Wednesday 9 July 2014

The Occult Forces behind the 'Allies'.

A great deal is made of the 'Occult Reich' or 'Nazi Occultism' but rarely do we find anything about the occult forces that were working here in England, forces that were trying to shape a 'New World Order' after the catastrophe of World War II. The source of the information given here is from a work called The Magical Battle of Britain edited by Gareth Knight; this work contains the wartime letters of a Christian Occultist named Dion Fortune. These letters tell us how Dion Fortune used certain magical techniques to try to influence the course of the war, and to bring about the victory of the 'Allies' over the Third Reich.

There are two distinct things that emerge from a study of this work, the first being the influences behind her ideas and magical workings, and (to us) the important magical ideas that she used to influence events of her era - ideas that can easily be reversed and used against these same Forces of Evil that she and other Dark Lodges used against the rising of the Old Germanic Gods in the Germany of the time. Dion Fortune's letters prove beyond doubt that she did recognise the rising of the Germanic Gods, and she used certain archetypal images against the Germans, images that prove to us beyond doubt that we have said in other articles is true, and that the basic idea that there is a Cosmic Battle between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon is proven through her work.

The basis of her work is the communication between the physical world and the 'inner planes' where what she terms 'The Masters' can be reached - this is the basis of all occultism of the time. Unlike the contact between our Folk and our Gods we are never really told who these 'Masters' really are. What is important to us is that she clearly believes that this communication is possible, and that it can cause certain changes in society and the world. Those who believe that history is forged by economics or politics would be well advised to study these occult methods and how they were used by certain individuals to further their ends.

Dion Fortune started the Fraternity of the Inner Light which was involved in group-meditation throughout the war. Due to the war only a small group could sit together to undertake the meditation, but scattered individuals would also sit in their own areas and meditate at the same time - thus strengthening the group-power. This is an important point to consider since the same system can be used as a counter-force. There are also two vitally important ideas that she used in her work -

1. The Group-Soul - this is akin to the subconscious mind of the individual, but at the level of a race. This is a source of inexhaustible dynamic energy, which the individual or group can draw on to raise power. The Group-Soul runs deep and takes a very long time to change, evolving over time. What we need to consider here is that an individual, an avatar, can incarnate as the Race-Soul of a Nation and as such becomes that nation, speaks and acts for that nation, and represents the Folk as a unit of being.

2. The Group-Mind - This is like a veneer and is rather superficial, shifting and changing with the 'surface currents' and circumstances. The Group-Mind is easily influenced by propaganda and is easily changeable; it is thus the means by which people can be manipulated easily, whereas the Group-Soul runs far deeper and is far more stable and unchangeable.

In her second letter (15th October 1939) Dion Fortune gave an example of one way that occult meditation-visualisation can work upon the Group-Mind, and this (we should note) is the level at which our enemies are able to work, since the Group-Soul is far less easily influenced. The symbol used for this meditation was the 'Rose upon the Cross', this being a Red Rose. Indeed, she tries to prove that this method has worked by an example in which she states that an address by the Archbishop of York repeated almost word for word the meditation - something that we could verify only if we had the meditation and the address, but this is not so.

Symbolism is a key to these type of workings; this works firstly through the imagination but it is a mistake to think that this is the only thing that is happening, since the imagination eventually turns into form and reality (at a certain level of consciousness). In this case the symbolism used was the Rose and the Cross - the latter, of course, being a Christian Cross. We are here dealing with Christian Occultism, and indeed many of the groups working here at the time (the Golden Dawn for example, of which Dion Fortune was once a member) were using the Jewish Cabala as the basis of their magical workings - as did the Fraternity of the Inner Light.

The ideas and ideals of the group - and 'The Masters' who lay behind this work - were transmitted to the Group-Mind through these meditations. Again, Dion Fortune mentions an address by the Minister of War - a Mr Hore-Belisha - which seems again to have contained the very same ideas and ideals. We could call all this 'coincidence' but we could also see a confirmed plan being worked out both on a psychic and a physical level - both working at the same time through different groups and individuals - the Dark Forces of the Kali Yuga.

