Tuesday 28 December 2021

Total Control or Freedom

Mind-Control through the Medical System -

We have nearly reached the end of 2021 and I would here like to share some thoughts on what we are all going through in these troubled times. There are many who feel that we have been thrown into this situation in 2020 with an outbreak of Covid-19, but for those who have been struggling against these Evil Forces for many decades we can see how this has been a gradual process that was suddenly and inexplicably accelerated in the spring of 2020. Putting this another way, this has been a set agenda from the very start.

A simple way to show this is through modern medicine which is far different than that of the methods used by the ancient peoples. In ancient times the process of healing was through what is today seen as holistic, or better said, that of bringing the patient back to the halidom or heildom, a state of wholeness and health. An illness was seen as a state of unbalance, and the process of healing was through the recreation of the original balance. This is a far cry from the materialistic science of medicine today, which fails to treat the cause but treats only the symptoms. In fact this epitomises the 'vaccines' of today which treat the symptoms, but do nothing to stop the causes, and the can never stop the spread of a virulent virus - as they well know! 

In regard to a vaccine that injects a mild dose of the disease, and thus forces the human immune system to react to this and prevent further infection, the science would seem to make some sense. But there is no sense whatever in vaccinating masses of people with something that alleviates the symptoms and thus cannot prevent the spread of the virus, especially when it comes to a latter period when the virus spreads more widely but is far less potent and harmful, which seems to be the case with the Omicron variant. Allowing this to go its course would by far be the best way to stop it - but this does not seem to fit with their Global Agenda. 

By far the best methods of countering such outbreaks is to boost the immune system by eating good wholesome natural food, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and maybe by supplements such as Vitamin D in winter when we are in short supply of sunlight. (Since Tesla seems to have been able to control the weather through his science, and the Global Elite has had access to his work, we cannot rule out the idea that they can create such dark weather conditions through this knowledge - it would suit the spread of such a virus.) The problem lies in that the Global System does not wish the individual to take control of their own body and health, and thus gives no advice on how to counter this on an individual level. This is not the way they work!

Now, let us look at this from another angle, something which most people seem to overlook. By creating a system by which the causes of an illness are ignored (which must be true since this is how they work) and the symptoms are relieved, this means that the State System takes over control over the human body and its chemical reactions. Through this simple medical process the State System can control how our bodies function, controlling the way that we get over illness and disease. Through the use of 'repeat prescriptions' our bodies are subject to the control of the State! 

As usual, there are two levels to this process, the first being the profit being made by the Global Pharmaceutical Corporations, and the second being the power and control through this process. This extends through everything that is happening today, since there is the great profit to be gained, but there is also the total control that is used through the power of their wealth. Why on earth would such figures as Bill Gates amass billions/trillions which they clearly could not spend themselves if it were not for the power it gave them through using it to further their Global Agenda?

On a positive note, anything we do to break free of their control is a minor victory, and small victories lead to the defeat of our Great Enemy. The one problem we face is that the State System has the means and equipment to monitor health and health problems, but what we have is only a small fraction of their means (through their drive for profit they do sell more to the public), so the ideas that I have mentioned before of working on a psychic and spiritual level do have some foundation. The ALU-ULA Exercise works on the three levels of 'Gut Feeling', 'Intuition' and the 'Intellect', so working this should make us better evolved to counter their technology through the untapped power of the human brain. 

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated -

Well, the Global Powers have done an excellent job of creating yet another form of the Hegellian Doctrine of -

Thesis vs Anti-thesis = Synthesis

Action vs Reaction = Synthesis

This time we have the 'vaccinated' opposing the 'unvaccinated', which will, as always, end in the synthesis of these two, as we have witnessed over the decades with the other forms of this equation they have mastered -

Bosses against Workers - lead to the 'Classless System'.

Women against Men - led to the 'Transgender System'.

White against Black - led to the 'Race of Tan' proposed by Count Kalurgi.

Generation against Generation - led to the lack of any sense of 'generation'.

There are many more examples that show that by going with the concept of the Conflict of Opposites we are giving these Evil Forces the upper hand in the struggle for our freedom. It is not only the established media and press, but also the 'alternative' that has created such a situation, through a total emphasis upon one single aspect of the problems we face. This is giving these Evil Forces the opportunity to bring into place their aim of taking all opposition out of society through simply using the masses to push for the 'unvaccinated' to be put into 'quarantine', thus using the Quarantine Camps that have prepared, or are preparing no doubt to lock away those who oppose this Global Tyranny. Logic tells us that you do not lock away those who are healthy, you quarantine the sick; but the masses will not be able to see this because they are scared stiff, and will do anything to save their own useless skins! They will go along with anything they feels will save them from this dreaded 'deadly' virus. I know dozens who have gone down with this, and most have been affected by being bad for around 24 hours. The one thing that we can hope for in a situation where the virus is far more contagious, but far less deadly, is that more and more people will get it and see that they are not being told the truth. But....I am not so certain that personal knowledge will override the mass-propaganda that they have been used to. The bigger the lie, the easier the masses believe it! 

Ragnarok -

As I have shown before, the Last Battle, known as Ragnarok, is fought in a very different way that the Hegellian Doctrine -

Woden (Wolf-God) fights the Fenris Wolf,

Ingwe-Frey (Fire-God) fights Sort (Fire-Giant),

Heimdall (Fire-God) fights Loki (Fire-Joten).

There is no 'Conflict of Opposites' here, but a 'Conflict of Like'; like can only counter like, and thus the need for a movement that contains this conflict of opposites within itself, a movement that holds the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness in balance within itself. The 'Conflict of Opposites' within itself will create a 'synthesis' and a New Order. Sometimes it is necessary to go deep into the darkness in order to counter the Forces of Darkness; hence the Black Order which evolved to counter the growing darkness. 

