Friday 31 January 2020

Brave New World Revisited

This post has been done in order to put in pieces I missed from the last one, and to make further comments about our society today. It is necessary to show how the World State is being put together, slowly and methodically, and to make people aware of the struggle we have, those that are loyal to the Spirit of Man. In Huxley's BNW there was no place for 'God' nor 'Gods', everything centred around the physical world and nothing else. Even Nature was taboo in this artificial world. 

In his essays and his interviews Huxley outlined the things he saw as threatening to freedom -

  • Overpopulation. He saw that overpopulation in 'underdeveloped' countries would lead to Communist dictatorships, which has happened in many nations in Africa. 
  • TV could be used less to distract and more as a very powerful propaganda tool. 
  • The use of drugs to cause harm physiologically and morally. 
  • 'Over-organisation'. The Bureaucracies of Big-Business or Big Government. Today these are both working hand-in-hand.
  • Being an Englishman living in the US Huxley particularly pointed out the US Elections where the personality of the candidates matters far more than their ability to rule. This appears obvious and, as we have here in England, the 'rulers' are merely puppets whose strings are being pulled. 
  • Children are far more suggestible since their minds are not yet so developed; this is why the age for voting was reduced to 18, not for any reason that the youth would benefit from such a change. 
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."


If an animal is brought up from birth in a cage it will never know what freedom is because it knows only life in a confined space. Huxley explained this thus -

'There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brain-washing, or brain-washing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.'

I have mentioned the psychotropic drugs now being distributed by doctors for younger and younger children; the 1960's 'revolution' brought onto the scene the recreational drugs which are today being used more widely than ever. When a British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said openly that the British economy was the fastest-growing in Europe if we count 'drugs and prostitution' then clearly alarm-bells should ring - few seemed to notice, and even fewer cared. We here in England have already witnessed the perverted child-abuse of Rotherham, Sheffield and now Manchester (and no doubt many other areas that have not come into the limelight), and the plying of drugs upon young people. Nothing was done by either social workers or the police for fear of creating 'racial tensions' - some excuse to let this happen to our own children. But these are all part of the agenda working towards a society where everyone is dumbed down with daily doses of drugs without side-effects.

In Brave New World Revisited Huxley goes one step further from the idea of compulsory drug-use -

'...(drugs) that will make them think, feel and behave in the ways (they) find desirable..' and ' all probability it will be enough to merely make the pills available...' 

Of course, creating an addictive drug for general use would do the trick, since the body would feel it necessary to take this regularly. Peer pressure on young people can cause them to toe the general line of behaviour. Huxley did experiment with mescaline and wrote his book 'Doors of Perception' outlining this; having not read the book I do not know the reasons he did this, nor if this helped the 1960's 'revolution' as did the drug-use and promotion by Timothy Leary. I cannot thus comment on this point.

"When a slave becomes a happy slave he has effectively relinquished all that makes him human."

Frederick Douglass (Former slave).

Of course, it may be that the methods used would be a fusion of the ideas of Orwell and Huxley, that of combining the methods of terror with the methods of acceptance. The method being used to create the World State at this time are based upon 'climate change' and the 'global crisis' caused by 'global warming', and this is done in order to frighten the masses into accepting the idea of the World State. The basis for this are Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, the latter showing how this is a carefully arranged plan that has no time-scale but is fed gradually to the masses, piece by piece. 

Looking at Agenda 21 we can see that these people are very clever and know exactly what they are doing. One of the many 'proposals' in this is that this 'Sustainable Development' should be done at regional and national level, thus by-passing the need to actually state their true aims. We need thus to be aware of this since we have to work at a regional and a national level to oppose the 'New World Order'. In doing this in such a way they will be diverting attention to their regional and national work away from those who are genuinely working at these levels. 

There was a drive some decades ago in the 'Thatcher era' to give more people the chance to buy their homes, a move that sold off many council-houses and made them into private property. On the face of it this move did improve some council estates, but it took away the cheap housing needed for poorer people. We may see a time when private property is no longer necessary in terms of the complete control of a World State. State control would need to be total and private land may well be a stumbling-block to this aim - we shall see. 

One of the most striking things about BNW is that there is no place for a love of Nature, and thus no mention of plants, trees and animals. Production and consumption are the norm in this society. Nor was there room for the urge to seek knowledge, and thus wisdom and understanding. Such a world would be doomed to stagnation. Indeed, the creation of artificial intelligence through the use of 'robots' would seem to be an option that would ensure no rebellion by 'workers'. This is already an experiment being undertaken at this time.

'..through kinds of torture babies were programmed to hate certain things - like books and flowers....'a love of nature keeps no factory busy'.

There is one thing that we should all be wary of, and that is the fact that we are all 'consumers' in some way or another, bar those who have actually gone 'off-grid' and are totally self-sufficient, and these are few and far between. Due to our individual circumstances many cannot do this for one reason or another, even though we would wish to do so. Being totally self-sufficient means not having to work for someone else or not having to receive state benefits of any kind whatever. Few are able to do so, and this we need to recognise; our aim must be to go as far as possible in being self-reliant. 

I brought my children up to become aware of the need for some kind of survival-training because this seems to be necessary in these unstable times. But when I look at the wider aspect of this it seems clear that much of this forms part and parcel of the produce-and-consume society; far too much of this is based upon the (sometimes) expensive equipment available for use in bushcraft and survivalism. Rather than getting away from the produce-and-consume mentality this merely forms part of it. To some extent I myself must have fallen into this at times, but luckily I took the way of buying some expensive basic equipment such as knives and axes which were well-made and thus long-lasting, and they have served their purpose, and will do into the future. There is a motto which states that the more equipment you take, the less knowledge you have, and this stands true at all times. Those who practice survivalism should ensure that they are not being motivated by the produce-and-consume mentality. 

