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The Arya & The Joten

The Arya -

  • Ar = movement, struggle, to surpass, to achieve excellence.
  • Arya, ari = to toil, to fight, to climb, to rise.
The Arya is the Warrior of Light who stands beside the Gods in battle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter. Woden or Rudra-Shiva leads the upward evolution of Man, battles against all evil, smiting the Great Enemy; he is the most 'terrible of the gods' who accepts no defeat. Agni-Ingwe is the 'child' of this force here upon the Earth. 

The Aryan Light is the Light of the Sun; with the birth of Agni-Inga Light is created with which he slays the Joten-Dasyu and the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. The Solar-Light is the -

  • Arya,
  • R.ta,
  • Hiranya - gold, the highest light.
The Arya Varna are the Powers of Light; Agni-Inga is the Warrior-Hero of action, leading us on the path of Truth. He is the form of Golden Light, the Solar Light of the Truth. He is the 'Fire in the Sap' and the 'Fire in the Blood' - the Solar-Fire. 

The 'Lost Sun' of the Arya is the Black Sun - this is the Solar Light of Swar, the highest consciousness. This is the Lost Sun of Truth that shines within the Aryan Blood. In the Vedas the recovery of the Light is done by the Angiras - the Seven Sages. The Angiras are -

  • The Powers of Light and Flame,
  • The Sons of the Flame.
  • Those who possess 'The Word', 'The Thought' and 'The Truth'. 
  • The Angiras represent the human hero (Wera) who has lost his divinity, has fallen and must ascend to find 'The Word', to bring to birth the Divine Dawn. From mortality to immortality, from falsehood to truth.
The Hidden Light of the Black Sun is the 'Occulted Sun' and the 'Secret Light' that shines within. The Hidden Light is concealed in the Darkness, in an Age of Darkness and Ignorance. 

The Joten -

These are the Eoten or 'eaters' and the best way that we can understand such a force is through the Vedic Dasyus. The Dasyus has a number of attributes from which we can get an idea of these Dark Forces -

  • The thief,
  • The enemy,
  • The wolf that devours - Fenris Wolf,
  • The dividers,
  • The confiners,
  • The obstructors,
  • The Powers of Darkness and Ignorance who oppose the seeker of truth and immortality.
  • The Warg that steals the Light, the obstructor (nid) and 'spoiler of The Word',
  • The 'eater' of the souls, and 'eater' of the Light.
  • The force that divides, breaks down the wholeness and haelness,
  • The evil-thinker,
  • The Great Liar, the Great Deceiver.

The word dasa means 'servant' and we can see from this how the adherents of the Slave-Religions are themselves 'servants' of this force who prostrate themselves before their 'God' on their hands and knees. The word das means 'work' and they use such terms as 'the workers' as the basis of the Revolt of the Slaves, even though nine out of ten have never done a day's work in their lives. They use the terms of their 'calling'. The Dasyus are the enemies of the Spiritual Light. These are the Dasa-Varna, the Powers of Darkness.

The Aryan Science of Implosion

'The whole of South America was reduced to a state of panic when seventeen squadrons of UFOs flew silently by at a height of about 300 metres. 

I have told you about these implosive machines; where they were built in 1943-1945, who built them in 1943-1945, who stole them, and who destroyed them at the end of the war on the orders of Field Marshal Keitel. Many technical and leading lights actually emigrated to Argentina. They were more intelligent than those who brought me such an implosive motor recently, who were unable to manufacture the special system of jet-nozzles, which are protected by world-wide patents. These can transform highly compressed air into etheric, levitating, and lightning-like structures.'

Implosion magazine No 94 - Viktor Schauberger in a letter to Aloys Kokaly, 1954. 'The Fertile Earth'.

Viktor Schauberger was primarily concerned with the ecology of the German Forests, in particular the effects produced in water which sustains these ancient forests. Water, as we know, is the 'Blood of the Earth' and subject to the same laws as that of 'sap' in the plant and tree, and 'blood' in animals and humans. He recognised that water is a 'living' being, and that water from within the Earth is either 'pushed' upwards or 'drawn' upwards - the latter giving rise to the idea of it 'levitating' upwards. 

From his work on the forests he discovered the use of 'levitation' as applied to water, and the effects of a 'vortex' that produces high energy. This work is based upon the Aryan Science of Implosion which is the polar-opposite to modern science based wholly upon explosion which produces noise, pollution and the Science of Ugliness. 

