Friday 28 February 2020

The Vinlanders - Book Review

This work is something no-one should miss out on; Joe Sevnson ended some 30 years or more of research into the true history of Vinland (USA) and lifted the truth above the lies and distortions that try to make the White Folk of Vinland into second-class citizens. This is not only for the Vinlanders, but also for us here in England because we have much the same problem here too; and this is certainly something not to be missed by those living in Scandinavia. 

Rather than taking this further back into the mists of time, into a time thousands of years ago where proof of the Teutonic Sea-Peoples being in Vinland does exist, the time of the 'White Gods' and 'White Giants', this work is based around later (but much earlier than the 'Christopher Columbus' era) incursions by the Welsh and Vikings, as well as that of certain Irish Monks called Papars who seem, in the Viking era, to have travelled the same path as the Vikings. As Joe himself states, the Germanic and Celtic Folk were one and the same, but for the sake of ease I will use the term 'Teutonic' to cover both Germanic, Celtic and the Tuatha de Danaan. 

Many years ago when I was in my early twenties I got hold of a library book from the Leicester Library which covered the 'Red Indians' of Vinland; indeed, as the book showed, these were neither 'red' nor were they 'Indians', they were a mixture of Asiatics and Northern Europeans, sometimes with the Europeans making a ruling elite. The book was very thorough in showing cross-references between the languages of the 'Indians' and those of certain European Languages. It also showed photos of these people to prove this point. It is extremely doubtful if this book can be found today in any library, no doubt taken out because the contents do not fit with the Global Agenda. So I know for myself that what Joe says in this work is on the right track. 

This work gives proof of the Vikings having had a huge impact on many areas of Vinland, and that many of the mounds, burial-chambers, and various other ancient structures were built by the Vikings. Contrasts are made between these structures and those in Scandinavia, and clearly they have the same roots. In regard to this his work is really thorough and offers proof of his ideas which can hardly be dismissed. 

This work does not merely show how ancient structures were Viking in origin, or before that the ancient Teutonic Sea-Peoples, but that much of the symbolism used by the Amerindians can also be credited to the Vikings. All over Vinland we find the Swastika - or did find the Swastika, I should say - and this work suggests that the Thunderbird symbol at the top of the 'Totem Pole' is that of the 'World Pillar' (Irminsul-Yggdrasil) with the Eagle at the top of it - the Thunderbird. The Cult of the World Pillar is Northern European, and Northern European alone; it is the ancient Cult of Hyperborea and Thule. 

There are tons of photos of artefacts from Viking times, jewellery, weapons, pottery etc. Also that of the ancient mounds, barrows, standing stones, stone walls, round towers and much more stuff that would be far too long to go into here. Runestones are also covered in detail with photos as well. 

A very interesting point that Joe makes out is that the Irish Monks, the Papars, seem to have travelled around to the very same areas as the Vikings or Norsemen. When the Vikings went to dwell in Iceland they found these Papars there too, and the latter also went to Greenland and Hvritramannaland ('White Man's Land') which pre-existed Vinland, sometimes thought of as 'Greater Ireland'. And another brilliant point he makes is that there does seem to be some form of 'Divine Mission' or 'Divine Destiny' given to those Vikings who crossed into Greenland, Vinland and Canada, as no doubt those who crossed into Central and Southern America. This takes it further than just the important historical content into the realms of Archetypal Myth. 

This book has 344 pages and is thus a very comprehensive work on the subject, with pages and pages of facts, photos and proof that the Europeans had a vast impact upon this ancient land. This is an important work, because if we view the European impact from that of the later settlements through the 'British Corporation' which were solely based upon economic materialism and exploitation, and from the alien 'Coca-Cola Culture' that developed from this, and which has spread like a cancer around the world, then the Europeans can be seen only in a negative light. In truth it was the control by the Judaeo-Christian Church that created this later development, and was one of the prime reasons, mentioned in this work, for the Vikings and Irish Monks to move away to these areas, away from the persecution that was spreading around Europe. 

This book is available from The 55 Club, and and I would highly recommend it to everyone interested in our historical past, whether from Vinland, England or Scandinavia, and everywhere where the European Folk have spread across the globe. 

