Thursday 19 November 2020

"Time Zero"

When the Dark Forces, in very ancient times, stole the Ancient Aryan Mysteries, they got hold of the Ancient Wisdom that had been built up over thousands of years, and which was (to them) a source of might and power which they could use to control situations and people, and to further an agenda that has come to fruition in our era. 

The rather idiotic term 'Woke Culture' has arisen, not surprisingly in an era of 'controlled insanity'. The term typically uses incorrect English in a way that suggests it stems either from an illiterate source, or is a kind of 'take' on what is right. These people are far from 'awake', but like the 'enlightened' or 'illuminated' they can dream! With this came the destruction of our past, our history, which started through 'Black Lives Matter', a front for a Marxist Revolution that would destroy the past, thus paving the way for a 'New World Order'. (No lives matter to these people, only how they can use others to further their aims.)

The French Revolution destroyed the Era of Kingship, and at this time the aim was to create a 'Time Zero'. This is a critical concept because this term has again arisen with the 'Great Reset' where the term 'Time Zero' is again being used. What this is can be summed up in the idea that in order to create a 'New World Order' the past has to be destroyed in order to pave the way for brand new values and concepts. This is, in fact, a 'New Creation', and thus has to conform with an Archetypal Myth and that is the Myth of Creation. Where most go wrong here is that they fail to recognise that 'Creation' did not happen at one time and in one place sometime in the past - Creation takes places at every moment, and at certain times there is a 'New Creation' that takes place that changes everything in an instance. This is what is happening today.

The crown on the top of the tower is falling off, blasted by the Lightning-Bolt; this is symbolic of the fall of 'Kingship' and its replacement by capitalism and mercantilism. The fall of the 'Twin Towers' of capitalism (World Trade Centre) was another change and 'new creation', from the Capitalist Era to the 'New World Order' and a Global Government. There is a strange 'coincidence' in the above Tarot Card because it is numbered XVI (16); it was Louis XVI whose reign was toppled by the French Revolution! 

The above is The Tower in a brand new version by Aleister Crowley, and this has some very interesting changes -

  • At the top, overseeing the destruction of the tower is the 'All-Seeing Eye' of the Illuminati.
  • Next to this is the 'Dove of Peace' (left) and the 'Lion-Serpent - Abraxas' (right).
  • At the bottom are the 'Jaws of Dis' belching flames of destruction that topples the tower.
'The picture shows the destruction of existing material by fire. It may be taken as the preface to Atu XX, the Last Judgement, i.e. the Coming of a New Aeon.'

Aleister Crowley (The Book of Thoth).

Crowley sees the 'All-Seeing Eye' as the Eye of Horus, or the Eye of Shiva the Destroyer. Crowley's Book of the Law was received in 1904, and this card he called 'War'; two world-wars followed this, wars that destroyed the Old Order, but which paved the way for the 'New World Order'. 

The Germanic Creation Myth is that the Giant YMIR (Chaos) is 'slain' by the Triple Creative-Godhead WODEN-WILL-WEOH, and his body is then cut into parts which make up the Cosmos. This is the Archetypal Myth of Creation and it entails a Blood Sacrifice, whether this seems right or wrong. The French Revolution brought into being the 'Third Estate' - Capitalism and Mercantilism - and this was brought into being by a bloodbath! It is doubtful indeed that the change from the Global Capitalism of today to the Global Communitarianism which the Bankers and Money-Lenders and their Marxist Agents want will become a reality without some form of bloodshed. The fall of the Twin Towers was the herald of the destruction of the Old Order (capitalism) and the change to the New World Order (Marxist Communism/Communitarianism but with a 'management of a 'Money-Elite' below the Hidden Elite). To put into place a 'New Creation' then a 'Time Zero' must be set.

