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At-al-land and the Hale-Bopp Comet

This post was sparked off by a reading of Wotan's Krieger's blog Aryan Myth and Metahistory in a post called The British Isles and Atland. In this post he mentions a book called 'Rites and Rituals of Traditional Witchcraft' by Tony Steele (Capall Bann 2001) which uses the famous Oera Linda Book. The key point that this Tony Steele makes (I have not read the book) is that the Great Flood that sank Atland in 2194 BCE was a catastrophe caused by the Hale-Bopp Comet. Wotan's Krieger mentions the link between this event and the creation of Woden's Folk in 1998. As I have mentioned before the Hale-Bopp Comet was the key to the creation of Woden's Folk, but for this post the importance is that it was also the key to unlocking the 'Mysteries of HelgiH'. This will become clear with this new post.

Reading this post of Wotan's Krieger forced me to investigate further and the results are quite astounding. In order to make this post clear I am going to break this into sections all of which will fit together as a whole.

The Hopi Prophecy -

Some have seen the prophecy of the 'Blue Star' as being linked to the Hale-Bopp Comet. This links to the prophecy of the older 'White Brother' who takes a Sacred Stone to the 'Rising Sun' (East), and on arrival sees a sign in the sky - a Great White Star - which signals his return to the Hopi lands in seven seasons. We know that the symbols of the 'Great White Brothers' are the Sunwheel and the Swastika! This is as far as this prophecy goes, but it is enough to note that some see the 'Blue Star' (Great White Star) as the Hale-Bopp Comet, and the return of the 'Great White Brother' being associated with the End Times.

The Prophecy in Matthew 24 -

I have also shown before how the prophecy about the return of 'Christ' is linked to the events shown in Matthew 24, and for the purpose of this post to a section in Matthew 24 -

'For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be....(Matthew 24:27)

....immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the Sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven....(Matthew 24:29)

....and they shall gather together his Elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other....(Matthew 24:31)

....But as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be...(Matthew 24:37).

The darkening of the Sun refers to the Solar Eclipse of 1999 when the Sign of the Son of Man (Ing-Rune) appeared in the heavens; the next day the 'stars fell from the sky' with the Perseid Meteor shower. I will pass on to the next section before making the final comments on what this means.

Islamic Prophecy of the coming of the Mahdi -

'Horn Zu-Shifa rises in the East. The first time it appeared was at the perishing of the people of (Prophet) Noah when Allah drowned will rise after the eclipse of the Sun and the Moon.'  Abi Ja'far

'A star will rise from the East before the appearance of the Mahdi and it has a tail...' Ka'b

These pieces confirm the ideas of Tony Steele and some of it can only be proven right by the experiences I had at the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet back in 1997. These are the points that are relevant to this -

  • The time of 'Noah' is around 4,210 years ago according to Hebrew accounts and this is very near to the dating of the sinking of Atland.
  • The piece in Matthew 24:37 clearly states that the coming of the Son of Man (Ing or Wid-Ar - the 'Son') would coincide with the reappearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet, 4,000 odd years later. 
  • The Islamic Prophecies state that the appearance of the 'Mahdi' (their 'messiah') would be heralded by the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet which had appeared before at the time of the Great Flood and Noah.
Here is a most important point which concerns the name of the comet - Horn (*) Zu-Shifa - since in a dream I had at the time of the comet I was told that it was 'Born of Morgana' and that 'Capricorn - the Horn of Plenty' was important. According to one Islamic source the word Shifa means 'hale' - Hale-Bopp. 'Hale' is the same as the concept of Heil meaning 'whole', 'wholesome', 'health' etc. 

(*) One source gives Qarn rather than Horn which suggests the latter is a translation of the word. 

The biblical statement - 'For as the lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West' links to the light that I saw across the Northern Skies, running East-to-West, and finishing in a New Star of the North-West (birth of the Avatar). This turned into a vast Sword of Light. This piece also fitted into the Myth of Helgi Hundingsbane where the Norns placed a thread running East-to-West with a Golden Thread that held to the North. This fitted to an earlier Odinic Initiation that I undertook in Scotland, on the Moray Firth, which has a vast fault-line running through it, and according to the Odinic Magician and Wise Man that Initiated me this was the area which was where Scotland split apart in a catastrophe around 7,000 years ago, coinciding with the sinking of At-al-land. We still hold the Stone of At-al-land which was thrown up from the centre of the Earth with this catastrophe, again linking to the Hale-Bopp Comet. 

