Friday 7 February 2014

Ecology : Think National - Act Local!

One of the fastest moving growth-economies is 'ecology' which todays makes billions of pounds for the select elite who promote this, as well as the 'scientists' whose ideas are taken up. It also gives a lot of the lesser people something to do in the untold spare time they seem to have. The problem is that much of what has been 'scientifically proven' has never been proven, and never will. Since these scientific theories are the basis of modern 'ecology' and the millions ploughed into it the whole thing gets more and more of a farce as it progresses. We need to look at this in a sane way so that at some future time a National Government can set things right and plough the millions of pounds wasted on 'ecology' into worthwhile projects that can help the people to live a better and more healthy life.
Global Warming -
It is noticeable that the term 'Global Warming' is rather going out of fashion nowadays, perhaps because since 1998 scientists have found that the earth is cooling rather than warming. This has meant a change of terms for the masses, hence the more often used 'Climate Change'. You really would think that people would notice what is going on and see through the rubbish that was spouted about 'Global Warming'/'Climate Change' and that the warming and cooling of the planet has more to do with the Sun and the Earth's magnetic fields than with man-made 'pollution'. We can use a very simple scientific formula that tells us the origins of the 'Global Warming' idea -
ag x gw = bs
This formula can be translated thus -
Al Gore x Global Warming = Bull-Shit

"The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis.... The entire North Polar ice cap is disappearing before our very eyes. It's been the size of the continental United States for the last 3 million years and now 40 per cent is gone and the rest of it is going.... Sixty-eight per cent of Americans now believe that human activity is responsible for global warming. Sixty-nine per cent believe that the Earth is heating up in a significant way... What is missing is a sense of urgency....The good news is, we have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming. We have all the technologies we need, more are being developed.... But we should not wait, we cannot wait, we must not wait."

Al Gore

The idea that 'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change' (take your pick) is man-made implies naturally that mankind must do something about it, and this leads to the inevitable conclusion that to stave off a catastrophe we need a World Government that can solve a 'global problem'. It is not hard today to recognise the growing 'global problems' that have suddenly cropped up, and inevitably the solutions have to be 'global' and thus warrant this World Government being put into place.

"The emerging 'environmentalization' of our civilization and the need for vigorous action in the interest of the entire global community will inevitably have multiple political consequences. Perhaps the most important of them will be a gradual change in the status of the United Nations. Inevitably, it must assume some aspects of a world government."

Mikhail Gorbachev

Note the word 'environmentalization' which is the new method used to scare people into believing that only through the creation of a World Government can we avert a catastrophe that could destroy the planet. Here we see the attack upon our freedom coming from different directions - the USA and Russia, the two great powers of the world. But there are of course, offshoots to this process, and that is the making of billions out of the whole thing, not only though paying the people who are working with this rubbish, but also in the taxation raised to help bring down the 'carbon footprint' (don't they come out with some bull....!)

"Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense. The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology."

Delgado Domingos  (environmental scientist).

Genetically Modified Foodstuffs (GM) -
This is the area where man (or certain sections) is interfering in nature in a very dangerous way. We may ask ourselves why these people would take such risks in tampering with our food supply.

"Population reduction and genetically engineered crops were clearly part of a broad strategy: the drastic reduction of the world's population. It was in fact a sophisticated form of what the Pentagon termed biological warfare, promulgated under the name of "solving the world hunger problem."
F. William Engdahl - "Seeds of Destruction"

Food for thought there I would think. This would need far more investigation in order to prove that there is a grain of truth in this statement.

"The folks at the Rockefeller Foundation were deadly serious about wanting to solve the world hunger problem through the worldwide proliferation of GMO seeds and crops... They were out to limit population by going after the human reproductive process itself."

