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The "White Gods".

The fact that there is so much evidence to prove the existence of lost civilisations in the ancient world cannot be denied. More and more research is finding evidence to prove this. But, as usual, there is always a stumbling-block placed in the way of this research, and that today lies in the approach that attributes these lost civilisations to 'aliens'. This infers that the human race were, as established history tells us, primitive savages that needed help from 'aliens' to build such civilisations. 

Our research has always come up with the fact that mankind has not evolved upwards from the apes but has devolved from a High Race of the North to what is left of that today within the White Race. And that the process by which this 'fall' started was the mixing of the High Race with lower races which meant the loss of the Higher Consciousness that built such vast and ancient civilisations. This, and the gradual downturn of the Cycle of the Ages to what today we know as the darkest point of the Dark Age. 

Through the ancient legends of the peoples of Central and South America we find the common theme of a 'White God', a tall, bearded, pale-skinned and blue-eyed figure who appears in a time of chaos to help the native peoples and leaves a high degree of knowledge behind him. This figure appears in various cultures as -

Viracocha - The Andes.

Ticci Viracocha - An alternative name for Viracocha.

Huaracocha - Another alternative name for the same figure.


Con Ticci or Kon Tiki





Votan - Central America.

Quetzalcoatl - Central America.

Kukulkan - Central America.

Gucumatz - Central America.

Izamana - Central America.

These figures come as 'civilisers' of the primitive peoples, but unlike their later counterparts - the Christians - they came to help these peoples in a time of disorder, chaos and catastrophe. These were all described as being tall, white, bearded and some with blue eyes - obvious references to people of the White Race. There is also a rather important, and obviously overlooked or ignored, statement about the science of these 'White Gods' -

...they saw that the fire was extinguished at his command, though stones were consumed by fire in such wise that large blocks could be lifted by hand as if they were cork.' 

These 'White Gods' obviously had a science unknown to us today, a science where stones could be lifted and moved by somehow defying the Laws of Gravity. These people also worked with a kind of 'magic' and were healers too; they were, in the main, respected by the natives who welcomed them - though this was not always the case. The quote above is part of a piece recording an uprising against Viracocha who used Fiery Magic' to quell the natives. But in the main these 'White Gods' went around peacefully helping the natives and giving them knowledge - knowledge in many cases that was left for them to record and pass on until a time would come when we ourselves - the White Race - would need to find this knowledge again. 

It is said that Viracocha was helped by 'messengers' known as hayhuaypanti - 'Shining Ones'. The Inca road system was said, in local tradition, to have been 'ancient in the time of the Incas' and were 'the work of white auburn-haired men' who had lived thousands of years earlier. The word 'Inca', we know from Spanish writers, was originally spelled 'Inga' which is interesting; they occupied the area around Peru. The 'Viracochas' or 'Shining Ones' were said to have been the builders of many ancient monuments in this area. 

Father Jose de Acosta's Natural and Moral History of the Indies states that Viracocha came out of Lake Titicaca and stayed in Tiahuanaco , thence going to Cuzco which is the 'Navel of the World'. He came after a 'Great Flood' which occurred in that area of the world. 

Viracocha here stands in the same position as the Long Man of Wilmington and the Atacama Giant. He holds Twin Serpents rather than 'staffs' or 'spears' and he is a Solar God. It should be noticed that he does hold Twin Serpents, but like the Swedish bracteate showing Woden in this same stance the serpents (like the horns) have heads of birds. 

Legends state that Thunapa created a peaceful kingdom and taught to the natives the arts of civilisation; he was struck down and grievously wounded by a group of natives and his body placed in a boat set adrift on Lake Titicaca. Although at this time these 'White Gods' came in peace to help it seems that on some occasions their help was rewarded by being slain. 

In Central America the figures of Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan dominate - both again are 'White Gods', tall, bearded and blue-eyed. Going back to the staffs of Viracocha, bird's head on the serpents, Quetzalcoatl means 'Feathered Serpent' and Kukulkan was described the same. Quetzalcoatl was described as bearded and wearing a long cloak. We cannot but compare the name 'Kukulkan' with the Irish 'Cuchulain' - the 'Hound of Ulster'. These figures came from the 'East' across the 'pond' and when Quetzalcoatl left he did so in a boat with serpents - all of these were linked to the Serpent. 

The Mayan texts known as the Books of Chilam Balam says that the first peoples of the Yucatan were the People of the Serpent. Their leader was Itzamana who was the Serpent of the East, a figure who could heal and raise the dead (heard that somewhere before). Quetzalcoatl forebade the blood-sacrifice of the Aztecs, which was only revived again after he left. It is interesting to note how the reign of Quetzalcoatl ended - it ended with the eternal cosmic struggle of the Forces of Light and Darkness. It was brought to an end by Tezcatilpoca, a fierce and malevolent god whose name means 'Smoking Mirror' and who demanded blood-sacrifices. It was at Tula or Tollan that Quetzalcoatl was forced to quit Mexico.

Quetzalcoatl promised to return to the Americas and to overthrow the Cult of Tezcatipolca and revive an era of the Gods where the thirst for human blood would be ceased and peace and harmony returned. We can see in this single figure the archetype of a tall, fair-skinned, fair-haired white man bringing culture and civilisation after a Great Flood. This appears in many other legends from across the world. Coming to Central and South America from the East we may suggest a link to the sinking of At-al-land; maybe at the latter part of the catastrophes that sank these ancient lands. We do not know this, but there may be a link because all over these islands here there are legends of ancient Serpent-Cults. Again, whether these were a Cult of Light or Cult of Darkness we do not know, but certainly in the Americas these came as a Cult of Light.

