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The Mysteries of the Northern Gateway

A couple of miles east of the Long Man of Wilmington is the village of Polegate, a name which is said to mean 'Gate to the Pool' but which was originally Polgate, which suggests to me a link with the Germanic God, Pol. The later spelling 'Pole-gate' suggests the 'pole', i.e. the North Pole. The hill-figure faces to the North and the twin 'poles' suggest a doorway, thus the Gateway to the Pole. 

That this figure is that of Waendal does not invalidate what I am going to say here, for Waendal or Mundilfore is associated with the Sacred Centre, the World Mill, and is the father of Hama who incarnates upon Earth to bring the Social Order of Race to mankind. The God of Hyperborea was Apollo, according to the Greeks, who came to Greece in a Golden Chariot drawn by Swans. The name 'A-pol-lo' for a sun-god links him to Pol or Baldaeg of the Germanic Folk. Baldaeg is the Son of Woden and Frigg, and thus is a pure god-head, descended from a God and Goddess, whereas other Sons of Woden are the offspring of a God and a Jotun. This is because their role is that of gods of the Dark Age, and thus have to act within the confines of the Dark Age. Pol is the God of the Golden Age - of the Ur-Hyperborea. 

'Seek the land from which the Greeks arose in the Aryan North, in the land of Apollo, of the god Pol, of the Hyperborea near the Pole. This is his homeland too, and the cradle of the Aryan Race.' 

Rudolf John Gorseleben.

The Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy is 'guarded' by the star Deneb in the Constellation of Cygnus the Swan; the Long Man is an earthly symbol of Cygnus the Swan. The Swan is the symbol of Hyperborea, and as I have stated Apollo drove a Golden Chariot drawn by swans. The Swan is the symbol of the Highest Initiation and appears upon both the Caduceus of Mercury and the Irminsul of the Saxons. 

The account of the link between the Graal Mythos and the Long Man tells us that the Gateway or Doorway is guarded by a being as a test for Parsifal (Peredur). In Christian Lore the guardian of the gateway is Peter who has the 'keys' to the gateway; his name means 'rock' or 'stone'. Could there be a link between the White Stone of Ing and the Long Man of Wilmington, both being in the lands of the South Saxons? (See later about the 'key' and the 'stone.)

This gateway is perhaps linked to the concept of the symplegades associated with Jason and the Argonauts, this being the 'crack between the worlds' the Ginnungagap. The 'key' to the opening of the doors was the year 1997. In the Galactic Alignment by John Major Jenkins we find the following -

'It goes without saying that this identifies our own era as significant, during which the solstice gateway gives access, briefly, to the galactic door.'

The year 1997, and not 2012 (which had another significance) was the year in which this 'doorway' or 'gateway' opened. The Solstice Gateway refers to 'Capricorn' (or Sagittarius) which features in the Saga of the Hale-Bopp Comet, which 'opened' this gateway. This is the Gateway of Time that we find called the kalamukha (kala - 'time', mukha - 'gate', 'mouth') which both Guenon and Coomaraswarmy identified with Capricorn. Jenkins states -

'Capricorn is intended to symbolise both the Galactic Centre and the Polar Centre of the older Hyperborean system.'

Beyond these gates lies the Magical Elexir of Immortality, the nectar of infinite vision and wisdom - the Gateway to Thule. The peak of Mount Meru must lie in Capricorn, the North Gate, which is the Pineal Gland in mankind. The Sign of Capricorn is thus identified with the North, the Pole Star, and with Hyperborea.

The Gateway of Time (Kalamukha) is the Gateway of Birth and the Gateway of the Devourer - Birth and Death. There is also here a link to the Divine Twins, since Zeus took the form of a swan to couple with Leda and father Castor and Pollox. Is it also a 'coincidence' that Hengest and Horsa have a sister named 'Swan' (Swana). Thus Hengest and Horsa are associated with the Swan; it is possible that Horsham (West Sussex) is Horsa's Ham

The Cweorth-Rune is the Rune of the Phoenix - the Fire-Eagle, and thus associated with resurrection and rebirth. Jenkins actually gives a close dating to the opening of the 'Sun-Gate' -

'We might therefore be conservatively looking at 1998, plus or minus three years.'

