Friday, 20 July 2018

The Global Agenda

We all know of the press and media bias, and most also recognise that the 'alternative' views such as 'YouTube' are not always what they seem, and just as prone to distortion and false propaganda. With this in mind I decided to take a look at what is happening here in England myself; to do so I attended the July 14th 'Free Tommy Robinson' protest in Central London last weekend. Of course, even looking first-hand does not mean getting the whole story, but this is a step closer. 

I am no fan of Tommy Robinson, or whatever name he wishes to call himself, but I am certainly, as every Englishman should be, for freedom of speech and expression. And to jail someone in the way this has been done is certainly not in line with true freedom. However, his 13-month sentence is nothing compared with those who are truly proud to be English and stand up for the English Folk and who stand to lose their freedom for far longer than this, for doing nothing more than speak their mind. 

From my experience of this rally there is anger amongst the English, and this anger is being directed at the police who uphold the British State, and the politicians of the British State. But this anger is being used for a far different purpose, and one that as yet is not so clear. I will go into this but for now certain things must be looked at. This anger started with the growing attack upon the freedom of the English people.

  • The rally was not as large as the previous one which turned into violence against the police - which may have been one of the reasons. 
  • The police were primed to try to stop people attending; I asked two different policemen where the rally was and they directed me to the Embankment, rather than Whitehall and Trafalgar Square which was the real area. There were no doubt other methods used to stop people attending. 
  • The rally was a propaganda exercise for UKIP and most people know of the former leader, Nigel Farage, stating that UKIP was created to take votes from the 'Far Right'. It was created as a 'stop-valve' in other words.
  • I was handed leaflets which clearly showed that some of those there were from groups which clearly understood the true problems we have. But these people were not the speakers nor the organisers of the protest.
  • Protests on this scale never appear overnight unless there is financial backing and the means of organising such large protests. Much of this stems from the 'Football Lads Alliance' which I shall go into.

Tommy Robinson

Back to the 'Football Lads Alliance'. The left have always found their strength and means of amassing numbers for marches and demos through the Trade Unions, the Universities and (in the past) through 'Ethnic Minority' groups. The right do so through football supporters, whose support in the past was genuine, but whose support today is being manipulated for this Global Agenda. Marches in the region of 15,000, 30,000 and 60,000 do not happen overnight, so there is clearly financial support and organisational support. The marchers and demonstrators are no doubt, in the main, genuine, and have a genuine grievance, especially against the molestation of children, but the leaders have another agenda to follow. This 'Football Lads Alliance' was also promoted as being against 'Extremism' and indeed, with no mention of 'Islamic Extremism' (responsible for terrorism here in Britain) the true meaning seems to be against 'Right-Wing Extremism' which means anyone who genuinely stands up for their Nation and Folk. 

Years ago we warned English Nationalists that the 'English Defence League' was not what it appeared to be, but was being used within the context of the Global Agenda. I have warned before of the dangers of the promotion of a Christian-Zionist against Islam conflict which could be used to create a World Religion (and even ferment another conflict). This is being done today through a 'Left-Right' conflict where the Right support Israel and the Left support Palestine and Islam. But, as I said, this has nothing to do with the regeneration of the English Folk, and is yet another means to divert attention from the real issues, the main one of which is the destruction of our Folk - which is part of the Global Agenda.

As English Heathens we are opposed to any form of religion that has not grown organically from our roots, and especially religions that seek to enslave, which has been true of Judaism (read the Old Testament), Christianity (which has its roots in Judaism) and Islam (which again has its roots in Judaism). Our Folk here in Europe have suffered over a thousand years of Christian oppression, through the enforcement of an alien religion and the destruction of the sacred places as well as those who upheld Heathenism, especially the women-folk who suffered the 'Witch Trials'. Where Christianity has weakened, Islam has arisen to take up this oppression again, and is a religion opposed to borders and nations. 

Clearly, the 'Left-Right' divide is being used by the Global Forces, and in a religious sense there is a growing conflict between Christian-Zionism (seen in the EDL Banner above, and also within 'Britain First' which uses the Christian Cross) and Islam. We should recall that this Christian-Zionism has been achieved through the 'British Israelites' which has been around for a very long time. This ensured the support of many Christians for the Zionist cause when it arose much later.  