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The Shining Ones

Many ancient cultures tell of a race known as The Shining Ones; this really includes the Old Testament (taken from Aryan sources) where we find distinct references to tall figures who shone like the Sun. These were later associated with the Elven Race who shone like the Sun. I have been witness to the manifestation of an Elf after an Alfar-Blot done on the Fairy Glen on the Moray Firth in the Scottish Highlands. A shimmering, shining bluish-figure appeared in front of me for a few seconds. This was one of the Shining Ones.

The Semitic title of a god is 'El' which was probably taken from an Aryan source originally since we find this to be the basis of many of our words which relate to the idea of 'shining'. The sequence below relates to this idea -

AL   AEL   EL   IL   OL   OEL   UL

From this sequence we can see variations of the names which related to 'shining' and the most known to us is the word Elf or Alf which can also be rendered Alb. Albion is the Land of the Elves which can also be rendered Land of the Shining Ones. Here we find that Ingwe (Ingui) is the Lord of the Elves or Lord of the Shining Ones. We also find the Root *al- in the name 'Alban' which was the Land of the Picts, again related to the Shining Ones. In fact the term Aryan developed into the name of a tribe known as the Alans. Here, once more, we find that a sequence develops -


The word Elan was given to a Goddess linked to the energy-system around Britain, developing into the Greek 'Helen'. It is also the root of Elan Vital which again refers to this 'Earth-Energy'. It may be linked to the 'Ley-Lines' and the Energy-Grid. We can find the Root *ul- in the name Ullr, which is Wuldor to the English. His name means 'glorious' which suggests 'shining'. 

The High God or 'All-Father' in Tolkien's Mythology is named Iluvater which can be rendered Shining-Father. His alternative name is Eru which is said to mean 'The One'. Eru is Er, Ir, Irmin or Arman. The prefix *ilu makes the word 'illuminate' which means 'to light' and refers to 'shining' again. 

I will now turn to the word ALU which once again bears the prefix *al- but which also has a strange property of also having two ways of writing it -


AL-u is also UL-a when written from right to left; both of these fit into the sequence as shown at the beginning. We are led to suppose here that the ALU-ULA Formula is associated with the 'Light' and with the 'Shining Ones'. It appears from an experience at Wayland's Smithy that ALU is in fact associated with The Ancestors, which was the basis of the CD recording of 'ALU' done by myself on the Seelenlicht Recording made by Troy Southgate. In this The Ancestors (Ahnen) would be the Shining Ones. 

ALU - Light of U(r)

ULA - Light of A(r)

The words Alan, Elan etc. are in fact made up of 'Shining' (Al-El) and 'Master' (An). Wodan (Wod-an) is the 'Master of Wod', where '-an' means 'master'. Even the term Vril contains the suffix -il with 'vr' or perhaps 'ur' as a prefix - 'Primal Shining'; this refers to the Light-Force. No doubt the term Vril was adopted by Lord Lytton from virile, rooted in vir or wer which came to mean 'man' but which originally meant something more like 'hero' a higher type of man. But, again, we cannot but relate this to the Shining Ones since these were indeed the 'heroes' of the ancient world. 

If Iluvater is the 'Shining Father' then All-Father is also the 'Shining Father'; the 'Father of All' too, of course. The term 'shining' is also the meaning of the name Tiw; he is the 'Shining One', a Solar God or Sky-God. The Norse Gods were also called Tivar or Tiwar which means 'The Shining Ones'. Can the Gods and the Ancestors be 'The Shining Ones'? Here we have to remember that our race was created by Woden-Will-Weoh with the 'Light of the Gods' (Litr Godi) and that we are the Sons of the Gods - the Gods and the Ancestors are one and the same. This is why the ancient Saxon Kings claimed direct descent from the god Woden - the Divine Ancestry. 

The Hebrew word 'Elohim' is often translated as 'God' but the word is plural and thus 'gods', or more correctly - Shining Ones. The Semites likely took the term El or Al from others in the areas they occupied, just as the Old Testament is a history of early peoples whose legends were recorded and taken by the Hebrews. A great deal of this stuff originated in Sumeria, Mesapotamia and then Egypt, as well as India since we find certain similarities with the Aryans there. 

Associated with the ancient Shining Ones was the symbol of the Serpent or the Winged Serpent - the Dragon. Hence why such figures as Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan are seen as 'Feathered Serpents' or serpents with wings. The god Votan of Central America was of the Race of Chan, the 'Race of the Serpent'. Even here we find the links to our Kan-Rune which is the Rune of the Fire-Serpent. 

KA   KAE   KE   KI   KO   KOE   KU


These have very deep and mystical concepts, and the Kan-Rune/Ken-Rune is that of -

Kan - The Fire-Serpent or Dra-Kon.

Ken - Wisdom and Knowledge.

Kin - The Kinfolk, Kindred and Kind (Nature = In-kind).

Kon - The King, the Khan, the Chan, the Konungr and Cyning. The KOEN - Pine Cone, the Pineal Gland. 

Kun - The Kun-dalini or 'Fire-Snake'. 

The name 'Giant' stems from the Aryan Root *gan/kan and we find numerous legends of 'Giants' in ancient times - these were the Shining Ones. These 'Giants' had mastered the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini-Force. The Aryan Root *gna/kna is also the root of our word 'know' - they were the 'Wise Ones' who 'know', who are 'seers'. 