1997 is within this time-frame. When I first mentioned the Hale-Bopp Comet and the Shamanic Initiation I stated that this area was a Time-Clock placed there by Aryan Initiates in ancient times. Even down to the Comet (the comet-shaped long-barrow named Hunter's Burgh), the White Horse, and the Windover Hill Long Barrow, all placed there to awaken a great force in 1997. 

We all know how Freemasonry was subverted long ago into a counter-initiation in the service of the Dark Forces of Chaos and Matter. The above symbolism is related to Royal Arch Masonry and has a rather fascinating symbolism. We must remember that symbols are neutral and that many of our symbols have been appropriated for their use. I am going to look at this symbolism in relation to this post -

  • The 'Horn of Plenty' which featured in the Saga of Hale-Bopp; this is related to Capricorn and the 'Gateway to the Gods'. 
  • Next to this is a Solar 'G' symbol.
  • Above the Solar 'G' symbol is a comet
  • On the right inside the arches is a Masonic Compass - or an Ing-Rune (Ur-Glyphic).
  • Above this are Seven Stars.
  • On the 'shield' are the 'Four Beasts' - A lion (Leo), an Eagle (Aquila), a Bull (Taurus) and a Man (Aquarius).
  • The there is the Chessboard or 'Grid' which represents the Earth-Grid and its 'ley-lines' of power.
  • Above the arches are the Son and Moon, and the arch has the signs of the Zodiac.

This is an enlarged version showing clearly the Sign of Cancer at the top, the Son and the Moon, the Seven Stars, the Comet, the Horn of Plenty, and the Ing-Rune. 

In this version of the shield we see the Four Beasts (which represent the four signs of the zodiac related to the Precession of the Equinoxes) - Lion, Bull, Man and Eagle. 

The symbolism in the version of the Royal Arch suggests a very ancient knowledge of these times, a knowledge perhaps not understood within modern masonry and its subversive elements. The 'tailed star' is obviously a comet and the Horn of Plenty, linked to the comet, with its appearance in my dream at the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet, seem too much of a coincidence. The 'arch' reminds me of the symbol used of the Goddess Nuit of the Egyptians whose 'womb' would lie around the top area of the 'arch' - the area of the Dark Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy. (The masons often use Egyptian symbolism as well as Jewish symbolism). 

I will take a short look at the subversion involved in masonry later, but for now I would like to point out some very interesting ideas which masonry has, especially the Royal Arch Freemasonry. The 'arch', we are told, represents a doorway or gateway through which passage is gained to 'something beyond'. The archway represents a gateway of transition between the two worlds. This is exactly what I have outlined about the date 1997, the Hale-Bopp Comet and the Long Man of Wilmington. 

At the top of the gateway is the Keystone which is a wedge-shaped stone at the apex of the archway. This, according to Masonry, is related to Hiram Abif, the inventor of the Keystone. Hiram, I am led to believe is known as the 'Widow's Son' which is Horus or Parsifal. It is also likely that the story of Hiram Abif holds the secret of how the Aryan Mysteries were stolen in ancient times from Egypt - this is a story to be told later. 

Note - these last two paragraphs came to light only after I had written the first sections, when I looked through works on Masonry which told of these things. 

What seems very strange, and most likely a product of distortion, is that the 'Keystone' contains the Sign of Cancer which is at its highest northerly point at the Summer Sunwend. Since we are talking about the Northern Gateway then this should be Capricorn/Sagittarius and not Cancer. This area should be the Winter Sunwend. In the script about this, from the York Rite, it is said that the idea that Hiram is the inventor of the Keystone holds a symbolism now lost - in other words much of these secrets are not understood in modern Masonry. 

The Solar 'G' is a well-known Masonic Symbol but I have no real idea of what it means, though the letter 'G' is the seventh letter of the English Alphabet. The 'pillars' may well be the twin 'bands' of the Milky Way, which the figure of Nut suggests in Egyptian Symbolism. This symbol is between the Comet and the Horn of Plenty and must have something to do with these symbols - something that as yet is not understood. (I give an idea below.)

I am going to take a quick look at the counter-initiation and the appropriation of symbolism. Below is another Royal Arch symbol -

The symbol is our own Valknut which has within it the 'Triple Tau' which is said to be the nineteenth letter of the Greek Alphabet and which is a secret cypher for 'Hiram Abif' and for the 'Temple of Jerusalem'. In the British section of the Royal Arch there are Twelve Degrees, each one representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Much of the symbolism is Judaic in original and relates to the Old Testament, with some Egyptian stuff added - or maybe the reverse is the case. It is often said that Masonry originated in Egypt, and with the suggestion that the Aryan Mysteries were stolen by the slaying of the Egyptian Priest-King this makes some sense. 