It is clearly an error to see this whole thing in a negative light, since (as I mentioned at the start) there is a growing anger amongst the people of England, and support for this in other areas. It is being manipulated, there is no doubt about that, but things can go wrong, and have in the past gone wrong when such movements are funded in secret and encouraged in secret - the 'monster' can turn upon its creator! And there are those who attend such protests who do see the larger picture and do understand the true nature of what is going on around the world. 

What this has done for me is to recognise that the only solution we have is that of a new Folk-Religion that has to be spread amongst our Folk. There is no political solution, and there cannot be one since the problem is a spiritual one and no politics can heal this. There is also a need to break free of the 'Left-Right' label which only divides and cannot unite our Folk because it is a tool of the forces that divide. This is a political tactic but one which works in other ways since many of our own seem to gauge our progress within the 'Rise of the Right', which really does not give any true sense of progress at all. 

There is another point here, we must avoid taking sides in such issues since this is what has always happened in the past. Taking up the cause of others has always deflected attention from the main issues that we here in England should be concerned with. Yes, we do need a wide approach to this since it is a global problem, but we are here being urged to support Israel against Palestine (or Palestine against Israel on the 'Left'), which is not an issue for us here. It may even result in a world-wide conflict that no-one (apart from the Global Elite) wants. It is because of the wars waged against Muslim countries that the Muslim Extremists are here in England - they were encouraged through people-smuggling backed by Global Finance. 'Divide and Conquer' is the means and we have to avoid this, indeed make it clear to others what is happening. 

We can also learn from this, and in particularly the tactics these people use. One of the most effective tactics here is the song 'Tommy-Tommy, Tommy-Tommy Robinson' which has a catchy sound that can be easily remembered by everyone, and (as I found at the scene) tends to get everyone involved since most follow the rest in such things. The other chants - 'We want Tommy out: we want Tommy out' and 'Whose streets - our streets!' recalls certain Leftist chants which brings into question the sources. But we can learn here that in order to throw a 'firebrand' into the masses it is necessary to adopt the tactic of simplicity, working with the emotions and not the intellect. The mass of people are not intellectual and will never understand anything except through their emotions. 

This is something that we can learn, since in my opinion there is a lack of emotion in much of what is done through religion; there is a need to get people to 'let their hair down' and 'let themselves go' in order to raise the energy necessary to make ritual effective. Our Wheel of the Year Rites are very formal, which is necessary, but they have to be complemented with informal rites in which the participants set free their emotions in a kind of 'wild abandon'. This is the Fury of Woden. The key to this 'emotional burst' lies in the ability to channel it in the right direction. We can see this 'Teuton Fury' in the attacks on the Establishment through attacks on the police; here it is done wildly and in anger, which is a natural thing in view of the loss of freedom we have here in England. The Established Order knows this, and is using it, but it can -and must - be channeled in another direction, against the Dark Forces that do oppress us, and are using our people for their sinister ends. 

The main point is that there is a growing anger amongst English people, and when we consider the use of the White Dragon at these rallies then the English Consciousness is still there even though there was a concerted attack upon English Nationalism which effectively broke its back for a while. We should perhaps consider these things as the 'seeds' of an English Awakening, which have not as yet germinated.

There is another point here and that is that, even though we may not like Tommy Robinson and those who are also working on the same lines, we should admire their dedication to their cause, and their fanatical approach to their cause, something that we have to match in our dedication and fanaticism to our cause. This is a struggle against overwhelming odds and fanaticism is necessary if we are to get stronger. Going into this half-heartedly means failure, as it does in anything that is done. 'Part-time' workers are no good when we consider that the survival of our Folk-Nation and our Folk is threatened - we need full-time workers or we are doomed to extinction. Part-time workers bring part-time results - full time workers bring full-time results. Yes, it is always down to the few, but this will always be so and will not change. But if that few become more and more dedicated, more and more fanatical about their cause, then the few will grow stronger and the few will grow in numbers. 

