom. The Mysteries of Weland (Wayland the Smith) were well known to the English: in recent times the Dark Forces have tried to shut off access to Wayland's Smithy, one of our most sacred ancient sites. No doubt his tale does not bode well with them due to its emphasis on his striving at all costs to regain his freedom. 

The Mysteries of Scef-Ingus


There is a tale of a figure named Scef (‘Sheaf’) who was brought as a child in a ship without oars, asleep with a sheaf of corn as a pillow, and was fostered by the people of the land he sailed to.  He was said to have ‘reigned in a town that was then called Slaswic and now called Haithebi (Hedeby). Now that district is called Old Anglia…from it the Anglii came to Britain’. This is a story and from my research there is no reason to see this as anything more than a tale which was developed in order to hide a far more profound secret. It appears that this is far, far older than the lands here mentioned, going way back into the mists of time, as I will show here. 

In ‘Looking for the Lost Gods of England’ Kathleeen Herbert tells us that in the reign of King Edmund I (941-946 CE) the monks of the Abbey of Abingdon were in dispute of a piece of land, and to resolve that dispute they put a sheaf of corn and a lighted taper onto a round shield and launched the shield onto the Thames. Basically, this is yet another ‘tale’ that hides a very profound secret, for here we have –

A Sheaf of Corn,
A Lighted Taper – Fire,
A Shield – a Boat or Ship. 

The Shield with a Sheaf occurs as Scyld Scefing – Shield, Son of Sheaf – which forms part of the Beowulf Saga. In this Scyld Scefing comes as a ‘wonder-child’ alone over the seas. Around 990 CE a nobleman of royal descent, Ealdorman Æ∂elweard, added this piece to the genealogy of the Royal House of Wessex –

‘This Sheaf came to land in a light boat, surrounded by weapons, on an island in the ocean which is called Scani. He was indeed a very young child and unknown to the folk of that land. However, they took him up and looked after him as carefully as if he were one of their own kin and afterwards elected him king. And King Æ∂elwulf came from the line of his descendants.’ By the time of William of Malmesbury this tale was retold in the version that I have given earlier where the scene is changed to Hedeby. 


Now let us go way back in time, not to the Northlands, but to Aryan India and the Rig Veda, not forgetting that this Sacred Aryan Text shows clearly that the Arya originated in the North, indeed around the Arctic Circle. We look to one of the most important Vedic Gods – Agni. 

Mataricvan, the father of Agni, caused his son Agni to come to the Bhriguians, bringing with him the Sacred Fire – Fire-by-Friction. Agni, as a small child was found at the ‘confluence of the waters’, since he had come over the seas. The Bhriguians adopted him as their own, and he dwelt among them as the ‘Immortal amongst mortals’. The descendants of the Bhriguians are called the Bhargavans. Bhrigu, from whom the Bhriguians descended, and Manu were the first to use this Sacred Fire. As you will notice, this is the same as the Legend of Sheaf. These are Archetypal Myths that recur over and over again through the Cycle of the Ages.

The myths surrounding Agni show clearly that he is the counterpart of the Norse God named Heimdall, so we can now look at this Norse God. One of his names is Vindill which stems from a Root vinda meaning ‘to twist’, ‘to turn’, or ‘to wind’. This links Heimdall with the World Mill and the Turning of the World-Mill, again associated with Fire-by-Friction. This is borne out by two of Heimdall’s mothers – Angejya (‘she who makes islands’) and Eyrjafa (‘she who gives sandbanks’); notice the name Ang-ejya because this will become important as this work progresses. The father of Heimdall is Mundilfore – the World Turner and God of Cyclic Time.

Another title of the god Heimdall is ‘Stigandi’ which is related to another title ‘Rati’ meaning ‘The Traveller’, from a Root *rata meaning ‘to travel’, ‘to move about’, and whose mysteries are found in the Rad-Rune. This was originally from a Root *vrata giving the Gothic ‘vratan’ meaning ‘to travel’, or ‘to make a journey’, all of which can be found in the Old English Rune-Poem under the Rad-Rune. To emphasise the connection between Agni and Heimdall in the Vedas the Sacred Mead is concealed in the mountain of the Dasyus, the enemies of the Gods (The Joten-Thurs): Agni splits open the mountain with his Tongue of Fire, his Ray of Light penetrating the darkness. Trita (Vata) slew a giant monster (Three-Headed Serpent) and found the ‘cows of the son of the work-master’ (meaning the Sacred Light of SWAR). This is the Myth of Knit Mountain where obviously Woden is aided in his regaining the Sacred Mead by the god Heimdall. This we know because he used Rati to bore into the mountain. We can also surmise that Ratatosk is indeed Heimdall, the god who ‘travels’ up and down the World Tree as ‘The Messenger’ or ‘The Traveller’. 


