Saturday 18 March 2023

The Woden Folk-Religion


After some days of deep thought I have come to realise that the Esoteric Wodenism must be now split from the Exoteric Wodenism. This has already been done in regard to Woden's Folk (Esoteric) and the Woden Folk-Community/Woden Folk-Religion (Exoteric), but we need to go further now. The two have to be linked together, that is obvious, but they must also each now take a different path in a deeper sense. 

Contrary to modern ideas, religions were originally founded because humans were never 'created equal' and each is at a different level of spiritual evolution. Thus, the religions were created for those who were 'uninitiated' and therefore needed some form of spiritual path through which they needed guidance. It was only later, and with the decay and degeneration of a religion that the priesthood used it for their own power over others. In today's world we can see how the world-leaders, and those who follow them blindly, have a deep contempt for the 'people' - this is also true of some who oppose those in power unfortunately. 

It is also true to say that we are today in the transition period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, and thus neither in one nor the other. The Age of Pisces (which we are leaving) is the 'Age of the Hanged God' (Woden or Christ), whilst this age we are in now is the 'Age of the Crowned and Conquering Son' (Woden-Wid-Ar/Ingwe). Just as there are remnants of the Christian Era, there are also remnants of those who adhere to Odin-Woden-Wotan as the 'Hanged God', and who still stick to the Viking/Anglo-Saxon era. This has to be so, since we are in this transition period, and in the Era of Dissolution and Chaos. These are the dying religions of the old era, the Age of Pisces. 

It is essential that this Archetypal Image, of 'Jesus Christ' hanging in shame, dejection, humiliation and defeat is replaced by the image of Wid-Ar - the Crowned and Conquering Son. But since this is not happening today then it will remain the work of the few Woden Initiates to introduce this into the Folk-Religion at the right time. In the meantime to work to invoke the Power of Wid-Ar as the Age of Ingwe is spread. 

The Woden Folk-Religion must now continue as part of Odinism, Wotanism, Asatru, and the other Northern Heathen movements that promote the Viking/Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Heathenism. It will thus be a Folk-Religion that attracts into it Northern Heathens, but must remain Folkish in essence and form. It will thus be based around -

  • A pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.
  • Elves, Nature Spirits, Land-Spirits etc.
  • The Forefathers.
  • Cosmology based upon Norse Myth, Germanic Lore, and Anglo-Saxon Lore.
  • Based mainly on an English Folk-Religion & Folk-History.
  • A Folk-Religion open to all Folkish Heathens.

The Esoteric side - Woden's Folk - will deal with the Rites and Rituals for the Folk-Religion, which will remain as they are now. The 'Sword of Wayland' will be produced by Woden's Folk and will promote the Woden Folk-Religion (as it does now). Thus, there need be no real change here, except for some very small ones needed as this evolves.

The Armanen Initiates, Adepts and Masters were taken up in a new current that foresaw a New Age, and thus a complete change in terms of religious ideas. It is this current that our Esoteric side follows, and it is this that now needs to be seen as different from the Folk-Religion, in that it is clear that only a small minority of people are open to the New Current; this seems clear when we look at other groups and individuals, most of whom are not in tune with this New Age Current. So, our esoteric side must now be taken up, not by a religion, but by an Esoteric Order, and this we shall base around -