What I suggest here is that these mysteries were once Aryan Mysteries and that the Hidden Hand of the Dark Forces stole these Ancient Mysteries and subverted them to their own ends. In other words they may hold some hidden truths, but that the symbolism was changed to suit an Evil Priesthood who sought to dominate the Earth through the use of Masonic Lodges. 

This is a Masonic Symbol on a sash which reminds us of the 'Google Mail' symbol which features on their email service. This again features the 'Triple Tau' symbol at the top, and the 'M-Envelope' is exactly the same symbol as G-Mail. Indeed, here again we have the Solar 'G' in this very name - G-Mail! These people are so certain of their total power that they now show us their symbols openly! Indeed, the name 'Google' is the slang term related to using the eyes - the Great Eye! Google is the Global Company that has been responsible for 'coordinating' individual information which can be easily monitored - 'Google Plus'. (*)

This letter 'G' or Solar 'G' could refer to 'God' and if we use English Gematria this adds to 26 which is the number of letters in the English Alphabet. Is this really a coincidence, that 'God' contains 'All' and is 'One'? But there were more than 26 letters originally, since to my memory we have lost the a-e and the o-e, which would make 28 letters. The original words 'encyclopedia' and 'orthopoedic' were written with an 'a-e' and 'o-e'. (We have also lost the 'th' and 'ng' which were originally joined but later split, but this seems to have happened earlier.) Why have these letters been dropped? Was this done deliberately in order to make the numbers of letters fit the number of 'God'? 

In the above version of the Royal Arch we see the 'All-Seeing Eye' at the top of the arch, and the symbolism of the chessboard. In relation to the chessboard I am reminded of the one related to the Star-Goddess and the links to the Long Man through Morgana - who seems to be the Star-Goddess. The 'coffin' is symbolic of death and resurrection. The chessboard is the Game of Life played out on the black and white squares of the board - symbolic also of Wyrd. In the Mason's Compass we can clearly see the Ing-Rune. 

The 'Keystone' is said to be related to the 'stone that the builders rejected' which seems an odd saying indeed. The 'masons' were 'builders' and maybe this tells us that this 'stone' was rejected by the Masons because they did not really understand the true meaning of this symbolism. The 'Keystone' should represent Capricorn-Sagittarius and the 'Gateway to the Gods', the key to the door into the Otherworld. Here it represents Cancer and not Capricorn - it has been deliberately switched from the Winter Sunstead to the Summer Sunstead. In regard to this there is a key phrase in the New Testament that tells us that 'Jesus' is waxing (i.e. the Winter Sunwend when he is said to have been born) whereas John the Baptist is waning (i.e. the Summer Sunwend when the light starts to wane). 

When I went through the Shamanic Initiation back in the spring of 1997 I was watching the TV with my family and could at one point see letters moving across the screen, letters which no-one else could see! Over and over I said that I could see 'subliminal' letters but no-one else could see them. They were very much like the above 'Occult Symbols' which are a Masonic Alphabet. These are obviously a Secret Code, simple but containing (once again) 26 letters like the normal English Alphabet. 

According to Jenkins the 'Sundoor at the world's end' is the Solar Gateway leading into the next world. This fits exactly with the 'Sun Symbolism' of the Royal Arch, and to the 'Gateway to the Gods' or the 'Gateway to Thule'. If the top of the arch is symbolic of the Pineal Gland then this is the 'Keystone' which is the 'North Gate'. The Twin-Pillars (of the arch and the Long Man) are thus the twin-channels connected to the rising of Kundalini (note the spiral on the right arch). This also goes for the twin-spears on the 'Dancing Warriors', the 'Long Man', and the Finglesham Man. (The 'Dancing Warriors' on the Sutton Hoo Mask are thus linked to the Divine Twins

If we recognise that beyond the 'gates' lies the Elexir of Immortality (Amrita-Soma) then this is connected to the Apples of Immortality which are the Golden Apples of Idunn. We can also connect this area with Valhalla and the resurrection of the Initiated Warriors which must (as Miguel Serrano suggests) be the realm of the Goddess Idunn. She magically 'raises the Dead Heroes' (Einheriar) who partake in the Everlasting Battle, just as Hild does in one of the Norse Sagas. 