The Hooded Man -

The 'hooded figure' who appeared in the video, and who was arrested for trying to get into Windsor Castle to 'assassinate the Queen' will form part of the coming measures to either licence or outlaw crossbows here in England. The use of the crossbow at this time, and not the first example of late, makes it quite convenient for the British State to once again disarm the people of this country. There are things here that need to be said.

This is only workable when the people comply to what they force upon us. And there are plenty of examples in history of how a people got around the tyrannical rules, and here I am going to give a couple. The term Karate means 'open handed', and it was coined because of the growing oppression and tyranny of the governments of the time. It was a defence using the human body as a weapon, when other weapons were banned. A similar thing happened with the famous Ninja Warrior who arose due to the growing state oppression of the Samurai Warriors - these were the Shadow-Warriors who developed an alternative means of their defence outside the State System. There is yet another, and perhaps even better, example, and that is of the system developed in Okinawa when the state became so oppressive that they banned the use of weapons amongst the people. To counter this many developed alternative 'weapons' that were in everyday use, one example being the simple paddle used on a fishing boat. There are still Okinawan Katas based around the use of a paddle as a fighting-weapon which tells us how they would get around the rules of such tyrannical regimes.

Of course, what the media and press have done here is not something we need view as totally negative, since in their 'infinite wisdom' they have resurrected the archetype of The Hooded Man, complete with the Crossbow (the weapon that was being used in the dream I had in 1993). The Hooded Man - The Masked One - both related to Woden as the Warrior-God and Hunter-God, and here resurrected in the psyche of the English Masses by the very forces who are 'the guilty' who will 'tremble' before his coming. Wyrd that!

In the Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood,

The Hooded Man shall come to the forest.

There he will meet with Herne the Hunter

- Lord of the Trees -

To be his Son and do his bidding.

The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him.

And the guilty shall tremble!

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993

The point here is that whenever the tyrannous forces of the state take steps to disarm the people, and effectively stop them from defending themselves, it is the duty of anyone who values freedom above all to take measures to get around such rules. Like all tyrants, the aim is to put the emphasis upon self-defence in the hands of the state and the police, but we can hardly rely upon a police-force that does not answer to the calls of the public - unless it involves a 'hate-crime'. We have not only a duty and responsibility, but a right to defend ourselves and our families and friends. And we must continue to do so, even though it means using our creative powers to build new forms of self-defence. 

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Sunstead Greetings.


The best that we can hope for at this time of Total Darkness is to keep the Flame of Freedom alight for the sake of our children, and their children, and their children...This is not about us, but if we do not resist then we bequeath to our children a world ruled by the most evil tyrants; we have a sworn duty to bring to life a Resistance Movement that will hold alight that Flame of Freedom through the time of the greatest darkness. 

Thursday 9 December 2021

The Return of the King

The importance of this statement cannot be overstressed; there is something here that is essential for the 'Return of the King' - the Blood Community and the Sacred Land - the Mystical link between Blood and Land. The criteria necessary for the manifestation of the 'Once and Future King' - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords - is the Folk-Nation. What is a Folk-Nation? It is the Community of the Blood, a community of those of blood-kinship, having a common origin, whose origin lies in the ancient Land of Thule. Julius Evola speaks of the 'Universal Emperor' and the 'Imperium' that he creates, and we can here show how this works through certain key individuals in history, some of our blood, some not of our blood. To do so we shall start in later times, and ignore those of the very ancient world, those who ruled the Kingdoms of Light -

  • Romulus, the founder of Rome.
  • AEtla the Hun, who founded a Hunnish Empire that challenged Roman-Christianity. He was the 'Scourge of God'.
  • Genghis Khan, who founded a Mongol Empire through uniting the warring tribes into one Mongol Nation. He was the 'Scourge of God' and he wore the famous Swastika Ring. 
  • Frederick Barbarossa, the 'Holy Roman Emperor' whose manifestation as such was through his connection with Wotan (Woden). He carried the Spear of Destiny until at the last he fell from his horse, dropped the Spear, and his life was ended. He is remembered as the archetype of the Sleeping King - the 'Once and Future King'. 
  • Frederick II who had the Castel de Monte built on occult knowledge; he was the 'Holy Roman Emperor'.

In the above drawing of the projected structure of the Wewelsburg Castle we note the 'Spear' entering the 'Gral', the latter being a semi-circle. The image seems to suggest that the Point of the Holy Spear is placed at the 'Mind's Eye' or 'Third Eye', this being the object of the Quest for the Gral. The Point of the Spear is here the Wewelsburg Castle, with the tip being the North Tower, where I believe was placed the Black Sun. 

The 'Third Eye' or 'Woden's Eye', is not something that is physical, but it has a physical counterpart in the Pineal Gland, something that is now dormant in most men, but something that can become active again, and this seems to have been the reason for such a structure in Germany. 

The famous Spear of Destiny which was wielded by so many famous German Kings and Leaders, as well (we are told) as that of King AEthelstan of the English when with it he forged together the English Folk-Nation, was not (it would seem) the spear that was thrust into the side of Jesus Christ, since it dates from much later times (again, it would seem). But the date given to the Sacred Spear is around the time of the height of the Merovingian Kings of Frankland, whose origins, as I have shown, seem to be from the Wolsunga Dynasty of Germania. Their symbol was the Tribal Spear, and they were the 'Long-Haired Kings' or 'Sorcerer-Kings'. 