I am perhaps older than many of you reading this, so I can recall things from the past that are unknown to the modern generation. When I was young people upheld the idea of being 'thrifty'; this meant only spending what was necessary, rather than the rampant spending of today's society. People never bought new clothes when they could mend the old ones; shoes could be re-soled and re-heeled, socks could be darned (stitched up), and torn clothes mended. The motto in BNW was 'ending is better than mending'. This is part of today's society where everything has to be new, the old thrown away or given to 'charity shops'. The latter is a form of recycling which is a good thing, but many charities today are not all what they seem. In some of our camps we have held sales of stuff that individuals no longer use, a much better way than merely throwing the stuff away. 

Many young people of today have no idea how to save up money; fed on a dose of 'credit' and 'debt' much more is available to the masses than ever before. In my youth we had to save up the money to buy something because such credit was not then available, bar for Hire Purchase for some more expensive stuff like cars etc. And today, with such low interest rates, new cars are readily available to young people. Young people grow into adults, and all of this does not allow them to become aware of the value of things.

The type of society envisioned in BNW depends wholly on the masses being rather lazy and listless, and this is being achieved in so many subtle ways. There is no doubt that what I say would be laughed at with scorn because these things are now an integral part of this society -

  • The simple thing such as the change from manual window-winding to electric window-winding in cars is a way for people to become lazier; add to this cars which almost drive themselves and life gets even lazier. Boots open electrically, cars work electronically, and the driver has less and less to do, and even more important, less and less to think about
  • Cars become more and more computerised, and thus become far harder for the individual to maintain; maintenance is now switched to the garages and dealers. With the low interest rates, and thus the ability to buy new cars, older cars are becoming extinct, at least here in England. And thus the ability to maintain and fix cars is being lost to the individual. 
  • With the idea that we are all 'equal' and thus women and men should do the same jobs came the need to change things in such areas as the building trade. Bags of cement, plaster etc. used to weigh one hundredweight (50 kg) but are now down to half that weight. Whereas in older times muscles were built through hard work and heavy lifting, today the need for the gym (and expensive equipment) has supplanted this. Something that came free of charge turned into a consumer product. Mechanisation took away the need for manual handling of heavy goods. All of this leads down the same path.
  • Washing-machines, dishwashers, and many other technological advances have made people less active and lazier than ever before. Some of these are a good thing but we need to be aware of the overall effect of them upon our society, and the agenda being created around the need to make people become lazier and less able to think for themselves. 
  • In the drive towards making people less able to think there are some things that have somewhat opposite effects. Flat-packs, for instance. Here the individual has to put them together themselves and thus needs to be able to think. Here the drive for mass-consumerism through mass-production and being able to transport goods easily has led to people having to think a little for themselves - no doubt this will need to change in the future.
Another thing that is noticeable today, and is shown both in Orwell's book and BNW, is the clear ability for people to shut off any thoughts that appear to be heretical. In Orwell's book this is deemed to be a 'Thought-Crime' but in Huxley's this is not given any title, but does feature in the figure of a girl named Lenina (named after Lenin). Lenina completely closes her mind to anything that she deems to be heretic; anyone who appears to say something heretical is deemed to be 'odd'. Now this is clearly a feature of today's society, and it is noticeable how certain people 'shut down' completely when they hear something that they have been programmed to see as being heretical. It is not that such people actually think about this, they automatically 'shut down' in order not to think about it

There are some really terrible cases of animal abuse and cruelty in today's world, and more and more people are becoming aware of this. However, many are concerned with 'animal welfare' in such a way as to divorce this problem from the wider problem, which is the type of society that we live in today. Animal abuse is more of a symptom of this society. Take the case of the abuse of chickens in 'factory-farming', even where it is stated that these are 'free-range' and produce 'free-range' eggs. The emphasis is placed upon the chicken-farming techniques, and upon individual chicken-farms, but the problem lies in this produce-and-consume society in which the masses demand more and more products, including the food they eat. Higher demand produces higher production, moving further and further away from what can be produced by Natural Farming or Organic Farming. It is of no use some of the more 'left-wing' promoters of animal welfare demanding change when they actively promote further immigration into a country already over-populated. More people demand more food, and more food means having to adopt 'factory-farming' over Natural Farming. There is no way out of this spiral, except for the few who take a far different approach to consumerism in consuming less

On this subject one way to get round this is for us to eat less of a food-product, and thus be able to pay more to get a better product. This I have sometimes done through buying less meat and using farm-shops and local butchers (where you can still find one, that is). Nothing is actually said (as far as I can see) on the production of food in BNW, but we can infer that everything would become artificially produced. I have to admit that it is not an easy thing to break free of this produce-and-consume world, but it is something we need to strive to achieve.

As I stated before, 'climate change' and 'global warming' are used to further the idea of a 'global crisis' that needs a 'global solution'. To do so they have used a young girl, Greta Thunberg, in the most atrocious way possible. Their use of this young girl to promote their Global Agenda shows just how callous, thoughtless and cruel these people really are. It also shows something else too, their knowledge of how to use and manipulate vulnerable people. Through their studies of psychology they recognise in the individual the weakness of egoism, and exploit this to their advantage. This seems clear in the case of Greta Thunberg, but it also applies to other prominent figures who have been clearly manipulated for their ends - not only on the 'left'. One of the weaknesses of many politicians is an inflated ego, hence why they are so easily manipulated.

Karl Marx, as far as I have read, seemed to see the Dictatorship of the Proletariate as a means and not an end; from what I can see he saw 'commune-ism' as the aftermath of the use of force, when society would break down into 'communes'. On the face of it this appears to be rather innocent, but when we consider that today the idea of 'communitarianism' has arisen, then the idea of the 'commune' and the 'community' are merely different words for the very same result. Violent dictatorship would thus give way to a willing acceptance of slavery through the means shown in BNW. Karl Marx, the son of a banker, knew full well what the result of his work would be; he was merely a part of the overall scheme for the creation of the World State. He no doubt also recognised the formula of Thesis vs. Anti-Thesis = Synthesis where Global Capitalism and Global Socialism would fuse into one to create the produce-and-consume society necessary. Communism in areas like Russia and China certainly removed the land-workers (peasants) from the rural areas in order to industrialise these nations on a grand scale. We here in England had no need of such a revolution, being the land in which the 'Industrial Revolution' took place originally. The result of this technological move was the deaths of tens of millions of people - something that is strangely (?) never taught to the children in our schools. 

