Friday 7 October 2022

English Resistance


We are 'solitaries' in a world that rejects our ideology, doctrine and ideals; but only in the sense that we do not live together in a community. We share these with others within the Woden Folk-Community, and with those who support our work by regular reading of our blogs, and our Telegram Channels etc. But we have to ask ourselves - 'How 'solitary' are we?' - and 'How far is this our own doing?' It is far easier to blame 'The System' for doing this, but is this not the same as those we criticise for doing the same but in another context? The most positive change that we CAN make is to change ourselves - this has been said over and over again. Whilst we have a 'lull' in the oppressive measures to lock us all down in a massive 'prison-camp' there are now upcoming activities that can - and should - be attended in order that we meet together as regularly as possible.

WF-C Activities are a time when we can all get together, where we can talk freely, an impossibility in the 'outside' world as we all know. Not necessarily because we do not say what we think, but rarely will anyone listen anyway! I have often been told how it is hard for our sort of folk to speak to others, it is like being on a totally different wavelength. But when we are together that is a far different thing, and we can then discuss things freely between ourselves. This is not only desirable, but is healthy too; the alternative is bottling things up inside ourselves, which can only lead to problems in the long term. 

Should we not take our example from the Ur-Source upon which WF was originally founded - The Hooded Man? Faced with the fact that the outlaws could not live in their own society, being outlawed for their resistance against tyranny, they withdrew too the forests of England. From there an English Resistance was built up, as more and more joined them as they too fell foul of the corrupt laws of The System. This cannot happen to us. Can't it? Faced with the coming 'Controlled Digital Currency' this is exactly what is going to happen, and no amount of burying one's head in the sand is going to change that. Like me, you may have stocked up with food, provided alternative energy, and maybe gone even further in some ways. So far so good, but what springs to mind in my own case is how do I pay the rent and council tax on the roof over my head? Rent or mortgage, both will be the same when this comes into place fully. 

Anyone, anywhere, who has been involved in our struggle - and they know who we are, doubt that not - will be subjected to some form of oppression which is often through some subtle means by which we are denied the means to survive. Our rulers are criminals, they are above the law of this land, and act with no control over their actions. Let's take an example here of what they can do in secret when they know that a direct action will not work fully. They know that they cannot stop everyone eating meat, some will follow like sheep, but the others will resist at all costs. 'Science' has come up with an answer, it seems; they introduce into the meat-supply substances that cause an 'allergy' to meat-eating. This is not some wild guess, they are already working on these lines now. (This should make us consider how many of the modern 'allergies' have just come about, and how many have been 'introduced' in order to change eating habits.) They do not always work openly in their oppressive measures.

But there is another side to this, and one which is rather alarming really. Whilst they introduce measure after measure, and we are kept busy trying to get around each of their measures, any effective opposition is kept quiet due to our minds being occupied. Yes, this does give us a challenge in that we are forced to change, to create, and to overcome these problems. But it also keeps our minds occupied and thus not focused on the resistance needed to obtain true freedom. Every action we take may make us freer as individuals, but that will do little to offset the time when The System decides that it is in a position to 'take out' all opposition - as has happened and will happen in any Marxist-Communist society! 

I have said this time and time again, but it needs repeating; when the time comes that The System will act to remove opposition the only way that we could be strong enough to resist is through numbers - 'The strength of the Wolf is the Pack'. The organisation is there, all that is needed is for more and more people to up their active work, working as a group, for the group, and not as individuals 'doing their own thing'. This is fine with Online Work, but this should always be seen for what it is - working within THEIR system, and by THEIR rules. We need to up the ACTIVE work now and there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone involved to do so over the next few months. 

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