This is true of every form of ritual whose aim should be to jump from the 'mundane time' into a Sacred Time and Sacred Space. This 'Sacred Time' is that of the 'First Time' or 'Time of the Gods', the era when the Archetypes and Archetypal Myths came into being. This is the Zep Tepi of the Egyptians, and in Norse Mythology it is referred to when using the phrase Ar var Alda, which has been covered in a previous post. The 'Sacred Space' is in fact the 'sacred place' where the ritual is undertaken; after hallowing the area this become a 'sacred place', but it also becomes a 'Sacred Space'. The aim is to return to a 'Time Zero' and thus to connect the time that it takes place with this Mythical Time, and thus the past and the present are made one. 

On August 11th 1999 the Solar Eclipse (Black Sun) heralded the conception of the Age of Ing; it also heralded the resurrection of Ingwe - the Divine Son. In May the following year (2000) there was an important planetary alignment; this took place NINE MONTHS LATER. Some time later the 'Foot and Mouth' disease resulted in a massive 'Blood Sacrifice' of cattle here in England, where white-clothed officials acted like a 'priesthood' over the slaughter of the cattle. In some cultures (Celtic is one I believe) the ending and beginning of a new world-age is brought into being through the sacrifice of a Bull or Ox - the 'Sacrificial Ox'

Sign of Ing - Sign of the Son of Man

When this happened I tried to explain the importance of our using the term Age of Ing and that this 'New Age' would start in the Year 2000, with the 'birth' after the nine-months 'conception period'. Thus we would have the sequence -

Year 1 - Age of Ing (2001).

Year 2 - Age of Ing (2002).

Year 3 - Age of Ing (2003).

Thus a new 2,000 year period would begin as 2001, starting from the ancient concept of Year Zero or Time Zero. Although I have stated the importance of this we have not really taken this up seriously, and because of the move by the Enemy to create their own 'Time Zero' it is now not just important but is essential if we are to counter their Global Agenda. 

The 'Age of Lead' which is the era that we are living through now, according to Don Miguel Serrano, is one of great oppression and suffering for everyone. We are seeing this now and this will not get any better soon; not until the start of the Age of the Water-Jug (Aquarius) when the Last Avatar will appear. But rather than dwell on an 'Age of Lead' and its negative form we can create a positive change in ourselves through the 'Age of Ing' or the 'Age of the Son', which in reality is the Age of the Heroes. This is the liminal period between world-ages, between the outgoing Age of Pisces and the incoming Age of the Water-Jug. This is an era when Folk-Heroes must arise to keep the Flame of Freedom alive through this tyranny. 

We are seeing growing opposition and resentment to what is going on, but we need to keep in mind that when the masses yell for 'freedom' they refer to being able to get back to their 'normal' which was certainly not 'freedom'. For things to go back to where they were would be no benefit to us either. The mass of people always resist change, and that is why the Global Agenda has sprung this on us so quickly this time. Gradual change has been the way so far, but now the change has been almost instant, and they would have known that this would create growing opposition - which they are well prepared for and as we can see the organised opposition has already been suppressed (for now). We have seen how the true opposition has been denied a platform to speak on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media etc. What is left, in the main, is a growing opposition without any form of organisation nor any ideology and ideals - which are essential for any positive movement for change. 

The doctrine and ideology of Marxist Communism has long been put in place, tried out, and then put aside for a later time - which is coming into place now. I use the term 'Marxist' because Karl Marx was the main proponent of Communism and its ideology, though there are various forms that sprang up. We are already aware that the Global Corporations are owned by a handful of people, and are thus already centralised; a Marxist Communist System would merely make this 'official' as a World State System controlled on these lines, with the money-powers remaining at a managerial level, whilst at the bottom would be a race of slaves to these people - producers and consumers. This system, already nearly in place, would be far better for the power-elite who could more easily control the world through it, and make it (like China) a very efficient slave-state. 

