Friday 26 June 2020

The New Order

"Speak to me of my gardens, of my Blissful Islands, of my beautiful new race..."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('Thus Spoke Zarathustra').

We are bombarded with new conspiracies about a 'New World Order', and unfolding events of our times are part of an overall agenda designed to create this 'New World Order'. Here in England they took away our freedom of speech, then our freedom of movement, and then they accelerated the process of destroying the past, our history, culture and tradition. But I want now to look at this in a far different way.

"Alas! The time is coming when man will give birth to no kore stars. Alas! The time of the most contemptible man is coming, the man who can no longer despise himself.'

Behold! I shall show you the Ultimate Man."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('Thus Spoke Zarathustra').

Nietzsche tells of a future time when the Ultimate Man would become a reality, the man of the 'Mob', the ultimate in slave-morality and slave-mentality. This is exactly what we are seeing today in the world-wide rioting, looting and senseless violence. We can see within this the destruction of the past, guided by the Marxist-Anarchists. Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of 'Black Lives Matter', when asked if this organisation had any form of ideology, stated - 'We are trained Marxists'. Nietzsche has often been accused of being a nihilist, and this is true in so far as he recognised the need for the old values of the old order to be destroyed through a period of nihilism. But this was a stage in a much wider period of world-change.

"Therefore, O my brothers, is a new nobility needed: to oppose all mob-rule and all despotism, and to write anew upon new law-tables the word: 'Noble'."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('Thus Spoke Zarathustra').

What Nietzsche foresaw was the breaking-away of what he saw as 'solitaries' or 'hermits' - what we would call the 'Lone-Wolf'. Again, this he saw as yet another stage in the process towards the creation of the New Man - the Overman or Superman. These 'solitaries' would one day herald the appearance of a new Race of Man. Firstly, what has to arise is a new nobility that would resist the 'mob-rule' and the 'despotism', which we now term 'democracy'. Some foresighted Greek philosophers knew that democracy leads to a despotic dictatorship over the people, but not for the people. This 'new nobility' must itself arise from the 'solitaries'. 

Everywhere around us we see the same old process, the process of division, of breaking down, of of violent conflict. We see the next stage in the destruction of our Folk, by stirring up hatred against us in other races. At the same time the liberal-humanitarian, self-hating element is fed with yet another guilt-complex, this time 'Black Slavery' is used as the tool. This, of course, overlooks the 'White Slavery' when Europeans were stolen from their homelands and taken to North Africa as slaves. And, whilst William Wilberforce and his 'anti-slavery' crew were being heavily promoted, William Cobbett was being persecuted for his stance against the use of women and children in the 'Satanic Mills' of Northern England, where they worked in conditions that can only be deemed to have been slavery. Of course, as predicted by some with foresight, these 'Satanic Mills' have been uprooted and taken to other lands where they are far more efficient in our era - China and India for example. The same old capitalist masters and global bankers can now order the world to suit their 'Produce and Consume' society. 

Any new 'revolution', which this certainly is becoming, has to have a 'Time-Zero' from which it becomes a 'new order', and in this case a 'new world order' since this is a Global Agenda. Hence the wanton destruction of the past, the need to destroy it in order that it is no longer remembered; Orwell used the idea in his Nineteen Eighty-Four. But, as I am going to show, all of this is quite necessary in order that the evolutionary process can continue in mankind. We can look at all this in a negative light, or we can become positive about this and use it to our advantage. Sometimes it is necessary for human beings to get a 'push' towards doing what they have to do, and this could be just that time. 

Now I am going to go into an area that produces crackpot ideas, and is most often ridiculed - UFOs. Or rather, not exactly the UFOs but the abductions that have been associated with this phenomena. Bear with me here because this is very important indeed, since it is something in the modern technological era that could well explain what is going on around us - and that is not an 'alien invasion' or anything like that, but a logical explanation for the workings of fate in this era. These ideas are not mine, but come from a UFO expert with many years of experience, a man I knew and will not name because I have lost contact with him some years ago and would not wish to give away his identity without his permission. 

