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Blood & Soil : Folk & Earth - Part Three

I would imagine that most people today would ridicule the idea of a 'new nobility' since the general consciousness is one of everyone being equal, and even those who do not go along with this anti-natural idea may think in terms of our modern 'aristocracy' or 'royal family'. Because we have an 'aristocracy' that has to a large degree been created through 'peers' who have bought their 'noble' titles' over the past few hundred years, and the rest been given them even though they may be the basest mediocrities in terms of 'statesmen', does not negate the original meaning given to the word. Because we have a 'royal' family that is degenerate, of little use except for show, and which cannot in any sense be called an Aryan House again does not negate the concept of Kingship. 

Does not ever one of us who takes part in this struggle strive to become more 'noble'? This has to be part of our outlook on life, if we are to raise ourselves above the ruins of a falling world. What is happening around us is nothing new, it has happened time and time again at the end of a given Aryan Civilisation. What is different is that this is a world-wide phenomena, but the decay and degeneration can be seen - by us - in terms of the fall of 'Western Civilisation' or 'European Civilisation'. In the past, in the main, a civilisation collapses just as we see this civilisation collapsing around us, and this is the end of that particular empire. Somewhere else there then arises a new civilisation, a new empire, which starts off through being created by a Barbarian Elite, and then goes through the same cycle, until finally that empire and civilisation collapses. In Germany there has been the First Reich, Second Reich and Third Reich, showing that it is possible to recover from a total collapse and regenerate a dying nation.

Just as the globalists have their Global Agenda which they have named as a 'New World Order', so should we too give a name to the struggle for a totally different and polar-opposite 'order'. Their NWO will arise, according to their plans, from the disorder and chaos of the times, engineered to a great extent by themselves - Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos). The New Order is what this is all about, the alternative society that must arise to challenge the concept of a materialistic World State based upon economics and gross materialism. The New Order is a Spiritual Order and in order to create this we shall need people who can lead in the right way - a new 'Elite' or 'Noble Elite'. 

A blueprint is needed to reverse the harm done by Judaeo-Christianity, Liberal Humanitarianism, Global Socialism (Communism), Marxism, Capitalism, and the other evils that have arisen from the same source. Naturally, such a blueprint would be fanatically attacked from every part of the 'Old Order' (which it is really, since the 'New World Order' is merely the culmination of centuries of scheming). Hate would be spewed out from every corner of this dying society, since it would mean the end of their influence and power, and the end of every corrupt and anti-Nature idea that they have come up with. 

The feudal system imposed upon the English Folk by the Norman Barons and the Christian Church (one of the big landowners of the time) was the first real step towards destroying the English Yeoman-Peasant. Worse to come was the 'Industrial Revolution' which did even greater harm since it wrenched the yeoman-peasant from the land altogether, herding them into the 'Satanic Mills' in the new drive for 'production' which was now for the profit and gain of the few. Thus started the urbanisation of our Folk, not a new thing since city-states have existed in all empires, but nowhere near as large as they have grown into today. 

From the looks of things it appears that we shall eventually be forced into creating our own alternative, since every one of us faces a bleak future in regard to fuel, energy, food, housing, and we can now add water, since the 'drought' may just have been engineered like the rest of the Global Agenda - they have the power to change the weather it appears (this is also not new, since wizards and magicians of the past were said to be able to change the weather). So where we are forced to grow our own food, find our own water, find new energy sources, and even places to live this creates the basis for a 'microcosm' of the New Order, which one day will grow into the 'macrocosm' which has a blueprint there already.

Not everything that the Global Powers do goes according to their plans, and there are signs where the opposite can happen. In the Netherlands (Holland) the farmers are protesting fiercely against the global plans to change the whole structure of food-growing, as well as freeing more land up to provide for incoming outlanders. Side by side with this protest by farmers and truckers (who I think have joined the protests) there are now some farmers who are supplying directly to the public. Now, with a little foresight, this step could have been done long ago, thus cutting off the supplies to the Global Corporations and their profit-mongering. Indeed, farmers in other lands - including here in England - should have by now got the message, and there is still chance for them to shift their emphasis from supplying the supermarket chains, and supplying the public directly. This also cuts out the 'middle-man', the one who creates nothing but makes the biggest profit.

Of course, were this to happen there would be methods used to try to stop it from spreading, but in numbers this would be made more and more difficult. Sometimes it is necessary, to get around petty regulations, to create 'membership organisations' to keep it as a 'closed shop', so to speak. There are still farmers and suppliers who do so through the 'Farmer's Market' and even 'Car Boot Sales' have suppliers sometimes. These have become popular over the past decades, and such things can be expanded with a little thought and organisation. Where there is a problem there is always a solution, and often the solution lies in the problem itself - Mystery of the Nyd-Rune.