The Einheriar are the Initiated Warriors who take up this Everlasting Battle which cannot end until the End of Time. These must struggle against overwhelming odds, through life's tests and trials, through life's hard knocks and defeats, unable to do anything else but get up again and again to fight on. The end is not the aim - the struggle is the aim! 

'We penetrate into the essence of the Mystery: what incarnates is not a 'self' but a HE (that in triumph will be a WE), he is an archetype, a Myth, a Legend, an Archetypal History.'

Manu - The Man to Come - Miguel Serrano.

This is the key to these Mysteries, for the resurrection of the Initiated Warriors is that of the Einheriar who incarnate as an Archetypal Myth and not as a 'man' or 'self'. This is the key to the Spiritual Lineage of the Graal Mysteries, for they are part of this Spiritual Lineage. We have been here before and we shall be here again. This is the secret of Valhalla and the Everlasting Battle. 

This symbol I found on the 'images' for the 'Mark of the Beast' and it seems to relate to a god named 'Nodens' found in the Gloucestershire area of England. This 'mark' represents the Four Beasts and the Precession of the Equinoxes at this particular time of the Cosmic Cycle. Whether 'Nodens' is 'Woden' we cannot tell, but there is a similarity in names. Certainly there is a similarity with Nudd, the Welsh word for 'Mist', but this is pronounced 'Neath' as in the name of the town in South Wales. This 'Mark of the Beast' has nothing to do with the '666' version in the bible, I may add, and the symbolism is very different. The 'beast' refers to the 'Four Beasts of the Apocalypse' which mark the key points of precession, using the Solar Zodiac. This I know to be the Mark of Woden placed upon the forehead of his Initiated Warriors; here he is the Horned One - the 'Great Initiator'.

The Royal Arch symbolism seems clearly distorted when we consider that the Sign of Capricorn - the Horn of Plenty - appears with the 'Solar G' symbol and the Comet. Since I believe that the comet is the Hale-Bopp Comet which was seen in the Northern Skies then this should relate to the Northern Gateway. In this it does not, it relates to the Southern Gateway, Cancer and the Summer Sunwend. The Seven Stars shown in the drawing are definitely not the Great Bear, as their shape does not depict this obvious constellation, so it could thus be the Pleiades which forms a marker for the Galactic Anticentre in Cancer, i.e. the Southern Gateway. 

In Hinduism we have two distinct and opposite concepts -

Devayana - 'Way of the Gods' - This is the period of the year from the Winter Sunwend to the Summer Sunwend, when the light forces are waxing stronger. It is the Solar Way.

Petrayana - 'Way of the Ancestors - This is the period of the year from the Summer Sunwend to the Winter Sunwend, when the light forces are waning. It is the Lunar Way.

The year 2012 seems to have been the time when the Sun was 'reborn' out of the Dark Rift at the Galactic Centre. This would seem to be the real relevance of this date. 1997 was the time when the Northern Gateway was opened and the link to the gods was made, when the Mysteries of HelgiH were revealed and the 'Time-Clock' around the Long Man opened this gateway through the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. 1999 was the conception of the New Age - the Age of Ing. The 'Black Sun' (Solar Eclipse) 'brought back to life' the ancient god known as Ing, the 'King of the English'. 

In regard to the Seven Stars, the Great Bear or Plough are symbolic of the Polar Mythus, whereas the Pleiades is symbolic of the Solar Mythus which came much later when the Folk-Wanderings took our people ever southwards from the spreading Ice Age. These must be regarded as 'markers' to the gateways, and the Capricorn-Cancer line is the Solstice-Line marking the Galactic Centre-Anticentre. 

The mention of 'Morgana' and the 'Star-Goddess' shows that there are yet more mysteries related to the Long Man and to the Hale-Bopp Comet. We have taken this back to the time of At-al-land and even back to Hyperborea in the Far North. The Hyperborea - At-al-land was the North to North-West shift of Hyperborea to Atlantis in the ideas put forward by Julius Evola. This happened over a very long period of time. These mysteries have not all come to light yet but will do so over time. 

(*) The idea of the G-Mail symbol and the masonic sash comes from looking at 'Royal Arch Masonry' in the 'images' section online. This brings up the sash and the symbol, I have merely gone further into the name 'Google' and 'G-Mail'. 

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