Wednesday 28 April 2021



"When the Jews return to Zion,

And a Comet rips the sky;

When the Holy Roman Empire rises,

Then you and I must die.

From the Eternal Sea he rises,

Creating armies on either shore,

Turning man against his brother,

Until man exists no more."

The Omen.

The creation of the Zionist State of Israel in 1948, just after the end of World War II, heralded the return of the Jews to Zion, as stated in the above 'prophecy'. In the spring of 1997 a Comet - the Hale-Bopp Comet - 'ripped' the sky (or 'filled the sky' which was not shown in the film). The 'Holy Roman Empire' is the European Union which was founded by the Treaty of Rome. The last part of this fictitious 'prophecy' tells how the 'Anti-Christ' arises from the 'Eternal Sea', building vast armies that turn man against his brother, until man is destroyed altogether. 

What I am concerned with in this post is not the film itself, nor the story that this film portrays, but the Archetypal Myth that underlies the whole thing, which itself gives rise to the story itself. The poem is made up for the film, and the apocryphal Book of Hebron that features in the film was created for the film itself and has no historical basis. Let us now consider the Archetypal Myth that comes out when this story is analysed. There are some things here that have great importance to us in these troubled times. 

Damien is not the true son of the head of Thorn Industries, which is a Global Corporation, for he was substituted at birth when his wife lost the child. The child was born in Italy, and then brought up in the US. Death stalks the child from an early age when his first nanny hangs herself, and then a priest who warns the father of the true nature of his son (Father Brennan) is killed by a stake falling from a church roof. Damien's father was made Ambassador to England and moved here from the US. He was born on 6th June, but not sure if any year was given - this makes 6 - 6 so we can assume the year had the number 6. 

We are told this from the Book of Hebron -

"...and The Beast shall reign one hundred score and thirty days and nights..."

This is 2030 days and nights which is just over five and a half years (not seven years which I think was given in the film). It is the nature of this 'reign' that is here of interest to us; here I am merely going to state what was happening around the figure of Damien Thorn, and you can yourselves make parallels to what is actually happening around the world today -

  • Thorn Industries has as its main concern Electronic Technology; through the figure of 'Paul Buher' who became President of Thorn Industries this was expanded into the realm of buying land worldwide to grow crops for intensive farming using artificial fertilisers etc. Paul Buher's first move was to buy up land in India. Thus we have this Global Corporation holding interests in Electronic Technology and then land-buying which would be used to grow food through intensive artificial agri-business. 
  • At the start of Omen III we see a world-wide economic collapse, rioting on city streets, and general disorder and chaos around the globe. 
  • Damien Thorn moves back to England where the 'Final Conflict' will take place. 
  • Damien intuits that the Krist has been born and thus sets about the 'Massacre of the Innocents'; in a TV interview concerning the rise in the numbers of deaths of children born on a particular day the man interviewed mentioned that such a rise would not be surprising at the time of a 'flu epidemic'. 

No doubt you will see the parallels with a certain figure today regarding Electronic Technology and the buying up of farmland, especially in India which is specifically mentioned in the film. The intention of slaying the Divine Child comes out of the New Testament account where the child is born and the woman is forced to flee for her life and that of her child - shades of King Herod and the 'Myth of Krist', as well as Krishna and other figures who share this Archetypal Myth. Now let us look at this Archetypal Myth of Krist. It is also to be noted that Damien Thorn takes a key position in the United Nations with interest in the 'youth'. (This is a key issue which will be used in the 'Climate Catastrophe' sphere, not featured in the film though.) 

"it shall come to pass...and out of the Angel Isle (Insular Anglorum) he shall bring forth The Deliverer, the Holy Lamb of God who shall do battle with The Beast..."

'The Deliverer, the Holy Lamb of God' will be born in the South of England (the computerisation shows this) at the time of the Trinity Alignment of stars in Cassiopeia on March 24th (no year is given). Is it a coincidence that March 24th is connected to Hama-Heimdall, and that around this time back in 1997 the Hale-Bopp Comet 'filled' or 'ripped' the skies? This was in the Constellation of Cassiopeia - another 'coincidence?. If we are to take the number 24 as significant here then 24 years after this takes us to 2021. Now, the birth of Christ is at 'Christmas' so how do we reconcile this with March 24th? 'Christmas' is around nine months later, the period of human gestation, maybe this has a connection to these ideas. It is also true to say that this time is around Easter and that 'Christ' was resurrected (reborn) at Easter. This, of course, is the 'Second Coming'.

Although we find that The Beast attempts to slay the children born on that day, the end of the film shows that the Second Coming (Krist) was a force rather than an individual, making his attempts futile. However, I would point out that just as Damien Thorn had to go through an 'Initiation', so would The Krist have to do the same, so when we talk of 'birth' this is less of the physical birth of the individual, rather the Twice-Born Initiation of that individual at a particular time when he becomes aware of his Wyrd or Destiny. This is what was happening with Damien Thorn through his 'Counter-Intitiation', and would be the same for The Krist. 