The one 'King of Kings' or 'Universal King' that I have left out is our own Hengest, one of the Divine Twins - Hengest and Horse. All of the above rulers seem to have manifested in order to challenge the growing power of the Dark Joten - the Forces of Chaos, Darkness and Matter. In their own way they arose to counter the growth of the 'Religion of Evil' (or at least those after Romulus). In the saga of Beowulf, perhaps the oldest Germanic Saga we have, we find that Hengest is said to have 'not refused werold-raeden', which is usually translated from the Old English as 'world-view', but which in this case (logically) translates as 'World-Ruler'. Since in order to take up this challenge he is given the Sword of AEtla (Hunlafing Hildeleoman, which translates as 'The Hun-Bequest, Battle-Flame (of the Dragon)' and which is thus the Sword of AEtla. From this time he takes up his Wyrd as the 'World-Ruler' or 'King of Kings'. What is referred to as the 'English Invasions' was of a new wave of Germanic Tribes that came to these islands to challenge the growing power of the 'Religion of Evil' Judaeo-Christianity through the power of the falling Roman Empire. Of course, they would not have consciously pursued this object, but would have been guided by the god Woden at an unconscious level. This would also be true of the later 'Viking Invasions', when the 'King of Kings' could be laid at the head of Ragnar Lodbrok. 

The Folk-Nation has one criteria of importance to this argument, that of the national borders or boundaries. This constitutes a Sacred Land which has clearly defined boundaries which create the Folk-Nation; in our case this is the Land of England. We can see in the name of our Folk the Mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Folk-Land - the English and their land, England. Using the above Edel-Rune as symbolic of the 'Blood and Soil' we see twin Sig-Runes, one White, one Black, representing the Power of the White Sun, and the Power of the Black Sun, at this time in a balance. This is the Ancient Rune of At-al-land, the Land of Origins. It is also the symbol of the Red Hood (as shown by the outline in red) - that of The Hooded Man. From the creation of the Sacred Land comes the creation of the Halidom ('Heildom') which is the Holy Nation of Woden which has become Hael through being infused with the 'Charisma' which is the Glory of Light (Hvarena), and which we may symbolise as the Brosingamen Necklace of Freya. (*) This Force of Hael is sometimes seen as 'Luck' but this is in the sense of the Sacral King being infused with Hael because he IS the 'King of Kings', and he IS the 'Rightful King' - his authority is by Divine Right, and cannot be questioned.

(*) The 'Glory of Light' emanated from the god Ahura Mazda, but was held for the Aryan Nations by the goddess Ardui Sura Anahita; the tale of Kau Khusrau clearly shows a similarity with that of Hama retrieving the Brosingamen Necklace of Freya from Loki the Trickster. 

The key to the 'Awakening' is that of the Return to the Origin which is why the Fylfot-Swastika rotates against Time in a widdershins direction, against the Power of the White Sun, and towards the Power of the Black Sun - at the Place of Origins. This is the meaning of the idea of creating a Sacred Centre, and it is also the meaning of the Quest for the Gral, which is not a 'quest' in the sense of wandering the world to find it, since the Place of Origins does not exist here in Midgard - it is outside Time and Space and hidden in another world (dimension) in ancient times by the Gods. Parsifal tried to find the Gral, but only when he was in the Castle did the Gral appear to him. 

The most modern representation of 'The Rightful King' is that of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings. Aragorn is 'Strider', and before that his Elven Name was Elissar which means 'HOPE'; it was only when he received the Broken Sword which had been reforged by the Elves that he took on his Wyrd as 'The Rightful King', and as Gandalf said to the Steward of Gondor, Denethor, he had no right to deny the 'Return of the King'. The 'Sword' - symbolised by the Cweorth-Rune above (Sweorth - Sword) - is that which was broken, and that which has to be reforged. In Wodenic Lore this is the sword Albion which is wielded by The Hooded Man, and which has within it the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness (which it must, since it has to work at the Dawn-Time, the liminal period between the world-ages). Albion is the ancient name for England - here is one of the English Mysteries.

The 'cup' or 'chalice' which is one manifestation of the Graal, in its Female Form I would think. This is the 'container' which would originally have been the Horn of Plenty - the Horn of Heidrun. This can be seen as the Rune of Kalki, but also (as my good friend Hamasson has noted) the Rune of Kali the Destroyer. It could be seen as the Arrow of Shiva, fired to destroy the Three Worlds, or the Nuclear Warhead in a modern way. (The Dance of Shiva has already begun as he chants the Mantra of Death and Destruction.) 

The Fire-Dance of Shiva shows the 'Terrible One' (Rudra - Ughr) in the posture of the Ear-Rune ('Fire-Twirl') and the 'four arms' suggest movement rather than a still pose. The belt around his waist suggests a symbolic belt of the Mannerbunde Leader and which features on some of the bracteates which seem to show Woden in his 'Dancing Warrior' pose - the same symbolic posture as the Cweorth-Rune. 


In its most esoteric form the Gral is seen as a stone, especially in the works of Wolfram von Eschenbach, whose seem to be nearer to the true meaning of the Gral-Mythos. The runes Calc-Stan can be seen to mean 'Chalk-Stone' which is a 'White Stone', and as the Ing-Rune within the Stan-Rune shows this is the White Stone of Ing - the Firestone. This contains the runic formula - 'Gift of Ing - Fire'. In one sense, to the English Folk, this is the Stone of the Origin, since it refers to the Divine Ancestor (ingle) of the English Folk. 