Monday 24 February 2020

Empire of Light

A reading of the Old Testament will show that the essence of this book is a seething hatred of every ancient civilisation on this Earth, from Sumer, to Akkad, to Babylon, to Persia, to Egypt and then Rome. This is reflected in Revelation in the New Testament where both Babylon and Rome are singled out for this hatred. There is not only a hatred, but a strong feeling of envy and jealousy about these attacks. The most ancient of these civilisations arose up as if from nowhere, and there seems to be no proof whatever that they evolved from anything at all. Bharat (India) was also one of the greatest Aryan Civilisations, but I am not sure if this appears in the Old Testament; to give a time-scale for this an ancient city has been found in the waters around India, and it has been date as some 33,000 years old! Remember, this is at a remote time when cities were not supposed to exist at all - we were all living in 'mud huts' according to the established order.

One of the most famous Greek scholars was Pythagoras, and most people know him by his 'Theory of Pythagoras'. According to an old tradition he travelled the world looking for knowledge, and whilst he was in Egypt the Persian King, Cambyses, compelled all the wise men, including Pythagoras, to go to Babylon. This is recorded by the Greek Neoplatonic philosopher, Iamblichus, in his Life of Pythagoras. Pythagoras passed twenty-two years in the sanctuaries of the temples in Egypt, studying astronomy and geometry, and was initiated into the Mysteries of the Gods. He was then taken captive by the soldiers of Cambyses, and carried off to Babylon where he was instructed in the Ancient Mysteries by the Magi. There, it is said, he studied and completed arithmetic, music and all the other sciences. After twelve years, when he was around fifty-six years old, he returned to Samos. There is a legend that Pythagoras may even have met Zoroaster in Babylon. The wise men of Babylon were called the Chaldeans, and this seems to have been a very ancient centres of the Mysteries.

We have seen the importance of Babylon in my latest book, and in the posts about the Sajaha Prophecies. It would seem clear that these ancient Empires of Light had some form of 'aid' from elsewhere, hidden knowledge that others did not have. Where did this Ancient Knowledge come from? The following quote from the Armenian Mystic, Gurdjieff, may give us a clue -

"He (Gurdjieff) said that from time to time from another world - 'from Above' - a Sacred Individual is incarnated in human form with a very high and special mission, the working of which is not visible in this world and which can only be perceived by the disciples or companions who are specially prepared. This mission is not performed in this world except in so far as the being who is engaged in it is incarnated in human form. A certain possibility is introduced from a realm where the impossible doesn't exist. It is something new which doesn't belong to the cause and effect of this world, and therefore changes the entire situation. The doing of this and how it is done is unseen; but in general, it is necessary that something should be seen, manifested, so that the particular new thing should be able to operate in the visible world amongst people with ordinary perceptions. It is to fulfil that second part of the mission that the Sacred Image is created and this Sacred Image has unlimited power in it, because its source is beyond the existing world. The Sacred Image we see as the founder of a religion, as a prophet, or as an Incarnation of God, who introduces a new Hope into the life of men."

This refers to an individual who incarnates in human form to fulfil a divine mission here on Earth. The 'Sacred Image' can be just that, a symbol or an image that encompasses his Divine Mission that brings Hope. But it can also be a different 'image' such as that of the 'Birth of Krist' or 'nativity' which has been played out again and again throughout the last centuries. This has Mary (The Mother), Joseph (The Father) and the baby Krist (The Son), with shepherds attending them, and also the Magi or Three Wise Men from the East. Above the 'stable' is a Five-Pointed Star (not a six-pointed star) which can be found on the robes of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. This is the 'Star of Venus' (or one of them). We can see how powerful the image of the Swastika was in Germany, and this is a prime example of such a Sacred Image. 

The thing to remember here is that this Sacred Image has its source beyond the existing world and has unlimited power. So, when we look at the ancient Empires of Light we need to consider that their source may well be not of this world, but from another world - beyond and 'Above'. This, I think, is what Miguel Serrano means when he states that the Gods living in The First Hyperborea created an image of this in the Far North on this Earth. This 'Hyperborea' was already created in another realm, and was recreated from this image upon the Earth. From what I have studied of the modern 'Near Death Experiences' (NDEs) and 'Out-of-Body Experiences' (OOBEs) it would seem to suggest exactly the same, that what is created here on the physical plane has its source on the Astral Plane - or maybe even higher in the cases of the Kingdoms of Light. We have to remember that there are different 'worlds' or 'levels' of being and consciousness. It may be that the 'image' that comes 'from Above' is created in that higher realm and is then 'projected' onto the Earth where it is built by a certain 'advanced civilisation' in contact with the Gods and the Sacred Centre.

