Sunday 30 October 2022

The 'Eco-Warrior'.

"Youth activism is increasing worldwide, being revolutionized by social media that increases mobilization to an extent that would have been impossible before. It takes many different forms, ranging from non-institutionalized political participation to demonstrations and protests, and addresses issues as diverse as climate change, economic reforms, gender equality and LGBTQ rights. The young generation is firmly at the vanguard of social change. There is little doubt that it will be the catalyst for change and a source of critical momentum for the Great Reset." 

Klaus Schwab - WEF.

Groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil are known to be financed by the same Global Corporations and Global 'Elites' that they profess to be against. They are not at all concerned with their actions resulting in arrest, since not only are around 1 in 10 actually charged, but they have the funds given them to pay any fines. Not only that, there have been occasions recently where the British Police have asked them, whilst blocking a road, if there is anything they need, since the British Police (whose job is to remove them) would get them what they needed! Not really surprising since the British Police are now a bloody joke! No wonder the British working people did what the police should have done -

It is noticeable that the Extinction Rebellion logo is a Daeg-Rune placed in such a position as to become the 'Hour-Glass' - symbolic of time. A knowledge of the Occult would be hinted at here, just as the Peace Movement used the 'Death-Rune'. The slogan 'Rebel for Life' can mean more than one thing, and is probably intended to do so. Their actions are not, as they profess, going against The System, they are doing the dirty-work of the Global Corporations and Global Bankers. This is why they do not care about how they upset the public, since they have no need of the public to back them - their ideology is already being put into effect by the Globalist Governments. 

Let us stop and think about this. We have a 'global crisis' due to 'global warming' (or now 'climate change'), so we need to panic and push into effect 'green' measures immediately (we have 12 years to do so). These 'green' measures mean stopping farming (*), switching from gas, oil and wood-burning to solar & wind power, and other measures they deem necessary. So, due to 'global warming' changes have to be made which mean that millions will starve through lack of food-production, and millions will die through lack of heating! Only an idiot - or a Marxist Communist - could think up that one! (For the sake of it, since there is debate on the numbers, we can guess at around 100 Million people who died under Communist Regimes, the largest being Soviet Russia and China - most died of starvation or were murdered in cold blood.)

(*) A young, weak-looking, spindly middle-class youth on one of the 'green' protests actually stated that farming needs to be stopped! Where does thus brainless idiot think he is going to get his food from? Too much money, too much time, and not enough brain!

Eco-Warrior or Eco-Commie?

'Youth activism' is certainly increasing world-wide, and that is because the likes of Klaus Schwab are behind the funding and organisation of the middle-class, bourgeois youth who have the time to do these things. As I said, what they are protesting about is already being put into place by the governments who are controlled by the Global Corporations and the Global Bankers behind them. In this case they are a 'controlled opposition' that is there to push what they are supposed to be opposing. Very clever stuff! And, of course, they do the work of pushing all this into the minds of the people, day after day, week after week....This 'green' stuff is continuously in the minds of the people above anything else now; it has overtaken the 'Covid Terror' as the latest means of controlling the masses. 

We can see the vast difference between how the British Police (and elsewhere too) act when confronted by protest. The 'anti-lockdown' and 'anti-vaccine mandate' protests were viciously suppressed, as is any comment by individuals on certain key issues that go against The System. The 'eco-warriors' are treated with kid-gloves and even given help in what they are doing - which is not only unethical but illegal in some cases. 

This new 'Green Religious Crusade' - which is what it amounts to - has become about as boring as the Judaeo-Christians who continuously spout about 'The end of the world is nigh!' Indeed, these have taken the place of a religion they no longer need for control. Like the Inquisition and other repressive measures, it is today becoming illegal to question the 'Green Crusaders', as yesterday it was blasphemous to question the 'Holy Bible' (sic!). It is no longer 'God's Word' that is sacrosanct, it is the word of the Eco-Scientists. 

On this subject there is now growing 'scientific evidence' that plant-based foods can stop heart problems, and no doubt other problems will be found that this applies to. These are, coincidentally, of course, just coming to light as the Global Corporations (Bill Gates being a prime driver) are buying up farmland in order to use high-production agribusiness to supply fake meat (sorry 'plant-based foods'). This would be GM foods I would guess since they would need to do so due to the high production needed for a world food-chain. 

Of course, not everyone will wish to do the switch from meat, so there will have to be an 'incentive' - which is being applied right now as mentioned. But, there will still be those who refuse to budge for one reason or another, so the addition of some chemical-formula that creates an 'allergy' to meat will have to be put into the meat supply. This, of course, would be in the mass-produced market, so there will still be small meat suppliers that are free of this - for a time anyway. This begs the question - why are there so many 'allergies' from our food today, one example being around milk products? Bill Gates is said to own the production of 'fake milk' for babies, and to have been behind a drive to warn women that breast feeding is dangerous to them. It seems that these 'allergies' centre around products that the Global Corporations wish to get rid of, and change to unnatural products which will replace them.

Here, of course, is the key, since this whole drive is not to 'Save the Earth' - to save Nature - but is totally destructive of everything upon the Earth. As usual, the Great Deceiver and Great Lair has done a fine job in twisting the minds of people to do the opposite of the Global Aims. We can see this in the replacement of human labour with robots and now Artificial Intelligence. 