  • A New Cosmology that accepts that there has to be a 'Great Thought' that existed from the beginning, since nothing happens without a thought manifesting first. We can accept that there existed a Void - Ginnungagap - which is 'magically-charged', a term that is vague since it means nothing really, except if we see this 'magical charge' being something like *alu- and thus the Ali-Father, All-God, All-Father, or Ilu-Father, i.e. the Great Creative Spirit also known as Ur-Alda, Uralten, Ar Var Alda etc. 
  • Thus we have the Unmanifest (0) which becomes Manifest (1), and then becomes a duality (2), from which springs the Trinity (3). This is the basis of most ancient religions and cosmology.
  • The Gods and Goddesses are those of our Racial Gods, the Gods of our Folk: they manifest from the Great Creative Spirit. Woden becomes 'All-Father' since he is a God that evolves and just like some Hindu Gods, he becomes the 'High God'. Gylfaggining makes it clear that the 'All-Father' is the Eternal Spirit, whilst Ragnarok shows that the Gods die and are resurrected in the New Age and New Earth. 
  • The Great Creative Spirit manifests power through the Black Sun, the Sun of the First Earth or 'Former World'. It is the Power of the Black Sun that will resurrect the Arya, the Sun-Man or Superman. This, again, is not accepted by all Northern Heathens. 
  • Wid-Ar is the Crowned and Conquering Son and his Archetypal Image is that of a Warrior-Leader, riding a White Horse, carrying a Flaming Sword, and bearing a shield on which is the White Dragon of Ingwe. At this time we see him as Wid-Ar the Silent since he has as yet not uttered 'The Word' that will bring all of this into existence. 
  • On August 11th 1999 the Solar Eclipse heralded the conception of the Age of Ingwe - the Age of Heroes - but it also heralded the resurrection of Ingwe, which is why the Mysteries of Ingwe have appeared in these times. The White Stone of Ingwe revealed that the 'Gift of Ingwe' is Fire, and thus the knowledge that Ingwe is the Vedic Agni came to light. As a Primal God of Fire and Light he is not the same as the Ingvi-Frey we find in Norse Mythology, which tells nothing of this to us. Ingwe is Sheaf, and he is also linked to Hama (Heimdall) whose role he overlaps - these are similar archetypes. Again, these mysteries are not widely taken up, nor held by most Northern Heathens.
  • In this Ingwe is linked to Waendal, to the Fire-Twirl (Swastika), to the Ned-Fire, and also to Krist, which we shall look at in turn. He is the 'Son of Man', of Tuisto ('Twister' = Fire-Borer = Pramantha = Swastika). 
  • We thus see Woden as having stepped down from the Gallows-Tree after recovering the Holy Runes from the Well of Memory. The 'Father' becomes 'The Son'. 
  • Ingwe is the Solar Krist. This is certainly not something taken up widely, since modern heathens tend to reject anything that seems 'Christian', even when it hides Heathen Secrets. The early Christian Church openly stated that Krist existed long before and historical figure - Solar Christianity was Heathen! Krist was born on December 25th, Agni was born on December 25th, Mithra was born on December 25th. Even the Christian Bible holds this secret, since Krist is visited by 'Three Wise Men' or 'Three Magi' bringing him Gold (Kingship), Frankincense (Priest) and Myrrh (Justice). We have a Helgi who was born on December 25th, and at the birth were the Three Norns. The 'Three Wise Men' are the three stars of the Belt of Orion, named 'Frigg's Distaff' by the Saxons. The distaff - Spinner of Fate - and the Old English name for this time - The Mothers' Night (Wyrd Sisters). The Sun 'stand still' on December 22nd (Solstice-Sunstead) and is 'reborn' on December 25th - the Birth of the Sun, and the Birth of the Sun-King. The Myth of Agni is the 'Birth of Krist'. This is why we hold to this concept, even though it is rejected by most Heathens.
  • The Mysteries of the Last Avatar, which form no part in most modern heathen groups or individuals. HelgiH, Wid-Ar, The Hooded Man etc. form the central core of our esoteric work. In this we hold faith with the Avatar who held back the Forces of Darkness, and sowed the 'seeds' of the New Order that is coming about for the New Age.
  • This is the 'Age of the Son' - the 'Age of Heroes' the transition period between two world-ages.
  • Whereas the Folk-Religion is there to aid the survival of the Folk, the esoteric work is there to aid the evolution of the Folk into the Superman, the God-Man, the Sun-Man, the Arya etc. 
I hope this is made clear here, since it is now important that we put together what has been done over the last 25 years into a working Esoteric Order using the Black Sun Symbol and the Widdershins Swastika (Swastika of the Return), as well as other Sacred Symbols. The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag will continue to be developed into our own 'Inner Working System'. 

