Sunday 29 March 2015

Folk-Aid Program

There may be some of you who - like me - have been stockpiling a small amount of foodstuffs for any emergency that may occur. If you have not done so then I would recommend that you at least stock up with a little for future use in an emergency. Foresightedness is not a key thing in modern society - but it should be! I am now going to look into the next stage of this process of Folk-Survival.

There is a need to prepare ourselves for any emergency, but we also have to consider that we are part of a greater Folk-Community whose survival as a whole is far more important than any individual within it. We need to take a wider look at the process of survival, and here I am going to take this a stage further in our work of the Edel-Project. 

There may well be times when any one of us falls upon hard times, and there can be many reasons for this -

1. Job loss, where the individual loses his job.

2. Marriage break-up, which is not unusual in today's society (believe me); this can mean a loss of home too.

3. Dire financial problems that can occur with anyone.

4. A serious social breakdown, which so far we have avoided but which has happened many times in the past.

We have to consider all of these problems that any one of us can face, and here we see why we have promoted the idea of stockpiling at least a small supply of food that would keep the individual or family for a while, giving time to sort out a solution. 

Now we need to look further and wider into what we should do in this respect, for there is an English Folk-Community out there who have vulnerable people (the old, sick and the very young) who may not be able to cope with such problems and need some help - in a nation where help is denied to our own kind. Anyone - yes anyone - who promotes and brings into action the idea that we can look after the English Community is now being denied that right! Recent events here in England have proven that beyond doubt. But do we need an 'organisation' to do this - and my answer is No!

If everyone who stockpiles food for their own use would be willing - in times of emergency - to aid their own English Folk-Community then we shall be in a position  to help our own when the time comes. The idea of a Folk-Aid Program that we set up as individuals without an organisation would be there ready for any future social breakdown, or for when we see people who are our own Folk-Comrades, our friends, our neighbours etc, fall upon hard times. 

In the latest Sword of Wayland the emphasis was placed upon the creation of strong independent groups that will be able to withstand the growing oppression of our Folk here in England, by an oppressive regime whose time is running out. If every group can build upon itself, and can create a stockpile of food for emergencies in order to help each other, their families and after that the vulnerable in their local communities, then we shall be ready for any assault upon our Folk. Self-preservation must give way to self-sacrifice and to the survival of the greater whole. This is the mark of our Folk from very ancient times.

Of course, there is a need for caution. I am well aware that when you give help to some people they merely take the opportunity to ask for more.... and more.... and more....This is part of this modern corrupt society based upon individual egoism and self-centredness. So we need to ensure that when we help it is only where it is necessary and where we know that this help is not being abused in any way. It is also a fact that when people give help to others, those others may well then not try to help themselves - modern 'charities' have proven  the rightness of this statement. 

It is a fact that has been proven that help these days is given by certain charitable groups, but that aid is given to the 'drop-outs' within this society, drug-addicts, alcoholics and those whose 'illness' (sic!) is self-inflicted through their own weak willed existence. These people are the ones who do not need our help, but there are those of our own who fall upon hard time, and we have a duty and responsibility to help our own. If we do not take steps to help each other, then our Folk deserve to end their existence upon this Earth!

The modern 'charity' grew out of the Judaeo-Christian society where 'Christians' spent their lives crushing down everyone and everything in their path for profit and gain, and when it came to their letter days, in old age, they realised the possibility they may not have a place in 'heaven', so thought up the idea of 'charity' to give away a small portion of their wealth to others to appease their 'God' and thus gain a place in 'heaven'. This is much like being a right bastard throughout life and suddenly recognising 'Jesus' at the last minute to gain a place in 'heaven'. An illusion but one that must have struck a cord with untold thousands through the years. 

This is not our aim, for our place in Valhalla is gained through the Eternal Struggle against the Jotun - the 'anti-world' - and our aim is to give help to our own, help where there is none! Where our people are denied the right to look after their own through the use of 'organisations' - as other 'communities' are allowed to do - then we must do this as individuals. This must be our aim now, to create a network of individuals and groups who are prepared to help and assist their own families, their own Folk-Comrades, and then the vulnerable within their own Folk-Communities - here in England, and everywhere that the Woden Folk-Community spreads its message.