The shape of the markings upon the stone suggest that of a 'Man' who has been 'carved' into the Stone - manifested in the stone itself. The stone can symbolise 'matter' in one sense, and when the 'Once and Future King' pulls the Sword from the Stone he is the only one that can do so, because he is the only one who has the right to rule by Divine Right. He is the 'Chosen One' if you like; this is probably the same symbolism as the Sword being given to him by the 'Lady of the Lake'. (This symbolism is also that of the Sword in the Tree, which in this case is the Wolsunga Oak, out of which only Sigmund can pull it out, because again - he is the Rightful King. This, and that of Sigurd-Siegfried who wields the 'Broken Sword', is that of the 'King of Kings'. 

The Gar-Rune is the 'Spear of Woden', which is also the 'Gift of Ing'; thus, the White Stone and the Spear of Woden are the 'Gift of ing'. The term gar can also mean 'enclosure' which is important, since this refers also to the Folk-Land and its national borders. This one is the Gral-Rune in its male form (Spear), which is plunged into the Graal thus symbolic of a New Creation - a virile symbolism. This is the 'Beginning and the End' since it can be the 'First of the Last' in the rune-row, as 0 or 33. It is, like the Tarot Card 'The Fool', the Mystery of The Hooded Man. The 'Universal King' or 'King of Kings' is always 'The Fool' (simpleton, see the Myth of Hamlet), and he arises from the masses; it is the Gral which confirms his right to rule through his Absolute Will. In the Ulster Cycle we find that the Spear of AEngus (Ingus) is named Age Bolg which is the Spear of the Belgae, but which relates on an esoteric level to the 'Fury' or 'Teuton Fury' which is unleashed by the 'Rightful King'. (**)

(**) Here is a very interesting thing which arise through our Word-Hoard, and that is the meaning of the word 'fool'. It derives from the Latin folis meaning 'wind-bag', and the Old English belg has the meaning of 'to bulge out in anger', this being the same as the Irish bolg. The real meaning of the term 'The Fool' is thus less about a 'simpleton' (since he 'plays the fool' anyway) than that of an individual possessed by the Teuton Fury (Woda-Force). He is thus in a state of 'Divine Madness'; this is the meaning of the German name for a leader - Fuhrer - which has a specialised meaning. This is 'The One possessed by the Fury'.

The Armanen Master, Guido von List, gave to us the idea that the Gyfu-Rune in the Armanen Row had a two-fold meaning, a secret hidden within a secret. That was that it was a Hidden Swastika (Fylfot). In the Old English Rune Poem we have the runes drawn for us, and the Gar-Rune is actually shaped differently than the X-Cross; it is not a swastika, since the arms turn in different directions, but it does suggest that it is symbolic of Two Swastikas, one sunwise and the other widdershins. If this is right then the English Initiates did the same thing with the English Runes.

The Germanic Ing-Rune in the Gar-Rune is thus symbolic of the White Island which is Scandi - the Isle of the Origin (Thule). The Hidden Fylfot ('Fol-Foot' or 'Fool's Foot') is thus the Sign of the Origins, in this case as the Widdershins Fylfot. Two Roman historians stated that England was once shaped as a 'diamond' - an Ing-Rune. This is the 'Unshaped Isle'.

"I've seen bad things to come: the Shaddai's legions, the Spirits of Evil on Earth, are going to win power.....

Sajaha Prophecies - 6.

"Of the empires one returns twice - and always in a different place; the vibration derived of the Bag-Chomet causes this......

Sajaha Prophecies - 8

"The third picture I give you today shows how once a new king arises in the far future. And he is of our Blood. His name is HOPE, because he stays the sources of Evil. Each heavenly sign (Zodiac) gifts him a year; the first half in peace (1933 - 1939) and the second in war (1939 - 1945). But the sources pf Evil have have to leave and they overwhelm the young king with blood and fire, from above, below and all sides. So he passes. And the name HOPE falls with him."

Sajaha Prophecies - 9.

"But some Strong Man will shake up and awaken the remains of the Heirs. Like a Comet that suddenly gives a sign. But victory is afar, and there is no New King."

Sajaha Prophecies - 9.

"It will then be a Light, like a Young Star, light up at the end of the sky. This is the opening of the Water-Jug lid....

But the New Babylon will shine at the base of the Midnight Mountain. And he who was the loneliest will be the new King of Babylon, the King of the New Empire....

The Third Sargon will come in later times. He will destroy the Servants of Darkness with all her seed, he will uproot the evil by the roots."

Sajaha Prophecies.

After HOPE is crushed the Evil Forces of Shaddai start to take full control over the Earth; then comes a 'Flood of Putrefaction' which comes in 'waves' - a pandemic! The 'New King', here The Third Sargon, cannot arise until the 'opening of the lid of the Water-Jug', i.e. the very beginning of the Age of Aquarius. We have HOPE - The Strong One - The Third Sargon; just as in the Mysteries of HelgiH and The Hooded Man, this manifests in three 'waves', until the Last Avatar appears - the Highest Godhead manifests upon the Earth to destroy the Servants of Evil. 

Due to the influence of 'Liberal Democracy', which was set up as part of the Global Agenda to divide (De-mocracy means 'divide') the people, and thus rule from behind the scenes, the idea of a 'Strong Man' who will rule with a 'Rod of Iron' is rejected out of hand. In the process, the 'King of Kings' or 'Universal Emperors' and the Aryan Imperium are lumped in with the various petty dictators and those who have created Global Communism. The idea of this 'Universal Emperor' is no the same as a Global Elite, indeed it is the polar-opposite. The Global Elite cannot create, and thus only make a sick parody of that which is Right and Truth. (The Web of Wyrd is replaced by the 'World Wide Web' which is an illusion like the Castle of Klingsor - it is Virtual Reality, which seems 'real' but is not, it is carefully set up to deceive.