The Sig-Rune is also associated with the Snake or Serpent; it is a glyph of the movement of the snake and also the sound of the snake - SS. The symbol is also associated with the Sun and the Soul. Being a Solar Symbol it is suited to the Shining Ones - the Solar Race. The symbol of the Solar Race was the Golden Swastika upon a Light Blue background - the Sun and the Blue Sky. The Shining Ones appeared like Fiery-Serpents around the world, spreading the Knowledge of Light and the God of Light. It is no coincidence that the Aryan Gods were known as the Asen - containing the A - Aryan and S - Serpent. Even in late times the Vikings had the Serpent on the front and back of their 'Dragon-Ships'. The English have, to this day, the symbol of the White Dragon or Golden Dragon as their emblem of struggle and final victory. 

The Egyptian Sun-God was named Ra which is  reflection of Ar; the Aryan Root *-ar means 'movement' or 'to plough'. In a sense this refers to the 'movement' of the Sun across the daily skies, and in another 'The Plough' referring to the Great Bear in the Northern Skies. This is the Arktos Mythos, where 'ark' refers to the 'Light of the North'. The Aryan Root *-ark means 'to shine'. The term 'Ar-yan' uses a more southerly 'yan' as opposed to the northern 'kan', hence our use of the term Ar-Kan which means 'Aryan' as well as many other deeper meanings. The Ar-Kan is the 'Solar Knowledge' or the 'Knowledge of The Shining Ones'. 

This ancient race has left its legacy in the stone monuments all around the world; theirs was truly the 'Stone Age'. Today's establishment scholars view the 'Stone Age' as a primitive, backward age using stone tools; the pyramids etc. were built with primitive stone tools and dragged along primitive 'ramps' to get higher - bullshit!!! The true Stone Age was a highly technical age, but with a technology that we have as yet never been able to reach. The use of stone was for the purpose of energy-sources, and also the Science of Sound. It is well known that stone has energy-properties, take quartz for example. Quartz formed a vital part of this ancient technology. Some of these stone structures cannot be matched today, even with today's 'advanced' technology. Certainly, they will last far longer than the life-span of modern building - thousands of years rather than a hundred years! 

Enlightened beings are always depicted with a halo around the head; this word has to be linked with the word heil or hael. It is related to the word 'hallow' and thus to heil in the sense of 'wholeness'. The halo is a circle of light around the head, suggesting the idea of 'shining' again. We use the term 'bright' for someone who is clever, and the term 'dull' for someone who is not very clever. This is no accident, it holds a primal truth. Light is associated with the genius, dullness with ignorance and darkness. 

Not only the race - the Ancient Solar Race - was linked to brightness and light, but also the lands upon which they dwelt. We know this from the many terms used for the Lands of the Arya -






Sweta Dwipa ('White Island')

These are a few examples to show that the Lands of the Arya were also called by names which link to 'shining' or 'bright' or 'light'. Their lands became full of the 'Light of the Solar-Force' through the mystical link between the Blood & Soil. Where they 'ploughed' and worked the land they spread the 'Light of the Arya', and originally they spread the Divine Light to all peoples of the world - that was before they became corrupted by the Dark Powers that had been conjured up from the Shadow-Worlds. 

The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag system used within Folkish Wodenism embodies the memory of the Ancient Solar Race and the Solar Knowledge of the 'Age of Stone' -

Ar-Kan = The Solar Knowledge

            = The Eagle-Knowledge

            = The Eagle-Serpent (Heavens-Earth)

            = The Winged Serpent

            = The Shining Serpent

            = The Wisdom of the Dragon

            = The Solar Kin

            = The Ur-Knowledge of the Ur-Kin

            = The Knowledge of The Shining Ones

            = The Knowledge of The Solar Race

            = The Primal Knowledge or Ur-Knowledge

            = The Solar Serpent

            = The Sun-Dragon

            = The Ar-Kon Knowledge

            = The Arcane Knowledge

            = The Knowledge of the Fire-Serpent

Rune-Lag = The Secret Way

                = The Mystery Path

                = The Science of Sound - 'to whisper'/'to roar'

                = The Secret of Flow

                = The Mystery of the Light

There are no doubt more meanings that will come to light in time; this system is an all-compassing world-view based upon the Sacred Runes - the 33 Ar-Kan Runes the Aryan Runes. These are Aryan in the sense of the 'Ar-Generator' or 'Light-Generator' which could also be the 'Ark-Generator' - 'Generator of the Light'. Ar-Kan is also Ark-An which means 'Master of the Ark' - 'Master of the Light'. This is the Aryan Secret Way



The Thule Mysteries

The Thule Mysteries centre around the 'Midnight Mountain' which is to be found at the Far North. This is a Mythical Mountain, the White Mountain, which lies on the White Island in the North. This Holy Mountain we call Mount Me-Ru or Mount Su-Me-Ru - 

Su = The Sun, The Light, The Source, The Generator. 

Me = To measure.

Ru = The Runes.

The Runic-Ladder (the human spinal column) leads upwards through the 33-Runes of the Ar-Kan Runes, upwards along Su-Me-Ru. This is the Path of the Serpent or Path of the Fire-Serpent. 

This mountain has been known by various names in different traditions -

Mount Meru - India.

On/Ong - Egypt.

Og/Oz - Asia.

Kharsak Kurra - Sumeria.

Rirap Hlumpo - Tibet.

The names 'Og' and 'Ong' are interesting since they relate to the god Ing and to Og/Ygg. There may be some truth in that a portion of the Aryans left Atlantis and went into Egypt - who knows. The names 'Og' and 'Ong' may have been taken there from the North-West. 

Interestingly, another area where the Aryans settled after the sinking of Atlantis was around the area of Tibet. In Tibet this Sacred Mountain is known as Olmolungring which was also known as Ong, Og or Oz. It was supposed to be an invisible kingdom located in a north-west region of Tibet, which, of course, is the material and physical location given to it later. This is the area where Shenrab descended on a rope. 

