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Thule, UFOs & At-al-land.

Wilhelm Landig wrote a book called Gotzen gegen Thule which was in the form of a 'non-fiction' story but which was said to have been based upon some elements of truth. This is a tale about a 'Point 103' where the leaders are said to have been in contact with a 'mystical source' that is the centre of positive forces on the planet. What is interesting to us here is the part about a phenomena called the Manisola which I am going to reproduce here (quoted in Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival by Joscelyn Godqwin -

"The supreme centre manifests itself through phenomena called Manisolas, which have been held since the earliest times in religious awe. An entirely different kind of UFO from the German disc-planes, the Manisolas are 'bio-machines' which live, reproduce, and die through a seven part life-cycle. They begin as circles of pure light, then crystallise into a metallic form with a high zirconium content. This is the female form, 'mater-ialised'. It then develops a masculine, phallic element, which brings it to the androgynic equilibrium. Thereupon a regeneration program begins, and the nucleus of a new Manisola grows in its womb.

The regenerated part is expelled by the remaining mother-nucleus as a new energetic circle of light, corresponding to a birthing technique. The new circle enters on the same seven development stages, while the expelling maternal element rolls itself into a ball, which then explodes. The metallic remains contain particles of copper. The optical impressions that eyewitnesses of these Manisolas have had up to now are basically quite uniform. In the daytime they display an extremely bright gold or silver luminescence, sometimes with traces of rose-coloured smoke which then often condense into greyish-white trails. At night the discs shine in glowing or glossy colours, showing an occasional long flames at the edges and red and blue sparks, which can grow so strong as to wreathe them in fire. Most remarkable is their power of reaction against pursuers, like that of a rational creature, far exceeding any possible electronic self-steering or radio control."

What we appear to have here is an explanation for the German Foo-Fighters which were recorded during World War II and which seemed to fly of their own power and volition. This may or may not be so but Landzig may well have known about these and if so knew their origins. These seem to be a 'representation of the morphogenetic grid' which has something to do with what is called the Morphogenetic Field. This is simply a blueprint that stores information form how something is formed - like a 'blueprint' for the human shape or parts of the body etc. At least that is how I understand the concept. The Morphogenetic Grid, I am assuming, is linked to the Earth-Grid (Grid is an Earth-Giantess) and to Sacred Geometry. 

These are 'fourth-dimensional interfaces with the Life-Force itself'; that is, this stems directly from the Life-Force of the Cosmos. They have something to do with what is called Thought-Forms (Tulkas) which are projected, vessels of creation. The power to manifest these appears to be what is called the Vril-Force. 

This gives an explanation as to what the 'Balls of Light' are in the field of UFOs; these are not the 'Flying Saucers' spoken of by Viktor Schauberger and the sightings of these over the past few decades. They may be the 'Balls of Light' seen over the fields that have produced Crop-Circles; these have been photographed as one crop-circle was being made. I have myself witnessed a 'Ball of Light' passing across the skies at the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet. This was certainly not a 'Flying Saucer' but obviously a 'Ball of Light'; we have to distinguish between the two.

In the book the flying machines used to transport the subjects of the book are called by the name 'V-7' and referred to as a 'Spinning Disc'. Here we are in the realms of a physical spinning saucer-shaped disc. A flight to Prague is done in a Dostra Maschine which is some 45 metres long and made of Quettschmetall or 'crimp-metal' which is a highly compressed metal. This can do 830 kilometres per hour. 

The concept of the UFO is not the only subject worth study in this 'fictional' work; the following help to understand our own work within Folkish Wodenism -

"The latest speculation suggests that at least in the Dogger Bank area around Helgoland it was still in the old annals and maps until the seventeenth century called 'Holyland'."

Thus, At-al-land was later referred to as 'Holyland'; but there is also another hint at a problem that occurred in this lost land of the North-West -

"Black magicians of Semitic origins ruled over the Aryan Atlanteans..." Their 'God' was known as Bealam or Baal. We are also told that Baal-Melkart was worshipped at the time of the Omri Dynasty in Israel-Judah. 

Now, this is in itself a very interesting point since it fits perfectly with the ideas set out many years ago about the alien rule of the Druids here in Britain. This is the basis of the concept of the eternal conflict between the White Dragon (Germania) and the Red Dragon (Juda-Rome) which preceded the advent of Christianity in these islands. The mention of the 'Omri Dynasty in Israel-Judah' is very important since this line were also known as 'Khymru' which is the name later given to the Welsh. A Red Dragon was actually found under a temple in Israel. 

