Saturday 28 November 2015

The White Stone of Ing

'Steyning is unique in this part of England by having its Christian origins associated with a saint whose story has been recorded against the back ground of the local landscape.' 

Cuthman - A Continuing Tradition (Pamphlet in the local church).

The story of 'Cuthman' is one in which symbolism has been mistaken for historical truth, and as is usual with the Established Christian Church the symbolism has been distorted to suit their own ends, though the truth clearly shows through when the legend is looked into more deeply. 

Cuthman is a shepherd who tends his flocks, a piece obviously put in to connect him to Jesus Christ. However, as a boy tending his flocks and having to leave them he 'drew a line in the ground forbidding them to cross it; the sheep obeyed'. A magical act that connects Cuthman to someone who is connected to boundaries. He was also said to have sat on a stone which was later said to have miraculous powers - magical powers in other words. 

It is hotly debated as to whether the 'stone' in the local church is the same one as mentioned in the legends - it would seem obvious that it was this stone. When his father died he supported his mother who was an invalid, and he decided to push his mother eastwards in a barrow. On the journey the rope he used to pull the barrow snapped. Some reapers in a nearby field mocked him, but their work was ruined by a sudden storm. It would seem that our 'saint' - Cuthman - was a powerful wizard who could raise storms! 

Cuthman vowed that when the rope broke again he would stop wherever he was and build a church. It was at Steyning that the rope broke again, luckily his mother was uninjured! There Cuthman argued with a local woman - Fippa - who impounded his oxen which had strayed into her territory (we are not told where these 'oxen' suddenly appeared from - maybe another 'miracle'). When she refused to return them Cuthman took her sons and harnessed them to his plough. Fippa came to curse him, but Cuthman returned the curse so that she was 'taken up into the sky, and when she fell to ground the earth opened up to swallow her'. 

When Cuthman came to build his church he was said to have hung his gloves on a 'sunbeam'. As the work neared completion he struggled to fix the main beam, at which a 'stranger' appeared to help him finish the task. Cuthman asked who he was, to which the stranger replied - 'I am he in whose honour you are building this church'. In one version the implication is that this is Christ, in another Saint Andrew (whose name was later applied to the church). 

Now, unfortunately this story is actually believed by many people who cannot see that the whole thing involves a complex symbolism. There are so many inconsistencies such as the 'oxen' suddenly appearing and used to harness a 'plough' - by a shepherd? Cuthman is a powerful wizard in view of his being able to raise storms and to send back curses placed upon him. 

I have been through this before many times but I have decided to do so again, trying to add what I can to these mysteries, because I do not think that people have seen the importance of the White Stone of Ing to the creation of the English Nation. Here I am going to set forth the most important points which have been stated before but which do not seem to have been seen in their true importance.

  • Cuthman is a name that stems from Old English cudda (cudhdha) pronounced 'cuththa', which forms part of the phrase 'Kith and Kin', cudda actually referring to the 'kin-land' as well as to 'kin'. This means that 'Cuthman' was regarded as the 'Landsman' - the Divine Ancestor.
  • The Legend of Cuthman, as I have shown, is the Legend of Ing, where he goes eastwards over the waves. This can also refer to Bootes which moves around the Pole Star and 'drives' the Waen - Woden's Waen.
  • The 'barrow' that his 'mother' is in has a symbolism very like the seven stars of the Great Bear, and the 'oxen' are a very old concept linked to this constellation. So is the plough which is yet another name for the Great Bear. There is so much symbolism here that we can hardly dismiss it as false.
  • The idea that he hangs his gloves on a 'sunbeam' suggests that he represents a Sun-Hero or Sun-God, and we know that Ingvi-Frey, in Norse Mythology, has a Golden Boar, the Boar's Bristles being symbolic of the Sun's Rays. Here we have a direct link to Ingwe-Frey (Ing-Lord) and both Christ and Ingwe are the 'son' (Ing). The dedication of the church is also ambiguous since it could just as well be dedicated to Ingwe as to Jesus Christ. Indeed, the depiction of Cuthman carrying the 'main roof beam' shows his garters as an Ing-Rune. 
  • The stone was discovered in 1938 and had been laid face-down as a step for the church, a move perhaps due to its heathen links, but one which saved the markings for us.
Some 'scholars' believe that Cuthman should be linked to the work of Saint Wilfred at Selsey, others to a 'Celtic Mission' (that always crops up) in the Manhood Peninsular referred to by Bede in his 'Ecclesiastical History of the English People'. These legends do have similarities to those of 'Celtic Saints' which could be seen as deliberate distortions to destroy the links to the Divine Ancestor of the English - Ingwe. It would seem that 'Irish Christians' did live around this area and were responsible for bringing this alien faith to the English Folk. 

Cuthman is said to have links to Chidham ('Bag-Ham') and to Bosham, from where he went 'eastwards' to Steyning. It is also considered that the church was built upon a heathen site which was built around the Stone of Ing - this was thus the site dedicated to the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk. How much more important can the Stone and the Holy Site have to the English? And yet this has been almost totally ignored in the 'English Community'. 

The Normans took Cuthman's name from various sites around this area, and were no doubt responsible for altering the legends to erase all knowledge of the Divine Kinman of the English. The day dedicated to St. Cuthman is February 8th which was again a date dropped through the Norman destruction of the Saxon Legend. The church came to be dedicated to 'Saint Andrew' and Cuthman forgotten until about 1865 when a revival can be traced back to M.A Lower's Worthies of Sussex. Lower was a founding member of the Sussex Arcaeological Society. 

Whilst the argument goes on over the 'Patron Saint of England', St George or St Edmund, the real 'Patron' - Cuthman or Ingwe - has been rejected, and this is the Divine Ancestor of the English. No wonder the English Awakening fizzled out and came to little

Then there is the fact that the finding of this Holy Stone was prophesied long ago in the book of Revelations - enough to tell us how important this was to the English Struggle. The theme of this prophecy is that the 'white stone' would contain a 'new name' known only to he who discovered the mysteries of the 'white stone'. A 'pillar' would be made in the 'Temple of God' - i.e. the Stone in the Steyning Church. On the one who discovers the mysteries will be plaved this 'new name' (Ing) which is the 'new name' of 'my God' (note the term 'my God' which does not fit with any Christian ideas). Thus, it is written clearly that the 'New Name of God' is Ing. This is the Age of Ing. Indeed, this was made clear by the planetary formation of August 11th 1999 when the 'Sign of the Son of Man' appeared in the skies - the Ing-Rune or Cross of Fro-Ing. 

Again, there is the strange statement -

'And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works until the end....I will give him the Morning Star...'

Revelation 2:26-28.

Steyning means 'Stone-Ing' and the White Stone has on it the runes which state 'Gift of Ing - Fire' (Gyfu-Ken-Ing). Since Ingwe is associated with 'Fire' this proves how important this Runic Stone really is. It is also associated with the Inga-Fire and the Serpent-Fire - but that is another story. In fact, if we look at the passages in Revelations we find reference to the author of the words as being 'he that holdest the seven stars in his right hand' and to the 'Son of Man' 'having on his head a Golden Crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle' both of which suggest the Constellation of Bootes - i.e. Ingwe. The 'revelations' written down are thus attributed to Ingwe!

Indeed, the passage in Matthew 24 about the 'Sign of the Son of Man' and the idea that the 'Coming of the Son of Man' would be 'as the days of Noah were' suggest that this heralds a massive catastrophe such as a flood (real or symbolic). From this point (August 1999) the 'Elect' ('Elect of Woden') would be gathered 'from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other'. This act would be heralded by the sounding of a 'great trumpet' - the Horn of Hama sounding from the Deep. 