Monday 13 March 2023

Woden & The Black Sun


Woden is the god linked to the Power of the Black Sun. He sacrificed an eye for Occult Knowledge, and this 'Woden's Pledge' was then hidden in the Well of Mimir - the Well of Memory. The Realm of Mimir is in the Lower-World (Nid-World or 'Nether-World') and there is held the Well of Memory, but this world is lit by the Black Light of the Black Sun. Woden, as the God of the Hanged, the God of the Dead, is thus linked to the Black Sun of the Nid-World. The serpent Nidhogg lies coiled in this realm, and there are Light and Dark areas here.

The Swastiks is a symbol used throughout the ancient world, and is especially an Aryan Symbol. This is because the Black Sun shone over the world of Thule-Hyperborea, and with it's decline came the decline of the Shining Ones, the Divine Ancestors of the Aryan Race. The Black Sun is the source of All-Father's power in this world; it is thus also the source of the Power of Woden. The Black Sun is directly linked to the Swastika, since in its form it is a triple-swastika. Aelfric Avery thinks that the Triple-Swastikas are of Ice (Wyrd), Fire (Werdandi) and Air (Skuld), and that the symbol is 'The Spinning-Wheel of the Norns' who weave the substance of Ginnungagap - The Void. The obvious symbolism of the movement of energy (Vril/Life-Force) is inherent in the Swastika and the Black Sun. 

The Swastika is made up of two Sig-Runes, and represents Sal (Salvation) and Sig (Victory). As the Black Swastika this is the Black Sun (Sweart Sun), and thus fits the symbolism of SS. According to Mdm. Blavatsky Prometheus is the personification of the Pramantha, and he is the equivalent of the Vedic Matarishvan, closely associated with the Fire-God, Agni. Thus, the Swastika is the 'Fire-Wheel' and linked to the kindling of Fire-by-Friction. The Swastika is linked to the Spiritual Sun, Spiritual Fire and the Knowledge of Truth.

The Nyd-Rune is the Rune of Fire-by-Friction, and is associated with the Vedic Agni, and with Ingwe - God of Fire and Light. Ingwe - the 'Son of Man' - is a god that has been hidden within Ingvi-Frey, but whose role is far higher than has been given credit by most 'revivalists'. His role as Scef shows him to be the Divine Ancestor of the Ingefolk, a role he seems to share with Hama-Heimdall, since these two share a similar Archetypal Myth. The Nad-Rune is the Rune of Nid - Rune of the 'Nether-World', and this invokes the Magical Power of the Nether-World. This can be seen in what we called the 'Raising of the Nithing-Pole', where the term 'Nothing' tells this secret, and whence a Nail was driven into the base of the pole - symbolic off the Invocation of Cthonic Powers. This is the Rune of the Need-Fire, thus linked to Agni-Ingwe. 

I have mentioned my thoughts that the Swastika is symbolic of Bael-Daeg in the Nether-World, since this is my own interpretation of one of the Merseburg Charms. Some have linked 'Blind Hod' to the Black Sun, which is quite logical due to the term 'Blind', and thus Bael-Daeg would be associated with the Golden Sun. But the term 'Bael' is also linked to 'blackening by fire' and is also a logical explanation. It seems to me that Bael-Daeg would fit the bill here, since he is not 'slain and risen' each year as the 'nature-gods', but is slain and does not return until after Ragnarok and the Great Catastrophe. He comes back 'hand-in-hand' with Blind Hod. And since he is in Odainsacre with the Asmegir, then he would be the Black Sun of the First Earth, which is where the First Ancestors are. 

Many earlier scholars, and some Northern Heathens, equated the Swastika with the Hammer of Thunor - as we ourselves have done in the past. I would most certainly not reject this idea, since the Swastika is a symbol of a force that is wielded by a god or gods. It is symbolic of the Vril-Force or Odic-Force, as well as the Woda-Force. The Hammer of Thunor is named 'The Miller' or 'The Crusher', and this itself tells us that it is associated with the World Mill/Cosmic Mill. which itself is associated with the Far North, where the stars revolve around the Pole Star in the shape of the Swastika. Certainly, the Great Bear is Woden's Waen, and this revolves around the Pole Star in the shape of a Swastika - but it is his 'wagon' and not the god himself. The 'Driver of the Waen' is Bootes, whom we know to be Ingwe, so the force that 'spins' the Swastika is the Power of Ingwe; but, saying this this could just as well be the Power of Woden, since he too may be connected to Bootes. But a force is not restricted to one type of power and use, so the idea of 'The Crusher' or 'The Miller', as a force that breaks down, being wielded by Thunor is quite possible. Symbols have many meanings, just as the runes have many meanings. 

