Saturday 10 July 2021

Blood & Soil - An Alternative


Blood & Soil! The title itself should put some of those who have no understanding of this into a form of hysteria. There is nothing at all sinister about the title, and it rightly sums up almost everything that Folkish Wodenism stands for, everything that makes us opposed to those religions that are man-centred and which reject Nature and Natural Law. Folkish Wodenism is not man-centred, neither do we see 'God' as being outside and above Nature; we seek a harmony with Nature and Natural Law, and this can only come about through a New Order. 

God-in-Nature: God-in-the-Blood! This expression means the same as Blood & Soil and sums up our world-view in that we believe that the Creative Force permeates everything, pulses through all life upon Earth. Some would refer to this as the Life-Force or Universal Life-Force, or by many other names, all of which refer to a Cosmic Force that dwells within all life, and which we should try to harmonise with. This is certainly not a 'transcendent' force that is outside and above all, every facet of life is part of this, and our Folk-Gods are also facets of this Life-Force. 

"In the Universe, in Nature, nothing is the same. The difference is the Law. Even a crystal of snow is distinguished from the others. You could say that it was God who made the infinite inequalities. God created the races, also the countries, nations etc. To pretend to mix them and end the differences is to impoverish the world and to act against the Will of the Creator...."

Miguel Serrano - The Quest: Antarctica (55 Club).

It stands out clearly that the idea of 'Equality' in every instance has to be enforced by law and can be see as unnatural, for if it were natural and according to the Eternal Laws of Nature it would not need to be enforced. The idea that 'God' is outside and above Nature, from which follows that "God's Laws" are above that of Nature, and to be obeyed without question, breaks us from Nature completely, and this can only end in catastrophic disaster. From our standpoint 'God's Laws' or the 'Laws of the Gods' are the Eternal Laws of Nature. We can see a clear example of this in Tolkien's works, especially in The Silmarillion where the Dark Lord and Dark Powers corrupt the kings and rulers of Numenor, who actually rise up against the Gods, and this is because they seek immortality. At this point it is Iluvater-Eru who intervenes and causes the continent of Numenor to sink beneath the waves, leaving only a remnant of the Numenoreans who stayed faithful to the Gods. This paves the way for the future age since it is from the Royal Line of Numenor that Aragorn springs. 

Miguel Serrano tackles this, a theme quoted at the end of The Quest: Antarctica, where he talks of the ancient Egyptians and their idea of Immortality. But, what these Dark Powers see as 'immortality' is the 'Immortality of the Cells' which is a vastly different concept that that spoken of by Don Miguel. What this is, once again, is a sick parody of the true immortality, that spoken of by the Krist in the New Testament. We find this throughout our time, where the Web of Wyrd is paralleled on the purely material plane by the 'World Wide Web'. Some of the prominent drivers of the Global Agenda speak of this 'immortality', and this makes plain how they are working at a physical and psychic level throughout their work - the Spirit of Man is denied.

As time goes by, and things here in this country (England) get worse, it seems clear that Don Miguel was right, and that our only hope is to reject this techno-nightmare in favour of a return to the concept of Blood and Soil, the Mystical Link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. We try to do this through -

  • Undertaking the Wheel of the Year Rites which connect us to the cyclic nature of the year, and to the Gods, Goddesses, Elves and Ancestors of the Folk.
  • Taking up some form of food growing which itself shows us the cyclic nature of the year, and brings us into harmony with the seasons of the year. 
  • Being true to our land, our nation, our history, and thus to our Ancestors or Forefathers. Without a love of Land and Folk we are lost in an Ocean of Chaos. 
  • Holding our land as sacred, where we have a belief that the Earth is a Living Being, and that our small part of this is bonded to our Folk - the English Folk - through a mystical link between the Soil of the Land and the Blood of the Folk. Just as other nations and other peoples are linked to their lands in the same special way. 
  • Some of us undertake some form of wild-camping and survivalism, which again takes us out into the wilder areas, and which again places us in the palm of Nature and Natural Law. This is done, not merely for physical survival, but to get back to using the basic products of Nature for building, fire-lighting and other pursuits. 
  • In the past we have done such outdoor pursuits as walking and hiking, and our activities have always been outdoor events. 
The 'Lockdown' (a phrase used of those imprisoned) of 2020 was designed to stop everyone going out of their homes, something that did not work very efficiently in many cases. This negative move caused at least two positive things -

  • More people went out walking in the countryside, and thus out in the natural world, away from the 'Virtual Reality' of the techno-society, away from the 'Shopping Malls' of Miguel Serrano. 
  • I know of people around me who started to grow their own food when they had not done so before; those who had done so increased their food-production. 
It is true to say that the only way open to those who follow the Way of Woden and the striving to overcome human limitations, the striving towards a 'New Man', is through struggle, hardship and 'necessity'. This we have been given on a plate with the 'Covid-Cult' and its harsh, oppressive conditions, conditions that we have to strive against at every moment, since this is ongoing, not just a 'Freedom Day' once in while to make it look as if things are going back to 'normal'. 