F. William Engdahl - "Seeds of Destruction".

The above sentence seems to help to solve this riddle, since there may be some truth in the use of GM foods to limit human reproduction. But I see a problem here, since in order to do so they would need to aim this at the inert masses in a way that would not affect the 'Elite' who control the reins. The problem is that widespread GM crops would surely spread all over the place and thus eventually affect all food - and themselves too. I know these people are rather crazed in their ideas but this would not make sense at all.
Here I have used caution in believing another 'conspiracy theory' since I think that this needs looking into further, but needless to say the production of GM foods is absolute madness in any case and has to be stopped before a real disaster happens. This is all that needs to be said on the subject. It would be far easier to see the attack on the human reproductive process being done through the water-supplies, alternative sources being available to the Global Elite. Since GM foods are a recent thing there would not be the test results that most likely have been already obtained for chemical use in water-supplies.
We need answers to the real ecological problems but to tackle them we need to put aside the modern 'Green' solutions based upon globalism and get down to local and national solutions that are workable. When we dismiss the lies of the Old Order and get down to tackling the problems then sanity will once more prevail on this planet. This means the rejection of the 'Global Ecology' designed to scare the masses into accepting a World Government and the switch to a regional and national ecology - Tribal Ecology if you like.
Solar Energy -
Solar panels are springing up on many new houses, and also being used on older houses too, but the drive to get this energy source up and going has been done mainly because of the shortage of energy due to the crackpot ideas of the Red-Green Alliance that have cut off other natural supplies. It is thus feasible to suggest that this will only be done on a limited scale so that individual households can put energy back into the national grid and thus stave off future power-cuts. This is certainly not the way to look to the future, and again will end in problems.
The answer is individual solar-power where each household can produce its own energy which would be free and the only cost would be the installation, maintenance and renewal when it wears out. A system geared to make profit from energy would hardly be able to support such a scheme - too much freedom would be entailed to do that! A change to this would also mean that a national grid system with all its power-lines and ugly pylons would  not be necessary any more. (A lot of people would be put out of their jobs but I am sure that we could switch their employment to making and installing the solar panels, and maintaining and renewing them too. If this did not fit all the workers into the new plan there is plenty more to do in building up this country through growing and producing vital goods here once more.)
There is yet another point here in that although I am not an expert on the subject of electricity, using solar-power would perhaps mean that we can switch away from the 240 volt system to using 12v or 24v systems for lighting - much safer I would have thought. I would think that this would be quite feasible since car-lighting has vastly improved over the past few years and the use of LEDs gives much better lighting.This switch would mean that the unnecessary 'gadgets' of today would have to be ditched in order to lessen the wasteful use of electricity, but again we are looking to a time when better humans will be produced, humans with a bit more common sense and responsibility for the welfare of the whole. Also, with the ditching of the wasteful 'gadgets' people would get far more natural exercise again and become fitter and healthier - no need to pay 'gym' costs and the ever-growing cost of 'exercise machines' that make a good profit for the Global Elite. Getting rid of the 'gadgets' would do little harm to the work-force since these are almost all made abroad (China mainly) and would not affect us in the area of manufacture. I will not concern myself with the 'wholesaler' since this area of business would be redundant, and is only there for profiteering without working for it. English Citizens in this area would have plenty more to do in getting this nation straight once more - better roads, better health service, and better cultural facilities, growing food and the production of essential goods - all would need building and running. Not only this, since the switch would be from mass-consumerism and mass-production to quality and craftsmanship things would not be in such a rush and the lessening of stress and anxiety would be phenomenal.
Wind-Energy -