There are two distinct types of 'aliens' or 'extraterrestrials' -

1. The tall blond 'Nordic' type,
2. The small, grey foetus-like beings.

This itself is very interesting since these two distinct and different types fit a pattern that is unfolding on our planet. I am going to simplify a somewhat complex idea here. The tall, blond, blue-eyed 'Nordic' types are clearly the Aryan Archetype - what Nietzsche called the Overman or Superman. This is obviously the type that is evolving upwards towards the Divine. Their 'experiments' upon some people could be a means of aiding this upward-evolution. Not being an expert on the 'Alien Abduction' stuff I cannot be sure of what is done by these beings, but from what I have read it seems they do aid mankind in some way. 

The second class of beings is a 'grey alien', grey being neither white nor black, but made up of both. They are (to quote) -

"almost the ultimate expression of the mechanised and soulless state of humanity, dominated by computers, leading lives devoid of real human contact. The greys mirror us - ageless, sexless, devoid of anything resembling human emotion, personality..."

What would seem to be the case is that these 'Grey Aliens' are mankind in the future if we do not rise above this and overcome ourselves. We can see today how the statement 'devoid of real human contact' is becoming a reality through the 'lockdown' and the 'social distancing' and all the other methods of pushing mankind away from human contact, a process that is gradually making man into a machine - a robot. These 'alien abductions' are taking place in the psyche of man, as a warning of what is coming about, and also as a means to show where we could be going wrong. The 'Mob' that we see today is truly 'devoid of anything resembling human emotion, personality', and this applies as much to the liberal-leftists who give them aid and backing, and to the power-elite that creates disorder, chaos, wars and terror, at the same time making millions from doing so. 

"I am that which must overcome itself again and again."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('Thus Spoke Zarathustra').

And here is the key to the evolutionary process - overcoming. This is exactly what the True Krist taught - 'To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life'. This is what the Old Testament deity denied to mankind, that he may eat of the Tree of Life and become 'as gods' - Immortals. And the True Krist taught that mankind may through overcoming himself eat of the Tree of LIfe, and become an Immortal as the Gods are immortal. 

I have covered the idea of the 'World Mind' in the Occult Agenda post some time ago. In this we see the idea of linking the minds of the peoples of the world into one mind, with this being 'marketed' as creating a 'Super-Intelligence', to make men into 'gods'. This, of course, is merely a parody of the true evolution of man, since these Dark Powers can never create, only make a sick 'copy' of what is truth and right. And is this not exactly what they are doing today, making a 'sick copy' of the true evolutionary-drive that will create the 'Ultimate Man' - the 'Slave-Man'. Looking at what is going on around us it would seem logical that the most productive (for them) form of society would be that of China where you have a capitalist-type society ruled by a Communist Elite - a fusion of the two in line with Hegel's Thesis vs Antithesis = Synthesis. It would certainly be to their advantage to create such societies here in the West, and this is perhaps why they are finding more resistance in Eastern Europe where they have already experienced the 'joys' of Communism. The death of over 100 Million people through the name of Karl Marx is hardly a selling-point, is it? This is why this is never, never taught in our schools. 

"Spread-eagled, shuddering,
Like a half-dead man whose feet are warmed -
Shaken, alas! by unknown fevers,
Trembling with sharp icy frost-arrows,
Pursued by you, my thought!
Unutterable, veiled, terrible one!
Huntsman behind the clouds!
Struck down by your lightning-bolt,
You mocking eye that stares at me from the darkness - thus I lie,
Bend myself, twist myself, tortured
By every eternal torment,
Smitten by you cruel huntsman,
You unknown - God!"

Friedrich Nietzsche ('Thus Spoke Zarathustra').

Although Nietzsche was a classical scholar, this poem of his clearly shows how he was driven along by the Spirit of Wotan. These points bear this out -

  • Huntsman behind the clouds!
  • Struck down by your lightning-bolt.
  • The mocking eye that stares from the darkness.
  • The Unknown God.
  • He is later called - 'My Hangman-God'.

Woden is thus the God who guides us on the upward-evolutionary path through the overcoming of our human limitations, and this would need a very, very hard and long struggle against overwhelming odds. Looked at this way what is going on today is a form of challenge, a set of obstacles placed in our path that we have to overcome through our Strength of Will, and the 'Will-to-Power' of Nietzsche. 

"But the complex of causes in which I am entangled will recur - it will create me again! I myself am part of these causes of the Eternal Recurrence.