Water is not a 'dead' thing, except in the case of our 'tap-water'; it is a living being containing Life-Force when it is pure and natural. Schauberger uses the example of the trout which at a certain time of the year swims upstream against the flow of water in order to reach 'the vicinity of the spring,...charged with negative-ions'. The fish overcomes its own body-weight and this force of fast-flowing water through 'levitational energies'. 

A simple test that anyone can do is to water a plant in a pot. The water seeps downwards through the soil when watered from the top, thus observing the effects of gravity. But you can also put the water in a base-container and it will seep upwards through the soil, a process that seems to defy gravity. This is the process by which the sap rises from the roots of a tall tree, upwards to the very top of the tree. This is, we are told, through capillary action

'The building of space-rockets, jet aircraft and all devices of war, which exploit the power of explosion will cease for the same reason. By reversing metabolic processes and exploiting cold oxidation, propulsive and levitative forces can be produced. These are considerably more powerful and environmentally friendly than any hot combustible process in use today, which exclusively generates forces of disintegration and recoil.'

The Secret of the Trout Motor - Schauberger.

Schauberger envisages a kind of 'utopia' due to the shift from Explosive Science to Implosive Science, which would be the case if it were not for the Global Elite who today rule the world. Whilst everything rests on 'profit and gain', the 'greed for gold' and works on a gigantic 'global society' then this cannot come about. There is no doubt that certain elements in Germany prior to World War II were working on this Implosive Science but unfortunately in times of threat and of war the use of Explosive Science would have had to take first place, thus pushing the former into the background. 

It is quite possible, and indeed more than likely, bearing in mind Schauberger's words about the 'leading lights that emigrated to Argentina', that the Germans working on the exoteric side, or explosive side, were the ones who were 'shipped' to the USA under 'Operation Paperclip', hence the advancements in rocketry and aircraft that took place there. The esoteric side may well have been so hidden and covert that the winners of the war were not able to gain inroads into it. In fact, since the whole of this society is based upon this Explosive Science, the profit made from it, and the power it gives over the people due to them being less and less self-reliant and self-sufficient, then it would certainly not be in their interest to advance Implosive Science. 

Nokola Tesla went some way towards advancing Implosive Science when recognising what is now termed Zero-Point Energy and his ideas of producing a free energy for all would have put paid to the monopoly of the Global Bankers and Global Corporations - had it not been stopped, of course. Zero-Point Energy is, of course, nothing new; it is merely a new name fo something that has always existed, known by various names throughout time -

  • Universal Life-Energy,
  • Life-Force,
  • Vril-Force,
  • The Odic Force,
  • Orgone Energy.

There are many more names too numerous to mention here, but all of these refer to what is now called Zero-Point Energy. The term Odic-Force is important to us, and no doubt stems from the Aryan Root *wuot- which is the root of the name Wuotan. The root means 'all-pervasive' or 'all-penetrating' and is thus ideal for describing a Universal Life-Force that pervades everything. This Universal Energy-Field could produce free energy for everyone, hence the reason why science does not go too far with this, and 'patents' for much of the work is held in the hands of the Global Powers. 'Patents' ensure monopolies, and thus control.

'Unfortunately, catastrophes or scandalous disclosures always have to happen before humanity realises that it is its own mistakes that have led it into misfortune. These are all the more difficult to rectify, because in the main they have been made by the authorities, who will not commit suicide themselves, but in order to save their own skins, they would rather than all Life should perish before they acknowledge their errors.'

Implosion Magazine - 1933.

This may well apply to certain individuals, but there are also out there many involved in this destructive process who have no care whatever for Nature, and who are blind to anything bar the power they wield over others. Viktor Schauberger is concerned primarily with the forests, being a forester, and was thus an expert on trees. He was right in saying that man has little knowledge today of the workings of the forests, and plants trees for his own use without regard for how they grow healthily through natural processes. Most of the 'forests' of England are today artificial creations mainly through the work of the 'Forestry Commission' which 'owns' most of the woodlands. Vast tracts of conifer-forests were planted in areas of England where they do not grow naturally; this was for the war effort in World War I as well as today for 'fast-growing' trees to make wood-products for mass-production, though much of this is today supplied from overseas. 