Shenrab is the founder of the ancient Bon Religion of Tibet which existed prior to the coming of Buddhism. He descended from 'heaven' on a rope some 18,000 years ago, we are told. He taught in the region of Mount Kailas (The Swastika Mountain) and his alternative name was Mura. He was the original teacher of the Kalachakra Tantra which means 'Wheel of Time'. 

Shi Yantra

The above mandala - Shi Yantra is based upon upwards and downwards triangles. But if this is meditated upon and the eyes focussed and unfocussed a vortex-shape appears at the centre. This is somewhat like an 'hour-glass' suggesting 'time'. The Holy Mountain is often seen as shaped like this; the shape can be found in our Daeg-Rune. There are 16 petals around the outside (8 + 8) and 8 petals on the ring inside this. 

The Great Bear - Little Bear formation in the North was called Tula in Vedic India, a name meaning 'The Scales'. One of the sons of Genghis Khan was named Tula or Tulee whose son was Kublai Khan. One of the steps Genghis Khan took was to take control of the area of the Shensi Pyramids in China, a step that he must have felt of great importance. The pyramid, invariably, symbolises the Midnight Mountain. Genghis Khan took the name of Hor for his people, and this was later developed into the Uighurs, the original race of Central Asia. It is also strange that the Egyptian Shemsu Hor ('Followers of Horus') were supposedly a 'Master Race' of ancient times. 

The Thule Mysteries are extremely important to us because of their great age and because this era was when the Solar Race ruled the world and when the world was in harmony and balance. We see importance in the time of the Saxons and Vikings, of course, but these are late eras in the Dark Age, and to understand the true nature of our Folk we need to understand the era of the Solar Race or Arya. This is why we tend to go back to the Mysteries of Thule and of At-al-land over and over again. We can see from the foundations of the USA how certain key towns and cities in the 'New World' were called after their original names here in England. It is thus feasible to assume that the name 'At-al-land' could be a title and that the name 'Thule' could also have been given to this land after being transferred from the original Hyperborea - the Ur-Hyperborea. 

The Uranian Solar Race.

"The Light comes not from the East but from the North. Its tradition is Uranian, being derived from Uranus, Lord of the Cosmic World Order, and of the primordial paradise of the Aryan Race situated at the North Pole.

It was Uranus' usurping son, Saturn, who brought upon this happy and unified humanity the dubious gift of the egoic state. The temptations consequent on this change in the human constitution lead to the loss of the primeval unity and eventually the destruction of Saturn's realm, Atlantis."

Arktos - The Polar Myth - Joscelyn Godwin on Wilhelm Landig's works.

The basis of Julius Evola's ideas rest upon the Solar Way also being called Uranian; this he sees as being linked to Being which he sees as superior to Becoming. My view is that Being and Becoming are both two sides of a coin, both necessary since Becoming itself suggests change. It seems that when Being is imposed upon Becoming we see quick change and indeed a shift to a higher dimension and a higher civilisation. But what interests us here is the Uranian concept. 

The son of Uranus is Cronus, Saturn being the Roman term and not Greek; that is a minor point but for accuracy needs stating perhaps. Also, it is usual to see Lucifer as the god who brought to mankind the ego, and I am not sure here where Saturn comes in, although this could derive from a link between Saturn and Satan. Lucifer, it has long been established is not the same as 'Satan'. The 'ruler of Atlantis' was Poseidon who, interestingly, Jurgen Spanuth equates with Forseti (*). Saturn, though, it is said, was ruler over the Golden Age if that can be equated with Atlantis.

The above shows the astrological sign used for Uranus; the 'H' stands for the name of the 'discoverer' of the planet - Herschel. Below we see the planetary sign of Uranus which gives us far more of a clue as to its essence -

The symbol has two distinct elements -

  • The Circle - Dot is the Sun; Uranus has 'Solar qualities'.
  • The Circle and the Arrow is a symbol of Mars, called Aries (Aryan) by the Greeks. 

The symbolism bears a Solar and Martial aspect; it is obviously very masculine and virile. It is interesting to note that Uranus rules over the Age of Aquarius, which many see as coming into being, though there are today new and revolutionary ideas on this and some now feel we have been in the Age of Aquarius for some centuries. However, the rulership by Uranus is a modern view and the traditional view has Saturn ruling Aquarius. 

I feel here that it is best to look at Saturn in regard to the rulership of the New Age. Saturn is always seen as a malevolent planet, and it is a fact that all three of the major religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - seem to hold to Saturn worship rather than the Solar Way of the Solar Race (**). Miguel Serrano has it that Saturn was 'chained' and 'enslaved' by the Demiurge and that he will, in some way. be freed from this bondage. The 'Chained Giant' is very much part of various mythologies. Saturn is the 'Lord of the Rings' and the Rings of Saturn may play some part in this idea of being 'bound' - bound by the Rings of Ice. 

Saturn is in alchemy associated with lead; Miguel Serrano has it that we live in the 'Age of Lead'. But lead is the metal that is transformed into gold; the transformation of lead to gold can thus explain the transformation of the 'Age of Lead' into the 'Age of Gold'. Saturn was the Ruler of the Golden Age we are told. 