But, we can gleam some mysteries that take us back much further in time, indeed the English version tells of an island named Scandi and this is also reflected in the Origins Myth of the Langobards (Lombards) who moved from the North to the area of Italy (Lombardy). This is also found in the Origins Myth of the Goths, who originated in Scandza. These terms mean ‘Shining Island’. This is very important since the name which evolved of the Bhriguans – the Bhargavans – stems from the IE Root *bharg- meaning ‘to shine’. From this root we get the following –

Germanic – bertha meaning ‘bright’, ‘clear’, ‘shining’.

OS Berht meaning as above,

OE beorht meaning as above.

This also gives rise to the Germanic Berchter who appears as Borgarr in the Norse Sagas; Bhrigu appears with Manu, as Berchter appears with Halfdan-Mannus. Agni has the Bull as his symbol, and Heimdall the Ram, but the original Root *ve∂r means ‘yearling’, thus applying to either the Bull or Ram. One section of the Folk adopted the Bull, the other the Ram. 

Heimdall, according to Viktor Rydberg, is the son of Mundilfore – the World Turner, the god who turns the World Mill. The term möndull means ‘handle’, the handle of the World Mill, and this term stems from manthula meaning ‘swing-tree’ and coming from the Sanskrit manthati meaning ‘swing’, ‘twist’ or ‘bore’, from the Root *manth which has these meanings. I am here thinking of the term vindill which has the same meanings, and which could have given rise to the Germanic name Waendal. The figure of the Long Man of Wilmington is that of this god Waendal. These ideas lead us to see Mundilfore or Waendal as the God of Cyclic Time. He turns the World Mill which is the Precession of the Equinoxes, moving through the Zodiac Signs over a period of some 26,000 years.

The Greek God named Prometheus gets his name from Pramantha and he is the God who stole the Sacred Fire of the Gods for mankind. For this he was bound in the Caucasus Mountains by the tyrant-god Zeus; each day an Eagle picked at his liver, and each night the liver healed again. It is a fact that the liver is the one organ in the human body that regenerates itself! The word Pramantha has been associated with the Fylfot-Swastika, which, when spun around as a Wheel of Fire, produces the Fire-by-Friction at its centre. In India this is how the Sacred Fire was kindled, or put another way, how Agni was born. Originally, Agni was concealed from Gods and Men as the element of light and warmth found in all beings and things. Agni was the Heat of Life that creates the sap of the plants – the rasa – another secret held in the Rad-Rune. The Red-Rune is thus the ‘Wheel of Fire’.

“Agni (The Fire) is the Son incarnate of Savitri (Heavenly Father) conceived and born by the virgin Maia, and had the carpenter Twasti (The Maker of the Swastika) as his earthly father. In the Cave of the One of Both Sticks, which has the name ‘The Mother’, lives the Goddess Maia, the embodiment of Creative Powers, and gives birth to The Son under the influence of Vayu (The Spirit), the breeze of the wind without which the Sacred Fire cannot be lit.”

“The first spark that came from the cavity (The Cave) of the sacrum of Maia, by turning the Fire-Twirl (Cweor∂) Pramantha (The Swastika) represents the birth of Agni. This spark is called ‘The Child’.”

A God born of a ‘virgin’, the son of a ‘carpenter’ – ‘The Son’ or ‘The Divine Child’. Before the Need-Fire can be kindled this requires ‘air’ (Spirit), which is the Vedic God Vayu, whom we know as Ve or Weoh, an aspect of Woden. The ‘Cave of Both Sticks’ refers to the ‘cavern’ or Womb of the Mother-Goddess, where the ‘Two-Sticks’ are rubbed together as Friction-Fire. The Spirit is here akin to the ‘Holy Spirit’, thus making it clear where the Middle-Eastern Myths arose much earlier. This is why I do not reject the Aryan Krist, rather the political Zealot whose tale was woven around the Avatar of Krist. 