These are the problems, or at least some of them; so how do we find solutions to this agenda, because it is clearly not as yet finalised in the actual creation of the World State? 

  • A Folkish Religious Movement is based upon the concept of 'God-in-Nature: God-in-the-Blood', and thus goes contrary to a projected system which denies Nature totally and rejects the idea of 'God' altogether. 
  • Such a Folkish Religious Movement also remains loyal to the Spirit of Man, a concept denied in BNW. A spiritual movement is far stringer than one based solely upon the material world. Even Communism had to create some form of 'religious fanaticism' to be able to thrive in that time, even though it denied God and the Spirit.
  • The importance of a clear knowledge of the past, of our past history, and of bringing to light and correcting the obvious distortions of our history, is thus crucial to our work. Huxley used the phrase made famous by Henry Ford - 'history is bunk' - but the use in this book was a distorted version meaning that history is not necessary, that learning what happened in the past is not necessary. What Henry Ford actually referred to is that our history had been distorted, even made up in some cases, not that it was not necessary. It has to be admitted that his 'mass-production' techniques aided the creation of the future produce-and-consume society, although there is no doubt this was not done intentionally. 
  • Ecology in the Global Agenda is a form of false ecology that is used in order to scare people into accepting a World State. From the actions of the globalists it is clear that they have no regard for Nature and Natural Law, and as such are hardly fit to preach to us about ecology and the Natural World. Overpopulation is used as an excuse in some ways, since it is certain areas that are overpopulated - such as here in Britain, for example. It is not the 'indigenous' population that is growing, since the birth-rates have gone down; it is the outlanders that have come into these islands that produce more children and thus increase the population to even higher limits. Add to this the growing exodus from the big cities such as London, where some no longer wish to live (who can blame them), and this means larger and larger housing developments in smaller towns and villages. This also means more schools, more industrial units for work, and more and more drain on the energy and water-supplies. The need for creating some form of Religious Folk-Communities here in England gets more important by the year. 
  • It is of no use 'preaching to the converted', perhaps as I am doing here, since in doing so I am trying to emphasise the need to get these ideas out to more and more people out there who are receptive to this. I am not seeking to 'speak to the converted' but to get others to see the importance of becoming active through trying to make others see these truths. Since we are here speaking of subjects that are today newsworthy, such as ecology, then these things need not be set forth in a form of heretical way, but subtly used to try to make others see the full story here and the truth of what is happening. 
  • Our mission is to awaken as many people as we can, to keep the Flame of Freedom alive in a time when our freedom is being taken from us, to keep the Torch of Knowledge alive in an Age of Darkness and Ignorance. 

If we do wish to see a 'brave new world' it must not be in the form of the one envisioned by either Orwell or Huxley. Our future lies in ensuring a world of free  individuals and free nations bequeathed to our children and to their children into the distant future. We have dedicated our lives to this aim and this is no time to let up on our Divine Mission. 

Thursday 30 January 2020

Brave New World

I have covered George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four before, although perhaps not in a really deep way, but here I am going to go into another 'prophetic' work written on similar lines - Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This book takes a very different stance, and is clearly based upon the creation of a 'World State'. The following statement by Huxley sums up his ideas -

"...If you want to preserve your power indefinitely you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do partly by drugs...partly by new techniques of by-passing the rational side of man and appealing to his subconscious and his deeper emotions and his physiology...and so making him actually love his slavery...people may be in some way happy in the new regime."

Aldous Huxley in an interview.

Orwell saw this as a tyranny based upon the 'boot stamping on the human face, forever', whereas Huxley foresaw that the ultimate means was through the use of drugs which dumbed down the feelings of the people and through propaganda which by-passed the rational mind. I say 'ultimate means' because Huxley does say that before this state of affairs came about there was a more violent approach to this. Another difference is that whereas Orwell's propaganda and tyranny was there to keep the 'Party' members in order, Huxley's was aimed at the masses as a whole - everyone. 

Brave New World is far nearer today than is Nineteen Eighty-Four, although some of the remnants of the latter still form part of the structure of society - the 'Thought Police', the 'CCTV' surveillance, 'Newspeak', the crushing of opposition, even though perhaps not always in a violent manner, but nonetheless designed to strike terror (*) into anyone who 'bucks the system'. I will now show how Huxley's Brave New World has come about today. I feel that the best way is to break this down with 'bullets' -

(*) The definition of 'terror' is to strike fear into someone, so any act of making people fearful, like the 'Dawn Raid' and the use of 'The Mob' is by definition 'terrorism', or in this case 'State Terrorism'. 