'The catastrophes which beset the Earth will also become more and more violent, for humanity has stolen carbone (her bread), water (her blood) and energy (her soul). Untiringly, humanity labours on an plunges deeper and deeper into abject misery.'

The Energy Industry - Schauberger.

The drive towards 'timber' rather than 'wood', 'woodland' and 'forest' has destroyed most of the ancient woodlands. Trying to produce 'timber' quickly so as to make profit, or even as what is seen as 'necessity', has achieved a virtual collapse of the eco-system. The work of hundreds or thousands of years by Nature has been halted by man through his greed for gain, and through countless wars created by the same greedy and power-hungry Global Masters.

This is not just restricted to forests, as he points out, but also to agriculture where artificial fertilisation has ruined the soil, where quickly-grown crops are today void of any health values. Of course there are too many people even though Mother Nature strives to halt this through ever more diseases and illnesses. 

Once again, the root problem lies here with the concept of the Haeldom where everything is in working harmony, where every part works as an integral part of the whole. This harmony and balance can be called the Pulse of Nature because the whole thing 'pulsates' in a rhythm; when this harmony and balance is broken the rhythm is stopped and a kind of 'cancer' affects all life throughout Nature. Of course, this process is not 'natural' but nonetheless it is there, and it is the same power that seeks to destroy our Folk - the Joten. This is the power that breaks up, separates, destroys the balance and harmony, destroys the wholeness and oneness of the eco-system. Globalists of whatever hue, including the so-called 'Eco-People', will never be able to understand this in their drive to create a 'One-World System', and in the process destroy the races of the Earth, which are just as natural as any other part of Nature. 

'The economic death of a people has always been preceded by the death of its forests'.

This destruction has gone on unhindered due to the inability of human beings to pull together in opposition to the ruling-powers that are behind it all. This division between peoples has to be overcome, not by fusing the races into one race (capable of become slaves to the Power-Elite) but by a healthy separation in which they can start to work together with the same goal of combatting these unholy powers. 'Race hatred' is not the answer because it is part of the problem; this was carefully engendered in order to create strife and disharmony between races, just as strife and disharmony have been created within the  sexes, within each nation by its 'democratic' politics, and within each family due to such things as the role of the Mother-Father and the 'generation-gap' falsely created to induce strife between adults and children. Local communities have also been broken up, another form of this division, and again this creates disharmony and strife between individuals and groups. 

On the subject of the UFOs brought up by Viktor Schauberger there is obviously some cause for us to believe that there may be something in that the Germans had advanced science in this field. The 'exoteric' science passed to the USA (mainly), but there remains an Esoteric Science, the Aryan Science of Implosion. Schauberger's ideas were based upon a 'water-vortex' process which is found naturally in Nature, and thus harmonious with the workings of Nature. That the ancients had a much fuller knowledge of this seems clear since many of the UFOs worked on a mercury-propelled device which is the subject of ancient Aryan Texts from India. 

These esoteric sciences were the work of the Thule Society, the Vril Society, the Order of the Black Stone, and then the Black Order. Although the esoteric side was neglected through the war-effort nearer to the end of World War II Schauberger and others were turned to for help. Now, on the surface this seems to be due to the need to more powerful weaponry, but one thing suggests that this is not quite right. Evidence has recently come to light that the Germans were the first to create an Atomic Bomb which was tested I believe, but which was never put into use. This may, or may not have been the Siegwaffe, but this really does not matter. The truth seems to be that the esoteric sciences were moved to South America, Argentina mentioned by Schauberger, whilst the exoteric work was actually destroyed to keep the knowledge from the hands of the enemies of Germany at the time. Evidence suggests also that Antarctica also became a centre for the esoteric work. 

What we now need is to rid ourselves of 'agri-business' and the 'forest industry' both of which are causing harm to the Mother Earth. 'Farming' and 'Forestry' are far different concepts than the former. The decline in the health and quality of the forests, and the fertility of the land is down to the former powers that are today in vogue. 

'Our primeval Mother Earth is an organism which no science in the world can rationalise. Everything upon her that crawls and flies is dependent upon her and all must hopelessly perish, if that Earth that feeds us dies.'