It is really important to understand the concept of the Group-Mind which can be seen as the 'collective-mind' of a Folk, and one which can be (as has been/will be) manipulated by the Dark Powers - but which can also be tapped through our own work. More importantly is the Group-Soul which can be accessed by Woden Initiates in order to awaken the Will of the Folk. This is the key - the awakening of the Will of the Folk!

Like much of the 'New Age' stuff banded about today, the work of this group also involved 'angelic' presences, these 'angels' being a Christian concept. Dion Fortune also mentions various Christian concepts used in her workings, proving beyond doubt that her work was concerned with the furtherance of the Judaeo-Christian aims, which are, and always have been, designed to distort the Folk-Soul of our Race. She is also 'in no doubt about the occult powers being deliberately invoked by the forces of Hitler's Third Reich'.

'This may sound fantastic, but it is only necessary to read the unexpurgated edition of Mein Kampf to see that the Nazis are fully alive to this, and that the manipulation of the racial subconscious mind is one of the strongest cards they play.' (Letter 19 - February 25th 1940).

It is important to note that the symbolism she refers to here is linked to the Rod of Power seen in the Blue Ray, this being held by a 'king on the throne'. This is indeed something we need to consider because the Os-Rune is an ancient posture used by a god or king wielding a Rod of Power, and Woden is often said to have a blue cloak. This is a sceptre wielded by the All-Father, and represents the Secret Wisdom  and Occult Knowledge which directs the invisible forces waging this Cosmic War.

'All that is necessary for this purpose is a nucleus of six or more sincerely dedicated persons gathered round one who has the necessary knowledge.' (Letter 19 - February 25th 1940).

Dion Fortune spells out the aims of her meditation work - '...we considered the ways in which ideals could be instilled into the group mind of a race by someone who was a member of that race, and who therefore had access to its group mind, living them out in actual practice "with intention".'  (Letter 20 - March 3rd 1940).

Here we can see that it is necessary that those who take part be a 'member of that race' and this is perhaps significant in that it goes some way to explaining the 'White Traitors' who have consistently worked with these Dark Forces against our Gods and our Folk. In the occult field these people have been used to 'access the group-mind' simply because an alien mind could never do so - they are the tools of these Dark Forces and necessary tools that are used to manipulate and control the minds of the masses. We can see here why it is essential to use counter-techniques in our battle against these occult forces, but that any counter can also be used at the level of the Group-Soul.

We must now turn to the form of archetypes that were used by Dion Fortune and her group, and it is here significant that she uses those of 'King Arthur' and 'Merlin the Magician' - the 'Celtic' archetypes associated with the Red Dragon. Now we can begin to see why these 'archetypes' (symbols actually, since it is this type of symbolism that is used to invoke certain forces, in this case forces linked to the Red Dragon of Juda-Rome. Merlin is seen as the 'law giver to the kingdom of Britain'. 'We know, therefore, that whatever form our work will subsequently take, it will be expressed in terms of Arthurian symbolism and rooted in the Arthurian Tradition.' (Letter 22 - March 17th 1940). We are also told that the '...Arthurian Tradition is linked up with the Celtic Church, the primitive pre-Roman Christianity in these islands, brought hither direct from the Holy Land by Joseph of Arimathea...'

In Letter 30 (June 9th 1940) we are told that the meditation 'cavern' is '...beneath the Holy Mountain of the Illuminati' which tells us something important since the Illuminati have always been associated with the Dark Forces that today control this planet. What we need to consider here is that the symbolism used by these occult lodges has been usurped and distorted, hence why their symbolism is a parody of the true symbolism of the original Arya.