  • The World State was based upon the idea that everyone should be 'happy', a state induced by drugs which caused the individual to feel 'high' at different levels through different doses - the drug Soma was compulsory for everyone. We can, of course, see this today in the use of psychotropic drugs which are freely distributed for 'depression' and other 'illnesses'. The thing to remember here is that there are levels of 'depression', some which are so bad as to need help, some that are diagnosed as such but are nowhere near this level of a problem. Younger and younger people are today being prescribed such drugs. The drug Soma is one that has no side effects at all, and this would be the aim of the scientists today, to produce such a drug. 'The World Controllers encouraged the systematic drugging of their own citizens for the benefit of the state.'
  • The society envisioned by Huxley was a multi-racial society, as seen from the use of certain names, as well as outright classifications of certain individuals. But it was not based upon 'equality', rather upon a strict caste-system; however, this was not a caste-system based upon the Natural Order (as in ancient Teutonic Society) but on one designed to fit the Consumer Economic Society that formed the basis of the World State. This caste system was in fact more or a class-system, a strict hierarchy where children were selectively bred in order to do certain work within the society, each class happy in what it was doing. It also parodied the idea of eugenics in that selective breeding was used to breed individuals (or rather groups of individuals) to fit the needs of the Consumer Society. 
  • When the Federal Reserve Board in the US started to allow the masses to use credit, it allowed many, many more people access to the 'pleasures' that they never had before - travel, holidays, cars, etc. This happened on a world-wide scale, and thus plunged the world into a crisis we see today because of the vastness of the mass-production which rapidly uses up the planet's resources.This, added to the 'world consumerism' where everyone has a vast variety of choice, say in the foods that are available, where the shelves are stacked with endless 'global foods' from every corner of the world. In reality these are the same old mass-produced junk-foods but based upon various different cultures around the world. This is the society envisaged by Huxley, a society where 'pleasure' was the only thing left to man - the pursuit of 'happiness'. 
  • In Huxley's society there are no families, children are produced artificially; before birth their make-up is changed by the use of chemicals, altered in order to create individuals of each 'caste'. Then, through infancy and childhood they are indoctrinated through 'sleep-conditioning', whereby they are subjected to the repetition of certain phrases that naturally, in sleep, are fed straight into the subconscious mind. They are, throughout life, then fed the drug Soma which keeps them in complete subjection through dumbing down any strong emotions. Sexual promiscuity was the very basis of this society, where 'everyone belongs to everyone else'. Hence the abolition of the family unit, the very basis of a natural society. 
  • Like our own society today, this society was based upon the use of 'non-stop attractions of the most fascinating nature' that distract the minds of the masses, especially the young people, because they become tomorrow's society. Technology has provided these 'non-stop attractions' as we can clearly see today, and I feel no need to detail this subject. One of the most powerful of these was through the film-world, where they had invented 'Feelies' which are movies having both sight and sound, but also feeling added to it. Modern 'Smart TVs', especially those with very large screens, appear to the viewer as if they were actually in the film. I have only looked at these in stores, but just looking at these large TVs puts we off because of the reality that they have. No wonder the masses actually believe much of the rubbish put out through propaganda. The mass-media and the internet are today very powerful tools; indeed the idea of 'everyone belongs to everyone else' is coming about through 'social media' which operates on a world-wide scale, thus making the masses feel part of a 'World State'. 
  • The 'god' of this society was Henry Ford, since he was the first to use the idea of mass-production; the term 'Our Ford' was used for mechanisation. At the other level 'Our Freud' was used for their psychological programming methods. The whole of this society was based upon mass-production and mass-consumerism - as is today's global society. 'We condition the masses to hate the country..but simultaneously we condition them to love all country sports. At the same time we see to it that all country sports shall entail the use of elaborate apparatus. So that they consume manufactured articles...' We do not have this in quite the same way, since it is urban sports that dominate, whilst rural sports are being slowly banned, or like hunting are being seen as 'wrong' in some way. Nevertheless, Huxley is spot-on with his idea that every sport and pleasure activity (which there are more and more of springing up) is based upon the use of expensive equipment and thus keeps the needs of the ever-producing Consumer Society going at the right pace. The 'gym' is a typical example where 'elaborate apparatus' is needed, as are the sports that are today prominent, including boxing, martial arts etc. which use more and more elaborate equipment. Typical is the simple leisure-pursuit of 'jogging' which should be a matter of putting on a set of loose clothing and then doing a run around the block. No, what are needed is a set of fashionable jogging clothes, a 'heart monitor' for god-know's what', expensive and fashionable jogging shoes etc. etc. Everything in Huxley's society was based upon produce-and consume, as we see clearly in today's society. 'The machine turns, turns and must keep on turning - for ever. Machines worked by sane men, obedient men, stable in contentment'. And this was compulsory - 'Every man woman and child compelled to consume so much a year, in the interests of industry.'
  • Solitude in any form was not allowed in the 'World State'; to be alone was something that the masses never thought of - 'Everyone belongs to everyone else'. Solitude allows thinking and this forms no part of such a society. There was also a 'Superintendent of Psychology' for anyone who did not conform, to see if there was anything 'abnormal' about them. Witness today how many times our enemies call us 'abnormal' or having some form of 'illness' if we do not conform to their idiotic ideas. And here is something we should take deep note of, for today there are more and more 'illnesses' being diagnosed, especially in the realm of the mind, and this leads to normal behaviour being classed as 'abnormal' just because it does not fit in with the society that we see being created around us. Just the idea of wanting to be alone sometimes, wanting solitude, is today seen as 'abnormal'. The individual was nothing in this World State, 'The Greater Being' was the only thing that mattered (shades of Hot Fuzz). 'Twelve-in-One, the incarnation of the Greater Being', this was one of the songs used to indoctrinate, for music was a great tool used for this purpose, community songs, and synthetic voice and music. 'We make them hate solitude, and we arrange their lives so that its almost impossible for them ever to have it.'
  • The core of this 'World State' was a society in which the masses were completely enslaved, but in being so they were never aware of this - they were 'happy slaves'. Unfortunately, this is the state of many of the broad masses today - they are in fact 'happy slaves'. 'I am free. Free to have the most wonderful time. Everybody's happy nowadays'. But this 'happiness' was drug-induced all of the time, and thus artificial in every way. 
  • Of course, although Huxley's society appears at first to go against the agenda for 'equality', this is only on the surface - 'In a properly organised society like ours, nobody has any opportunities for being noble or heroic'. Noble and heroic qualities have no part in this World State, the caste-system is there merely to further the eternal running of the Economic Consumer Society.

'The twentieth century could be seen as a race between two versions of man-made hell - the jackbooted state totalitarianism of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and the hedonistic ersatz paradise of Brave New World, where absolutely everything is a consumer good and human beings are engineered to be happy.'

Margaret Atwood.