Stepping back and looking at this carefully, the intelligence and academia - the bourgeois middle-class - have been completely brainwashed, and this is down to the education system from birth to university (and then into the workplace) which has been carefully infiltrated and subverted by an Anti-Life System. Fear and terror have been induced in the idea that we (?) are destroying the planet, which is not true. To add to this there has been a growing obsession with 'health' and 'food' which has been used for the purpose of this control - and this is even found in the 'opposition' to this Globalism. One thing that this physical 'health' obsession does is to divert attention from the spiritual side of Man. Taking control of people's 'health' by telling them what they can eat and what they can't eat is yet another means of control

There was a massive drive for 'fitness' and 'health' by building fitness centres in every town and city; things are slowly changing to the opposite as they now begin to promote the overweight 'hero'. Aldois Huxley foresaw these 'fitness centres' and the like, which, of course, would be provided by the State System, and thus controlled by the State as a means of the 'bread and circus' of the masses. 'Fitness' is yet another part of a set program, and this can change as the need arises - to its polar-opposite if necessary. 

"Compare yourself to who you were yesterday....Not to who someone else is today."

Jordan Peterson (Sent to me by a Friend and Folk-Comrade over the pond.)

This is such a profound statement, and has more of a ring of sense in a world of nonsense. We would be best served, I feel, using common sense now, and not listening to 'experts' - many of whom have an agenda to serve. 'Experts' have risen rapidly since the advent of the World Wide Web, where everyone has their 'fifteen minutes of fame' (**). The problem lies, I feel, in that these scientists that have an agenda will not always be truthful, in fact usually the opposite, so they cannot be trusted in what they say. And the 'experts' on the other hand that feel different have no scientific qualifications, nor the equipment, to prove what they say is wrong. We have to rely on our common sense

(**) A saying attributed to Andy Warhol, but originally it seems down to Nat Finkelstein. We see this in our times when everything is fleeting and short-lived, rising and falling as quick as they rise. 

It seems that the only way that we can go as individuals, and better still as small groups working together, is to consider what we can and can't so - 

  • Try to grow as much of our own food as possible in order to have healthy and nourishing food for energy. Try to learn how healthy food can serve the mind and spirit as well as the physical body.
  • Try to become as self-reliant as possible, especially on food, water and energy. Cutting off as much reliance on the State System would be an advantage for everyone. This can be done to some extent through small solar-power and wind-power, as well as going back in time to some of the low-tech stuff used then.
  • Keeping as fit as possible is certainly a good thing and a necessary part of a healthy life; twinning this with some kind of Martial Arts Training is even better since it helps to become self-disciplined and self-aware. Adding the Esoteric Martial Arts make for a more harmonious individual. Group-training is a further step towards aiding our struggle. Paul Waggener, Operation Werwolf and the Wolves of Vinland have a good set-up in my opinion, but this way of life may not be for everyone. For those, like myself, who are on a low income (pension in my case) keeping fit is not out of the question - I have small weights, enough for my age and short stature, a punch-bag and martial arts stuff left over from when I used to train regularly at a club. Also an 'exercise bike' left at my place when my daughter left home which I use (without being plugged into the electricity since this costs money). 
  • I am not going to start preaching on the 'evils' of alcohol, since it is down to the individual as to whether you do this. Yes, modern beer and wines are no doubt full of chemicals, but there are alternatives to the giant beer-companies, and also home-brewing without chemicals. Mead is a part of Heathen Culture, and a glass of beer at the local English Village Pub was part of our social culture - which is now being destroyed. I would not like to become part of the crusade that is destroying the English Pub! The village pub was the hub of the community at one time, and this is being lost. Moderation seems the key - as in everything to do with health.
  • In regard to healthy eating, there are things we would like to do, and things that we have to do - I am afraid. We need to be practical in our thinking; yes, tinned food is probably not that good for us, but in a dire emergency it is needed - since it is the one thing that will last a long time. Yes, those with the ability, and the time, to preserve their own home-grown food will be one up, but not every one of us can do this - especially if we are tasked to do other things. Most of us are working-class people who have to work to live, and thus do not have the time, nor the money, to become as self-reliant as others. Most do not have the land, nor the resources, to become fully self-reliant at this time - and this will not get any better due to the Global Agenda we have in stock for us. 
  • Try to become as creative as possible, and take advantage of the hard times we are going through to 'push' oneself to do so. Hardships and struggle produce creativity. I find it best to recognise that we can no longer live as we have been doing, and have to start to think in terms of simplicity and living in a more simple way. 
  • Many people have 'big ideas' that when put into practice do not work; we should try to consider this with our plans. As a Folkish Group we have Folk-Moots and Camps, where we sit around a campfire, even when it is cold and wet. Yes, we have put up a tarp to sit under, or have some form of shelter to keep dry, and a fire for warmth. But.....try doing this as an individual, alone in a woodland in the cold and wet, day after day. Or even with a family, which would bring with it the greatest problems since children may - in this age - not be so happy about having to do the likes of this. Since my kids are grown up and have left home to fend for themselves (and the wife well before) I have retired and have time to get out to the woodland and try this out. Fine in the summer months, not so good during the cold and wet winters we have - especially the wet weather here in England. Looking at this it seems the creation and strengthening of groups is the best way forward, sharing the problems and having others (of like mind) to talk to in the times when it is impossible to keep busy. The group-consciousness would overcome some of our future problems.
There is much more that I could say, but this will have to wait until another time; but we need to work together if we are to survive, and to get back to Nature in opposition to the false 'Eco-Warriors' whose actions will aid the destruction of Nature and everything that is natural. The Globalists target the young because they are easier to manipulate and change their ideas; but there is also another class of young people - the non-bourgeois class - who can think for themselves, who can see the problems clearly, and who can see beyond the bombardment of propaganda, lies and deceit. Those who are active and love the outdoors will look for something to join, to get involved with others of like-mind. This will form the basis of future Folk-Communities - but we do not have much time!

