Wednesday 28 February 2018

The Wolf Over Sweden

Assuming this photograph to be genuine and not a computer-generated falsification the image certainly does look like a Wolf. This was taken in Sweden recently and has been seen as related to Ragnarok by a large number of people who obviously know a little about the subject, even if is likely that the latest 'Thor' film has widened the knowledge of Ragnarok. 

If the image is real then the fact that it has appeared so should be taken as an omen - for good or for bad. Like every symbol, the Wolf-Symbol is neutral and can have both positive and negative meanings. In Norse Mythology Odin has two wolves - Geri and Freki - both of which he has tamed; this is shown where the wolves are not bound at all, thus hinting at being tamed by the god Odin. The name Geri means 'greedy' and Freki means 'covetous' or 'avaricious'. Geri stems from the Proto-Germanic *geraz meaning 'greedy' and Freki from the Proto-Germanic *frekaz meaning 'covetous' or 'avaricious'. These are two greedy, ravenous beasts, and the term 'covetous' refers to envy. They represent 'envy and greed' which has been tamed by the god Woden.

There is also the famous Fenris Wolf who swallows Woden at Ragnarok; to this giant Wolf of Chaos we can add Hati and Skoll, Hati being said to be the son of Hrothvitnir. The name Hati means 'one who hates', and Skoll means 'one who mocks'; in the Lokasenna we find that Hrothsvitnir refers to the Fenris Wolf and means 'Famous Wolf'. The name 'Fenrir' means 'of the fens'. 

There is one more 'demon-creature' that we need to look at here; that is the figure of Grendel slain by Beowulf the Geat in the famous Old English Saga Beowulf. Firstly, the name 'Beowulf' is usually translates as 'Bee-Wolf' which refers to a Bear. But there is also the possibility of a play-on-words here - Beow-Wulf which would mean 'Barley-Wolf'. The name Beow is mentioned as the son of Scyld Scefing - 'Shield, Son of Sheaf'. Grendel is said to be the offspring of 'Cain', a clearly biblical figure imposed on the tale through the Christian Church. Various interpretations of the name 'Grendel' have been given and we do not need to go into these here; in the Robin of Sherwood series Grendel is linked to the Wolf, and specifically to the Fenris Wolf. Grendel is a human figure who leads the Wolves of Fenris. "Poetic licence' maybe, but in Beowulf Grendel is actually said to dwell in the 'wild moors' and the 'marshes', the latter being the 'fens'. Whatever the case Grendel is a Monster of Chaos.

The Wolf can thus be symbolic of the breakdown of order and society; the wolves swallowing the Sun and the Moon obviously symbolise the breakdown of order and of 'light'. Looking at the events associated with Sweden today we can certainly see a breakdown in their once ordered and stable society - the 'joys of multiculturalism' have taken over, as they have done all over the world. Sweden is a nation in the throes of disorder and chaos, a nation turned from a 'paradise' to a 'hell-on-earth' in a few decades. A nation turned into chaos by the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This symbolism may well tell this tale.

However, there is also the strong possibility that the Wolf-Symbol in the Northern Lights represents the Wolf-God, Woden, and that this image spells a new arising of this ancient god-force in Sweden. We should not always take the 'doom and gloom' side of things; yes, we are entering 'Ragnarok' and in Sweden we can find the problem in the KORANGAR - 'Spear of the Koran'. Here the 'Trojan Horse' that has been placed within a European Nation has again worked its evil will. But the Forces of Woden (Odin) will rise against what is going on, and the Gods will march out against the Joten again and again and again...Let us hope that it is not too late for the Swedes, and that they will get the support they need from other White Nations. 

This is the Time of the Wolf when the 'Wolf-God' struggles against the 'Wolves of Chaos'. Now is not the time to sit back, but to forge ahead through even greater struggle. Our watchword is 'Struggle!' and to sit back and take the easy way today means death and extinction for our Folk. 

Saturday 24 February 2018

Sword of Hengest

In the above we see the famous 'Mongul' - Genghis Khan - from a Fourteenth Century portrait in the 'Party Museum' in Beijing, China. Here the young Genghis Khan is seen as a Caucasian. 

This is from the 'Death of Genghis Khan' by Marco Polo; clearly, again, Genghis Khan is a European. He is of the "Tribe of the Blue Wolf' and had blue or blue-green eyes according to accounts. Notice that he rides a White Horse, as accounts have shown him. 