When we talk of UFOs, of 'extra-terrestrials' and of 'aliens', we overlook one thing. Scientists have stated that Mars could have once held life, and if this is true then is it then possible that it did once hold life-forms very much like the Earth? Perhaps we here on this Earth are the last form of life in what was once a living Solar System where life on other planets was destroyed by the very same forces that today are destroying our Folk and our Mother Earth. Maybe this is going too far, but if it is true then we do have a great problem ahead of us - and a great struggle to right this great wrong.

Black Sun Crop Circle - England

Friday 26 July 2019

Redbad the Frisian

As Folkish Wodenists we are Folkish Heathens and even though we recognise the archetype of an Aryan Krist we are most definitely not Christian in any sense whatever. The Christian Church ruthlessly suppressed our old Heathen Lore, destroyed our Sacred Stone Circles, cut down the Sacred Groves and Sacred Trees, and tortured and murdered anyone who did not convert to their faith. So why would we wish to be called 'Christian'? Christianity was a product of Judaism, carefully adapted and twisted to suit the needs of Saul (St.Paul) to destroy the old Roman Empire, and then be forced upon the peoples of Europe, and then elsewhere when this part had been achieved. 

To an extent the Roman Empire suited the needs of the early Judaeo-Christians since it could be used to spread their poison across the Roman world. As this empire collapsed there arose another power in Europe that would be used to spread the 'Religion of Evil' - the so-called 'Holy Roman Empire'. The 'Holy Roman Empire' was neither 'holy' nor 'Roman' for the driving-force was the Carolingian Franks. The unholy alliance between the Carolingian Franks and the Pope in Rome was the next stage of the cancerous spread of Judaeo-Christianity through Europe. 

We have shown before how it was quite possible, in fact most likely, that the incursions into these islands under Hengest and Horsa, Cerdic and Cynric, and the other English Tribal Chieftains were guided by the Will of Wyrd and aided by the Will of Woden. The new 'Religion of Evil' had started to take hold here in these islands through the Rome-Welsh and the Heathen English Tribes plundered, sacked and burned the new churches that were being built here in these islands. We are told that Vortigern of the Britons asked for aid from the Saxons, aid against raids from the Picts and Scots. Yet historical evidence shows us that the English allied themselves with the Picts and Scots against the Romano-Britons. An alliance of heathen-folk against the Christianised Romano-Britons! Welsh texts tell of the 'King Arthur' of the Britons raising the flag of 'The Virgin Mary' against the Heathen Hordes. 

This seems even clearer when we consider the piece in Beowulf in which Hengest is given the Sword of AEtla - Hunlafing Hildleoman - which is the 'Battle-Flame - Hun-Bequest', thus taking upon himself the Wyrd of AEtla. This is also underlined when we consider that the son of Hengest, Octa, is named after a nephew of Attila the Hun - Octha. The Geist of Ing incarnated in order to wield the Hun-Sword against the 'Religion of Evil' here in England. 

The Christian Franks started to extend their power northwards into Frisia, at the same time spreading the poison of Judaeo-Christianity into these Heathen Lands. The Frisians were led by King Redbad also spelt Redbod, Radbod or Raedbed. Redbad became ruler after he was 'sacrificed to Woden' and came back with renewed powers capable of ruling the Frisian Folk. From 690CE to 692CE Pepin of Herstal took Utrecht; he defeated Redbad in the Battle of Dorestad and the Frisians lost 'Nearer Frisia' to the Franks.

Redbad was nearly baptised in the Christian Faith but at the baptismal 'font' he was told by the Christian priest, 'Saint' Willibrond, that his father and his ancestors would not be in heaven because they were not baptised. To this he asked then why would he take up such a religion, he would rather be with his ancestors in 'hell' than in 'heaven' with his enemies. 

Pepin died in 714CE and Willibrond and his Christian Monks were forced to flee before the Heathens bent on revenge. Redbad advanced as far as Cologne where he defeated the new Frankish King, Charles Martel, in 716CE. Redbad died in 719CE and Charles Martel eventually prevailed over the Frisians. The Christians tried to write Redbad out of the history books, giving 'sainthoods' to the ruthless Christians who spread this evil through Frisia. But, Redbad lives on in legend as, together with Widukind of the Saxons and other Folk-Heroes, one of those who stood up for their own Folk against the spreading evil. 

