Thursday 22 September 2022



This message to us from Klaus Schwab is basically part of an agenda to create a Communist State on the lines of Communist China - a kind of Capitalist-Communist State which is the fulfilment of the Thesis vs. Anti-thesis doctrine of Marx, taken from Hegel. The idea that we will own nothing means that the State will own everything, and they will rent it to us, rather than it being our own property. This would seem quite a task to achieve. 

This materialistic produce-and-consume society is based wholly upon a continuous production and consumption cycle, without which the whole thing would collapse. This is the reason why they produce shoddy, poor-quality stuff that is dead and gone within a very short time - most produced in Communist China. In fact, this is the reason why we see 'Sell By' or 'Use By' on goods, not because they would definitely go off, but because the mass of consumers will throw them away just in case, and thus buy more of the same. I have known one individual who threw away a tub of strawberries! Anyone can SEE if strawberries have gone over their time. But this is perhaps not untypical. Various electronic goods are programmed to stop working after a certain time, so that the consumers have to buy another. Most things today are made not to last.

Of course, with such a produce-and-consume structure there has to be a time when the raw materials run dry - and maybe this is beginning to become clear. Thus the switch to renting everything, since this is an ongoing process and there will be no need to produce so much to sell. We have seen this tried in various software products, for instance Microsoft Word. Originally this was sold outright, but in time this switched to being a yearly subscription: this has now become the norm with other software. Of course, this is a lot dearer, and makes more profit too. If it were applied to all things then the mass-produced rubbish could be made better - but no-one would actually own a product. In the past we have had quality goods produced locally, so this is the answer rather than the one pushed upon us by the Global Cabal. 

It would not be so difficult to switch to this type of thing with many of the goods around today. But what about cars, housing etc.? Cars, vans and trucks would be a bit harder, but there are many types of leasing already around today, so it would not be that hard to put into place. Housing would be much harder to do, but not at all impossible, and plans are already being put into place where giant corporations are buying up acres of land for housing which will be rented; all it would need would be to push house prices through the roof and then offer low-cost rented houses. The down-side is that those already in housing would have a massive rise in the price of theirs - not what they would want. However, a recession always causes many to lose their homes because they cannot pay the mortgage; this has happened over and over again, and the bonus is that the corporations buy up the properties at low costs. What about land owned by the individual? That one is more difficult but........

But........what if we 'own nothing' now? Let us think about this, because all of the land here in Britain is owned by the Crown. Elizabeth II owned the land here in England, which is now passed down to King Charles III, who now owns this land, and land in the 'commonwealth' countries too. Houses may thus be owned, but the land on which they are built is clearly owned by the Crown. And this goes for land which is owned by an individual, land such as agricultural land, woodland etc. 

There is more. When we buy a car, van or truck it has to be registered, this word being allied to regis and regal and thus linked to the Crown. This needs a 'Registration Document' and a 'Registration Plate'. When we are born, when we die, and when we get married we have to register these - it seems that we do not even own ourselves. It has become widespread today for goods to be issued with a Warranty/Guarantee which can only come into place when the goods are registered. The Latin regi means 'king'. It seems that we have been signing away much of what we own, without actually knowing it. How far this goes with many others good is unclear, since these have a guarantee which is enforced by the receipt we are given when we buy. But more and more outlets are asking for an email address to send the receipt, which is not necessary when we have a paper receipt but which, of course, tells them our identity each time, and what has been bought. 

Although the term 'register' is given a different root-name in dictionaries, this clearly comes from the original root reg which relates to the Crown. In theory when we 'register' something we are giving up our right to ownership. So maybe we already 'own nothing'? It would seem that this objective is not so difficult to achieve right across the board.

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