The Druids were known as 'Truth-Benders' by the author of the Oera Linda Book; indeed this can be one of the meanings of the word 'druid'. The reference to 'Baal' is also interesting since this was a 'god' who was also worshipped in Phoenicia, and we know that Phoenicians came here to Britain in ancient times. So if the 'Omri' or Khymru' were a line that ruled over Israel, and they worshipped Baal-Melkart, then they were the likely people to have brought this alien priesthood over here. 

If the 'black magicians of Semitic origin' ruled over At-al-land then it would have been in its final phase of disintegration and destruction. We must also differentiate between the Hyperborean Druids and the much later 'Celtic Druids', and also between the remnants of the Hyperborean Druids amongst the Germano-Celts who made up the tribes here in these islands. We can see here the reason why 'Celtic' is acceptable and 'Germanic' or 'Aryan' is not acceptable. (*)

The Oera Linda Book also makes mention that the Frisians had a stronghold here in England; although the book is seen as 'fiction' archaeologists have actually discovered recently that it was Frisians who built the inner stone area of Stonehenge. The Frisians and the English were the same peoples of Northern Germany - Southern Scandinavia and were obviously here when these islands were part of At-al-land. 

Over and over again in my works have I stressed the importance of the White Dragon as a symbol of Germania and the Gods, as opposed to the Red Dragon of the Joten and Juda-Rome. This conflict between the Island Dragons has gone on for millennia and is coming to its apex in our times. If, as I have stated many times, these islands were ruled by an alien priesthood, and if this was later reimposed by the incoming 'Religion of Evil' - Christianity - then the Anglo-Saxon 'invasions' were merely another Germanic influx, but this time led by Hengest who wielded the Sword of AEtla to destroy the power of the 'Religion of Evil' once again in these islands. When the peoples once more succumbed to the 'Religion of Evil' the Vikings poured across the seas once more to revive the worship of Woden-Odin and once more challenge the Red Dragon in these islands. 

It should be noted that Landig's book is not a 'racist' work at all; the Area 103 mentioned is a place where representatives of all races meets up in order to counter the future oncoming 'Chaos' and the triumph of the Forces of Evil upon the Earth. It also foresees that these Evil Forces will turn the 'coloured races' against the 'white race' in order to destroy it. Even so -

"The Earth once belonged to the Northern people, now they are smashed & shattered and err on the ice-ridges of Thule like the swans of their homeland.

But the lance of the soul still seeks the peaks and the heights.

In their deepest need they are determined to once again impart the world round with the pressure of their souls.'

The colours of the Atlanteans was Blue and Gold, the colours of the Sons of the Sun. These were the colours of the Wulfingas - Blue and Gold - which was the Three Crowns of Anglia. These 'Three Crowns' were the Wolsungas, Wulfingas and the Heardingas - the Wolf-Tribes of Woden. In the Arms of King Edmund (the last Wulfinga King) we find the Three Golden Crowns, crossed with Golden Arrows, upon a Blue background - the colours of the Aryans and of At-al-land. Their 'Golden Sun' has turned black with the nigredo and the 'Dark Night of the Soul' of our Folk - the Hidden Sun still shines with a Cold Light within the Blood of our Folk. A Golden Dragon upon a Blue background was also said to be the symbol of the Saxons - the Golden Dragon and White Dragon are interchangeable symbols. 

The Three Crowns of Anglia

The Swedish Royal Arms

The 'Crossed Arrows' are a later addition due to the martyrdom of King Edmund at the hand of the Vikings - he was shot through with arrows! 

The link between these three seemingly different ideas - Thule, UFOs and At-al-land? UFOs are said to herald a new era on the Earth, and for our Northern People we have to seek the 'Wisdom of the North' through reviving the ancient Thulean Mysteries and the Mysteries of At-al-land when the  movement of our Folk shifted from the North (Thule) to the North-West (At-al-land). We need to seek the Midnight Mountain of the North to re-establish contact with the Ancient Ones. The Holy White Mountain - Mount Su-Me-Ru - stands in the High North on the White Island. "From the North comes salvation and the Light!"

(*) These points will be clearer to those who have read our old magazines in which these ideas were first put forth. In his 'Jerusalem' William Blake seems to hint at the idea that 'Zion' ruled these islands in ancient times. The term 'Druid' is akin to the Persian drus which refers to the Forces of Evil - these became the 'Dews', the enemy of Ahura Mazda. 

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