Monday 15 January 2018

Gateway to Thule

The centre known as the Third Eye or Mind's Eye has always been seen as the point of communication with the Divine or Higher Powers. We are told that Thule-Hyperborea can neither be reached by land or by sea; if we use the ALU-ULA Formula we get -

'Neither by land (Bodn) nor by Sea (Son) can Thule be reached.'

Only through the Mind's Eye Centre - Odroerir - can Thule be reached, and contact made with the Ancient Ones. Using the Ansuz-Rune and the Triangle symbol, as well as the visualisation of the White Swan, this centre can be opened to allow contact with the Great Ones of the Ancient World. 

The 'sinking' of Thule was not in itself merely a physical happening since it 'sank' deep into the Blood-Memory of our Folk. Just as the lost lands were taken into another dimension, or exist in another dimension, they also exist in the Blood Memory and can thus be awakened. It has been prophesied that Thule Initiates will awaken Thule in the Blood-Memory. 

The problem with a study of Thule is that we are drawn to looking for a physical place located in physical time, a long lost land connected to a Golden Age. This detracts from the more important aspect of the legend, that Thule is a Primordial State from which a great Spiritual Power emanates. This is the Sacred Centre, the Primordial Polar Centre where dwells the Chakravartin - 'He Who Makes The Wheel Turn' - who is Mundilfore or Waendal, whose symbol is the Swastika - Sign of the Pole. 

Access to this Polar Centre is through an ascent of Mount Su-Me-Ru which has a physical location in the human spinal column. This spinal column has the 33 runes, moving downwards from Feoh through to Gar at the bottom. If we move this force upwards, reversing the runes, we end at Feoh which is a rune meaning 'Gold', referring to the Spiritual Sun and the Light of Enlightenment. The Mind's Eye is the key to the concept of the 'seer' or 'see-er'; this refers to those who 'see' directly into the Well of Memory and the Well of Wisdom. 

The Norse Myth about 'Mimir's Head' is thus itself enlightening, since it is through the Head Centre that communication with the Gods or Powers takes place. Note how Woden consults Mimir's Head prior to Ragnarok; and he leaves his Eye in Mimir's Well (Well of Memory or the Blood-Memory).