There is a very strange poem called 'With this Mysterious Earth...' based upon this church and on Cuthman. In it we find the following...

'Will that be true of the wisdom
of people who knew the Earth,
and sensing the power of the ley-line
close to where it starts
sets on it the altar of this church
on its journey to distant Chartres...'

This piece of Heathen Lore seems to have slipped through the net, getting into a book about the Church. Clearly someone sees this church as being the start of a 'ley-line' running to Chartres Cathedral in France, famous for its 'Occult Lore' and esoteric significance. The poem goes further -

'And it is not every journey
that follows the straight line track; 
the labyrinth turns us about to see
what once was at our back.
Stretch across the thin division
that appears as time and space...'

The labyrinth thus allows insight into the distant past, overcoming the barriers of time and space. 'For perhaps we're closer than we knew, in mind as well as space'

The other symbol is the 'Tree' which is 'shaped and sculpted by evolutionary law - and more?' and quotes Hopkins as recognising the 'essence' or 'inscape' - the core of every living thing, and of Wordsworth who sensed the 'presence' of living things. The poem ends so -

'Straight line, tree and labyrinth,
new dimensions beyond, within,
granted blessings from good Saint Cuthman
let our pilgrim's journey begin.'

This is a strange, mystical poem which holds some more secrets based around the figure of Cuthman. Even with the well-known destruction through the Norman usurpers and their attempts to erase all knowledge of this Divine Ancestor of the English, his legend endured and was 'resurrected', as was his Holy White Stone which tells us of the Legend of Ing. 

There are hidden meanings in the above symbols -

  • The Tree - the hidden 'essence' or 'inscape' of the Legend of Cuthman, i.e. the Legend of Ingwe hidden in the text.
  • The altar of the church was laid out on a 'ley-line' connecting this to Chartres Cathedral in France - this needs further investigation to find the significance. 
  • The Labyrinth - this takes us back to the past, and the hint here is that whoever wrote this knew of the mysteries concerning 'Cuthman' and wrote the poem in order to awaken the minds of those who were destined to find the secrets.

The area of Bramber which is next to Steyning was a stronghold of the Knights Templar which may not be a coincidence. It would seem obvious that the area held great importance to the Saxons, so much importance that the Normans tried to destroy all knowledge of the figure of 'Cuthman', no doubt with the knowledge that he was the Divine Ancestor of the English. 

Here lies the problem with the English Awakening and the reason why the 'English Community' has not taken up these ideas and has not accepted that Ingwe is the 'patron' of the English, because both 'Saint George' and 'Saint Edmund' are Christian Saints and these people have held strongly to the values of an alien faith and more, a faith based in the dying era rather than the new religion of Folkish Wodenism needed to take us into the Age of Ing. 

This was not just a biblical prophecy for Nostradamus predicted the Black Sun of 1999 and the symbol of the 'King of Terror' (Solar Eclipse) which would revive the 'King of the English' (Ing) at the turn of the millennium. All of which came true, and was also heralded by the Lord of the Rings film trilogy which was based upon English Mythology. 

The Constellation of Bootes is the Constellation of Ing, and the Great Bear is the Chariot of Ing; Ing is The Awakener and the force which drives the Seven Stars around the Pole Star. Within this constellation is the bright star Arcturus who is 'King Arthur', not in his 'Celtic' guise but in his Hyperborean Mythos of Arctur - the Once and Future King. King Arctur is the White Krist who appears riding a White Horse and carrying a Flaming Sword, leading the Armies of Light against the Servants of Darkness. 

The importance of not rejecting the 'Christian' aspect is that if we take the path of throwing this out we are in no position to show that the whole thing is a distortion, but that there lie snippets of truth of importance within these texts. In some way Bootes has a connection to Wid-Ar which is as yet not clear, but the Son of Man (Ing) and Wid-Ar are both similar archetypes

The only part within the rune-poems that actually refers to 'Krist' is the Norwegian Rune-Poem under the Hagal-Rune, and I see a link between this rune and HelgiH, partly due to the rune-sound 'Heil' or 'Hael' (Haegl) and partly because of the nature of the rune as being a 'Hallowed Rune' ('Helgi' can mean 'The Hallowed One'). HelgiH must contain the balance of opposites as the Hagal-Rune does (especially in its Norse version). The rune also implies 'wholeness' and the 'heildom' but also implies 'hail' - destruction - which are both roles of HelgiH. HelgiH is the 'preserver' (Vishnu) and the 'destroyer' (Shiva) - Kalki Avatar. 

The 'main roof beam' which Cuthman struggled to get into position represents the Central Pillar or Central Tree of the 'house'. This is the Sacred Centre to which Cuthman is connected. We thus find Ingwe connected to the Sacred Centre which is represented by the Pole Star, or rather beyond the Pole Star. Since Cuthman 'pushes' his 'mother' (The Plough) around the Pole Star he is the 'Driver of the Waen' (Woden's Waen or Ing's Waen). 

We still do not know where the White Stone of Ing originated, since it is a stone which cannot be found in this particular area of England. Indeed, it may not even originate here in England. So carefully was this secret held that the figure of Cuthman was inverted into a 'Christian Saint' who brought Christianity to the area - rather than a Heathen Ancestor. This was a deliberate ploy, maybe to convert the English, but in doing so the secret was hidden in a way that it could be found at a future time - and this was achieved through the Holy White Stone of Ing and its runic inscription. 

February 8th is very near to the date we use for Wali's Day - February 14th. Wali is another 'Avenging God' who was born to avenge the death of Baldaeg by Blind Hod. Wali slays Hod in revenge. The Christians turned this into 'Saint Valentine's Day' and made it a 'Day of Love' omitting the theme of just vengeance by the Gods for the death of the Sun-God. Symbolically, Ingwe thus returns prior to the New Dawn, at the end period of the Dark Winter. As Wali the Archer-God his Fiery Arrows start to warm the Earth ready for Spring and the New Dawn. In mythological terms Wali 'slays' the Darkness of Winter, heralding the coming of Wid-Ar who is the Last Avatar who will finally defeat the Forces of Darkness and Matter. 

Thus February 8th is the period associated with the coming of 'The Avenger' as Wali, Son of Woden, and April 23rd with the 'Dragon-Slayer' when the Forces of Darkness are finally defeated. The 'New Dawn' would coincide with the Summer Evennight of March 21st - this period is usually associated with Hama. We can see here the overlapping archetypes of this period of the year. 

It was unfortunate that some of Jung's followers promoted the idea that his archetypes were facets of the human mind and nothing more. In reality the archetypes are the Gods and thus work within the mind but exists outside and separate to the human mind. The White Stone of Ing represents the Archetype of Ing and thus a separate reality and power of its own, and it represents the Soul of the English Folk - as their Divine Ancestor. Much is also made of the 'Stone of Scone' or 'Stone of Destiny' to the Scots, but here we have our own Stone of Origin and Destiny and not so far away in Surrey (Kingston) we have the Stone of Kings used for the coronation of the English Kings, another stone almost forgotten by the English. These are powerful magical talismans in these dark times, powerful enough to awaken our Folk when they are accepted for the importance they have to our struggle. 

Tuesday 24 November 2015

The Holy Mountain of the North

'Mount Zion in the far north...'  This statement from Psalm 48:2 is an astounding one since 'Zion' was always seen as being Jerusalem; clearly this was not true originally and Zion was the Holy Mountain of the North, projected onto Jerusalem as the 'World Centre' for 'World Domination' by the Zionists. This same mountain features as Safon in related myths of the Canaanites, and this word is used in the bible as a synonym for 'Zion'. 

There is another significant statement, this time from Isaiah 14:13 where Isaiah denounces the King of Babylon thus -

"You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven: above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the Mount of Assembly in the Far North...' 