The Sacred Image

We have entered the Age of Ing and the Sacred Image is that of the Sign of Ingwe which represents the essence of this age. This image has its source from Above and is a Sign of Hope to mankind in this era of Darkness and Chaos. It was prophesied that the last Empire of Light would arise in the North, the Land of the Midnight Mountain, the Thousand-Year Empire of Light that would be brought into being through the vibrations of the Bab-Chomet (Hale-Bopp Comet). This is the Empire of Bab-Ilu (Babylon) that 'returns twice', and is reborn in the North. This image is today gaining a wider and wider use amongst Folkish Wodenists and Folkish Odinists. It was the image decided upon when the Woden Folk-Community was created and is in use today as the Sign of Ingwe. 

Following on from the Sign of Ingwe - Part Two which is a post on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag Blog Hamasson came up with some fresh ideas which I am going to relate here. The name 'Arthur' is connected to the Old Norse arthr meaning 'to plough', and is thus connected to 'The Plough' or 'Great Bear' which is driven by Bootes - Ingwe. It is also connected to Ark/Artos. Ingwe is Scef as shown before, and with this in mind Ing, Scef and Arktur (Arthur) are one and the same, and these three are connected to the Archetypal Hama. Thus Ingwe is the Once and Future King. 

All of this is connected to the Aryan Millennium and to the coming Aryan Imperium which is the final Empire of Light that will arise at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Miguel Serrano tells us that the Great Battle had to be lost on Middle-Earth in order that it be won on another plane; that victory in another world would then be 'projected' back onto Middle-Earth as the Final Victory of the Light. 

Sunday 16 February 2020

Born of Hope

Bring Hope to those who have none,
Freedom to those in chains,
Justice to those who are wronged

"This story - our story - should not be forgotten....."  

"We came from the water. It runs through our ancient days, down the long years to this moment, coursing through our lives like the Bloodline of Kings. A swiftly-flowing stream of memory and sorrow. One drop of Blood, and then another, can become a ripple, a river, a rising torrent, unstoppable, which in time breaks down all resistance to flow freely once again on the journey to its destiny."

Born of Hope - 2009 Film directed by Kate Madison (non-profit film for YouTube)

The remnant of 'The Faithful' - the Dunedain - were scattered, and few, and were beset by many, many dangers, for Sauron - the Dark Lord - had not forgotten the past and his efforts were directed at the destruction of the line of the Numenoreans - Men of the West - that the last of the line of his greatest enemies should be lost - for ever. Arathorn was slain, and the child Aragorn taken to Rivendell to be fostered by Elrond. There he was named Estel meaning - Hope.

The Dunedain were scattered, living in the hidden settlements in the ancient forests of Middle Earth - in the Northlands. They were known as The Rangers and protected Gondor from the Orc-armies of Sauron. Aragorn was the scion of Elendil, awaiting his time to wield the Broken Sword, re-forged by the Elven-Lords of Rivendell. This is the time of the 'solitaries', those remnants of 'The Faithful' who hold on to Hope and the future coming of the Last Avatar - the Third Sargon. 

'Adown cometh to the Doom of the World
The Great Godhead, which governs all....

The Prophecy of the Seeress Stanza 65 (The Poetic Edda).

Most scholars see the above as a Christian influence, but maybe the authors of these old texts were more clued-up than these people think. The mighty Empire of Numenor had become corrupt and had come under the influence of Sauron; the Dark Lord was defeated by the last King of Numenor - Pharazon - captured, but gained the king's confidence and became his counsellor. In arrogance, pride and wishing to become immortal like the Elves, Pharazon and the Numenoreans broke the 'Ban of the Valar' and assaulted the Undying Lands. The Valor (The Gods) laid down their Guardianship and called upon Ilu - The One - whose wrath destroyed the lands and the world was changed. A portion of the Numenoreans who had stayed loyal and faithful to the Gods, led by Isildore, created Arnor and Gondor. 