The birth of the 'Son of Man' is shown in the Daily Mail clipping at the beginning of this post, which features a planetary alignment on August 11th 1999, and the conception of the Age of Ing. This would, of course, also be related to the resurrection of the Divine Child, since Nostradamus tells us that the Black Sun (Solar Eclipse) brings back to life (resurrects) the 'King of the Angles' - Ingwe. If we relate Ingwe to the Krist then all becomes clear. There is yet another thing that seems to tell us the truth of this -

"The first spark of the new will emerge from the ruined ground of Chaldea. It will climb to the sky and fly, carried by rushing clouds to the Land of the North. Out of this battered Earth rises the liberator, The Avenger, the Third Sargon."

Sajaha Prophecies 11:21

The Solar Eclipse was seen from India in the East, across the Near East and across Europe, the ancient lands of our Folk throughout the ages. August 11th 1999 was clearly a very important date for us, as was the era around 1997 and the Hale-Bopp Comet -

"However, a Strong One will shake up the remnant of the heirs and wake some up. Like a Comet which suddenly gives a sign. However the victory is far off, and there is no new king".

Sajaha Prophecies 9:10

I have stated before how important this piece is to our time, since this clearly shows that the role that we have within the Sacred Blood Struggle is to 'shake up' the 'remnant of the heirs' and in doing so 'wake some up'. There are signs of a fight-back after the last year of oppression, and the imposition of the British Police State, but this (at this time) lacks any kind of specific movement nor any kind of leadership, though we cannot be sure that it is not being cleverly manipulated. This, however, matters little, since 'The Beast' can control through a hidden hand, but when building a 'monster' this may turn on itself eventually. My point here is that there is growing resistance and a growing resentment but there is no particular aim nor any kind of ideology that can as yet bring us on to the right path towards the English Destiny. More and more people need to become aware of the true nature of those behind this, and not just the 'economic' forces that are now in control of the world. There is an even more hidden agenda that needs to be brought into the light.

Shiva's Dance of Destruction

Woden is The Frenzied One - God of Fury - and in his aspect as The Terrible One (Igg the Terrible) he parallels the figure of Rudra in his aspect as Ugr, a name meaning 'The Terrible'. He is seen as a giant figure in somewhat human form, singing a beautiful song of an other-worldly nature, dancing, whirling, wielding the Fiery Sword of Destruction, the Sword of AEtla in his Dance of Destruction. In his Lunar Aspect he will appear to give a prophecy of the rising of a new Solar-Power that will appear here in Europe, the Power of a Golden Dawn, a Golden Dawn that will spread northwards towards the Midnight Mountain. The day of The Second Coming will be at the start of the Age of the Water-Jug. 

Helm of The Terrible One

Tuesday 13 April 2021

The Light-Born Folk & The Growing Darkness


It seems clear from recent events such as 'Black Lives Matter' (which I believe here in England has morphed into 'Black Liberation Movement') that the street-active Marxists have been allowed to get on with their subversive work whilst thousands of freedom-loving ordinary people have been subjected to police harassment whilst protesting against the 'lockdowns' and 'vaccine-passports'. It is usual to regard 'Antifa' as an anarchist group, but this arose first in Germany around 1936 from within the German Communist Party, so there is very little difference, both being subversive movements against the Folk-Nation, and both pushing a globalist agenda, just like the Global Bankers and Global Corporations, who fund them of course. 

I thought that I'd start with this, but the main point of this post is that, as those with the eyes to see can see, in virtually every advert now the White Man has been replaced, and everywhere there are attacks upon the White Male. This is nothing new, but from what I can see this has (like everything else) accelerated to a huge degree. So, at this point I would like to go over the Sajaha Prophecies again, and also remind of what I have said before on this subject. I think that these recent destructive moves show these prophecies in a new light. This will mean going over part of this again, but this cannot be avoided since it would make little sense otherwise.

"At that time there will be a great flood over the high and once bright gardens of the earth: and it will not be a flood of water but an odour of putrefaction everywhere."

Sajaha 11:1.

The German word here translated as 'putrefaction' can also mean 'degeneracy' which is perhaps more enlightening. We can gleam from the text that the 'great flood' of degeneracy comes before that of another, a 'flood' of 'greedy beetles' which devour and destroy everything. The Seeress tells us -

"The people therefore have lost their thinking and understanding through the flood of putrefying odour. They could have protected themselves and their children from the disaster. Because they lost the ability to understand they did nothing."

Sajaha 11:5

What an apt description of how the masses are lacking in any form of understanding, and they have thus not protected themselves nor their children from the disasters that we are facing today. 

"So the first flood will come and pave the way for the second, at the end of which stands extinction."

Sajaha 11:7

Sajaha goes on to tell us here that after the Second Flood there will be - extinction! She then tells us why this is, which now becomes finally clear to us because it can be understood in terms of what is coming about now.

"Then also the beetles that remain in the lower gardens will spoil, because without the seeds from the trees from above nothing more will flourish. So, this world dies. And people in different lands don't know each other anymore. Enmity arises everywhere due to the dying of the world. Thus the very last slay each other."

Sajaha 11:8.