This is the Mount of the Assembly of the Gods, much like Olympus which was originally one and the same; later versions of the World Mountain were used as the Sacred Centre for various different nations or tribes. Ezekiel 28:11-16 places 'Eden, the Garden of God' on a 'Holy Mountain of God': it would seem rather obvious from these statements that the term 'God' replaced that of 'The Gods' and were a deliberate distortion developed after the Aryan Mysteries were stolen by the Serpent of Evil

Such a Sacred Centre can be found at Silbury Hill which is a place that I have covered in one of our magazines, so I shall merely go into this in no depth. Despite the idea that this was the work of 'King Sil' with all the other ideas that stem from this, the original name for this was Seleburgh Hill which is Old English and means 'Hall-Burgh Hill'. The latest excavations of Silbury Hill show an Saxon occupation where some sort of wooden building was placed on the top. This, to me, suggests that this was once used as a Thing-Stead which itself suggests that the Saxons were familiar with the place as a Sacred Centre, and thus with the fact that this was used by their ancestors

Indeed, I have suggested that the term 'sele' may have meant 'hall' but that originally it was connected to the Old English selig which means 'blessed' or 'holy' but which is also related to our English word 'silly' which had a very different meaning to which it is used today, being related to 'holy' and 'blessed'. It would also seem that a much earlier excavation of Silbury Hill found a bore-hole through the centre and remnants of what appears to have been a wooden pillar running through the middle. This suggests the Central Wooden Pillar such as existed at the centre of the House of the Wolsungas. 

The central pillar is the World Pillar or World Tree whose tip symbolises the Pole Star, the mound being symbolic of the World Mountain of the North. Looking at the idea that Eden existed in the Far North on a Holy Mountain of the Gods then this links to the Edel-Rune or Odal-Rune through the root-sound ed which is the basis of this rune. Looking again at Silbury Hill we find close to this Waden Hill or Woden Hill which can be no coincidence. The whole area has Old English names and when we consider Silbury Hill as a 'Holy Mountain of the North' the area of Avebury is the Constellation of the Dragon  or Serpent (Draco) which is also in the Far North. Nearby these are also Seven Barrows which may represent the Great Bear. 

It is also noteworthy that in some legends Mount Meru has seven sides or seven tiers, and it would appear that Silbury Hill was built in tiers. Silbury Hill was also surrounded by a ring of water, just as the World Mountain was surrounded by waters. The stepped tiers of Glastonbury Tor (another Old English name) and its once being surrounded by water suggest that this too was a representative of the World Mountain or Sacred Centre. Its name Glas-ton-bury (Glass Burgh or Glass Berg) suggest this to be so. 

Strictly speaking Mount Olympus of the Greek Tradition was not the 'world's centre' since this was held by Delphi. But Delphi was the home of Apollo, and Apollo was said to have originated in Hyperborea - the Far North. 'Neither by ship nor on foot couldst thou find the wondrous way to the Assembly of the Hyperboreans' wrote the poet Pindar, suggesting that this Hyperborea was in the skies, or even in another dimension (which seems to be the case). 

Apollo is the Germanic God named Pol who is Baeldaeg the Sun-God, but whose role originally would more likely be the God of the Pole - the Pole-Star. The Number Seven has associations with the Polar Mythos whilst the Number Twelve has associations with the Solar Mythos. The Polar Mythos goes way back to the Hyperborean Mysteries and Thulean Mysteries. 

The 'Chariot of Apollo' is the waen which is the Wagon of Woden - the Plough or Great Bear, Ursa Major. But this is also linked to the Greek Goddess Artemis who is the twin-sister of Apollo (Pol) and also associated with the Hyperboreans. Artemis is the huntress known to the Romans as Diana the Huntress. This area of the heavens is sometimes referred to as the Womb of Time so fittingly we have seen Waendal (Mundilfore) as the God of Cyclic Time who rules this point. 

Folk-Tales around the North Sea tell of a sunken Glasburg (Glass Mound), Glasturm (Glass Tower), Glasheim (Glass Home/Land) or Glasberg (Glass Mountain). Then, here in England, we have Glastonbury which is the 'Glass Mound'. All of these are legends concerned with the Holy Mountain of the North. 

'King Arthur' and Glastonbury.

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the Legend of King Arthur connected to Glastonbury Abbey may be false. It would seem that the Abbey monks made the whole thing up in order to raise money to fund the restoration of the building after a fire in 1184 CE. Now, we all know that 'King Arthur' was a figure made up by the Norman-Bretons in order to create a 'rightful claim' to these islands under their rule. The evidence found at Glastonbury lends credence to this and knocks a great hole in the 'Celtic' legends associated with an area of England. 

This information was published in The Independent and the Belfast Telegraph on 24th November 2015. Research by the University of Reading found that the site was occupied 200 years earlier than first though, occupied by the Saxons. They also found the earliest and most substantial evidence of glass-making in Saxon England. They found no evidence whatever for any links with a 'King Arthur' or 'Guenevere', nor of a 'British' cemetery supposedly found there in a previous dig. 

Roberta Gilchrist, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Reading stated -

'The project has rewritten the history of Glastonbury Abbey.'

and that -

'Although several major excavations were undertaken during the 20th century dig directors were led heavily by Glastonbury's legends and the occult.'

It would seem that the records from two previous excavations in 1904 and 1979 were not even published - presumably they did not fit with the 'King Arthur' legends even then. This goes to show that some archaeologists have deliberately kept evidence from the people if it does not fit with their existing dogmatic theories. 

The latest evidence suggests that after the fire that devastated the abbey in 1184 it was rebuilt to look more ancient in order to 'demonstrate its ancient heritage and pre-eminent in monastic history...' The legends were created in order to attract pilgrims to Glastonbury Abbey so that funds could be raised to rebuild the abbey. The story of Joseph of Arimathea would also be false and made up for the same reason. 

If this area was supposedly linked to Gwyn ap Nudd then it is dedicated to Woden as the Wild Huntsman. Glastonbury itself means the 'Glass Mount' which is the famous 'Glass Mountain' known all around the areas of the North Sea, in various myths and legends. Gwyn may just be another form of Gwydion/Wydion who is the son of Don. The term 'Nudd' means 'mist' so Gwyn is the 'Son of the Mist' which is merely a title. Areas to the West of England would be certainly influenced by Welsh Lore, which must have overlapped in many areas, something not found in the East of England and South of England, nor in the eastern sides of the Midlands and North. 

None of this negates the King Arthur Archetype and Archetypal Myth which are Hyperborean in origin and which are Eternal Truths. What it does prove is the distortions that have been made, and which have been promoted again and again in order to destroy the English Myth and thus the English Nation. The Legend of King Arthur more likely stems from a very much earlier Hyperborean Mythos and even then it can be linked to England from its earliest sources. I believe this to be right since Ing has associations with the constellation of Bootes as I have shown before, and that the brightest star in this northern constellation is named Arcturus. Remember - this is to be found in a constellation associated with the Divine Ancestor of the English! 

In the post about the White Stone of Ing I have shown how 'Cuthman' is linked to The Plough or the Great Bear (Woden's Waen). One derivation of 'Arthur' is said to be from the Welsh Arth Fawr meaning 'Great Bear'. Then there is the word pointed out by Hamasson ardhr meaning 'plough' - The Plough. There are too many 'coincidences' here to negate this idea - these mysteries are the Mysteries of Arctur and their origins go back to the Hyperborean Druids. Ing (Bootes) is the 'Driver of the Waen' or the 'Driver of the Plough', or in some legends the 'Driver of the Oxen'. These are all names for the Great Bear/Plough/Big Dipper which moves around the Pole Star in the shape of the Fylfot-Swastika. 