I shall return, with this sun, with this earth, with this eagle, with this serpent - not to a new life or a better life or a similar life.

I shall return eternally to this identical and self-same life, in the greatest things and the smallest, to teach once more the eternal recurrence of all things...."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('Thus Spoke Zarathustra').

The Arya, the Sun-Man, the God-Man was once a reality, in the form of the 'innocent child' in a Golden Age of the Earth. The Arya, the Sun-Man, the God-Man will again become a reality - through the Eternal Return - but this time he will be no longer a child, an innocent, but as a grown-up, able to create and to destroy - as a 'God' in a new Golden Age of Perfection, of Right and Truth.

"I will not be a herdsman or gravedigger, I will not again speak to the people: I have spoken to a dead man for the last time...

...I shall sing my song to the lone hermit."

It is obvious to most working-class people, and to those who are outside the lower middle-class left-wing 'System Clones' - the 'Woke' (?) - that what we are doing is losing our freedom, and the process has been accelerated through the 'corona-virus', the 'lockdown' and 'social distancing', which is not about to end. Many of these people air their discontent through 'YouTube', which allows so much and no more, having taken down the sites that would have posed a threat to their plans. It is still unfortunate that most of those airing their discontent have still not grasped that the 'extreme' factions of the past were telling them the truth about who and what is behind this, and are being led away from the true nature of the Dark Forces that have taken control today. These 'extreme' factions were dubbed so in order that this would happen, few would listen to them. If we look at this logically, the argument was that these people would create a society where their freedom would be lost - and yet this is exactly what has happened today, by those who have continually opposed this

Propaganda outlets such as the BBC do not care one jot how many people oppose their views and agenda through YouTube. They do not aim their propaganda at these people, but to the Left-Establishment who are now like 'The Party' (Ingsoc) of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Left-wing newspapers push this agenda, whilst Right-wing newspapers often stir up hatred and stir division amongst different peoples.  All of this is part and parcel of the same game - divide and rule. The difference between the BBC and YouTube is that the BBC can make up the 'Great Lie' that will further the Global Agenda, whereas YouTube is an outlet for those who disagree to 'let off steam'. There may well be a far greater majority using YouTube, and within them a small minority of 'activists', but the BBC aims at the 'Activist of the Left' who is far more widespread and is fully active in their role within this Global Agenda - and in some cases paid to do so. We need to recognise this and we also need to encourage people to become active against this, through not only their individual and personal education and training, but also to get involved in some form of group who have taken up the struggle. We need 'solitaries' working as 'Lone Wolves', but we also need to be part of a whole - a Spiritual Movement.

We do need some form of 'English Movement' or 'English Resistance' that would unite our people as a Folk-Nation. We started to put this together, not as a political group, but more on heritage, culture and tradition, allied to the Spiritual Movement of Folkish Wodenism. This was really an 'idea', a 'seed' for something that could be done at some future time. At this time there was a new 'English Awakening' through Englisc Nationalism, which unfortunately tried to live back in the pre-1066 days which was doomed to failure from the beginning. Using the online forums etc. this was also plagued with arguments, in-fighting and nothing positive came from any of this. But the same people are still out there, left with a void as the whole thing fell apart.

Just as the 'extreme-left' views (of what used to be called the 'loony-lefties') have become mainstream to some degree, so the 'extreme-right' views will also become more mainstream, at which point the truth will start to come to light again, after being clouded in darkness and lies. This is clearly why YouTube has cut off this point of view entirely, because they know full well that this would happen eventually. This is why it is essential to stick to our guns here.

The whole problem that we are facing stems originally from the idea that it is far easier to 'take the easy way out' on everything that we do. Rather than go along the harder course, it is always easy to 'take the easy route'. This is how the Dark Forces have been able to manipulate and control the masses through rampant technology. One simple example is the 'Cashless Society'; it is easier to take along a debit card/credit card and have it scanned than to take cash and have to count it out to pay for something. This is how they have forced upon us the 'Cashless Society' - or are near to forcing it upon us. We need to, at some level, move away from the destructive side of modern technology, which tends not only to enslave but also to turn human beings into robots. This is done simply because the majority of people see the human being as merely a physical form of matter - and nothing else. As Spiritual Beings we cannot be enslaved in this way, we become freer as we evolve back towards the origins. 