Here you have it, straight between the eyes! What faces us is the total destruction of the Earth: but this, as she tells us, is not inevitable if we can fend off the First Flood. 

"I saw this, this is (a) coming image. And yet it is a warning - not inevitable fate. Fend off, you humans, the First Flood! If you fail, you are all lost!"

Sajaha 11:9

The Priestess and Seeress Sajaha has clearly warned us of the impending doom, not of just our own Folk, but then of the whole of life upon Earth. I am now going to go though the next part where she uses a short tale (which I will shorten even more to make it easier to understand, and will go though the meanings at the same time). 

"In order that you can recognise it, I want to show you more precisely the images of the first coming flood, of which I spoke. These images are colourful, strange and alien, the clever one knows how to interpret them."

Sajaha 11:10

So, she is talking here of the First Flood which it is important to fend off, to oppose ruthlessly in order to stave off the coming disasters that would destroy all life upon the Earth. 


"A White Bird circled over the sea near the World Mountain, noble and pure. He did no harm to anyone, anger never arose from him."

This 'White Bird' refers to the White Race, as clearly shown by the reference to the 'World Mountain' which is in the North, the Ur-Lands of the White Race. This was once a 'noble and pure' race which did no harm, and as we can see from ancient legends, aided other peoples of the world after the Great Flood of the Ancient World.

"There were, however numerous other birds - less noble and without the shining whiteness. And these envied the white one and joined together against him so that he would not be able to land, in order that he may die of exhaustion and hunger and then fall down dead from the clouds into the sea, so that soon no one more would know that there had ever been such a white and noble bird."

Thus, birds of a far less noble posture, without the 'shining whiteness' envied the White Bird and sought to murder it by forcing it to drown in the sea. This is an important point because it suggests drowning in water which gives rise to linking this with a 'flood' too. 

"The White Bird circled for a long time until the need forced him to fight against all the others. And he knocked down many of these, remaining for long the victor in this struggle."

This suggests that the White Bird put up a struggle against all odds for a very long time, being victorious over the others.

"The others gathered even more comrades and attacked the White One again - after they had previously forced him to starve again. 

There were again many terrible struggles of the many against the one. Until finally the White Bird lay bleeding on the ground and could no longer defend himself."

The White Bird is forced into starvation, and has to struggle against terrible odds, but in the end lies dying on the ground, unable to defend himself against the great odds of the ignoble birds. Now, we have to understand at this point that when we are talking of these 'less noble' birds this refers to a particular section of birds, and this is made clear when they have to hide their crime from the other birds.

"But because he hadn't sunk into the sea and therefore some of his white feathers could still be seen the others plucked out all his feathers and ate his raw flesh."

These evil birds hide their murderous crime by devouring the White Bird, so that he can no longer be found. But when they had done so it became clear what the White Bird truly was, and how important to the Earth that he had been -

"Now the White Bird was no more. And soon it should be shown that he had been the leader of the sunlight and the father of the white clouds in the sky. And from then on there was no more any pure light, and only grey clouds, which stopped the rays of the Sun and devoured their warmth between heaven and earth."

The White Bird was the Solar Race, the race of the Pure Light, and once destroyed the Sun stopped shining and the dark clouds gathered over the Earth. In true form, the evil birds blamed the White Bird for what had happened, and for the gathering darkness -

"But the numerous ignoble birds who had survived the long struggle cried loudly now because it was becoming cold and ever darker on the earth: and they said that the White Bird bore the guilt for that and that is why they murdered him. So they turned around what had happened and denied their guilt."

Here we see the deception and lies that were made in laying the blame for the gathering darkness on the White Bird, thus denying their own guilt and allaying any backlash against them from other birds.

"As now the time went by there came Evil Demons with the darkness, who feel at home in the dark. With these however came also the sickness of minds - and - the lack of understanding.

Because Dark Demons resemble appearance: they are essentially essence-less, they know no suffering and no joy, they have neither fear nor any other feeling. They do not understand what is essential and do not care about it."

I have shown in one of my older posts how the Dark Forces began to take control of the world after the defeat of Hope, which can be related to World War II and the triumph of evil. We see here how, with the destruction of the 'White Bird' (i.e. the White Race) the world will be plunged into chaos and darkness and Dark Demons will be leashed upon the Earth. The word 'appearance' here means that these demons have no appearance of their own and can only resemble things in the material world - i.e. they would appear as certain 'men' having no essence and being sub-human without feelings at all. The term 'sickness of minds' can also be rendered 'sickness of spirit'. 

"In their following however came the Darl Spirits, in order to bear evil to the world. And some recognised that the White Bird had been a shield against the Dark Power.

What had therefore been a light to protect against the darkness had been slaughtered by the envious birds.

And now they were all prey to the Lord of the Shadows."

