Sunday 31 July 2022

The Trickster-Virus

Some time ago I took a quick look at a book called The Mind Parasites by the late Colin Wilson, an occult writer who used the work of H.P. Lovecraft as the basis for this book. The one problem that comes to the attention is in the solution to the 'Mind Parasites', the creation of a World Government. Now, we know today that since 2020 these 'Mind Parasites' have taken control of the world in order to create a 'World Government'. It is thus clear that the solution provided in the book is the problem. But for now this will be overlooked in favour of using his work to bring to light the problem at an inner level.

Whilst it is important to expose the nature of the Demonic Forces (*) that have taken control of the world, it is just as important to recognise that these forces work within as well as without. Like our Gods, numinous forces that are both within us and work outside of us too, these have the same type of nature in regard to this. In their work within the human races they are the Masters of Deception and Lies; like their 'chief', whom we may call the 'Dark Lord' or 'The Demiurge'. A couple of passages in St. John of the New Testament tells us that he is the 'Prince of the World', and it is in the same book that he is referred to as 'the devil' and 'the first murderer' (John 8:41), and that he is the 'Father of Lies'. 

(*) I have used the term 'Demonic Forces' because this is a well-known term, and one that invokes the idea of 'evil forces', using this in the sense of 'Anti-Life Forces' - which is exactly what they are.

The idea of the 'Devil' being the 'Prince of the World' is one that comes from the Gnostics, but one that I am sceptical of since if this were entirely so from the start then why the gradual process of taking over the world? This, in my opinion, is a cyclic process and a downward process whereby these Dark Forces were a 'seed' in the fabled Golden Age, a 'seed' that began to germinate and grow during the following parts of the cycle, and have today grown into a mighty force that has taken over the world. Admittedly, this 'Demiurge' is no doubt the ruler of the material, mechanical world, but has its origins in another dimension in the Realms of Chaos. 

The Gnostics saw the 'Demiurge' as the ruler of the 'Archons', the latter meaning 'rulers' (**) who some saw as being created unintentionally by the Goddess of Wisdom - Sophia. These saw Jehovah-Yahweh as the 'Demiurge' and thus rejected the idea of 'Jesus Christ' as the 'Son of God' - 'God' in the sense of Jehovah. They saw Chrestos as being an emanation of Sophia, sent to free the Spirit of Light in mankind, which had been trapped by the Demiurge and the Servants of Darkness. 

(**) The term 'archons' means 'rulers'; it has been seen as 'first' or 'foremost', but this is not in the sense of being 'before' but as being 'above' i.e. ruling over. 

As Folkish Wodenists we will use our very own tradition where Loki the Trickster-Joten is the 'Enemy Within' - the force within and without whose role gradually changes from seemingly benevolent to outright corrupt and evil. It is the offspring of Loki - Fenris, Hel and Angrboda - who come out against the Gods, leading the Joten-Forces or 'Giants'. It is one of the offspring of Loki who brings diseases, epidemics and plagues - which occur at the end of a civilisation and cycle. Loki is male-female and when he ate the burnt heart of Angrboda he became unbalanced towards the female side of himself. This we can see clearly in the anti-male (anti White Male more precisely) stance in our society, something that is overlooked if we take the Abrahamic Religions as being 'male-dominated' alone. 

These 'Mind Parasites' seemingly impersonate us in the hope that we identify with their false version of who we are, for these forces cannot create, they can only take something that is already created and distort and warp the image - as they did with the Krist-Mythos. When an individual becomes aware of their presence within they can use outside influence against that individual in order to 'push' him back into the fold. Like Sauron in Lord of the Rings this Demonic Force will accept no opposition, and when it arises will deflect or even totally destroy it. The ultimate aim is to destroy the Races of Man altogether, which seems clear when we consider their creation of 'Artificial Intelligence' and their experiments on human beings - such as the 'vaccines' where mRNA ('Messenger RNA') is used to alter the DNA Code. 

These 'experiments' on human beings suggest that the 'Grey Aliens' of Ufology are the 'Trickster-Virus' that does certain abductions and experiments. These are, unlike the 'Nordics', grey, colourless, sexless, race-less etc. This explains how they seemingly take over the mind, abduct, and then experiment, which would be of no use unless there was a purpose to this. They have created a 'World Wide Web' of illusion and deception, thus creating a 'virtual reality' as opposed to natural reality, and are moving on to the stage of the 'world mind' - some form of 'collective psychosis'. George Orwell recognised the methods of control as 'controlled insanity'. This explains clearly what is going on around the world today, which seems insane because it is insane. 

Not only are there 'portals' by which these forces enter our dimension, but some individuals themselves act as 'portals' through which they manifest. Into-European Mythology is rife with the theme of these Dark Forces of Chaos and Matter 'stealing the light' or 'concealing the light', and the Gods and Heroes who have to undergo the quest to regain the light. But, as Colin Wilson seems to infer in 'The Mind Parasites', encoded in the darkness is a force that would potentially serve the light, and this needs to be recognised. Simply put, these Dark Forces steal the 'Light of Divine Consciousness' and hide it away from us, and yet in doing so we have the chance of discovering it and stealing it back again - as in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' (the 'ogre' stole it from Jack's father in the first place). Woden stole the 'Sacred Mead' from the Giants in the same manner, the Sacred Mead held by Suttung and guarded by his daughter Gunnlod - it was not Suttung's in the first place but made from Kvasir's Blood as a pact between the Clans of Gods. Basically, the solution may well lie within the problem.