Getting back to Sheaf, we can now put together the symbolism surrounding him –

A Sheaf of Corn – Agriculture.
Weapons – Hunting and Battle.
A Lighted Taper – Fire.
A Shield – a Boat/Ship.

All of these suggest that Sheaf appears at the end of the fabled Golden Age, and age of peace and plenty, and an age when people did not need to grow food, for it grew in abundance, and neither did they need fire, nor weapons, nor maybe even boats or ships to travel. All of this changed, as found in Norse Mythology and Iranian Mythology, when a Great Winter set in, followed by a Great Flood. Sheaf thus appears just before the Great Winter and Great Flood in order to educate his Folk in new ways to cope with the coming changes. He is a god who incarnates in physical form. The ‘God of the Golden Age’ was Kronos to the Greeks and Saturn to the Romans, but we do know of a figure named Frodi who ruled over a ‘Golden Age’. Frodi is in fact Fro-Ing associated with Ingvi-Frey of Norse Mythology. He is no doubt the basis of Tolkien’s ‘Frodo’ of the Shires. What we have to remember here, though, is that Sheaf, Heimdall, Ingus, Frodi etc. are Mythical Archetypes and this type of figure incarnate upon Earth in slightly different forms. Thus, the True Krist was accepted by the English Tribes and the Ingwaeons because they would have considered him to be alike to their own Divine Ancestor – Ingus. We shall look at this later. 

Can we date the fabled ‘Golden Age’? Well, there are no doubt times of peace and plenty when men have considered this to be a ‘Golden Age’, but what we refer to here is the ‘First Time’ or ‘Dawn Time’. The Precession of the Equinoxes moves through a 24,000 or 26,000 year cycle, made up of four times around 6,000 years. This would have the Golden Age end around 20,000 years ago! There are others who believe a ‘Great Year’ to be a 12,000 year cycle, which is the belief held in Tolkien’s works. This would make the end of the Golden Age as 9,000 years ago. ‘Lord of the Rings’ was set at the end of the Third Age, 3000 years ago according to Tolkien, and we today are at the end of the Fourth Age – the last and darkest age of the Great Year Cycle. 


Scef-Heimdall has another name, a god known to the English as Ing or Ingus. Like Tolkien (who used the term Ingwë) I believe, after years of research and intuitive thought, Ingus was the Divine Ancestor of the Ing-Wines of which the English Tribes formed a part, and that these at one time occupied the North-West landmass (Dogger Bank) which began sinking around 12,000 years ago, and suffered a great cataclysm again around 7,000 to 8,000 years ago, and which I have called At-al-land meaning ‘Race-Homeland’. This forms part of the Oera Linda Book, a Frisian document (not a historical document but it does contain legend) which relates how Atland sank beneath the seas around 4,000 years ago. This must have been the last catastrophe of the cycle of catastrophes.

Many tribes of the North-West, around the areas around the sunken landmass, were known to be ‘Ing-Wines’, some of which are most famous Germanic Tribes – the Angles, the Goths, the Langobards, the Cimbri, the Teutons, the Ambrones (Ymbre), Swedish and Norwegian Royal Lines, and Frisians. Many of these make up what was to become the English Nation, some being here in these islands before the Romans came here as attested to by various place-names around England and even in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. What are we to make of the name Ængus (*) whose legend centres around Newgrange, and whose myth is clearly that of Ingvi-Frey? The figure of Ingus goes back into the mists of time here in these islands – back to At-al-land.

(*) Ængus is of the Tuatha de Danaan, a tribe who came down from the North to Ireland. His myth is so similar to that of Invi-Frey that they must have had a common origin in the North. 