The Edel-Inga Breath.


This is a Spiritual Exercise that anyone can do if they so wish; it is a deep-breathing exercise based upon two simple Runic Stances -

This is based upon the Edel-Rune and the Ing-Rune; the movement is from the Edel-Rune to the Ing-Rune. I'll now go through the exercise -


Stand in the Edel-Rune Stance with your feet one shoulder-width apart, hands crossed over the Hara-Centre (2 inches below the navel). Now slowly breath in, whilst bringing the hands in an arch forwards and upwards until this makes a Diamond-Ing above the head. With no pause here slowly bring the hands outwards to create the Ing-Rune shape with the whole body, the shoulders at thus point being pulled back, making a last in-breath as this is done. Now, slowly breath out as you bring the hands back to the Diamond-Ing over the head; slowly breath our and push downwards in an arch with the hands ending crossed over the Hara-Centre where you started. Do this exercise 9 times.

  1. The in-breath and out-breath should be done slowly and evenly, with a rhythmic form of breathing. As you do the in-breaths the tongue should be at the roof of the mouth. (*)
  2. If this is done right the in-breath starts with an abdominal breath, pushing out the abdomen as this is done; as the arms & hands reach upwards towards the Diamond-Ing stage the breath moves upwards into the lungs - it is pulled upwards by the movement of the arms. With the last stage, when the arms are moved outwards into the Ing-Rune Form the lungs are pulled out allowing a deeper breath here. This allows for a full breath.
  3. The same goes for the out-breath, since the air is pushed out completely, creating a cycle that then begins again. 

I would suggest that Stage One be done for a full month before moving to Stage Two; this is so that the basic exercise is learned as much as possible before going to the next part. 

(*) There are different schools of thought as to whether you do both the in-breath and out-breath through the nose, or whether the out-breath is done through the mouth. In breathing out through the mouth the tongue drops down anyway. We breath in through the nose because the tiny hairs (which seem to multiply as one gets older) help to warm the air before it enters the lungs, and traps anything unwanted from being sucked in. Best experiment and use what you feel is best.


Go through the whole of Stage One as you have done so far, but this time you need to add a visualisation as well as the Rhythmic Breath -

  1. Visualise a round ball of bright golden light at the Hara-Centre as you hold your crossed hands over this; at this stage slowly breath in-out three times.
  2. As you do the in-breath visualise this bright golden light being drawn into the whole of your body, so that it shines brightly all through. 
  3. As you breath out visualise the bright golden light gathering inwards again and being pushed back into the Hara-Centre where it again forms the bright golden orb. 
  4. Hold the golden orb in your mind as you breath in-out three times. 
  5. This exercise would be repeated 9 times. 

The Hara-Centre where this is centred upon is the seat of the more physical energy, and this is used most in the Martial Arts. This is the Lower Dan Tien or 'Lower Energy-Centre' but we call it the Hara-Centre which is Japanese rather than Chinese (it also fits with names of Woden and is related to the word 'Aryan'). In The Three Cauldrons this is the Ur-Centre or Vril-Centre (Ur-il); Vril is the equivalent to Chi (Qi) or Ki (Japanese). 

Monday 24 October 2022

The Concept of Valhalla - Part Two

The reason why I have covered this subject in some detail is that it seems to be very important to us at this time of the Cycle of the Ages - the 'End Time' as it is sometimes called. What seems to show from what I have already covered is the similarity between the Christian, Islamic and Viking concept of a death in battle that is rewarded in some way; we can add to this the Greek Myth of Elysium and the Celtic Myth of Avalon. The idea of a reward is an incentive to fight and be prepared to die in battle. Clearly the Christians understood the impact of such an idea, hence why their tactics changed to suit their purpose. Even before this time their attacks on the Heathen Religion would have been seen as a 'Holy War' against the Heathens - thus elevating the struggle to a higher level. 

Elysium - There are various different accounts of Elysium, and this seems to be an evolving concept that changed over the times, and not a set idea. In fact there were two distinct concepts of the Otherworld -

Islands of the Blessed/White Island - This was the Land in the West ruled over by Kronos, where the Heroes went after death.

Elysium - This was an underworld realm separated from Hades, and was for the Initiates of the Mysteries who had lived virtuous lives. 

As stated here, this was not one set idea but changed through time. The Celtic Myth of Avalon centres around the death of King Arthur; here he waits until his nation needs him and will resurrect again. Here in England we have three such figures - King Arthur, King Alfred and Ivar the Boneless. What seems to be the case here is that the Germanic-Celtic culture reflects the nature of their ideas of death and the afterlife. In this case the Mead-hall, mead-drinking, and a glorious death in battle is reflected in their idea of Valhalla (Avalon we do not know). The same goes for the Greek culture, a rather more sophisticated one and thus having a rather more sophisticated concept of life after death. 

We have the Aryan concept of the two different ways in the afterlife -

The Way of the Ancestors - This way the individual takes the Lunar Way and is reborn into his tribe and kin, into his Tribal Totem. He is reborn again and again here in Middle-Earth.

The Way of the Gods - This way the individual takes the Solar Way in going out and coming back; he is resurrected at will when he is needed to fulfil a Divine Purpose. This applies to the Buddhist idea of the Boddhisattva, and the Hindu idea of the Avatar. 