Our own weltanshauung is based upon the belief that we were once, long ago in very ancient times, a High Race that was descended from the Gods, created by the Gods, and that we 'fell' over time through the mixing of the Divine Blood with other species of mankind, thus losing the 'Blood Purity' and falling further and further away from the Spiritual Beings we once were into the world of matter, and the domain of the Demiurge. But, hidden deep within our DNA (Genetic Code) is the potential to become Immortals - Gods - again, and that the purpose of evolution is to regain our lost divinity through the Quest for the Hidden Light which, as Sri Aurobindo states, is also the struggle again the Dark Lord and the Servants of Darkness. 

Every Empire of Light from ancient times has arisen as if from nowhere, created a high civilisation which reaches a peak, begins to decline as it loses its energy (when it starts to become detached from the Sacred Centre), is 'infected' by a type of destructive 'virus' which then finally destroys it, as the remnants are destroyed by 'barbarians'. From there the Trickster-Virus 'leaves the falling house' and moves elsewhere to do the same thing again. In the process the 'Desert-Demon' and his minions leave the whole thing as a lifeless desert, seen in a typical example in the Gobi Desert which was once the Gobi Civilisation created after the Aryans left Atlantis. Since these Dark Forces have usurped the technology created by Tesla - the ability to change the weather-patterns - this may be part of the tactics used today, since we are seeing some particularly long spells of dry, hot weather. Again, they did not invent this technology, they stole it and are using it against us. 

These dark Tricker-Forces are pushing us harder and harder against a wall, but in doing so they are beginning to force a section of us into creating ways of survival that we would not maybe have had to use before. So long as we accept that physical survival is important, but that we should not overlook the mind-control from within as well as without, then we have the chance to recognise these forces as being within us too, and in recognition we start the process of overcoming them. This is why it seems to important not just to recognise the outer process that is going on, but also the inner process, and that means using the age-old adage - KNOW THYSELF. In doing this we recognise the means by which they can control all of us to a degree, and no doubt do so to a degree; this means improving our positive traits, and decreasing our negative traits. The hardest thing to do - due to the ego - is to recognise that we do have negative traits that can be altered. 

Thursday 28 July 2022


The name, or title, Frea or Frey is said to mean 'Lord', and yet I cannot find how this meaning actually fits the title. The word 'lord' is English, coming from an Old English 'Loaf-Ward', and would be a translation from the Norse to English, thus perhaps not being totally accurate. From what I can find the word 'frey' comes from the IE Root *per- which means -

  • forward,
  • through,
  • in front of,
  • before,
  • early,
  • chief,
  • first,
  • toward,
  • against,
  • near,
  • at,
  • around.

The root itself gives rise to the Latin words -

  • primal,
  • primary,
  • primeval,
  • primitive,
  • prince (i.e. 'he who takes first place').

Since we find no 'p' in the Germanic Tongues we have to look for similar words beginning with 'f' -

  • Old English forma meaning 'first'.
  • English 'foremost',
  • Old English fyrst, fyrest meaning 'first', from Germanic *furista- meaning 'foremost'.

It would seem clear to me that the essence of the term frea/frey means 'first', 'foremost', or 'primal', rather than 'lord'. The word 'lord' is used over and over again in the Judaeo-Christian bible and may thus have been an influence upon the translation, but for myself I would suggest that this is a rather vague title, and one that has for so long held us back in our knowledge of who the God Ingwe-Frea is. 

Although I cannot put my hand on this because I have forgotten the source-book which I found it, but I am almost sure that Tolkien translated the term 'Ingwe' as the 'first' or the 'primal' from an Elvish Tongue. If so both the words 'frea' and 'ing' mean the same originally. In Tolkien's works Ingwe was of the Vanyar - Race of Elves - and was the 'High Lord of the Elves'. Of course, we know of Frey as the 'Lord of the Elves' and the term 'Vanyar' is close to 'Vanir' - the Race of Gods. 

The word 'fire' stems from an Indo-European Root *paewr- giving rise to the Old English fyr. Directly, it gives rise to the Greco-Latin pyr/pyre from the Greek pur. In doing this post I referred back to my own work Ar-Kan Rune-Lag - The Aryan Secret Way which, had I looked back to my own books, given an earlier insight into this subject. There are certain roots which now confirm some of the findings that have come up about Ingwe -

Germanic Root *fer/*far meanings 'destruction', 'reversal' and 'completion'. 

Germanic Root *fer means 'to lead', and gives us the German word Fuhrer.

Germanic Root *ferthuz means 'a place for crossing over' and this is significant in that the use of the term Pontifex (a term of the Roman Empire, taken over by the 'Pope' or 'Pontiff') means 'a bridge' or a 'crossing over'. 

Old English fah means 'radiant' or 'bright', again linking to fire and light, aspects of Ingwe. The Icelandic Poem uses the term 'sea's flame' and also 'serpent's way' for the Fehu-Rune. More often than not rune-workers associate the Feh-Rune with the god Frey - and thus to Ingwe. In most Indo-European Cultures fire is the Primal Element - this is of extreme importance to us. When we look at Krist and the 'Holy Spirit' we find the latter linked to fire and thus light. 