We have very little to go on to find the connection between Ingus and Agni, save for their names, Ing being a nasalised form of Ag. The divine beings who do the work of Agni, his ‘projections’ shall we say’ are actually named the Angirases, thus using the nasalised form, which was probably the oldest. But there are connections that can be found, and here I am going to give examples –

The root of the word ‘Agni’ is the IE Root egni-/ogni which means ‘fire’, but not in the inanimate form where we use the word ‘fire’ (Feoh-Rune), but in the animate form which gives rise to ‘ignite’, ‘ignition’, ‘igneous’ and such Latin words. Ingus is a variation of the word with the same meanings.
Ingus gives his name to the ‘Inglenook’ which is the ‘nook’ beside the Household Fire; Agni was a God of the Household or the ‘Household Fire’. 
Ingvi-Frey is often shown as a Phallic-God, obviously a God of Fertility, but perhaps more so of Male Virility. The IE Root *engw means’ groin’, a symbolism that is connected to the idea of virility and fertility. 
The IE Root *angwhi- means ‘snake’, and with the IE Root egni-/ogni meaning ‘Fire’ we can gleam a dim recollection of Ingus as the God of the Fire-Serpent (Kundalini), since Agni is the God of Kundalini. 
The name Ingvi-Frey means ‘Lord of Ingvi’ or ‘Master of Ingvi’ and thus he is not the same as Ingus who is the personification of the Sacred Fire. The word Inguna is often used as ‘Inguna-Frey’. 
Agni, when spelled backwards, is Inga; another connection, and thus arises the Folkish Wodenist term – the Inga-Fire or the Inga-Force. Remember, Agni was hidden in the ‘sap’, i.e. he is the force that is hidden in the life-energy that pervades all life. The ‘sap’ in Man is the Sacred Blood.
The Ing-Rune, in its English Form, is the DNA Spiral and this is the ‘Rune of the Blood’. It is the ‘Gift of Ing’ which we shall look at now. The ‘spiral’ mentioned here, to me, suggests that the Sacred Blood moves around the body in a spiral form.


I have used the term 'Heimdall' which is the Norse God, but we English use the name Hama which at one level (like 'heim') means 'home'. But this word has another meaning related to the IE Root *kona-mo- meaning 'shin', 'leg' 'bone', which gives rise to the OE hamm meaning 'ham', 'thigh'. The term 'thigh' has the same symbolic meaning of 'groin' and thus Ingus and Hama are linked through their names, merely using different symbolism for the same meaning. Agni is the 'God of the Home' or more precisely 'God of the Hearth-Fire'. A piece of ham is a piece of pork, again associated with the boar-pig, sacred symbols to the Northern Folk. 


We find the figure of Scyld Scefing in the Saga of Beowulf where as a child he sails to the Scyldings, the Royal Line of the Danes. He becomes a great warrior-king and at his death he is laid in a ship loaded with treasures, weapons of war, battle-garments, swords and mail-coats. They set up over his head a Golden Banner, and the ship was set adrift in the seas where he had come from as a child. He had a son named Beowulf Scyldinga (Beowulf, Son of Scyld), who had a son named Heafldene (Halfdan - 'Half-Dane'). This, of course, is not the Beowulf the Geat of the saga, and these two should not be mixed up. The Saga of Scef has here been transferred to his son Scyld. This is not unusual in mythology. The name 'Beowulf' may be a mistake, since some genealogies have Beaw, Beow, or Beo. 

A note on the name 'Scani' or 'Scandi'; the latter is the earlier term since the 'd' was lost in later manuscripts. In Beowulf this is 'Scedeland' or 'Scedenig', the latter thus being 'Scede-Island' confirming that this was an island in the Northlands. There is an OE Sconeg which obviously means 'Scon-Island'. The sequence - Scef (Sheaf), Scyld (Shield) and Beaw (Barley) may well be seen to link to the song called 'John Barleycorn'. 


Agni is sometimes called Apam Napat who appears with the same name in the Iranian Tradition, where he is associated with the hvarena which is the 'Solar Matter', the 'Fiery Radiance' associated with kingship. In the Iranian Tradition Apam Napat hides the hvarena at the bottom of a lake. This is the 'Fire-in-Water' associated with Agni and thus Ingus/Hama. In an Irish Legend the Well of Nechtan emits powerful waves of radiant light; Nechtan is Neptune, and this is the Well of Segais, the source of imbas forosnai ('wisdom that burns or illuminates') or teinne laeda ('shining'/'burning'), and the source of the poet. 

Loki steals the Necklace of Freya - Brisingamene - and Hama retrieves it from a lake; again the symbolism of 'Fire-in-Water'. The source of this 'Fire-in-Water' is clearly the Waters of Apsu which lie below the Void, and so it is necessary to bring the consciousness down into The Void into the Apsu below this level. 