Some have associated Saturn with Loki the Trickster; it is true that the moons of Saturn have many Norse 'Giant' names, including Surt (which may or may not be important). Loki is also seen as a 'Bound Giant', as is Cronus-Saturn, so perhaps we should look at this further. Loki does not start out as an evil being, indeed for some good reason he became the blood-brother of Woden - we do not know why. But he gradually becomes more and more evil until he is responsible for slaying the Sun-God, Baeldaeg, and then leading the Joten against the Gods. Perhaps in this we can see Saturn as once being a benevolent planet and then, for some reason, changing into the opposite. This would explain his rule over the Golden Age and then his role in later times. 

Uranus is the sky-god, whom we could call the Sky-Father; he is said to be the son and husband of Gaia, the Mother Earth. She either gives birth to him without male intervention, or his father is said to be AEther - the aether? Gaia and Uranus are the polarities that come out of Chaos - the Void. This also gives us a clue since these being opposites would produce a third - Saturn. The idea that Saturn 'castrated' his father merely means that he lost the ability to regenerate and reproduce - his reign was over. The Sky-Father in Germanic Lore is Tiw whose name means 'shining' and who is thus related to the Sun.

The Vedic equivalent to Uranus would appear to be Varuna; he is the Ruler of the Worlds, the ordainer and enforcer of law, and the upholder of world order. He is said to be the Lord of the Earth and Heaven who sustains the tree that has its roots in the heavens and its branches below. His mother is Aditi and his brother Mitra; with Mitra he controls and upholds the World Order, Rita. He is also said to make the rivers flow and associated with all water-life. He sits in a chariot drawn by seven swans.

It is interesting to note that Varuna (Fa-Runa) and Mitra uphold World Order, since the Mithraism is said to have been created to oppose the growing 'Religion of Evil'. Mitra of Vedic Lore becomes Mithra in Persia and then Mithras in Rome. Mithras is the Bull-Slayer and here we could see the bull as Moloch perhaps. Mithras is a Sun-God and Solar Warrior. 

Tiw is the God of World Order and also the Solar-Warrior, a God of War; he gives his name to the Teutons (Teu-tons). We get our Tuesday from his name - Teu. He is also a Tribal God related to the Germanic Teuta and Tuatha. His symbol - the Tiwaz-Rune - shows clearly the balance in the 'arrow-head' or 'spearhead' shape where the arms are balanced. 

We can see here how the Symbol of Uranus has the same 'arrowhead' as that of Tiwaz - the Symbol of Balance. This symbolism can also be found in the figure of Irmin who holds the balances - this is symbolic of Cosmic Order and the Rita. Now, since it is Tiwaz-Uranus who holds this balance in a state of equilibrium, harmony and perfection we would think that it would be Tiwaz-Uranus who would rule the Golden Age of Perfection. 

I would here like to else here which may be important; these 'arrows' appear in a number of the 33-Runes of the new runic set which were revealed in 2012. 11 of these runes have this symbolism within them, either pointing upwards, downwards or in both directions. Since this is a symbolism found in the astrological Sign of Mars then we can assume that it is an Aryan Symbol (Mars = Aries) of some importance. That it appears in a new set of runes suggests something importance too. Indeed, Tiw is one god that is today pushed into the background somewhat.

Tiw and Tor (Thor) are two gods linked closely together in the upholding of World Order, as are Uranus and Mithra. Thunor's role is that of being the counter to the Joten in strength; he is the one who always matches the Joten and holds them back from attacking Asgard. The Joten oppose this World Order and seek always to overthrow it. Their main role is of strength but the wiles of Loki the Joten are also part of their strategy - he is the 'Enemy Within'. Tir  and Tor are similar names, and there has to be a link between the two gods.

Throughout Aryan Mythology we find the mythical struggle between the 'Gods' and the 'Joten', the Devas and the Asuras, Ahura Mazda and the Dews; this is reflected here in Midgard by the struggle between the Arya and the Dasyas. This struggle is between the Forces of Light and Order (Gods, Elves and Arya) and the Forces of Darkness and Chaos (Joten & Dasyus). The Germanic Folk placed great emphasis upon the upholding of Cosmic Order and the Rita, and that the Germanic Folk were there to uphold World Order. The Arya act very much like the White Blood Cells in the human body in that they counter any unbalance within the organism. This role, of course, is within the Mother Earth (Middle Earth), and it is thus important that this role be maintained if the Earth is not to be destroyed. 

There is one thing that seems to give us a clue as to the 'Golden Age' and the rulership over this 'Golden Age'. When this ended, we can see from various different sources, the mythical sunken lands were taken into another dimension. From various sources we find that a Hidden Sun or Black Sun illuminates this Lost Land - Hyperborea-Thule. The land of Atlantis was a shift from the Polar to the Solar and from the North to the North-West; this land does not seem to have the same type of legend of being transported into another dimension - maybe because it was far more material and physical than the Ur-Land. The 'Golden Age' would have originally been the Age of Thule; the Age of Atlantis would be a later age, and as we have seen in the last post, an age (it would seem) later ruled over by a false priesthood who ruled over the Aryans. Whatever the case, the Ur-Land (Thule) would have been ruled over by the Hidden Sun which still rules that world that runs parallel to our world. 

There is another problem here since Landig's ideas are not necessarily right; there is no way of telling what happened in Atlantis anyway. There is also another version of this which tells of the Aryans being created at the end of Atlantis, and that the ego was introduced in order to counter the problems that caused the destruction of Atlantis - the misuse of the powers and energy of their science. Landig also suggests that Hyperborea and Atlantis existed at the same time, which most scholars do not. It is most likely, and logical, that the remnants of the Aryan Atlanteans were led out of At-al-land by the Manu of the Aryans and settled in an area now called the Gobi Desert. From there, after another catastrophe, they would have moved into Persia and India, and all of the other areas around here that were once populated by the Aryans. 