It is true to say that we need to wake others up, to show them the true nature of this tyranny, but it is also true to say that we need to wake ourselves up at the same time. This is also an Inner Struggle, against our own 'Inner Demons', against the Dark Powers that also exist within the individual, pulling him away from the right and true path. Technology is a drug! This is the Fenris Wolf swallowing Woden - the Spirit of Man. In this world we could not get out to others without this technology, but this is only because the majority of people have been taken by the 'drug'. We need to create a balance between how we use their technology and our harmony with Nature.

This techno-nightmare of the 'Lead Age' has allowed the powers-that-be to collect vast amounts of information simply because the masses are given a sense of self-importance they did not have before. They can now speak to anyone around the world through 'Social Media' and in doing so feel they can trust anyone they speak to, and give away their most intimate details to complete strangers. 'Strangers' - we should read the poem by Rudyard Kipling to understand the concept of the 'stranger', and that this is something one does not trust because they are something 'unknown'. The 'alien' has become something 'known', and this is far from the truth. We should trust those we know, but be wary of those we do not know, this is clearly stated in the Eddas.

Modern technology revolves around electricity, and around the right-brain - the intellectual side of the human mind. Using the computer (as I am doing now) opens the brain to all sorts of electro-magnetic waves; this is also true of being outside, sitting quietly in a wild place. The difference lies in that the former is 'Virtual Reality' whilst the latter brings us into union with the Natural Order and Natural Forces. As Don Miguel says in his works, the alternative to 'electricity' and to this 'techno-world' is to look for the Alternative Science based upon the Mana (Man-na) or 'Universal Force'. This can only be done through a reintegration with Nature and Natural Law, through a return to the concept of Blood & Soil.

There is good reason for the Global Elite to promote the use of mind-altering drugs, though the 1960's 'Youth Rebellion', which served their aims to the full, some of the most famous promoters of the 'psychedelic drugs' having links to the CIA. Miguel Serrano states clearly that their use destroys the Chakra Energies, and halts the power to become the 'God-Man'. Once again, this gives a 'Virtual Reality' rather than a Natural Reality, and is another means of 'escapism', to get away from the obvious problems of the world - which we should face head-on. The sudden change of 2020-2021 should not be something we withdraw from entirely, nor should we go along with it; this is an opportunity to use the situation to our own advantage. Such a situation should be the means to transform ourselves as individuals, to use every opportunity that faces us to overcome and to get rid of what we do not need and does not serve our destiny. 

The Global Powers seek to make us all into machines, robot-golems who serve their every needs; far from the 'equality' they preach they see themselves as being above and beyond the people. For us they preach 'democracy' whilst they structure their own in a strict hierarchical order, thus making them far more efficient. 'Democracy' served them because they could control behind the scene; their coming out into the light means they need a new means of control - a Totalitarian Marxist World State. (*) 

(*) For the moment anyway, since this new Marxist World State may in itself be merely another movement that serves their purpose for the time being. This is where many mistake their movements and organisations to be separate and sometimes opposed to each other, whereas in reality they are merely part of the same Global Agenda - crossing the centuries.

There is an interesting interpretation of the Lord of the Rings in regard to the destruction of the Ring of Power, seen on a YouTube channel (not sure of name). This can only be seen from the book, and not the film which omits this important part. In the film Gollum gains the ring by biting off the finger of Frodo, and then falls accidentally into the Fires of Mount Doom. This is not so in the book - and anyone can check this out - where it is no accident that Gollum falls into the fires - it is the Will of the One-Ring. 

"'Down, down!' he (Frodo) gasped, clutching his hand to his breast, so that beneath the cover of his leather shirt he clasped the Ring. 'Down, you creeping thing, and out of my path! Your time is at an end. You cannot betray me or slay me now....'

....Sam saw these two rivals with other vision...and before it (Gollum) stood stern, untouchable now by pity, a figure robed in white, but at its breast it held a Wheel of Fire. Out of the fire there spoke a commanding voice.

'Begone, and trouble me no more! If you touch me ever again, you shall be cast yourself into the Fire of Doom.'"