The cry for the return of 'Democracy' will fall upon deaf ears, since these powers no longer need this as a form of government. At their level they will be the 'Capitalists', at the level of the people they will be governed by the Communist Totalitarianism - much like the Chinese blueprint. They will own the wealth and they will have the power - we will 'have nothing, and we will be happy' (once they have put everyone on the 'soma'). Let us not kid ourselves, at this time we shall be fragmented and 'solitary', but the Coming of the King will not be of some mild 'preacher' but by a Warrior-King (Wid-Ar) riding a White Horse, and bearing the Word-Sword, at the head of the Army of Light. This happens at the crucial time when all seems lost, and this is part of the Archetypal Myth so it has to happen this way. 

The Mystery of the Sovereign King can also be found in the idea of the Stone of Destiny where the king can only be crowned upon this stone, which cries out to announce that he is the Rightful King. The 'Stone of Scone' is one such stone, and we can equate this with the Stan-Rune too, since this is one of the Four Hallows, akin to the Four Hallows of the Tuatha de Danaan one of which is the Stone of Destiny. English Kings were crowned in the same way on the King's Stone which can be found in Kingston in Surrey. 


The problem with Christianity is that their 'Jesus Christ' is seen as being a 'one-off' rather than a recurring Archetypal Myth. Don Miguel Serrano equates Krist with the Land of Atlantis, and thus way back in the mists of time. Even 'Jesus Christ' appears as a meek and mild preacher (which is probably a deception) at the beginning, and appears again at the end as a Warrior-King - the 'King of Kings and Lord of Lords'. Two examples (there are more) of how this 'King of Kings' recognises himself for what he is (after what could be called The Awakening) are -

AEtla the Hun who termed himself the 'Scourge of God' (i.e. the Demiurge), and equated himself with Nimrod - 'The Hunter' - and with the one who would rule with a 'Rod of Iron' in Revelation; he equated himself with Engeddi (Ing?). 

Genghis Khan who proclaimed himself 'Khan of Khans' ('King of Kings'). Both figures had brothers or half-brothers who they slew in order to take their place as the 'King of Kings'. (This is true of Romulus, and it is also comes into the Wolsunga Archetypal Myth). 

If Miguel Serrano is right, which I have no doubt of, then this fits in with the figure of Ingwe who left the sinking At-al-land leading the Ingwaeones out of this land which was being inundated by the seas. The word 'Krist' is from the Greek meaning 'The Anointed One', and Ingwe comes from a root which has one meaning as 'The Anointed'. Woden tells us that one of his early titles was 'Ygg the Terrible', and if we sound this like it would be in Greek 'gg' is pronounced as 'ng' - Ing. To go further into proving that what we are about to witness (some day in the future) is the Return of the King in the form of Ingwe-Krist, as a form of Woden All-Father in his role as 'The Terrible One'. We are told that the Krist will appear as in the time of Noah, a time when, we are led to believe, the Flood coincided with the last part of the Great catastrophe happened some 4,000 years ago, the last cycle of the Hale-Bop Comet. Rudolf Steiner actually equated Krist with Vidar the Avenger, who returns every 26,000 years it would appear. Wid-Ar (Vidar) is 'The Greater One' prophesied to appear after the 'Mighty One' in the Prophecy of the Seeress in the Eddas. (This may be either 24,000 years ago or 12,000 years ago depending upon how we see a 'Great Year Cycle). 

Helm of The Terrible One - Igg's Helm.

(This is the Sign of His Power, radiating in the eight compass directions as the 'King of Kings' and 'Lord of Lords'. The power is projected outwards from the Sacred Centre as the Trident of Woden-Shiva, powered by the Thurs-Runes in their Three-Fold Power.) 

The Wild Hunt - Franz von Shuck (1899)

The phenomena that will appear can only be equated with Woden-Igg as the Wild Hunter-God, leading the Wild Army at the End of Time, into the Last Battle for Middle-Earth. His is the role of Destruction-to-(Re-)Creation, as the 'King of 'Kings and Lord of Lords'. This will not just happen, we have to make it happen, and I have gone into this again in order to remind us all that Woden's Folk was formed after the last appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet which gave to us the HelgiH Mysteries and the mission to create a new Folk-Religion that would cause an English Awakening, and thus begin the process of creating the 'Sacred Space' for a Community of the Blood - the Folk-Nation. (***)

(***) This also reminds us that this struggle is not just about our physical survival because the creation of a Community of the Blood is far more than a physical manifestation. Like the most ancient 'Kingdoms of Light' this has to be infused with the 'Glory of Light' (The Hael) in order to create a 'Haeldom'. Every time we create the Haeldom in ritual we are helping at a microcosmic level to recreate this at a macrocosmic level. 

Monday 6 December 2021

Call to the Final Battle!

 Axe-Age, Sword-Age - sundered are shields!

Wind-Age, Warg-Age - ere the world crumbles!

Do you hear the Horn of Hama, sounding in the Wealds of England?

Do you hear the Call of the Blood - the Call of Kin and Kind?

The Land of Ing, holding the balance of the world,

Where through the ages the dragons wage their war,

The White Dragon of Germania,

the Red Dragon of the Dark Joten.

Do you hear the call of the Red Hood?

Do you hear the Call of Woden-Herne?

Calling you to the Wild Wealds and to Freedom?

Hear the Call of the Serpent of Fire,

Seething in the Sacred Blood,

Ingwe - The Awakener!

England A-Wake!

Awaken to the Call of the Noble Wolf and the Sign of Hope.

Hear the Call to the Final Battle on the Unshaped Isle.

'When justice is crushed, when Evil is triumphant
Then we return.....'

Under the White Dragon and the Sign of Ingwe we shall create an English Resistance to oppose the Global Tyranny that threatens to destroy our Noble Folk in wave after wave of fear and terror. Only when fear turns to hate will the tide turn against the Forces of Darkness and Matter. 