The same applies to wind-energy as it does to solar-energy, for this would need to be done at an individual and family level where energy would be produced free of charge once the cost of installation and maintenance has been met. This would not need massive wind-turbines that blight the landscape (and are rather inefficient too) for it would entail small wind-turbines built in the garden (every Englishman should - and will - have a piece of land to work for themselves). This type of power can easily supply lighting to a house, and here a switch to 12v or 24v could be made, and the use of battery power (charged by the wind-turbine) helps to solve the storage problem. This system works for every car and would thus be viable for a household with the use of a larger turbine. We can see the use of solar-wind power on some road-signs so this would not be hard to put into practice for the individual household.
I don't think we would have any problems with wind-power since here in England we have such strong winds over the darker period of the year, and even through the spring and summer too sometimes. Although long-term planning is needed there is a case to look at short-term changes in the weather in order to use the situation efficiently.
Wind-power today is invariably linked to the production of electricity, but we should remember that in the past the use of windmills was to turn the mill to produce bread, and this would be something to consider again for more widespread use. Technology has moved on and is very much more sophisticated, but no doubt the new technology could be harnessed on old methods of production - and much more efficiently I would think. There is a case here to revive the old methods but harness them in making smaller and more efficient means to grind corn into flour for local distribution.
Water-Power -
This is something that cannot be done on a large scale since to use any form of water-power needs running water which is not there for everyone. To revert to water-power such as that used in the old mills should be a consideration. Since technology has come a long way since the old and clumsy mills these would be far more efficient and they would be used - once again - at a local level serving local needs, which means that their size need not be enormous.
It should also be pointed out that in a Heathen English Society the large towns and cities would be abandoned in favour of small towns, villages and hamlets - especially with the population having decreased to a manageable size in this country. (We shall look into this later in this post.) This means that buildings would be sited near to the most convenient sources of energy, as they were in the past before the alienation of our land took place through the various non Anglo-Saxon regimes that have ruled here for over a thousand years. Brooks, streams and rivers would again become sources of renewable energy as they were in the past.
I stated earlier that you would need a running water-source for water-power, but this is not strictly true because any form of water that is moved onto a kind of water-wheel and is recycled around all of the time would run the water-wheel efficiently. So really this can be done on the smallest scale for family use - all that is needed is water, and with the weather here in England there is no shortage of that.
Water Supplies -
Water comes down from the clouds free of charge (in endless supply here in England) and is gathered in reservoirs, where it is cleaned, treated and filled with chemicals (that we know nothing of) and then is sold back to the people. But this does not end there, for the waste water that is produced is then taken away again - for which we are charged again. If we were to switch to a saner system where the individual household (with emergency supplies collected at a local level) collected their own supply of water which was then pumped around the house where it was needed then we would need no water-pipes running throughout the land, and no major water-pipe repairs and vast leaks that cost thousands if not millions of pounds. Since this is a fresh-water supply there would be no need for it to be taken away; a much better method would be to cut out the harmful chemicals in soaps and washing-up liquids, filter the used water and run it into storage tanks which can be re-used for toilet flushing or watering the garden.
Since we are talking about smaller Folk-Communities here there is no need for large reservoirs, only smaller areas where water could be stored up for use in an emergency. Dealing with smaller areas means that temporary pipes could be set up to supply local houses, shops and workshops. With modern plastic piping this would again be made easier and would be a much better system than permanent pipes running all over the land.
On the subject of water we are seeing at this time vast flooding all over England; indeed there has not been one single day without rain at some time since the end of December here in the South of England. The sad thing is that we may all moan about this but all of this water is coming down and is completely going to waste. At some time in the future Nature will right this and there will be a period of warm weather that could cause a shortage, and what has fallen in these times could have been collected and stored for later use.