Whilst they are preparing a 'Time Zero' we already have ours in place - the Age of Ing is the 'Age of Heroes', an age running parallel to their 'Lead Age' or 'Warg-Age' when the Great Wolf swallows the Spirit of Man, and the Wolves of Loki swallow the power of the Sun and Moon. The Great Darkness is growing, but we have passed the Yuletide of the Great Year (1933 - 1939) when the seeds of a New Order were sown, and at this time (The Winter) we can expect a period of destruction, dissolution and chaos. The Yuletide or Midwinter is the time of the Longest Darkness, so our time is when the Light Forces are waxing again and even though this is a harsh and violent time the Forces of Light will grow and grow in strength until finally the Last Avatar will appear to destroy the Darkness and Chaos. 

The 'Star Wars' films were based upon the battle between Light and Darkness, Order and Chaos, between the 'Empire' and the 'Republic'. The military leader is Daath Vader, whose name is based upon 'Daath' which is the reverse-side of the Cabalistic Tree of Life - the Shadow Realm. 'Vader' is the same as our own 'wate' or 'wod' meaning 'movement'. Daath Vader uses a form of 'physical magic' through the 'Light Sabre'; above him is the Emperor who is an Evil Sorcerer. He is a 'Hidden Power' that uses Dark Sorcery, and he is the ultimate power in the Dark Empire. We should keep this in mind because this is the structure that we face within the Dark Forces. 

We are now in Year 20 - Age of Ing and in the present circumstances it is perhaps time to create a Magical Change through the use of the Holy Runes, using the Heilige Lines in order to awaken the White Dragon of Ing. But this cannot work alone because it needs 'earthing', and that can only be done through the use of the 'Time Zero' which was the Year 0 - Age of Ing and using the new time-structure from this date. This is the Age of Ing when the 'crown-less again shall be king'. 

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A Light from the Shadow shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The Crown-less again shall be King.

(Lord of the Rings)

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Toten Heer - The Army of the Dead - Part Two

Loki's Brood.

The Midgard Serpent - This is the World Serpent that encircles the world, and as seen by the symbolism of the serpent devouring its own tail this is a constricting force that slowly binds as it devours itself. At one level (and there are many) this could be equated to Global Finance Capitalism and the Global Bankers who encircle the world controlling everything as they do so. This same image appears in the Vedas as Vritra - the Serpent of Evil. When he is slain even fiercer enemies arise out if him.  

The Fenris Wolf - This is the 'devourer' as can be seen through the image of his devouring Woden at Ragnarok. We find the same images in the two wolves that devour the Sun and the Moon. This same image appears in the Vedas as the Rakshasas who are the 'eaters', the 'devourers', the 'wolves', the 'haters' and the 'tearers' - they are the Agents of Destruction. The Fenris Wolf could thus be equated with Anarcho-Communists and other Agents of Destruction, for this is all that these people achieve in what they do. This force devours the Spirit of Woden, but he is torn from the Wolf's Jaws by Wid-Ar the Avenger, who then takes on the Spirit of Woden as the All-Father.

Hel - This is a far more complex figure since she is the daughter of Loki who is given a part of Hel to rule over - the Realm of the Dead. But this is only a part of Hela, since there are Dark Areas and Light Areas of this realm. But, as we shall see here, she is a most important figure to us today. We need to consider the figure of Mitothin who is an evil being who once usurped Woden's Power and was captured and slain. His grave was opened and his head cut off and a stake driven through his breast - all shades of the killing of a vampire. Viktor Rydberg sees Mitothin as Loki.

Now, out of the body of Mitothin arises a pest; this is important because Loki is the father of the female Demon of Epidemics and Diseases, Hel, who rules in Niflheim, in the home of the demons of disease. Hel, Loki's daughter, rides the three-legged Hel-Horse, the steed which appears when an epidemic breaks out. This is an ugly-grown horse which brings sickness, epidemics and plagues. There is also a figure called Leikin who is a horse-woman of torture and death. Hel has a 'stopping form' and was cast into Niflhel. 