The thing is that this does not appear to be a 'race' between these two, since Huxley's 'World State' came about after the 'jackbooted state totalitarianism' period he outlined in the book. It would seem, from past history, that Huxley's 'World State' is the next stage of the Global Agenda. There is a change from the violent, oppressive regime of 'negative reinforcement' to that of one of 'positive reinforcement' in which the controlled actually feel that they are free, they feel they are doing what they want to do, not what they are forced to do - 'By a careful design, we control not the final behaviour but the inclination to behave - the motives, the desires, the wishes. The curious thing is that the question of freedom never arises.' With such powerful indoctrination from birth, and with the used of psychotropic drugs, the masses become 'consumers' in the Economic Consumer World State, and every facet of their lives is carefully controlled. The masses willingly accept total slavery simply because they do know what it is like to be free, they have no concept of freedom at all. 

It should be recalled that George Orwell did not have the 'World State' but a world of continual conflict; Huxley's 'World State' had become a reality and this conflict was in the past. We are thus, as yet, not in the actual era of the 'World State' which has not as yet come into being, except as an 'agenda', a 'blueprint'. The United Nations and all of its various offshoots is the basis for the World State, and its Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are the next stages of the creation of the World State. These agendas outlined at 'world summit conferences' outline what they term 'Sustainable Development' which is double-talk for their agenda of world control by using ecology, and the 'global crisis of climate-change' in order to create a Global Order which will tackle 'global problems'. These people are totally dishonest, and further their aims of total world control through deceit and lies. 

This seems to me the crux of the matter, for, in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (*) we find this World State outlined as a clear agenda. At the end of this agenda the World State is seen to be ruled as some form of 'paradise-on-earth'. But are we truly to believe that such people, those who have fomented wars, conflict, revolutions, and mass-murders under their financed and backed totalitarian regimes, and endless misery due to their policies of total control, will suddenly morph into benevolent and decent rulers with a concern for people and all life upon this Earth? Their agenda is put into place through lies and deceit, of a complete disregard for all life on Earth, and solely for the total control of everything. 

(*) Whether this is a 'forgery' or not, or whether the agenda is that of the 'Freemasons' or the 'Illuminati' etc. really does not matter one bit. The essence of this has come about and the truth can be seen in the past history and the present state of the world. Those who are evil enough to put into place such an agenda will not suddenly turn into good rulers when this World State is finally set up.

Modern society is based upon the idea of produce-and-consume; this is the fusion of Capitalism (Money) and Marxist Socialism (The Social Consumer). The phrase 'communitarianism' has been banded about for a few years now, and expresses the next stage of the Global Agenda. This is the collectivism needed to create this World State. The other 'wing' of this has to be done through mind-control, and to do so the System Psychologists come into play, since there is a need to understand the mind in order to control it. Psychology is neutral, and can be used for good or bad purposes, but its use for mind-control is what we are here looking at. 

I read a book that was given to my late mother by a society based upon the family name; this book was about a distant relative (long departed) who was a psychologist who decided to use his 'talents' in the advertising industry. He was employed by one of the large chocolate companies, and his whole approach was to sell the masses what they really did not need nor want. This was done through advertising and through the 'visual appeal' of careful packaging. This is indeed the basis of today's consumer society - advertising. Consumer goods are 'presented' or 'packaged' to appeal to the broad masses; it is the visual appeal that sells consumer goods. But when we look closely we find the whole thing is based upon deception; take a packet of washing powder, for instance, which comes in a large box that is always half full. And chocolate bars, which grow smaller and smaller, often in a larger wrapping to make them look bigger. The price still goes up now and again, but it is not noticed. Petrol and diesel prices shoot up drastically, go down a bit for a while, and then shoot up to a higher level still. Due to the change from Imperial to Metric (due to the 'Common Market', now the EU) petrol and diesel are measured in litres, so when the price goes up 3p a litre this does not look much; in regard to the older gallons this is a hype of 15p a gallon. In years gone by there would have been an outcry by motorists over this - now no-one realises what has been done. Another type of deception used in this Consumer Economic Society. 

The 'World Wide Web' has accelerated the process of advertising since we are today bombarded with adverts from all sides; 'cookies' ensure that if we look at something we may want, decide not to get it, and are then presented with this again and again through whatever sites we look at online. It does not matter what sites you visit, up comes the same adverts for goods we looked at. Everything is now based upon our being the 'consumer' and there only to buy the goods made by the Global Corporations. How far we have fallen from the Spiritual Man of very ancient times! 

In neither Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four nor Huxley's Brave New World do we find any place for the Spirit of Man, everything is dumbed down to the material and physical world. And this is where we should all have an interest in what is going on, because only a Spiritual Movement can awaken those who are still loyal to the Spirit of Man. Whether Orwell and Huxley were 'prophets', or whether they had access to information that we are not supposed to have, I really do not know. Were these works a warning, or were they a subtle means of conditioning people for what was to come? Both of these works end on a negative note, as if their respective tyrannies will last for ever. But there is one man - a true philosopher and prophet - who long before these two recognised the pattern of events that was enfolding - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nietzsche foresaw such a society in his 'Ultimate Man' who was the 'herd-animal', 'the mob' and who was a happy and contented slave, those of whom he termed 'slave-morality'. But he did not stop there, because he saw the 'Ultimate Man' as merely one form that future man could take. He saw mankind as breaking into two distinct forms - the Ultimate Man (The Slave) and the Overman (The free noble man). The Ultimate Man would be made up of the teeming millions, whereas the Overman would be the individual 'solitudes' or 'hermits' forced to break free of the yoke of collectivism by working alone. This whole scenario appears to be some form of challenge for mankind, a challenge whereby the best and most noble rise above the inert 'mob'. As we see in Huxley's work the 'masses' or 'the mob' are not merely a lower class or caste, but are made up of all castes or classes alike. All castes are created for the purpose of the World State, and all of them fit into the category of the 'Ultimate Man'. This is indeed how society is today, since the better off are merely more affluent and are able to 'consume' more goods. 

There are still challenges for the creators of the World State, since there is a need to make the 'developed' countries worse off, whilst making the 'underdeveloped' countries better off. History shows us how communism actually aided this agenda in that it took hold of the more peasant societies, where it forced the rural peasants into the large urban areas as 'workers' for the growing industrialisation. Millions of people were murdered in the process, particularly in Stalin's 'Soviet Union' and Mao's China, and we can see in China how there is a Communist Dictatorship ruling over a Capitalist Society, where the people can be seen very much in the light of Huxley's work. China is a typical produce-and-consume society, the blueprint for the World State. 