The Earth itself being a Living Being, the 'White Bird' had filled the role of the 'White Blood Cells' of the human body, being the 'immune system' of the Earth, destroying any form of viral attacks upon the Earth. Through the slaughter done by the 'envious birds' the Earth's immune system was destroyed and thus all life upon Earth is destroyed. The White Blood Cells are called Leukocytes which refers to their giving off light, just as the Seeress tells us about the 'White Birds'. In doing so they can fend off the Dark Powers. Without the 'White Bird' there will be total darkness, anarchy and chaos, and what is left of the human races will turn against each other and slay each other until finally no life is left on the Earth. Since the Dark Powers hold full sway we can imagine that all life on this Earth will be extinguished

"Fend off, you humans, the first flood! If you fail, you are all lost!"

The attacks today upon the White Race are clearly the 'First Flood' because this is the attacks upon the 'White Bird' which could lead to the murder (genocide) of the 'White Bird'. We are thus at the point where, if our struggle fails, the destruction of all life upon Earth will take place. This is how high our struggle really is, and goes far deeper than 'economics', which is how deep most of the opposition to this goes. Don Miguel Serrano incarnated here on Earth to expose the Enemy once more, and to try to show once again that this is all about the Evolution of Man, and that this struggle has a bright ending if we can get ourselves out of the mess we are in - the 'First Flood'. We are the 'solitaries' who Nietzsche foretold, and also who Sajaha foretold arising at this time. 

Don Miguel Serrano foretold that the Last Avatar will arise at the height of the catastrophe, and there is a certainty that the Gods will intervene in such a disaster, sending one of their own (Wid-Ar or the White Krist) to lead the Armies of Light in the destruction of the Dark Forces. This figure is the Third Sargon as prophesied by Sajaha. But it is not our role to sit and wait, nor to 'have faith', it is our role to take up this Eternal Struggle, as did Don Miguel Serrano and others who have dedicated their lives, and even given their lives, to the defeat of the Dark Powers. 

What is clear from these ancient texts is that we are now at the point of the vicious attack upon the White Race, where other peoples are turned against us by the Forces of Evil and Darkness. They use others to do their dirty work, as they have always done throughout the ages. The subtle anti-White Propaganda is accelerating swiftly, and we are now seen to be 'guilty' of everything, indeed everything that the Evil Forces have done upon the Earth. We are now the 'scapegoat' for the horrendous crimes of history, crimes which the Dark Forces have committed themselves. 

Presumably, the 'beetles' mentioned in regard to the 'Second Flood' refer to the Evil Demons that appear after the destruction of the Earth's immune mechanism - the White Blood Cells. We are looking deeper than the 'Covid-19' virus to a virus infection that has taken hold of the Living Earth. Because of the lack of understanding of what is really happening the human race brought about its own extinction. This is the gloomy picture foretold by Sajaha, and we have the duty and responsibility to fight against the overwhelming odds to fend off the 'First Flood'. This is our Divine Mission and we have the Gods on our side - and the Great Godhead. 

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Age of Lead


That the 'Great Reset', 'Agenda 21' and 'Agenda 30' clearly relate to a Marxist-Communist Agenda is made plain by reading these, as well as other literature based upon the 'New Normal'. Although this appears, at first glance, to be a sudden, horrific set of moves which have taken us from freedom to slavery, the last few decades have seen clear signs of what was about to happen, and the sudden change must come as a shock since no-one seems to have known exactly when and how it would happen. Don Miguel Serrano referred to this end-time as the 'Age of Lead', an age of indescribable horrors, which is certainly beginning to unfold now. 

The exact turning-point or 'conception' of this great change came with the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001, just at the turn of the new millennium. I have shown before how the Tarot Card known as The Tower shows this clearly, but I will look at this now to clarify what is happening today. 

The Tarot Cards first appeared around the fourteenth to fifteenth century in Southern Europe, and there is no doubt many changes have been made through the centuries following this. The features of the above card are clear so we can look at the symbolism -

  • The Lightning-Bolt - This hits the tower near to the top, and flames are thrown out from the top and the windows. This is very close to what we see in the Twin Towers hit by the planes.
  • The Crown - This topples from the top of the tower, and I have mentioned that the French Revolution toppled the Crown of France, and thereafter this spread over Europe too. 
  • The Falling People - This is exactly what we see in the photos taken of the Twin Towers.
Wikipedia states of the French Revolution - "Many of the ideas are considered fundamental principles of Western Liberal Democracy". The toppling of the 'Crown' and the fall of the Old Order ended the period of history related to the Warrior Caste, and at this point the 'new order' took over the role as the 'Third Estate' which is based upon the Merchant Caste, and thus to the Capitalist Era. At the same time as the French Revolution and the events that followed the Industrial Revolution took hold in Europe and the United States, between the period of 1760 to 1820. The French Revolution took place in 1789 which is around half-way between these dates. Thus we have 'Western Liberal Democracy' running parallel to the Industrial Revolution, and thus the start to the process of the produce-and-consume society took place around this time. At the time of the French Revolution there was a move to set a 'Time Zero' which is parallel to the move to do the same with the Marxist Agenda which is being agitated by 'Black Lives Matter'. This is a magical operation that happens at a time of change of the order. 