The idea of the 'Great Godhead' coming down to the Doom of the World is the same as that of the intervention of Ilu - The One - who is the 'All-Father', the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of worlds. In the predicament of the world today the Gods may thus 'lay down their Guardianship', and thus the Great Godhead Himself may intervene in this falling world. This may be the Third Sargon whose role is to completely destroy the Dark Forces that have taken control over the world. This is why the Sajaha Prophecies tell us that he will 'know all' and he will be so powerful that nothing can stop his power and might. But for now......

When all seems lost, all Hope is gone,

Then shall arise The Hooded One....

Monday 10 February 2020

Babylon & Germania

There will no doubt be those who are asking themselves what ancient Babylon has to do with twentieth-century Germany. Prior to World War II it seems that groups like the Vril Society had made such a connection. What we should remember is that Babylon goes back to an earlier time of Sumer and Akkad, and even earlier to an ancient homeland in the North, maybe At-al-land since this fits the time-scale here. 

To answer the question as to why Ancient Babylon and Germany are linked I am going to look at the ideas of a man who seems to have had some very deep insight into the ancient past - J.R.R. Tolkien. In Tolkien's works, particularly Lord of the Rings, we find two very powerful kingdoms - Gondor and Rohan. But there are vast differences between these two kingdoms. The former is a kind of 'high civilisation' in which their citizens live in stone-built cities, whereas the latter is a far simpler and perhaps more 'primitive' civilisation having wood-built homes and halls. 

We have to go back further in time in order to understand what Tolkien is telling us in his works. Going back to the era of the sinking of Numenor (Atalante = At-al-land) we find that there are two distinct sections of the Numenoreans, one of which moves out to create the 'Kingdoms of Light' in the more southerly areas of the world, the other which stays in the area (we speculate this is the North-West). The former would be the Numenoreans who create the Kingdoms of Light such as Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Aryania (Persia and India), Egypt, South and Central America, etc. moving later into the more material kingdoms of Greece and Rome etc. These would be the equivalent of Gondor in Lord of the Rings, those who built the city-states. Those who remained and chose to live in a more 'primitive' state were the Rohirrim or Eorlingas. These were clearly the Germanic Folk since Tolkien based these upon the English Tribes. These tribes live more simply after the Great Catastrophe, choosing to live in wooden structures without the form of a 'high civilisation' of their kinfolk who moved southwards, eastwards and westwards.

Snorri tells us that the AEsir came into Northern Europe from 'Troy', and thus took the kingship over the peoples of the North. There could be some truth in this in that there certainly was a change in the order of things, a change from a kind of communal-society to a society of High Kingship. Or, at least, this is what some have deduced. Of course, it does not always follow that such changes mean an 'invasion' by outsiders, this change can come from within. But we should keep this in mind here. This may be (just may be) linked to the War of the AEsir and the Waene, but we have no proof whatever of this, and this should be seen as a Mythical event. Again, at this point, we should just keep this in mind.

Whatever the case here, this idea does go some way to explain the seeming paradox in the Third Reich; in this we have a fusion of the 'Classical' and the 'Germanic' in the great building projects that were either accomplished or were planned, and the revival of the ancient Germanic building-structures such as barrows, thing-steads, wooden structures etc. We have the links between Babylon and Germania, and a fusion of these two in the new Kingdom of Light.

Aragorn is the rightful King of Gondor and heir to the ancient Numenoreans; he is in exile and lives as a 'Ranger of the North' whose role is to protect Gondor from the forces of Sauron. The Numenoreans became the Dunedain or 'Men of the West' and Aragorn was close to the Elven Clans of Elrond and Galadriel. Aragorn served both King Thengel of Rohan and Ecthelion II of Gondor. Aragorn's greatest hope and sworn duty was to re-establish the ancient Kingship of both Gondor and Arnor. Aragorn achieved this by becoming the first King of both Gondor and Arnor since Elendil himself - and this was in his 88th year. 

The union of Aragorn and Arwen was also of great importance since it meant the reunion of the two branches of the Peredhil (Half-Elven) after more than five thousand years of separation. Aragorn became Elessar Telcontar, the Renewer, First King of the Reunited Kingdom. These ideas are also of great importance since this shows clearly that the ruling lines of Men were linked wholly to the ancient Shining Ones - the Elven Folk. We find vague remembrance of this in the Elven names that still occur within the English Folk, passed down from very ancient times. 