Redbad is remembered in a Dutch Film of 2018 called Redbad which appears on 'Now TV' as the Rise of the Vikings. This film portrays the Carolingian Franks and the Christian Priests as ruthless tyrants hell bent upon power at all costs, no matter how much the people suffered, not to mention the destruction of Nature in the process. In Harry Harrison's The Hammer and the Cross Redbad is the founder of The Way which is a Heathen Cult created to combat the Christian missionaries. 

Under the famous Carolingian Frankish King, Charlemagne, 55,000 Saxon Nobles were murdered for refusing to 'convert' to the 'New Faith'. Evidence of the Danes building a walled defence in the North suggests that the Christian Franks were about to invade Scandinavia to 'convert' the Northern Folk. This seems to be the reason why thousands of Vikings and Norsemen poured out of the North to invade England, because the now Christian English supported the Franks. The Norsemen got as far as Paris and invaded Normandy, strikes against this powerful Christian enemy. 

In the TV series The Vikings we find Ragnar Lodbrok guided by Odin to cross the Northern Seas to England where he died an honourable death at the hands of Christian King AElla, a death that ensured him not only a place in Valhalla, but also the role of leading the Einheriar out of Valhalla at Ragnarok. Because we are English Heathens does not mean that we support the English Christian Kings against our Heathen Folk of the North. The Danes, Norwegians and Swedes make up as much a part of the English Folk as the 'Anglo-Saxons'. The English are the Ingwaeones - 'Friends of Ingwe' - as are various other Northern Peoples.

The Danish thorpe, thwaite, toft etc. stand side by side with the Old English ton, wic, ham as place-names here in this land. The Seven Tribes of Ing came together here in this land through the Will of Wyrd. Today the Judaeo-Christian faith is crumbling and the Old Gods are rising from the ashes of their destruction at the hands of this alien religion. With the waning of this 'arm' of the Dark Lord there arises a new and just as ruthless religion from the same roots - Islam. Here we have yet another faith that 'converts' threatening torture and death upon any disbeliever. The old Christian Priests are so weak and pathetic that they fear offending the new power and grovel on their hands and knees before the coming onslaught. 

At such a crucial time such figures as Redbad, Widukind and Robin Hood come to the fore again, as Archetypal Folk-Heroes who arose at a time when the Freedom of their folk was threatened. We can now add Boudicca of the Iceni and King Penda of Mercia who stood against an oppressive regime that tried to take their freedom. And the South Saxons who were the last Heathen Folk to stand up against the new religion here in England. 

Wednesday 17 July 2019

The Ambrones

The Ambrones were part of a Germanic tribal alliance of Cimbri, Teutons and Ambrones that, according to Greek and Roman sources, migrated to the south-east before 100 BCE. Their original homeland could have been an area known as Amrun/Oomrang which was in the North Frisian Islands on the German North Sea. The Old English work Widsith mentions them as the Ymbre ruled over by Sceafhere, which would make them of the Ingwaeones having the same Divine Ancestor - Ingwe - as the English Tribes. 

  • Ambrones,
  • Ambri,
  • Ymbre,
  • Umbrians,
  • Sigambrians (Sig-Ambrians).
  • Ligurians.
The Ligurians are mentioned here because when the Ambrones moved through Gaul towards Rome, and with the Cimbri and Teutons attacked the Romans, these two peoples recognised each other as close kin. The Ligurians were tribal members in the Roman Legions. The name 'Ligurians' may well answer one of the problems we have here over the pre-Roman Germanic Tribes here in these islands. 

We find areas such a 'Northumbria' (North-Umbria) or 'Northumberland' (North -Umberland' without these being explained by historians. There is also the area known as the 'Humber' and also 'Humberstone' in Leicester. The German himbra means 'farmer' if this has any significance. The name that the Welsh gave to what is now England is Lloegres, and the people Lloegrians, which is very close to Ligurians. This would explain why a Welsh text exclaims that the Lloegrians and the Coriniad fought with the invading Anglo-Saxons against the Britons. The Coriniad are the Coritani whose capital was Leicester, they were said in the Mabinogian to be a Germanic Tribe. 

Tacitus mentions a tribal alliance called the 'Lugia', and the 'Lugs' were thought to have been Vandals. The Irish 'Lugh' may well be the origin of this tribe, and whether they were akin to the Ligurians we do not know. On the subject of the famous Germanic Tribe called the Vandals they were led by a pair of 'twins' called Ambri and Assi - coincidence? One account tells that Ambri and Sigambri encountered Alexandra the Great in Bactria, but I cannot confirm this I am afraid. 