This leads me to the next point which is that the symbolism of the 'Hanged God' - Odin, Dionysus or whatever - was distorted into that of the Jewish figure of 'Jesus Christ', the distortion being in the change from the true god-form to that of a dejected, debased, weak and feeble figure hanging on a Cross to atone for some 'Original Sin' made by our Folk. This was merely a ruse to distort the Folk-Soul of the Aryan Race. This being the case it is easy to understand how the Once and Future King (the avatar-archetype of the Hyperborean Mythos)was turned into the Christian figure of 'King Arthur', and how the wise-wizard archetype (Woden) was distorted into the pseudo-Christian 'Merlin'. It is these distorted archetypes that were used in the workings of this Fraternity of the Inner Light.

'If we as a nation make ourselves a channel of cosmic law through realisation of the spiritual nature of the struggle we are waging, we become the channel for the manifestation of the power of God...' (Letter 34 - 7th July 1940). Just as we too, through the realisation of the spiritual nature of the struggle we are waging become a channel for the manifestation of the power of the Gods.

'There is no room for Nazism and democratic civilisation on the same globe, and one or the other will have to get off it....' (Letter 34 - July 7th 1940). We have seen what 'democratic civilisation' can do with the 'Brit-Am' alliance under the new 'American Empire' which has caused and created wars ever since World War II, and indeed caused that war and the previous world war too. This is rather more than a war between 'Nazism' and 'democratic civilisation' since it is a war between the evolutionary forces that are aiding man's evolution to the 'Superman', and the forces that are holding back that evolution through the creation of the 'Ultimate Man' (Nietzsche). The former seeks to strengthen the individual ego to create the Ultimate I,  whilst the latter seeks to merge the 'ego' into the 'All' and thus destroy the 'ego' altogether.

'There is only one thing, and one thing only that can disperse this dark cloud of ancestral evil and set the souls of Germans free, and that is the power of Christ, and we must bring this power to bear.' (Letter 65 - March 16th 1941). Here, once again we see that this 'occult lodge' is working through the Judaeo-Christian tradition and against the power of the old and true Germanic Gods - indeed portraying these ancient gods of our Folk as 'ancestral evil'. The 'Great Liar' at work again! Gareth Knight comments - 'Seventy years on, we might pause to reflect whether these remarks about Germany could equally be said about most nations of the world...' which goes so way to admit what was done was not quite in the interests of the world - though this would never be openly admitted.

'Let us remind ourselves once more of the way in which our work is done. The innumerable individuals who make up a nation share a common subconsciousness below the personal subconsciousness of each one; this is called the racial or collective subconsciousness, and it plays a very important part in both individual and national life. Here abide the archetypal ideas that are common to each one of us and that we never have to learn. These give rise to myth and symbol, dream, poetry and art....

We work by inoculating the collective subconsciousness of the race with certain archetypal ideas which have been communicated to us psychically in the course of our group meditation.'    (Letter 70 (April 27th 1941).

Once again I would point out that these 'archetypes' can be distorted from their true form through the manipulation of symbols working through the Group-Mind. This is what happened in the case of 'Jesus', 'King Arthur' and 'Merlin' - all distorted for the purpose of the furtherance of the Judaeo-Christian religion imposed upon Europe and later on other peoples. Our work is not to 'manipulate' these archetypes, but to channel the Original Archetypes into manifestation within the Soul of our Folk. This is where we can work on the Group-Soul which works at a deeper level than the Group-Mind. Put a different way we work through the Blood-Memory of the Folk.

'We have been engaged in creating a myth which by nature is in harmony with our national tradition. This is readily accepted by the group mind of the race and spreads and multiplies within it like yeast...' (Letter 70 - April 27th 1941). This 'creation of a myth' could be the key to the problem that we face today, since this 'myth' that has been created is certainly a 'Celtic-Christian' myth based upon the figures of 'King Arthur' and 'Merlin' which is based upon the wrong assumption that the English are 'Celtic' and not of Germanic Stock. It seems very clear to me that this falsehood has come about partly (if not mainly) through certain dark occult lodges that were working for this aim, and whose ideas have taken fruit in the English society of today. This is why we see films based around King Arthur where the Red Dragon always defeats the White Dragon - the latter symbolising the Germanic Folk.