Again, through the eyes of Marco Polo we see the European features - we have been deceived! The world has been deceived! This is an Aryan Archetype, and through the true history of the Tartars we may one day find the truth. The archetype of Genghis is that of Hengist

Recognising the archetype the burial-place of Genghis Khan was never found; he was said to appear riding a White Horse, confirming the archetype. His ring- so they say - had upon it the Swastika

The archetypes of AEtla the Hun, Genghis Khan and Hengest are important to us in that they show a continuance of the struggle against the 'slave-religions' - the 'Religion of Evil'. Both AEtla the Hun and Genghis Khan were name 'The Scourge of God'. The struggle continues into our era.

(Thanks again to Coid Mor for this information; this stuff is important in learning our true history.)

*** Note that this is also proven in a blog by Wotan's Krieger on 'Aryan Myth and Metahistory'. Sorry mate, must have missed that one! (October 2016). He traces this from the ideas of Savitri Devi who gives quotes on Genghis Khan as the 'Man in Time'. 

Saturday 10 February 2018

We Shall Be Free

This is our Fatherland,
Built by the Saxon hand;
Ing led us o'er the sea,
Led us to victory,
This was our destiny.
       Then we were free,
     Then we were free.

Then dark times came upon,
England and all her sons;
Merry no more were we,
We lost our history,
We lost our destiny.
        We were not free,
      We were not free.

Hark! Hear the Dragon call!
Ringing from hall to hall:
England will rise again,
Flame from our soul within,
Waking the Engel-Kin.
      We shall be free.
      We shall be free.

Sword of the Wolsunga,
Wayland reforges her,
Forging the Tribes of Ing
Into the English Kin,
From an unbroken ring.
    We shall be free.
    We shall be free.

Beowulf and Hereward,
Folk-Hero Robin Hood;
Hengest and Horsa ride
In battle by our side,
Stirring our Folkish Pride.
    We shall be free.
    We shall be free.

See the White Dragon rise,
Stirring Old England's shires;
England we call-to-arms,
Leave now your burgs and farms,
Ing keep us free from harm.
    We shall be free.
    We shall be free.

This is our Fatherland,
Built by the Saxon hand,
Ing lead us to be free,
Lead us to victory,
Fulfil our destiny.
    We shall be free.
    We shall be free.

Fogmoon 21-23 2232 Runic Era; the tune given to me by Heorrenda the Scop of the Heardingas in a dream. 

Friday 9 February 2018

The Aryan Spirit

Today there is no such thing as an 'Aryan Race'; this was a thing of the ancient past, a race of Higher Men, the Solar Race or Sonnenmensche. Rama was said to be of this ancient Solar Race, and the term Arya - meaning 'movement' - refers to the Sun, to Light, and to the Creative Spirit. What I have said does not mean that this 'Aryan Race' is dead and gone, on the contrary it means that it exists as a part of the Blood Memory, it exists within the DNA of our Folk, and one day it can be awakened and resurrected. 

There may be no 'Aryan Race' but there is still the Aryan Spirit; men and women who still possess the spiritual qualities of nobleness, of self-sacrifice, of honour, of loyalty, of duty and responsibility, of selflessness, of healthy ethical values, of a quest for knowledge, wisdom and understanding that they may aid their fellow kin. This Aryan Spirit is at total odds with the modern world with its emphasis upon the weak and sickly, upon the degenerate and the ugly, upon the collective rather than the individual, upon the 'dumb-ass' rather than the genius. 

One of the earliest and widespread of the tribes of Germania were the Goths whom most people link to the Geats. The name 'Goth' links to our English word 'God' and to the German 'Gott' and thus the Goths were the 'Men of God', the god-like Race of Man if you like. One of the by-names of Woden is 'Gaut' which is another variant of 'Goth'. The Aryan Buddha was named 'Gaut-hama' and he was of the 'Sakya Tribe', known as 'Sakyamuni' - 'Sage of the Sakyas'. The Lombardic name for Woden is 'Godan' or 'Guodan', again linked to the idea of a 'god'. 

Historical Christianity promoted the idea of a 'heaven' that was 'above', something that had to be gained through faith in 'Jesus'. The teachings of their 'Christ' do not fit well with this later idea, for he teaches that the 'Kingdom of Heaven is within'. This idea is pure heathen - 'God-in-the-Blood'. This fits with the Eddas where the first Man and Woman are endowed with litr goda - 'Light of the Gods'. This is the 'Divine Spark', the 'God Within' or the 'Kingdom of Heaven' which can be found within and not without as was taught by the Church. 