The Twin Towers or 'World Trade Centres' represent the Capitalist Era which is now ending, and so we should not be surprised that a Marxist-Communist Agenda is taking its place at this time. The Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution were part of the era in which the monarchy was being destroyed, and even though the Russians and Eastern Europe have sloughed off the yoke of Communism or Global Socialism this was never the end of this, but merely a stage of the process which would rear its ugly again at this time. Communist China seems to be the blueprint for the World Slave State based on the produce-and-consume society and moving further and further from the Natural Order.

This is the 'Age of The People' or the 'Age of the Collective' but as we well know 'The People' are not really in control of this, and indeed have no power whatever, this being in the hands of the Global Elite. Once again, the idea of 'People Power' is yet another illusion and the power remains in the hands of exactly the same hands as it has always done. This is the 'Fourth Estate' and it is thus no coincidence that Klaus Schwab has written about the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution', which is the new Techno-Age using Artificial Intelligence as the means to control the masses. This is the Age of Lead which Don Miguel warned of, and his coming at this particular time was obviously meant to give us warning of this, and to prepare the way for The Man to Come. 

The 'Twin Towers' acted out an Archetypal Myth and we can see here how this has to come about but that it will differ in its form in different eras. This is also true of the Archetypal Myth of The Avatar and we see this clearly in the figure of Krist who appears as a teacher and healer, come to warn the people of the Evil Forces that are about to take control of the Earth, and his return as the Warrior-Krist who appears to destroy these Evil Powers. In Norse Mythology Woden - The Hanged God - is 'slain' and he is transmuted into 'The Son' - Wid-Ar the Avenger. This is the same archetypal theme. Rudolf Steiner equated Wid-Ar with Krist, and we can see this as an Aryan Archetype.

If I recall rightly, there was a YouTube video showing the first supplies of the Covid Vaccine to Ireland on a lorry with the number plate containing the Number 666. If this is correct it is not at all necessary that this was something known and planned by someone somewhere, for this fits well with the pattern of Archetypal Myth where this forms part of the synchronicities that abound when certain key events take place. There are many Christians who clearly see the Covid Vaccines linked to the Number 666. There are many more 'coincidences' where this number crops up around this time, but these need not be deliberate since they form part of an unfolding pattern. The drive to force vaccines on us, not through making it illegal not to have one, but through the typical Marxist trick of making it virtually impossible not to go along with it, is very sinister indeed, since this is something that makes no sense whatever, especially if, as we are told, this does not stop the spread of the virus.

One of the horrific events of the Communist Revolution in Russia was the murder of millions through forced starvation, by driving the peasants from the land and into the cities. Those who would not go along with this were held in the Gulags or 'Concentration Camps', and this could be a feature of the future drive to move people out of the rural areas and into the cities, as planned in the 'Great Reset'. These Internment Camps would be known as 'Quarantine Camps', which sounds a lot less horrific than 'Concentration Camps' or 'Gulags', but means exactly the same. Those who opposed the Communist Revolution ended in these camps, something to consider here. One of the main features outlined by Klaus Schwab is the abolition of private property, which would give ownership of everything to the World State. We have seen already how the destruction of rural life and the building of larger and larger housing estates in the towns is leading to larger and larger urban sprawls. The 'Lockdowns' have done much to destroy rural businesses, and many pubs have gone, whilst in the cities small pubs have been snatched up by the Global Corporations. 

Again, there has been a period in which this has already been started, since we have seen in recent decades the move towards a system based upon 'credit'. We have had 'Pension Credit' and then 'Universal Credit', and since the term 'credit' implies a debt then these are not given freely but by definition have to be given back. No doubt the idea of crossing out all debts sounds good as a 'carrot' given to the masses who will then 'Have nothing - But you will be happy' (Schwab). Of course, this will not be quite the Egalitarian Utopia that has been banded around because all of the wealth and the privilege that goes with it will be in the hands of the Global Elite. 

The Age of Capitalism served its purpose well in allowing 'Free Enterprise' to act as a "competition-ground' whist at the same time ensuring that wealth was being concentrated into the hands of the very few. This has shown itself clearly in the last decades where a vast host of billionaires has sprung up, holding more and more of the world's wealth, and with it the world's power. Private Global Corporations have built a monopoly on every essential needed to live and survive, and less and less freedom is being allowed as they further this agenda. Today it is clear that these vast Global Corporations actually run the state, and are in complete control of almost everything in the world. 

It is also clear that the doctrine of Hegel - Thesis vs. Anti-thesis = Synthesis - has been enacted out in the conflict of Capitalism (thesis) and Communism (anti-thesis) which have been synthesised as what has been called Communitarianism (a word that seems to have been dropped now). This is the natural evolution of the change from the Age of the Merchant to the Age of the Slave, for that is what this age should really be called. In the Norse Myths we have - 

Kon - Kingship.

Earl - Warrior-Aethlingas.

Ceorl/Karl - Farmer-Provider (Merchant).

Thrall - The Slave. 