What we have to do is to most certainly not 'take the easy way out', but to face struggle as something that aids the process of overcoming. The situation today is certainly one that we can use to our advantage, even though it seems to be totally negative. It should push the individual to become more prepared for another 'wave' of whatever sort the Global Agenda pushes our way. Those of us who were somewhat prepared made their lives a bit easier when the 'lockdown' came, and more importantly these people had a different mind-set than the masses in that they were aware of something that would happen, and thus not thrown into a panic-situation as others certainly were. 

There has to be a true 'awakening' in which our Folk become aware of not only what is going on, but also their own unique destiny and role in this, as well as our Folk-Destiny. Another way that our enemies have achieved such total control is through the innate cowardice of many people who have 'bowed the knee' to this tyrannous regime. We do not bow before our Gods, let alone to people who have our total destruction in their sights. I refer to recent happenings, of course, but this cowardice goes back for many, many years, and is the bane of our work. For so long people have been afraid to become active because they fear being called a 'racist', a 'fascist' or a 'neo-nazi'; this fear has led many groups to try to become more 'populist', until they too, even with their watered-down form, become the target of these smears. This moves from the 'far-right' to the 'right-wing' and then to the 'conservative'; we might as well be totally honest in the first place, and to ignore whatever they smear us with. The thing we have to get past is the 'Hollywood Nazi' image that has been carefully created by the Global Propagandists. This has done no-one any good at all, and gives our enemies a tool for our destruction. 

From the very creation of Woden's Folk back in 1998 I stated clearly that numbers would never be an issue, and that what was needed was quality rather than quantity. It is a fact that there are two levels by which any group must work -

1. Supporters - these are always the majority of people who give their support to any organisation or movement.

2. Activists - these are always the minority who are drawn from the supporters, and these do the active work for the movement. There are, of course, different levels of 'Activists', different people giving different percentages of their time to the work of the movement. 

The Global System has untold numbers of these 'activists', but we have to remember that some are given an incentive through payment, and most are in some way educated and trained as 'activists' at some level. Of course, the Global System has what seems an infinite amount of wealth at hand to finance and to organise - which we certainly do not have. It is also a fact that it is more often than not the 'general public' who actually finance these 'activists' since some of the funds come from 'charities' or 'trusts' set up by the Global System. Many of these 'Marxist Socialists' are multi-billionaires of course. This is in fact one way that the 'general public' could oppose these people, by withdrawing their cash and support for certain 'charities', and of course the BBC! 

"Christianity is called the religion of pity. - Pity stands in antithesis to the tonic emotions which enhance the energy of the feeling of life: it has a depressive effect. One loses force when one pities....

Pity on the whole thwarts the law of evolution, which is the law of selection. It preserves what is ripe for destruction; it defends life's disinherited and condemned..."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('The Anti-Christ').

Pity is a great driving-force used against our Folk; too many people base their actions upon pity rather than a healthy respect, and an acknowledgement that Nature is not all 'sweet and light'. This not only applies to Christianity but also to the secular society that came to partly replace it - liberal humanitarianism. 

"Christianity has taken the side of everything weak, base, ill-constituted, it has made an ideal out of opposition to the preservative instincts of strong life..."

Friedrich Nietzsche ('The Anti-Christ').

Of course, Marxism merely secularised these very same Christian principles, and in doing so create just as much an 'anti-religion' as the Judaeo-Christian Church. 

Nietzsche gives a very interesting point in that the epoch of a genius-leader always come after a time of great changes, new changes, changes that are young in ideas and form, immature changes - much as we are seeing today. Such an epoch that gives rise to a Folk-Leader of great genius and power comes about because he is not part of these changes, but has a foot in the distant past, and a 'longer assembling of force has preceded them'. He is the heir to a 'stronger, longer, older civilisation', hence the reason for the sudden wanton destruction of our past which has to be erased at this time. This certainly figures in the coming avatar, the Third Sargon, who is the heir to ancient Babylon. Much as the Global Elite seek to destroy the past in order to control the future, this may well be their outdoing, since they themselves have no strong 'roots' to grow from. 

The last word from Nietzsche -

"A higher kind of human being, excuse me for saying, doesn't think much of 'callings', the reason being he knows himself called."

('The Anti-Christ').