We have seen how the Legend of Cuthman was ruthlessly suppressed by the Norman-Bretons who may have understood the underlying meaning of this English 'saint', and thus sought to eradicate all memory of him. A different motive underlies the 'King Arthur' legend which the monks most likely attached to Glastonbury as a means to raise funds for its restoration. But the results are the same, the suppression and the loss of English Identity at the expense of 'Celtic Legend' which throughout the centuries has proven to be a boon to our enemies, no matter who they are. 

Today we are witness to the removal of England from the maps of Europe, which is merging into the European State planned for decades. Wales, Scotland and Ireland remain as nations, with England split into 'regions' within the new European State. There is also a growing argument being put forward that the English have never existed (shades of Orwell), even in the face of a growing evidence that the English existed here in these islands long before our 'history' tells us. In the past I have been called 'racist' (how upsetting was that!) because I used the term Teutonic English by a 'pagan' writer who has produced books on the runes. 

When the legends of King Arthur are studied he amounts to no more than a Welsh Chieftain who fought battles against the English; the rest of his 'history' was added by the Norman-Bretons in order to justify their conquest of the whole of these islands. There is no evidence whatever for his ruling an 'empire' which is stated in some records, nor of his influence outside Wales. The places dedicated to 'King Arthur' seem to be late editions and were a clever ploy to destroy the English Identity and the Germanic Myth here in England. 

Monday 23 November 2015

The Path of Light and Darkness

The Path of the Sun is that of the Priestly Caste, whilst the Path of the Moon is that of the Warrior Caste. The Sun represents the High Priest, whilst the Moon represents the Warrior King. In very early times the Priest and the Warrior functions were held in one individual, but as time went on this split into two. What we are looking for within Folkish Wodenism is the Path of the Sun and the Moon - the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness in the individual. This is the basis of The Hooded Man Prophecy which is not just a prophecy concerning the Last Avatar but is a working system for the individual within Folkish Wodenism.

The figure of Woden as Ulfhedin shows the Warrior-Priest-King God bearing the Solar Horns (ending in the bird's beaks) and the Lunar Horns (the downward-pointing crescent-moon). Here Woden holds the balance of the Power of Light (Sun) and the Power of Darkness (Moon) in balance. 

There is a deeper meaning in this since this concept implies the joining of the worldly and spiritual powers within the Warrior-Hero. We can find this within the myths that concern an avatar such as 'Jesus Christ' or 'Buddha'. Both of these are 'tempted' by what could be termed 'The Devil', tempted to take up a worldly destiny or a warrior-destiny, both rejecting this in favour of a spiritual destiny - that of a teacher and preacher. 

The Last Avatar has a far different archetypal myth which can be found in the figures of Kalki Avatar, the White Krist and Rudra Chakrin who re-appear not as preachers but as Warrior-Heroes and Great Leaders of the Peoples. These type do not accept merely a spiritual role, but also the role of an earthly leader who wages a Holy War against the enemies of mankind and the enemies of the God-Head. 

Such figures embody both Lightning and Sun in the sense given by Savitri Devi, and are Men Against Time. The idea of the Lightning and Sun is very much the same as that of the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. It is necessary at this point of the Cosmic Cycle, the most downward point in the Age of Darkness, that the Forces of Chaos that reign supreme are opposed by another force based upon Darkness and Chaos, since like can only oppose like if they are not to be fused into another form of the same reign of Darkness. Savitri Devi saw that it was only possible to oppose this violent chaotic age by the same methods of violence - violence designed not to create chaos but to create a New Order. 

The Hooded Man Prophecy is the key to the understanding of the Warrior Initiation into the Age of Ing and into the Mysteries of Woden. The balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness is held within the blade of Albion - The Seventh Sword of Wayland. The 'blade' thus represents the Warrior-Hero who holds within himself the balance of opposites - Sun and Moon. Esoterically the Sun represents the Left-Brain and the Moon represents the Right-Brain and thus the aim is to create the balance between these two hemispheres of the brain. The balance-point between the two lies at the apex of the Head-Triangle - at the 'Hawk-Eye' or Third Eye. 

'The Light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.'                                                                               

Matthew 6:22 attributed to 'Jesus'.

The symbol used for this principle is that of the above version of the Edel-Rune which contains two Sig-Runes facing each other, one Light and one Dark. This balance is held within The Hooded Man (The Woden Initiate). The Initiator is Woden but in his role as the 'Terrible Wheel-Turner' (Rudra Chakrin or Rudra Kalkin) - the Lord of Time. This archetype is found in the Long Man of Wilmington. 

The above is the planned construction around the Wewelsburg Order Castle in Germany, the Spear (ending in the North Tower) clearly entering the Graal (the semi-circle). The whole thing centres around the opening of the Third Eye through the Aryan Initiation of the Black Order. In this Age of Darkness it was necessary to prepare for the Final Conflict through a certain number of Aryan Initiations that would ensure the 'enlightenment' of the Aryan Warriors who would march out of Valhalla for the Last Battle, when the Last Avatar appears upon the Earth. The physical war would be lost but the battle on the spiritual planes would be won. 

This concept appears within Tibetan Buddhism - or certain aspects of it - where the Kalachakra Tantra is designed to initiate a certain number in order that they be reborn as the Shambhalla Warriors who would fight the Final Battle. This goes way back to Gaut-Hama or Sakyamuni ('Sage of the Sakyas') who taught the King of Shambhalla, Sucandra, the Kalachakra Mulatantra and initiated him into the Secret Doctrine. The name 'Sucandra' is interesting when we disect it into its root-words -

Su - Solar

Can - Fire/Kingship

Dra - To turn (i.e. the dragon or 'turner' - coiled serpent).

The name itself seems to hint at the 'Fire-Serpent' (Kundalini) and the basis of this within the Solar Man. This tradition is, it would seem, still held in Mongolia where the Kalachakra Tantra is still connected to Shambhalla, where a world upheaval is expected at which time Gesar will return - this is the appearance of an avatar. In a book called The Ancient Wisdom by Geoffrey Ashe we find the following statement -

'In about 543 BCE when, according to their (unusual) dating, the Buddha was near the end of his life, a European came to him to be taught the Shambhalic doctrines. This visitor's name is given as Sucandra. The lamas think that Sucandra was a Celt, probably from Britain, and that in some sense Shambhalla is in Britain.....'

It would seem that the name 'Sucandra' means 'White Moon' or 'Beautiful Moon'; what we need to consider from our own findings is that these islands were not 'Celtic' as scholars have led us to believe. This has been banded about for so long that nearly all scholars take it for granted and thus everyone from 'Britain' was at that time 'Celtic' - we have found this to be untrue. In the above statement it has been taken for granted that 'Britain' was occupied by 'Celts' and thus Sucandra was a 'Celt'. 

Let us be right about this, where the 'Celts' are concerned there are Germano-Celts (Nordic) and there and Gallo-Celts (Mediterranean). What I have called 'Celts' are the latter, since the former are clearly Germanic and thus we have no need to use the term 'Celt' for them. If there is any truth in this (which we cannot really verify) then Sucandra would have been a Hyperborean Druid, i.e. the original Druids from the North. The Secret Doctrine passed down from the Hyperborean Druids would have been passed through the Druids of At-al-land, of which England formed a part. 

The Greek historian, Hecataeus of Abdera clearly states that 'Opposite the coast of Celtic Gaul there is an island, not smaller than Sicily, lying to the north - which is inhabited by the Hyperboreans....' This statement clearly defines England (if this is the island he is talking about, which seems feasible) as being occupied by the Hyperboreans - not 'Celts' who occupied Gaul. Even though this statement is clear people like Geoffrey Ashe go on to define the 'Celts' as 'Hyperboreans' which is only true when we use the term Germano-Celts. Hecataeus uses the term 'Apollo' but when we consider that in many parts of England we find places dedicated to Pol (A-pol-lo) who is the Germanic God Baldaeg then we are not far off the mark considering these islands as to have been occupied by the Hyperboreans. 