If we look back into the past, to the Kingdoms of Light, we find remembrance of the ancient God-Kings or Divine Kings who ruled over these civilisations. Each one arose as if from nowhere, simply because they were a continuum from other civilisations that had arisen, lived and died. Each new civilisation arose because it had contact with the Sacred Centre, with the God-Head if you like, and thus had access to Divine Knowledge that allowed it to become great and build mighty structures around the world. 

Because the other branch of the Numenoreans - the Rohirrim - remained in the North-West which had a far harsher and colder climate they were a very hardy and tough people who managed to survive the ages in a far simpler manner. Whereas the great civilisations of the more southerly areas arose and fell, in the North and North-West the people were more tribal and thus survived the ages in a different way. And being somewhat isolated from outside they were able to keep their blood purer, as Tacitus said in Germania. Thus, through such a split the Germanic Folk were able to survive much longer into later ages, and were in a position to take up their allotted role by Wyrd.

Since Aragorn was born in Rivendell in 2931 Third Age, and he reigned in Gondor until the Year 120 of the Fourth Age, we can thus assume that Tolkien saw an 'age' as being around 3,000 years. Hence there would be four ages, each of 3,000 years, making the total of 12,000 years or half of a Great Year Cycle. However, the Aryan Texts of ancient India clearly state that each 'age' becomes shorter, and the shortest is the Kali Yuga or 'Fourth Age'. On the other hand, since 12,000 years coincides with about the time attributed to the sinking of Atlantis the four ages could here be seen as the 'downward cycle' that started with the Great Catastrophe. The Lord of the Rings takes place in the Third Age, and Aragorn rules into the Fourth Age, the age in which we are in now, and indeed we are at the end of this age. 

Sunday 2 February 2020

Hope & The Last Avatar.

"The third image that I want to give you today shows how again a New King arises in the distance. And he is of our blood. His name is 'Hope' because he closes the sources of evil. And every sign of heaven gives him a year, the first half of it in peace and the second in war. However the sources of evil break out again, and they shower the young king with blood and fire from above and below and from all sides. Thus he perishes. And the name 'Hope' falls with him."

Prophecies of Sajaha 9. (Wuotan's Krieger translation.)

I have covered this before, and it forms a great part of my new book - The Kingdom of Light - but after some very strange synchronicities pointed out by my good friend, Hamasson, I have decided to do a post on the particular part. For a wider view the book needs to be read. This particular piece above I will now make clear -

"A third picture I want to give you today shows how once again a new king rises in the distance (the new "Thousand-Year Empire in the North"). And he is of our Blood (he is kin to the Ancient Babylon). His name is Hope because he closes the sources of Evil (he exposes the source of Evil upon the Earth and shuts off their power). And every sign of heaven gives him a year (this refers to the Tiw's Kreis, the Zodiac of Twelve Signs, and also to the Ride of the Wild Hunt at the Yuletide of the Year - the Twelve Nights of Yule), the first half in peace (1933-1939) and the second in war (1939-1945). However the sources of Evil break open again, and they shower the Young King with Blood and Fire, from above, and below, and from all sides (the fire-bombings of World War II). So he perishes. And the name Hope goes with him...(the Young King is defeated and all 'hope' is gone)...Then the Darkness completely takes power in the world (it is a fact that since World War II the Powers of Darkness have taken almost total control of the world, and the world has been plunged into Darkness and Chaos.)."

Even the Hopi ('Hope' again) tribe seem to have foreseen the appearance of the 'White Brother' and his symbols (the German-Cross and the Fylfot-Swastika). How is that for 'synchronicity'. 

"When all seems lost, all Hope is gone,
Then shall arise The Hooded One:
When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Stars align o'er Northern Skies."

The Hooded Man Prophecy - Wulf. 

Hope has gone, not just in the literal sense of the word, but in the sense of the 'New King' prophesied by Sajaha - the Aryan Avatar. But the seeds of the Thousand Year Empire (Reich) had been sown in the North, as prophesied by the Seeress. It was inevitable. perhaps, that the Forces of Darkness and Chaos should win the last Great War, but this was a hollow victory, and the Seeds of Regeneration had been born. The essence of the 'Ride of the Wild Hunt' is that of death-to-rebirth'; this happens at the turning-point of the year (or the Cosmic Cycle), the Winter Sunstead representing the point when the Darkness gives way to the Rebirth of the Sun, and the Light Forces. After this point of the year, the Light Forces begin to rise, but paradoxically this is the time of the greatest destruction - the winter period of the year. Although the Powers of Darkness have gained control of the world, from this point the Light becomes stronger and stronger until the point when the Dragon-Slayer appears and slays the Dragon of Darkness and Chaos. This comes in the Spring, starting with the point when the Light and Darkness and in balance - the Spring Evennight.