A comment here - that this 'myth' can be 'created' through a knowledge of these 'archetypes' and how to distort the Ur-Types is the sole reason why so-called 'primitive' societies will never divulge their 'story' or 'myth' since they are well aware of the dangers of outsiders getting hold of that 'story' or 'myth', which could be used to destroy them. It is possible that the 'story' or 'myth' was stolen from the Arya, and this could be seen in the story of Hiram Abif, hence why Freemasonry is nothing more that a usurper of the True Mysteries, and has been used to distort them.

Again, I would like to look at the points made by Dion Fortune in regard to her work, points that are just as relevant to our own work - 'This is my personal task, and for its execution I need the support of a group of workers, not large in numbers, but highly trained, closely knit by mutual sympathy, and dedicated lives.' It is so important that we consider the need for a small group made up of dedicated individuals, and this is where we have to place the emphasis today, for there are not enough of these working together towards the same end - not enough people who are willing to sacrifice themselves wholly to this struggle - and not for their own ends. From her work we can see that she had a dedicated group of individuals who were willing to perform these meditations on a daily and weekly basis throughout the war period - even through the bombing periods! Now that is dedication!

I think the real point of this is that the individuals within the group were willing to place themselves under her guidance, recognising her as a teacher of knowledge (whether right or wrong), and were not working for their own ends and purposes - which would not only have dissipated these forces but would have created chaos within the group. This is something that we as Wodenists should consider if we are to really achieve our aims.

'When the Germans open up the primordial levels of their racial mind they release the elemental energies of the old gods - the bloodstained mindless images of the heroes of Norse Myth.' Here we see that Dion Fortune recognises that the Old Gods were rising anew within the German Folk-Soul, and she then goes on to say - 'The Kelts of these islands were amongst the earliest to be Christianised, as the Germans were among the latest' which completely ignores the fact that the Anglo-Saxons were a Germanic Folk who came here, and indeed were here well before history would have us believe they 'invaded' these islands. 'Let us awake from their long sleep the primordial images of our race, King Arthur and his knights, with the wisdom of Merlin to guide them.' She speaks of the 'soul of England' but this should be applied to 'Britain' and perhaps in her case she is right - since she is of Welsh descent!

The work of this Fraternity of the Inner Light seems to be based upon the work of MacGregor Mathers who formed the Golden Dawn, and not upon any real and true study of our own myths and legends, and our own Northern Tradition. The work of Mathers was based upon Jewish Cabala or the 'Western Mystery Tradition' and is thus suspect in its origins and in its workings.

'They must bring in the New Age for all men, not for their own people only, because the New Age is an age of co-ordination of the whole earth...' (Letter 115 - May 10th 1942). Now we begin to see the true forces acting behind this occult lodge. 'First and foremost, we must regard the planet of earth as a unit, in which no segregation is possible, owing to the development of communications, especially air-borne and ether-borne communications, and the interdependence of commerce all the world over...Our planet of earth, and the human society thereon, must be organised as a whole...' Here we have the fully planned aim of the 'New World Order' being imposed upon the whole earth. Nations would no longer consider themselves as individual units but 'simply as sub-sections of human society'. Dion Fortune goes on to outline the planned ordering of the world after the war, and everything she tells us has come about in the world - proof that this has been a planned reordering by the Dark Forces.

'The democracies belong to the New Age; the Axis Powers represent the recrudescent of ebbing forces whose day is past; therefore their time in any case is short. For the tides of life are against them.' (Monthly Letter One - November 1942). Here we beg to differ, since this represents the darkest time of the Cosmic Cycle, when the Dark Forces are at their strongest (the Twelve Nights of Yule), but the Light Forces are just beginning to emerge once more since after the Yule-Tide of the Cycle the Light begins to ascend. This is yet another of the distortions put forth by the Great Liar. The evolutionary forces may have been 'defeated' at a physical level, but the 'seeds' of the New Order were sown at this time, and the 'Vedas' were saved from the Great Flood - the true Ancient Mysteries were revived at this time.