Every British Passport has a 'microchip' on it which gives full details of the individual and access to the authorities to check this. This is the theme of the 'Vaccine Passport' which will no doubt extend this, adding to it the 'Track and Trace' theme so that the individual can be tracked by The System. This will be helped by the technology being rolled out which allows 'Facial Recognition' on CCTV cameras, which may well be one of the reasons for the 'Social Distancing' which would be best served if people were not too close together. Since we have been told there will be more vaccines in the future, due to 'virus mutations', it would be good to know what exactly is going into the body with these, which again are not 'compulsory' but which are being forced upon the masses in the usual Marxist manner. This microchip is not new at all, and our dogs were the guinea-pigs for this, having to have a microchip to stop 'dog theft'; dog-theft has gone up - surprise, surprise! Now, every dog had to have, by law, a tag on the collar with the name, number and owner, so a stray dog could be returned to the owner quickly. Obviously the microchips have failed miserably since dog-theft has rocketed. But the experiment certainly worked! Anyone who watched the 'Batman' film 'The Dark Knight' will recognise the use of smartphones to track an individual by linking the phones together through a network, and in China these are the means to the "Cashless Society' because only a few of the older generation do not use the smartphone. The is the key to their success, and the 'social media' and other techno-aids that go with it. Rampant technology has now enslaved us. 

Another individual from the World Economic Forum which meets at Davros to decide the next stages of the Global Agenda, Schmidt I think his name is, clearly stated that those in 'Silicon Valley' would be secure in their jobs and future, as no doubt will be the rest of those working for The System, and needed to keep this going no matter what. But his statement implied that anyone else outside The System and its needs did not matter anymore, which is exactly how things are panning out worldwide. Untold numbers of small and medium businesses have gone bust, and people lost their jobs to this; at the moment 'Universal Credit' will bear the 'shock' so that the people do not rebel. However, since they have the goal of getting rid of private property they will have to use the means to confiscate this, and in line with their tactics so far this will be through a sort of 'back door' plan - which could mean some form of economic collapse, which we should always keep in mind now. 

In line with what they have done over the centuries, their moves follow a pattern. They created Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution, and when the time came that this had done its job they started to shape-change and became the 'saviours' of the working-classes, the very people they had used and exploited. The blame was not turned upon them, but upon the gullible who had gone along with this, and who were now of no use to them. This is exactly what is happening today in very different senses -

1. These same power-mad lunatics have raped and pillaged the planet for its wealth, and thus their power, and they are now busy shape-shifting into the 'saviours' of the Earth. They are now busy using more of the gullible masses to promote their 'Climate Disaster' program which is why the term 'sustainability' is banded around in their 'Agendas'. We have already seen multi-billionaires and 'academics' involved in 'Extinction Rebellion' and we shall not doubt see more of this as their plans enfold. Klaus Schwab has already told us how the young people will be demonstrating on the streets about 'Climate Change'; he has, of course, not mentioned who will be funding and organising them. It has also been suggested that 'Climate Lockdowns' may come into force in the future. 

2. The global banking system was once centred in the City of London, and still is to this day, but with a second arm created in New York. Britain and the US have for some decades been used as the 'sword-arm' whereby the New World Order extended its power over the world. The US, specifically, no doubt because it is a very large continent, was built up as a massive military power, balanced by the Russian military power. All this is now seemingly changing, and these two nations have been 'dumped' in favour of Communist China; again this can be seen as a natural progression with the shift from the Age of Capitalism to the Age of the Slave, since China represents the 'New Order' now. Most of the produce-and-consume industry has passed to Communist China, and the farmland in the US and in India is now being bought up by the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in a drive to create a network of global production of GM Foods including the 'false meat' that will replace natural meat, and the 'false milk' that will replace natural milk. This is a subject that I will not go into deeply, but we can see how this agenda is unfolding as a drive against Nature and Natural Law.

The 'World Wide Web' is a sick parody of the Web of Wyrd in which everything is interconnected and in which one thing will always have an affect somewhere else on the Web. And this seems to be the core of the Global Agenda and the World State, that of creating an artificial world or a sick parody of what is natural and ordered. Rather than a civilisation that is permeated by the Divine, like the ancient Kingdoms of Light, what we are seeing is a sick parody of civilisation that is permeated by the Dark Forces - the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This is why everything that happens appears insane to us. 

There is a piece in Revelation which tells how 'Babylon the Great' will fall through upheaval and violence in a very short time. The Old Testament has a sick hatred of the ancient Aryan Civilisations and this shows in the desire to overthrow the ancient Kingdoms of Light, with exceptions being those that after rising to the heights, are corrupted and fall into the hands of the Dark Forces. Ancient Babylon did fall, as do the later Greece and then Rome, and the Roman Empire became the driving-force to destroy the European Nations, expanding the Feudal Society through the 'Holy Roman Empire', but using the Germanic Peoples against their own - a key tactic of these people. But the term 'Babylon' suggests that this does not refer (in Revelation) to this ancient civilisation, but maybe at this time to the United States, which they have used and have no need of now. Even the banking system (HSBC) has been shifted in part to Communist China (Hong Kong). This move also seems to answer the question as to why Britain gave Hing Kong back to China, since this would be a logical move in the Global Agenda.