"Bring Hope to those who have none,
Freedom to those in chains.
Justice for those who are wronged."

Word-Sword of The Hooded Man.

Woden's Folk was created on April 23rd 1998 (Dragon-Slayer Day) and the above motto was coined, taken from the Robin of Sherwood series. These 18 Words embody the core of our work as Folkish Wodenists. These words contain the idea of Hope once more. When 'Hope' has gone, as Wulf's Prophecy tells us, then will arise The Hooded One - The Hooded Man. This is the secret held here, for The Hooded Man is Helgi Hundingsbane, the archetype of this Germanic Hero who is HelgiH II, the Son of Sigurd the Wolsunga, and the Wulfinga Hero, 'Scion of Ingwe'. The Sword of AEtla passes from the 'Hun' (Germany) to the Engel-Kin.

In J.R.R. Tolkien's works we find the name Earendel who is the planet Venus - the Morning and Evening Star. In his works the Silmarils hold the original Light of the Two Trees (Sun and Moon), and this is the Light of Earendel. Elbareth, the 'Star-Queen' and wife of Manwe, sets the Silmaril Jewel in the sky as the Sign of Hope for those left upon Middle-Earth. Earendel sails the evening sky for ever, shining as a Beacon-Star and a Symbol of Hope for Men. This is the Star of Hope mentioned by Don Miguel Serrano (Venus) from which the Avatar descends and returns. This fits with the Babylonian Tales of Venus being set into the skies by the Goddess Ishtar (Eostra-Ostara). 

  • The necklace given by Arwen to Aragorn holds the 'Light of the Even-Star'.
  • The 'Light of the Even-Star' is given by Galadriel to Frodo.

Aragorn II was born in Rivendell in 2931 of the Third Age, the only son of Gilraen the Fair and Arathorn II, fifteenth Chieftain of the Dunedain of Arnor. He was fostered by Elrond, and he bore the name Estel meaning 'Hope', to hide his true lineage from the Servants of Sauron who were scouring the North for the last heir of Isildor. Aragorn became a Ranger of the North clad in simple Green and Brown. 

'However a Strong One will shake up the remnants of the heirs and wake some up. Like a Comet which suddenly gives a sign. However the victory is far off, and there is no new King.'

Sajaha 9.

We are today at the point of the balance of Light and Darkness, at the time between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, but as yet we have not actually entered the Age of Aquarius. At the 'Day-Break' of the Age of Aquarius the Last Avatar will appear - the Third Sargon. This is the Kalki Avatar, HelgiH III (Helgi the Haddinga), Wid-Ar the Avenger, the Warrior Krist -

'The Spirit of the Emperor will be kept in the Male Stone, the Gar-Il (Grail). Its female counterpart, Ilua, will be safely hidden in the Holy Mountain of Wotan waiting for the New Age (Age of Aquarius). For this birth (of the Last Avatar) the two crystals will be united in the Great Baphomet and flow through a worthy woman.' 

(From a ritual by 'Agnes S.N.').

In 1997 the Hale-Bopp Comet ('Born of Morgana') heralded the Coming of the Last Avatar. Through the 'vibrations of Bab-Chomet' (Baphomet) the ancient Empire of Babylon arose a second time in the North - the Thousand-Year Empire of the North. This 'Thousand Year Empire' was created in Germany in the Twentieth Century; at the end of this century the Hale-Bopp Comet appeared (1997) and then the Solar Eclipse (1999). Then arose Woden's Folk and The Hooded Man Current, heralding the appearance of the Strong One whose Divine Mission is to awaken the 'heirs' or the 'Elect' (from the Four Winds). At the Birth of Krist there appeared a Bright Star which led the Magi to the Divine Child. At the Death of Krist appeared the Black Sun (Solar Eclipse). 