Need & necessity, which, when it comes, usually drives people to think harder and to come up with new ideas, simply because it is necessary to do so, maybe to survive. In the situation that we all face today we are being driven to have to grow our own food, to find new energy sources, to find our own water, to get around the fuel crisis (which seems to have slowed a very little here), and to educate and train ourselves in the practice of everyday survival which was once taken for granted, but which in many cases we have to retrain ourselves in because of the loss of such everyday skills. Some of the advantages of growing food we could list here -

  • Home-grown food has far better qualities since it can be picked and eaten within a very short time-space, thus keeping the nutrients at their best.
  • What is not eaten immediately, and will not keep in the ground, can be stored for winter use - frozen, dried or canned etc.
  • Home-grown food would not have harmful chemicals (or should not have them) which are used to preserve shop-bought food because they are sent long-distances in many cases. 
  • The harmful transport of goods would be unnecessary, as would local grown food sold to locals if the farmers were to see the sense in changing their way of selling.
  • Gardening is healthy because it is outdoors and it is exercise; it is also mentally stimulating being in touch with Nature and the cycle of birth-growth-decay-death. 

There is one simple thing that stands out clearly to any gardener, and that is the natural process of sowing the seeds and then throwing out the weak and spindly seedlings, whilst keeping and nurturing the strong plants. But suggest that this Natural Law should be applied to humans and all hell breaks loose! The end-result of propping up and propagating the weak and unhealthy shows everywhere in our sick society - even sickness itself today seems something to brag about! No gardener of any worth would even think of applying such measures to the plants, since it is the strong seedlings that make strong plants, and strong plants produce better crops, and going beyond this strong plants produce strong seeds to be resown the following year. It is not the subject of this, but soil conditions are of the utmost importance too. What is clear is that plants need a good environment to thrive in, and mankind too needs a good environment to thrive in. 

At this point in time, when the Old Ways have been discarded, forgotten, and deemed of no use to a 'progressive age', we must turn inwards towards that 'Inner Sense' that will get us through the Age of Darkness. That a people, even though decaying and degenerating at an alarming rate, are able to be regenerated and reborn, and a Folk-Nation recreated from such a mess, means that there is something else to consider here. So far the physical has been looked at, but we must never leave out the Spirit of Man. Those ancient civilisations that have arisen as 'Kingdoms of Light' all have one thing in common - the spiritual re-connection to the Divine. This is usually seen as a re-connection to the Sacred Centre or Spiritual Centre - the Origins. Such great civilisations arise as if from nowhere, and achieve the most 'impossible' things, and this is because their ideas and thoughts originate in the Other-World. This is the same as reconnecting to the 'Sacred Centre' - which is the 'Former World'. In fact, these things are not new at all, they are concepts rediscovered - as Woden rediscovered the Ancient Runes - which are put into practice, maybe in a different way. 

At least we are now in a position to show clearly the nature of the 'enemy' of Man and Land; the alternative to a Global Order is the Free Folk-Nation, which develops into the Aryan Imperium - the true 'League of Nations' (I could say 'Europe of the Nations' but this leaves out important Aryan Nations). The Folk-Nation, based upon the eternal concept of Blood & Soil - Folk & Earth, will be the alternative to the 'New World Order'. Not in a political sense, I must add, but through a Spiritual Revolution driven by a new Folkish Religion. The concept of Blood & Soil is far from just a physical one, and underlying this is the spiritual nature of the term. Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race go hand in hand with Biological Blood and Biological Race - at this time the former is perhaps more important to us. 

Folk-Nation against the Global World Order - globalists such as Klaus Schwab openly admit that there would be a rise in nationalism as a reaction to their Global Agenda. They clearly see this and are prepared for it, having plans to combat this as it arises, and also no doubt knowing how to use it for their own ends. At every stage of the Global Agenda they look ahead, they plan ahead, and they have a set of ideas and a blueprint for their World State. I was reading a magazine sent to me today featuring aspects of 'nationalism'; the criteria for how well (or badly in our case) nationalism is doing is seen through how many 'votes' are cast for any particular party. This made me think! Is this a valid way of assessing support? In my opinion - No! It has become clear in the past couple of years - the 'post-covid era' - the general public have become sick and tired of the lies and deceptions done by leading politicians of all parties, and the result has been that many now do not vote at all. Should these people - the 'discontents' - not be the ones who would be more open to change? 

Noah Harari clearly stated that liberal democracy is no longer valid in his 'Brave New World'; he inferred that a World Dictatorship was needed because of the high-tech changes. So, we can see here that the 'Liberal World Order' is merely another phase of the Global Agenda, not the end-result. Since politicians and economists of all hues are now on the 'front-line' and their actions are attracting growing opposition and even ridicule in some cases, they are clearly not the ultimate power behind all of this. They are fulfilling the plan to show 'liberal democracy' as being a farce, and that it is now responsible for all of the 'ills' that the people are being put through today. I would take a guess that the aim here is to drive the people towards a 'One World Religion' as the 'saviour' of the peoples of the world - through, no doubt, a 'saviour' of their own. This 'One World Religion' would be Anti-Nature and Anti-Life, and thus would be totally destructive in its aims.

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