I think that this is enough to show how these forces (Red Dragon) were pitted against the Germanic Forces (White Dragon) and that the latter are the forces driving for an upward evolutionary jump in the Race of Man. The former work towards the destruction of the individual 'ego' and its merging into the 'All' - an area controlled by the Demiurge. Only through a conscious working towards the strengthening of the 'ego' into the Absolute 'I' can this evolutionary jump be made, and the new Golden Age brought into manifestation.

This Cosmic War still goes on, and although we can now see how the problems we face with the English Folk stem from the work of certain Dark Occult Lodges consciously attempting (and succeeding as we can see today) to manipulate the Group-Mind of the English, through distorting its Germanic Soul with alien 'Celtic-Christian' archetypes - a process that is still going on today. Only through these methods could the English be stopped from joining with their Germanic Brothers in Germany in a Holy War against the Jotun. It was the 'White Traitors' whose work undermined that of the Light Forces and this was done through such occult lodges as the Fraternity of the Inner Light.

We have seen how the Saxons led the English Folk in a Holy War against the Jotun, hence the reasons for the so-called 'invasions' of these islands. We have seen how the Vikings cane here to wage a Holy War against the ever-growing power of the Jotun, and that is why they too invaded and tried to destroy the growing power of the Judaeo-Christian Church. Valhalla has been filled with the souls of those who have waged this struggle, and these Einheriar await their call to return to Earth to join the Final Conflict against these Evil Forces of Darkness and Chaos.

This post may at first read seem rather disordered, but the aim of it has been to make clear a few distinct points -

1. The forces working against the Germanic Gods have used occult methods that can also be useful to our work. These occult methods need to be studied carefully so that we can use what is useful and discard what is not; at the same time the methods need to be tailored to suit our own purpose.

2. There is here proof of the validity of the struggle between the Red Dragon (Judaeo-Christianity) and the White Dragon (Germania). The methods used by Dion Fortune, utilising the Christian 'archetypes' of 'King Arthur' and 'Merlin', show clearly that these people used the forces of the 'Red Dragon'.

3. Symbolism is neutral, but we need to consider that archetypes and symbols can be - and have been - distorted for alien purposes. This goes for such archetypes as 'Jesus Christ', 'King Arthur' and 'Merlin'. All of these, in their original Ur-Form, are valid archetypes, and this distortion works at the level of the Group Mind, and thus act like a 'veneer' - which can be scratched off!

4. The 'New World Order' is here seen as a deliberate plan of action working at a physical, mental and psychic level in order for it to become manifest on Earth. The 'Fraternity of the Inner Light' and other such dark lodges of the occult were working towards this aim, which is clearly set out in the letters of Dion Fortune. These forces were working against the emergence of the Germanic Gods in the German psyche. The content of some of the letters show that this was planned since the 'prophesies' have come true.

5. If we within the Woden Folk-Religion are to achieve anything we need to have clear aims (which we have) and to further these aims within the Woden Brotherhood. This needs to be a small, fully dedicated and fanatical group with the will to achieve these aims.

We also need to consider the times that we are considering here were at the 'Yuletide' of the Great Year Cycle (1933-1945) - the twelve years being symbolic of the Twelve Nights of Yule. This period is that of the longest darkness (like the white dot in the near-whole black of the section of the Chinese yin-yang symbol), but at this point the Forces are Light are awakening and 'reborn' - just as the Sun is 'reborn' at the Yuletide. This is also a period of devastating destruction, as shown by two world wars in Europe. We also need to consider that the next part of the cycle (from Midwinter to the Summer Evennight) has the Light growing in strength, but at the same time is the harshest part known as the 'winter' period, and thus is even more destructive and catastrophic. This is proven by the continuous wars, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires etc. We are now living through this period of time - a time in which time itself is truncated.