There is a pattern in the theme of Revelation which has been enfolding before our eyes, and prior to the Second Coming (of the 'Man to Come') we see both the Mark of the Beast and also the Fall of Babylon. There is also the piece about the destruction of 'The False Prophet' and 'The Beast', both of whom we could equate to key figures in the 'Great Reset'. Again, these, like the 'Mark of the Beast' can be seen as part of the Archetypal Myth in which we are players on the stage of during these times. 'All the world is a stage' said William Shakespeare, and this is a drama being enacted in our times, so we can begin to predict the coming stages.

Miguel Serrano called this the 'Age of Lead' or 'Lead Age' and, of course, this is part of the Alchemical Myth because Lead is the metal that can be transmuted into Gold - and the Golden Age. So although this era is certainly one of horrors beyond belief it is also the age which can turn into the Golden Age through a transmutation, and through the courage and bravery of the 'Solitaries' who stand in defiance, and who stand firm in their struggle against the Evil Forces. Running parallel to the 'Age of Lead' is the 'Age of Heroes', so we have the balance of Evil and Good, now battling against each other in the Final Conflict. As this has to be, simply because it is part of the Archetypal Myth, this is rather a one-sided battle with the Gods and Men being heavily outnumbered by the Monsters and Giants, as in every Aryan Myth which reenacts this conflict. This is because at this time the Dark Powers and in total control, but even then being over-confident can sometimes prove disastrous. 

As a Folkish Heathen I am somewhat put out by the lack of any firm opposition to what is going on by certain other heathens and pagans, some of whom are busy re-enacting the 'Viking Age' whilst our Folk are moving towards the brink of total destruction. In some way this is perhaps due to the way that Odinism and Asatru etc. have been revived as a religion of the past to look nostalgically back on, rather than, like Folkish Wodenism, recreating the Ancient Ur-Religion in a new form suited to the world today. We can take a look at Zoroastrianism which was not actually the creation of Zarathustra, but was a revival of a more ancient Aryan Religion and a reformation suited to the era he incarnated in. Here, as in India, we can clearly see that the common theme of both is an Eternal Conflict between Good and Evil - between the Forces of Light and Order, and the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. In Persia this is the Eternal War between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, and in India the Gods and the Demons. We do find this in Norse and Germanic Mythology with the Gods and the Joten (Giants), but this has never been clearly defined as an Eternal Struggle that we are part of, especially when many of those participating see this as something of the past to look back to, and even try to use as a means to reject the modern techno-society. 

Both Persia and India have a 'saviour' figure which is paralleled by the 'Warrior-Krist' of Revelation. Hence the reason why today some Christians are more aware of this struggle than many heathens and pagans, which is why I would not criticise those who are more awakened to this, even though they support a religion which was an integral part of the agenda for world domination, as set out in the Old Testament. The 'Jesus' of the book of 'St. John' exposes those behind this agenda, and this has been recognised by many Christians. Some of the more aware priests of the Catholic Church are now coming out against the 'Great Reset' and the 'New World Order' because they too see the Dark Forces have taken full control, using the term 'Satan' which is part of their religious make-up. Norse Mythology, as I have shown before, has the very same ideas on a 'saviour' but these are hidden within vague texts and have not been recognised to the full as yet. 

By trying to reject wholly the ideas of Judaeo-Christianity, much of which was taken from heathenism and distorted, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Rather than study them these texts are rejected outright as 'alien' and part of an 'alien religion', but it is my bet that most of those with this idea have never themselves studied the texts closely - so how on Earth can one understand something that one has never studied? This can be said of the role of the Judaeo-Christian Church, which has clearly been used as a tool against the European Nations, but this does not necessarily follow the teachings of the founder of the religion - as Friedrich Nietzsche recognised. More than one established Christian has recognised the heathen roots of the Birth and Life of Krist, which in some cases has strengthened their faith, even though ostracised and ridiculed for their doing so. 

Folkish Wodenism, from the very start, built its Weltanshauung around this Eternal Conflict of the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, and thus recognised our role within this struggle at this time of the Cosmic Cycle. And, never having backed off when attacked or smeared as 'Fascists', 'Neo-Nazis' or 'Racists' and tried to justify our stance through weakness, we have stayed true to our motto of Honour and Loyalty. No-one today seems to know what any of these words actually mean, and they are now being banded about all over the place, especially on YouTube. Anyone with any common sense could see that this Global Agenda is driven by Marxist-Communist Doctrine, which, like Judaeo-Christianity and Capitalism, has always been global, and opposed to borders of any kind and of the Nations. Any form of Folk-Nationalism has been ruthlessly suppressed, but Civic Nationalism and State Nationalism have been manipulated and used as part of the Global Agenda. When the time comes these too will suffer the same fate as Folk-Nationalism, though those who still go along with this cannot see that this will be the case. As I said before, they use something to their advantage and to further their Global Agenda, and when they have achieved what they want they dump it like a sack of spuds. The Folk-Nation, with an emphasis upon Folk-Tribalism at this time, is the only counter to the Global Agenda, and that is why they have set their sights on crushing this. 