In her Epic of Arya Abir Taha tells how the 'Divine Ram' - Rama - gathered the best of the Aryans in order to embark upon a 'divine mission'. The Race of Light split into two distinct parts - the Ram which retained the Light, and the Bull that fell into Darkness. The followers of the Ram honoured Wisdom, Truth and Harmony, whereas the followers of the Bull, took up the the symbol of materialism and ignorance. The Bull is 'Moloch' and the Ram - Rama - represents the True Arya. It was Manu who led the people at the time of the flood, led them out of Atlantis with the purest of the Arya, the Sons of the Sun. The Ramayana speaks of the Ancient Solar Race. 

The Age of Aquarius has the symbol of a man holding a water-container, pouring the waters onto the Earth. These may well be the waters that cleanse the world. This cleansing is through Fire and Flood, just as the cleansing of the world at the time of Atlantis was through Fire and Flood. 

(*) This is interesting in that we see Poseidon as the God of Atlantis, and we find that Forseti is the God of the Frisians, the Frisians being part of the makeup of At-al-land. 

(**) This has been outlined in the latest 'Sword of Wayland' where Saturn-worship and these religions is discussed in detail. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Thule, UFOs & At-al-land.

Wilhelm Landig wrote a book called Gotzen gegen Thule which was in the form of a 'non-fiction' story but which was said to have been based upon some elements of truth. This is a tale about a 'Point 103' where the leaders are said to have been in contact with a 'mystical source' that is the centre of positive forces on the planet. What is interesting to us here is the part about a phenomena called the Manisola which I am going to reproduce here (quoted in Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival by Joscelyn Godqwin -

"The supreme centre manifests itself through phenomena called Manisolas, which have been held since the earliest times in religious awe. An entirely different kind of UFO from the German disc-planes, the Manisolas are 'bio-machines' which live, reproduce, and die through a seven part life-cycle. They begin as circles of pure light, then crystallise into a metallic form with a high zirconium content. This is the female form, 'mater-ialised'. It then develops a masculine, phallic element, which brings it to the androgynic equilibrium. Thereupon a regeneration program begins, and the nucleus of a new Manisola grows in its womb.

The regenerated part is expelled by the remaining mother-nucleus as a new energetic circle of light, corresponding to a birthing technique. The new circle enters on the same seven development stages, while the expelling maternal element rolls itself into a ball, which then explodes. The metallic remains contain particles of copper. The optical impressions that eyewitnesses of these Manisolas have had up to now are basically quite uniform. In the daytime they display an extremely bright gold or silver luminescence, sometimes with traces of rose-coloured smoke which then often condense into greyish-white trails. At night the discs shine in glowing or glossy colours, showing an occasional long flames at the edges and red and blue sparks, which can grow so strong as to wreathe them in fire. Most remarkable is their power of reaction against pursuers, like that of a rational creature, far exceeding any possible electronic self-steering or radio control."

What we appear to have here is an explanation for the German Foo-Fighters which were recorded during World War II and which seemed to fly of their own power and volition. This may or may not be so but Landzig may well have known about these and if so knew their origins. These seem to be a 'representation of the morphogenetic grid' which has something to do with what is called the Morphogenetic Field. This is simply a blueprint that stores information form how something is formed - like a 'blueprint' for the human shape or parts of the body etc. At least that is how I understand the concept. The Morphogenetic Grid, I am assuming, is linked to the Earth-Grid (Grid is an Earth-Giantess) and to Sacred Geometry. 

These are 'fourth-dimensional interfaces with the Life-Force itself'; that is, this stems directly from the Life-Force of the Cosmos. They have something to do with what is called Thought-Forms (Tulkas) which are projected, vessels of creation. The power to manifest these appears to be what is called the Vril-Force. 

This gives an explanation as to what the 'Balls of Light' are in the field of UFOs; these are not the 'Flying Saucers' spoken of by Viktor Schauberger and the sightings of these over the past few decades. They may be the 'Balls of Light' seen over the fields that have produced Crop-Circles; these have been photographed as one crop-circle was being made. I have myself witnessed a 'Ball of Light' passing across the skies at the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet. This was certainly not a 'Flying Saucer' but obviously a 'Ball of Light'; we have to distinguish between the two.

In the book the flying machines used to transport the subjects of the book are called by the name 'V-7' and referred to as a 'Spinning Disc'. Here we are in the realms of a physical spinning saucer-shaped disc. A flight to Prague is done in a Dostra Maschine which is some 45 metres long and made of Quettschmetall or 'crimp-metal' which is a highly compressed metal. This can do 830 kilometres per hour. 

The concept of the UFO is not the only subject worth study in this 'fictional' work; the following help to understand our own work within Folkish Wodenism -

"The latest speculation suggests that at least in the Dogger Bank area around Helgoland it was still in the old annals and maps until the seventeenth century called 'Holyland'."

Thus, At-al-land was later referred to as 'Holyland'; but there is also another hint at a problem that occurred in this lost land of the North-West -

"Black magicians of Semitic origins ruled over the Aryan Atlanteans..." Their 'God' was known as Bealam or Baal. We are also told that Baal-Melkart was worshipped at the time of the Omri Dynasty in Israel-Judah. 

Now, this is in itself a very interesting point since it fits perfectly with the ideas set out many years ago about the alien rule of the Druids here in Britain. This is the basis of the concept of the eternal conflict between the White Dragon (Germania) and the Red Dragon (Juda-Rome) which preceded the advent of Christianity in these islands. The mention of the 'Omri Dynasty in Israel-Judah' is very important since this line were also known as 'Khymru' which is the name later given to the Welsh. A Red Dragon was actually found under a temple in Israel. 