I have strayed slightly from the original subject here, in order to convey the idea of the Kalachakra Tantra and Shambhalla having Eastern origins but possible links to North-West Europe. This is not so far fetched when we see that the legend of Shambhalla sometimes puts this place (the 'earthly' one) as being in the Tarim Basin, the area in which a large number of mummies of North-West European origin were found. These were sometimes dressed in 'tartan' which is used by the Scots, but was used by the Jutes in very ancient times, the Jutes (of course) being an English Tribe. 

There is a certain path called the 'Diamond Path' or the Vajrayana which is the path of the Diamond-Thunderbolt (Vajra). This we can see in the Edel-Rune where the Lightning-Bolts face each other as Sig-Runes (Victory-Runes). The Diamond-Thunderbolt (Vajra) is the Weapon of Woden as seen in some of his depictions holding a double-ended Trident type of weapon - the vajra is merely a stylised form of the twin-trident. 

The true meaning of the term 'Kala-Chakra' is 'Time-Wheel' and thus we can connect this to the God of Cyclic Time - Waendal. We see him as an aspect of Woden as The Great Initiator who guides the Woden Initiate through the tests and ordeals, though having no say in the outcome - this is down to Wyrd. The aim of this Aryan Initiation is to achieve a wholeness (Heildom) through the balancing of the two sides of the human brain - the balance of Light and Dark, the balance of the Sun and the Moon. The Warrior-Hero thus becomes the Warrior-Priest thus achieving both worldly and spiritual power, and being able to intervene in the affairs of the world and create change - a New Order. 

The Long Man of Wilmington must someday become the focus-point for future Aryan Initiations since this figure represents Woden as the Great Initiator. The figure is seen here opening the Gateway to Thule - the Gateway to Initiation. This is symbolised by the Cweorth-Rune within the Twin-Pillars, which (esoterically) represent the Fire-Twirl (Fire-Serpent) within the Twin-Channels that surround the spinal column, Mount Me-Ru. The figure faces towards the North, towards the Gateway to the Gods (Capricorn). 

The Long Man of Wilmington

I have mentioned before how the Long Man of Wilmington area is a 'Time-Clock' that was set to trigger in the Spring of 1997 when the Hale-Bopp Comet appeared. I have also gone into what I am going to say here in other sources but it is worth going into this again since the Hale-Bopp Comet seems to be of greater importance that we first thought. The source of these ideas is in 'The Wilmington Giant' by Rodney Casteleden who quotes from S.F. Sinett's idea that this area forms the setting for an episode in the Petit Saint Graal story about Peredur. Keep in mind that Peredur is the Welsh name for Parsifal who is also Perseus the Greek Hero and Demi-God, Son of Zeus. 

  • Peredur is on a quest when he comes upon a castle with no inhabitants - less than a mile to the north-west of the Long Man is a mound called Burlough Castle which is a mound but has no castle.
  • In the hall he finds a chessboard on which the pieces are playing by themselves; he takes sides and loses, in anger throwing the chessboard out of the window into the river - beside the mound is a stream bed of the River Cuckmere. The Chessboard Castle appears in many romances as the mysterious castle where all kinds of strange and wonderful things happen to the Hero. 
  • A maiden comes into the castle and rebukes him saying that he can amend for this by going to the nearby wood and beheading the white hart. He does this and slays and beheads the hart - three quarters of a mile south of Burlough Castle is a small wooded grove in which is a small church; the White Hart connects to the name Hindover Hill near the White Horse overlooking the Cuckmere Valley. 
  • A mysterious knight appears, seizes the head and carries it off. For his failure Peredur has to go to a mound beneath which is carved the figure of a man - the Windover Hill barrow and the Long Man figure.
  • There he recites a spell and a huge black man springs out of the mound preparing to do battle. Peredur defeats him and the black man disappears into the mound - the huge black man we can liken to the figure of 'Black Peter' who accompanies Sinter Klaas (Woden) and is thus a dark-aspect of Woden himself. This dark aspect is the 'Lord of the Dead'.
The 'huge black man' is mentioned elsewhere as having a huge club in his hand and is the 'Lord of the Animals' and the 'Horned One', also known as Herne the Hunter. The woman with the chessboard features in another version of this where the hero is Perceval ('Pierce the Veil'). Here she is a young woman wearing a red-dress strew with twinkling stars. The goddess of the Red Dress appears in Egil's Saga as a 'Red Queen', her name being Gunnhilde. 

Emma Jung in a different version of this tale tells us that the Star-Woman is accompanied by a hound -

'Here the Star Woman reveals that it is she who has inherited the fairy Morgana's chessboard...'

Morgana! I shall recall once more that when the Hale-Bopp Comet came over I had a vivid dream in which a voice mentioned - 'Capricorn - the Horn of Plenty' and that the Comet was - 'Sent by Morgana'. The 'Horn of Plenty' is the Skapker Heidhrunar - the 'measuring-vessel of Heidrun the Goat'. This was the vessel that sustained the Einheriar. Here we have yet another link which further proves the idea of a 'Time-Clock'. What is interesting here is the use of the name 'Morgana' which is 'Celtic' and yet the whole of the Mysteries of Helgi and The April Fool were Germanic-Norse. Why was I given this name if it was not in some way a key to the whole of these Mysteries? Capricorn is the 'Gateway to the Gods' - the Northern Gateway.

Emma Jung does not help by calling her 'the fairy Morgana' since the term Fata Morgana means more like the Goddess of Fate - Wyrd. This 'fairy' idea is very late and the term itself stems from the root of 'fate' and is not the 'little people' of Victorian tales. What we have is a Star-Woman dressed in a Red Dress adorned with Twinkling Stars who is the owner of the Chessboard. We should remember that board-games such a chess and taefl were not mere 'games' as they are seen today, but were used in a religious and a ritual context, sometimes in order to foretell future events such as the outcome of a battle. 

During the period of the Hale-Bopp Comet I was subjected to a series of tests which I can see now were set by 'Morgana' (Wyrd), just as the tests were set by Morgana (or her stand-in) for Parsifal-Perseval. The guide was Woden as the April Fool - The Hooded One. The 'chessboard' is a game based upon the conflict of opposites - Light and Darkness (White and Black). It was these conflict of opposites and their fusion that was the aim of the tests set for me. 

Although it is the general concensus that Morgana is not the same as the Irish Morrigan, the two are both associated with battle and with fate - like the Disir or Walkyries. It has been suggested that the Morrigan is connected to the mannerbund groups of young warriors - the Fianna in Ireland - and she does appear as the caillech - 'one-eyed woman' with female characteristics of Woden. Celtic roots of her name make it 'Phantom Queen' or 'Great Queen' but using Germanic Roots this becomes 'The Terrible One'. 

On this same line there may also be a connection to the Germanic Goddess called Perchta or Berchta since Perchta is associated with the Twelve Nights of Yule, is a spinner or weaver (of fate), led a train of 'unbaptized children' (*) and is associated with a masked procession of the Perchten. She also acts like a 'Father Christmas' in giving gifts to good children and punishing bad children, the latter by splitting open their bellies and filling them with a new substance. This may sound gruesome but it is a concept linked to Warrior Initiation Rites or Shamanic Rites. 