The Sword of The Hooded Man is named Albion, symbolic of the Folk-Nation of the English; only when the 'Broken Sword' is reforged will the English Nation awaken from its slumber. Only when the English Folk awaken to their Divine Mission and Destiny, given by Wyrd, and driven by the Gods, will the English arise and throw off the chains of thraldom. Only when the English awake to their Divine Ancestor - Ingwe - will they feel the Call of the Blood and the Call of the Noble Wolf in their hearts. 

Within these isles the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness is held in balance, within the Sword Albion. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are held within The Hooded Man. The Mysteries of Ingwe are held in the Holy White Stone, not the Black Stone but the White Stone, symbol of the Pure Blood, the attainment of the Pure Blood which comes through struggle and overcoming. But first there needs to be built a Sacred Centre whose mysteries are held in the Gar-Rune, a centre linked to the Ur-Time. 

The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness is held within the Double-Sig Runes of the Edel-Rune - the Rune of Blood and Land. This symbol is precise in its form since it is a Sacred Enclosure, which is the vital essence of the symbol of Blood and Land. In ancient times the conquest of a land was done not just through acts of force and heroism, but through infusing the land with the Glory of Light - the Brosingamen Necklace of Fire. The land became a Spiritual Centre ruled over by the 'Emperor of Light'. This was the base of an Empire of Light which radiated around the lands, throwing its influence to the four winds. This was a bastion against the Forces of Darkness and Matter who could not penetrate the Barrier of Light  that radiated from the Centre outwards. This rune is the Rune of At-al-land and as such it invokes the Ancient Power of the Racial Homeland through the Call of the Blood.

The Ing-Rune is the Rune of the Blood and it shows clearly the DNA Spiral or the Twin Coiled Serpents. The Powers of Darkness and Chaos are hastily trying to break the Power of the Blood through an alteration in the RNA that will alter the DNA. They work at a physical level and thus fail to see the metaphysical reality that Steve McNallen called the Metagenetics. Most people are locked into matter and the material world, but the greatest danger lies in the ability of these Dark Powers to lock man into the Virtual World through the World Wide Web of Illusion. They have, like a Giant Spider, created this Web of Illusion that traps the unwary into entering a world that it is very hard to get out of. This forms part of the Quest for the Gral where the Dark Magician, Klingsor, creates this illusory world which traps the unwary Knight who is forced - through a great act of Will - to free himself of this world. It is The Fool who completes the quest and becomes the 'New King' by placing himself in that role. 

This is where the importance of the Four Hallows comes into play, since these are the Four Sacred Objects connected to the Quest for the Sacred Blood - the Gral. This is not something we all have, it is something that is earned through the Sacred Blood Struggle. It is something awakened in the Wera (Vira) - the Divine Hero. 

The Sword (Sweorth) - This is the Sacred Sword wielded by the god Rudra-Shiva in his Dance of Destruction, which is in reality a Dance of Destruction-to-re-Creation. Rudra-Shiva is Woden-Herian - Ygg the Terrible One! His Dance of Destruction has begun, the Frenzied One whirls around faster and faster, the Sword of Destruction carving the Ancient Runes into the mist around him. Wild with the Wod! Wild in the Wealds! There The Hooded One welcomes his kin to dwell once more amongst the Sacred Trees of England. This is the Sword named Albion, the Sword of Hengest, the Sword of the Wolsungas, the Sword wielded by AEtla the Hun. 

The Chalice or Cup (Calc) - This is the Sacred Vessel that contains the Sacred Blood; to find this in the Memory of the Blood means to look downwards and inwards - into the very depths of the Self. Our roots lie in the Blood-Memory and deep roots cannot be reached by the frost; deep roots mean a strong, healthy and stable Folk. 

The Stone (Stan) - The White Stone of Ing whose secrets are contained within this Ancient Rune. This, in a sense, is a Stone of Origins and Destiny which is highlighted by the two Peorth-Runes which face each other to make the Stan-Rune. The Sacred Stone is also a boundary-stone, this being a liminal state, neither in one area nor in the other - outside Time and Space. The 'stone' also represents matter which holds within itself the DNA Code (Twin Coiled Serpents) which is the Secret of Ing. The Sacred Stone represents a boundary between the worlds, an entrance and exit from one world to another. Only the Rightful King can pull the Sword from the Stone - because he has the Divine Right to rule, and his people have the duty to follow him, because he is the People

The Spear of Woden (Gar) - The 'Gift of Ing', clearly related to the White Stone which contains the 'Gift of Ing - Fire'. This is the Sacred Spear which we find in the Ulster Cycle as the Gar Bolg - the Spear of AEngus - where the term 'Bolg' is related to the idea of 'to swell in rage'. This is why this is the 'Gift of Ing' (AEngus) given to Woden in ancient times. This represents the Sacred Centre or Cosmic Axis - the Spiritual Centre. It is the Sacred Spear that destroys the power of Klingsor and his World of Illusion. 

These are the Four Hallows of Power that were once brought down from the North by the Tuatha de Danaan. The 'Old King' is wounded in the thigh, unable to regenerate, and the land is now a wasteland. The Quest for the San Gral is the Quest for the Sacred Blood, the means to regenerate the Blood-Memory, to awaken the Fiery-Blood of Ingwe which will awaken the Sleeping King. This 'quest' is not just a journey, a 'knight's errant' but entails taking up the Sacred Blood Struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter. The sound of the Horn of Hama is a Call from the Deep, heard through the Call of the Blood, and this is the Call to the Final Battle! 