This image is clearly that of Odin riding the Eight-Legged Horse, Sleipnir; but we find here his weapon being the 'Thunderbolt', usually associated with the Aryan Thunder-God, such as Zeus or Indra. Indra's weapon is the Vajra, translated as 'Diamond-Thunderbolt'. Again, we must recognise that these weapons are symbols of a force wielded by a God, and not the God himself. The 'thunder' is the sound, the noise created when the Lightning-Bolt is released - the 'Fire-from-Water' (Lightning from the Clouds). This sound is usually associated with the Chariot of Thunor as he rides across the skies in the thunder-storms. The 'Thunderbolt' is clearly the Lightning-Bolt, hence its shape as 'forked'. Here we have Odin wielding this weapon, and not Thor. 

The Vajra (India) or Dorje (Tibet) which is the 'Diamond-Thunderbolt' wielded by the Aryan Thunder-God. This is just a stylised version of the simple Thunderbolt seen being wielded by Odin/Woden. 

Sunday 12 March 2023

The Mystery of the Abyss.


"...I saw a star fall from heaven unto the Earth; and to him was given the Key of the Bottomless Pit..."  

Revelation 9:1.

"And they had a king over them, which is the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, whose name in the Hebrew is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hat his name Apollyon."

Revelation 9:11.

The term abyss seems to stem from an IE Root *bhudh- meaning 'bottom' or 'base', which suggests that a 'bottomless pit' cannot be called 'The Abyss'. 'Abyss' is usually related to 'Chaos', but the word 'Chaos' stems from the IE Root *gheu- meaning 'to yawn' or 'to gape', a chasm or empty space. This, of course, relates to Ginnungagap - the 'Gaping Void at the Beginning'. Before I go further the Hebrew 'Abaddon' and Greek 'Apollyon both' hint at their links to Ab/Ap which are the root-sounds used of 'water', in an animate sense, i.e. the force that is symbolised by the element we know as 'water'. In both Sumer (Ab-zu) and Babylon (Ap-su) this is a term used of the watery-space 'below' the Earth, i.e. in the Underworld. 

IE Root *gheu-

  • To Our, to pour a libation.
  • Gut, intestine.
  • Gust, a gust of wind.
  • Gush, to pour out.
  • *gheu-ti- 'easily emptied', leaky.
  • To yawn, to gape, from which we get *gudam - 'God', and *ghau - Chaos.
  • Germanic *go-ma meaning palate, jaw. (i.e. 'gaping').
  • To call, to invoke from which we get *ghu-to - 'The Invoked' i.e. a God, OE giddy/gydig - 'giddy', i.e. 'possessed by a God'. 

You will note that I have not parted these into sections with differing meanings, since they are all related to 'God', 'Ginnungagap', 'Chaos'. The term - 'To Call' or 'To Invoke' are used in ritual, the term 'Gut' is used here as the 'Gut Feeling', i.e. the Instinctive Mind, and the 'Gust of Wind' is the Primal Movement within Ginnungagap that brings together the Primal Ice and Primal Fire - the Conflict of Opposites that brings Creation into being.

These concepts are some of those contained in the Mysteries of the Gyfu-Rune, which is thus the 'Rune of God' and the 'Rune of Ginnungagap'. This in itself contains the idea of 'Gust of Wind' which is the Primal Movement (AIR), as well as the 'Magical Charge' present in the Void in the beginning - that which become Manifest from the Unmanifest.

The Joten-Forces and Thurs-Forces are forces present within Chaos, and seek to return everything to the Primal Chaos. Thus, this section about opening the 'Bottomless Pit' and allowing these forces to become manifest here on Earth seems to suggest that these are the Forces of Chaos unleashed upon the Earth in our era. 