We have here firm confirmation that the Hale-Bopp Comet appeared at the time of the sinking of At-al-land, This does not negate the time-scale of 7,000 years ago when this continent sank, for the later dating must refer to the last remnants of this great continent which sank beneath the waves. That is if we date this to 4,000 years ago as does the Oera Linda Book and the Hebrew and Islamic Sources. If not we have to come to the alternative conclusion and date this to an earlier appearance of the comet, some 8,000 years ago. Maybe we have two catastrophes! Indeed, going even further back we get a dating of 12,000 years ago, which is close to the 'sinking of Atlantis'. We are in the realm of Archetypal Myth.

The importance of this cannot be overestimated since both the Islamic account and the Christian account refer to the appearance of the comet heralding the 'Coming of the Chosen One' and the Hale-Bopp Comet showed to me the Mysteries of HelgiH - 'The Hallowed One'. It would seem that the sinking of At-al-land was due to the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet and that the appearance of the 'World's Chosen' (The Last Avatar) was also heralded by the same comet on its next round. According to certain Islamic Legends prior to the coming of the 'Mahdi' would be the appearance of the 'Anti-Christ' who would be 'one-eyed'

We can also gleam from this that with the sinking of At-al-land the Germanic Folk (including the English Tribes-Frisian Tribes) were forced to flee to other areas, including no doubt areas like Persia, India and no doubt the Middle-East, as well as elsewhere. It seems logical to assume that the Aryan Secrets taken out of At-al-land were stolen by Semitic tribes who distorted the teachings into a Middle-Eastern context, thus placing them in Hebrew and Muslim context whereas the true legends came from the North. This actually fits well with the idea of the 'Stone Tablets' which were stolen and hidden in the Ark of the Covenant, and which were taken to the Temple of Solomon, which were taken by the Romans when they sacked the temple, and were then taken by the Visigoths when they sacked Rome. If so this is the Holy Graal (*) which was said to be found in the Cathar area of France by Otto Rahn under the orders of Heinrich Himmler. Where these were taken we cannot tell (Antarctica?), but I feel the Archetypal Myth has yet to reveal itself fully! (**)

(*) I am led to believe that in certain old Celtic tongues the Root *gar means 'stone', which could also be found in 'Gar-Al', one way of saying 'Graal'. I think this may be true since we have the name Cer-rig-e-drudion in North Wales, where 'cer' (cerrig) seems to mean 'stone'. I feel that maybe the 'Graal-Runes' of the English Rune-Row may have more secrets to reveal very soon!

The ancient sinking of At-al-land, due to the Hale-Bopp Comet, and the 'resurrection' of Woden's Folk, also due to the Hale-Bopp Comet, is no coincidence! It would seem that 5,000 years ago a small island still existed in the North Sea near to the Dogger Bank area, and I am going to stick my neck out here and link this to the 'Isle of the Blest' where the last secrets of the Aryan Elite were held. Indeed, those who watched the TV series 'Merlin' will know well that the High Priestess of the Old Religion had as her symbol the Rune of Ingwe, and she dwelt upon the Isle of the Blest. Sometimes information comes through the Blood Memory of those who cannot even imagine what they are actually bringing out! In the series Morgana was linked to the White Dragon. (Yes, we are the 'baddies' in such portrayals, but this is done by the Dark Forces, so all that is needed is to reverse this!) This small island in the North Sea could have sank around 2,194 BCE (with areas around Heligoland) which was recorded in the Oera Linda Book. (See also 'Atlantis of the North' by Jurgen Spanuth.)

I am well aware that the Oera Linda Book is not a historical document and certain things in it are clearly not of our heritage, but the essence may have some real truth, and the title 'Under the Linden' clearly says that this is an Initiated Document - i.e. it comes through the Blood Memory of a Frisian or Frisians. This is an Occult Symbol. 

(*) For this information I am indebted to Richard Scutari and an article 'Hyperborea, Holy Grail, Myths, Legends and True Spirituality'. In this work he states that the Aryans moved to Persia (Iran = Aryania) where the Aryan Secrets were held in the Babylonian Library. Working here was the Jewish Prophet, Ezra, who (when Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem) took this Aryan Knowledge with him. From there the first five books of the bible were created. He also took the Graal - the slates containing the Ancient Aryan Wisdom - written in the Ancient Runes. These were held in the 'Ark of the Covenant' and the rest is history, as they say....