Well, we have so many different concept of the afterlife that things start to get rather complicated. So, I am going to turn to a far different method of trying to find some sort of answer to this by fast-forwarding to our own modern times. I have a close relative who has studied the afterlife in terms of 'Near Death Experience' where individuals have been deemed 'clinically dead' and have burst back into life again suddenly. Before this is seen as 'irrelevant' this way of studying it is through the actual experience of these individuals, and not a written-down text of a thousand years ago. This is not a belief it is an experience of having 'died'. What better way than to find what we want here? Below is a list of the main things experienced in a NDE -

1. Meeting family members  - Ancestors (around 90-odd percent).

2. A brilliant light - most common.

3. A tunnel - very common.

4. Unearthly Music.

5. Vivid colours, some not see here.

6. Coming face to face with Jesus Christ or Mohammed or another religious figure.

7. Meeting guides or higher beings.

8. Experiencing the Void.

These same elements appear in those who 'die' in a war or battle, those who 'die' a violent death, those who 'die' in an accident, or those who 'die' of illness. There is no difference whatever it seems in the way that one dies. Of course, we cannot here be concerned with the actual place that individuals go after death, since they come back before the true death. But there is also one thing I have left out above, and this is something that seems to be the most common in those who have recorded the experience - what they see depends upon the state of mind when they die

It would seem that one of the most important things here is that the person's state of mind determines what he experiences when moving to the 'next level' in these NDEs. But this cannot be dismissed because they are not actually dead, because this explains why the ancients prepared people for their deaths, in order to ensure they had a good passage to the Other-World, wherever it was. Thus the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' and the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' etc. The Priest or Holy Man would take the individual through the process of death before he actually experienced it. 

This begs the question as to the concept of Valhalla, since if this were clearly believed by the hero going into battle, then he would experience this on death. This is made possible by being a religious concept since a religion is something far more powerful and fanatical belief would be kindled in such an idea. The fact that many people see Christ etc. shows how powerful such a religious belief is, since this is in fact an overlay placed over the true Archetypal Myth. And here the figure of 'Christ' could just as well be any religious figure, even the Sun-God Baeldaeg who would be portrayed in such a manner here in Europe. The individual versed in Christianity would see Christ, a Heathen would see Baeldaeg perhaps. The fact that the majority of people see their family, relatives (Ancestors) tells us something because it fits to the Way of the Ancestors.

The Greek idea of two different places makes it clear they believed that the Divine Heroes went to the Islands of the Blessed, though I don't know if they had to die in battle to do so. Nor does this appear to be a 'Training Ground' for them as warriors - more like a 'Paradise'. The Elysium Fields, for the Initiates of the Mysteries, was also a kind of 'Paradise'. The idea of the Fallen Warriors going to Valhalla, there to train day after day, and be resurrected again to feast with the gods, and then to ride out of Valhalla at Ragnarok , led by Ragnar Lodbrok, is a Viking one. 

The key to this seems to be in the belief-system of the warriors which is so ingrained as to become a reality after death. It is an incentive to go into battle and be prepared to die. Just as easily, it would be an incentive to take up the struggle and cause of the Gods - through the waging of a 'Holy War' - even without a death in actual combat and battle. The otherworld - 'Above' - is said to be a realm where there is no impossibility, no cause and effect, and is thus more 'malleable', and hence change there is made through the power of thought. If the experience of death can be changed by the state of mind then it is this that matters and not how it is recorded long ago. Clearly, any Folk-Religion should today incorporate such a concept even if just to give an incentive to others to take up such a glorious struggle.

As others have pointed out, we are in a different time than that of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons or Celts of the so-called 'Dark Age'. We are not today engulfed by endless tribal warfare, kin fighting kin, but we do seem to have a never-ending string of conflicts. However, in ancient times the brunt of any conflict was taken by the Warriors; this is true of the soldiers of today, but in today's world the civilians are as much 'on the front line' and two devastating world wars have shown how this has increased tremendously over the past century. And wars are today fought for the increase of the power of a small group dedicated to an agenda of world domination. This is a vast difference. And above all, this is so unlike the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, the Empire of the Christian Franks, in that this is not being pushed by conquest but by stealth and secrecy. These powers have infiltrated and taken over the reins of power - not take us by force!

What we need today is a new Folk-Religion for the Nations, one based upon the Ur-Religion in essence, but in form adapted to suit our own times. Trying to revive something from the past is impractical, since these times are totally different, and we need something which has the essence of the Ancient Religion but which is suited to today's world. The great religious figures of the past - Krist, Buddha and Zarathustra - were religious reformers who took what was there are tried to adapt to the times, cutting out what had been distorted over time. 

Sunday 23 October 2022

The Concept of Valhalla - Part One


The name 'Valhalla' is said to mean the 'Hall of the Slain', i.e. those slain in battle, as the spelling suggests. However, as I have mentioned on a recent Telegram post the most famous Viking of them all, Ragnar Lodbrok, was not slain in battle. Yes, he was 'slain' but not in actual combat, he was thrown into a snake-pit to die. This applies to another famous Germanic Hero, Siegfried, who was murdered, having a spear plunged into his back by Hagen. Neither Egil Skallagrimsson nor Starkad died in actual combat in a battle. Beowulf dies in old age through wounds in fighting the Dragon - again, not in actual battle. We thus cannot say that only those that died in battle can enter Valhalla; we can say that those slain by violence can enter Valhalla - but there is a difference. 