Friday 26 November 2021

V for Vendetta

"Remember, remember the Fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot."

Nursery Rhyme.

The film V for Vendetta was made in 2005, some 16 years ago now; as such it has many points which connect it to our day, maybe not so much a 'prophecy' as part of the 'agenda' which is now unfolding. As with many other 'dystopian society' films that have been made over the last few decades it may well have been made in order to prepare the masses for this Global Agenda. Whatever the case, it seems to give away much information, and it also tells us how clever these people really are in what they are doing. It was based upon a 1988 DC Comics limited series, but was first introduced in 1981 or 1982 by Alan Moore, who appears (from what I can see) to have been an anarchist, and who based the series on terrorist attacks by an anarchist. The film cleverly changes this to that of a 'freedom-fighter' who uses terror-tactics to destroy the State.

What is very interesting here is that we can all see that this Global Agenda is based upon Marxism, and this through the Global Bankers and the Global Corporations, but the series and the film switches the blame to a form of Christian-Fascist State, ruled by the 'Norsefire Party'. There is no doubt that leftist writers have long been fooled by the Globalists into thinking that a Fascist State was being brought about, so this can be explained in that way, but the enfolding plot is far too near what is happening today to be a 'coincidence'. Nationalism, as portrayed in the film, is far different than Globalism, though at times it has been used to further the Global Agenda. But here two birds are killed with one stone - Fascism-Nationalism and Christianity. 

The colours Black-White-Red have been used carefully to create a clever smear-by-association.  The 'Christian Cross' has also been used in the same way, and the flags waving form yet another 'smear-by-association'. All of those involved are seen as white since this is a 'white supremacist' party. This is also firmly based upon an English State and there is no globalism in the theme. It is still clear from the many comments on such online outlets as YouTube that a 'Fascist' background is given to what is going on, though when this first started this was not so - as far as I could see, anyway. The blame is here cleverly twisted, and if these people link nationalism with fascism (they are not the same really) then they have an 'enemy' to eradicate! 

The nursery rhyme about Guy Fawkes is used in the film, but only the first few lines are driven home. This is because the rest of this is loyal to the King and Land, and Guy Fawkes is considered to have committed treason against King and Land. It was Guy Fawkes who wanted to overthrow the Crown of England, and thus has been carefully twisted into its opposite. This is a very clever ploy they use, together with the symbolism used in the film, a point brought up on more than one occasion by 'V' - the 'freedom-fighter'. 

Below I have listed some of the main ideas in the film which coincide with what is happening around the world today -

  • "St Mary's Virus kills 80,000 people" a newspaper heading read, followed by the statement "no suspects so far". The clear indication is that this was a form of biological warfare, set loose deliberately. This 'virus' was not restricted to England.
  • The 'Norsefire Party' were 'white supremacists' and set up 'resettlement camps', the one featured in the film being Larkhill Resettlement Camp where opponents and 'marginalised groups' (these are the 'minorities' always supported by the Leftists) were taken. These are clearly 'concentration camps', maybe perhaps a bit ironic since it was Britain that invented these in the Boer War. 
  • In these 'resettlement camps' the inmates were injected with an 'artificially designed hormone injection' from which they all died slowly and painfully - except the 'freedom-fighter' - V - who became a kind of 'Superman' from being given it.
  • The 'terrorist' attacks that brought the 'party' to power were the work of the 'party' itself, as were the other means, such as the 'virus' epidemic. Also, we see scenes of street-violence from protesters. 
  • November 5th is used as a clear date, since this ends with the Houses of Parliament being blown up.
  • The Marxist Agenda we see unfolding today has to destroy all vestiges of the past, culture, tradition and identity. This is how the film shows the 'party', a clear indication that this has been distorted, since any form of national pride involves keeping the past safe and keeping a culture, tradition and identity.
  • I have shown how the Global Agenda has used certain key symbols, one of these being the 'V for Victory' used in the film Nineteen Eighty-Four and in the Victory in Europe symbolism kept alive today. Here, again, we have the 'V for Victory' sign used for the 'freedom-fighter'. 

The 'V'-sign is carefully placed inside a circle, a symbol used in the well-known anarchist-symbol, but this has an 'A' in a circle. These type of masks have been used in many leftist protests, which cannot be a coincidence. 

The other symbolism, one which I have covered on more than one occasion in the past, is the Red Rose, which is a symbol linked to the Red Dragon - the Shaitanic Dragon. The English Rose is the White Rose of Albion and is linked to the White Dragon of the English. 

We should consider the power of propaganda here, since films were once there to 'entertain' the public, but have today transformed into blatant propaganda used against the people. 'Blatant' certainly, but there are still a majority that cannot see through the lies and tricks. 'The bigger the lie, the more easier it is to believe' - this has been proven through the 'Covid-19 Cult', where clearly massive exaggerations have been deliberately made about the numbers of deaths and the numbers of cases. 