(*) The 'unbaptized children' sounds very Christian and may be a later addition, though her role as being linked to children (maybe unborn children) is important. Her name is usually seen to mean 'The Bright One' but it is also suggested that it means 'The Hidden One', and since the name 'Helgi' has similar and opposite names this name could mean both - she appears as a Young Maiden (Bright) and a Hag (Dark, Hidden). She leads this Wild Army, as does her male counterpart - Woden. 

The Hale-Bopp Comet seemed rather strange as it stood for weeks apparently in the same position of the sky - significantly near to Casseopaia which is the Northern Constellation that looks like a 'W', or if the whole thing is joined up a Beorc-Rune. The similarity between Berchta and Beorc/Berkana should not be missed. Actually, this rune is associated with 'birth' and linked to Peorth which is the Rune of the Birth (as its shape suggests). The Beorc-Rune shows the breasts and swollen belly of a pregnant woman, and is thus really symbolic of the child in the womb. Again, we have a similarity between this and the Legend of Perchta who slits open the belly of young children and fills it with a new substance. Both the Beorc-Rune and the Peorth-Rune are thus linked to Perchta/Berchta, which might explain the different spellings of here name (by synchronicity). many years ago I had a dream which featured the idea of 'fettering' and 'breaking fetters' and this featured the Peorth-Rune; I don't actually recall the exact details but logically the Beorc-Rune would be to fetter and the Peorth-Rune to free. 

At the time of the Comet one thought that came into my head was that this was Sleipnir, the eight-legged Steed of Woden 'sent by Wyrd' and travelling between the worlds. Another strange thing is that the Stone of At-al-land was put outside because my ex-wife seemed afraid of it for some reason (at that time, not before this); when I put it in the shed to calm her fears and then started back to the house the whole shed lit up with a brilliant bright light! Considering the connection of the Comet with the sinking of At-al-land this now seems like it was 'charged' by the Comet. 

We cannot be sure if the Hale-Bopp Comet was the same one that caused the sinking of the lost lands, or whether it was the herald of coming disaster and sent as a warning. Another possibility, since this time it went hand-in-hand with the HelgiH Mysteries, and thus with the coming of the Last Avatar, is that it heralded the appearance of a previous Avatar, just as we are told that the herald for the birth of 'Jesus' was a Star in the East. At the time I saw a 'New Star' appear in the North-West which has to be symbolic of a new appearance of the Avatar. 

The Stone comes from an area of the Moray Firth in the Scottish Highlands, near to a point on the beach called The Fairy Glen. The Odinist Magician that pointed me to the Stone said that it had come from within the Earth in a massive catastrophe which happened some 7,000 years ago and which sank the landmasses in the North Sea, and split Scotland apart in this area of the Moray Firth. This is a 'fault-line' and on this is Loch Ness which is famous for its 'monster'. We are talking about around 5,000 BCE which is around the dating given by recent archaeology in the North Sea area. 

The area of the Long Man seems now to link the ancient past to the present, looking towards the future and the Coming Avatar. 

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Hengest and Horsa

According to an old Frisian Legend Swana ('Swan' - the great-grandchild of Woden) had two brothers named Hengest and Horsa. She married a duke of Friesland, Udolphus (Hrothwulf) and had two sins whom she named after her brothers - Hengest and Horsa. These two sons directed the invasion of England. Now, there is a similarity here with the Greek legend of Castor and Pollox - the Divine Twins - for these two were born of Leda, the Swan. 

What we have here seems to be an ancient legend of the birth of the Divine Twins in the Land of the Swan - Thule/Hyperborea. On the 'Dancing Warriors' found on the Sutton Hoo Mask we find horns with are bird-headed snakes - the Feathered Serpents. The message on the Horns of Gallehus, which also contains depictions of these Twin-Warriors, states the following -

Ek Im Unmurdsa

Ek Thikskoad

'I am the Immortals, I watch you'

The Divine Twins are called Alcis in parts of Germany, and this name can be rendered Alchi which stems from an IE Root *alec meaning 'protection' or 'help'. Two inscriptions can be found which mention the Alchi -

'Alchi powers reach everywhere'

'Alchi be praised,
Alchi be praised.'

The Vandals had two 'Twin Poles' called Ambri ('Beam') and Assi ('Pillar') from which came the two Germanic Tribes - the Ambrones and the Assipitti. Other names for these Twin-Warriors was Raos ('Pole') and Raptos ('Post'). Here I am reminded of the Long Man of Wilmington and his association with Waendal (an alternative to 'Vandal') who bears Twin Poles.

There seem to be certain variants of the name 'Hengest' of which are -

Hangus - Angys - Aungys

The last two names are phonetically the same as 'Angus' which can be written AEngus or Oenghus - they are Scottish names.According to Nennius one part of the Saxons under Hengest settled in Kent whilst another part under Octa and Ebissa (his son and his nephew) settled in Scotland. In one account Octa and Ebissa lead the Frisians. Dunfries is the 'Town of the Frisians' and it has been suggested that the 'Fomorians' of Ireland were actually the Frisians (this is in fact something for study since the name seems to suggest 'Fo-Mor' meaning 'Under the Sea', the area of Frisia being the area of Holland, and the 'Netherlands' means 'Under the Sea'.) 

An old Roman inscription tells us - 'In hoc tumulo jacet Vetta filius Victi' which means refers to Vitta, son of Vecta' the grandfather of Hengest and Horsa. Nikolai Tolstoy in one of his novels states that the name 'Octa' (son of Hengest) was also the name of one of the sons of AEtla the Hun. This suggests that Hengest recognised that he had links to the Archetypal Myth led by AEtla, and thus confirming the importance of the sword Hunlafing Hildeleoman which passed from AEtla (Hun) to Hengest (Engel-Kin). 

In one German Legend Hengest and Horsa were said to be the sons of the Duke of Engern. The Duchy of Engern had a White Horse on its banner. The Roman name given to the Angles was the 'Angrivarii' who lived in three subdivisions of Saxony, including Westfalahi and Ostfalahi, as well as in Engern near to the Teutoberg Wald, and in Angeran in Munster. The Angrivarii were said to have invaded Westphalia under Yglo  Lascon. 

Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell is famous for his book Nineteen Eighty-Four which depicts a future so horrendous that it would hardly have seemed possible at the time he wrote in (1949) but which today rings true of the society that we live in. My first idea was to go through this book in fine detail with quotes to match each of the ideas put forward, however this would take a volume larger than the book itself, so I am going to have to take some of the ideas and match them with what has happened. I first read this book decades ago, and later got rid of it, but a few years ago I bought a second-hand Penguin Edition from a bookshop, an old copy since the price was Three Shillings and Six Pence on the cover. 

The first thing that hits the eye (pun) is the cover which displays an 'Eye' watching you as you look at it. This, alone seems strange. I am not going to touch the story of which it consists, but to take the themes in the book and relate them to today's society. Within the first pages we find a piece that sums up today's society -

'The Ministry of Love was the really frightening one...It was a place impossible to enter except on official business, and then only by penetrating through a maze of barbed-wire entanglements, steel doors, and hidden machine-gun nests. Even the streets leading to its outer barriers were roamed by gorilla-faced guards in black uniforms, armed with jointed truncheons.'

Sounds to me very much like the police stations of today, barbed-wired fences, steel gates and doors, and and so secure that the public are not allowed into them; even the small police stations do not now allow entry. 