During this period of heavy rains and storms there has been major flooding of fields where the water runs off and floods the roads, causing great problems for traffic. Where this is caused by the rivers rising it is a more complicated problem, but where it collects on the fields and runs down due to the incline of the fields there seems no reason why ditches cannot be built along the bottom of the field, with the water running into man-made ponds or reservoirs. Not only would this make the roads easier to travel on during rainy periods, but the collected water can then be used by farmers to irrigate their land when it becomes dry - thus not having to use mains water which has to be paid for. All that would be needed would be a pump to get the water out of the ponds. This is done in some foreign countries so why do we not experiment here in England?
The above suggestion is also valid for small Folk-Communities where rather than having the water run down drains and pipes all over the place it is carefully collected in various areas of the village or town and then reused by local houses, shops and workshops. This can be used for water for toilets and watering gardens as well as other uses that may come to mind. Rain-water would need to be collected for drinking, as well as the use of spring-water when the water-tables have stopped being lowered by taking water out in huge quantities. Springs would then not be on 'private land' but would be for the use of a local Folk-Community.
These changes would also put a stop to the idea of polluting the drinking water with foul-tasting chemicals and then offering bottled 'spring-water' or 'mineral water' instead - thus having the gullible people pay twice for what comes down free from the sky or upwards out of the earth - again for free. Indeed, since such vast quantities of this 'spring-water' or 'mineral-water' is supplied to places all over the world there is a hint that this may not actually come from the said springs.
The English Folk-Community -
The gradual breakdown of the multi-racial society and the violence that will be created when all of the 'communities' vie for what is left of the rubble will create a situation in which the English Folk will be forced into a migration into the rural areas of England where they will need to rebuild their ancient Folk-Communities. This would ensure a return to true English values, culture and tradition but would not mean a return to living in mud-huts in some form of primitive society. We have advanced technologically but the way that this has gone wrong has been in the use of that technology to further the aims of the Global Elite in creating a World State. If our advancement in technology were channelled into creating a better and healthier Race of Man and a more healthy society in harmony with Nature and Natural Law then there would be no need for a return to the past. What we need to do is to learn from the past, take the best from the past and use this to build a new future for the English Folk.
Overpopulation is a great problem but it will not be so in the future when the whole thing breaks down into disorder and chaos. Nature will right much that has gone wrong, but I am sure that the more intelligent of those who were imported into England for the purposes of cheap labour will, once their lands come under a national government, wish to get back and rebuild their lands too. Then there is a vast section of this society today that has always aided the foreign influx and done everything they can to help them settle here, building what can only be seen as a hate for their own English Kin and this Land of England. I am sure they would welcome the chance to embark upon a new humanitarian crusade to aid the same people in their lands - and would certainly not be missed here in England! Unlike the New World Order we would not need to resort to the murder of millions through wars, or the mass sterilisation of the population in order to control it. What we advocate here is far more humane than the plans put into place by the 'New World Order'.
Rural England is England! Where these small hamlets, villages and townships grew in size they would certainly never resemble the vast cities of today's degenerate world. If we were to look back at a city like London we would see that originally it was made up of small townships with vast open spaces in between, much of which has now been built upon. Even then most major cities of Europe were centres of culture, though here in England places like London have for centuries been the centres of the Global Bankers which left us out of the culture-creation that it could have been. Where things went wrong was the 'Industrial Revolution' which ripped thousands upon thousands of English land-workers from the land and drove them into the ever-growing cities which had become the centres of industry.
Where small townships grow these would become centres of culture and creativity, rather than centres of industry and banking. The size would thus be limited and would not be prone to the 'slums' and 'ghettos' that are today associated with the cities. A society based upon blood-kinship would be far more harmonious and would rid the land of racial tensions and violence. Rural areas would once more become the backbone of England and would mean a harmonious working between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. Never again would mankind go against Nature and Natural Law and would be one with all life on the planet. Ecology would then no longer need to be put on an agenda because it would become a way of life - the natural thing to do.