The Feh-Rune is sometimes linked to Wild-Fire or Primal Fire - the 'First Fire'. The 'conflict' of Fire and Ice was the Creative Act in Norse Mythology. It is the heat that melts the Ice that starts off the process; heat itself suggests movement and expansion. 

I have linked Ingwe with Agni after Hamasson suggested the AGNI-INGA idea; if Agni was the original form of Shiva, as suggested by Sri Aurobindo, then Agni is 'The Destroyer', the God of Destruction and Re-Creation. Like Shiva (Rudra) he destroys by fire, of course. So Ingwe is both the Creative Fire and the Destructive Fire, bearing in mind that destruction is always followed by a new creation. From the roots covered here this all suggests that Ingwe is the Primal Fire-God, and this aspect of Frey has not come to light before. In our own English Mythology (what we have of it) Scef brings the 'Fire-Taper', hence the reason I see Scef and an Incarnation of Ingwe. Indeed, we seem to be on the right track here since Hengest is an Incarnation of Ingwe (as the name suggests) and of the 'World-Ravager', taking up the Word of AEtla as 'The Destroyer'. 

The Greek god Prometheus is said, at least by H.P Blavatsky, to have a name derived from the pramantha which is the Swastika. The word can be broken into pra-mantha and thus 'first turner' (this is the root of the meanings for 'mantha') and thus connected to the World Mill, to Mundelfore ('First Turner of the Mill-Handle') or Waendal as we know him to be. Again, Prometheus is a figure who stole the Fire of the Gods to give to mankind, an act which Zeus punished by chaining him to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains. There he had his liver pecked out every day, which healed itself ready for the next day's pecking. (*) 

(*) Here, it seems, the Ancient Greeks knew well that the liver is the one organ of the body that can completely regenerate itself. I was recently talking to a local woman who works in the NHS and she mentioned that the doctors had diagnosed her liver as being too far gone to do anything with. After a period of drinking pomegranate juice and coffer, both of which she said is good for the liver, when they checked again before a 'transplant', the liver was completely regenerated! I have no reason to doubt her honesty. 

The kindling of the Nyd-Fire is an act meant to invoke Ingwe, as was the case with Agni. Wood-on-Wood is the usual means to do so, though Flint-on-Flint or Flint & Steel are also ways of starting a fire by natural process. 

On the Firestone (White Stone of Ing) Ingwe is linked to the Ken-Rune and thus to Fire in the sense of this particular rune-stave. This rune is connected (with the Haegl-Rune) to the Heil Force (Hvarena) and to the Necklace of Fire belonging to Freya (sister-wife of Ingwe). This is the Serpent-Fire linked to the Fiery-Serpent 'Shining Ones' who were clearly the Race of Elves. From my own experience of seeing one of the Elven Folk he emanated a Blue Fiery-Light - shimmering blue-white light - maybe 'Blue Blood'? Ingwe is related to Sacral Kingship, as is the Ken-Rune. Many English names were and are derived from aelf/alf meaning 'elf'. 

Don Miguel Serrano speaks of the Igneous Blood, the word itself deriving from the same root as 'Agni'; the Fiery-Blood of Ingwe pulses though the veins of the Ingefolk. That we find the names of both Frea and Ingwe meaning 'the first', 'the foremost' or the 'primal' infers that we are dealing with a far more ancient god-form than most people would think. 

Friday 22 July 2022

Blood & Soil : Folk & Earth - Part Three

I would imagine that most people today would ridicule the idea of a 'new nobility' since the general consciousness is one of everyone being equal, and even those who do not go along with this anti-natural idea may think in terms of our modern 'aristocracy' or 'royal family'. Because we have an 'aristocracy' that has to a large degree been created through 'peers' who have bought their 'noble' titles' over the past few hundred years, and the rest been given them even though they may be the basest mediocrities in terms of 'statesmen', does not negate the original meaning given to the word. Because we have a 'royal' family that is degenerate, of little use except for show, and which cannot in any sense be called an Aryan House again does not negate the concept of Kingship. 

Does not ever one of us who takes part in this struggle strive to become more 'noble'? This has to be part of our outlook on life, if we are to raise ourselves above the ruins of a falling world. What is happening around us is nothing new, it has happened time and time again at the end of a given Aryan Civilisation. What is different is that this is a world-wide phenomena, but the decay and degeneration can be seen - by us - in terms of the fall of 'Western Civilisation' or 'European Civilisation'. In the past, in the main, a civilisation collapses just as we see this civilisation collapsing around us, and this is the end of that particular empire. Somewhere else there then arises a new civilisation, a new empire, which starts off through being created by a Barbarian Elite, and then goes through the same cycle, until finally that empire and civilisation collapses. In Germany there has been the First Reich, Second Reich and Third Reich, showing that it is possible to recover from a total collapse and regenerate a dying nation.

Just as the globalists have their Global Agenda which they have named as a 'New World Order', so should we too give a name to the struggle for a totally different and polar-opposite 'order'. Their NWO will arise, according to their plans, from the disorder and chaos of the times, engineered to a great extent by themselves - Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos). The New Order is what this is all about, the alternative society that must arise to challenge the concept of a materialistic World State based upon economics and gross materialism. The New Order is a Spiritual Order and in order to create this we shall need people who can lead in the right way - a new 'Elite' or 'Noble Elite'. 