The Druids were known as 'Truth-Benders' by the author of the Oera Linda Book; indeed this can be one of the meanings of the word 'druid'. The reference to 'Baal' is also interesting since this was a 'god' who was also worshipped in Phoenicia, and we know that Phoenicians came here to Britain in ancient times. So if the 'Omri' or Khymru' were a line that ruled over Israel, and they worshipped Baal-Melkart, then they were the likely people to have brought this alien priesthood over here. 

If the 'black magicians of Semitic origin' ruled over At-al-land then it would have been in its final phase of disintegration and destruction. We must also differentiate between the Hyperborean Druids and the much later 'Celtic Druids', and also between the remnants of the Hyperborean Druids amongst the Germano-Celts who made up the tribes here in these islands. We can see here the reason why 'Celtic' is acceptable and 'Germanic' or 'Aryan' is not acceptable. (*)

The Oera Linda Book also makes mention that the Frisians had a stronghold here in England; although the book is seen as 'fiction' archaeologists have actually discovered recently that it was Frisians who built the inner stone area of Stonehenge. The Frisians and the English were the same peoples of Northern Germany - Southern Scandinavia and were obviously here when these islands were part of At-al-land. 

Over and over again in my works have I stressed the importance of the White Dragon as a symbol of Germania and the Gods, as opposed to the Red Dragon of the Joten and Juda-Rome. This conflict between the Island Dragons has gone on for millennia and is coming to its apex in our times. If, as I have stated many times, these islands were ruled by an alien priesthood, and if this was later reimposed by the incoming 'Religion of Evil' - Christianity - then the Anglo-Saxon 'invasions' were merely another Germanic influx, but this time led by Hengest who wielded the Sword of AEtla to destroy the power of the 'Religion of Evil' once again in these islands. When the peoples once more succumbed to the 'Religion of Evil' the Vikings poured across the seas once more to revive the worship of Woden-Odin and once more challenge the Red Dragon in these islands. 

It should be noted that Landig's book is not a 'racist' work at all; the Area 103 mentioned is a place where representatives of all races meets up in order to counter the future oncoming 'Chaos' and the triumph of the Forces of Evil upon the Earth. It also foresees that these Evil Forces will turn the 'coloured races' against the 'white race' in order to destroy it. Even so -

"The Earth once belonged to the Northern people, now they are smashed & shattered and err on the ice-ridges of Thule like the swans of their homeland.

But the lance of the soul still seeks the peaks and the heights.

In their deepest need they are determined to once again impart the world round with the pressure of their souls.'

The colours of the Atlanteans was Blue and Gold, the colours of the Sons of the Sun. These were the colours of the Wulfingas - Blue and Gold - which was the Three Crowns of Anglia. These 'Three Crowns' were the Wolsungas, Wulfingas and the Heardingas - the Wolf-Tribes of Woden. In the Arms of King Edmund (the last Wulfinga King) we find the Three Golden Crowns, crossed with Golden Arrows, upon a Blue background - the colours of the Aryans and of At-al-land. Their 'Golden Sun' has turned black with the nigredo and the 'Dark Night of the Soul' of our Folk - the Hidden Sun still shines with a Cold Light within the Blood of our Folk. A Golden Dragon upon a Blue background was also said to be the symbol of the Saxons - the Golden Dragon and White Dragon are interchangeable symbols. 

The Three Crowns of Anglia

The Swedish Royal Arms

The 'Crossed Arrows' are a later addition due to the martyrdom of King Edmund at the hand of the Vikings - he was shot through with arrows! 

The link between these three seemingly different ideas - Thule, UFOs and At-al-land? UFOs are said to herald a new era on the Earth, and for our Northern People we have to seek the 'Wisdom of the North' through reviving the ancient Thulean Mysteries and the Mysteries of At-al-land when the  movement of our Folk shifted from the North (Thule) to the North-West (At-al-land). We need to seek the Midnight Mountain of the North to re-establish contact with the Ancient Ones. The Holy White Mountain - Mount Su-Me-Ru - stands in the High North on the White Island. "From the North comes salvation and the Light!"

(*) These points will be clearer to those who have read our old magazines in which these ideas were first put forth. In his 'Jerusalem' William Blake seems to hint at the idea that 'Zion' ruled these islands in ancient times. The term 'Druid' is akin to the Persian drus which refers to the Forces of Evil - these became the 'Dews', the enemy of Ahura Mazda. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Black Sun Revisited

This is the famous Black Sun Crop Circle that appeared at Ox Drove, Bowerchalke, Wiltshire in England; it appeared on 8th August 2105 (8 - 8 - 8) which is a most significant dating. I have featured this in a previous post in 2015 so there is no need to do anything but fill in a few gaps here. I am going to look at certain points again, and it would be wise to look up the original post to gain further insight into what is being said.

1. The four 'dots' make up a square, so we have the 'square' within a 'circle' or 'Circle-Squared'. The 'square' is the Earth and the 'circle' is the Cosmos - Earth and Cosmos as 'One' creating the Haeldom. 

2. The 'refracted' rays, 4 in number, that go through the second circle may well do so because the outer circle is symbolic of water. The symbolism seems to be that of Thule-Hyperborea and At-al-land with its three concentric 'rings' or 'islands'. 