There is yet another reference to a 'star falling from heaven, burning as it were a lamp', and this 'star' is called 'Wormwood'. Back in the spring of 1997 when the Hale-Bopp Comet was clearly visible in the Northern Skies, during my 'Initiation' (which is what it seemed to be to me) I had a vivid dream of a 'star falling from the sky', and this opened up some form of 'gateway' allowing forces into Midgard, which is why I have decided to do this post about these seemingly different ideas, for there has to be a 'line' joining up the 'dots'.

The Hale-Bopp Comet had a profound affect upon some people, including another WF Activist at the same time as I had this experience. It had a more negative effect upon the 'Heaven's Gate' cult, most likely due to the way this cult operated, and the psychological working on the minds of cult-members. But the one thing that this crackpot-cult based their ideas upon was that this was a 'Gateway' into something else. In a sort of Christian way they deemed themselves something 'special' in that a UFO was going to 'save' them in some way, hence no doubt their fanaticism and negative ideas that caused such a tragedy. 

The 'Red Dragon' or 'Red Serpent' (Shaitan) is bound for a thousand years, and is cast 'into the bottomless pit'. I'm no scholar of Sumer or Babylon but as far as I know the Abzu/Apsu is the realm of Tiamat who is the 'Goddess of Chaos' who is defeated by Marduk, thus bringing Order out of Chaos. To create a 'New World Order' it is necessary to parody the Creation Myth - Order out of Chaos - which is exactly what is taking place today. This is where the masonic Ordo ab Chaos comes into play.

The motto Ordo ab Chaos not only contains the word ab but also the symbolism of the Double-Headed Eagle (Rule of the Two Worlds) and the Crown as symbolic of that rule. Not every freemason is aware of what is  being done, though there is little doubt that they are being used as a 'tool' for these ends; this part of the Global Agenda is obviously behind the Global Corporations who have shape-shifted from their Global Capitalist Agenda (which amassed great wealth in the hands of a few) to a new Global Marxist Agenda where this massed wealth is now used as a control mechanism over the peoples of the world. 

'And a great angel come down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the Devil (D'Evil) and Satan (Shaitan-Shaddein), and bound him a thousand years.'

Revelation 20: 1-2.

The 'call' used by Woden as he 'fell' after his shamanic Nine Nights of hanging upon the World Tree was AEPANDI NAM. This is based upon the very same root AEP which is the Ab/Ap used of the Primeval Waters of Chaos. Peryt Shou links this to the 'Cry of Need', and thus it was due to 'need' (necessity) that Woden 'sacrificed himself to himself' in order to recover the Ancient Runes from the Well of Memory. This, it seems, was done during the 'Iron Age', when these Holy Symbols were 'recovered' and from them was created the FUTHARK/FUTHORK - from the chaos was created the Order of the Runes. 

The idea that the Holy Runes stem from 'Roman', 'Greek' or 'Etruscan' letters of an alphabet is given credence by establishment scholars but it is made clear in the Eddas that they were recovered by Woden because the need to do so came at a certain time, and this was when we were plunged into the darkest era of the Cosmic Cycle. Is it thus a coincidence that this depiction of 'Woden's Man' is also used with the Swastika, a symbol that arose again in the last century just as the Holy Runes were again 'recovered' by Guido von List who took on the Woden Archetype to do so? He 'recovered' the runes whilst blinded after a cataract operation. 

The Eddaic concept of Hel or Hela is one of a world of both Light and Dark Powers, thus nothing to do with the 'Fiery Hell' of the Christians, which owes more to the Jewish 'Gehenna' than to Hel/Hela. The figure of Hel is indeed one of Light & Darkness, and hence why these mysteries are contained in the Haegl-Rune with its meanings of 'Heil' (Light) and "Hail' (Darkness). It always seem strange to me how most runic scholars push the meaning of 'hail' - destruction - rather than that of 'heil' - wholeness, health, heal etc. This seems to stem from the rune-poems which are based upon this meaning, though looking closely the term 'hail' (Ice) is here seen as turning to 'water' and thus connected to the Ice of Niflheim which turns into the 'mist' (water) when acted upon by the Fire of Muspellheim. 