A blueprint is needed to reverse the harm done by Judaeo-Christianity, Liberal Humanitarianism, Global Socialism (Communism), Marxism, Capitalism, and the other evils that have arisen from the same source. Naturally, such a blueprint would be fanatically attacked from every part of the 'Old Order' (which it is really, since the 'New World Order' is merely the culmination of centuries of scheming). Hate would be spewed out from every corner of this dying society, since it would mean the end of their influence and power, and the end of every corrupt and anti-Nature idea that they have come up with. 

The feudal system imposed upon the English Folk by the Norman Barons and the Christian Church (one of the big landowners of the time) was the first real step towards destroying the English Yeoman-Peasant. Worse to come was the 'Industrial Revolution' which did even greater harm since it wrenched the yeoman-peasant from the land altogether, herding them into the 'Satanic Mills' in the new drive for 'production' which was now for the profit and gain of the few. Thus started the urbanisation of our Folk, not a new thing since city-states have existed in all empires, but nowhere near as large as they have grown into today. 

From the looks of things it appears that we shall eventually be forced into creating our own alternative, since every one of us faces a bleak future in regard to fuel, energy, food, housing, and we can now add water, since the 'drought' may just have been engineered like the rest of the Global Agenda - they have the power to change the weather it appears (this is also not new, since wizards and magicians of the past were said to be able to change the weather). So where we are forced to grow our own food, find our own water, find new energy sources, and even places to live this creates the basis for a 'microcosm' of the New Order, which one day will grow into the 'macrocosm' which has a blueprint there already.

Not everything that the Global Powers do goes according to their plans, and there are signs where the opposite can happen. In the Netherlands (Holland) the farmers are protesting fiercely against the global plans to change the whole structure of food-growing, as well as freeing more land up to provide for incoming outlanders. Side by side with this protest by farmers and truckers (who I think have joined the protests) there are now some farmers who are supplying directly to the public. Now, with a little foresight, this step could have been done long ago, thus cutting off the supplies to the Global Corporations and their profit-mongering. Indeed, farmers in other lands - including here in England - should have by now got the message, and there is still chance for them to shift their emphasis from supplying the supermarket chains, and supplying the public directly. This also cuts out the 'middle-man', the one who creates nothing but makes the biggest profit.

Of course, were this to happen there would be methods used to try to stop it from spreading, but in numbers this would be made more and more difficult. Sometimes it is necessary, to get around petty regulations, to create 'membership organisations' to keep it as a 'closed shop', so to speak. There are still farmers and suppliers who do so through the 'Farmer's Market' and even 'Car Boot Sales' have suppliers sometimes. These have become popular over the past decades, and such things can be expanded with a little thought and organisation. Where there is a problem there is always a solution, and often the solution lies in the problem itself - Mystery of the Nyd-Rune.

Need & necessity, which, when it comes, usually drives people to think harder and to come up with new ideas, simply because it is necessary to do so, maybe to survive. In the situation that we all face today we are being driven to have to grow our own food, to find new energy sources, to find our own water, to get around the fuel crisis (which seems to have slowed a very little here), and to educate and train ourselves in the practice of everyday survival which was once taken for granted, but which in many cases we have to retrain ourselves in because of the loss of such everyday skills. Some of the advantages of growing food we could list here -

  • Home-grown food has far better qualities since it can be picked and eaten within a very short time-space, thus keeping the nutrients at their best.
  • What is not eaten immediately, and will not keep in the ground, can be stored for winter use - frozen, dried or canned etc.
  • Home-grown food would not have harmful chemicals (or should not have them) which are used to preserve shop-bought food because they are sent long-distances in many cases. 
  • The harmful transport of goods would be unnecessary, as would local grown food sold to locals if the farmers were to see the sense in changing their way of selling.
  • Gardening is healthy because it is outdoors and it is exercise; it is also mentally stimulating being in touch with Nature and the cycle of birth-growth-decay-death. 

There is one simple thing that stands out clearly to any gardener, and that is the natural process of sowing the seeds and then throwing out the weak and spindly seedlings, whilst keeping and nurturing the strong plants. But suggest that this Natural Law should be applied to humans and all hell breaks loose! The end-result of propping up and propagating the weak and unhealthy shows everywhere in our sick society - even sickness itself today seems something to brag about! No gardener of any worth would even think of applying such measures to the plants, since it is the strong seedlings that make strong plants, and strong plants produce better crops, and going beyond this strong plants produce strong seeds to be resown the following year. It is not the subject of this, but soil conditions are of the utmost importance too. What is clear is that plants need a good environment to thrive in, and mankind too needs a good environment to thrive in. 

At this point in time, when the Old Ways have been discarded, forgotten, and deemed of no use to a 'progressive age', we must turn inwards towards that 'Inner Sense' that will get us through the Age of Darkness. That a people, even though decaying and degenerating at an alarming rate, are able to be regenerated and reborn, and a Folk-Nation recreated from such a mess, means that there is something else to consider here. So far the physical has been looked at, but we must never leave out the Spirit of Man. Those ancient civilisations that have arisen as 'Kingdoms of Light' all have one thing in common - the spiritual re-connection to the Divine. This is usually seen as a re-connection to the Sacred Centre or Spiritual Centre - the Origins. Such great civilisations arise as if from nowhere, and achieve the most 'impossible' things, and this is because their ideas and thoughts originate in the Other-World. This is the same as reconnecting to the 'Sacred Centre' - which is the 'Former World'. In fact, these things are not new at all, they are concepts rediscovered - as Woden rediscovered the Ancient Runes - which are put into practice, maybe in a different way. 