The Old Testament seems to be a very mixed bag of historical events and personages that has been taken up by one particular set of people and distorted for their own ends. Within these books we find accounts of beings who shine like the Sun, tall, fair beings with a 'shining countenance'. These accounts are obviously not about the ordinary man we know of today, they are about some form of superhuman race, some form of higher race of beings that does not exist today and has left no trace for us apart from the myths and legends surrounding such a race of Shining Ones. 

We find this superhuman race once again in the White Gods of Central and South America, where they appear after a flood to help the races of man upon the Earth recover, and also in order to warn of future such disasters and to hide the Ancient Wisdom in different areas of the world, to be guarded by the inhabitants of those areas of the world. In all cases it seems clear that the peoples of these areas today have no idea as to what this Ancient Wisdom really is, just as seems clear in most cultures where the secrets are hidden but which can be found, but most are still not understood. 

That Aryan Spirit is still here, hidden nonetheless in the DNA-Code of certain people, people who have retained in some part the ancient Blood-Memory. The physical race does not exist today, except in race cases, and even then physical appearance does not necessarily match with the 'spiritual race' within the individual. As Miguel Serrano never tired of pointing out, today's struggle is for Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race and not just Biological Blood and Biological Race. True it has to be said, in order to resurrect the Arya, the Aryan Race, a biological vessel will be needed to take the Spiritual Race, since the body must support the Higher Race. But today we do not have this, and as Nietzsche pointed out - we are the solitaries who will one day form a people, and from this people shall arise the 'Superman'. We are at a stage of this process which is fulfilled through the resurrection of the Solar Race. Some form of physical mutation would seem necessary for this to come about. 

Opposed to the Aryan Spirit is an Anti-Spirit which created the major religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This Anti-Spirit also created Liberalism, Marxist Socialism, Marxist Communism (and all forms of Global Socialism and Global Communism), Liberal Democracy, Humanitarianism, Anarchism. It created Capitalism and the greed for profit and gain; it created the Economic Consumer Society in which people become 'consumers' a 'commodity' in themselves; its technology chained the world to the 'World Wide Web' where it can control the minds of the masses. It promoted 'Equality' and the levelling down of people to the lowest; it promoted the 'Slave-Mentality' of the modern world; it produced the 'Ultimate Man' - the slave! The antithesis of the Noble Arya is the Ignoble Anti-Spirit. Whereas the Aryan Race was the 'Master Race' which ruled the world with its superior knowledge, wisdom and understanding, its Aryan Sciences, and its Aryan Weltanshauung, today the Anti-Spirit rules and even the survival of the Earth is threatened. 

All ancient myths and legends speak of this 'Higher Race', and all agree that at sometime in the very ancient past this noble race became corrupted by a Dark Power that distorted the leadership and distorted the higher purpose of this Solar Race. This goes way, way back into the distant past, but the time which this really comes into effect seems to centre around the time of the sinking of Atlantis. The key to this lies in the High Race mixing its Igneous Blood with lower races of man who dwelt upon the Earth. This seems to have caused the sinking of Hyperborea originally, and later the sinking of Atlantis when the shift from the Polar-Centre to the North-Western Centre occurred. 

The 'Noble Blood' remained and it seems to have been at its strongest within the Nordic Race or Germanic Race. This section seems to have been the nearest to the ancient Arya, though not in regard to a 'nation' but to the individuals left within certain 'nations'. Indeed, since we find in all ancient myths and legends the invading and conquering tribes of Aryan stock became the ruling elite over other peoples, so a 'nation' was never really made up of solely Arya, but the rulers were Arya. This shows clearly in the Divine Order given to us by Hama-Heimdall where the Arya consists of the Earls from which the Kon is elected, and these are the highest spiritually as well as physically. 

Over many thousands of years, and today with the onslaught upon 'race' and the consequences of 'diversity' this state no longer exists and we are left with the Mystery of the Blood. Here the secret lies in that the Light of the Gods still exists but it is hidden deep down in the Sacred Blood; today it has to be awakened within us - and that is the task of our times. The 'sinking of Thule' was not of the 'waters' but of the Blood!

Fasting as a Religious Concept

'I wot that I hung on the wind-tossed tree
     all of nights nine,
Wounded by spear, bespoken to Woden,
     bespoken myself to myself,
upon that tree of which none telleth
     from what roots it doth rise.

Neither horn they upheld nor handed me bread;
     I looked below me -
     aloud I cried -
caught up the runes, caught them up wailing,
     thence to the ground I fell.'

This passage refers to a Shamanic Initiation in which Woden rediscovers the most Ancient Runes. The piece that concerns us here is -

'Neither horn they upheld nor handed me bread....'