Nietzsche did not stick to the negative aspect of what he saw was happening, he declared to mankind an alternative, the creation of a better and more noble Man. But part of this, the first stage, was that the 'solitaries' would have to break free from this type of society in order to be able to pave the way for a time when these 'solitaries' would become a New Race of Man - the Overman. Man would have to overcome himself in order to rise above the limitations set upon us. The 'limitations' at this particular time are those that strive to force this 'World State' upon us; we should see this not as a tragedy but as a challenge. Miguel Serrano dubbed this 'The Lead Age', the most horrendous age of the Great Cycle; this is one way to look at it in order to see how low we have fallen. I also see this as the Age of Heroes, an era in which the Folk-Heroes arise above the mass of consumers, an age in which the 'solitaries' separate out from the collective. 

Afterthought - 

I have referred here to 'totalitarianism', the 'totalitarian state', etc. which infers the 'dictatorship' over a people. There are, however, vast differences between an individual whose dictatorial rule is necessary in order to save a people whose nation is in a state of total disorder, chaos, and is in the process of decay and death, and the 'totalitarianism' that seeks power for the sake of power, and complete control over everyone and everything for the sake of total control. The individual that truly rules on the strength of the 'Will of the Folk', in order to avert the destruction of the nation, and to bring that nation from the depths of despair and degeneracy to a healthy and natural nation once more is very different than the power-hungry 'controllers' in both Orwell's and Huxley's works. 

If the type of society envisioned here becomes a reality, its very foundations being based upon unworkable principles (**), it may well collapse into some form of tribalism. At present some form of tribalism would be the best way forward to those who value their freedom. But looking at the state of society here in England, and how far down the road to decay and destruction that we have gone, the arising of a 'strong man' would be inevitable. Since the coming of an 'avatar' is prophesied then this seems to strengthen this idea. 

Some Odinists have pointed out that this form of individual, strong leadership is 'un-Germanic' and was never known in ancient times. History proves this to be untrue, since we have the case of Arminius (Hermann) who was elected to lead a Teutonic Confederation of tribes against the Romans. After the defeat of the Roman Legions under Varus, these tribes rejected his leadership which proved to be a mistake in that the Romans gained further incursions into Germania because the Germanic Tribes were divided. Had they allowed Arminius to continue as the sole leader this would not have happened. And in the case of the Gaulish leader, Vercingetorix, this was proven further; he was elected as leader in the rebellion against Rome, united the Gaulish, Aquitanian, and Belgic Tribes, some through violently imposing his rule, and then became the sole war-leader. Such leaders were elected by the people, but they first stepped forward to show their leadership, they were not chosen before doing so. In times of war, and times when a tribe or nation's freedom is threatened, such a leader arises naturally and fulfils the role allotted to him by Wyrd.

Thursday 23 January 2020

Book Preview

"The Vinlanders: Featuring Miguel Serrano: 'We do not celebrate the Death of the White Gods.'"

This is not a review of the book since I have only just sent for a copy myself, but a preview based upon what I know about it. The book is published by The 55 Club whose works are always excellent, and is available through them or -

As you know, we at Woden's Folk have been for decades pushing the idea that the Germanic-English Tribes dwelt here in these islands before the Roman conquest. This we have done in order to crush the mistaken belief that the English are nothing more than 'invaders' whilst the origin inhabitants were the Welsh. Through our studies, and the work of those who push the Proto-English Theory, this has been proven wholly false, although not to the detriment of the Welsh Folk in any way. This is because the area now known as 'Wales' had also a proportion of Germanic Folk too, as did Scotland and Ireland. What is being discovered should once and for all put paid to the 'divide and conquer' methods used by our enemies in pitting one British Nation against another - we can be united as Germano-Celts.

Our Folk-Comrades over the pond in Vinland have long had the same problem as we have, in that the white European Settlers have been seen as being 'invaders' and 'outsiders', even though the 'Red Indians' are themselves Asiatics who moved there in early times. Using the very same techniques the establishment destroys and distorts the history of the Americas and the White Folk who dwell there.

Some 50 years ago, in my youth, I recall borrowing a book from the Leicester Library based around the American 'Indians'. There is little doubt now that such books will not be available as they were then. The book clearly stated that many of the peoples of some of these tribes were white, some with blue, grey or green eyes, some with fair or auburn hair. The language of certain tribes, if I recall Mandan/Sioux, spoke a language that contained words of Indo-European origins. It seems clear that the 'Red' Indians were not all red, nor were they all Asiatics. 

Then there is Kennewick Man and the various rune-stones found all around America, as well as well-documented stuff over there which refutes the establishment view on this. This book, from what I have been told, well documents the role of Europeans in these lands, and is a must-reading for all of us, since this is a subject that needs to be brought into the light of day. I shall certainly review this work when I have read it thoroughly.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Babel and Bible

A book called Babel and Bible was published back in 1902 putting into print two lectures given by Dr Friedrich Delitzsch before an audience that included the German Kaiser. Dr Delitzsch was a Professor of Assyriology at the University of Berlin, and these lectures caused a great stir at the time. The theme of the lectures was that the Old Testament was, in great part, taken from earlier Sumer-Babylonian works, which to all intents and purposes is quite true for all to see. After the lectures attempts were made to discredit them by various scholars and theologians. 

The problem created by showing that these biblical works were taken from earlier sources was that the 'Bible' was deemed to be the 'Word of God', an inspired work of certain writers and prophets who wrote these down directly from 'God'. As such, the Bible was a work that could not be questioned in any way - it was deemed to be 'fact'. As such this aided the priesthood in their agenda based upon control; this book was the 'truth' and 'nothing but the truth', as suggested in these words used in British Courts. To swear an oath on the Bible was to swear an oath on the 'truth'. By showing that the Old Testament was not the 'Word of God' this brought into question the whole basis of a history that relied solely upon one book. 