The key lies in Race-Consciousness since this is the one thing that truly makes one English; there is a lack of knowledge as to what constitutes Englishness in certain circles. The only way to tackle this is through a return to our Germanic Roots, and an emphasis upon the English as being Germanic. People have to realise who and what they are! To do so needs a Folkish Religion and we have the basic structure to spread this wider amongst our Folk. One of the results of what has gone on is that there is a lack of Race-Consciousness on the 'Right', and the deliberate policy of creating a 'multi-racial society' is being accepted in part as a kind of 'way of life' now. Anger is directed at Islam which is a symptom rather than the underlying cause. The decay of our society started long before Islamic Militancy arose, indeed stems back to when Christianity was introduced to these islands. The 'Spear of the Koran' is the trigger for Ragnarok and this has to be recognised. 

This is why there are going to be certain major changes to our Folkish Movement, changes that I am not going to outline here since they will become clear very soon. The time is ripe to create -

  1. A wider Folkish Movement that will spread our Folkish Religion to many more of our Folk.
  2. At the same time an 'Inner Order' which will work with the Woden Mystery Religion and will ensure that the movement sticks to its true roots and true aims. The work would include steps to create emotional rites able to raise more energy and to create a true Woden Brotherhood. It would also be the basis of the creation of a Cultic Brotherhood based around the concept of the Germanic Mannerbunde and the Cultic-Warrior. 
As stated, we have the structure for this change and it will be put into place in August of this year. This pushes our Folkish Movement in two different directions, maybe seemingly opposed, but in reality it creates a working unity and harmony. It will also ensure that our Movement outlives its creator into the future. It also takes into account that we now have the means to hold our Folk-Moots in a different way. This will also become clear when the new structure is set up. 

We are now in the grasp of what we could term the Dark Empire and, like all empires, this will come and go, this one even quicker if we are to believe the various prophesies about it. When State Communism 'fell' in Eastern Europe there arose from it new nations, not the old nations, but smaller, tribal groupings that were nevertheless nations in their own right. This is how the Dark Empire will fall, arising from it new tribal groups, more nations in microcosm. Tribalism is the step beyond this New World Order. This is also considered within the changes that will take place. 

There is now a growing void which has to be filled; the vacuum left through the manipulation going on around us must be filled by a new virile spiritual movement. What is lacking is a movement with a weltanshauung, an ideology, ideals and a divine purpose. Christianity has long lost its spiritual appeal and will only serve as a material basis for the conflict of religions; a 'third force' must arise, a Spiritual Force that will create the Heildom within our Folk. 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Wyrd of AEtla

Now was winter gone and a New Dawn beginning to appear, though yet shrouded in mist, on the horizon, throwing feint rays of Golden Light upon the Islands of the Mighty. Hengest, the great Lord of the Engel-Kin, did not refuse the 'world-rulership' when the mighty Hun-Sword, bearing the Wyrd of AEtla, the 'Scourge of the One-God', was placed on his lap as symbol of his now bearing the Hun-Sword. Hunlafing Hildeleoman - 'The Hun-Bequest - Battle-Flame of the White Dragon' passed from Germany over to England, now to be wielded by the new Hengest, the new Lord of the Engel-Kin. 

Just like in ancient times, when these islands were under the yoke of the new Joten-Religion through the Romans, again the Joten were in control of the Islands of the Mighty. Once more the time had come for the Hun-Sword to be passed from Germany to the Engel-Kin, and Hengest, the bravest of heroes, did not refuse his Wyrd, but takes up the Sword of Light, the 'Battle-Flame of the White Dragon' against the Red Dragon of the Joten. The Sword of Light will be the bane of the Joten, as foretold in ancient times. 

The Wyrd of AEtla is borne within the blade of the 'Battle-Flame'; this ancient sword was wielded by Herman, the first Germanic Leader to halt the power of Rome in Germania. AEtla wielded it as the 'Scourge of God', and it passed to Hengest who wielded it once more against the growing power of the Joten in the Islands of the Mighty. The sword passed to Cynric who wielded it for the West Saxons. Today the Eternal War between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon is taken up once more, as the White Dragon arises once more after 500 years. 

The statesmen that should rule the realm
Course demagogues displace; 
The glory of a thousand years
Shall end in foul disgrace......

The footsteps of the invader
Then England's shores shall know,
While home-bred traitors give the hand 
To England's every foe.....

But not for aye - yet once again
When purged by Fire and Sword,
The land her freedom shall regain
To manlier thoughts restored.