At least we are now in a position to show clearly the nature of the 'enemy' of Man and Land; the alternative to a Global Order is the Free Folk-Nation, which develops into the Aryan Imperium - the true 'League of Nations' (I could say 'Europe of the Nations' but this leaves out important Aryan Nations). The Folk-Nation, based upon the eternal concept of Blood & Soil - Folk & Earth, will be the alternative to the 'New World Order'. Not in a political sense, I must add, but through a Spiritual Revolution driven by a new Folkish Religion. The concept of Blood & Soil is far from just a physical one, and underlying this is the spiritual nature of the term. Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race go hand in hand with Biological Blood and Biological Race - at this time the former is perhaps more important to us. 

Folk-Nation against the Global World Order - globalists such as Klaus Schwab openly admit that there would be a rise in nationalism as a reaction to their Global Agenda. They clearly see this and are prepared for it, having plans to combat this as it arises, and also no doubt knowing how to use it for their own ends. At every stage of the Global Agenda they look ahead, they plan ahead, and they have a set of ideas and a blueprint for their World State. I was reading a magazine sent to me today featuring aspects of 'nationalism'; the criteria for how well (or badly in our case) nationalism is doing is seen through how many 'votes' are cast for any particular party. This made me think! Is this a valid way of assessing support? In my opinion - No! It has become clear in the past couple of years - the 'post-covid era' - the general public have become sick and tired of the lies and deceptions done by leading politicians of all parties, and the result has been that many now do not vote at all. Should these people - the 'discontents' - not be the ones who would be more open to change? 

Noah Harari clearly stated that liberal democracy is no longer valid in his 'Brave New World'; he inferred that a World Dictatorship was needed because of the high-tech changes. So, we can see here that the 'Liberal World Order' is merely another phase of the Global Agenda, not the end-result. Since politicians and economists of all hues are now on the 'front-line' and their actions are attracting growing opposition and even ridicule in some cases, they are clearly not the ultimate power behind all of this. They are fulfilling the plan to show 'liberal democracy' as being a farce, and that it is now responsible for all of the 'ills' that the people are being put through today. I would take a guess that the aim here is to drive the people towards a 'One World Religion' as the 'saviour' of the peoples of the world - through, no doubt, a 'saviour' of their own. This 'One World Religion' would be Anti-Nature and Anti-Life, and thus would be totally destructive in its aims.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Blood & Soil - Folk & Earth - Part Two


What we need to build is an Edel Community - a 'Noble Community' - which will become a new Folkish Nobility as leaders of a New Order and a New earth. At the 'Blood Bath of Verdun' Charles the Saxon-Slayer slaughtered some 50,000 Saxon Nobles, not because of any kind of envy or jealousy, but simply because whilst the Saxon Nobility existed the Saxon Commoners would never convert to Christianity - thus the need to rid the Saxons of their Heathen Rulers. It was thus a cold and calculated move to destroy the Noble Gene-Pool. The importance of a nobility can be seen in this one move, and in the various revolutions around Europe designed to overthrow the Germanic Monarchies and Nobilities and to replace them with 'Financial Barons'. 

The one weapon we have against both Global Capitalism and Global Socialism (Communism) is - Blood & Soil. This is not just a matter of replacing those whose drive is personal profit and gain, but through giving a viable alternative through a return to the ancient Germanic concept of Blood & Soil, of the link between the Folk and the Earth. Indeed, personal profit and gain is not the whole story, since the motive behind the amassing of billions goes beyond greed for money into a greed for power over others, indeed, power over all things. The profit and gain is there to buy power and the means to control the whole world. In the process it is clear that these forces represent Anti-Life and Anti-Nature Forces, and the only alternative to this is a Force for Life, Creation and Natural Law. 

House-Hearth-Family - these are the basic tenets of the concept of Blood & Soil; the English Yeoman (Peasant if you like) is the mainstay of this idea, as Guido von List pointed out, the Germanic Castes are all based around the Ing-fo (Ingwines), since this is the Farmer-Provider Caste out of which a Nobility of Blood & Soil develops naturally. The Common Freeman in Germany was called a bauer who is a 'tiller of the land', from which comes the term 'Boer' (Dutch) which means just the same. This word stems from the Aryan Root *bhu- which means 'to grow', 'to become', 'to dwell' or 'to build', thus connected to the 'house'. The OHG bur means 'dwelling' or 'house'. 

The one true problem that we would face in reviving the Blood & Soil as it should be is that of this being 'inherited property'. The nobility and royal lines were the guardians of the Adel-Right where the land and house were passed down to the eldest son, through the generations. To destroy this appeared the idea of 'equality' and thus it became that it was seen as 'unfair' to do so, and thus a Family House was split equally (usually) between the sons and daughters. Thus, the house was sold off and the proceeds shared; this process, naturally, lost the Family House forever! What may seem unfair in the eyes of those promoting 'equality' ensured the continuum of the family through the house being passed from generation to generation. This was Germanic Law as opposed to Roman Law where land becomes a mere 'commodity' that can be bought and sold. I think that we can see which was the best for our Folk. 