Sunday, 13 September 2020

The Northern Crown

 I have just been watching a YouTube video done by Carl Vernon, a man who stands against the madness that surrounds us today. His latest video is called 'More Mask Madness' and is obviously about - masks. It shows an 'American' celebrity (Gloria somebody....) pushing masks, especially for children. In fact she does actually emphasise that she wishes to 'capture' children by promoting the masks. 

The interesting thing is that this shows a PBS News Hour caption of a woman wearing a mask on which she clearly points out the 'Corona Borealis' stamped on it, with the constellation shown next to SATURN. Of course, as Hamasson once pointed out, Corona Borealis is the 'Crown' which has been tipped off the head of Bootes, the latter being the Constellation of Ingus. The Crown is upside-down!

Corona Borealis is next to Bootes which has Arcturus as its brightest star, the Star of the Once and Future King. As shown here the 'Northern Crown has 'fallen' from the head of Bootes. The mask concerned clearly emphasises that the Northern Crown has been 'toppled' by Saturn (Shaitan) - the 'Lord of the Rings'. 

The Flag of Gondor, after the defeat of Sauron and the Dark Forces, is shown with the Seven Stars of the Corona Borealis, under which is the Crown which has been placed upon the head of the 'Once and Future King', with the 'Return of the King'.

The Romans had a festival called 'Saturnalia' which seems to have changed from the original theme of Saturn as Ruler of the Golden Age, to that of the upturning of the social order completely. In this Saturn became the 'Lord of Misrule' over the 'Feast of Fools'. He creates and (mis-)rules over a disordered, chaotic and absurd society, what we would call 'insanity'. One of the things linked to the Saturnalia seems to have been the wearing of masks. However, this (mis-)rule lasts for a very, very short period (no doubt originally after the Yuletide) and his reign is overthrown and a New Order and New Golden Age commences. Saturn-Shaitan (lead) is transmuted into Gold. The 'Lord of Misrule' is a later medieval concept, but still a remembrance of the reign of the Dark Powers. There is also a mask called 'Leave Saturn in the Saturnalia' which underlines how confident of their invincibility they are now. 

On March 20th 1345 there was a planetary conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius; the Black Death flared up at this time. There was a similar conjunction 700-odd years later - in 2020. The followed the Covid-19 'pandemic. We all know how this has been pushed beyond belief, but we should still be aware that this could just be the start of something worse, and never let down our guard. Our Folk-Survival is at stake now, and we should keep up our vigilance and our 'prepping'. 

Of course, the 'Northern Crown' represents the Coming Avatar - the Divine Child, and, as I have mentioned before, we have the case of the expected birth of a 'Divine Child' two thousand years ago, and the 'Massacre of the Innocents' designed to slay him. At the End-Time, two thousand years later, it is prophesied that the 'Red Dragon' (Shaitan-Saturn) will try to slay the Divine Child that is now expected - the Last Avatar. This imagery on the mask could represent this, using a pandemic this time to do their dirty work. The 'Flood' sent by the Dragon of Evil represents the 'pandemic'.

This is a time of transformation, and the events of today are there to provide obstacles that have to be overcome. They should be seen as a challenge, not the end of the world. Our task is to awaken the 'heirs', and thus prepare the way for the Man to Come. Our Folk are about to undertake a great transmutation which will herald the appearance of the God-Man on Earth. 

The key to understanding this transmutation lies in the Ear-Rune and the Cweorth-Rune. The Ear-Rune is the Cweorth-Rune with the hands 'bound' (as in the 'Bound Giant' which is often depicted as Satan-Shaitan), and the Cweorth-Rune has the arms 'unbound'. The key to the freeing of Saturn seems to be Fire, the Fires of Surt. The Cweorth-Rune has an alternative name of TRIS, which is SIRT spelled backwards. Saturn is the 'Lord of the Rings' and in the English Epic the 'Ring of Power' has to be destroyed in the Fires of Mount Doom. Only fire can show the letters around the Ring of Power, and only fire can destroy it. 