Some time after the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet the mysteries of the Holy White Stone of Ing came to light, and one of the secrets here is the Gift of Ing  which is 'Fire'. According to Hopi Legends the White Race from the North is associated with - Fire! This element allowed them to move all over the world and aid the other races (later quite distorted as their 'legends' tell). It would seem that the Holy White Stone of Ing also contains further secrets not yet revealed. 

At the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet it was revealed to me that I was leading a life which was a 'myth' (Archetypal Myth) around the figure of Helgi Hundingsbane. My life had always been a 'Myth' which was fulfilled through my actions which were not always 'conscious', but formed a 'pattern'. My Odinic Initiation in the Scottish Highlands (Moray Firth) fitted the Myth of Helgi Hundingsbane, down to the sea-eagles that swooped down at this Initiation, and the waters that fell from the 'heaven's fells' (Fairy Glen), and then the finding of the 'Stone of At-al-land' at the same site at a later date. The time of the Hale-Bopp Comet fitted with the same Helgi Myth, down to the letter, which was why this is so important. We have been 'resurrected' at this time of the Cycle of the Ages to prepare our Folk for the Coming of the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden as Wid-Ar the Avenger. Maybe this is the only way to avoid the Final Cataclysm - or maybe this has to happen for At-al-land to rise once more from the waters.

The Divine Twins - I have outlined before - come at the end of one age and the beginning of the next. The Hale-Bopp Comet came at the end of the outgoing world-age, so we can expect the 'twin' to appear at the beginning of the New Age. The appearance of the Last Avatar cannot be that far off now!

If I am right here then the 'resurrection' of the Runes of At-al-land coincide with the 'resurrection' of At-al-land and the Ancient Aryan Knowledge - contained in the 33-rune Anglo-Frisian Rune Row. This is the Divine Destiny of Woden's Folk, to recover the Runes of At-al-land for our Folk, and prepare the way for the 'Manu of the Aryans' who is the Manu of the New Cycle of the Ages. The 'True Atlantis' that would arise again is At-al-land!

Prior to the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet I had a comet-shaped birthmark on my right shoulder. For the next few years after the appearance of the Comet this birthmark faded until today it cannot even be seen. The experience I had back in the Spring of 1997 ended at the Long Man on April 1st of that year. I am even more convinced that this area (the Spiritual Centre of Folkish Wodenism) was set up many thousands of years by Woden Initiates as a 'Time-Clock' that would set itself into place in 1997 with the reappearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. The area has some very interesting features -

  • The Long Man which is Waendal, an aspect of Woden as the April Fool, but also as the God of Cyclic Time (Mundilfore). 
  • Above the Long Man is a round-barrow with a long and cylindrical 'tail' and this aligns with the hill-figure below it. It was around this point that on August 10th 1999 a Fylfot-Swastika made up of bottles, containing an ale-bottle of 'Millennium Ale with blond-haired child in the arms of the God of Time was buried and hallowed the following day at 11.00 on August 11th 1999 - under the Black Sun (Solar Eclipse). 
  • To the East of the hill-figure is Hunter's Burgh which, as I have stated, is a round-barrow with a long 'tail', not in a cylindrical shape like the other but a pointed 'tail' like a Comet. (At one time, until it was hacked down by the workers who 'protect' these sacred sites, stood a small Thorn-Tree, the symbolism of which links to Thunor.) 
  • To the West of the hill-figure is a White Horse, 19th Century it is believed, but we cannot be sure if there had been anything there before. The White Horse is the Steed of Woden and the Last Avatar. The area around the White Horse is 'High and Over' which is sometimes spelt 'Hindover' suggesting that it is linked to the White Hind too. 

November 9th 2015.


Slumber Watcher 'til the spheres

Six and Twenty Thousand years;

Shall revolve 'ere I return

To the spot where now I burn.

Stars that soothe and stars that bless

With a sweet forgetfulness;

Only when my round is 'oer

Shall the past disturb thy door!

H.P Lovecraft

In the Hopi Prophecy the Great White Brother returns in 'seven seasons' which some take to be seven years (after the appearance of Hale-Bopp); nothing drastic happened seven years later, and no comet since has had so much attention. But if we relate this 'seven seasons' to seven rounds of the Comet we get 4,000 x 7 = 28,000 years. This is somewhat near to the 26,000 years of the Great Year Cycle. I have already mentioned the Mysteries of HelgiH which parallel the view that the return of Wid-Ar happens every 26,000 years - He Who Returns or The Coming Man. This occurs after the Twilight of the Gods which we could see as World War II. In actual fact, if we divide 26,000 years by 7 we get 3,714 years, which sits between the 3,600 years of Zecharia Sitchin's returning comet (Nibiru) and the 4,000 years of the estimate (which it has to be) of the Hale-Bopp Comet.