Zero-Point Energy - The Vril Force.

With the English Awakening will come the re-connection with the Sacred Centre and thus a higher form of consciousness and intelligence. With this will come the study of the Vril-Force which is a totally free form of energy that exists rather than being created through the destruction of matter (as is fire, oil, coal, etc). The vast Oil Companies would no longer be needed and the ecological impact would be vast. This would also remove the control help by the Oil Companies and also the Arab Countries where this comes from - these people would then be free to use their own resources if they so wished to carry on doing so.
How could these ideas be financed -
If I were now to be interviewed by the BBC the person doing the interview, primed by his bosses, would certainly try to ridicule these ideas by emphasising where the money would come from. So here I am going to try to bring up ideas as to how we could afford to make such changes.
  • The first thing to consider is that these ideas pertain to changes in energy-sources for the family, the village or the small township, and not to the vast cities of today. So the costs in the main are personal. Now, I doubt that anyone could say that in today's society there is not an enormous amount of money going to waste. With an end to mass-production and the move to quality and workmanship everything will last longer and no longer need to be renewed on a regular basis - which is money to waste. Also, in a New Order where technology would be geared to the evolution of a Higher Man, and a healthy society in which the New Man can live, there would no longer be the insane waste on computers and technological 'toys for the masses'. No more regular 'upgrades' so that a replacement is needed for ever and ever, no more 'virus's' so that they can sell us 'anti-virus software', and no more 'apps' to buy over and over again to get the next 'toy' to play with. Computers would no longer be the 'toys of the masses' but would be used only to further the cause of building a better society and a healthier Folk. There is no doubt that the technology available would make it easy to produce a computer that could be kept for a decade or really much longer, but this would not produce the profits needed to keep the consumer society going. Think how much the individual could save and thus channel into getting new energy-sources for the home.
  • At a local level the Folk-Community would be responsible for ensuring that emergency energy and water supplies were available through the joint effort of all those within that community. In such a Folk-Community it would be natural to work together as a whole for the welfare of the whole; if there still existed the individual who did not work for the whole they would not benefit from the work done by others. We must always remember that here we are not dealing with this rotten society of the Old Order, but with a New Order and a New Man that will be created through a new ideology.
  • There would thus be little to do in these areas at a national level, since food-production and the production of goods would go back to a local level, so financing at a national level would not be necessary. The movement of food and goods by transport would be minimalized and localised, with some national movement, and even less international movement. This would certainly make life better and healthier, and improve the air we breath.
  • Even where national projects need financing this would not be much of a problem since there are many areas where cuts can certainly be made. Billions need no longer be poured into what will be the defunct 'European Union'. The 'National Debt' that has been built up over many centuries, mainly through the creation and financing of both sides in wars and through the manipulation of the monetary system to produce slumps and depressions, will be cancelled and the Global Bankers told where to go, which will free more billions for this country to use wisely. Then there is the vast amount of money handed out in 'foreign aid' which will stop immediately and be channelled to better use here in England.
  • All of the money poured into a totally inefficient 'National Health Service' would be put into better use breaking away from the 'drug-system' of healing into the wiser system of creating a more healthy species of mankind that is more immune to illnesses. The shift away from treating the symptoms to finding and treating the cause will mean a good deal less wastage of money in this area.
  • When the payments made to crackpots whose only input into the English society has been to create disorder and chaos, and to aid everything and everyone except the English People has been stopped this will once more free up money to use to build a new and healthy society here in England. The untold 'secret societies' that are today used to secretly promote alien ideas and doctrines into our English Society will longer be here and need paying for out of public funds. Charities for everything under the sun, many of which have been set up for the public to fund schemes that will further their own self-destruction, will no longer be needed. What people do not realise is that the 'charity' was originally set up simply because the moneyed businessman, when he gets older, has made all that he can and thus moves closer to 'God'. In doing so, with the Judaeo-Christian structure in place, his next step must be either 'heaven' or 'hell'; it is thus his aim to gain his place in 'heaven' which means he has to do something to earn it - hence the setting up of a 'charity' which not only eases his conscience for all the money he has squeezed out of others, but also ensures him a place in 'heaven'.
  • Something I missed out when first doing this post - of course billions can be saved when we cease being a puppet in the Brit-Am Alliance (*) where Britain and the US continue their imperialist drive through endless wars for drugs, oil and for the resources to keep the New World Order going. We can then pull our Armed Forces out of wars that are not waged in our interest, and are waged against nations whose rulers they wish to replace by puppets of the Brit-Am Alliance. Our Loyal Troops can then be withdrawn from foreign lands and used to defend England, and where necessary to protect the Europe of Free Nations against outside aggression.
  • It must also be remembered that the Global Order would no longer exist and man-power would be redirected to local and national needs within the context of a new European Imperium (not 'imperialism'). The Folk would once more be reconnected to the land - with a return to the land and the recreation of the small hamlets, villages and towns - and would thus be close to Nature and by nature would no longer seek to dominate all things and thus cause disorder and destruction of wild-life and all living things - trees being included. Plants and animals would be killed to eat and forests would be left for Nature to create rather than being 'managed' by such organisations as the 'Forestry Commission' which did its share of the damage to the woodlands of England by planting quick-growing conifers after World War I. Local borders would be based upon the landscape and not on political vote-catching, and the rivers would again be used to get about and to transport goods more efficiently - we have more advanced technology for this too. A sea-faring nation like the English should have no problem in adapting to such a change.

There are untold ways to save money and then channel it into national causes and into improving the society that we live in, but we cannot go into this here. The answer to where the money comes from is obvious really, once the wastage in this society is recognised. At a family and local level going back to a much simpler way of life, and making work into something done for the local Folk-Community rather than for someone to profit from, or to fill the coffers of the Global Bankers, will ensure that money goes into building a better and more efficient home for the family and thus a better way of life for all of the community.
Lastly, a return to a Heathen Society and a Heathen Folk-Community will ensure that the last vestiges of the destructive Judaeo-Christian religion, with its focus on world domination and total control, fade into oblivion as a new Natural Order arises from this destruction. When we get back to a Natural Order with a higher and more noble mankind the destruction of nature will stop for ever and man will become one with all life again - through a life-affirming religion based upon the Spirit of Nature.
Think National - Act Local - Not Global!

(*) The term Brit-Am Alliance is used rather than the usual 'Anglo-American' since this has nothing to do with the true English (Angles) but with the British State or British Corporation which owns and runs this country through the power of the Bankers and the Media-Press.