There are some points that come out of this -

  • The use of the idea that is is 'For your own Protection' (a slogan used in the film) is widespread, and part of the aim to achieve total power, totally, over everything and everyone for eternity. In order to do this it is necessary for people to want to be enslaved, and to love their slavery, since for the masses comfort and ease stands above their freedom. A clear indication that the masses need to be lead, but who leads them depends upon their freedom and ability to evolve organically, or their slavery that they wish upon themselves so as to 'keep the peace' and have an 'easy life'. 
  • A highly centralised and efficient force will more easily defeat a force that is scattered and fractured. The English Force was defeated by William the Bastard, and the land enslaved, because the Normans had a highly-centralised force of arms. A typical example is when the Germanic Tribes united under Arminius (Herman) to defeat the Roman Legions of Varus at the Teutoburg Wald. As a united force they were able to achieve this victory, but afterwards they splintered again into their warring tribal groups, and allowed the Romans some bit of leeway in getting into Germania. This seems to be a 'law' where something cannot be countered and destroyed by its opposite, but only by using similar tactics. The Myth of Ragnarok clearly shows us this, and it is something that needs to be considered in countering the Dark Forces.
  • 'V' is the one figure that is not affected by the 'artificially designed hormone injection' in the same way as the rest; indeed, he comes out of it being stronger and more highly evolved - it transmutes him. He is also 'transmuted by fire' in the film. 
  • The 'hero' of the film does not do this with the motive of a 'freedom-fighter', since his motive is one of revenge against those who abused and tortured the inmates at the Larkhill Resettlement Camp. This is why the film is about a 'vendetta'; this is not unusual since many heroic figures have achieved something beyond themselves through a personal interest rather than something done for a people. It is a personal motive and involvement that has to drive some on to great deeds. 

Another 'archetype' used in the film is that of Zorro, who is a 'freedom-fighter' who is adept at fencing and sword-play; 'V' sees this sword-play as being heroic and part of his image. Guy Fawkes was born in England, but fought for the Spanish as Guido Fawkes, thus no doubt the subtly connection made with the famous film-figure Zorro. In the films he works from an underground cave, whilst 'V' works from an underground building. This is another example where an archetypal image can be used to further its opposite meaning through a distortion of the archetype. 

There is no doubt that many have been primed over the past few decades into seeing 'fascism' as the great enemy. It is clearly portrayed as a force that takes a people's freedoms away. This has been pushed over and over again through films, books, and various other means; yet few seem to be able to see that anything 'heretic', whether in films or books, has been shut off by the book-publishers and film-makers, except for a very few published by 'alternative' means. We can see who is behind this when we move our sights from the 'virus' to 'climate change'.

Back in the spring of 2020 there appeared bus-stop signs and billboard signs with the 'Covid Propaganda' - 'Hands-Face-Space' and the other mass-slogans used to get the message to the masses. This was done through the NHS, which was clearly used as a tool by the Global Agenda. Now, over a year later, things have changed, and although we are told that the virus is worse these signs have been replaced by 'Climate Change' themes. Here it is the Global Corporations that are promoting this aspect of the Global Agenda. Even though there has been a clear 'Red & Green' movement linked arm-in-arm there are many who cannot see that we have clear proof here that behind the Reds & Greens are the Global Corporations, and behind these the Global Bankers. 

  • This 'pandemic' is world-wide, but some of the fiercest oppression has been to Europe and the Europeans, except for Communist China (which has long had this anyway). This is not something 'national'.
  • Almost every government in the world is now taking measures that are the same, or very similar, and reacting the same, though maybe at different times. These measures all seem to be ridiculous and insane, though the end-result is the same. (For example, who in their right mind would 'lockdown' those who were healthy; only those who have the illness would be 'quarantined'.) 
  • At the same time as this 'pandemic' is going on, when some hospitals are having trouble coping, billions are being poured into 'climate change', and into the agenda based upon this, the switch from petrol & diesel cars to all-electric cars. We have come, once again, to the 'End of the World', which, if that were true (which it is not as yet), would mean that no-one would have to worry about the 'Covid Pandemic' because we would all be dead and gone anyway. Changing to electric cars, and to electric for energy would be a god-send to the Global Tyrants, since all that would be needed would be to push a switch to cut off individuals, groups or nations who oppose their aims. 
One of the main points of the agenda is to get rid of national borders and thus nationalities; we see the great movement of peoples into Europe as breaking down the barriers of identity, tradition and culture. All of which has been supported by left-wing groups who have openly encouraged this. 'People-Trafficking' is a part of this, and serves to make it a profit-making enterprise, which seems the norm with Globalists. There is a vast difference between a 'European State' and a 'Europe of the Nations', but the difference has been carefully glossed over. 

Both in this work, and in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four we find that terrorist attacks were carefully orchestrated by the State System. It would seem logical to suppose that any form of 'terrorist attack' would be welcomed by an oppressive regime, since it would give a case for further suppression and tyrannical measures. Where such attacks are not forthcoming, from these two examples, they could be created by agents of the State System. This is how they have been able to make their 'Public Order' acts more and more oppressive, through the violence at protests, demonstrations and marches. Since this does aid them one wonders where the responsibility for such violence arose. 

This whole scene is one of Chaos, where seemingly random and chaotic forces are found working together at times, and in opposition at other times. And yet, behind this Chaos is some form of ordered agenda, where a small group or Cabal is working behind the scenes, pulling the many strings of the Global Agenda. This is very well thought out, and very clever, since so much 'information' and 'dis-information' is put out that it clouds the tree aims, and it hides those behind the whole thing. People do not know what to think! 

The last point, and that is in regard to these type of films it is the films that contain the imagery and symbolism, which would most likely not have been used in the books they were created from. Since the 'V for Vendetta' film was a series from DC Comics we can see how they have set out to indoctrinate the young at an early age. Nineteen Eighty-Four was designed for an adult read, but was written much earlier. We may notice the same tactics used with the later Star Wars Movies where the 'bad-guys' have the Black Sun as their symbol; this is viewed by adults, but the themes are really aimed at a younger audience. We have an example here of how a series has been taken and changed into something never meant by the author of the books. Another example of taking an Archetypal Myth and changing it into its opposite using careful symbolism.

Added 30th November - One point I left out of the film is that they had a memorial for the dead victims of the virus. Our illustrious royal figure, Prince Charles, has suggested that an avenue be set up as a 'memorial' to the victims of Covid-19. This is a way to keep the agenda ongoing into the future.