What these lectures did was to iron out some of the problems that we can find in the Old Testament, where at one point there are 'gods' and at another 'God'. The Old Testament was shown to have been rewritten at a later time to suit an agenda, even though the writers had to mix together different traditions that were not at all similar. Even in Babylon, where a so-called polytheistic religion prevailed, the many gods were often seen as manifestations of Marduk, the Supreme God. Creating a monotheism caused some real problems that appears throughout the Old Testament. 

The Old Testament suggests to me a seething hatred of civilisation itself; the prophets, one after another, rail against Babylon, Assyria, Akkad, Persia, Egypt, and through the New Testament on to Rome. Every great civilisation of the ancient world is chosen out for attack, to be destroyed from within and then finished off by Fire and Sword. In the New Testament we find that Babylon is the 'Mother of Harlots', and then there is the 'Whore of Babylon'. And yet one thing stands out clearly in the title of the lectures, the book, and this post - Babel and Bible - two words having such similarity as to be of no coincidence. Even the name of this Judaeo-Christian work seems to reflect its true roots - Babylon. 

Even today we still find vestiges of the idea that the Bible is the 'Word of God', in particular the 'Jehovah's Witnesses' who staunchly believe this to be true. The essence of the Old Testament is that 'Jehovah' created the Earth for mankind alone, and that man should thus 'subdue' and 'dominate' the Earth. It really matters little if the original Hebrew has slightly different meanings, since it is the English text that is used to further Judaeo-Christianity in English-speaking lands. When we place the Hebrew letters of YHVH (Yahweh-Jehovah) on top of each other this makes the glyph of a MAN. 'There is no God but Man' - a typical Illuminati expression. 

It would seem that the Bible is a work of God because it contains certain accurate prophecies of the future. But so do many other works, the most famous of which are the Prophecies of Nostradamus; Norse Mythology, as we have shown many times, contains accurate prophecies, as do the Vedas of Aryan India, the Book of Sajaha, and ancient Persian texts. Much of Biblical Prophecy can be found outside the Christian Bible. Prophecy works through certain people who are 'inspired' to do so. Strangely enough there is not one woman amongst all these 'prophets' of the Old Testament - not one! 

According to Jehovah's Witnesses 'We are physical creatures, so no part of us survives death. When we die, our brain dies too, and our thoughts perish.' And - 'We are not spirits living in a body of flesh'. These people deny that we are spiritual beings, and yet it preaches 'resurrection' in the flesh. What this dogma ignores is the fact that consciousness exists within and without, and the human brain, as well as the heart (emotions) and the gut (instinct), are the physical means to channel consciousness. This is why the Gnostics, and certain other heretical Christian sects, saw Yahweh as the Demiurge who had chained mankind into the material world, and that Krist had been sent to free the Spirit of Man from this bondage. This 'resurrection' ignores the fact that when Krist is resurrected this is in the Astral Body, clearly shown when he tells his followers not to touch him. The lack of logic shows itself when we find that the 'resurrection' of the dead will be with a 'spiritual body' - which it has already denied! But this is only for those who believe and those who obey

Even though these things make no sense whatever they are the 'Word of God' and cannot be questioned. And when they make no sense we are told - 'God works in mysterious ways'. But it would appear that it is quite in order to alter the teachings to suit the agenda when necessary. A leaflet some years ago mentioned the necessity for a 'World Government' that had to be set up to prepare the way for 'God's Kingdom on Earth'. Today, it seems, some of these people are opposed to this, maybe due to new teachings? It may have become quite obvious that it was some Dark Force that todays works towards this end - time to change tactics.

According to this religious sect 'Babylon was the ancient city where false religion began after the flood of Noah's day'. In line with this doctrine whenever we see films based upon these ancient civilisations, mainly that of the Roman Empire, they are inevitably shown as degenerate, even though this only held true for the end of such civilisations. We can see a decline that spread out from the most ancient civilisations such as Sumer-Akkad-Babylon-Assyria, going from the most ancient Empires of Light based upon a true spirituality, through to the Greeks where logic and philosophy began to take over, and then to Rome which was based upon an even more physical and materialistic outlook. From there on the later 'empires' continued the decline into gross materialism. Luckily for us, the other 'arm' of the most ancient Solar Race in decline - Germania - remained somewhat 'primitive' and thus ensured the survival of the True Blood in the North. Empires rise and fall - a Folk can live on through the ages.

Of course, it seems plainly obvious to anyone else that the 'false religion' that is said to have begun in Babylon was there long before Judaism, Christianity or Islam were invented. And this did not begin in Babylon, but has existed as long as our race has walked the Earth. It was these 'slave-religions' that destroyed the ancient religions of the Earth, smashed down the sacred stones, broke up the stone circles, and hewed down the sacred tree-groves, not to mention the untold numbers murdered because they did not believe the 'Word of God'. And the process goes on........

The word Babel conjures up visions of the 'Tower of Babel' which is famous for its being the place where 'God' confused the ancient tongues to halt the building work, usually seen as being rather an 'ego-boost' for the people of the time, and disapproved by 'God' because it reached towards the heavens. This story came about due to the use of the name 'Babel' being seen as deriving from a Hebrew word meaning 'to confuse'. Of course, since the ziggurat ('Tower of Babel') was in Babylon it would be wiser to use the Babylonian word 'Babel' from 'Bab-Ilu' meaning 'Gate to God'. This seven-stepped pyramid structure was meant to symbolise the World Mountain in the Far North, from which the people of Babylon were said to have come from. We should beware that certain languages have words with polar-opposite meanings to our own Germanic Tongue, and such words are often used to replace the true meanings. It is interesting to note that some scholars see the Semitic word 'El' as meaning 'Fire' which changes the meaning somewhat. The true name of 'Babel' should be Bab-Ilu'. 