Of course, in today's 'progressive' and 'liberal' society the idea of passing the house down to the eldest son may not always be the best thing, but this could be done through the one who deserves to have it - which would today cause a breakup of the family as the others quarrel as to what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. This would come about simply because we have lost this Edel-Right through Christianity and the secular movements that followed, and this could not be reinstated overnight with a complete change in attitudes. This is the problem we face in thinking that we can come up with an idea and immediately put it into practice - which is how Communism works. This is not always feasible I am afraid. Only a future New Order could achieve this because it would have the power to do so. Nevertheless, this can be put forward as an alternative, since every movement that opposes has to give alternatives which they could bring into place were they in a position to do so, i.e. in a position of power.

Homeland - Soil - Blood - these concepts we must use against Global Capitalism and Global Socialism (Communism); the idea of a 'Homeland' is essential to us, even if today this is denied to us. Tribal Co-operatives existed where the land could be distributed in regard to the needs of individual families, for what was needed to survive, and not what was needed to make gain and profit. This was not the same as the Edel-Right which was 'Inherited Property', and which was the domain of the Nobility or Aristocracy. This is clear from the links to the Edel-Rune which means 'Inherited Nature' (i.e. Sacred Blood) and 'Inherited Land' (Sacred Soil). These are both the Gift of Ingwe

The Quest for the Holy Gral is the Quest for the Blood Royal - Sang Real. The Sacred Blood is symbolised by the Ing-Rune, made up of Twin Ken-Runes in the Ken-Fusion - thus the link to Ingwe and to Fire. This is the Igneous Blood spoken of by Don Miguel Serrano. We can see in this ancient symbol (from the area now known as 'Turkey' I think) the link to the 'German Cross' or 'Templar Cross' which acts as a kind of 'background' here. 

The Holy White Stone of Ing came to light within the last decade or so, and this can be no 'coincidence'. The 'Gift of Ing' is FIRE, and this was known earlier as the FIRESTONE, though the reference to this has been rejected by scholars today, even though the link is rather obvious. Fire represents Heat, Energy and Force, the attributes of Ingwe as the God of Fire and the Hearth. Ingwe is the 'Beginning and the End', the 'First and the Last', and is thus the Creator-Destroyer of civilisations and worlds. He is the 'Son of Man(u)', who is the 'Son of Tuisto' (Tiw in this case) - thus Tiw - Man(u) - Ing. Ingwe is the 'Child of the Waters' (Lagu) who is found in the sap of the plants and trees, and the blood of animals and man - the Fire of Life. Ingwe is the Fiery Energy of the Fiery Serpent.

The family unit is built around the Hearth, protected  by the House (lineage), as a Mighty Tree that is set firmly in the Earth, and whose branches reach high into the heavens - touching the Divine Powers or Gods. The Symbol of Agni is the Swastika, as the Symbol of Ingwe is the Swastika (Fylfot) - the Fire-Wheel or Fire-Twirl. The Divine Child of Light is born from the whirling Swastika at its Sacred Centre - the Nyd-Fire. This represents the Eternal Flame of the Hearth-Fire, whence dwells Ingwe in the 'Inglenook'. This Eternal Flame represents the Immortality of the Family through the continuum of the Sacred Blood through the generations. This is the basis of the concept of Blood & Soil - Folk & Land, since this Eternal Flame never dies but passes from generation to generation through the ages. 

It has been pointed out that few today will follow the 'Alpha', considering themselves to be 'Alphas' in their own right. This does, to me, seem to be how things are turning out, since the individual, and the individual ego, is coming to the fore - maybe as the 'solitaries' of the era. In an era of 'equality', even though such people will not hold to this idea, this is what will happen, given the sense of the 'collective' which can have no leaders and no followers. 'Too many chiefs, and not enough Indians' was an old saying for this, which is obviously not so new. When the Folkish Organisations were crushed or pushed aside by the press and media, the police and the authorities, such natural leadership almost ceased to exist, though there are still some to be found. 

Woden's Folk was plummeted into the press headlines which should have raised attention to our being there, even if at this time the majority will steer clear for fear of being labelled as a 'fascist', 'neo-nazi' or 'white supremacist'. It is clear how some have distanced themselves through such fear, but it is also becoming clear that there are a growing number who can see through this, and have no fear whatever of being labelled as such. The use of the tactic of the 'neo-nazi' smear forms the core of the propaganda against our Folkish Movement - and this has been openly admitted by some who 'analyse' the 'Radical Right'. But this is now not quite working out as well as it may have done earlier; as time goes on, and the lies begin to be recognised, we shall gain the support from those discontented by The System - Left and Right. This especially since the Global Corporations are showing their true colours (Rainbow) as the manipulators of the 'ecology' and 'environmentalism'. 