Lord of the Rings (page 979). (*)

The film did not touch upon this at all, but this is in fact perhaps one of the most important things in the whole story. The name 'Frodo' is based upon 'Frodi', the fabled God of the Golden Age. This is Ingvi-Frey, and there is thus reason to equate these to Agni of the Vedas or Ingwe of our own English Lore. Ingwe is a 'Fire-God', the God of Creative Fire, and here the destruction of the One-Ring is by Fire. The 'Wheel of Fire' on the breast of the white figure is clearly the Ring of Power, since Frodo held this in the former sentence; it is thus clear that this is a curse thrown at Gollum by the Ring of Power itself. Gollum may have 'slipped' when he fell over the edge but this was how it was fated to happen, since he was cursed to do so. 

Frodo, seen as one of the humble 'Shire-Folk' must now be seen in a new light; this seems clear from his transformation into the white-robed figure bearing the Wheel of Fire. Gollum was a mere tool in the hands of the Ring of Power, and Sauron's power is itself derived from the One-Ring, which he forged himself at Mount Doom. Sauron had forged the means to his own doom, had forged the one thing that would destroy him. His striving for power and dominion over all life would lead to his own doom. 

Sauron had the rings forged in order to create the One Ring which would bind them all to his will. It was his own creation - the One Ring - that finally brought about his destruction. The Ring of Power itself turned upon him! From the very start of Tolkien's works we see that Iluvater-Eru was the Creative Force or 'High God', and even when Morgoth rebelled this was part of the overall plans of the Creator, not outside his power as Morgoth thought. Seen in this light everything that happens and is happening now is all part of the evolutionary drive towards the 'Higher Man' and the 'New Earth'. 

This theme aligns with that of the Divine Fool found in the Tale of Hamlet, and other Indo-European tales based upon the same story. In this the one brother is slain by the other, and the son of the murdered man swears revenge on his uncle; not to be seen to be plotting, he feigns the part of 'The Fool' or 'The Simpleton' to avenge his father. In this tale the uncle is bound by archetype to destroy himself, to be the cause of his own death. This fits exactly with the figure of Gollum who is fated to destroy himself, at the same time as he destroys the Ring of Power.

This said, the idea of confronting this Dark Force headlong seems to be futile, and the words of Julius Evola seem to be more valid than ever. His idea that this force is like a rampant tiger, running headlong at full speed, and bound to lose more and more energy as it gets nearer and nearer to its end, makes sense now. He suggested 'Riding the Tiger' until its spent energy ran out, at which time its power would be no more - destroyed by its own momentum. Is this the fate of the 'Gollum' or 'Golem', the automaton that seems to be the blueprint for the robot-slave? 

This world is fated to be destroyed by the Fires of Surt when he rides into battle wielding the Flaming Sword. These are not merely destructive fires, but are the Cleansing Fire of a New Creation. In the Lord of the Rings the final scene when the ring is destroyed is that of a massive catastrophe and earth-upheaval in which the Dark Powers are destroyed completely. Nature has the final say in this. This is why the importance of our breaking free of the chains of destructive technology to embrace a new technology, a new Spiritual Science based upon the most ancient Aryan Science of Implosion. This itself tells us to look 'within' for the answers, to understand that technology enslaves, whilst the Science of Magic will set us free, and that means a return to the concept of Blood and Soil in order to embrace the wonders of Nature, and to be able to stand in awe of the natural world around us.

This is not just about a renewal of Nature, but a complete transformation of Nature and Man. A 'new world' must arise in which the 'new man' can live upon; the God-Man who achieves immortality through the creation of the Absolute I is the aim of Creation. This is why we see the sick parody of these Dark Forces, who have no power to create, only copy and in the process distort because they are limited to the lower levels, and have no access to the Spiritual Light. 

The ancient symbol of Blood & Soil - the Edel-Rune - is that of the blood-continuum through the ages, itself linked to Nature and Natural Law. This is why Friedrich Nietzsche emphasised the concept of the Aryan Blood, and to stay true to the Earth. A transformation in man would bring the transformation of Nature, thus the importance of our Sacred Blood Struggle. If it is true, as scientists seem to have found, that the RNA can affect the DNA, then this is no doubt why the Dark Powers are intent upon such an alteration in the RNA. But this works two ways, and it is thus possible for the individual - and the race - to affect this alteration in the DNA, thus creating the long-prophesied Man-God. 

(*) As I said here, these are not my own ideas for they came from a YouTube channel which studies Tolkien's characters, but after checking this it is clear what he says is right - it is the Ring of Power that destroys itself in the end. This is quite logical when we think of it, since the sole reason that everything dies is that from its very creation it starts to age and decline, and death is imprinted in its genes from the start. True 'Immortality' is that of the Astral Body and not of the human cells, as these people seek to achieve.