Woden hung in a self-sacrifice, himself given to himself, and during this he neither ate nor drank - he fasted. The three important points are that he suffered through having no drink, nothing to eat, and pain through being pierced with his spear. The obvious parallels to Christ hanging on the Cross will not concern us here, nonetheless they point to a more ancient figure of Krist which existed before the archetype was distorted.

This post is a reply to Steed's comment on the last post, whether fasting should be part of our religion, as it forms part of other religions. I see no reason why fasting should not form part of Folkish Wodenism, so long as it is part of the Esoteric Religion rather than something that has to be done on a regular basis as part of an Exoteric Religion. Fasting can form part of the training of an individual, down to the individual, and as part of the training of the Will; it takes a lot of will-power to stop eating. It can, of course, be done for health reasons, and again that is down to the individual. 

That it formed part of the Shamanic Initiation above is obvious, and this is clearly part of any Esoteric Religion. Here neither bread (food) nor mead (liquid) is drunk; pain is also involved as well as the hanging from the tree itself, which cannot be anything but uncomfortable. A period of nine nights would certainly have ended with some kind of 'religious experience' or 'mystical experience'. 

The use of fasting is down to the individual, and would be very useful when taken up as part of a training period; the health uses should be a subject of individual experiment since what goes for one individual may not go for another - everyone being unequal before Nature. Taking one day of the week to fast may start to bring some kind of change in health; 'religious experiences' are a different matter and anyone who tries experimenting on this path should first make sure they are healthy enough to go about it. 

As an aside to this I have suffered since a child with psoriasis and nothing has actually got rid of it; about a year ago I was forced to fast for four days because of a stomach bug, and after the four days the psoriasis had disappeared. Although this ailment is supposed to be linked to an 'over-active immune system' it would seem obvious that there could also be a link to food, or something put into our food. Unfortunately, having found a 'cure' where others have failed, the practicabilities of not eating at all are not too favourable, and a 'sword-death' would be better in any case. It was also the case that it came back again after I started eating. Back to the drawing-board!

Monday 5 February 2018

Albion - The Sword of Light and Darkness

'In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!' 

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993, Horam, East Sussex, England.

'A healthy mind in a healthy body' - this is one of the truest sayings, and one which is hated in this modern world of degenerates, of the meek and weak, of the sickly, of the decaying and dying species known as the 'Ultimate Man'. How many people today rejoice in their sickness, rejoice in being ill, having some form of illness or other? We cannot help being ill? Well, since our society is full of weakness and sickness then maybe, just maybe, this is due to the negative attitude prevalent in this rotten and falling world. Propping up the weak and sickly does not make them any better; it does make them more dependant. One should overcome weakness and sickness and not wallow in it. Talking to people who are constantly moaning about their health, or bragging about this or that illness that they have, or someone else has, has the effect of making one 'down'; it can have no other effect. Talk to someone who rejoices in life, not in sickness and death. 

A healthy, forceful spirit will be found in a healthy and forceful body. The aim is not only to create a haeldom within the Folk-Community but to create the haeldom within ourselves. Being negative only produces negativity in others around us. Positive thoughts and actions encourage positivity within others around us.

Thus, rather than going with the negative energies around those who wallow in their sickness and ill-health we should generate positive 'vibrations' and 'energy-waves' around us that would act as a protective barrier for us, and maybe even help others through sending out such energies. To be sure, not every Greek citizen looked as healthy and perfect as the statues of the gods carved in stone. But these statues were not sculpted to show how things were, but to show how things could be with the striving for perfection through self-overcoming. 

To the point! Self-overcoming and the increase of the Will-to-Power means recreating the 'whole' man; this means that a balance of opposites has to exist within the whole. Good and Evil - Light and Darkness - within the Sword of Albion there exists the 'balance of Light and Darkness' this forming the essence of The Hooded Man Prophecy. This is not just a prophecy, it is a complete teaching into Folkish Wodenism - it is the will to re-create The Hooded Man. 

The first thing we notice is that The Hooded Man must 'come to the forest'; he must do so because he is of the wild woodlands, of the wilderness of Nature, of the wild-wood. He returns to the home of the Barbarian; outside the realms of 'civilisation', outside the safe boundaries of the urban dwelling. He is the Wolf's Head, the 'outlaw', because his aim is survival and where survival is at stake man-made 'laws' have no place. He is outside the laws of the Old Order. Every law made today will be designed to halt the coming of The Hooded Man; his coming will bring to an end the Old Order. 