There are two distinct and opposite forms of Seidh-Sorcery - one is Holy Seidh which is used for good purposes such as healing, the other Evil Seidh (sidha kyni) which is used for evil purposes, and no doubt the bringing of sickness, disease and epidemics. The first Great War of the Gods was fought over the slaying and burning of a figure called Angrboda who was a practitioner of Dark Sorcery, and whose counterpart here in Midgard was Heid, who introduced Dark Sorcery to Middle-earth. Loki, it seems, ate the heart of this Dark Joten and thus took in this evil female form himself. It seems that Angrboda still lived and dwelt in Ironwood, where she gave birth to the Midgard-Serpent, Fenris and Hel, and to all the Evil Wolves (devourers) in the world. 

A planetary alignment of Saturn-Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius occurred on March 20th 1345 with the outbreak of the 'Black Death'. There will be a planetary alignment of Saturn-Jupiter in Aquarius on December 21st 2020, so this is something to think about. Saturn's Day is Loki's Day. That is not to say that the planet Saturn is itself 'evil', but that it is usually considered a planet of ill-omen and death, far different than the original God of the Golden Age.

I have started with this because it is necessary to see how the Germanic Myths foresaw what was coming upon us long ago, and that this is not a struggle of today but an Eternal Struggle. We should be honoured to have been (re-)born into these times to wage this Holy War against the Powers of Darkness and Matter. 

The Great Reset.

This phrase has been banded about by those within the power-elite around the world; it shows clearly how their Global Agenda is unfolding. Most of it is based around economics, what else in a society ruled by gross materialists? But the part that I am going to look at quickly is that of a drastic decrease in the population of the world in order to be left with 'perfect people'. This sounds rather like eugenics but this is far from the truth; what it means, mainly reading in between the lines, is that what will be left of the 'human cull' (this would be a more truthful way to phrase it) will be the conforming masses who have done as they are told, had their microchips and vaccines (or both together), adhered to the 'lockdown' and 'social distancing' and have not 'bucked the system' throughout this time.

Of course, as with everything else that involves these people, they are far from being 'creators', so what we have is a sick parody of the natural evolutionary drive towards perfection through the breeding of a healthy and higher species of Man. The 'Great Initiation' that we are going through today is designed to produce these 'perfect people' - a race of mindless slaves. They are telling us what they are doing but as servants of the 'Father of Lies' they cloth it in false and deceptive language. They know what they mean, and we can see through the lies, but the masses are unable to understand something as big as this. 

It has always been the case that non-conformists have always been the genius's and the creators, whilst conformists change nothing at all. So the world will be no better for all this 'Great Reset' or 'New Normal'. And the way that they will rid themselves of anyone that opposes this is to deny them the ability of live in this 'New World Order'. This will be done through the Cashless Society where they will have ID and Microchip whence they can withdraw the ability to buy or to sell from any individual. There is no doubt that those who refuse a vaccine will also be subject to such restrictions, but they need to get rid of cash altogether to make it work effectively. 

If we look at this from this angle it is made clear why they are subjecting people to such evil practices as to completely wreck their lives, and in many cases it is the old that will suffer most. Why should this matter, since these will not be the people most able to work as slaves to the produce-and-consume society they are building. This will be expanded to others in a vulnerable situation, since it appears that the 'liberal-humanitarian' stage is passing now because it is no longer needed. They will have to put on a 'face' for now though so as not to reveal their true intentions. 

"...if there ever was a civilisation of slaves on a grand scale, the one in which we are living is it. No traditional civilisation ever saw such great masses of people condemned to perform shallow, impersonal, automatic jobs; in the contemporary slave system the counterparts of figures such as lords or enlightened rulers are nowhere to be found. This slavery is imposed subtly through the tyranny of the economic factor and through the absurd structures of a more or less collectivised society."

Julius Evola.

The Army of the Dead.