It would also appear that, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, this religious group still believe that human history has lasted for 6,000 years, although dropping the idea that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago, which was an earlier belief. It would seem that mankind has been allowed to rule for this time in order to learn that they cannot rule themselves without this 'God' ruling over them. This 6,000 year period is around one 'age' of a four-age cycle of 24,000 to 26,000 years which represents a Great Year Cycle. This is obviously the darkest era of the cycle. Clearly this period is made of three 2,000 year world-ages, each one descending further and further into darkness until we reach our own era. This belief tells us that the only history that we have is that of the darkest era of history, and ignores the evidence to the contrary which can be found in the 'Garden of Eden' and also in other parts of the Old and New Testaments. The Kingdoms of Light have been demonised and have become the opposite to their true nature. The Servants of Darkness have become the 'Powers of Light' - as prophesied in various texts outside the Bible. 

If we were to take this 'history' at face value mankind would have been created 6,000 years ago, would have had 2,000 years to become corrupt and evil, and would have been destroyed by a Great Flood around 4,000 years ago. After this Great Flood everything would have suddenly sprang up from nothing overnight and started again from scratch - great civilisations rising and falling one after the other. And if 'God' merely allowed a 2,000-year span from the creation of man, and then destroyed his creation, why then go on for twice the time (4,000 years) before coming to the conclusion that he should be the one to rule over the Earth? This time destroying only the 'wicked' - or rather only those who do not believe in him and obey him. 

The latest find that completely destroys these ideas is that of Gobleki Tepi in Turkey (previously Asarport in Armenia) which is dated back to 10,000 BCE; and there is the sunken landmass around the North Sea which date back to around 8,000 years ago (when it started to sink). Scholars basing their ideas around the Bible have long sought to push forward the dating for ancient structures such as pyramids scattered around the world. As time passes the history of mankind has been stretched further and further back into the mists of time - towards Atlantis. 

Of course, one of the main reasons that these attacks were made upon the lectures was that in suggesting that the Biblical texts were taken from earlier Babylonian texts - of all things - this would not have been acceptable to those who had demonised this civilisation throughout the ages. Babylon was the source of 'evil' rather than a high civilisation and a Kingdom of Light. Strangely enough it is these very areas of the world that are today in the throes of wars and chaos - Iraq (Babylon), Iran (Persia), Syria, Palestine (Philistines) etc. No doubt the destruction caused will erase more evidence of the true history of these areas.

Bab-Ilu or Bible?

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Galloway 'Viking' Hoard

Is there some agenda to completely destroy the history of the English Folk? When we look at the news surrounding the finding of the 'Galloway Hoard' we must certainly consider that there is. Almost all of the news outlets and 'experts' who are concerned with this consider it to be a 'Viking' hoard, except for The Times which stated 'Galloway Hoard not so Viking after all'. The gold hoard is in fact Anglo-Saxon, or perhaps even Frisian in origin, as I am going to show here. The Old English Runes show a man named 'Egbert' which is an Old English Name. 

The director of the National Museum of Scotland states - 'The Galloway Hoard is an outstanding collection of Viking age objects'; he goes by the name of Dr Gordon Rintoul. The National Geographical states - 'An elite Viking's prized possessions'. To qualify this the hoard is guessed to be an Anglo-Saxon treasure stolen from the churches. Whatever the case, this hoard is in fact part of English History even though it was found in Scotland. 

The historian Skene believed that the Frisians occupied areas of Fife and Kinross, and specifically the area around Galloway and Dumfries. Despite the letter-change from 'n' to 'm' the term Dun-Fries is the 'Fortified Town of the Frisians'. The Frisians were akin to the English Tribes that occupied the eastern areas of Lowland Scotland at that time. The tongue of the Lowland Scots is Old English. The name 'Galloway' stems from Galweithia or Walweitha where the prefix 'wal-' of 'gal' refers to 'foreigner', hence the belief that this area was occupied by Saxon-Frisian Tribes. Nennius calls the area of Dumfries by the name Caer Phries which became Dun-Fries. The peoples of these areas - Saxon-Frisians - were called Comgalls.

in 710 CE the Race of Comgalls was devastated, and two sons of Doirgarto (Pictish) were slain, as well as Angus, son of Maelon; Fiachra, son of Dungaile was also amongst the Picts slain. This seems to have been a battle between the Picts and the Saxon-Frisians. 

On the so-called Cat Stone we find the following, translated from the Latin - 'In this tomb lies Vetta, daughter of Victricus' - or so we are led to believe by the 'experts'. In fact the Latin says - IN OC T-MULO IAC-T VETTA F VICTR. The latter, being the original in Latin, seems to record the tomb of VITTA the Son of VECTA who was the grandfather of Hengest and Horsa. The 'experts' version helpfully ensures that the true nature of this was hidden; that the English Tribes were here in this area long before the time of Hengest and Horsa! The name 'Edinburgh', where the inscription is found, stems from 'Edwin's Burgh' despite the 'Gaelic' versions given to it. Just above it is 'Haddington' - the 'Ton of the Haddingas'. 

This post concerns the Galloway Hoard, so I am not going to go into great details concerning the claim by Skene that the Fomorians of Ireland were Frisians. The name Fo-Mor means 'under the sea' and refers to the area from which the Frisians came; today we term this area 'The Netherlands' because it is beneath sea-level. An early king of the Fomorians was Bhreas - 'The Frisian'. They were said to have come from Lochlannaibh which is the northern coast of Germany, the same area from which the Tuatha de Danaan were said to have come from. One early leader of the Fomorians was called Conaing a Germanic name for 'king'. The massive buildings in Ireland - 'Cyclopean Buildings' were built by these people. 

It is said that Octa and Ebussa - Frisians - laid waste to the Orkneys around 344CE. Procopius states that the Angli, Frisones, and Britons occupied this land. This is the line of Hengest and Horsa -

Hengest and Horsa.

Son of Victgils.

Son of Vitta.

Son of Vecta.

Son of Woden. 

It seems obvious that there is here no distinction between the Saxons, Jutes and the Frisians, and the Frisians do have a legend of Hengest and Horsa. Thus the idea that the 'Vikings' took this hoard and buried it in Scotland does not have to be the only explanation.