The guide to The Hooded Man will be Herne the Hunter, the One-Eyed Hunter-God we know as Woden. In this respect he is the Horned One ('Herne') who bears the Horns of Power - obvious by the symbolism of the Horns of the Stag. Herne the Hunter is his guide, and yet he is The Hooded Man, since Woden is 'The Hooded One'. The 'Son' here is indeed, the 'Father'. He does the 'Will of Woden' which works through him as his Will. Herne is a guide just as a god guides us, but it is down to our own strength and will that we overcome and struggle against all odds. 

Herne the Hunter is 'Lord of the Trees'; he is the 'Spirit of the Forest', the 'Spirit of the Woodland'. He is like Wid-Ar who is the Woodland God - the 'God of the Woodland', Wid-Ar the Mighty One. Herne is the 'Spirit of Nature', and The Hooded Man is the 'Spirit of Nature'. His power comes from the trees, from the wildness of the woodlands, the strength of the forests - that is our strength. Yet Herne the Hunter is not only the 'Lord of the Trees' for he is also the 'Lord of the Animals'. He is the 'Lord of the Wild'. He is Rudra-Shiva, he is Igg the Terrible, he is the 'Wild One'. Our power comes from the trees and animals, from the woodlands and forests of our land. The Hooded Man is arising in the Folk-Soul of the Saxon Nation.

Within The Hooded Man, as within the Sword of Albion, lie the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. Within him is the union of Apollo and Dionysus in terms of Nietzsche. We know that the balance of these opposites lies with one of our gods - Woden. Woden is a god of the wild, the storm, the fury, the divine madness (woda); he is also the god of calm, of meditation, of stillness, of poetry and prophecy. Here lies the will-to-create and the will-to-destroy - that which creates also destroys. This world is a web of forces, of creative-destructive forces; it is energy, fiery energy that creates, builds, sustains and then destroys itself. The Hooded Man is the Creator and Destroyer of worlds - 'the beginning and the end', 'the first and the last'. Strong are these powers within The Hooded Man.

The Hooded Man is the 'Divine Fool' acting through his intuitive will; he is 'The Fool' of the Tarot, numbered 0 - the Void. He appears as a hooded figure, inside whose hood there is a total darkness, not 'blackness' but a Void! His eye appears from the Void; he can be an Agent of Chaos, laughing at the (s)laughter of battle, of the breaking down of structures, of 'law-tables', of that which is decaying, degenerate and dying. Ho! Ho! Ho! He laughs as he mounts Sleipnir and rushes through the Nine Worlds at a furious pace, leading the Wild Army of the Dead. That which is falling only needs a push!

'The guilty shall tremble!' Controlling powers need authority, they need to make laws to stop any form of opposition to their agenda. Anarchists do not want authority, and they do not want laws. Nihilism and anarchy are necessary in that they break the power of the authority that oppresses. Left-Wing Anarchy, however, in the form of such organisations as ANTIFA, are based upon the upholding of the 'multi-cultural society' and the 'sword-arm' of the agenda of the Global bankers - Marxist Socialism and Communism. ANTIFA opposes the forces that seek not to 'integrate', not to become a mongrel 'Race of Tan' and to lose their identity, to lose their only hope for the evolution of Man. Thus ANTIFA is alright so long as it is contained and takes this path, for it does not oppose the agenda of Global Capitalism, it protects by violent force that agenda. But it is controlled - and it is contained. Should these forces be transformed into a real opposition, through the creation of a new Barbarian and the creation of new Tribes of Barbarians separated out from this society, raw and surging with energy and power, like the Germanic Tribes that swept down upon Rome, this new 'Roman Empire' will fall just as surely as the Roman Empire fell before yesteryear's Barb-Aryans

There need be no barbarians from 'without' this time, since it is the world that is today enslaved, not just a part of the world; this time the barbarians will arise from within, separated out from the 'mob', from the 'herd', from the mass-consumers, raw and strong, healthy and virile, opposed to the weakness and sickness of this 'Modern World' - they will be the 'Men Above the Ruins' who 'Revolt Against the Modern World'. Each will be a form of The Hooded Man, each will hold within himself the 'Powers of Light and Darkness', each will wield the Sword of Victory holding within itself the 'balance of Light and Darkness'. And then, only then - 'The guilty shall tremble!'