So where does that leave us in all of this? We should now look back to how Russian Communism managed to kill off anything up to 60 Million people (some say more), and this was done through mass-starvation, a typical part of all Communist Revolutions. In our times the process is already being started through the destruction of Rural England and the drive to urbanise larger and larger areas of our land. Forcing people into urban areas means they can better control the masses through surveillance CCTV and through an efficient urban police force which is well-equipped and no doubt nearer to being fully armed. (Whilst the rest of the people have been disarmed.) 

The 'Great Reset' seems to be designed to create a World State run on the lines of Communist China, which is a totally centralised state-system based upon a fusion of Capitalism and Communism. This may well be the most efficient slave-state around in our times, and it works well enough to supply much of the world's goods, notwithstanding the lives of the 'slaves' they use to create these goods. But we can see that they are shoddy, poorly-made goods that do not last, and never could last since they have to keep the wheels going forever in such a produce-and-consume world. 

Those who oppose such a system based upon gross materialism that devours the Spirit of Man will have no part in this new world of theirs. We should now stop and think about this, because it means that as far as these psychopaths are concerned we are dead. They will have no qualms about putting into place their plans that will mean that we lose the means to live our lives, in fact lose the means to live. To them we do not have the right to live at all because we oppose their sick ideas, and we do not wish to live in a world of slaves ruled over by such evil. Let us look at this another way - we now have nothing whatever to lose, because we are already 'dead'. If we accept this then we shall be in a far better position to face the hardships that are coming upon us. We are certainly becoming the 'solitaries' of Nietzsche and Sajaha - the Lone Wolves. 

We are now the Army of the Dead and our god is Woden Herian - the Leader of the Army of the Dead. This brings us closer to The Ancestors and to the Fallen Heroes in Valhalla, where they await us when we are called to join them after this great and glorious struggle. If we understand the concept of the Army of the Dead, that this is a Spirit-Army led by Woden Herian, then we are in a position to invoke this mighty force within ourselves, to become possessed by the Army of the Dead. Or, put another way, to become possessed by the Spirit of Woden

The concept of the Cultic-Warrior is becoming more and more important as this oppression worsens. In such times we may think too much of the physical survival rather than maintaining a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual. Yes, physical survival is important, but creating a Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood is essential if we are to recreate the Halidom within ourselves and a section of society that opposes this tyranny. 

Ek Im Unmordsa - Ek Thikskoad!

I am the Immortal - I watch you!

The 'sacrifice' entails three distinct phases -

  • Kindle the Nyd-Fire - the Divine Flame.
  • The Offering of Bread and Mead.
  • The Chanting of the Sacred Word - the Rune-Chant. 

By the Sacred Word and the Sacred Offering the gods are increased; they are said to be born, created, or manifested in Man. This is the mystery that we need to know and understand, because by making the 'sacrifice' (which is an offering of oneself really) the gods are brought into being or manifested upon the Earth. This, of course, also applies to The Ancestors - the Einheriar - who are also manifested upon Earth. 

Sceadu-Beorn - The Shadow-Warrior.

'...the are their shields, their bodies painted; for battles they pick the blackest nights, and by their very dreadfulness - and more - the semblance of an Army of the Dead - they produce terror.'

Germania - Tacitus.

We know that 'All-Hallows' (Halloween) is a festival when children dress up in 'hellish' costumes, skeletal attire, wield an axe, sword or trident, dress in black and white in the semblance of 'The Dead'. This is clearly a remnant if a much more ancient ritual when the youth dressed as an Army of the Dead, and in doing so they invoked the Army of the Dead. They were not just 'mimicking' the dead, they were being possessed by the Dead Warriors. 

  • Black Garb,
  • The Black Flag,
  • Black & Red or Black, Red and White.
  • Weaponry,
  • The Sacred Mask of Woden.
  • The Death's Head Symbol.
  • The Wolf-Skin that invokes the Wolf-Fury in the Shadow-Warrior.
  • The Belt or Cord worn around the waist; the buckle or tie is over the Hara-Centre.