According to the 2020 diary I have the Winter Evennight (Autumn Equinox) is on 22nd September; however, this would make Halloween (October 31st) 39 days later, and as far as I know Halloween should be 40 days after. The Holy Night of Hallowed Eve is 31st October which is All Fool's Night. Interestingly, this is just seven months after April 1st - April Fool's Day. According to some the 40-day period is the dark interval before the dawn of a new cycle. We may expect some developments this month.

One of the most sacred places of the Islamic Faith is Mecca, and here the Kaaba is kept - the Black Stone. This Black Cube represents Saturn, and all three of the main religions - Judaism, Islam and Christianity - worship Saturn, even though they may not know this. (The Christian Cross is a cube opened out!) The Kaaba, according to legend, was a White Stone that turned black, which suggests the transmutation of Saturn into Shaitan. 

The White Stone of Ing thus takes on even more importance at this time, since it is a White Stone, and the prophecy in Revelation tells how it will be found again in the 'Temple of my God', this God being Ingus, the 'New Name of God' in this era. This is how important it is to recognise this as the Age of Ing or the Age of Ingus, and how important this Holy Stone really is. The 'Gift of Ing' is Fire, which underlines what I have just said, for Ingus is Agni - the Fire-God. Another mystery of the White Stone can now be revealed; the shape of the carvings on the White Stone shows Bootes (the area where the runes are carved, and the two 'legs' below this), upon which is the 'Crown' -

Here the Edel-Rune represents Bootes, and the 'Inverted V' represents the Northern Crown - 'The Crown-less again shall be king'. This is The Hooded Man who is 'transmuted' into the 'Crowned and Avenging Son'. The Hooded Man - who is Helgi Hundingsbane - must be 'slain' by Dag ('Day') who wields the Spear of Woden (only Woden himself can 'slay' his own). Thus dawns the Age of the Water-Jug and arises the Last Avatar - the Third Sargon. 

Looking at the Three Cauldrons exercise again, if the Base Centre is taken as an Inverted Triangle (Trikona) as the Ur-Centre ('U') and the Head-Centre is taken as an Upright Triangle (Asa-Centre) then we can see emerging here something of significance. Taking the Base-Centre as a 'V' and the Head-Centre as an 'Inverted V' then the aim is to return the 'Crown' to its rightful position at the Head-Centre. It is thus the movement of the Fire-Serpent (Ingus) upwards to the Head-Centre that restores the Crown to the Rightful King. The Fire-Serpent lies dormant in the Waters (Absu) at the base of the World Tree, and when awakened the energy moves upwards to the Head-Centre. 

Monday, 7 September 2020

The Sacred Symbol


He (Gurdjieff) said that from time to time from another world - 'from above' - a Sacred Individual is incarnated in human form with a very high and special mission, the working of which is not visible in this world and which can only be perceived by the disciples or companions who are specially prepared. This mission is not performed in this world except in so far as the being who is engaged in it is incarnated in human form. A certain possibility is introduced from a realm where the impossible doesn't exist. It is something new which doesn't belong to the cause and effect of this world, and therefore changes the whole situation. The doing of this and how it is done is unseen; but in general, it is then necessary that something should be seen, manifested, so that the particular new thing should be able to operate in the visible world amongst people with ordinary perceptions. It is to fulfil that second part of the mission that the Sacred Image is created and this Sacred Image has unlimited power in it, because its source is beyond the existing world. That Sacred Image we see as the founder of a new religion, as a prophet, or as an incarnation of God, who introduces a new Hope into the life of man.'

J.G. Bennett.

Gurdjieff is telling us here that a Sacred Individual is incarnated in human form, coming from 'another world' - 'from above', i.e. from a Higher World, the World of the Gods. We are told the following about this Avatar -

  • His Divine Mission can only be understood by his disciples or followers, who have been specially prepared for this mission.
  • This mission is really performed in the 'Other-World' because it is 'not visible in this world', i.e. this is being played out in the Other-World, and is thus performed in this physical world where it is reflected.
  • This is something entirely new to this world and does not belong to the 'cause and effect' of this world, because it works outside the laws of the physical world. It thus creates a great change.
  • Since the workings are done in the Other-World something has to be manifested in order that people with 'ordinary perceptions' can see it being done. Thus, a Sacred Image is created, and this has unlimited power because its source is from a Higher World.
  • This can be a Sacred Image (Symbol), the founder of a new religion, a seer or prophet, or it can be an Incarnation of a God who brings a New Hope into the physical world. 
I have mentioned before how the word symbol means 'to unite' and is the opposite to diabolos which means 'to divide'. However, there is another level to this meaning of the word symbol which can be found in its source, the IE Root *g(w)ela- meaning 'to throw', 'to reach', or 'to pierce'. We can here deduce that the idea of a symbol is such that this can 'pierce' the veil between the worlds, i.e. it can work in both worlds, having its source in the Higher Worlds. Through symbolism we can move between the Nine Worlds. 