Let us look at the roots of the name 'Valhalla' which is said to stem from -

IE Root *kel- meaning 'to cover'/'to conceal'/'to hide' which gives rise to our 'hall' and to 'Hel'. 

IE Root *wela- meaning 'to strike'/'to wound'.

So far so good; here we see that those who die by violence seem to be the ones referred to. Is it logical to think that anyone who dies by being beaten to death will gain a place in Valhalla? This is no more logical than to think that anyone who dies in any battle will gain a place with the Gods. Of course, the above Info-European Roots are just some of the ones, those chosen to be the meaning of the word 'Valhalla'. Let us look back some 100 years in etymology to the older Aryan Roots/Germanic Roots -

Aryan Root *wal-/*war- meaning 'to cover', 'to surround', 'protect', 'guard', 'to be wary', 'to see', 'to observe'.

Aryan Root *wal-/*war- meaning 'to speak', 'to inform'.

Aryan Root *wal-/*war- meaning 'to choose', 'to like', 'to will', 'to believe'.

Aryan Root *wal-/*war- meaning 'to wind', 'to roll', thus 'to well up, as a spring'. 

Aryan Root *wal-/*war- meaning 'to drag', 'to pluck', 'to tear', 'to wound'.

Aryan Root *wal-/*war- meaning 'to be warm', 'to be hot', 'to boil'. 

Aryan Root 

Aryan Root *kar-/*kal- meaning 'to move', 'to speed', 'to run'.

Aryan Root *kar- / Germ Root *hal- meaning 'to project', 'to stand up'.

Aryan Root *kal- /Germ Root *hal- meaning 'to cover'

(Skeat's 'Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language' - 1894)

Of course, back in 1894 there was no stigma nor fear of using the term 'Aryan' which merely changed to 'Indo-European' or 'Indo-Germanic' because of its use in Germany and the Volkisch Movement. Now let us look at the word 'Valkyrie' -

IE Root *wela- meaning 'to strike'. 'to wound'.

IE Root *geus- meaning 'to choose'. (Ger. Root *keusun).

'Choosers of the Slain' seems to be the meaning here, just as 'Hall of the Slain' applies to Valhalla. But again, the term 'slain' does not necessarily infer a death in battle, and we know that some of the finest heroes did not die in actual combat in battle. This concept, in any case, is from the Viking Age, and as far as I know it was not recorded in other Germanic Lore. One of the most-recorded concepts of a glorious death in battle was that the Germanic Warrior would not allow his chief, ruler or king to fall in battle without being protected to the death. 

Let us now turn to other ideas on death and the after-life, especially in regard to death in battle. Firstly, the Judaeo-Christian concept of death was that those who believed went to 'Heaven' and the unbelievers went to 'Hell', the latter being taken from the Germanic 'Hel'. This, of course, was there as a means of control over people. But this was not the only Christian concept in regard to death, and during the Crusades we find a totally different concept arise, that of a death in battle where the warrior achieves his place in Heaven. This concept was also held by the opposing Muslims, whose place in Heaven was ensured by dying for their cause. But this concept has a difference, and was not in 'war' as such, but in a 'Holy War'. Here they fight for 'God' or 'Allah' and not just any old fight or battle - noting that this is the reason given by their leaders for this. This was an incentive to die in battle for their cause. 

But the Vikings were not fighting a 'crusade' - or were they? There are many reasons, we are told, as to why the Vikings swarmed out of the Northlands to attack now lands, and to conquer new lands. Since we find that the Judaeo-Christian Religion was at this very time extending its hold in Europe by starting to wage war into the Northlands - starting with the Frisians. After a defeat at the hands of Redbad, King of Frisia, the Christian Franks were pushed back; after his death, due to the 'slaying' of two Christian Priests by the Frisians, the Franks returned and conquered Frisia. (*) At this time the Danes were busy building defences of their own - not for nothing do nations do this, but for self-defence. Clearly there was a growing danger of the Franks - extending the Judaeo-Christian yoke - attacking the lands in the North. 

(*) Here we can see a typical move that has been used time and time again in history, and is one of the modern-day methods of justifying an act of war - Iraq and Afghanistan come to mind here. The one you wish to wage war against is accused of a slaying which is arranged/committed by the aggressor. 

We can see the same type of scenario, but in a different circumstances, in the invasion of the English Tribes under Hengest and Horsa - as with the Vikings, the first act against the Romano-Britons was the sacking of the churches (we find this in Welsh Lore). This is clear when considering the section of Beowulf where Hengest is given the Battle-Flame - the 'Hun-Bequest', the Sword of AEtla the Hun. AEtla was the 'Scourge of God' and almost smashed into Rome itself - the seat of the Judaeo-Christian Empire. This forms part of the work of Nikolai Tolstoy in The coming of the King but he does not state where he got this from in Beowulf. The Beowulf text shows that Hengest was the 'Geist of Ing', was an Avatar of Ingwe as the 'World-Ravager' - AEtla. 

We have to be slightly wary here because Tolstoy translates Norse names into Old English names, and in doing so it could be inferred that the English Tribes held the same views - which is something that we do not know for sure since much of our own English Lore was lost to us long ago. In our own Wodenic Lore this is a Holy War since it is part of the Eternal Battle between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon (Gods and Dark Joten). When this eventually comes to the Last Battle or Final Conflict those who take part would do so in a Holy War led by a Divine Leader, and thus earn a place in Valhalla. But what about all those who have been involved in the struggle for years or decades but may not see this? 