In any invocation it is necessary to take a ritual part through wearing the trappings of what one is invoking. Doing so creates a situation in which the one who invokes becomes one with the force being invoked. In this way the force that is invoked actually possesses the individual, and thus the full force of this power becomes one with the Shadow-Warrior. 

This is how the Heri or Army of the Dead were immune to fear and pain, because they had the Teuton-Fury or Wolf-Fury within them, and became, like Cu Chullain, of a 'hellish' appearance to others in battle. They were able to achieve super-human acts which others could not do. Now this is certainly not impossible, and has been recorded as fact even in our times. There have been so many cases of an individual being able to bring into being some form of superhuman strength because their state of mind became unbalanced due to some trauma. One case was where a small woman's child was trapped under a car and she actually lifted the car up so that the child could be released. On trying again at a later time she could not do so. This was because we have that latent power but in order to release it we have to have the will to do so. This has to be done as an unconscious act brought on by necessity

The Nyd-Rune is a rune associated with Death; it is also that of 'necessity', where an obstacle is placed in one's way, and through sheer act of Will the individual overcomes the obstacle. Far more inventions come from warfare than they do in times of peace, since necessity drives people to invent in order to survive such times. We can see how this is the Friction-Fire where a Steel-Striker (upright stave) is used to produce a spark by rubbing a knife down it (cross-stave). This is what we invoke - the Sacred Fire - when doing the first part of 'The Sacrifice'. 

On the Horns of Gallehus we can see that there are two distinct and different types of figures - one is carved as a solid, the other as a form of 'dotted' figure, as if the latter is not in the same reality, not in the same world, but is of the Spirit-World. 

The Sacred Centre.

We can see clearly on the 'Posture-Horn' of the Horns of Gallehus that the Peorth-Rune was used as the posture when playing the Taefl-Board. This can be seen on the top row, second row, fifth row and seventh row (the dice on this section). Today we think of this as a 'board-game' but originally this was not actually a 'game', but had a far deeper and more significant meaning. 

Taefl would have been played as a dice-game and game of chance (I will use the term 'game' here for convenience). The game centres around the 'king' who is positioned at the centre - the Sacred Centre. This is where Woden sits and sees all - Hlidsjalf. There would have been Black and White pieces as in chess, and Woden would have been the White King. The aim of the game is to capture the Sacred Centre. This is a most interesting point because it gives a hint as to what is going on around us in that the 'Sacred Centre' has been usurped by the Powers of Darkness whose control is centred there and radiates outwards around Midgard. Why else would the 'Holy Land' of the Slave-God religions be centred in Jerusalem? 

As I have said before, the Sacred Tablets mentioned in the Eddas are to be found in the Inner Earth, where they lie until after the Great Cataclysm and this Inner Earth arises to become the New Earth. This is the Idhya Groena which is the 'Ever-Green' or 'Very-Green' land also known as Greenland, not to be confused with the physical island named thus. Thus, when the Taefl-Game is played here in Midgard, there is a parallel world where this has an affect also. The Sacred Centre is known to the Teutonic Folk as Thule, which is a Centre of Initiation. 

"The submergence of Thule was not of the waters but of the Blood. Sooner or later its Adepts will seek to reawaken Thule once more."

Ultima Thule - The Vanished Northern Homeland. Bernard King.

Miguel Serrano talks again and again about the 'control of the centre', and it seems clear that today this control is held by the Powers of Darkness, which is why their power is so strong. But the true Sacred Centre is the Spiritual Centre in the North, where stands the Midnight Mountain and the Black Sun. This is not in this world, but is in a Spiritual World. This is where the true power is held, the earthly and physical 'centre' being a physical centre of power - and no more. 

The Black Sun is the Source of Infinite Power and the Dark Light; this is the Source of All. This symbol should be used as a meditation-visualisation, as a form of mandala. This is the Black Sun of the Shadow-Warrior and is so important to the Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods. 

The Transformation.