We have many cases of the appearance of an Avatar who can appear as the founder of a new religion, a seer or prophet, or the actual Incarnation of a God on Earth. Gurdjieff believed, like many others, that we are living in a 'Dark Age', one of ignorance rather than enlightenment, and that the ancients had themselves anticipated that this would happen in our times. He taught that the ancients had encoded their Secret Knowledge in legominisms which were sometimes material structures such as temples or pyramids, playing cards, nursery rhymes etc. In his book Meetings with Remarkable Men he tells of his search for the Sarman (or Sarmoung) Brotherhood which he believed was founded around 2,500 BCE in Babylon. The name Sarman seems to refer to the Fylfot-Swastika.

The word Sarman derives from sar meaning 'head', thus the 'Head-Man', i.e. an Enlightened Man. It means also The Bee no doubt linked to the 'Nectar of the Gods'. It appears that it was the Yerzidis whom he saw as the source of his knowledge about the Sarman. It is very interesting, in view of the Sajaha Prophecies, that this ancient brotherhood originated in Babylon.

I think that it is important to understand the role of symbols and symbolism, since these act upon the Right-Brain rather than the Left-Brain which is today far more dominant. The power of a Sacred Symbol can arise from a Higher World - 'from above' - and become manifested upon Earth as a catalyst for great change, something that can indeed introduce New Hope into the world. 

At this point in time a unifying symbol must be used to unite the Sons of Ingus, and that must be the Ing-Rune. This symbol is also that of the DNA Code and, as such, can be made to work upon the task of altering the DNA Code as part of the upward-evolution of our Folk. It is also the Twin-Serpents associated with the Kundalini-Force and can thus awaken the Fire-Serpent, a powerful energy associated with Ingus - the Inga-Force (Agni-Inga). This is the energy of new life, new growth and resurrection. It represents the vegetative growth that permeates Nature and the Natural Order - that which the Gods gained for themselves. There is a stirring here amongst the English, an awakening of a long-lost God and Divine Ancestor. 

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Wolves Amongst The Sheep!

Oppression in any form is a burden to the weak; to those with a slave-mentality life itself is a drudge, a curse that they have to endure. Any form of drastic change or disruption in their meagre and pathetic lives is a disaster, and thus they cry for everything to become normal again. This is the herd-mentality spoken of by Friedrich Nietzsche, that of the Ultimate Man. The 'sheep' are totally reliant upon the State System, whether it be the state authorities or the global corporations, they are the same. Such people can never be creative since they need someone to do things for them. These are the conformists in these times, and their whole lives now revolve around 'Covid-19', which has become the 'key-word' for everything that is being done to the people, and it has become the excuse for every change that is being forced upon us. 

Oppression, change, disaster and catastrophe, to the strong, is a means of self-overcoming, of being able not only to cope but to overcome the human weaknesses that we all have. The strong will try to break through obstacles, to overcome problems and even catastrophic disasters. Self-overcoming leads upwards towards self-perfection, to becoming one with the Immortals - the Gods. These strong ones are the Wolves Amongst The Sheep, one of the mottos of Woden's Folk. 

We held a Folk-Moot somewhere in England recently, just a gathering of a few people from the local area, to which Hamasson and Scyld accompanied me in order that we could discuss certain issues with Raven. The difference between this and the 'outside world' was amazing - not the slightest hint at 'conformity' during the whole thing. And yet, having said that, there does seem a growing trend towards not conforming so much around us, maybe more and more people are seeing through the farcical trends of the 'Covid-World'. Or maybe people are just drifting back to how their dull lives were before all this? This is usually the case, and I see no reason to see this coming out any different.