In regard to the various different meanings of the same root-words, Sri Aurobindo tells us in The Secret of the Vedas that in the most ancient times, when the Sacred Vedas were 'found', they were 'found' by the Rishis (Wise Men) through the ability to achieve a Higher State of Consciousness, to 'See'. They were first unrecorded in writing, like the Germanic Tribes they passed them on through memory, a much harder thing to do. The root-words they used had a varied number of different meanings, though they had the same roots; today the etymologists, as we can see in the above, split these meanings up as if they were different from each other. 

The English equivalent to the Valkyries seems to be the Waelcyrge, since the names are clearly the same; however, the Waelcyrge are more like the Norns, though in older times, it seems, the Valkyries were also Spinners of Wyrd - Wyrd in Battle. We see a similar thing in Greek Mythology with the Erinyes who were originally the Furies who were concerned with vengeance. The black-clad Furies gave way to the red-clad Erinyes; that the Furies were associated with black links to the Valkyries/Waelcyrge who were associated with the Raven - Bird of the Battlefield. The ancients obviously linked the Raven/Crow with the battlefield because they lived in very warlike times; but today the Raven/Crow still picks the flesh from the dead, but more often picking from animals killed by cars. This is symbolism, and should be seen as such, and not necessarily taken literally

I have mentioned before how the Guardian Goddess of England was most likely the origin of the figure of 'Britannia', and that the Guardian Goddess of the English was a 'Witch-Woman' riding upon a Wolf who intervened in the battle when the Northmen came over under Harald Hardrada. In regard to these obvious Battle-Goddesses and the concept of the Furies these are perhaps more important ideas that need looking into in regard to our own struggle in our own times. The figure of Morgana appears to have developed from the Irish Morrigan who were similar to what has been said here. As well as the concept of Valhalla, we should remember that half of the 'slain' go to Freya in Folkvang. This has been pushed aside, no doubt by Judaeo-Christian thinking. 

Here I will recall a vivid dream that I had over 25 years ago before we moved down to Sussex from North Wales. I had bought a small caravan to use to go round the area looking for somewhere to live, and parked up for a night at Shoreham-by-Sea between Worthing and Brighton. There I had the most vivid dream about Freya, but this showed the Goddess of Light in two totally different aspects. A great cloud appeared in the skies, shaped as a Cat, but as I watched the cloud it changed to that of a Wolf; the latter was associated with death! This is a summary, but the meaning seems to have been associated with the change in the season (and role of Freya) since this took place on the Summer Sunstead - June 21st. This is the change-point from the Light (Cat) to the Dark (Wolf), the time when the Light of the Sun is waning. It seems from this that the Battle-Goddess Freya is thus symbolised by the Wolf in this role. Indeed, this also links to the 'Witch-Woman' riding the Wolf in the dream of one of Harald Hardrada's warriors before the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Like the Valkyries, Waelcyrge, Furies and Morrigan these appear in their Dark Forms. 

(To be continued........)

Saturday 15 October 2022

The Red Rose & The Red Dragon.

In the above photo we see 'King Arthur's Round Table' in Winchester; it shows 12 Green Segments with what may be a 13th hidden behind the figure of the 'King'. In the centre is a large Red Rose within which is a much smaller White Rose. I am going to show here how the Myth of the Island Dragons (the Eternal Battle between the Red Dragon-Red Rose of Juda-Rome and the White Dragon-White Rose of Germania) has not only been played out in our English History, but that the figure of 'King Arthur' has more than likely been taken from a British Leader and made into an 'Emperor', even perhaps based upon 'King David of Israel' - or more precisely, what this figure will represent at the End-Time.

In 1485 Henry Tudor (Red Rose - Red Dragon) defeated King Richard III of England (White Rose - White Boar). In mythical terms the Red Dragon defeated the White Dragon. King Richard III was then vilified and has since been further smeared through 'archeological finds'; he has been demonised as an English King. One of the accusations against him was that he had two nephews locked in the Tower and murdered; this, it would seem, fulfilled a prophecy of 'two crimes' that would be committed, a prophecy from the Welsh Mabinogian. However, the 'two crimes' that actually happened were fulfilled by two of King Richards allies who suddenly switched sides! The crime of treason! Whatever the truth of this, and no doubt we shall never know this fully, there seems to have been some 'hidden hand' working in the background here - not the first time, and certainly not the last time. 

This is the 'Brit-Am Rose' which is the Symbol of Israel to the Brit-Am organisation which continues the spread of the '12 Tribes of Israel' deception of the 'British Israelites'. This was taken from the Tudor Rose in fact, which is perhaps not so surprising in view of what I have said about the Eternal Conflict between the Island Dragons. But...this rose above has 6 petals and not 5, the True Rose having only 5 petals - 6s seem to crop up everywhere there is something sinister being pushed. 

"The rose of virtue sent us from on high shall shine in sceptres state eternally" - The motto on the Red Rose of Henry VII, who, incidentally, bred a rose especially for his reign.

This is the Red Rose of the Tudors, and according to Brit-Am the other symbols are the 'breastplates' of the High Priest when he served in the Temple of Jerusalem. This is the symbolism used by Henry Tudor of the Red Dragon and Red Rose. It is said to be the 'Rose of Jacob', and in the above motto (which was in Latin but I'll not bother you folk with that) this 'rose of virtue' 'shall shine in sceptres state eternally' - a phrase which they apply to the 'King of Israel' and his 'Eternal Rule'. Also, I mentioned that the 'Round Table' had 12 segments with a hidden 13th - these numbers figure on the Brit-Am site as the 12-13 Tribes of Israel! 

