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The Arya & The Joten

The Arya -

  • Ar = movement, struggle, to surpass, to achieve excellence.
  • Arya, ari = to toil, to fight, to climb, to rise.
The Arya is the Warrior of Light who stands beside the Gods in battle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter. Woden or Rudra-Shiva leads the upward evolution of Man, battles against all evil, smiting the Great Enemy; he is the most 'terrible of the gods' who accepts no defeat. Agni-Ingwe is the 'child' of this force here upon the Earth. 

The Aryan Light is the Light of the Sun; with the birth of Agni-Inga Light is created with which he slays the Joten-Dasyu and the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. The Solar-Light is the -

  • Arya,
  • R.ta,
  • Hiranya - gold, the highest light.
The Arya Varna are the Powers of Light; Agni-Inga is the Warrior-Hero of action, leading us on the path of Truth. He is the form of Golden Light, the Solar Light of the Truth. He is the 'Fire in the Sap' and the 'Fire in the Blood' - the Solar-Fire. 

The 'Lost Sun' of the Arya is the Black Sun - this is the Solar Light of Swar, the highest consciousness. This is the Lost Sun of Truth that shines within the Aryan Blood. In the Vedas the recovery of the Light is done by the Angiras - the Seven Sages. The Angiras are -

  • The Powers of Light and Flame,
  • The Sons of the Flame.
  • Those who possess 'The Word', 'The Thought' and 'The Truth'. 
  • The Angiras represent the human hero (Wera) who has lost his divinity, has fallen and must ascend to find 'The Word', to bring to birth the Divine Dawn. From mortality to immortality, from falsehood to truth.
The Hidden Light of the Black Sun is the 'Occulted Sun' and the 'Secret Light' that shines within. The Hidden Light is concealed in the Darkness, in an Age of Darkness and Ignorance. 

The Joten -

These are the Eoten or 'eaters' and the best way that we can understand such a force is through the Vedic Dasyus. The Dasyus has a number of attributes from which we can get an idea of these Dark Forces -

  • The thief,
  • The enemy,
  • The wolf that devours - Fenris Wolf,
  • The dividers,
  • The confiners,
  • The obstructors,
  • The Powers of Darkness and Ignorance who oppose the seeker of truth and immortality.
  • The Warg that steals the Light, the obstructor (nid) and 'spoiler of The Word',
  • The 'eater' of the souls, and 'eater' of the Light.
  • The force that divides, breaks down the wholeness and haelness,
  • The evil-thinker,
  • The Great Liar, the Great Deceiver.

The word dasa means 'servant' and we can see from this how the adherents of the Slave-Religions are themselves 'servants' of this force who prostrate themselves before their 'God' on their hands and knees. The word das means 'work' and they use such terms as 'the workers' as the basis of the Revolt of the Slaves, even though nine out of ten have never done a day's work in their lives. They use the terms of their 'calling'. The Dasyus are the enemies of the Spiritual Light. These are the Dasa-Varna, the Powers of Darkness.

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