The emphasis now is upon the economic agenda, but we should not overlook that there is a religious agenda promoting a 'World Religion', and that the Catholic Pope has already been suggested as its leader (for the time being no doubt). This is why some Catholic Priests have come out against the church and the Pope, who they recognise as being driven by the Dark Forces (this may be true of other sections of the church too). This religious agenda will also be aimed at destroying Heathen and Pagan beliefs since these are built around Nature-Worship and Natural Law (or should be). This is because the Priests of the Dark Lord do not consider Nature to be Sacred since their 'God' is above Nature, and all should obey 'God's Law' and not stick to the immutable Laws of Nature. Man was created in order to dominate the earth, which is exactly where all the problems we have today have sprung. This is why they have attacked Folk-Nationalism since it is based around the Laws of Nature.

We can now see what is going on when we consider the rise of the Marxist BLM and its role as the destroyer of 'Western Civilisation'. Since there is really no 'civilisation' left this would better be termed 'Western Liberal Democracy' which is being replaced by a new Global Feudal System. We have suffered this before under the Normans who destroyed the Anglo-Saxon Culture where every free man would have land of his own - private property. The Christian Franks also imposed this type of structure on nations like the Frisians, and were about to move upwards into Scandinavia when the Vikings poured out to stop this move. For this we should look back upon them for their courage and strength, but we cannot go back to these times. The first stage of Marxist Communism is the 'Dictatorship of the Proletariate' which is what we see now in practice. This is merely a stage, and this leads to the kind of produce-and-consume society envisaged by Aldous Huxley, where the masses are dumbed down by drugs. (This is yet another thing to be considered when looking at the vaccines.) (*)

There is a vast difference between the Folkland where the land was owned by the tribe, and where each free individual was given a piece of land on which to work to keep himself and his family, and the Feudal System where the land is owned by an 'elite' and where the peasants work the land, giving a good part of the profits to their Feudal Lords before they themselves get the 'crumbs'. This was the type of society from which arose the English Freedom-Fighters - Robin Hood, Hereward the Wake, and Edric the Wild. The Normans were financed by the money-lenders, backed by the Pope, and they imposed this system on a somewhat more free society (not quite), out of which arose these great English Heroes. It was the Church and the State which oppressed the people through taxation, something unknown to Germania, and something that the Romans used in their oppression of other nations. 

The idea promoted by Klaus Schwab - 'You will own nothing, and you will be happy' - is a revival of this type of system whereby no-one will own anything themselves and every bit of the world's wealth will be owned by the Global Elite, and given as a 'credit' to the masses. According to Schmidt of the techno-agenda using Artificial Intelligence they will totally control the minds of the masses, although he very kindly states that we would have a 'choice' - pull the other one! This is exactly how the 'World Mind' is seen in Kenneth Grant's Outside the Circles of Time. This is where the minds of the masses are linked as 'One Mind' which, according to their account, will make mankind more intelligent; linking millions of mediocre minds is hardly likely to create a more intelligent race. This is total mind-control, but they have never been able to tell the truth about anything.

We have seen how our politicians promise something, like the fact there would not be 'Passport Vaccines' and then sometime later reverse this and bring up the idea of 'Passport Vaccines'. Anyone who votes for any of these cheats and liars deserves what they will get as this unrolls! The vast majority of the masses have fallen for the lies, again and again, even when these politicians are blatantly lying over and over again - as they always have, but now it has become clear to all, even though most are still taken in. I was in a supermarket queue when a woman in front of me put a newspaper on the conveyor, and turned to say 'I don't know why I buy these, they never tell the truth!' What can you say about that one, and these people seem to consider themselves 'educated' and 'smart'. Even though we have all been shaken fiercely into drastic change some are still so stupid as not to be able to see through this - or rather, most. No wonder they refer to our people as 'cattle'. 

(*) Here I am not trying to impose my views on vaccines on others in order to sway their opinions as to whether to have them or not. Personally I will not have the vaccines and have declined a number of times when pushed to do so by the NHS. Whether or not people have them is up to them, but for myself I see some sinister points about the drive to force this upon everyone in the world. I have brought up the idea of the 'Mark of the Beast' but there is also a piece online quoting Rudolf Steiner as predicting that large pharmaceutical corporations would in the future produce vaccines that would 'destroy the soul' which seems rather far-fetched but recognising that these people are gross materialists this should not perhaps be dismissed out of hand. I would urge people to study the whole thing for themselves (which the Elite do not want) and thus be able to form their own opinions as to what to do. 

Please Note - This blog has not had so many posts over the past few weeks because I have concentrated for a time on the Guerilla Survivalism Blog as I have been out into the local woodlands to practice certain key skills, and also having to get on with the Edel Project part where food-growing is encouraged to become more self-reliant. We have to be active outdoors as much as possible because this is where we thrive best, and we shall need these skills as this develops, and I hope that I can encourage more people to become active in becoming more self-reliant. Even if they banned home-growing or hunting etc. there are still ways we can survive through these hard times. It is merely a matter of educating and training ourselves so that we have the ability to do things for ourselves, and whatever happens Communist Systems never seem to work efficiently, and even with the most virulent oppression there are always gaps in The System. And whenever these times appear the Outlaw takes his place in history.