The Red Rose - White Rose were said to be the union of the two, yet the small rose (White Rose) is clearly dominated by the larger Red Rose. You will note also that the 6-petalled Red-White Rose of Brit-Am has only 5 green 'diamonds', the bottom one is missing. This makes a Pentagram or 5-Pointed Star when these are joined up. 

This is the 'Rose of Israel' and is clearly based upon the Number 6-6-6! Let us look at the name 'Britain'. Brit-Ain - 'Berith' is Hebrew for 'Covenant' and 'Ain' is Hebrew for 'Eye' - Covenant of the Eye. Of course, the 'Eye' could be linked to the Masonic 'Eye' ('Eye of God') and the 'Eye of Sauron'. 

I have, some years ago, been into the idea that in ancient Britain an alien priesthood ruled, possible posing as the 'Druids', and that these were responsible for the 'blood sacrifices' which were recorded at certain times and certain places. William Blake seems to suggest that 'Zion' trod these lands in ancient times, and there does seem evidence for this, though it is not the subject of this post. I will cover this later since it is important, but for now that must wait.

The Symbol of Ingwe - the White Dragon - is thus of the greatest importance to our Eternal Struggle; it would seem important that this symbol is more widely used amongst the English. It rose anew with the 'English Awakening' some 10 years ago, but has faded slightly today. This is maybe inevitable since a new 'Awakening' will come as the White Dragon rises again. The White Dragon and the White Rose of Albion are the prime English Symbols.

Sunday 9 October 2022

Behold the Destroyer!


"And God created man in his own image.....And God blessed them....Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth."

Genesis 1 27-28.

This is said to be a 'Creation Myth' but there is one word within this statement that tells a different story - 'replenish'. This word mean 'to fill up again', and can only refer to a time after the Flood. Add to this the statement by 'God' - 'And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness.....' and we can see some distortion already, and we are hardly into the first book of the Old Testament here! But, the main point here is the command to 'subdue' the Earth and have 'dominion' over all life upon the Earth. From this command every ill and evil upon Middle-Earth has come about. 

It is a great shame that more people do not read the Old Testament since it is a history of violent attacks, wars and genocide against anyone that stands in the way of the 'One God' - whatever name they have called him by. The ancient Heathen Tribes of the area were subjected to attacks, where their sacred groves, standing stones, and stone circles were destroyed. The ancient Kingdoms of Light, such as Sumer, Babylon, Accad, Assyria, Egypt, Persia and then Rome were the target for the most vile hate. Today we find that this hate, which has existed throughout history, has been turned around against the enemies of these descendants of the Servants of Darkness. This is a clever trick used over and over again. 

There is one Nation that in ancient times seems to have incurred the wrath of Yahweh - the Amalekites. No-one seems to know who these people were - if they ever existed - because there is no mention of them outside the Old Testament. But they seem to be used as a kind of 'eternal opposition' to Israel, and such opponents as Hamas have been dubbed 'Amalekites'. According to the Old Testament Joshua destroyed them in battle, whilst Moses raised his arms on a nearby hill. But they did exist well after this.

Rabbi Ben Artzi, an Israeli Mystic, referred to Hamas as 'The Seed of Amalek' and that the Amalekites were the Archetypal enemies of Israel, and that the Torah commands the Jews to 'wipe out the memory of Amalek' - 

'...that thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget it...'

Deuteronomy 25:19.

The commandments require the killing of all the men, women and children and at any time. Rather a drastic measure against a tribe who were said to have attacked the Israelites after their 'Exile' from Egypt. Rabbi Winston, an 'End of Days' expert, stated - 'It also means that Amalek  has gotten into the other Nations and a little bit of Amalek is in everyone.' This seems to infer that anyone who opposes Israel has a 'bit of Amalek' in them, and can thus - through the 'Commandment of God' be totally destroyed. 

'The commandment isn't to conquer Amalek. It is to wipe him out from the world because as long as there is a memory of Amalek in the world the Moschiach (Messiah) cannot come.'

Rabbi Yosef Berger.

This follows Moses declaration that - 'The Eternal will be at war against Amalek throughout the ages.' This infers a 'Holy War of Extermination' (Genocide) against Amalek. 'Amalek was the first of the Nations; but his latter end shall be that he perish for ever.' (Numbers 25:20). The Kenites were also threatened with the same type of thing, they being allied to the Amalekites. According to Jewish traditions stemming from the Talmud, the descendants of Esau (Amalekites) would become the Romans, and to a larger extent, all Europeans

The meaning of the name 'Amalek' is not known and, as stated before, outside of the Old Testament there is not a mention of him. But we do have a Northern Tribe called the Amelungs or Amalians who were associated with the Knights of Bern and the Saga of Dietrich von Bern. Amal is here Gothic for 'vigour' or 'energy', and we also have the Arabic Amal meaning 'HOPE', and possibly a variant meaning 'Giant'. It is possible that the Amalekites were 'Giants' of their time, and we do have accounts of these being the target for wiping out. There is also the Northern name Amala which is a variant of Hamal. The father of one Hamal is named Hagal, and both these name occur in the Second Lay of Helgi Hundingsbane. Hamal gives his name to the Amalians or Amelungs.