It is in the field of 'ecology' and 'environmentalism' that we should try to promote, using the alternative of Blood and Soil against the Anti-Life and Anti-Nature agenda of the 'New World Order' - the Bankers and Global Corporations. Of course, our work should also encourage the exposure of the coming 'One World Religion' based upon the same concepts - Anti-Life and Anti-Nature - as marked out in Genesis of the Old Testament. Since the main driving-power of the Global Corporations is through the ecology and the environment, and the threat of the Earth's destruction, these are the obvious weak links in their Global Chain, since it is they themselves who have created the problem! The promotion of a Folk-Religion, based upon the concepts of Blood & Soil, of Folk & Earth, and of the return to Nature and Natural Law is a natural counter to the Global Agenda.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Blood & Soil : Folk & Earth - Part One

The one thing that any nation needs is that of self-reliance and self-sufficiency as far as that is possible; this is the sane way that any nation can go, especially in regard to food production. Whether it is true or not that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused a fuel and energy crisis does not really matter; the fact that we have a fuel and energy crisis proves the need for every nation to become as self-sufficient as possible in regard to energy and fuel (and other things but this is not the subject here). Time and again history has proven this, but the agenda to create a World State will never allow any one nation to do so; every nation has to be part of the world state, and each will have a role. This set-up its far too large and weighed down by bureaucracy, and will never work efficiently. And there are other considerations to take into account too - Blood & Soil.

We are in no position to counter the vast power of the Global Agenda, so what can we do at this time? Well, we can offer an alternative, even though this may not be possible to do now; doing so we at least give people something that would be possible were the World State to collapse - which it will in time. Something that is sane, and which would take us back to Nature and Natural Law, and something based upon the Germanic idea of the link between Man and Land - Blood & Soil. Just by giving an alternative shows others that there is an alternative. It also gives the chance to expose both Capitalism and Global Socialism (Communism) as being anti-life and anti-nature. 

The concept of buying and selling land is not a Germanic one, it came to us through the Roman Empire. This has served Global Capitalism well in that, together with other aspects of mercantilism, it has been the means to amass huge fortunes, putting billions into the pockets of a few. If this were not enough, these few are the ones behind the Global Agenda, so this has not been accidental, but has been a plan of action as part of the drive for a World State. To a lesser extent it has benefited others too, but this was no doubt inevitable in that it would be too obvious to merely benefit the main protagonists of globalism. 

On the other hand the experiment in Global Socialism or Communism takes the land from the people who then become serfs, owning nothing and being there to work for their feudal masters. Implementing this in a few nations has shown how it has meant mass starvation and deprivation, leading to millions and millions of deaths - not to mention those who were murdered because they did not agree. This type of lunacy is even found in the recent drive by the Sri Lankan government to go 'organic' in a given short space of time; this is an impossibility and would end in food shortages and famine. But it is the typical communist thought - take an idea and put it into practice - no matter what the consequences are, nor how many die through doing so. 

There is a land-grab, especially in certain areas where land is either being bought up to turn into mass 'fake-meat' farming(*), no doubt through GM crops, or for housing for further influx of outlanders. The likes of Bill Gates are buying up land in the US to produce this false food, and no doubt the drive by Sri Lanka to produce 'organic food' is also connected to the Global Agenda, since this 'organic food' has been a leftist-orientated drive for the last few decades, and an area to produce it would be needed. How this is going to be incorporated is anyone's guess. 

(*) No doubt 'Insect Farms' would now be needed to produce the 'bugs' that some of the 'celebrities' are eating. Again, this is actually nothing new, and again it has come from 'leftist' thinking. About six to seven years ago I went to an open-day at Plumpton College which my daughter Freya attended; there was a stall run by a group of 'lefty-looking' people demonstrating 'bushcraft', in particular cooking and eating 'bugs', which the public were asked to try - most seemed rather daunted about this but I gave it a try. In an emergency when faced with starvation - yes - but as part of our eating habits - no thanks! In any case, these tiny 'bugs' would hardly be able to feed a person; the result again - mass starvation! Do they never learn?

Here lies the great problem, since this illustrates how the minds of some people work; they take something from an 'indigenous' culture in some other part of the world and try to impose the idea upon others. And this, regardless of the home-grown culture we have, and which would be best served by trying to revive this, rather than something alien to our Folk. Why is this? Simply because they have no regard for the concept of Blood and Soil, of Folk and Land; this is 'one-world' and we are 'one-people' so this does not exist to them. They have not only a total disregard for their own culture, but in a way for the culture of those they are taking from - since this is part of their link to the Earth. It is part of their culture built up over hundreds if not thousands of years. This goes far beyond 'bugs' I am afraid, and has become part of their globalist consciousness. 

Firstly, it is necessary to infuse into people the fact that our ancestors matter, for it is they who, in some distant past, came here, shed their blood to conquer, and then their sweat to work the land to live upon. In doing so their blood and bones lie buried in the soil, and their sweat and toil shows everywhere in the workings of the landscape - which cannot be said of someone who has arrived here in the last few decades! The fact that this is a valid argument is enough to show why they are hastily trying to revise history to 'disprove' the past. This is enough to show us how to go about infusing sanity into our people and awakening them to what is going on, and giving them a viable alternative to this global madness.

Race is the key to this, hence the reason the Global Agenda suppresses all form of interest in the subject, or any discussion on the subject, or anyone trying to promote the idea that race does count for something. Race is crucial to the concept of Blood and Soil, since 'Blood' is the 'Race'. It is the Mystical Link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Earth that we talk of here; this, obviously, takes the view that we are spiritual beings clothed in matter. It also takes into account that there is a Spiritual Earth that exists parallel to this physical earth, and that there are links between the two worlds. So we have to go beyond the 'ecologists' and 'greens' who work mostly with one physical world, to an entirely different concept in which we have both a physical and spiritual world, each lying next to the other, and each subtly interconnected. 

