Wednesday 28 September 2022

From the ashes..........

"In the Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!"

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993 (Horam, East Sussex.)

We are today in the 'Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood', even though the original prophecy no doubt referred to Richard the Lion-Heart. It is thus clear that prophecy is timeless and repeats itself in a similar but slightly different form at certain times of a Cosmic Cycle. This is what the 'CARR Team' (*) came up with in January 2022 - The Swords of Wayland: From family television to Fascist Mythos - 

"Ingessunu lives in a world overflowing with significant symbols and omens, and his ideology is founded on his own spiritual revelations. In 1933, on All Hallow's Eve, Ingessunu heard the words of the prophecy from Robin of Sherwood dictated to him in slightly altered form in a dream......"

(*) 'Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right'. The 'fascist' smear is mandatory within such circles. Article by Clive Henry, Doctoral Fellow at CARR and Doctoral candidate at the University of Northampton.

This article from CARR is not actually based upon the usual 'piss-take' stance, where ridicule is heaped upon the individual discussed -

"However, Ingessunu's Hooded Man Prophecy and his surrounding activities have not beed discussed here for the simple purpose of humour or mockery - after all, how many of us have not watched a film or read a novel and felt compelled that it has illuminated a way forward for our lives?"

Fair play! Although not a totally unbiased article it does have a sense of fairness at times, and it does have some interesting points that we should ourselves note. It is clear to these people that our Movement is about 'rebirth and regeneration', which is central to such tales as Lord of the Rings (Tolkien version not Amazon's parody). 

"However, Folkish Wodenism illustrates the potency of popular culture, whether folklore, traditions, or television, as malleable source material in the political struggle of far right activists and ideologues. This can create an ideology with nativist appeal, as has occurred with Woden's Folk, with its ecological and historical overtones and potential for resonant localised activism."

"....far right expressions of Englishness remain doomed if they can be associated with neo-Nazism".

Wrong here though! This short sentence shows clearly how The System, through the press and media, uses the simple tactic of 'smear by association', here openly admitted. In fact, rather than backing down to the press and media attacks we carried on in defiance, and today, with the worsening situation around the world, which is getting more and more oppressive, we are again gaining ground slightly lost in 2019. Rather than being 'doomed' our defiance of The System was just what was needed for a time when the cracks started to appear in the Established Order. 

Englisc Nationalism did not succeed because it lived in a by-gone era, tried to take us backwards in time to a 'better age' (if any such thing has existed in the Kali Yuga). Not only that, unlike British Nationalism, most of those involved at higher levels had no idea what we are struggling against, and have been struggling against for millennia. The enemy was 'the Normans', which was true of a thousand years ago, but not of today; we have similar problems today, like the imposition of another Feudal System, but these are far removed from the time when William of Normandy conquered England. Here, CARR themselves give us a hint of what is needed in our ideology - Rebirth & Regeneration. 

When a people is decimated by a cruel and evil regime the last thing they need is being taken backwards to a past long ago; they need to be driven by an emotive cry for 'Rebirth and Regeneration -

"...maintained the central importance of ethnos: the world is consumed in a cosmic struggle, a 'Holy War' where a Spiritual Warrior Elite must strive for an 'English Destiny' and rebirth the Folk - not the nation - from its modern decadence."

I would disagree in the phrase 'not the nation' since it is first necessary to 'rebirth the English Nation' before the rebirth of the Folk can take place. To be fair, a change in stance on my own part probably gave rise to this idea, and not a mistaken reading of my 'biography' - which is where this stuff is taken from. I'll make it clear now that I still believe, as I did in early times, that the English Folk has to be our main concern since we are English and live here in England. But this in no way breaks us from the importance of the Folk as a whole. I still see the importance of following on from Don Miguel Serrano in elevating this to a 'Cosmic Struggle' and a 'Holy War' against the Powers of Darkness and Chaos, since this 'High Destiny' thus lifts the Folk-Spirit to a higher level. 

Since The Hooded Man Prophecy and after the book had been written, I have seen 'The Hooded Man' in a different light, though merely in form rather than essence. This is not the Last Avatar who will appear at the start of the Age of Aquarius, it is The Hooded Man Current that arises to prepare the way for the Last Avatar. The author of this article would not know this change since this was the way I saw it at the time. 

"However, a Strong One will shake up the remnant of the Heirs and wake some up. Like a Comet which suddenly gives a Sign...." Sajaha Prophecies Chapter 9.

It is this 'Strong One' who is 'The Hooded Man', and who arises here in England to prepare the way for the Last Avatar - this is the role of Woden's Folk. Our message is quite simple really, as it needs to be in order to be understood by a mass audience - when the time is right -

"The English 'Folk-Community' was a Germanic Race devolved from a primordial High Race of the North' that originated in Thule-Hyperborea, the mystical geographical origin of the Aryan Race, but had now been perverted by the influence of Hebraic religions and liberal, materialistic modernity. The solution was Folkish Wodenism as a 'Way of Life', existentially rooted in Blut und Boden (Blood & Soil), and based on an Anglo-Saxon Folk-Moot form of government."

This, of course, is a world-view held well before WF was created, but one which is becoming more and more alive as new finds are made to confirm this. The central point here is that we oppose 'liberal, materialistic modernity', whether this be Finance Capitalism or Marxist Socialism, both of which are materialistic in form, and both based upon economics and political power. This is why these people push the idea of the 'political struggle of far right activists and ideologues', since it infers that we are political. Why? Because the political sphere is far easier for them to control and manipulate. Folkish Wodenism is not based upon any form of materialistic world-view but on Nature and Biology. 

As the world crisis pans out we are seeing more and more of a divide between the Globalists and the Nationalists - the latter are still held up to ridicule and attack, but more and more people will see through this in time. The term 'nation' need not be used in a political sense alone, since the Germanic term would be 'kindred', and we see that Mystical Link between the Blood (Kinfolk) and the Soil (Kind = Nature). A Folk-Nation would naturally have to be run by some form of politics, but this does not exist today; Folkish Wodenism is a religion that runs counter to the downward trends towards decadence and degeneration, towards decay and death - it is a Religion Against Time. As such it posits a 'Secret England' that works at a deep and secret level of consciousness, works in the Shadow of the Darkness. This 'Secret England' exists as a counter-revolution (in spiritual terms) to the materialistic consumer society of today, the Global Society that is being built upon the 'Death of Nations'. 

There is one coming who will 'rule the Nations with a Rod of Iron', and for this figure to appear and work his Will we need to create a new Folk-Religion and a new Folk-Community that will act as a 'fertile ground' for this happening. Our work has not stopped, it has only just begun....We have a long way to go, and though I doubt that I will see the Coming Man appear, those younger than I will no doubt be there when the Final Conflict takes place. The Eternal War of the White Dragon and the Red Dragon goes on....the battleground is the 'Unshaped Isle'....where the 'balance of the world is held....

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