3. I am no scientist and I do not profess to know anything much of science, but this whole thing looks somewhat like a machine of some kind that revolves within a sphere of water. Now, Viktor Schauberger used a vortex-movement of water in his experiments based upon the Aryan Science of Implosion. The 'dots' could also be some form of 'wheels' which move within the outer ring, presumably in an anti-clockwise direction. (*)

4. I mentioned in the original post that if you focus and un-focus the eyes whilst looking at this the spaces 'in-between' come into life; this creates a form of inwards-moving spiral. Now, the 'spaces-in-between' are an important concept because we tend to always look at an object such as a tree whilst missing what can be seen as the spaces in-between the object itself. These spaces are just that - space; they are equivalent to The Void, the Dark Matter in-between, and the Black Sun. This 'no-thing-ness' is at the root of the modern concept of Zero-Point Energy in Quantum Science (as I understand it). 

Here 'The Fool' - numbered "0" - is looking upwards at the object (the sky) whilst missing what is below - the Gaping Chasm, the Void, or Ginnungagap which is right before him. He is missing a vital part of his consciousness. 

5. The inwards-moving spiral movement towards the centre is the Aryan Science of Implosion. This is connected to the Science of The Void and that of Zero Point Energy. This is the symbol of the Black Sun itself, which has often been seen as symbolic of The Void. This is not 'Dark Matter' or 'Dark Energy' but is the Ur-Source of this energy which pervades the multiverse. The Black Sun is indeed the 'Void of Creation' out of which all life springs. 

6. The process involved here is that of the Black Hole which continuously sucks in everything around it - sucks in matter. However, for some unknown reason this also has bursts in which energy is thrown outwards again, which suggests in itself an energy source of great power. There is a Black Hole at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. 

7. There are three sections to each Sig-Rune; there are twelve Sig-Runes; these make 36 which is part of the sequence 36 - 72 - 144 which seems to relate to the Precession of the Equinoxes. There is a mention of 144,000 in Revelation which some relate to a form of vibrational current at a spiritual level. 

8. The 4 rays extended on the 4 Sig-Runes when refracted through water could represent these passing through the 'Waters of Chaos' or event the 'Waters of Time'. These touch the circle which represents 'Spirit' which must be significant. The image of 'water' may also suggest the concept of 'Fire from Water' which became a topic of argument over the concept of 'Cold Fusion' which defies the laws of modern science. This seems to have been from an experiment which used a spiral motion around a centre. 

9. The 'extensions' on each of the four arms of the three Fylfot-Swastikas that can be seen in this are also found on the roof of the 'Valhalla Crypt' of the Wewelsburg Order Castle in Germany. 

What are we to make of these Crop-Circles? I have shown how I have actually seen a similar circle in long grass produced by a 'Vortex-Wind' when on the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales. This 'Vortex-Wind' was intelligent and had consciousness - which I could feel. There are also similar crop-circles that seem to be made by some form of Balls of Light, which have been photographed as they happen - or it would seem. Many of these seem to have been 'Mayan' and when we consider that up to 2012 the Mayan Prophecies were focussed on by a good proportion of mankind this could represent some form of unconscious production. 

The link to 'extraterrestrials' or 'aliens' is something that crops up throughout investigation and I feel that this should be focussed upon if we are to understand what is happening. There seem to be two sets of 'aliens' involved in the process -

The Grey Aliens - These appear to be involved in a way that seems to be stemming the evolutionary process of Man. The fact they appear as 'grey', soulless and even hint at the soulless multi-cultural society where there are no races, no sexes and no genius - just a 'grey' mass of neither Black nor White, infused into a soulless mass of slaves. We would see these as the 'Joten'.

The Nordics - These appear to step in to aid mankind; they often make experiments on the genes and on trying to recreate. They appear to be helping Man towards a Higher Evolution and a Higher Consciousness. They appear as Aryans - or so we are led to believe by those who have experienced this. We would see these as the 'God's and the 'Elves'.

The way that the so-called UFOs act is not in keeping with scientific knowledge and these seem to defy our Laws of Science. This makes it probable they are not 'extra-terrestrial' but 'extra-dimensional' - coming from another world, or maybe the Inner Earth. Their science is the Aryan Science of Implosion and the Black Sun is the source of energy for this Inner Earth which is parallel to our own. This is the basis of Lord Lytton's The Coming Race which connects this power to the Vril-Force. 

A second and earlier crop-circle also had what appears to be a version of the Black Sun as its basis. This clearly had 12 Sig-Runes in the form of the inward-pointing 'Lightning-Flash', also making a 12-spoked wheel at the centre. Each one is quite different than the other, not obvious at first. The 'white' pieces are all of a differing length, making each Sig-Rune different in form. In this one, though, the Sig-Runes are the normal way and are not reversed. Clearly the 12 Lightning-Bolts are pointing inwards suggesting again the Aryan Science of Implosion. 

This may also suggest to us Zero Point Energy since it appears to have a 'dot' at the centre (The Point) and a circle around the outside (Zero - O). The central 'wheel' has 12 spokes and thus could represent the 12 sections of the year, the zodiac and of the Precession of the Equinoxes. 

(*) Viktor Schauberger mentions in at least one of his papers that he was involved with the German Science of 'Flying Saucers'. We know that he was taken to the USA where no doubt his work was used, and we know that he died a 'broken man' through this. 

Editor's Note: Predictably, the website 'Crop Circle Connector' has this symbol as a 'Celtic Sun-Wheel' and states that it is not the 'Black Sun' in an attempt to discredit it. Clearly this one does not fit into the 'norm' of even the 'alternative'  culture in this country. Why does everything in this country have to be 'Celtic' - this again proves that this is a tool of disinformation designed to hide our true Germanic Ancestry. Another site tried to dismiss this by making it into an 'anti' sign, despite the clear fact it appeared on August 8th 2015, giving the numerology 8 - 8 - 8.