There is an esoteric meaning to the idea of this 'star' that falls from heaven and opens the 'Bottomless Pit'. The catastrophic events portrayed with the fall of the 'star' into the 'bottomless pit' can certainly be connected to the events happening today - there is little doubt about that. But to see them in the light of how this is presented in 'Revelation' is to see them as an 'Act of God', as some form of 'judgement' and 'punishment'. This is how such catastrophic events are told in other mythologies, by 'God' or by 'The Gods'. But, if we look at them as being necessary, as being connected to the Need-Rune, and thus to the 'Compulsion of Fate' (Guido von List), and if we recognise this, then this is the key to overcoming these events, and transforming them through a spiritual transformation. This is connected to the Magical Rite of Need - AEPANDI NAM - which will be looked at again in another post. 

Wednesday 1 March 2023

The Creation Myth


We are told that Niflheim and Muspelheim existed from the beginning, and between them Ginnungagap - the 'Gaping Void'. Niflheim in the North is the realm of the Ice-Giants or Frost-Giants, being the Realm of Ice, and symbolised by the Is-Rune. To the south is Muspelheim which is the realm of what we are told is the 'Fire-Giants' or the 'Fire-Giant' named Surt. Ginnungagap is the 'Magically-charged Void', i.e. it has within it the Creative Consciousness, the ability to manifest from that which is unmanifest. 

There is a problem with Muspelheim, since we are led to believe that it is the home of 'Giants', which we would naturally see as the Joten. But when we look more closely, we are told that it is the source of all Light, the source of all of the heavenly bodies that light the Earth - the Sun, Moon and Stars. We should not think in terms of the physical fire that we use, but here in a sense of the Spiritual Creative Fire, the Source of Creation. Here, from this realm, this Creative Fire acts upon the Ice of Niflheim, melting it, and from this action of Fire and Water (melted ice) there springs the First Being - Ymir. 

The so-called 'Fire-Giant' - Surt - we are told by Snorri is the 'king of eternal bliss at the southern end of the sky'. He also asserts - '...there are many good abodes and many bad; best is it to be in Gimle with Surt'. Now, Gimle is the Highest Heaven, the only world that will not be destroyed at Ragnarok, and it is the dwelling of All-Father.  It is Loki that leads the Joten-Forces against the Gods, but it is Surt that is the Destroyer of All - the Gods and the Joten. He leads the Sons of Muspell in order that the worlds will be cleansed by Fire, and then by Water that will put out the Cleansing-Fires. 

The Ur-Fire or Creative Spiritual Fire is the first element, and in the original Blots of the Odinic Rite was written of Fire - 'the First Mystery and the Final Mercy' - which acknowledges the Germanic Lore of the Creation and Destruction of the worlds by Fire. This Spiritual Fire that creates all life, all souls, and also the Vail-Force, originates in the spiritual world of the Ninth Heaven, and these forces enter the material world through the Black Sun. 

The First Being is named Ymir, a name that means 'Twin', and he is the same as Tuisto/Tuisco whose name can also mean 'Twin' (two). Here we cannot but think of the god named Tiw who can also be seen as 'Two' or 'Twin', and whose name can mean 'Shining'. In fact, in our runic row we have Tiw - Mannus - Divine Twins, all related to the idea of Twin Brothers. Woden-Will-Weoh is the Triple-God that 'slays' Ymir, from which the material world is created; this role is done by Manu in the Hindu Texts. Since Ymir appears with Audhumla, and Audhumla licks the salt blocks out of which appears Buri, it seems feasible to think that Buri and not Woden-Will-Weoh are the ones to 'slay' the Primal Being. When we look at the German version we have Tuisto (Ymir) and his offspring Mannus, rather than his twin as it should be. Then we have the Hermiones, Istvaeones and Ingvaeones, all of which seem to relate to the Aryan Caste System, instituted by Manu in Indian Lore. Like the Myth of Manu in India, the Creation-Myth and the Divine Order Myth are fused together as one - since they are both based upon the same foundation, As Above - So Below.