There are 58 Words in this prophecy, and there are 58 Letters in 'The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are strong within him'. 58 is the number of ROBIN. 'Robin' comes from 'Robert', a word meaning Fame-Bright which is 'Light': as 'Robin Hood' this become 'Fame-Bright Hood' which is a way of saying 'Light-Darkness'. In the name 'Robin Hood' we have the archetype of the Folk-Hero that holds within him the Balance of Light and Darkness - the whole Man. In Jungian terms the 'whole man' who has re-integrated the Shadow side of his nature - the Dark Side. This is the bit that Judaeo-Christianity, Socialism, Liberalism and Humanitarianism cut out! In this prophecy lies the way back to right, the way back to wholeness and the recreation of the Whole Man. 

The Hooded Man Prophecy had need of reform; rather than a 'hope' for our Folk it had need to be reforged into something to be emulated, something to be strived for, something to struggle for, something that would become a self-overcoming, that which will inspire people into action. Inspired by the Prophet Nietzsche (Zarathustra), this prophecy will no longer be looked at as a 'hope' that is awaited for, but as a means to ensure the Final Victory of this epic struggle. Perhaps too long have people sat back in the 'hope' that a hero will arise to get them out of this mess - now it is down to the individual to become that hero, to make himself or herself into that Folk-Hero needed to awaken our Folk and to lead our Folk to victory. The Hooded Man is a complete teaching program for the 'Warrior-Thinker'; it is the Way of the Cultic-Warrior'.

Victory or Valhalla!

End-Note: Those who have not, as yet, learned 'The Hooded Man Prophecy' off by heart would now do well to do so; it needs to be memorised (with the heart) and to be meditated upon, thus allowing its wisdom and teaching to become part of you, to be integrated into your whole being. This has always been the basis of Folkish Wodenism but it has now become even more important as being an active work rather than a 'hope' that someone else will do things for us. The time for 'hope' has gone, now is the time for action. The prophecy was given on October 31st which is 'Halloween' the time of the Ancestors; it was inspired by the Ancestral God, Woden, and by the Spirits of our Ancestors who guard us and guide us - we are the Ancestors, Blood of their Blood, Spirit of their Spirit - and our DNA proves that. These Ancestors live on in us; the time has come to awaken them in our Blood-Memory and to get them into action again in our times. He who does not hear the Call of the Ancestors from the distant past, and does not hold out his hand to embrace them - is lost forever! We who have heard the 'Call of the Blood' must now hear the 'Call to Action'. 

The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone

One of the foremost dogmas of the modern world is that children must be 'socialised', they must always be with other children, never alone with themselves. This dogma spreads into the grown-up world where the 'loner' (or perceived 'loner') is often seen to be a threat; when explaining some maniac who lets loose on a killer spree the term 'loner' more than likely appears in the press and media. As if everyone who seeks solitude, peace and quiet where they can think, is an 'extremist' or a 'lunatic'. Let us look at this from a different perspective, a perspective appropriate for a more sane world that we would wish to live in. 

Friedrich Nietzsche foresaw the splitting-off into two distinct types of man - the 'Ultimate Man' who would have the slave-mentality and herd-mentality, and the "Superman' who would have a master-mentality and rugged individualism which creates great strength and the 'Will-to-Power'. The former - the 'Ultimate Man' - is the dying species of mankind, the masses of today, 'The People', the consumer; the latter - the 'Superman' - will one day be the master of the Earth and will create a renewal of Nature and the spiritualisation of the Earth. To prepare the way for the 'Superman' it is necessary that those who will this break away from the 'mob', the 'masses', the 'consumers' and become hermits or solitudes. This he sees as a necessary step to the creation of the Superman. 

Thus, it is necessary today to become 'solitaries', to break free as far as we can from this society. I say 'as far as we can' because it is necessary to do this over time, step by step, achieving the small 'victory' at each step of the way. As Nietzsche stated, these 'solitaries' will one day be a 'people', a 'chosen people' because they have chosen to do this of their own free will. Out of this 'chosen people' will come the Superman - of the future. 

'The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone' - People need to be alone sometimes, alone to be able to think without distraction. Being separated as a Folk-Community should never need to be a drawback, since there are times when we need to work alone, to work as individuals, but foremost to drive ourselves of our own Will. To strengthen the Will. This is the will to overcome, to go beyond, to strive to go beyond our own limitations. This has to be something personal, something only you can do, something only working alone can do. 