Cumbria has always been seen as relating to the 'Cymru', the Welsh, but the Cimbri would be nearer to this name, although Wales was once called 'Cambria', although again this is not the same as 'Cymru'. The Cymru were said to have come from the 'Summerlands', thought to be around the Crimean area, so they may well have brought back with them some 'foreign' influences. In the Old Testament they may have been the 'House of Omri' (Bit Khymru in Assyrian) which ruled over Israel, perhaps explaining the Red Dragon found under a synagogue there. We should note that 'Cumbria' is a later name for 'Cumberland', which could have been 'Humberland'. 

There is an area of Denmark called Himmerland which may be derived from the same roots as 'Humber', and there the Gundestrup Cauldron was found; Strabo described such a sacrificial cauldron of the Cimbri who were linked to the Ambrones. What we have to remember is that Roman and Celtic influence on the Germanic Tongue has made it possible to interchange the letters 'h' and 'c', as well as other sounds, so 'Cimbri' and '(H)Ambri' may well have been once one and the same. We have the two sounds 'Sigambri' and 'Sicambri' too, so the 'g' and 'c' cane be interchanged. This letter-change occurred with the 'Gangani' who became the 'Concani' when they moved from Ireland to Wales. 

The Sigambrian Franks were ruled by the Merovingian Kings who, we have shown before, seem to have been the famous Wolsunga Tribe of Germania. On the banks of the River Morava in Bohemia were found dozens of burial mounds, one with a set of Golden Bees, reminiscent of the 'bees' associated with the Merovingian Kings. The 'Fleur-de-lys' has been seen as a 'bee' by some scholars. Of interest here is a Cimbric King called Boiorix which is said to be 'Celtic' but the '-rix' is from Gaul and the name means 'Ruler of the Boio' who were later 'Bohemians'. The name has been picked up when the Cimbri moved southwards through Gaul into Italy. The Aduaticii, a Belgic Tribe, were said to have been of Cimbric origins. 

The Ambiani occupied an area of Belgica in Northern Gaul, but they also occupied an area here in Britain. They were obviously of the confederation known as the Belgae. Julius Caesar tells us -

'The inland part of Britain is inhabited by tribes declared in their own tradition to be indigenous to the island, the maritime part by tribes that migrated at an earlier time from Belgica to seek booty by invasion...nearly all these maritime tribes are called by the names of the lands from which they immigrated when they came to Britain. After their arrival they remained there and began to till the soil.'

De Bello Gallic 5:12.

Assuming that 'Belgica' was Gaul, and thus 'Celtic' this is where the 'Celtic Invasion' idea stems from. These, we now know, to be predominately Germanic Tribes. Cassius Dio says -

'The Belgae, who dwelt near the Rhine in many mixed tribes and extended even to the coast opposite Britain...'

The similarity between the name 'Ambrones' and 'Amber' should not be overlooked, even when this has not been considered by historians. This may be a 'coincidence' but we should not rule out a link between the two. 

The Belgae seem to be the 'missing link' when it comes to the presence of Germanic Tribes here in England before the Romans arrived, and that they were Woden-Born seems more than likely now. Typical of the language of these Belgic Tribes is the 'nn' found in the Goddess Arduinna, most likely cognate to the Norse Idunn. She is a Huntress, bearing a bow and riding a Boar, and her presence here in England can be seen in the Forest of Arden in Warwickshire. In fact William Shakepeare's mother's maiden name was 'Arden', an ancient Warwickshire surname.

On the subject of the Sigambrian Franks their descent from Merovee, Meroveus  or Merovich suggests a link to the River Morava in Bohemia. That they were ruled by the Wolsunga Royal Line seems likely through their King Dagobert who was lanced through the eye by his godson in the Forest of Woevres; the Royal Merovingian residence was at Stenay. 'Woevres' is a name linked to the snake or serpent, most likely the 'viper' or 'adder'; it may also be linked to the term 'wyvern'; the Old French wivre means 'viper'. Dagobert was murdered in a hunting incident on December 23rd 679 near Steney-sur-Meuse in the Ardennes, named after Arduinna. He was the son of Sigibert III; the term 'Sigi' may be linked to the sire of the Wolsungas.