Talking of 'ecologists' and 'greens', at least these people are somewhere nearer to reality and have some feeling towards the Earth. The problem lies in their having been fooled by the lies of the Global Corporations (*), and thus aiding and abetting these globalists in their work. Here again, we see a way forward for us, in that they are partly there, but need to understand that it is the evils of globalism that are the problem, and that the Folk-Nation is a step beyond the family and the tribe, and is the best means to create that link between Man and Land. You do not fight globalism by another form of globalism; it is this massive bureaucratic nightmare that does not, and never will, work. Maybe once there was a world that was interconnected, and worked in harmony and peace - but not this type of world! 

(*) The term 'Carbon Footprint' is used widely today, but few understand where it came from and how it got to be used so widely. Look at the phrase - it is quite meaningless! In fact - it is bull....! No, it was not coined by some 'eco-warrior', it came into use through a marketing agency hired by British Petroleum to cover up their massive oil-spill and ecological disaster that was getting the headlines. To do so, no doubt through their 'psychologists' they worked on the minds of the people by instilling in them a meaningless phrase - 'Carbon Footprint' - that would shift the blame from the global corporation to the people as individuals. We have to look at our 'carbon footprint' because it is we who are doing the damage to the Earth. A total con-trick, but it worked. Once more, the people need to be made aware of what is going on, and that can be done whenever anyone mentions the term 'carbon footprint'. 

By the term 'Folk' we speak of a 'living being', a 'living entity' made up of the people, their forefathers, and those who have not yet been born. Thus, rather than the selfish idea of 'saving the planet' for ourselves we think of this as being for those who have gone (our forefathers) and those who are yet to come. Thus, we see a time-continuum of past-present-future, so that our actions today will affect those to come in the future. Since this dismisses any idea of the 'death' of a people, which would thus give no incentive to act for future generations, we have a duty and responsibility to act now to ensure that we protect the Earth for future generations. 

By the term 'Earth' we speak also of a 'living being', a 'living entity', and not just a piece of mud to be exploited for profit and gain, which is how the Global Agenda sees things. Why do they see it this way? Because they are anti-life and anti-nature; again, the people need to become aware of this which will open them to an alternative way of thinking, and above all - acting. The thought leads to the action. Again, we take into account the Spiritual Earth and the other forms of life that exist beside us in that world too - Elves, Nature-Spirits, Tree-Spirits - Land-Spirits etc. 

The first small step towards reconnecting to the Sacred Land is to grow our own food on a piece of land. This has to be done in a different way too, since the more you put into it the more you get out of it. By this I am not just talking of the work put into it, for just as important is the thought put into it, the attention given to the plants grown. And as important, to the condition of the soil in which they are grown, for without the nutrients nothing will grow well. Some knowledge of how Nature works is thus needed in order to grow according to Natural Law, and to ensure that the soil is treated in accordance with what is natural and works on a long-term basis. Life - Decay - and Death are the main things to consider, since when plants decay and die they give back their physical properties, but also their Life-Force. There are also some plants that unlock nutrients for other forms of life, and this has to be considered. Sometimes adding nutrients, even when 'organic', are not the best thing for the soil. We can look at how Nature works, and grow in harmony with this.

The Edel-Rune is the Rune of Blood & Soil, something which has at times infuriated some 'pagans', 'new-agers' and 'wiccans', even though it is true, though today truth counts for little in some people. What is important about the Edel-Rune is that it is a bind-rune of the Gifu-Rune and the Germanic Ing-Rune, and thus the 'Gift of Ing'. (Strictly speaking the Ing-Rune is the 'Rune of Blood', but the Edel-Rune does represent the Blood (Inherited Property in the sense of DNA) and the Soil (Inherited Property in the sense of the Folkland(**)). 

(**) When I typed 'Folkland' Google 'corrected' this to 'Falklands': outwardly this is a 'spell-check' and 'correction', but subtly this is a means by which certain terms are not allowed, and by regular correction the individual may 'see' his errors and correct them. To add to this, if course, some of the 'corrections' may well go unnoticed and make it hard to understand the text. 

The 'Homeland' or 'Folkland' is thus the 'Gift of Ingwe'; this may seem strange until we consider that the Aryans, when conquering new lands, would infuse these lands with the 'Glory of Light' - the Aryan Light. This too must be understood in order to understand the link between Blood and Soil, since it is the Light of Ingwe that is meant here. The Land is the 'Gift of Ingwe' but also the Blood is the 'Gift of Ingwe' - thus the Mystical link between the Blood and the Land - the Folk and the Earth. 

Light & Fire - these two concepts are one and the same in symbolism; light is energy, produced when heat is kindled. Ingwe is the God of Fire and Light, of Energy and Force, of the Living Flame of Life. The term ALU is in fact linked to the concept of growth which follows creation of any kind; as growth slows down the next stage is decay, and then death - and then recreation or rebirth. This was one of the important achievements of Guido von List in that he completed the cycle of Birth-Life-Death by adding Rebirth to New Form. A h-alu-cination is not, as modern dictionaries infer, something we see that is not there, but more likely a glimpse into another realm or world - it is there but not seen normally. Ingwe is the sap in the plant or tree, the blood in man, and thus the Life-Energy of all living things which pulsates, and which arises normally in the spring (spr-ing) which was a celebration of virility and fertility to Northern Heathens. This is the irrational energy felt when in harmony with Nature, hence the conception at the Summer Evennight and the birth nine months later at the Yuletide.