On looking back at the Holy Runes given to me some years ago by a fellow Woden Initiate I noticed that the Odal-Rune (AEdel) is made up of an Ing-Rune and a downward-pointing arrow. This symbolism suggests the sinking of the Racial Lands - the Lands of Ingwe (Tacitus placed the Invaeones in the North-West). There are no less than eleven of the runes which contain a Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond), which suggests to me that these are the Lost Runes of At-al-land. The circumstances behind the discovery of these runes is so very strange; indeed, we shall recall here what did happen.

This happened back in March 2012, a significant year all round; it started with an email from a Folkish Wodenist working separately from Woden's Folk, working with his own group here in England. He had a strange and vivid vision in which he was told to 'Seek out the Wolf and the Pale Dragon!' At the very same time a woman working within his groups had exactly the same vision. Just after this he came across the WF Site and decided that this must be the 'Wolf' (Wulf) and the 'Pale Dragon' (White Dragon). He got in touch with me and he attended one of our Folk-Moots.

In March 2012 I asked him if he would do a meditation for me on an Ancient Crystal; this was about a lost crystal which certain Wodenists were looking for at the time (either physical or non-physical). Here is the twist, because the Woden Initiate started the meditation with the idea that I meant the Hag-All or Krist-All (crystal) of the Armanen Rune System - which I had not meant. 

  • The first attempt showed nothing.
  • The second attempt showed the Listian Krist-All Cube but that something was odd, but he could not see what it was.
  • The third attempt revealed that there was something inside the Crystal Cube, but it was not well defined.
  • The fourth attempt revealed a smaller Diamond-Crystal inside; the Armanen Runes appeared where they would be expected, on the edges of the facets of the first Crystal.
  • However, there were runes on the facets of the Diamond-Crystal too - Flaming Runes.
  • This revealed 33 Runes in a special order, with the first section F-U-Th being retained but the rest fall into a different order.
  • The next evening yet another meditation revealed the rune-names.

The Woden Initiate had been searching for 'healing runes' for years, but he did not know whether these were what he was looking for or if they were meant for me - since I had asked for the Crystal Mysteries of him. His final words to me in the letter he sent with the runes was - 'Either way, I am sure you will be able to shed some light here, Wulf? Best wishes and I hope this helps (in whatever way).'  (Ragnar Eriksson)

I have lost touch with this Folk-Comrade over the years, and I know at one time he suffered poor health, but wherever he may be I feel that the importance of the visions he had are now about to come to light. I am now beginning to understand that these are perhaps the 'Lost Runes of At-al-land' given back to us by Woden. It was clear from the start that the Diamond-Crystal (Inga-Runes) emerged from within the Krist-All (Armanen Runes), just as the Sword of Hengest passes from the Hun (German) to the Engel-Kin - from the Land of the Father (Fatherland) to the Land of the Son (Ing-Land). The Runes of At-al-land were 'born' of the Hag-All which is the 'Seed of Life'. 

We need not go into the rune-staves here but I have neglected these for some time when nothing seemed to come out of it; as I have said before though, these things only come to light when their time is here! It is time to get involved with these runes since they seem to be calling again at this vital time. 

'When the Ice of the Darkest of the Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off the White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

The Prophecy 88 - November 9th 2014 (one year ago yesterday).

"...Wotan ordered the construction of an imaginary chain that made 'the sound of the footsteps of a cat, with bird's saliva, the breath of a fish, the root of a rock, the hairs of the beard of a woman. The Gleipnig Chain. That is to say, all things that do not exist. It was only this that was able to immobilize the Wolf, by using Laws of Another Universe, where the very gods are from, where Laws do not exist. The Wolf was imprisoned until the Gods began to doubt that which does not exist ....Then the Fenrir Wolf broke this magical cord, devouring all the Gods and devouring Asgard.'

'The Resurrection of the Hero'  - 55 Club  (Words of Don Miguel Serrano).

This piece by Miguel Serrano is enlightening since we can see that the only means to bind the Fenris Wolf was by using material that did not apply the laws of the physical universe, but came from another world where Laws do not exist. Only when the Gods ceased to believe in that which did not exist could the Wolf escape! I have never wavered in my belief that the Last Avatar will appear here in England, even with the mess that this land is in today, and even when the Dark Forces believe they have halted the advance of an English Awakening. Only through firm belief can we regain what has been lost, and into the void created by the destruction of the English Awakening build a new and virile Folkish Movement for the English. 