There were four 'ministries' - The Ministry of Peace - which concerned itself with war, the Ministry of Truth - which concerned itself with lies, the Ministry of Love - which concerned itself with torture, and the Ministry of Plenty - which concerned itself with starvation. The contradictions are obvious and a clue to how the society that we live in today sustains itself perpetually. Only through reconciling contradictions can power be maintained, or in the language of Ingsoc ('The Party') - doublethink. In order to maintain the power over the masses - permanently - 'the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity'. Now it is possible to see why today's world is actually insane

To maintain this level of insanity there were three party mottos which formed the core of the doctrine -

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

'World Peace' is maintained by continual warfare (War on Terror); 'Freedom' is maintained by enslaving the masses; 'Ignorance' within the masses is the strength of the ruling elite. The idea of continual warfare is also not necessarily wars fought by soldiers, it is also maintained at all levels through social strife and street-violence, since the object is to subject the masses to terror - which is the means of controlling them. 

The second method employed is to be found in the phrase - 'Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.' This is explained further as - 'The sacred principles of Ingsoc Newspeak, Doublethink, the mutability of the past.'  This was done through the 'Ministry of Truth' which consisted of people whose sole job was to rewrite the past. In this way the 'Party' could be seen as all-powerful in having 'predicted' future events, and another role was that any freedom that was held in the past could be wiped clean so that future generations would never even know what freedom actually was. This was eventually to be done by removing the word 'freedom' altogether, and when something has no name it could never have existed! 

Newspapers of the past were removed, rewritten and then reprinted as if that issue was the original one, the comment on this being - ' was not even forgery. It was merely substitution of one piece of nonsense for another.' 

'Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to be correct.'

In the book this was aimed at the Party Members of Ingsoc (English Socialism) and not at the 'proles' who being non-intellectually inclined were not the problem to the State, they could be easily controlled through the 'proletarian literature' - 'music, drama and entertainment generally. Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing nothing except sport, crime, astrology, sensational five-cent novelettes, films oozing with sex and ....Pornosec, it was called in Newspeak - engaged in producing the lowest kind of pornography...'

Sounds all so familiar, doesn't it; nothing is here that has not come about in this era. As predicted in various ancient texts, there would be an age when the world would be turned upside down and lies would become truth, evil would become good, and light would become darkness - 'Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.' Nothing exists except for an endless present in which the ruling regime is always right. 

The aim of Newspeak was to narrow the range of thought which would make 'thoughtcrime' literally impossible because the words to express heretical thoughts would not exist. 'Newspeak is Ingsoc and Ingsoc is Newspeak'. 'Thoughtcrime' was to actually think something that was heretic, and this was dealt with by the 'Thought Police'. I am reminded here of an event that happened some years ago in Germany when a man in a restaurant raised his eyebrows when the word 'Jewish' was mentioned by someone else; he was reported to the police for this 'Thought Crime'. 

'In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offence. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime, it was called'.

Thought Crime was dealt with by the Thought Police, whose tactics seem somewhat familiar to us today - 'It was always at night - the arrests invariably happened at night. The sudden jerk out of sleep, the rough hand shaking your shoulder, the lights glaring into your eyes, the ring of hard faces around the bed.' Today it is known as the 'Dawn Raid' and there is plenty of chance to practice this with the 'War on Drugs', which makes for effective practice for the raids on 'heretics'. The aim today is less to arrest and detain, though this is done sometimes, but to cause the most possible disruption and to scare people off their opposition to the State System. Of course, the way such raids are undertaken are totally illegal and even courts have stated so, but the 'Thought Police' are above the law - they are there to protect a corrupt state so corruption within is not the issue.  

'Doublethink' was called in 'Oldspeak' 'reality control' which comes through today as 'virtual reality', another way of saying exactly the same thing. Here an excellent example is given -

'The key word here is blackwhite. Like so many Newspeak words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when party discipline demands this. But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary.'

For anyone who cannot believe that this could be made possible there has been an example in the past that actually proves this to be right. Many years ago whilst living in Leicester I read in the 'Letters' section of a local newspaper of a woman who was travelling on a local bus with her son who exclaimed 'look at that black boy there'. The woman (by the tone of the letter) was absolutely stunned that her child could see that this was a 'black boy' and thus say such a thing. She was stunned that he could see the difference between himself (white) and the boy (black)! We all know the type and this is a case where reality control has existed for decades. 

'If one is to rule, and to continue ruling. one must be able to dislocate the sense of reality.'  The ability to 'dislocate the sense of reality' is found in the TV films such as Fast and Furious (mentioned later) Rambo and other mainly US films (James Bond too) where reality is totally suspended and everything that is shown is totally impossible in physical terms. These modern films are totally out of touch with any realism, and that can be no coincidence. 

I have mentioned on many occasions how TV documentaries start with showing one view and then reverse that view half way through, some even offering three or four totally different and opposing theories - thus forcing people to a belief in nothing, since their minds are confused to such an extent they give up entirely. This is done today through contradictory 'Conspiracy Theories' some of which are nothing but disinformation; the TV posts one view, and the online 'Conspiracy Theorists' another opposing view. Today some of these are becoming rampant and have also become totally unrealistic to the extent that reality is suspended - reality control. Where the TV leaves off the Internet takes over - 'it is  a vast system of mental cheating.' Of course, the number of individuals who, through this process, lose control of their minds and experience mental problems is a small matter in terms of total control.

The means by which the party kept their vigilance was through 'telescreens' which watched people from every corner, and by hidden microphones which existed even in the countryside. Party members were monitored through the 'telescreens' that they watched (TV). Today we see this extended to the masses, since everyone is monitored through CCTV, through phone-taps, through monitoring emails, through monitoring views on 'Facebook' and other social media, through being spied upon and reported to the state by those around us, and through a method similar to Orwell's prediction - through the computer. I have no doubt that modern 'Smart TV' is not there just to be looked at for entertainment, but as a means to spy on people in their homes - I cannot prove this. However, there is the little lens on nearly every computer called a 'Web-Cam' which takes pictures and can thus monitor anyone in their homes - and has been found to do so! One of my daughter's friends reported a pervert who spied on her through the web-cam of her PC, but when I bought my last netbook installed with Windows 8.1 there was a section which asked whether you would give permission for the large organisations - Microsoft and Google being two of them - to use the webcam on your PC! Now why on earth would these people wish to use the web-cam on our computers, if not to spy upon us - and have the bloody gall to ask permission to do so. (I would doubt if saying 'No' would make any difference to these people.) 

All 'smartphones' can be monitored and also tracked through the GPS which sets the position. In the Fast and Furious film series there is one in which a system called 'God's Eye' (which 'God' is that I wonder?)  uses every mobile phone, every CCTV camera, and ever form of electronic gadget to trace the position of any individual they would wish to trace, the whole system being linked up to this 'God's Eye'. Now, this may be a far-fetched series of films based upon the concept of being totally unreal, but where do they get these ideas from? In the film it was suggested that if this technology had been available it would have taken no time at all to track Osama bin Laden (presumably sitting in his cave in Afghanistan with his mobile phone at his side!). The use of 'wireless' technology has allowed this to happen since using this method can be easily monitored. The Sat-Navs which are put in most new cars are yet another way to track anyone they wish since they have within them the GPS position and a full record of everywhere the car goes. These are also 'apps' downloadable to smartphones, so these have the same ability.

The GPS satellites that were placed into space, seemingly to 'conquer' outer space, were put there to monitor people here on Earth, as can be proven through the developments that make them the most useful tool to pinpoint the position of anyone they wish, anywhere on the Earth.  All smartphones are set up with GPS and so the position of anyone using these phones can be easily tracked. This monitoring now applies to all new computers which use the Internet, since the larger organisations (Microsoft and Google) use a system whereby everything is 'coordinated' and thus the individual using it can be known and their position found using GPS. Also, software can be downloaded to any computer that can remotely control that computer - meaning that these people can 'set up' anyone at any time. How do we possibly know (unless skilled in computers) what Microsoft downloads to our computers nearly every day?