The name Hamal is given to an 'Equinox Star' in Aries, because it showed around April 24th; here the name is Arabic, and said to mean 'Head of the Ram'. Of course, we cannot link such names through etymology since these uses Indo-European and Arabic names, but this does not rule out synchronicity which is not an academic science, but it is a Mystic Science. Hama (Heimdall) is associated with the Ram, and he has a sword named 'Head'; Aries the Ram is the constellation we speak of here. 

Here I am being led From a Word to a Word since all this started off with a Telegram Post yesterday where some questions were left open. This started with the name 'Hadding' and the story where he was driven eastwards after a defeat in battle, where he was sheltered by Woden and aided by Hama. As stated yesterday the name 'Hadding' is said to mean 'The Fair-Haired', though an alternative is 'hairy' - exactly the same as 'Esau'. This would mean little if it were not the case that the Tale of Hadding has so many similarities to that of Dietrich von Bern that there is likely a common origin. The alternative name of the Haddings are - Hazdingas, Asdingi or Hasdingaz - all meaning 'long-haired', so we are told. 

What we need to recall here is that Archetypal Myth is something that underlies our history at different times and in different circumstances. What is of importance to us in our time is that HelgiH the Third is Helgi, Prince of the Haddingas. It is the Heardingas who are the tribe mentioned in the Old English Rune-Poem under the Ing-Rune, where Ing 'follows his waen eastwards over the waves'. The movement of Ingwe here follows the Archetypal Myth where he goes east; this is verified in the 'Legend of Cuthman' which is a Christianised form but related to Ingwe - Cuthman - Krist. 

We are no nearer here finding out who the 'Amalekites' were, and they may well be a kind of 'scapegoat' used to crush any opposition to the authority of the 'One-God'. It is clear through the forms of the Abrahamic Religions that none of them tolerate any form of opposition to their outright authority. It seems that until ALL of those who oppose this are destroyed their 'Messiah' cannot appear, so this is indeed important to us. The existence of our Folk is at stake!

Friday 7 October 2022

English Resistance


We are 'solitaries' in a world that rejects our ideology, doctrine and ideals; but only in the sense that we do not live together in a community. We share these with others within the Woden Folk-Community, and with those who support our work by regular reading of our blogs, and our Telegram Channels etc. But we have to ask ourselves - 'How 'solitary' are we?' - and 'How far is this our own doing?' It is far easier to blame 'The System' for doing this, but is this not the same as those we criticise for doing the same but in another context? The most positive change that we CAN make is to change ourselves - this has been said over and over again. Whilst we have a 'lull' in the oppressive measures to lock us all down in a massive 'prison-camp' there are now upcoming activities that can - and should - be attended in order that we meet together as regularly as possible.

WF-C Activities are a time when we can all get together, where we can talk freely, an impossibility in the 'outside' world as we all know. Not necessarily because we do not say what we think, but rarely will anyone listen anyway! I have often been told how it is hard for our sort of folk to speak to others, it is like being on a totally different wavelength. But when we are together that is a far different thing, and we can then discuss things freely between ourselves. This is not only desirable, but is healthy too; the alternative is bottling things up inside ourselves, which can only lead to problems in the long term. 

Should we not take our example from the Ur-Source upon which WF was originally founded - The Hooded Man? Faced with the fact that the outlaws could not live in their own society, being outlawed for their resistance against tyranny, they withdrew too the forests of England. From there an English Resistance was built up, as more and more joined them as they too fell foul of the corrupt laws of The System. This cannot happen to us. Can't it? Faced with the coming 'Controlled Digital Currency' this is exactly what is going to happen, and no amount of burying one's head in the sand is going to change that. Like me, you may have stocked up with food, provided alternative energy, and maybe gone even further in some ways. So far so good, but what springs to mind in my own case is how do I pay the rent and council tax on the roof over my head? Rent or mortgage, both will be the same when this comes into place fully. 

Anyone, anywhere, who has been involved in our struggle - and they know who we are, doubt that not - will be subjected to some form of oppression which is often through some subtle means by which we are denied the means to survive. Our rulers are criminals, they are above the law of this land, and act with no control over their actions. Let's take an example here of what they can do in secret when they know that a direct action will not work fully. They know that they cannot stop everyone eating meat, some will follow like sheep, but the others will resist at all costs. 'Science' has come up with an answer, it seems; they introduce into the meat-supply substances that cause an 'allergy' to meat-eating. This is not some wild guess, they are already working on these lines now. (This should make us consider how many of the modern 'allergies' have just come about, and how many have been 'introduced' in order to change eating habits.) They do not always work openly in their oppressive measures.

But there is another side to this, and one which is rather alarming really. Whilst they introduce measure after measure, and we are kept busy trying to get around each of their measures, any effective opposition is kept quiet due to our minds being occupied. Yes, this does give us a challenge in that we are forced to change, to create, and to overcome these problems. But it also keeps our minds occupied and thus not focused on the resistance needed to obtain true freedom. Every action we take may make us freer as individuals, but that will do little to offset the time when The System decides that it is in a position to 'take out' all opposition - as has happened and will happen in any Marxist-Communist society! 

I have said this time and time again, but it needs repeating; when the time comes that The System will act to remove opposition the only way that we could be strong enough to resist is through numbers - 'The strength of the Wolf is the Pack'. The organisation is there, all that is needed is for more and more people to up their active work, working as a group, for the group, and not as individuals 'doing their own thing'. This is fine with Online Work, but this should always be seen for what it is - working within THEIR system, and by THEIR rules. We need to up the ACTIVE work now and there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone involved to do so over the next few months.