Only when we all believe sincerely in The Coming Man will Wid-Ar appear once more; only when the Good Folk cease to falter in their sincere beliefs will this happen. It was said that even the Elect could be deceived. The Elect gathered from the Four Winds - let none falter in the firm belief in The Coming Man. The Avatar incarnates at fixed periods of time, at the end of a world-age or a Cycle of the Ages, during a cosmic crisis. The appearance of an Avatar means a great cataclysm to awaken the people - the Ride of the Wild Hunt which brings into play the 'King of Terror'! This is Woden as Ygg the Terrible!

The Horn of Plenty

The Skapker Heidhrunar is the 'measuring vessel of goat Heidhrun which sustain the Einheriar each day. This suggests that Valhalla is linked to Capricorn which is the Northern Gateway to the Gods. Capricorn is the 'Goat's Horn' and is Heidhrun. The Hale-Bopp Comet stood in the Northern Skies in the area of Cassiopeia which is the Beorc-Rune of the Birth-Goddess, and since this was 'Born of Morgana' it suggests that this is Wyrd or at least associated with Wyrd - Morgan le Fey is 'Morgana the Fate' who is the 'Goddess of Fate'. 

The Sinking of Atland

2193 BCE - The Sinking of Atland.

'How the bad time came - The whole summer was the sun veiled by the clouds as would she not see the Earth....The light was thus sad and dim...In the midst of this stillness, the Earth started to shake as if she were dying. Mountains split from each other to spew fire and flame, others sank down in her Womb, and where she first had fields, raised she mountains thereupon. Aldland, called Atland by the seamen, sank below and the wild waves stepped so far over hill and dale, that all were overwhelmed. Many people were buried in the Earth and many who escaped the fire were killed thereafter in the water. Not only in the land of Finda spewed the mountains fire, but also in Germany....Many lands were sunken, others risen out of the sea and Germany was half bereft of of forest...'

Oera Linda Book (Frank H. Pierce IV).

The term 'Aldland' or 'Oldland' would certainly have been of later use, after the sinking of the ancient lands of the Northwest; they would have been the 'Old Lands' then. Prior to this time the lands were called At-al-land - 'Racial Land'. The symbol used of this land is the Edel-Rune or Odal-Rune. 

Prophecy of Frana - 'Hark Earth and be blithe with me. In the time that Aldland i sunken stood the first spoke of the Yule on top. Thereafter is he gone down and our freedom with him. When he has rolled down two spokes or 2,000 years, so shall the sons stand up whom the princes and priests have sired by the folk through whoredom and witness against their fathers. They shall succumb to murder, but what they have said shall remain further in the bosoms of the stout-hearted people, thus like good seed which is laid down in thy womb. Yet a thousand years shall the spoke incline downward and all the more sink in the gloom and in blood, spilled through the class-level of the princes and priests. Thereafter shall the dawn again begin to glare. Seeing this shall the false princes and priests struggle and wrestle together against freedom, but freedom, love and harmony shall take the Folk in their guard and with the Yule rise out of the vile pool. That light which first glimmered then shall gradually become a flame. The blood of the Evil shall stream over thy body....At last shall the venomous creature prey thereupon and die thereof. All vile histories which are intended to exalt the princes and priests shall be offered to the flame....When she had spoken sank she down....'

Oera Linda Book.

In 'Atlantis of the North' Jurgen Spanuth tells of a cataclysm that destroyed parts of the Northern Lands around 1,200 BCE, which is a later date than what we have featured previously. Myth and legend are often very hard to date, but even here we may find that such a cataclysm affected the areas in the North-West long after the sinking of the original At-al-land in the North Sea. Spanuth's work is something that needs to be read since it contains a vast amount of knowledge collected on the subject. 

We are talking about catastrophic events that spread from an earliest date of around 10,000 BCE (Atlantis/At-al-land), 6,000 BCE (At-al-land), 2,000 BCE (Isle of the Blest) and times in between these. 10,000 BCE, 12,000 years ago, is half of a Cosmic Cycle (around half anyway), and we are today at the end of the Fourth Age, as Tolkien showed in Lord of the Rings

November 10th 2015.

We keep the Sacred Flame alight!

Note - I am well aware that some say the Hale-Bopp Comet orbits every 4,000 years whilst other claim 2,000 years (rounded numbers) but whatever the case this still fits into the frame of this work whichever is chosen.

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