'Socialisation' is merely a catch-phrase to hide the agenda to have children pushed into the 'mob', forced to 'integrate', forced to become part of the modern 'collective', into the herd, the flock of sheep led by their 'shepherds'. This is why the first thing that those who are appointed to oversee 'Home Schooling' ask if the child is 'socialising'; so long as they are still pushed into the herd that is alright. Woe betide the one who needs to be alone sometimes! As I said, this flows over into adult life where everyone is encouraged to join some group or other, to work with others, and above all to be driven by others - and not driven by themselves. Today there is a drive for 'integration' into the 'multi-cultural society'; everyone has to become part of this, even if it means becoming part of a degenerate, decaying and dying society - becoming the 'Ultimate Man'. 

Many people who have come to us to join the Woden Folk-Community first ask the question - 'Is there anyone else I can contact in my own area? Fair enough, people today who do what we do can become isolated, but should this really bother us? No! Because we operate as a small group of Wodenic Activists, together with supporters who make up the Woden Folk-Community, then we will be few and far between. In the USA people will be even more spread out, this continent being much larger than our small island. But this should not be a hindrance, it should not make us give up because we have to work alone. Think on this, once you start to get involved there is someone in your area - YOU! From this you can build up through your own effort and will

I have to work alone most of the time because there is now no-one else in my area, or at least no-one who works with me within Wodenism. That does not stop me doing what I have to do, indeed it drives me on to do what I have to do - I have to drive myself. We are also part of the Woden Folk-Community and are definitely not alone, even though we have to work alone most of the time. Our Folk-Moots here in England bring us together. Then we work as a group, as a Folk-Community. Our strength lies in the many individuals striving in some way towards bettering themselves, and joining the struggle for the freedom of our Folk and the healing of the Earth. 

There are going to be times when we may get complacent, or times when we feel that we cannot go on with the work; this is natural, I have felt like this many times, even more so of late. Times when we feel down, we feel things are not going right, and at these times we make excuses to ourselves, excuses to get out of doing what we have to do. We make excuses so that we do not have to do something. Doing so is a sure sign of weakness, and it is this weakness that we need to overcome. Making excuses is a weakness and invokes 'because'; 'because' is negative and must be transmuted into something positive. 'I cannot do this because....'. Because of what? Because I do not feel like doing it? Because I cannot be bothered to do it? Making excuses is a weakness of mind because it gets us out of doing something through convincing ourselves that we have an excuse for not doing something. Yes, no doubt we all do this, but we have to train ourselves out of doing so. 

When you say 'I cannot do....because' or 'I cannot go...because' think clearly of what you are about to say; is this because you really 'can't' or is it because you cannot be bothered. And then think about the excuse you are about to give yourself. Is this true, or something you are about to make up to convince yourself that you cannot do it? Making excuses to yourself is a weakness; convert this into a strength by doing what you thought you could not do. Will yourself to do it. 

Although we work alone it is also important that we build the Folk-Community, the Tribe of Woden. We have always used the Wolf Totem as our own and the mottos - 

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf

Wolves Amongst The Sheep

Rise and Rise Again

Until Lambs become Wolves

The Wolf Pack is a fitting symbol for our Folk-Community since it is a 'pack' of 'individuals' and not some sort of collective in the modern sense of the term - it is not a 'herd' or 'flock' with a 'shepherd' to lead it. But any such Folk-Community will be stronger when the individuals within it are strong and individualistic. Rugged individuals who can work alone, and strong enough to drive themselves, and have an abundance of the Fiery Energy and Life-Force needed to carry on against all odds. Individuals who are able to carry the Flame of Freedom into the future.

Comfort, ease, happiness, the safety in numbers, these are all reserved for the man of today - the 'Ultimate Man'. Self-overcoming means taking ourselves out of that 'comfort zone', taking the hard way, taking the way of the 'Lone-Wolf' sometimes; to overcome oneself one must first have to struggle, not 'take the easy way out', not take the easiest route, not seek 'happiness'. Yes, seek Strength through Joy which means gaining in strength and will in the most joyful way we can - enjoy striving and struggling against all odds. We lone-wolves who stand alone against the world - against all odds! Did not Ragnar Lodbrok laugh in the face of death! 

We are here not to change society but to change ourselves; how can we change society if we cannot change ourselves? In changing ourselves we can lead others, encourage those who are asleep to awake and change themselves, overcome themselves, overcome their limits and take up the same struggle for freedom. We have to change ourselves, we have to overcome ourselves, our aim is self-overcoming. That means striving to better ourselves, striving to become stronger, striving to become more healthy, striving to become greater, striving to overcome the limitations placed upon us. Striving to become free men and women once more. 