The one thing that we must not do at this critical time is to become complacent; this would prove disastrous. The other day I spoke to a young local guy who exclaimed to me - 'I'll be glad when they come up with a vaccine and we can get back to normal'. Is this not just what this regime wants in the people, to cry out for a 'cure', which will be given since the whole thing has been engineered in the first place. Do these people not listen when they are told that things will never get back to 'normal' - just to a 'New Normal'. The whole thing has been engineered as a kind of 'mass-initiation' designed to create a new 'race of slaves', under the total control of the Global Elite. They will not let things get back to 'normal' because they wish to create a new 'world-order' made up of masters and slaves, and this means an experiment in mind-control over the masses of the world. 

It is noticeable here in England that they are doing this in very careful stages, not just all at once; and the same goes for the USA and certain other White Nations. This is no doubt to avoid mass opposition and rebellion by the masses - which would be the case if they pushed too far too fast. Whatever the case they are tightening the screws. In the USA they have greater problems looming, and if the term 'Babylon' used in Revelation does refer to the USA, and this may be the case, then this is the area where things will come to a head, and the collapse take full force. The world will follow suit. It was the very same people, the Global Elite, who were accusing us of trying to start a 'Race-War', who are today clearly fermenting a 'Race-War'. We must all be aware of this now. There are so many threats that they could use for the  near future. 

Trying to grow our own food, and stockpiling food in case of food-shortages was one of our main aims over the past couple of decades (or more in some cases). There is a great danger of food-shortages now, and this should not be ignored. There is also a great danger of a total collapse in society, throwing everything into disorder and chaos. This we must be aware of too, even more so since it is clearly heading towards this. It is even more essential now that we do not sit back and get complacent because even harder times are ahead - even harder challenges that we have to overcome. Woden's Folk set itself the task of self-education and self-training in order to be ready for anything that could hit us, and so far this has paid off. But we must not become complacent and slow our work down.

We are holding high the Flame of Freedom for those to come, for our children, and their children. That freedom is being lost rapidly, but much of what is happening need not happen if people did not give way to tyranny, did not conform to their sick rules and regulations. It will become more and more obvious to more and more people that this is not about a 'pandemic', and more about total control over our lives. The 'rules' that were first put into place through 'Lok-down' (*) have become 'laws' and they are talking of extending these for two years. It would seem obvious, but as yet clearly is not, that no-one could see just how far such a 'pandemic' would go, so adding another two years is merely making sure that this control goes on into the future. 

(*) A play-on-words for 'Loki', the Trickster and Liar, associated with the Spider and the Web. 

Flame of Freedom

Most people did not realise that the 'World Wide Web' was named thus because this regime was creating a 'Spider's Web' that catches everyone in it, based around a Web of Deceit and Lies. This was merely a step towards controlling the minds of everyone around the world through linking their minds together in a World Network or Global Network. They are already experimenting with microchips inserted into pigs (these people do not like the boar or pig); these are designed to control the actions of the animals - yet another animal experiment. Here we can see them as the hypocrites that they are, for it was the 'lefty-mob' who deemed animal experiments as cruel (which they certainly are), hunting as cruel (which I believe it is when done as a 'sport'), and thus unleashed the 'animal rights activists' onto us. Here we have continuing animal cruelty being done in the name of science, and they are saying nothing whatever about it. But this, like the work done by the 'animal rights activists', advances their Global Agenda, and if the two seem incompatible that matters not one jot to these people. 

I think everyone was somewhat taken aback by the speed in which this has happened, but it has happened and we cannot do anything to change that. But we can do something to change the future for the better. In one sense we are today being ruled by these 'activists' who have long pushed their Hidden Agenda behind the scenes. These are the people that have a lot of power, even if they have superiors who themselves feel they have this power. It is crucial that these people are not backed down to, because that is the way they work. They agitate, moan, grumble, and push their agenda no matter how one argues against the nonsensical aspects of this. These people are the one who stifle free speech, who suffer no arguments against theirs - they are right, no matter what! It is these people that we must not only oppose but expose. Just as much as we need to expose the Global Elite - the Bankers (money-lenders) and the Marxists. 

This, as Miguel Serrano stated, is an Eternal Struggle, and we have been born into this today, at this crucial Eleventh Hour, to wage a Holy War against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos who hold sway over the world. This is our time, as much as it is their time. We are the - Wolves Amongst The Sheep!