We thus have the three-fold division of Ar-Ist-Ing and that of Woden-Will-Weoh/Woden-Hoenir-Lodhur. But the role of Buri is here taken by Woden who has become the High God. The name Tuisto can also mean 'to twist' (to turn, to coil) and is thus related to Spirit; the name Tiw could also have the same meaning. The essence of this idea of Ymir-Manu could be that this is a Female-Male unity which is the same as the Babylonian Ilu-Ilua, and the 'Baphomet' in its true form. Thus, the material body of the Cosmos is Female, and hence the connection of Yima with the 'Land of the Dead', since Hela rules this region. 

This may be borne out in the Third AEttir of the Rune-Row -

Tiw - "Twin" - The Female-Male Union.

Beorc - The Female.

E(o)h - The Twins, both Female and Male.

Mann - The Male (Manu).

In these first four runes we have the origins of the Creative Myth; here it is the male-female unity that become the duality of male-female. Of course, this is but one meaning of these runes, and of the 'Divine Twins'. Here, rather than the Triple-God Woden-Will-Weoh/Woden-Hoenir-Lodhur and Ar-Ist-Ing as the offspring of Mannus, we have the 'son' (offspring) as Ingwe (Ing-Rune). Ingwe is the 'Son of Man'. There is also a hidden piece related to Tiw losing his Right Hand, bitten off by the Fenris Wolf. Symbolically this is the Tiw-Rune losing its Right Hand, thus becoming the Lagu-Rune; it can be no coincidence that the Lagu-Rune appears in the same AEttir after the Mann-Rune. 

It is also perhaps no coincidence that in the Myth of Agni he is first hidden in the Waters, linking this to the Lagu-Rune which precedes the Ing-Rune. Agni is called Apam Napat - 'Child of the Waters' - and it is he 'through who shineth without fuel amidst the waters'. Apam Napat (Agni) is associated with the Fiery Hvarena ("Solar Matter") which is related to Kingship and Luck ('Heil'). Apam Napat hides the Fiery Hvarena at the bottom of a Lake (Water). So, our rune-row hides the Mysteries of Creation. The Edel-Rune could thus be related to the idea of the 'Noble Race' (Arya) that springs from this Creation. The Daeg-Rune is here related to 'Day' and to 'Light' - the Day-Spring or Dawn of our Race. 

Lagu - The Waters, in which the 'Fiery Essence' is held (Kingly Race). 

Ing(w) - Ingwe, the offspring of Manu, the Birth of the Light-Born and Fire-Born.

Daeg - The Day-Spring, the Dawn of our Race, the emergence of the Arya, the Edel-Born. 

Edel - The Noble-Born Race (Arya) and also the Primaeval Homeland of Thule-Hyperborea-Airyana-Vaija. This is the AEtherial Realm at the North Pole.

Going a stage further, in relation to the 'Fiery Essence' that is that of the High God, kept and given by the Goddess Freya, this is the Bros-Ing-Mene - the 'Necklace of Fire'. If we swap round the Edel-Rune and Daeg-Rune (which is something that can be found in some rune-rows) to Edel-Daeg then the Ing-Rune (Sacral King) and the Edel-Rune (The Homeland) are together, as the Sacral King has to wed 'Sovereign' (the Land) in some mythologies. This 'Sacred Marriage' gives rise to the Daeg - the land is thus infused with the 'Divine Light of the Gods'.

In order to have harmony in the Cosmos, and thus harmony in the Society of Man, the Divine Order must be present, that is, that the Society of Man must reflect the Divine Order of the Cosmos. Hence the reason that a strict hierarchical order of Kon-Earl-Karl-Thrall must be maintained at all times. The modern subversive idea of 'equality' thus breaks down the Divine Order, thus creating disorder and Chaos. It is essential that this Divine Order is recreated, no matter what people today feel 'should' be done to create a 'fair' society. Being 'fair' does not come into this, being RIGHT is what matters!