The Hooded Man Current arises at the liminal period at the end of the Age of Pisces, during the stage which seems to be the transition-period between this age and the Age of Aquarius. This is the 'Lead Age' foretold of by Don Miguel Serrano; we refer to this as the Age of Heroes because it is the ere in which the 'solitaries' (Nietzsche) separate out from the Consumer Masses, and prepare the way for the Last Avatar. This is an 'Age of Horror and Evil' but it is the winter period of the Great Year Cycle, and thus the era in which the Forces of Light are getting stronger and stronger. 'But there is no new king' - the Last Avatar has not as yet appeared.

On August 11th 1999 there was a Solar Eclipse over Europe and along the long trail across the world where the Aryan Folk build their Empires of Light. The Daily Mail clipping shows the Sun and the Moon (Eclipse) and Venus (Star of Hope) in the House of the White Dragon (Leo the Lion). The 'Two Thieves' (Tiw-Santur - Mars and Saturn) are each in the Sign of the Eagle (Scorpio) and the Sign of the Bull (Taurus). Uranus (Ruler of Aquarius) is in the Sign of Aquarius. The 'Great King of Terror' (Black Sun - Solar Eclipse) resurrected the 'Great King of the Angles (Ingwe), and this is symbolic of the conception of the New Age - the Age of Aquarius. But there is no new king (the Last Avatar will not appear at this time). 

Eights bottles of 'Millennium Ale' showing Old Father Time holding a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, were buried in a round-barrow/long barrow (Solar-Phallic Symbol) above the Long Man of Wilmington. This was in the evening of August 10th 1999; on August 11th 1999 a ritual was performed on the Long Man to 'charge' this talisman. The Sun turned black (Solar Eclipse) and the next day (August 12th) the 'hot stars fell from the skies' (Perseid Meteor Shower). The connection to the Greek Hero - Perseus - should not be lost here. 

The Sacred Marriage of the Sun and the Moon 'seeds' the Holy Virgin (Venus) who is symbolic of the 'worthy woman' who will bring forth the 'man-child' who will 'rule the Nations with a Rod of Iron'. The Sacred Marriage of the Sky-Father (Tir) and the Birth Mother (Beorc) brings forth the Aryan Manu (Mann); from out of the 'Waters of Dissolution and Chaos' arises the Last Avatar (Ing - the Hero-God). The Solar Eclipse heralded the conception of the Age of Aquarius; it also heralded the 'resurrection' of Ingwe as the Last Avatar. But there is no new king.

We are today in the transition-period, at the point of the balance of the Light and Darkness. The powers of The Hooded Man (HelgiH II) will be ended by the Spear of Woden, wielded by Daeg ('Day'). This is the exact time when the Age of Aquarius truly Dawns, the 'Day-Break of the New Age'. Through this time, the Dawn-Time (Balance of Light and Darkness) and the Day-Break the Sun (Light) is arising from the 'Underworld', heralded by the Morning Star (Venus). At the point of Day-Break when the 'Water-Carrier' becomes the new archetype there will appear the 'New King' - the Third Sargon. 

There is another 'synchronicity' here, and this was shown to me by my good friend and comrade Hamasson; it features a 'meme' that has been banded around the Internet. 

Just one more 'synchronicity', again noted by Hamasson, and that is the figure of the Roman God, Janus, whose name gives us our 'January'. Hamasson sent me an image of Janus as a 'Two-Headed God' thus linking this to Baphomet, though the latter is male-female. As I looked at the image it dawned upon me that Janus is the god who looks backwards at the Old Year, and forwards towards the New Year. He is thus the god who rules over the transition-period between the Old Year and the New Year, and thus the old world-age and the new world-age. In Germanic Mythology it is Woden who takes a very similar role as Janus, and my experience of Woden in the past was related to January 1st of 1989, 1990, 1991. Janus, in a way, holds within himself the balance of Light and Darkness, since he rules this particular time. 

The Hooded Man appears as a specifically English phenomena, since he is the English Folk-Hero. The Sword of AEtla passed from the Germans to the English. The Hooded Man is an Incarnation of Woden, since Woden is himself The Hooded One, but he is not 'the new king'. He wields the Sword Albion, within whose blade lie the Powers of Light and Darkness: Albion is England - the White Island, the Island of the Elves - The Shining Ones. 

"Always be of Hope. for Hope attracts the Power of God." - The Final Battalion 55-Club.

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