'To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life' - to eat of the Tree of Immortality, to become 'as gods', to become the 'Superman'. To him that 'overcometh', those who take up the path of self-overcoming, of self-sacrifice rather than self-preservation. This starts with the 'lone-wolf', the 'hermit', the 'solitary', who is able to stand on his own two feet and not have to have others around to help him. Self-sacrifice, not self-preservation is the key to overcoming the self; when we overcome the self we find the 'Higher Self'. 

The essence of Nietzsche's teaching is that man can overcome himself due to his own free will and his own efforts - in this he does not need a 'God' to do it for him. This is where the mistake is made in the idea of 'worship' of a god; this does not mean to venerate a god, bow down before a god, it means to emulate a god, to strive to become like that god. That is the original and true meaning of the word 'worship'; thus we 'worship' Woden not because we bow the knee before him, but we try to become Woden. Woden is an archetype that we strive to become - the Aryan Archetype. 

In Nietzsche's Will-to-Power or Will-to-Might we can see the life-energy that permeates everything; indeed, is this not unlike the maegen known to the English? Our word 'might' is derived from the same root as maegen - *magan. It means 'strength' or 'power'; maegen means 'power', 'main strength' or 'force'; thus it is part of the Life-Force that permeates the Cosmos. It is an aspect of the Life-Force conferring confidence, ability, success and the will-to-win. Heroes like Beowulf were said to have an abundance of maegen; this was their personal power which they built up within themselves. The Root *magan means 'to be able', that is, to be able to achieve something. It is their personal Will that enables them to achieve. I think this is what Nietzsche means when he uses the term 'Will-to-Power' or 'Will-to-Might'. 

The above shows that maegen is built up in the individual, though some individuals will no doubt have more than others of this force and energy. The aim must be to increase this, to build this up within oneself. In order 'to be able' we have to transmute negative energies into positive energies; to do this we have to transmute the negative thoughts of the mind into positive thoughts - to stop using 'excuses' for not doing something and do it. Weaknesses must be transformed into strengths. 

Maegen is in direct opposition to the term used in the Eddas - ergi - a term meaning 'softness', 'laxness' and 'unmanliness'. There can be no softness, laxness or unmanliness within the strong and virile - the Cultic-Warrior. The Socialist feels vile and blames others for it, the Christian does likewise but blames himself. Both strive for 'equality' and only the weak promote 'equality' because they hate anything that is better, stronger, more powerful than themselves. Anything that has more might and main. Judaeo-Christianity tamed the 'Blond Beast' the 'Teuton', as Nietzsche declared; 'Saint Paul' spread the weakness and softness that would render the old Roman Empire powerless against the forces of  degeneration and decay. Today it is the remnants of Christianity, the forces of Liberalism, Humanitarianism and Marxist Socialism that preach 'equality', i.e. the weight of the masses pulling anything higher down into its depths! 

Another concept linked to maegen and to miht is hael or heil; this is the power of kingship, meaning 'luck' or 'good fortune', but with somewhat different connotations than these words are usually taken to mean. Hael is something inherent in the higher type of man, the kingly type of man; it is also built up in the individual, and can be lost or taken from the individual, just like we see in 'luck'. There is a higher meaning to this in that a sacral king was imbued with 'luck' (hael) but he could also lose it; in such cases the king no longer served the needs of the tribe in that when his 'luck ran out' so did the 'luck' of the tribe. There were instances when the king was given up as a sacrifice when this happened. Certainly his 'luck had run out'! 

The Wolf, the Bear, the Boar and the Stag were the animals usually used as tribal totems; these represented the strength of the tribe since all of these animals are associated with strength. The Raven was also a tribal totem, this being the Bird of Battle that feasted on the flesh of the dead warriors. The Horse symbolised the Sun, and was used by the Germanic peoples who were descended from the most ancient Solar Race. The Sun is the prime symbol of Light, of Energy, of Power and of Creation. The Solar-Race are the Creators, the Creative Race. This is the Arya and the Aryan Race. 

The aim within Folkish Wodenism is to create the 'Cultured Thug' of Lord Byron, postulated by the late Jonathon Bowden. We usually refer to this as the 'Warrior-Thinker' who is a blend of the 'fighter' and the 'intellectual'. Rather than today's intellectual who has no courage, has no 'balls', no strength to fight, and today's fighter who has little intelligence, we wish to blend the two into one strong individual, strong in mind, strong in body and strong in spirit. This 'New Man' must overcome himself, become stronger in will, in power and in mind and spirit - the highest spiritual beings are the strongest. The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone - the 'Warrior-Thinker' must be the end-product of this urge to self-overcoming, the urge to struggle against all odds, the urge to evolve, to create the Superman.