Taught wisdom by disasters,
England shall learn to know
That trade is not the only gain
Heaven gives to man below.

The greed for gold departed,
The golden calf cast down
Old England's sons shall rise again
The Altar and the Crown....

The blood of the invader
Her pastures shall manure,
His bones unburied on her fields
For monuments endure.

Again in hall and homestead
Shall joy and peace be seen
The smiling children raise again
The maypole on the green....

The Fox's Prophecy (already in print 1871).

The Dragon Stirs

The White Dragon is the uniting force for the awakening of the English Folk; it is the symbol of the coming English Revolution. There is anger here amongst the Saxon Nation, amongst the Engel-Kin, the anger of the Teuton Fury. Chesterton said the English would be the last to awaken and rise, but theirs would be with the greatest of wrath. A great error is being made and this is beginning to unleash the Fury of Woden. Woden is the God of the English and we are seeing his wrath beginning to awaken now here in England. The manipulation of this state of affairs can only go so far, and does not work at the deepest level of the Folk-Spirit - here it will awaken and show itself at the physical level. 

A symbol unites, this is the power of a symbol; in fact the word 'symbol' comes from the Greek 'synballo' which means 'to unite'. This ancient symbol - and it is ancient no matter what is said by those who hate everything that is decent and right - is awakening again here in the Islands of the West, the remnants of the once mighty Land of At-al-land. 

The White Dragon Flag is now flown all over England, I saw one at a Biker Rally in Hastings, East Sussex, flown by a Veteran Biker Group. It is now carried on the streets of England - our streets - and bit by bit this land will be taken back from the enemies of our Folk. Witness the White Dragon Flags and T-Shirts displayed on the street-marches of today, marches attended by the ordinary English Folk who are sick and fed up with the loss of their freedom of speech and the loss of their freedom to liberal-leftist ideas. It is the police, the leftist- anarchists and the communists (Antifa) that today protect the British State. All eyes are now turning against this corrupt and rotten state. A great mistake is being made because the one thing the Germanic Folk will not tolerate is their freedom being lost - and over the past decades this is what happened. 

The one thing that any movement must have in order to triumph over the Forces of Darkness and Chaos is a Spiritual Form. Any Spiritual Movement will triumph over a purely physical movement, so the need now is to awaken the Spirit of Woden to this great struggle. 

The ancient Greeks knew full well that any 'Democracy' would end in the Dictatorship of the People, since this is the only thing that the masses can do, enslave themselves because they have to have someone to rule them as a collective. The slow growth and infiltration of the Leftist Forces has resulted in the most evil regime that we have had here in England, even when the government in power (which makes no difference) is 'Conservative'. This regime, at every level of our lives, brooks no freedom nor rivalry, and suppresses any form of free speech. It allows the criminal to get off free, and imprisons those who stand up for right and decency. 'Democracy' is a sham! It is a lie, a falsehood used to corrupt and rule the inert masses.

The main attacks have been on the old aristocracy and the working class, both of which had very different views than the 'Lower Middle-Classes' based solely upon economic consumerism and what-you-have rather than what-you-are. These attacks have resulted in the 'Loony Left' gaining power over all areas of this society, through the pushing of a clear 'agenda' with a 'common purpose'. Now these people, many of whom pushed for 'revolution', are in full power, and the boot is on the other foot. It is thus clear that their tactics worked, and would work for those today who wish to create a change here in England. They now need to feel insecure and frightened of the future. This is the War of the White Dragon of the Gods and the Red Dragon of the Joten - the Eternal War played out in the Islands of the West. It is here where the awakening must occur, here in these ancient islands, once part of At-al-land, and once part of Hyperborea. 

"This land will fall by Fire and Sword" - so it is written in Wulf's Prophecy; the Fire of the White Dragon will consume the enemies of the Gods and Folk. When a snowball begins its descent of the slopes it becomes an avalanche! 

Helm of The Terrible One

The Helm of Dread

Lo, I hear the fighters coming
Over hill and dale and plain.
With battle cry of ages
In a Rebel world again.

Who'd forged their swords to plough-shares,
Shall sweat in bitter yokes.
The free-born race and fearless
Must deal out battle-strokes.

Might is Right - Ragnar Redbeard.