The 'enemy' of the party was run by one Immanuel Goldstein, the leader of The Brotherhood, which was in fact controlled by the party and its leader did not even exist. We can see a parallel with the false 'opposition' through the setting up of various state-controlled nationalist parties (and others too) which attract people into them and are thus easily monitored and controlled. These people are not above setting up a group in which the most extreme activists join, and thus create an easily monitored group which they can crush at will and take out the leading activists if necessary. The Brotherhood is indeed an apt name for a resistance movement since this was used in the distant past against oppression here in England. 

In one interesting section rocket-bombs (as part of the ongoing eternal wars) fell on areas of London, and these were the work of the party 'to keep the people frightened'. A people in fear is easily controlled, and this is the basis of the 'War on Terror' which is really a 'War of Terror'. Rampant crime, social unrest, the fear of 'Global Warming' and the fear of another world war are all used to control the masses, and to force them into a 'collective' in order to create a World State. 

As today the use of 'spies' was a central part of the control of party members and of the 'proles'; today's society is riddled with worthless scum who are all too willing to report anyone and anything to the authorities - and indeed are encouraged to do so by local authorities and government departments. A large 'secret police' is not needed when members of the public can willingly do the dirty-work. And, of course, there are the worthless White Traitors who willingly betray their own kind and do the dirty-work for their alien masters. 

'The ideal set up for the party was something huge, terrible, and glittering - a terrifying world of steel and concrete, of monstrous machines, and terrifying weapons.'

An important thing raised in the novel is the role of the 'collective' in the control of people - '...he would be taking part in some kind of communal recreation; to do anything that suggested a taste for solitude, even to go for a walk by yourself, was always slightly dangerous...ownlife it was called, meaning individualism and eccentricity.' The basis of the bringing up of children today is through 'socialization' and this word crops up wherever the people who are part of this system (social workers, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) are let loose around our children. This is the first 'concern' about people who home educate, and it is pushed forward that such children are more 'vulnerable' than those sent to school. Past history (as yet not rewritten) proves this wrong, and children are far more endangered at school than at home! How many times is the accusation of 'he is a loner' applied to anyone who opposes this State Control. 

'If there is hope, it lies in the proles...' Orwell sees the answer in the masses, as opposed to the State System with its State Clones; he may well be right here, though the methods used are today aimed at the masses, maybe because through such sinister secret societies as the Freemasons and Common Purpose (which is taking over as the main role in the 'Age of the People') they are turning out well-trained State Clones by the thousand. An area in which they work, possibly as the means to experiment with mind-changing drugs - is the 'Mental Health System' which is infested with the 'Communitarian Elite' (mainly women of a 'left-leaning' type). One organisation working in the South-East of England puts out its sinister propaganda to unsuspecting people who have had some form of 'mental breakdown', including the usual 'egalitarian' programming, and in its leaflet states - We are not a secret society'. Why on earth would they make such a statement like that? 

I have warned of the latest moves by the Bank of England to impose upon us a cashless system through the use of what they term 'Bitcoins'. This is marketed by telling the people that the banks may be forced to charge customers to put their own money into the banks for the banks to store. This experiment is to be done here in England, no doubt to 'test the waters' for future world-wide use. There is a grave danger within this idea which needs to be addressed in order to stave off this move - because it may not be halted but it could be put back a few years

The Electronic Fund Transfer System was designed to have wages and payments put directly into one's bank account, and to pay out bills and goods bought through transfer out of one's bank account. This was the first real move to get rid of cash. Most people fell for this and use debit cards for most of their exchanges - which has given these people the impetus to move further! You can see this in the shops where the debit card is used perhaps more than cash. This was satisfactory for dearer goods, but cash was still used in many cases for the cheaper goods - which meant this had to be addressed. In came the system whereby you can buy the cheaper stuff (up to £30.00 now I think) through scanning the card across the machine at the checkout, without using a card-number as with the dearer goods. Of course the criminals got onto this and can make millions out of using a small scanner to do the job, which will pick up the card in a wallet or pocket - unless it is wrapped in foil, or one of the new wallets that does the same (note how they make profit out of their errors and sell the goods that can stop criminals, who would not have been able to do so if this had not been introduced in the first place). 

So the stage is set for them to abolish cash altogether, though there must still be small points that need addressing, no doubt mobile phone apps will get over these. But the point of all this - missed by most - is the idea that there will be no cash, and thus no-one will have access to their own money! This is not quite as obvious as it seems, but every one of us will be controlled by the banks because they will have sole access to our money. As credit it cannot be taken out of the banks, it will go in as wages but will come out as a credit note on a bank statement. Yes it is convenient to have access to our money at all times but in terms of taking that cash out for ourselves and using it as we wish. It is ours even with this part of the system in place. But when we cannot take our own cash out then it is no longer ours to use, because in reality any state institution will have access to it (and indeed does have access now, as anyone who has to deal with these people well knows). It will be impossible to argue a case for yourself when dealing with a government department or local government department if they have full access to our money and can take it out at will. That can happen now, but only if the money is in there, and we have the ability to take it out so that they cannot do that. This ability will be removed! 

The only way to put back their plans is for people to use cash wherever possible; alright it is paid in wages or benefits into your account, but you have the ability to take it out at a cash machine and use that cash to pay for goods. We all have the choice as to what can happen, and in terms of what would seem possible the majority of non-thinking fools will accept willingly what these people plan to do, and will force us all into the control of the Banksters (who rob the poor to give to the rich). This seems nearer to becoming reality so the more people that are aware of this the better, and the more people that use cash the longer it will be before they can impose this upon us. 

Those who have taken up some form of Survivalism or 'Prepping' will already be one step ahead, since goods will be a firm commodity as opposed to money which will have no actual value. But this is certainly not enough to stave off the possible consequences of the move to a society without cash, since there is also the possibility that such an oppressive state could withdraw the credit number from any individual who did not conform. These people would not be able to 'buy or sell' if they did not have the 'Number of the Beast'. Even without this it is enough to control the finances of every individual though the banks controlling everyone's money. 

The controlling factor will be that every transaction will be recorded by every bank and thus nothing can be done without their knowing it. It is a fact that local government departments go through the bank statements of people who have to submit them - this would also apply to all government departments. This means that everything will be monitored by the banks and thus the state apparatus (the banks controlling the state). 

Unfortunately, in the book Winston Smith gets caught by the 'Thought Police' and is tortured until he again conforms (willingly) to the party system; this gives the impression that there is no hope whatever of getting out of the system. However, this whole system is based today around technology, technology that requires electricity and that is something that is essential to their keeping control. Everything that is part of this world-wide web of control can only exist so long as they have the power to keep their technology going. 

Another thing that is important here, and I have covered this before, is that they rely on the control of the subconscious minds of the masses - the control of the Group Mind. But there is a far deeper and less easily controlled factor - the Group Soul or Race Spirit as we may call it. Everything they have set up is (necessarily) an illusion, like the Castle of Klingsor, and thus like (in the words of Miguel Serrano) a Picasso painted over a Leonardo da Vinci - a piece of rubbish painted over a masterpiece. Their whole system being based upon gross materialism and the material world, they can only control as far as this goes, and not at a spiritual level. They can only distort - they cannot create! That is why they have to use the 'White Traitors' to do their work for them, to create the necessary technology to control the masses. 

If this were not so we would not be here now, our lives dedicated to the struggle against such oppression. If their methods were that total there would be no-one to oppose their sinister schemes. There is a factor unknown here, a factor that gives us great hope for the future. There is something deep within certain elements within our Folk that they have no control over - the Blood Memory! Moving into the realm of meta-genetics is moving away from their total control. This is where a new Folkish Religion is vital since this is not a political problem, and only a Spiritual Revolution will set us free and further the evolutionary process that has been set back by these oppressive forces.