The Long Man of Wilmington is in the shape of the Cweorth-Rune - the Rune of Transformation by Fire. The figure is that of Woden, but in a form which we call Waendal, a word that is usually said to mean 'to wind', or 'to turn'. This seems to be right, but there is yet another meaning to the word wandal and that is 'to transform'. This figure is that of the Great Initiator who transforms the Woden Initiate through Cultic-Initiation. 

The God of the Mannerbund is Woden, and the weapon of the Cultic-God is the Club, as shown above in the Herne Giant. The name 'Cerne Abbas Giant' is a very late term and does not stem from 'Cernunnos' whose image is found only in Gaul, and is certainly not 'pan-Celtic' as some seem to think. In fact, the only name that has come down to us of this hill-figure is the Saxon Heil, a name which has never been interpreted, but seen as a corruption of 'Helios'. It is Saxon so why on earth would it have had a Greek name? Indeed, there is a Germanic concept of the Heilbringer, which suggests that this figure is linked to this idea. (*)

(*) The Herne Giant has recently been desecrated by the agents of Amazon to promote a new film. This was done without the permission of the National Trust, who manage the site, and once again we see a Global Corporation insulting the Gods of our Folk. 

Here these morons have placed a face-mask over the Phallus of Heil and the words - 'WEAR MASK. - SAVE LIVE'. Not the right English but what can we expect from such idiots. This is not the only place this has been done, and other sites around England have been used to promote this obvious 'propaganda film'. I have not seen it, and will not do so I am afraid. 

Note: the term 'evil' stems from a PGmc. Root *abuxas- which means 'bent back' or 'inverted'. This gives credence to the use of the terms EVIL-LIVE, each of which is an 'inverted' form of the other. 

This Cultic Initiation is so important to the concept of the Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood; it forms the basis of such a Brotherhood because every individual has to become a part of the whole through such Initiation. This means a transformation in the individual, who passes through a Death-to-Rebirth ritual, being a form of 'play' in which the individual takes part in. The most important concept is that these are Oath Brotherhoods in which sworn oaths are made, oaths that cannot, and must not, be broken. This is where we today come up against a great problem, because from experience there are far too many people who do not hold true to the oaths they have made. Oaths are not trivial statements, they are binding and should not be broken. 

"The Souls of the Dead as the Army of the Dead which involves itself in the battles of the living."


Sacred Steal-Right.

The Cultic-Warriors had the Sacred Right to Steal since they had no property nor family (since they had been detached from society and family - as many have today). Laws should be there to protect a people and a Folk-Nation, and to ensure the well-being and survival of the Folk. When such laws oppress the people, and are aimed to destroy, then these laws must be rejected in favour of Natural Law and the Laws of the Gods - which we should uphold anyway. A different set of values must come into being when we are dealing with those who seek our destruction.

The Totenkult & The Ahnenkult.

"The consecrated members of the Bund are immortal and are one with the Spirits of the Dead."


The secret here is in the word 'consecrated' ('hallowed') since it is through the Cultic Initiation that the Cultic-Warrior becomes an Immortal and thus becomes 'one with the Spirits of the Dead'. Cultic-Initiation is necessary for this transformation to take place, hence the reason for a Cultic-Warrior Bund. 

The ancient burial-mounds (burghs) scattered around England are sites to visit and to 'sit-out' (utiseti) upon in order to commune with the Spirits of the Dead. Wayland's Smithy is a place where some individuals within Woden's Folk have experienced the presence of the Ancestral Spirits. I will not go over this subject again, but many years ago I was made aware that the Rune-Chant ALU was linked to the Ancestral Spirits, through an experience at Wayland's Smithy. This runic formula was certainly used on Saxon Burial Urns and is thus connected to the Dead. Since the word itself means some form of Magical Force, connected with 'Ale' and thus 'intoxication', then its use should be made within the context of the Cultic-Warrior Bund. 


"Lo! There do I see my father. Lo! There do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers. Lo! There do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo! They do call to me, they bid me take my place in the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever."

Hail the Victorious Dead!

Hail the Glorious Dead!